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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 21, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday. thanks for joining us at 5:00. not everywhere has rain. >> it is scattered. mother nature will not let it go as far as wet weather. you can see the broadest radar returns are headed through the east bay from danville and san ramon to livermore. looks like you will be wet on 84
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from livermore back to fremont and 680, that is all wet. we have wet weather, too, around hayward. we have more radar returns on 12 headed to glenn we will have afternoon sun and it will be breezy. upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest us. >> some of the areas are slick on the roads and it sounds like the car may have succumbed southbound 880 at mission boulevard. it slid off the road into some brush and we have crews headed out there including c.h.p. but so far we are still moving long at top speed despite one lane
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being taken away. northbound side is not a problem and 680 is looking heavier northbound direction as you continue the drive interest fremont and toward the sunol grade. outside, here is a look at san jose, the drive on 280 away from 17 we do not have too many cars but what we do, we can see the roads looking shiny. possibly wet. >> developing news from san jose state university where three white students are charged with hate crimes if tormenting a black roommate calling him racist names and learning ratist symbols. matt keller has more from san jose. matt? >> this morning we talked to students who lived in the same on-campus housing the alleged victim and suspects lived in. they told us they cannot believe this could happen in the year 2013. three san jose state freshmen were charged with hate crimes.
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the three are 18 years old. they live with the then 17-year-old black student from august 20 to october 13. the three defendants called him racial names and puts up a confederate flag in their dom and put a bicycle lock on his name and would not give him a key before letting him out and they tried to do it again he resist asked fought back and ended up with a bruised lip that led to the battery charge. we spoke with freshmen who live in the same building. >> it seems out of the norm. i noticed it was diverse and i got good vibes from everyone. it took me by surprise. >> the district attorney decided to file the misdemeanor hate crime based on the atmosphere created by the three men saying the alleged victim was targeted because he was black. if convicted the three students could face up to a year in
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county jail. >> matt, thank you, family and friends of a palo alto retire year anxiously awaiting for word from north korea or the state department on the fate of the 85-year-old man detained in the communist country. katie marzullo is in the newsroom monitoring the news. >> 85-year-old man has been detained if three weeks now. his son says the ambassador delivered his father's heart medication to the north korean foreign affairs ministry but we do not know what happened after that. the family is worried. the state department says they are in regular close coordination with the swedish embassy. tuesday, the state department issued a blanket warning against all american travel to north korea saying there is a risk of arbitrary arrest coming after this detention. it is the first such warning since north korea allowed american tours in 1995. the man was with a sightseeing tour. the day before he was to leave,
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he met with officials who discussed his army service in the korean war and five minutes before take off he was escorted off plane. his son says the trip was his dad's lifelong dream. >> he is a curious cat and has a long standing and respectful interest in the korean culture and korean people. like the world war ii vets who have had an interest in going back to normandy my dad who was a veteran of the korean conflict wanted to go back to the northern part of the peninsula. >> he was traveling with a friend who is his neighbor at this retirement home in palo alto. bob was allowed to return. in a statement, he says this is a "terrible misunderstanding." >> if a few hours, bart's board will vote on the contract for the two largest unions.
