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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 21, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, chaos in the sky. >> we just landed at the other airport. >> 4241, verify you're on the ground at beech airport? >> we think so. >> pilots landing a giant cargo plane at the wrong airport in kansas. the jet so big, they can't get back off the runway. and look at this picture. the moment the emergency slide deployed mid-flight, pinning down a flight attendant. also breaking overnight, the freshman florida congressman now speaks out for the first time, begging forgiveness. saying he's headed for rehab. he calls himself the hip-hop congressman. can the lawmaker survive the political storm? caught on tape. unbelievable crash at 180 miles an hour. that 2,000-pound car somersaulting out of control. what he's revealing about the
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seconds when all hell broke loose. and she's the superstar everyone loves to love. "hunger games'" leading lady, jennifer lawrence. here for a one-on-one live interview. why she's on a mission to change hollywood's mean girl attitude. katniss is "catching fire" this morning. buckle up. it's going to be one of those mornings. you don't need to know. we have a lot to get to this morning, including the latest headline from the yankees, alex rodriguez. he stormed out of a hearing and let loose, blasting major league baseball and the baseball commissioner. >> he said he does not think he's going to get a fair hearing. >> and we're on the eve of the kennedy anniversary of jfk's
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assassination. tapes from air force one not heard before in public. we're revealing them here. these are remarkable tapes. >> 50 years later we're still gripped by this. but let's get right to the two plane incidents overnight. an enormous cargo plane landing at the wrong airport, on a runway way too small for the plane and the moment an emergency slide popped open on a jetblue airplane. david kerley is at reagan international with both. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, i got to tell you, these are two incidents that are really serious and raising serious safety concerns. this morning, a giant jumbo jet at the wrong airport. unable to turn around because of a short runway. the pilots of the 747 are facing some serious questions. >> giant 4241, we might -- we'll get back to you here momentarily. we're not on your approach.
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>> reporter: the cargo plane was supposed to touchdown in mcconnell air force base in wichita, kansas, but ended up at a much smaller airport a few miles away, needing a tow to turn around. >> you're on the ground at beech airport? >> we think so. >> reporter: this is not a new route for the jumbo jet which has successfully landed at the air force base 20 times over the last four months. >> this is something that happens far more often than it ought to. it usually happens with less experienced crew. it tends to happen at night when people see lights out there, where they can't visually i.d. the field they actually want to go to. >> reporter: meanwhile, passengers on a jetblue flight from ft. myers, florida, to boston, got a big surprise just 25 minutes into their flight. look at this. that's the front door emergency slide which blew, only partially deploying. but nearly filling the front part of the cabin, the flight
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attendant pinned for a while. passengers say it took several minutes to figure out how to deflate the slide. >> they managed to deflate it and get the plane back to working order enough to get it back to orlando. >> reporter: overnight, jetblue told abc news, the aircraft landed safely and customers deplaned from the rear door. the aircraft was taken out of service for further inspection. safety officials are going to want to know more about that slide, as well. on that 747, a tug has arrived. that's one of those little trucks that grabs the nose of it. it's going to turn it around and take it to the other end of the runway and they're hoping they can take off and go to the right airport. robin and george? >> quite a night. >> two, big head-scratchers there. going to turn to the florida congressman caught buying cocaine from undercover agents. republican trey radel apologized to his family and constituents. and announced that he was taking a leave of absence from congress. but he refused to resign. pierre thomas has all of the
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latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: the congressman is on one year's probation. and in a fight for his personal and political survival. trey radel's day, back in his florida home district, admitting failure after just ten months in office. >> i've let down our country. i let down our constituents. i've let down my family. >> reporter: he said he wants to take the embarrassment head-on. >> i will be taking a leave of absence. during that time, i'm going to donate my salary to a charity. >> reporter: his day began with a walk of shame, after pleading guilty to drug possession. >> are you resigning? >> reporter: radel was caught in a dea/fbi sting, buying $260 worth of cocaine from undercover agents. he admitted to being an alcoholic and vowed to rehab. >> i'm getting the help i need. this is my wake-up call. i've been struggling with this. >> reporter: but the dea says this is about more than one man's demons.
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it's drug buyers fueling a deadly narcotics market. >> it's destroying immunity. that's the sad part in all of this. >> reporter: all in all a devastating day for the hip-hop loving conservative who pushed for drug testing for people on food stamps. radel says the test for him, now, involves faith. >> i believe in forgiveness and redemption. >> reporter: he did not say if redemption will involve a bid for re-election. george? >> thanks very much. let's get the other top stories from josh. we're going to begin with the u.s. and north korea, standing toe-to-toe, with the fate of an american citizen now at stake. he is 85-year-old korean war veteran merrill newman, who was visiting the communist country with a tourist group, when he was reportedly pulled off a plane just before takeoff. the u.s. is working through diplomatic channels, hoping to secure newman's release. also breaking overnight, a rare and controversial u.s. missile strike, deep inside pakistan. targeted a seminary. among the people killed was the
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senior leader of the haqqani terrorist network. it's a group that's become a top enemy of u.s. forces in the region. here at home, fireworks, certainly, from one of baseball's biggest names. alex rodriguez stormed out of major league baseball offices, calling a hearing about his suspension on drug charges a farce. >> i lost my mind. i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. >> reporter: an emotional alex rodriguez joined wfan hours after storming out of a arbitration hearing over his future in baseball. >> i was very upset. i probably overreacted. but it came from the heart and it's been a very difficult process. >> reporter: the yankees third baseman reportedly slammed his hands in frustration and uttered profanity, directing much of his anger at bud selig, after the arbitrator ruled that selig did not have to testify. >> this guy, the embarrassment that he put me and my family through. and he doesn't have the courage to come see me and tell me, this
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is why i'm going to destroy your career. and i have to explain this to my daughter every day? >> reporter: his meltdown occurred after 12 days of testimony regarding an appeal of his 211-game suspension from the yankees. >> were you guilty of any of these charges? >> no. >> did you do anything wrong? >> no. >> did you do any p.e.d.s? >> no. >> and so, the saga continues. you heard it at the end, during the interview, rodriguez flatly denied using performance-enhancing drugs. whether he returns to the hearing remains to be seen. the government is cracking down on large tour buses. after a string of recent crashes. the new rules require all motor coaches to be equipped with seat belts beginning in 2016. experts say the seat belts could reduce serious injuries by up to 45%. and take a look at this, a stunning sight over oregon. a fireball that lit up the sky. it appeared, at first, to be a meteor. but experts believe it was, in fact, an ice contrail.