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it is possible it could be rejected. this is days after the discovery of a medical leave provision that bart says was erroneously concluded. both beyonds said they are willing to meet with transit officials and the mediator to work out the differences. but bart directors must ratify the contract purse and then they will meet. amy hollyfield is talking to the riders worried about another possible strike and will join us at the bottom of the hour. >> huge rumors around san francisco city hall that mayor lee could be to line for a huge promotion. he could be a candidate to become the next ambassador to china. current ambassador announced his resignation. adding fuel to the rumors he is in china. he goes there quite a bit to drum up business between san francisco and china but a friend says the rumors are "pure san
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francisco speculation." other contenders include former state comptroller, a major fundraiser if rebound and rumored to up for the job in 2008. >> we are learning more of a teacher attacked by a teacher in santa rosa. the 16-year-old stabbed the teacher with a pencil at the alternative hive before noon yesterday. another student stepped this to stop the attack, the teen ran off and was caught at a house two blocks away. the campus which includes both lc allen high school was locked down for two hours. the teachers will on kay. >> the independent analyst is predicting a brighter future for california for the first time in a decade, california will end the fiscal year with a spending surplus. the state is expected to see an extra $2.4 billion. analysts say that the revenue is expected to grow faster than spending for the next five years and is projecting a $5.6 billion
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reserve by july of 2015 and operating surpluses approaching $10 billion a year by 2017 if spending and revenue policies continue. >> the bay area is mopping up from the first significant rainstorm of the season, the c.h.p. believes wet roads and speed made for a treacherous combination for a driver in the santa cruz mountains after skidding off highway 7 and went down the cliff year. four people in the car were hurt, two seriously. half a -- half an hour west of santa rosa a huge tree came down which closedded road. heavy rain if san francisco caused flooding on highway 101. the water was pushed off of the road by passing cars and all the rain made for a slow evening commute. despite the rain the california department of water resources says it would only be able to deliver 5 percent of water
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requests for 2014 which came from local water agencies for use by residents, farms and businesses. water regulators say 5 percent figure could go up as we enter the rainy season but there are no guarantees. remember to prepare for the next storm by installing the free weather app open your smartphone with up-to-the-minute weather conditions to download at >> now we see how the weather is right now. >> there is rain but nothing like yesterday. what i noticed yesterday the rain came down and it knocked the leaves off the trees and they went to the storm drain and clogged it which was part of the reason we had flooding and it came down too quick. 680 where it comes through fremont and you meet up with 880, they could not meet but they are close and that is where we see the boater radar returns to mill peed. here is a look at the san mateo
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bridge with light rain and sprinkles looking off to the east and it looks clear from this point. deeper in the west and the bridge just a few sprinkles but if you just leading they will be gone. headed over to dumbarton. 56 to 60 is the temperature for noon. at 4:00, 58 to 60 with sunshine. it will be breezy by 7:00 and 52 to 56 and windy tomorrow, the warmest day flirting with 70 away from the coast and low-to-mid 60's, calmer but sunny saturday and sunday. enjoy it. >> we have a stalled vehicle before you get to westbound 80 at the scales. a car is stuck in the pedal lanes with slowing there. you will notice that the green has rain falling so slow down, watch out for that. in fremont, southbound 880 an
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ambulance is called. the crash involved one car that went down into the bushes at mission boulevard and so far it is not slowing anything down northbound side we do not have spectator slowing. this is the drive headed away from central san rafael toward 580 so if you need to make the commute toward san francisco we have a few extra cars and the tail lights headed southbound are accident free and quiet. >> forget about ever getting sloop during the holiday shopping season. >> pedal power is growing in san francisco as the city is gearing up to make sure your bicycle stays where you leave it. >> shifting gears, the heartless theft that left
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> san francisco may soon try a new strategy to curb bicycle thefts in the city. according to the transportation officials they are considering a plan to install collective bicycle lockers similar to those if london which are placed in street packing places and used if hayes valley and areas with high bicycle usage and a high rate of theft. residents would live in the
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buildings would be able to use the bicycle lockers. last in, san francisco supervisors announced a goal of reducing bicycle thefts by 50 percent. >> looking for a good bargain? you may have trouble sleeping. >> if you have something to say at the office, say it fast. jane king is coming from the new york stock exchange to explain why. jane. >> looks like we will not get much sleep next week and the expire holiday season. amazon is gearing up to inveil deals as often as every ten minutes during politic friday weekend which is starting a day earlier. the bargains begin sunday november 24 as the competition intensifies over thanksgiving weekend. the deals include a 32" t.d. for $92. also, there could be a way to
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get a discount at whole food with a legality program at eight stores in illinois, indiana, and florida with 10 percent discount on 35 brand food and vitamins saying they could expand if it is successful. the search for thing do breed that looks like a puppy could be over. the latest incarnation in the search for a dog investigation of the fountain of youth. a breader says this spaniel and poodle mix and bichon goes for up to $3,500 but it is all hypo allergenic. stocks are positive. if you have something important to say at the office do it fast, 75 percent of professionals admit they lose interest in one minute if a presentation does not have a point. more than 43 percent give up on long e-mails in the first 30 seconds. a third tune out coworkers in 15
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seconds other less. >> we paid attention to the whole report. >> that was 1.5 minute so i am doing well. >> thanks. florida congressman radel is taking a leave of absence after pleading guilty to cocaine possession speaking to reporters from his office and apologized for his actions and admitted he is struggling with substance abuse and alcohol imon-and-off for years. he was caught with cocaine in a sting and sentenced to a year in prohibition. democrats are asking for his resignation. he is going to rehappen and will donate his salary. >> hundreds of froze were turkeys were stolen from a
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freezer. the thieves have fought been caught and volunteers say they have never seen anything like this. >> my jaw dropped. i could not believe someone would steal turkeys from needy people. >> you would not think someone would do that, to take away from those would have nothing. it is very sad to think people with do something like this to people with have nothing. >> the community has stepped in to help with hundreds of new turkeys donated. they hand out more than 750 food boxes over the holiday seasons and holds a thanksgiving dinner. >> now the weather. >> the rains are moving out and some us are still getting wet. >> a parting shot of rain. >> to make the commute interest ing. there is still wetness on the ground. it will be a grind this morning and we will talk to leyla gulen
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in less than two minutes. you can see the light green and dark friend is sprinkles to light rain around the neighbors and you can see it is headed to the south and 101 will have light showers across you and 12 in the north bay and 37 and you can see right through the san ramon valley and 680 down into milpitas you will have light rain, also, so, get ready. as far as visibility we are okay, with not too much in the way of fog and the winds are light but you can see fairfield is picking up at 15 miles per hour and that will be the trend headed into the afternoon. it is going to be windy this evening and above 900'. the areas in yellow is a wind advisory from can this evening to 10:00 tomorrow morning so this is a significantly long event with gusts up to 70 miles per hour possible and up to 2,500'. the ground is saturates, we
5:20 am
could have downed branches and maybe a tree that could hit the power lines. we have sprinkles just rolled through and you can see the reflection of the headlights. it will be wet trying to get to the bridge. after the morning commute, the rain is over. it will be windy tonight which will dry us out. the humidity will drop. it will be sunny and mild. temperatures will be close to average. we will have low-to-mid 60's today. tonight, we are going do have temperatures in the low to upper 30's. tomorrow, the winds blow offshore and we will in it with significant away from the coast and low-to-mid 60's saturday and sunday with sunshine and calmer conditions and a slight chance of rain on wednesday. >> because the hillsides are so
5:21 am
saturated with water and rain continues to fall, we still have tesla road shut down so the track advisory is in effect. stress that road is shut down until further notice. 580 is loading up and the drive time traffic from tracy to castro valley is an hour, and 101 northbound headed from 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes and outside we go the drive from emeryville to san francisco, slick roads and the headlights are glistening off the wet road so be came. more traffic but everyone is moving along at top speeds. >> ahead, seven things to know use start your day and the amazing volcano eruption in
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japan. >> he certified two devastate plane crashes to
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roommate because he is black. the district attorney says in one incident the students put a bicycle lock around the victim's neck and locked it. >> this morning, bart's board will vote on the account for the two largest unions and is expected to vote "no," after a provision was mistakenly included. the unions are calling on bart to honor the contract. amy hollyfield will have more in a report in a few minutes. >> the amanies of vallejo high school disappear with the board voting to eliminate the current school mascot which has been a source of tension between those would believe the name honors the apache and those who feel it is offensive to knittive americans. >> if you report by the independent legislative analyst says california can expect to see a spending surplus of almost $2.5 billion by the end of the fiscal year and he is projected similar surpluses until 2019 with higher income tax revenues
5:26 am
expire. >> students in washington, illinois, are returning to school for the first time since the tornado outbreak last sunday. fema will assess the damages today. relief efforts are ramping up with the chicago bears kicking off a donation drive. >> we still have showers on live doppler 7 hd moving to the south. we could all be touched by rain during the commute but warmer weather is ahead in the seven-day forecast. >> a look behind me, and we saw this a mr. president ago, the bay bridge toll plaza shows a ton of cars stacked up and that is due to a crash that happened beyond the tolls blocking one lane and i will give you more information on that will set coming up. >> this could be some of the cool of the video of the morning, a volcano erupts in the middle of the pacific from an underwater crater that produced a new island in japan south of tokyo. earthquake experts say it is 660
5:27 am
feet in diameter. the last time this happened in this area was the mid-1970's. >> a dream come true after a series of tragedies for a high school basketball mayor, 19 -year-old lost his mother, brother and sister in a plane crash in 2003 and in 20112011 his father and stepfather were killed in another crash and he was seriously injured. he was recruited by the university of michigan days before the crash dreamed of getting on the court. >> it is a miracle. i saw people i would play basketball from the wheelchair and that seems remote chance but i said, i will get this. >> michigan is honoring the scholarship and he has signed the letter of intent. post what you think of this incredible story on facebook.