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a cloud left behind by a plane that catches the sun's rays at just the right angle. i hope, ginger, that's right. also something you don't see every day. this is remarkable to see. this is an island rising from the pacific. it's formed by a volcanic eruption occurring near japan, underneath the sea. the island is now twice the size of a football field and growing. >> wow. >> i've got dibs. wow. magma, and how. finally, would you do this? we don't recommend it. but this free diver decides to hug a shark, as he snarkles off of bora bora. it was a lemon shark. i'm told they don't usually prefer to eat humans. of course, humans don't usually hug them in the sea, either. so -- we'll have an update on that as news becomes available. >> appreciate it. going to move on, now, to the new twist in the sexual assault investigation involving one of the top college football
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players in the country. the alleged victim was warned not to pursue charges against quarterback jameis winston. told if she did, her life could, quote, be made miserable. abc's gio benitez has the latest and joins us this morning. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the case didn't go public until last week. nearly a year after the alleged attack. just as the heisman votes for the freshman quarterback were likely pouring in. now, winston's accuser call the police department's investigation questionable. for many, fsu quarterback jameis winston stands as the top contender for the heisman trophy. >> i don't want to lose any voters or anything like that. >> reporter: but this morning, the candidate for the award has been accused of raping a fellow fsu student last december in an apartment. in a statement she says detectives told her attorney that tallahassee was a big football town, that she needs to think long and hard before
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proceeding against him, because she will be raked over the cools and her life will be made miserable. >> they're now going to have to make a clear statement that either says he's cleared, he's a suspect, or he's being charged. >> reporter: winston's attorney says the police told him in february the case was closed. just last week, 11 months of the alleged rape, police released this heavily-redacted report. it does not name winston. but his attorney and the accuser say he's the suspect. >> certainly, a face of this magnitude, might have an impact on how voters vote for him. >> reporter: the alleged victim says she never intended for this to go public. and when she i.d.'d winston, her family feared she would be targeted on campus. winston's attorney challenges her credibility. pointing to that police report, which says the suspect is between 5'9" and 5'11." winston is 6'4." while the police report says she had been drinking, the accuser's attorney says that police told
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the family that tests show she was not intoxicated. and police have not returned our calls for comment about the woman's claims. but said in the press conference overnight that in february the alleged victim said she did not want to file charges. meanwhile, winston's attorney says he did nothing wrong. and he has not been charged. what a case, huh? >> it is. gio, thanks. >> we have to clear this one up. okay, guys, thanks. we have the latest on that bullying tragedy that made national headlines. rebecca sedwick committed suicide back in september, after being cyberbullied by two classmates. the girls were arrested on stalking charges. now, the state of florida has dropped the charges. and abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: sheriff grady judd brandished the teens' pictures like wanted posters. >> the reason we rushed these arrests quicker than we wanted to was because of this post. yes, i bullied rebecca. and she killed herself. but i don't give a -- and you can add the last word yourself. >> reporter: those charges were
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dropped yesterday. the 13-year-old and 14-year-old girls charged last month with aggravated stalking in connection with 12-year-old rebec rebecca sedwick's september suicide, now cleared. the state attorney wouldn't comment on the case. but the firebrand sheriff still proclaimed it a victory on wednesday because the alleged bullies are now in psychological treatment. >> if we had not made an arrest, if we had not brought this to the court system, would these children be receiving services today? and the answer is no. >> reporter: now a dual developing between him and one of the girls' attorneys, who hinted the real bully here is the sheriff. >> i think it's an intentional, emotional infliction. when she turns 20 years old, will still have her mugshot on the internet. >> reporter: and jose baez, taking another shot at the sheriff. >> i have some advice for him. he should get a lawyer and a darn good one because he's going to need it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> the sheriff is not going to
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back down. remember when he joined us live. here on the show and talking about it. very passionate about this. we'll see how it plays out. an amazing story, now, surviving and thriving, despite incredible odds. high school senior austin hatch has survived two plane crashes that left his entire family dead and a young basketball star in a coma. now, he's headed to college on a scholarship. and is speaking out for the first time about all that he has been through. and linsey davis has more on his amazing story. >> reporter: his ability on the court is how austin hatch got the attention of the university of michigan. but his resilience in life is how he caught the attention of the nation. >> when you're inches away, millimeters away from death, you really understand. >> reporter: hatch has survived not one, but two plane crashes. >> i'm not sure there's anyone who has been through and survived two plane crashes. i think god has had his hand on me. and i'm saying, i think there's a plan for my life. >> reporter: back in 2003, a
7:15 am
plane piloted by hatch's father crashed, killing his mother, sister and brother. his father survived, with serious burns. then, nearly eight years later, a second plane, also piloted by his father, crashed, killing his stepmother and dad. >> losing a father, i mean, that's something that never goes away. the pain from that never goes away. >> reporter: after suffering head trauma, a punctured lung, broken ribs and a broken collarbone, hatch was put into a medically-induced coma. >> i woke up. i had no idea where i was. i had no idea like what year it was, or anything. it was like i was just born. >> reporter: just ten days before that crash, hatch committed to play basketball for michigan. and last week, nearly 2 1/2 years later, hatch signed his national letter of intent. the michigan head coach says the wolverines will honor the scholarship. in a sense, he's already scored. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york.
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>> what a young man. and for michigan to own up to what they promised that young man. >> just incredible what he's been through. >> my goodness. >> wish him well. wish him well. >> indeed. and another astonishing moment caught on tape. a race car driver, attempting to break a land speed record, ended up somersaulting through the air. miraculously escaping with only minor injuries. look at that video. he's now speaking out about it. here's the story. brian gillespie topped out at 180 miles per hour. and then, this -- somehow, he survived. >> my memory of the accident only goes up until about third gear. i was in sixth gear when the accident happened and the car pitched sideways. and really, i have no memory whatsoever of it. >> reporter: watch again as the 2,000-pound honda comes face to
7:17 am
face with destruction. >> they had to peel back the roof in order to get me out of here and cut off the roll cage. >> reporter: gillespie walked away. but not without injury. >> through the spinning and tumbling, the g-forces, i had a torn lung. my right lung collapsed. sprained my left wrist. at least one concussion. >> reporter: and those still blood shot eyes. a custom roll cage along with other safety enhancements, saving his life. his once-prized car, now a pile of scrap. but his dual with death won't keep him out of the driver's seat for long. >> the doctor says i have to take a month off. so, at least not for a month. >> he says not only is he going to get back in the car. he wants to push the envelope and try to go even faster. >> at least a month. >> he deserves -- >> and the perspective, coming up with the story we just came off of.