5:28 am
>> he has involved with the inside moves that are impressive. >> the use morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including breaking overnight, the highway patrol pursuit leads to a foot chase and officers finally caught up with the driver. >> developing news, eight armed robberies in slow -- in a matter
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5:31 am
sprinkles to glen ellen and to napa and novato. we put it in motion and it is coming toward 237 so from milpitas to mountain view it will be wet. dumbarton bridge is about to get wet. matt sent a picture of sprinkles falling right now. the forecast changes this afternoon with sunshine, upper 50's at the coast, low-to-mid 60's in a couple more hours can then it is over. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident beyond the bay bridge toll plaza and that means the metering lits are turned on early. we will take you over to the bay bridge if you are headed away from the maze to san francisco you are going to be met with quite the traffic there. bumper to bumper as you approach the accident and a car is spun out of control and in the wrong direction.
5:32 am
but then egg is at top speed when you get beyond that. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are on and we have traffic stacked from 580 so make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time and maybe decide to head out the door right new. >> breaking overnight, authorities have caught a driver who had a warrant out after an overnight police chase that started as a traffic stop at graton resort and casino. the driver took off down 101 to south petaluma where c.h.p. deployed spike strips to stop the truck. the man was arrested after short chase and a passenger was detained. >> vallejo police are investigating a string of eight armed robberies in a four hour span last night. investigators say it appears they were all carried out by the same group of men between 5:30
5:33 am
and 9:15. the victims were held up in the parking the althoughs of pitses and some robbed at home. a delivery driver was held up outside the costco and the final robbery happened in the parking lot of a people boys. victims gave similar descriptions of the suspects described as a group of two or three men armed with a gun wearing black hooded sweatshirts. no one has been arrested. >> bart's board is voting and expected to turn down a create hammered out with the unions after two painful strikes after the discovery of a provision that bart says it cannot afford. amy hollyfield is at the pittsburg bay point station. any new sign give-and-take negotiation? >> we have a step forward to report. a little. the unions are now saying they will sit with management to talk about the differences but, a human "but" they say though will
5:34 am
only do it if the board agrees to ratify the contract and the board has already said they are not plan on doing that bart says they cannot afford to give employees six weeks paid family leave. it says it made it into the contract by mistake. we commuters want to know if anyone is thinking about them. [ inaudible ] >> will there be a strike? no one is willing to answer that question. it does not look good. the unions say we the board needs to ratify this contract. they say it was agreed on in negotiations. the board says it can't afford to. today is the big day in the showdown and the mooting is scheduled to start at 9:00 this
5:35 am
morning in oakland. >> this morning, three san jose state university students are facing hate crime charges accused of tormenting their roommate because of the color of the skin and the district attorney says the three white students targeted the freeway man because he is blocked and accused of putting a bicycle lock around the victim's neck and locking it trying to lock him in a closet because he was >> the apaches of vallejo high school will fade into history at the end of the school year. a vote put an end to the apache mascot which is officially retired next year. the mascot has been a source of tension between people would believe it honors the amany and
5:36 am
those who feel it is an offensive. the district has outlined a plan to pick a new mascot with a school design team developing ideas that will be voted on by staff and students and revealed in january. >> president obama has added a visit to chinatown to his trip to san francisco on monday. the white house say president obama will visit the recreational center no a public event to talk about immigration reform. this is the president's ninth trip to the bay area in 2 1/2 years and will attend a democratic national committee lunch on at jazz center on monday. ticket sales have been reportedly slow so organizers have cut the price in half for the cheapest seats, down to $500. >> the california board will consider letting people keep policies that are not covered by
5:37 am
the health insurance act but it only lasts through march and not the entire year as suggested by president obama. sources tell the san jose mercury news victims who do not have complying coverage would have to sign up for a new plan by march 31. to more on coverage california and the policies that could work, go to on "see it on tv." >> caltrain service was erupted for four hours laugh night. an explosion on a power poll before 5:30 in san mateo after dropping a transmission on the traffic forcing trains to be stopped in both directions. many riders were delayed for several hours. it is expected that the rain was to blame. >> when the rain hits, the dust towns to mud and it catches on