7:18 am
you're only given so many chances in life. >> good point there, josh. >> best of luck. let's get a check of the weather. ginger zee in for sam champion. we see the minus sign. >> we do. we have to go to canada to see them, which is good news. but that's exactly where our air is going to be coming from. so that's my news, that is it starting to pour down. either that or max just wanted me to say saskatoon. i don't know. it's 5 below there. yellowknife at 14 below. if you're familiar. what it means to you is this. watch for oklahoma city, amarillo, both in the 60s today. kansas city, in the mid to upper 40s. by tomorrow morning, you drop some 30 to 40 degrees. some big changes coming. it's going to be subfreezing for okc. 26 in kansas city. look at denver at 14. and north platte there at 12. these are not windchills. this is actual air temperature for tomorrow morning. it is that slip into winter that we've been kind of teasing with. it's really hitting us here at the end of this week, start of the weekend. in the mid part of the country. and ahead of it is going to be
7:19 am
rain and some thunderstorms that could locally bring two-plus inches. places like dallas, up through parts of oklahoma, little rock, st. louis, going to get some of that rain. i'll leave you to look across the country but your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. we have some scattered showers through about 9:00. they'll become sunny by noon, that quickly. windy tonight and tomorrow,
7:20 am
sunny and mild this weekend. our temperatures today, low to mid-60s with just a few fair-weather cumulus clouds during the afternoon hours. tonight clear but remember, windy, especially above 900 feet, low to upper 40s. winds will hang around through about 10:00 tomorrow evening, >> where there is cold air, there is often snow. there will be. i'll show you how far it gets. as we get into the weekend. >> arctic is the "a" word. >> i like it. coming up on "gma," new questions about the death of "clueless" star, brittany murphy. an emotional interview with her mother-in-law, just ahead. also ahead, the never-before-heard audiotapes from the day jfk was assassinated. you'll hear the extraordinary police tapes on the eve of the 50th anniversary of that assassination. and cee lo green is back in court today, facing felony drug charges. what he said to the judge. also, "hunger games" week here.
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included and can't afford. according to the "san francisco chronicl chronicle", both unions said they're willing to meet with the transit agency and a mediator to work out their differences but their condition is b.a.r.t. directors must ratify the contract first, then they'll meet. let's check the traffic with ley leyla. >> all trains are running on time as we take you into santa rosa at the fox hill golf course. we have this problem, two cars spun out and are facing sideways northbound along 101 at golf course drive. a little bit of spectator slowing in the southbound direction. outside we go, taking a look at berkeley, drive around westbound 80 coming away from university avenue, you can see heavy, heavy traffic as you make that commute from highway 4 down to the maze. eric? leyla, thank you very much.
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good morning. here's live doppler 7-hd showing some scattered light to moderate rain, a brief downpour around dublin and pleasantson and livermore. you can see the yellow on the radar. the back edge of the moisture is moving through the north bay. i think we have a couple more hours and sunshine and breezy conditions. winds could gust up to
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♪ now, that is what i call a red carpet. that is a red carpet. megastar, pitbull, is prepping for the american music awards. he's helping roll out that red carpet. and listen to what's playing? that's his new smash hit. it's infectious, wouldn't you say? and we're going to hear from pitbull just ahead. he's taking us backstage to the ama's exclusive back stage access, right here. >> he rolls out his own red carpet. >> mr. worldwide. also coming up, tomorrow's the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination. we have tapes that have never been heard before in public from the day in dallas.
7:31 am
the police tapes from air force one. they're remarkable. hard to believe that we can get something new from that day. but they're really startling. >> remarkable. and also, cee lo green back in court, facing felony drug charges. we'll tell you what he said to the judge. then, it's been "hunger games" week here. the extravaganza continues today with, yes, that girl on fire, herself. jennifer lawrence, live in times square. we've been talking about it on-screen and off today. this is that rare interview subject who actually answers the questions you ask. so, it's going to be real good. >> yep. always is. okay, josh. we're going to begin with the latest on claims that "clueless" star, brittany murphy, was poisoned. new toxicology tests ordered by her father, raised this chilling possibility. and now, her mother-in-law is speaking out. abc's abbie boudreau has this for us. good morning, abbie. >> reporter: more of brittany's family members have stepping forward. pushing for the actress's death investigation to be reopened. >> they had everything to live for.
7:32 am
and it was snatched away from them. >> reporter: this morning, an emotional plea from the mother-in-law of "clueless" actress, brittany murphy. >> i'm sorry. >> i do think something is extremely wrong. it doesn't feel right. it didn't sit right. >> reporter: linda monjack, telling abc news, she wants a full investigation into her death and the death of her own son. simon monjack was married to murphy and died five months after she did. under similar circumstances. >> that would have alarm bells. but nobody seemed to take this up. >> reporter: monjack's plea comes on the heels of stunning allegations made by murphy's father, who suspects his daughter did not die of pneumonia, but was poisoned. >> i absolutely, positively, think she was poisoned, yes. i'm calling for her to be exhumed, if necessary. >> reporter: citing a new toxicology report that he commissioned, which tested samples of the star's hair.
7:33 am
and says it found high levels of ten heavy metals. the results suggested one possible explanation would be an exposure to these metals or toxins, administered by a third-party perpetrator with likely criminal intent. but this morning, there are new questions about the accuracy of those findings. >> testing from hair samples is very difficult to interpret in a reasonable scientific way. >> reporter: dr. david lee says something as common as hair dye could have left behind heavy metals. >> you would actually need bodily fluids, bodily tissues. >> reporter: while the l.a.'s district attorney's office tells us they're not investigating, the l.a. corner's office says they're willing to look at the new report once they receive a copy. >> just hope it comes to something in the end. and justice is served. >> reporter: this morning, the world health organization is also disputing that new toxicology report. it says the report wrongly cites the standards for heavy metals. abc news attempted to get clarification from the lab but
7:34 am
could not reach their spokesperson. robin? >> abbie, thank you. as we said, when this first happened, people were a little at odds -- >> it did seem strange. >> it did seem strange. >> the coroner's office going to look at that report. we're going to turn to the newly-discovered tapes on the day that time stopped for so many americans. tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the jfk assassination. and the discovery channel is marking the moment with a new documentary called "jfk the lost tapes." byron pitts is in dallas with more on this extraordinary find. good morning, byron. >> reporter: good morning. extraordinary is right. these audiotapes you're about to hear give us a new layer of context about that day. a day that started with so much promise. >> weather and crowd estimate? >> the weather's good. >> i guess there's about 2,000 here. >> reporter: the calm chatter on police radios reflected the mood. this is routine. law enforcement have prepared for weeks. the ten-mile motorcade. the president with his eyes on
7:35 am
re-election in '64. the eyes of dallas on him and the first lady. >> whenever he was in a motorcade situation where there were going to be crowds, wanted the people to feel that he was close to them. so, the instructions were, top off. >> reporter: in police tapes broadcast for the first time, officers do their best to manage a larger-than-expected crowd. >> drop back. we have to go at a real slow speed now. >> reporter: and then, just before 12:30. >> it was obvious that the president had been hit. >> my job was to get out there and shield them. there was a second shot they tell me, as i was running. i did not hear it. >> reporter: three shots in all. the worst of it captured on film by abraham zapruder. >> i was yelling at the driver, get us to the hospital. get us to the hospital. >> reporter: police tapes
7:36 am
capture the frantic race to the hospital. >> get out of the way. >> reporter: back in dealey plaza, a manhunt is on the way. >> the shots were. he was standing real close to it. and they came from the texas school book depository. >> reporter: at 1:00 p.m. central time, president john f. kennedy is pronounced dead. for local cops, there's no time to grieve. one of their own, officer j.d. tippit was shot and killed. a suspect in his shooting is cornered at the texas theater. his name, lee harvey oswald. >> you have a suspect arrested at the texas theater? >> yes, sir. we have him and the gun. >> reporter: and then, less than three hours after arriving in dallas, president kennedy boards air force one a final time. mrs. kennedy, still in her pink suit, covered in blood. for the first time, we hear the white house and the pilot
7:37 am
discuss a delay before takeoff. vice president lyndon johnson is to be sworn in first. >> we're waiting for the swearing-in at the plane before takeoff. >> that's a volunteer? >> roger. we are waiting for judge to appear for swearing-in. >> i solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute -- >> mrs. kennedy, her eyes had been so sparkling and bright before, were absolutely dead. they're just gone. >> reporter: 50 years later, you can still hear the heartache in clint hill's voice. those tapes give us new detail, new insight as to what was going on behind the scenes that day, one of the darkest in american history. >> and how fast the chaos all unfolded. byron, thanks very much. "jfk: the lost tapes" premieres tonight on the discovery channel. let's get weather from ginger zee, in for sam. i have good news before the arctic break gets down there. we want to start with good morning to charleston.
7:38 am
it's going to be 73 today. a bit above average. a lot of folks see the numbers kind of peek up today and tomorrow on the east coast. new york city, enjoy it. 50 and 52 for d.c. memphis, is 67. new orleans will go to 70. out west, they're starting to feel the change. the mountains outside l.a. and san diego are going to see snow. and phoenix, pacific moisture fueling in here. you can see heavy rain by tomorrow. tonight it starts. it goes through tomorrow. you could see flash flooding in there. we'll be watching for that. up to five inches of rain. and then, the snow i was promising you, got to get a look at it and see how much can going to fall. flagstaff could see close to nine inches. this is through friday. good morning. i'm mike nicco. a few showers through 9:00, then sunshine at noon and afternoon sunshine. but a little breezy from time to time especially as we head towards the evening and overnight hours. 50s along the coast, rest of us in the l
7:39 am
>> this weather report, brought to you by keurig. some of that snow makes it at the end of the week, weekend, into minneapolis. not that much. >> thank you. coming up, cee lo green back in court, facing those drug charges. he entered a plea of not guilty. what he said to the judge. and a major health scare for one of the biggest stars of reality tv. why nene leakes says she's lucky to be alive. and what you can learn from her medical emergency. leakes says she's ♪ music it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. i need to address a touchy subject... christmas night bedtime.
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welcome back. it is 7: welcome back. it is 7:42. we continue, now, with the latest on cee lo green's day in court. a month after pleading not guilty to felony charges that he slipped ecstasy in a woman's drink. questions are now being raised whether possible jail time could damage the grammy winner's career. abc's aditi roy has the story. >> do you think this is fair that's it's happening to you? >> you know what? looking forward to taking care of it in court. >> reporter: cee lo green walked into an l.a. court wednesday. trailed by a throng of reporters. green's attorney, blocking the superstar from the camera, smiled. even after the prosecutor suggested this case could get complicated. >> there's a lot more to this count than meets the eye. >> reporter: cee lo, whose real name is thomas decarlo callaway,
7:44 am
pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say the 39-year-old artist slipped a woman the drug ecstasy, while the two were having dinner. >> do you understand? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: green spoke twice in court. acknowledging the judge's next court date in january. >> i'm hoping they make the right decision. >> reporter: that would be well after his own judging duties on nbc's "the voice," ends next month. but the grammy winner may be able to forget the courtroom until next year. the question now is, how could the media circus and the possibility of four years in jail, affect his career. >> it's a little bigger than a speed bump but this isn't a sinkhole. we're not talking about somebody who is perceived as an addict or has a drug problem. we're talking about somebody who has a one-time issue. ♪ why won't you listen to me >> reporter: this morning, he is facing the uncertainty of his next chapter. >> how are you doing, man? >> to be continued. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:45 am
america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> to be continued. cee lo's next hearing is set for january 16th. coming up here, "hunger games" star, jennifer lawrence, is here with us live. and you never know what she'll say. she's the best. you don't want to miss that. and pitbull, taking us backstage at the amas. mr. worldwide. you remember jean-claude van damme's epic split between these two trucks. with enya rolling. it may have been topped. >> whoa. >> oh. >> oh, josh. >> oh.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." right then. here's "the play of the day." >> here we go. and we saw this last week. jean-claude van damme, in a spot for volvo trucks, makes it no
7:50 am
less remarkable to see. the trucks actually going backwards, as he does that, defying the laws of physics and gravity. and since then, it has spawned all manner of imitations. let's be honest. the internet was made for something like this. all -- all pales. channing tatum, in character, as jenko, from the sequel of "21 jump street." take a look. ♪ >> no. >> i love it. and you see the guys. >> wait for it, team. >> wait for it.
7:51 am
>> they don't make pants that do that. come on. channing, walk it off. walk it off, channing. "deals & steals." ♪ [ male announcer ] give 'em a gift they'll love. get this bosch drill for only $99 at lowe's. ♪
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. three san diego state freshmen are facing hate charges accused of tormenting their roommate, who was black. the black students union is holding a noon rally today on campus. rain is moving out, but, mike, what are we looking at right now? >> scattered sprinkles, maybe light rain on live doppler 7-hd. the lower levels still saturated but the mid and upper levels are starting to dry. you can see the clearing line around mt. st. helena as we speak. as far as your accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures in the 60s but dangerously windy
7:57 am
tomorrow. leyla? a brand-new accident westbound highway 24 at kamino pabla. it's blocking one lane, but we have this southbound one, 680 out of pleasant hill into walnut creek. one lane blocked at tree boulevard.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
8:00 am
[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have two, big stars you don't want to miss. "hunger games" star, jennifer lawrence, here live. what she is revealing about her blockbuster role, right now. ♪ and before pitbull takes over times square, he takes us behind the scenes to the american music awards. what he's only telling "gma" this morning in the jam-packed hour ahead. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> a very excited crowd out there in times square this thursday morning. you see the signs right there.