5:38 am
fire. >> couple guys were yelling "get away." the cables were shaking. >> 2,000 customers lost power in san mateo. this morning, service has been restored. >> remember to prepare for the next storm by installing the free weather app on your smartphone for up-to-the-minute weather conditions. >> widely scattered showers right now, right, mike if >> wide. kristen asked me about this, you can see to industrial road headed to san carlos the possibility of a sprinkle and light rain. the best radar returns are from fremont to milpitas on 680 and 880 coming from the sunol grade where you see an increase in the wet weather. this is crossing 237 and headed to sunnyvale and santa clara and
5:39 am
downtown san jose. temperatures are running cooler than this time yesterday by two to seven degrees. we will start on the peninsula with 49 in woodside and 50 in menlo park and san bruno and 51 in redwood city and san mateo and foster city is 52. everyone in the low-to-mid 50's this morning with hair at 54, a warm spot. the next 12 hours, we have random light rain through 7:00 and by 9:00 it is gone. at noon we have a lot sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50's to near sick. lower humidity at 4:00 and by 7:00 it will be low-to-mid 50's. leyla gulen? >> we will look right now at another incident with a car fire that is currently burning right off of san pablo avenue and willow but we still have a
5:40 am
traffic advisory in effect and this green is creeping over into san joaquin county with a rock slide in effect and possible more rock slides in the future so tesla will be hut -- shut down. we have a car fire at willow avenue through san pablo. you could see traffic in the area and road closing. from emeryville camera to the bay bridge over to treasure island, the track is moving well and it is just before at the toll plaza where we have a two-car crash blocking one lane causing heavy backups away from the maze. >> construction of san francisco's neutral subway goes 24/7 and the major mail stone the massive project is reaching. >> we have gotten lost but a cargo plane is creating a huge
5:41 am
problem at a small airport. >> big change that will ease travel for
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>> quite a predicament in kansas airport, a modified 747, wide body cargo jet is on the runway in wichita after landing at the wrong airport, the jumbo jet was supposed to land at the air force base but the pilots helped up at a small airport eight miles away. in the past few minutes officials announced the many is turned around and they will attempt to take off at some point this morning. the runway is 6,000' long and usually requires 9,000 feet of runway. they believe the plane should be able to make it. >> new details in the shooting at lax that left a t.s.a. agent dead and several wounded this month. the coroner's officials say t.s.a. officer hernandez died with quinn two to five minutes of being shot after lat week's report from the associated press that it took 33 minutes for hernandez to be put in the ambulance because the area was not declared safe for paramedics to enter.
5:45 am
two law enforcement officials have said officers took accused gunman paul ciancia in custody in five minutes. >> the san francisco subway project will pass an important milestone as the tunnel-boring machines passes under union square which is building a tunnel 85' below and this is video, that began early this year and it will end at powell and columbus and the tunneling machines will resurface in june at the old theater site. this weekend, the machine will pass below union square 95' below the surface, with stockton street closed to traffic and will re-open tomorrow for the shopping season. the subway itself will open in 2019. >> more travel others at san jose airport can get through security quickly law a special government program. later this morning, the transportation security administration is unveiling new precheck lanes in terminal b
5:46 am
which senators southwest airlines that accounts for half the travelers at san jose, which has been open in terminal a since last month allowing reapproved travelers to leave on shoes, belts and keep liquids in the carry on. >> still scattered light rain scattered height rain link otherring as the low pulls away. it did rain i admit the i unforecasted the rain. we needed it. it was good to fill up the reservoirs. we had two-thirds of an inch in hayward and los altos and fairfield and three quarters in
5:47 am
san jose to an inch at sfo and everyone else is an inch to 1.75" in mount st. helena. now it will get dry again. as the rain was moving off we captured a beautiful rainbow yesterday so it had beauty in it. here is live doppler 7 hd, we are watching the east bay for the most part and now the south bay and this petaluma and the napa valley that is where the best chance of light rain are going to be the next hour to hour and a half. saysibility is okay with noing for and the winds are light but fairfield is indicative of what will happen as we head into the afternoon and evening. the areas are shaded in yellow and north bay mountains and diabolo range and clear lake, lake county, men dough senator, gusts up to 70 miles per hour from 9,000 feet to 2,500' through 10:00 tomorrow.