8:01 am
katniss, "catching fire" because jennifer lawrence is going to be here live. there she is, all over times square. premieres this weekend. we've seen her already. such a great movie. there she is on the red carpet, jennifer lawrence. that haircut's got a lot of attention. >> some of our viewers are asking about that. and she is so refreshing. very open. speaks her mind. and we're going to ask her about the mean girls attitude that, thankfully, she has put down. it's not for hollywood. it's not for any of us. and the jaw-dropping dress at this week's premiere. >> josh and liam are using the same words. unfiltered. also coming up here, a major health emergency for nene leakes. one she says she's lucky to be alive after. a serious medical emergency. what every woman can learn from
8:02 am
her medical scare. this is something i feel gets people talking. we want to hear what you have to say, too. nursing in public. there's a new movie that tackles the subject. makes a lot of people uncomfortable, including one of the dads in the movie. why he6 says it embarrasses him. a whole movie. big holiday edition of "deals & steals" coming up. there's tory right there. a lot of fun in those boxes. have to get news, first, with josh. >> we're going to begin with the florida congressman, who has pleaded guilty to cocaine possession. he will be taking a leave of absence to get treatment for substance abuse. he has been given one year's probation. but some democrats are calling for his resignation. troubling words from afghanistan's president, as his country decides whether or not to allow u.s. troops to stay after this year. hamid karzai admitted he does not trust americans. but he is supporting a deal that allows u.s. troops to stay in the country for another decade.
8:03 am
that, until the year 2024. here at home, meanwhile, four female marines are marching into history. they are the first women to complete the grueling infantry training course. they carried the same 85-pound packs as their male counterparts. endured the same 12-mile hikes as their male counterparts. however, they won't be allowed to serve in combat, at least not yet. military officials say they want to study the idea for two more years. congratulations to them. and a big medical headline for those of us trying to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. researchers found that people who eat just a handful of nuts each day, cut their risk of dying from heart problems by 20%. reduce their risk of dying from cancer by some 11%. and doctors say, it doesn't matter what kind of nuts you eat. just grab a handful and pop them. costco responding to outrage over what a minister found in
8:04 am
one of its stores. that is a bible for sale, labeled as fiction. costco says it was a mistake on a small number of bibles. and it has since apologized. and a scare for hollywood producers. a fire broke out on the set of the upcoming owen wilson film, "the coup." and it sparked a fire on the set in thailand. thankfully, no one was hurt. a tag that certainly applies to this next story. a leap of faith and something else, for sure. a couple in russia. take a look. they're preparing for a tandem bungee jump. pretty routine, right? no. take another look. she's not wearing a harness. >> what? it was her hanging on to him. they were fine afterwards. please tell me, america, that i do not have to say this. don't try this at home, on a local bridge, ever.
8:05 am
never, ever try that ever. back to you. >> not recommended. >> thank you, josh. >> beyond recommendation. let's get some weather from ginger zee. >> good morning, everybody. the crowd out here, so fired up to see the girl on fire. we're not going to point anybody out specifically playing hookie. but they're very excited to see j. law. what's your name? >> iay. >> from new jersey. >> all excited, right, guys? let's get to the weather forecast. we start in orlando. you know, they're mild, of course. low 80s across the stubborn stationary front. you see the thunderstorms are popping up along it. melbourne has more than three inches. we go to the west where it is completely different. you have the icy conditions. we're seeing traffic problems around denver. and look at that. the arctic air just billowing down from the north there. that purple color is back. and with a vengeance.
8:06 am
fargo drops to 17 for a high temperature. chicago, you see drop off. and dallas, even though you're at 77 today, you're going to drop into the 40s. this young lady next to me is from good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. we have some scattered showers through about 9:00. they'll become sunny by noon, that quickly. windy tonight and tomorrow, sunny and mild this weekend. our temperatures today, low to mid-60s with just a few fair-weather cumulus clouds during the afternoon hours. tonight clear but remember, windy, especially above 900 feet, low to upper 40s. winds will hang around through about 10:00 tomorrow evening, then calm >> the girls from louisiana here want to say hello. we'll head back in. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu."
8:07 am
a real-life scare for nene leakes. she is lucky to be alive. and she wants everyone to learn from her medical emergency. and one dad is speaking out how nursing makes him uncomfortable. we want you to talk about it. tweet us your thoughts. and "hunger games" star. the one and only jennifer lawrence is with us. she's live here on "good morning america," in times square. stay with us, everyone.
8:08 am
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better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ >> that's right, rob. ♪ everybody wants a new romance ♪ >> will ferrell, as ron burgundy, on "conan" singing about a man he calls a good friend. embattled toronto mayor, rob ford. >> and this being done as a campaign theme song, for the
8:13 am
mayor. loverboy never sounded so good. >> that's great. >> and the flute. the jazz flute. >> how eager are we for "anchorman"? >> best run-up to a movie ever. >> they're all going to be here, too. >> i know. jennifer lawrence today. "pop news" right now. we begin with director nancy myers, proving that making a movie doesn't have to be "it's complicated." we're happy to report this morning that she's back with her first movie since then. it's called "the intern." great cast. reese witherspoon is an executive who gets assigned an intern, who is a retiree, played by robert de niro. warner brothers are so hot on this project. they have bought the worldwide rights. understandable, given that trifecta of talent. myers, witherspoon, de niro. when it comes to new year's
8:14 am
eve, new york city may have the giant crystal ball. but kennett square, pennsylvania, has the giant mushroom. the mushroom capital of the world, will ring in the new year by lowering the giant fungi. is there fungus among us? it will happen in military square. it counts for half of the u.s. production of mushrooms. and it attracts about 100,000 people to their annual festival. the only admission, you have to bring a food donation. that's lovely. i know where i'll be new year's eve. and finally, time for the competition portion of the program. the youtube best screaming animal competition to be exact. who will take it home today? will it be the sheep? bring it. >> no. i don't believe that.
8:15 am
>> will it be -- these are screaming animals. will it be the new viral sensation this week, a ram with something to say? or -- >> yes. >> or will it be the reigning champion, the screaming dog. >> george, just believe. it is real. >> every time. >> tweet me your votes for the screaming competition in the animal kingdom. >> we need to -- they have to do that into my ear to make me believe. >> does it make you smile? >> of course, it does. >> then, my job is done. >> cody is my favorite fake dog screaming dog. >> what about that ram? >> the ram seems real. >> the ram seems real to me. >> my work is done.
8:16 am
>> thanks, lara. we're going to turn, now. switching gears a little bit. a serious health scare for one of the stars of "real housewives of atlanta." nene leakes says she's so lucky. going into the hospital. bianna golodryga has her story. >> reporter: she's best known for her larger-than-life permit, on "the real housewives of atlanta." a contender on "celebrity apprentice." and for her role on "glee." >> this girl needs to be punished. >> reporter: but this morning, the 45-year-old is facing a frightening new reality after suffering a blood clot in her lung last week. on her website, posting these pictures from her hospital stay. saying she's lucky to be alive. late last week, i wasn't feeling well. and was feeling a little short of breath. i know my body. and i know when i should be concerned. so, i went to the hospital to get checked out. >> a blood clot in your lung is
8:17 am
a true medical emergency. about 500,000 people have a blood clot every year. and 100,000 die. >> reporter: her busy schedule may have been a contributing factor. >> she pointed to air travel as one possible cause of what happened to her. >> reporter: on her website, leakes thanked fans for their support. the doctor advised me that most people don't recognize the symptoms of the blood clots and don't go to the doctor. >> you want to be on guard. the first symptoms you may have, not in your chest, but in your leg. >> reporter: luckily for leakes, she caught it in time. >> i know a thing or two about overcoming. >> reporter: and is taking the time she needs to recover. >> she's on the mend at home. she has been actively talking about her recovery. i think you're going to see her back on her feet in no time. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> all right. now, we move on to an issue
8:18 am
that always gets people talking. nursing in public. in an upcoming movie, called "breast milk," examining the challenges for women who nurse their babies. and a husband who says he's embarrassed by it. abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: talk show host and actress, ricki lake, in recent years, has spoken out about home childbirthing, is making air waves again. >> will never necessarily feel normal. >> reporter: this time, in an upcoming documentary, "breastmilk," due in the spring. where she and the director explore breast-feeding. and it has couples across the country talking. >> cave women felt guilty if one of their babies, for whatever reason, had trouble latching on. >> reporter: but what folks are really latching on to is how uncomfortable breast-feeding can be for the dads. >> the fact that i am
8:19 am
uncomfortable around a woman -- i can't -- i don't feel relaxed, when someone's breast-feeding. >> reporter: and this father admits it's disturbing when women, including his own wife, don't cover up when dining out. >> most people are like me. and they're embarrassed by it. it may disrupt their meal. >> reporter: it set off a firestorm online. comments on mommy blogs did not stay bottled up for long. saying, i think he needs to grow up. this is feeding babies. >> reporter: others agree that women should be more private. i'm not saying you can't breast-feed in public. i certainly did. i'm saying, be discreet about it and have some manners. people are talking, which is the point of the documentary. ricki lake telling abc news, i believe this film will start an important conversation about how we can better support all new mothers. and evolve to a place where breast-feeding is not so politically charged. >> this one, too. >> reporter: mother of two and cafe mom contributor, sasha, who
8:20 am
breast fed both of her children, can only hope. >> the more that women do breast-feed in public and are able to do that, the better. the more it normalizes the situation. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> all right. now, we want to know what you think. we asked the guys out there on twitter, does public breast-feeding make you uncomfortable. this isn't a guy? this is kristen m. chug. who cares what guys think about public breast-feeding. it's fe ee's feeding a baby. >> there you go. >> is there one more? no more? "gma"? breast-feeding in public is 100% okay, assuming the mom does what she can to cover up. as i've seen moms do. >> i would agree. i think you have to do it. and yeah. a little whatever. all is well. you can weigh in. let us know what you think.
8:21 am
"breastmilk" will be in the theaters in the spring of 2014. robin, we kick it off to you. >> we're over here with tory johnson. "steals & deals" the holiday edition. josh is going to help out here. >> log on. this is going to go right now. on yahoo! >> for personal creations, the most adorable little stockings. we did the children here. >> lara, josh and sam. >> it's fun. you get to put a name. you have the lights. what can be cooler than that? regularly, starting at $35. these are slashed in half, $17.50. to decorate at home. >> the stocking is the advertiser on christmas morning. it's always particularly awesome. >> may i? >> you may. >> these are unbreakable helicopters. we're not in an unbreakable studio. to protect our jobs, we've taken the batteries out of these. it would have been a disaster in
8:22 am
here. these are supercool. they are indoor and outdoor models. they go crazy. what's fun is these are good for ages 8 to 80. starting at 100 bucks. but these are slashed by 70%. $30, an amazing gift. >> straight up. straight up. >> for the bigger kids, yeah. corkcicle. you put this in the freezer. it will chill your wine. these are for beer. you get the set of the three pieces. amazing gift. regularly $55. slashed in half, $27.50. amazing gift. impossible to find that deal anywhere. >> these are superpopular bracelets. they have initials, zodiac signs. and this is their paint the town piece. all made from recyclable materials. starting at $24. these are slashed in half. 12 bucks. you can't beat that.
8:23 am
>> you cannot afford not to. >> and last but not least. these are the madison totes. very lightweight. they're a variety of colors to choose from. regularly $145. these are slashed by 64%. $52 and free shipping. >> adorable. >> thank you to all the companies here for working with us today on the "deals & steals." the codes from the links, on yahoo! this stuff goes. ready for a little pitbull preview. >> of course. >> he will be here live, hosting the american music awards on sunday night. everything going on behind the scenes, rolling out the red carpet. >> reporter: the stage is set. the red carpet is out. and i'm getting a v.i.p. backstage american music awards tour pitbull style. is it going to be a bilingual
8:24 am
broadcast? this is cool. from mr. 305, to mr. worldwide. and now, host. >> first time i've ever been called a host. >> reporter: who happens to have megahits and be friends with many of the megastars in the audience. can you make an introduction? marc, cecilia. it is a night all about the music. with performances by justin timberlake, katy perry. miley cyrus will take the stage at the amas. and so will tlc, joined by a secret guest. >> i can't share the secrets. they won't let me know. you know how cubans -- we talk a lot. i would have told you already. >> reporter: the winners, chosen by the fans, online or for the first time, on twitter. not just that, fans can also
8:25 am
choose how j. lo gets to the show for her big performance. when they see her in a kohl's commercial, they can tweet which wild ride they want her to take. the scooter or car. whichever is trending in real-time is how she will arrive to stage. it promises to be one nonstop party. >> i can't stop this. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> great job. >> he does a wonderful job. >> yes, he does. i can't wait until monday morning. american music awards, sunday at 8:00. pitbull, flying to new york city, to perform live in times square. jennifer lawrence, and "catching fire." she'll be here live.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is scheduled to meet this morning to vote on a contract for its two largest unions and it's possible it will be rejected. the vote comes a week after the discovery of a medical leave provision that b.a.r.t. says was erroneously included. according to the "san francisco chronicl chronicle", both unions are willing to meet with the transit agency officials and a mediator to work out the differences but their condition is b.a.r.t. directors must satisfy the contract first then they'll meet. how's your morning commute? here's leyla gulen. >> everything is running on time p this accident in orinda has cleared to the center divider involving a couple vehicles westbound of highway 24 at camino pablo. slow out of walnut creek.