5:48 am
280 and 17 in san jose it is wet. there is light rain moving to you. it will pick up in the south bay. it will be sunny by noon. it will be windy tonight and tomorrow. it will be sunny and mild for the weekend. temperatures today low-to-mid 60's and a few random clouds in the afternoon. it will be brighter and you will need the umbrella to shade yourself from the sun. tonight we have low-to-mid 40's and the valleys could drop into the 30's. toll, we make a run at 70 with afternoon shore winds and temperatures are close to average saturday, sunday, and monday and we are watching wednesday, the businessest travel day of the year with a slight chance of rain. >> i say thank you to twitter follower lauren telling us it looks like 205 is bumper-to-bumper traffic around the parkway is give yourself extra time and 580 is loaded up
5:49 am
over the altamont pass and this incident is a big-rig fire fully engulfed at the intersection of san pablo avenue at willow avenue so we have lanes shut down so make sure you land ahead and avoid the area to further notice. at the bay bridge, this accident is in place westbound side of the bay bridge is blocking one lane and a car spun out and facing the wrong direction leaving us with heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic and the metering lights have delays to berkeley and emeryville. 101 over the golden gate bridge is nine minutes and across the bay bridge 13 minutes from emeryville to san francisco. >> the giants pitch in to raise money for the victims of storme: -- of typhoon haiyan and it can be a win-win for you.
5:50 am
>> an app that can change how you shop for bargains. >> the grass of a former president introduces the country one part of a tribute to john f. kennedy ahead of the
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welcome back, today, the official launch to the holiday season kicks off in oakland. the mayor will join merchants to
5:53 am
launch a campaign "love oakland put your money where your heart is," to keep shopping dollars local and to encourage people get your holiday gives at a trendy boutique with a flee -- free holiday parking program. >> macy's has a new app to alert shoppers of specific discounts on the iphone app. an alert when a shopper walks by an item on sale, just a test, but if it is a success it could take off with retailers. >> the san francisco giants are stepping up to the plate so help victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. if you go to the digout stores or when you can donate to the relief effort if you give $30. you get a limited filipino
5:54 am
heritage san francisco t-shirt and proceeds will be denatured to the filipino heritage night with tickets on sale friday november 29. >> on saturday, do you know what that is? >> the big game. go, bears. >> is half your house blue and half red? >> the cardinal half red have been during the game. >> it would be fun to watch it at your house. >> big game forecast 65 to 50 with sunshine. scattered light showers and scattered snow showers in the sierra but getting there, we have wind starting this evening with gusts up to 80 at the highest reaches. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of defective
5:55 am
traffic signals as you head through livermore and pleasanton, with highway 84, that is where we have the signals and it could be particularring and that is a four-way stop. plenty of green and blue in the year so that means the commute is affected and the blue is hadder rain. in berkeley, westbound 80, the crash is blocking the lane at university avenue a car spun out-of-control and the slick conditions and wet roads so slow down the peeds. >> sylvia brown, a psychic, passed away at good mayor samarn hospital in san jose. she appeared in w and radio and wrote dozens of best selling
5:56 am
books and first became aware her ability when she was three. >> harvard finds regular nut eaters are less likely to die cancer or heart disease long considered heart healthy and the study is the largest done on weather nuts affect mortality. 119,000 men and women were tracked can those who ate nuts each day had a 20 percent lower risk of death over 30 years. the benefits were seen from peanuts and almonds and other tree nuts. also, they stayed slimmer. interesting, because nuts contain fat but they have that effect. researchers do not know why it boosts help. >> sean person is getting -- sean penn is getting unwanted attention at the dream force convention in san francisco when relaxing with friends and a fan snap his picture with a point. this happened next.
5:57 am
>> get the [ blank ] out of here. get out of here. >> he got up and grabbed the phone and slammed it into the ground and added the language he usually rathers for the papparazzi. >> rumors surrounding san francisco mayor lee and the new job prospect that could take him out of city hall. >> a man detained in north korea from the peninsula and what we lending about his imprisonment. >> michael finney reveals how you can save big on your smartp
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> three san jose state students are accuses of harassing a
6:00 am
roommate if his dorm room. the disturbing accusations coming to light. >> detained in forth korea, a peninsula retiree finds himself stuck in the communist country ahead and what went wrong and reaction from the family. >> is san francisco mayor lee leaving city hall? the high profile position in the obama administration he is rumored to be up for. >> mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, if travels take you through 680 or 84 we have height to moderate rain from livermore and pleasanton and dublin all the way into fremont and into milpitas with 237 and across to maintain view and west and this will continue to sink into the heart of the south bay so if it is not raping if


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