8:28 am
looking at 23 miles per hour. it's going to take you 24 minutes from 680 into oakland. >> thanks a lot. we'll check out those ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
8:29 am
good morning. we're back with a look at live doppler 7-hd. still picking out of play sprinkles south of the san mateo bridge and a few north through the marin area right now. specifically down 101. as far as the try weather, it's almost here and the transition
8:30 am
will be rather breezy, gusts up to 70 miles per hour up ♪ have you heard yeah cause they're all freaked out ♪ yep. sometimes it is just what it appears to be. elton john and lady gaga, performing his classic, "bennie and the jets," of course. this is an exclusive look, at a wonderful television event coming your way. lady gaga and the muppets holiday spectacular. >> that's awesome. >> supergreat. thanksgiving night. just like we were kids. you watched the old muppets. 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central. lots of special guests. >> that's fantastic. are you guys ready? you heard that roar right there. that's because jennifer lawrence is here right now. signing autographs for all of her fans.
8:31 am
all night long waiting for her. >> thank you. >> can't wait to see her again. and it's almost time to "improve this." lots of simple secrets for sprucing up your dining room table, just in time for thanksgiving. >> robin? >> you were just saying it, george. just a day away from the opening of "catching fire." the girl on fire herself, oscar winner jennifer lawrence is with us this morning. and back as katniss, the hunger games victor. back against bigger danger than she could ever have imagined. take a look. >> did you ever complete a simple task. >> what are you talking about? who? >> he didn't see me? he's ringing the bell in the district. >> you should have told me that before i went out there and tried to give people their money. >> i'm sorry.
8:32 am
i didn't know what to do. >> katniss, what were you thinking? >> please, just help us get through this. >> we are so excited to have with us right now, jennifer lawrence. j. law joining us live here on "good morning america." you look so good. how are you? warm up a little bit. >> i know. i have to go outside. we'll leave the door open. >> exactly. might as well. it's great to have you here. some of your cast mates, your friends coming by this week. it's almost here. >> i know. it's happening. >> it's bigger than ever. everyone's talking about it. the arena is bigger. all of that. how do you feel a day before the big premiere? everybody waiting for it. >> i'm normally clueless when the movie's coming out. we do so many premieres. but it's real exciting because i'm so proud of it. i was so excited when i saw it.
8:33 am
i think it's such a great movie. when you see everybody, excited at all of the premieres. i like it. >> yeah, they will. they were at the premiere last night in new york. and we have fans lining up here at 1:00 in the morning, to see you. and it's just -- it's really -- it's caught on fire. no pun intended. but i understand that you thought at one point, you didn't want to be involved with this because you didn't want to -- you know, you thought you would be bored with the character. >> mostly, i just thought it took some more thought than just kind of a -- a lot of times just saying yes to something will completely change your life. so, i had to think about it for a few days and make sure. yeah, that was something. i'll probably have fun on the first movie and be bored for the rest of them. i'm so relieved and so excited. the group of people is so fun, it feels like going back. and also, her journey keeps getting more and more exciting.
8:34 am
not bored. >> the story line definitely is not. and there's similarities with katniss' journey and yours. she's a reluctant victor. and you're the same way. not really wanting all of the accolades with being the star you have become. >> the stakes are a lot lower, in my life. >> than katniss. i don't know. i mean, i'm just like -- i just feel so -- most of my friends are like trying to figure out what they're trying to do. i feel lucky, that i'm doing what i love. and i can do that whatever. i feel really lucky. whatever comes along with it is just a part of it. >> this is part of it. all the people that come out to see you. the premieres and that. at the l.a. premiere, you became quite ill. was it a scary moment? what happened? >> i was getting bad abdominal pains for three weeks.
8:35 am
i did that thing, where i'm not going to go to the doctor. i had a day when i need to get this looked at. now, it's reported in the news i went to the emergency room for gas, which is awesome. i know, let's confirm that. >> i know you were joking around on the late-night shows about that. it was a scary moment. >> it could be my lower intestine or all in my mind. i'm going to cross my fingers that it's all in my mind and i'm just crazy. >> you have so much going on. you have been outspoken. josh and liam. they all say, the word they use, unfiltered. that's you. >> right. >> and you're the prankster on the set? >> yeah. i'm not creative enough to do actual ranks. i think i'm just mean to everybody. she's such a pranker. i'm serious.
8:36 am
when we watch the movies, we buckled down and did a movie. we're so busy punching each other. >> and having fun. >> playing this game. >> what game is it? >> if you look at the circle, i get to punch you. and if you break it, you can punch me. and if i watch your finger, you can punch me. and we went through a whole scene we were doing it. did you see -- yeah. >> you have all of the bruises. >> they take it easy on me when i have press tours because i have bare arms. >> and the costumes. and the dress you wore in l.a. on the red carpet. somebody from our audience was asking questions. was that your favorite, that look right there? >> at the l.a. -- no. i wouldn't say that. i think anytime a girl has to show her thighs, it's never going to be her favorite look. i loved it. i love the dress.
8:37 am
>> that's what we appreciate about you. >> it's hard for a woman to look at a picture of herself. >> you talked about this. and you're very outspoken. we appreciate you talking about it. it's become a sport being mean about people about how they dress, what they look like. let's cut it out. >> yeah. it's become funny to make fun of each other. and i also don't like women slaughtering women. just being so mean. we're responsible for the younger generation of media. it's what the kids are watching. teaching people how to talk to each other and relate to each other. i don't like it. why can't we just be nice? it's like we grow up. and we get right back into high school. >> it does seem that way. it's great when someone like you steps up like that.
8:38 am
one final question. you are getting a lot of love, the hair. a lot of people on twitter, what was the motivation behind cutting the hair? >> i don't know. i was just, like, i'm cutting it. and then, it was just all gone. >> thank you very much. you have a busy day. and take care of yourself. >> yeah. >> you can see "the hunger games: catching fire" nationwide tomorrow. and you'll see it. coming up next, ginger zee in for sam, final check of the weather. >> we have a bucket list we're working on here. we're going to check it off because -- what's your name? you wanted to come to "gma." >> martha. >> from california. she has her bucket list. these guys just got off the red-eye. everyone's a little loopy out here. let's check the forecast. we start at jfk. that's the picture we got
8:39 am
yesterday. it looks nice. and straight across the country, mt. rainier looking pretty. and they're drying out behind it. but cooling down. look at the numbers by tomorrow morning. reno, good morning. i'm mike nicco. a few showers through 9:00, then sunshine at noon and afternoon sunshine. but a little breezy from time to time especially as we head towards the evening and overnight hours. 50s along the coast, rest of >> we've got one thing to say from this young lady. >> alabama, roll, tide, roll. coming up here, lara has "improve this." tips to s
8:40 am
prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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8:42 am
♪ it's time. the latest rendition of "improve this." this morning, we're going to show you simple and sensational ways to dress up your home. really simple ways to give your home a few fresh touches that you and your guests will love. i love these ideas. i always feel like i have a lot. and you come in. and i'm learning something new every day. >> we have so much to think about. sometimes the decor gets to be an afterthought. this isn't something just for
8:43 am
the holidays. this is design all year long. we have frog tape. i like it because it give a crisp, clean line. and beautiful decor on the wall. >> just to clarify to our viewers, you tape it up and paint the whole wall. if your last wall was white. you can do a simple box. it's what you see in the older apartments. >> it's elegant. >> you can do mirrors in there. you like that, eddie? a simple way. painters tape available. then, another great idea you had -- turning a basket into a light fixture. bread basket to lighting up your life. >> this is taking a basket you might have laying around the house. you can drill a hole in it. and get a light fixture.
8:44 am
>> this is a socket. very inexpensive. we make light fixtures. and the basket adds a glowy light. and you can do a bigger basket. >> multiple baskets. fun decor. >> this is a glass vase. you have them if you've been given a gift. and a place mat. you have a little bit of texture. >> you don't see the stems. some people like to disguise them. couldn't be more simple. i want to go back to the table. i love this idea. you're wandering in the neighborhood and looking in your local tourist for a birch log or another log that would be a centerpiece. you take this drill bit. and explain how you take a candle holder. >> i like these tools.
8:45 am
i'm not always active with them. this is a paddle bit. you find one that's wide enough to hold a tea light candle. and you drill a hole just deep enough for a tea light candle. >> if you have a drill, you just buy the extra bit. and be careful to not walk out of the room with these lit because -- well. really simple. and spray paint is your fun. left overpumpk leftover pumpkins, grab some spray paint. >> cheap and cheerful. readily available. all of the items provided by lowe's. do check that out and go to our website for more details. are you hungry? bobby flay is here with delicious thanksgiving dishes. stay with us.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
best thanksgiving ever, time. thank god bobby flay is here. that will be. we're twisting up our classic holiday piece. we asked you to vote on the thanksgiving meal you wanted bobby to prepare. without further ado, here's the winner. again, it was either the southwest, the pacific northwest, or the northeast. and the winning was, the northwest here, bob. and so, it's cedar plank roasted turkey breast with pino noir gravy. we think salmon. >> you can buy a cheat of plank in a home improvement store or in a place like william sonoma. be sure to buy the untreated.
8:49 am
this is not for a house. it's for your turkey. put it in a roasting pan while you're roasting your turkey. and you'll get a subtle flavor on your turkey. this is going to create a different kind of thanksgiving. >> it sounds hard. >> it's really easy. i'm using a turkey breast, which is going to take about an hour and a half. 45 minutes at 400 degrees. 45 minutes at 350 and it's done. we'll use some pacific northwest to give it flavor. we're going to make our gravy. cranberry juice and pino noir. you get a lot of fantastic pino noir. a little bit of flour. and chicken stock. you're going to have a good flavor from the cranberries and your pino noir. >> that cranberry is sharp.
8:50 am
>> and a little of the smoky flavor from the cedar. the pacific northwest, is known for their great seafood. but it's also known for things like hazelnuts, mushrooms. we're making a stuffing. i do it on the side. it gets nice and crusty on the outside. a good quality french bread. and cracked wheat. >> and your secret to the potatoes. >> hazelnuts, baked in the northwest. toasted hazelnuts, brown butter and let it roll. >> we're lucky to have bobby here. new restaurants in miami and las vegas. also one here in new york, gotto, which i'm excited to go to. and you're doing your own thanksgiving special, airing on the food network saturday. thank you for squeezing us in. >> and don't you have like 25 shows? >> i'm always here at "gma."
8:51 am
i love coming here. thanks so much for having me. and i have to say, thanksgiving, favorite day of the year. it's food. it's football. guys, we can't get in trouble on that day. >> bobby flay, everybody. go to on yahoo! all the recipes. for these dishes. coming up, josh gad. go nowhere.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
so much excitement in my house disney's next big animated picture. "frozen." it stars josh gad as olaf, who has learned that maybe a change of seasons is not something to look forward to. ♪ find when solid is better when it gets warm ♪ ♪ and i can't wait to see but my buddies think of me ♪ ♪ just imagine how cooler i'll be in summer ♪ >> josh joins us now. olaf is very sweet. not so smart. >> he definitely is very interested in the idea of summer, which could potentially be very fatal for a snowman. i don't think he understands that.
8:55 am
yeah. it's one of those things where he's very naive. that's the word. >> that's the safe word. this looks like so much fun. my kids have been talking about this for weeks. this is a real spectacular, old-time disney holiday movie. >> it really is. it's one of those films that i grew up, the second nation of animation, "lion king," "little mermaid," "aladdin." it feels like i was watching robin williams for the first time doing the genie. >> is this true? i heard you watched robin williams as a little kid and said, i'm going to do that. >> i looked at me mother. and said, i'm going to do that one day. i meant play a genie. here i am, i'm playing a sidekick in a disney animated movie. and i have a daughter now. >> we have a picture of you. might be a holiday picture. >> that's us, dressed up as
8:56 am
marty mcfly and doc brown on halloween. >> and another one's coming? >> another little girl on the way. it's going to be a house full of estrogen. >> it's pretty great. >> is it good? >> father of two girls. >> but i need to worry about later in life. >> plenty of time. enjoy it all. we're out of time, i'm afraid. josh, thanks for coming in. what have you got, josh? >> coming up here, two more "hunger games" stars tomorrow. elizabeth banks, lenny kravitz. perhaps you have heard of them. you'll see them tomorrow.
8:57 am
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good morning. looking at this, you're thinking is that the wshs on the way out? let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> definitely is. time to trade the umbrellas for sunglasses, but the transition, is dry air will be maybe costly, above 900 feet some pretty gusty winds, 6:00 this evening through 10:00 tomorrow evening, up at 2,500 feet, gusts up to 70 miles per hour. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmest tomorrow but pretty seasonal this weekend. leyla? >> mike, the coast guard is being sent to richmond to fish out this car that went off the road and into the canal. this is right at war street at canal boulevard. no word if there's a traffic impact that's certainly going to be an active scene until further
9:00 am
notice. kristen? >> more on the midday news at 11:00. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, academy award winning actress jennifer lawrence. and from the new holiday movie "christmas with tucker," james james. plus, michael's mom is in the studio kitchen, as we continue our thanksgiving family recipe week. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ri michael michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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