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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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gusting 45-70 miles per hour during overnight hours downed trees are a possibility. a local power outage is possible with the strong winds. taking a look at our current wind gusts. it's breezy right now. winds north at santa rosa. napa, 33 miles per hour. 43 miles per hour gifts now in fairfield you can see winds are strovenlg we'll get stronger especially over the higher elevations. we'll have a look at weather coming up in just a few minutes. abc7 news weather app has latest wind warnings and weather alerts. >> section 4.8 is a sticking
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point that could leave you stranded in another bart strike. a decision on a botched contract. we are live tonight with the story. sergio? >> reporter: the bart board wanted to know how it is that the signature of the chief negotiator, thom hawk got on that provision. today, he talked to the contra costa times and told him 4.8 was not part of the last, best final offer that he offered in october. the board voted today to ratify the contract. but negotiate yagsz are not over. in a vote the bart board had an unusual caveat. >> minus section 4.8. >> this motion districts the manager to get unions to delete section 4.8, paid family leave, one board member reiterated it
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was mistakenly included >> employees do have fmla. the difference is that we have never paid six weeks for it. >> member james fang calls this a mess. >> there was a mistake but the end of the day someone has to say i'm responsible. i've not seen that so far. >> reporter: the board wants to launch an inquiry to figure out how thomas hawk and senior bart managers signed off on the provision. one opposition vote saying the contract is too costly. bart unions say the vote is unprecedented. >> as they're voting and speaking, we were texting our attorneys saying this is an unfair labor practice. it's not legal. it should have been a vote on the package in it's entirety. that is what our members voted on. they didn't have luxury to pick and choose.
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>> unions consult with attorneys the board approved an additional $70,000. for now, both sides are avoiding mentioning the word "strike". >> of course both sides are frustrated by the contract troubles but what about the riders depending on bart? abc7 news touched base with some of them in this latest installment of dear bart. >> if they weren't before, bart riders are now frustrated with management and unions. >> dear bart it's crazy to be in this position. doesn't make you look good. >> many riders don't care anymore who gets what in this contract. just that it's done. they can't take anymore uncertainty. >> bart management and unions need to get their stuff together because public has been through this with what? who bart strikes now? i don't think it's fair to go through that, again. >> some do an opinion about
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what is agreed to. >> dear bart let employees have family leave they need it. >> i think you should just you know, man up and approve what you'd agreed to. >> and all are incredulous they can bungle negotiations. >> what i want to say is inappropriate. >> it's hard to believe they missed it they probably did read the papers and maybe it's not entirely the truth. >> bart made dona happy. >> i'm in the a bart rider, i'm happy i'm not because when i see the dissatisfaction by friends have about it. >> reporter: abc7 news.
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>> we'd love to hear what have you to say. send your video to our facebook page or you can post it on twitter. huge decision in the tech world a jury decided that samsung should pay $290 million to apple for copying features of the iphone ask ipad. this verdict covers 13 older samsung devices. a previous jury awarded apple more than $1 billion. so a judge threw out part of the damages samsung is expected to appeal the latest verdict. apple stock closed up more than $six to end at $521.14. >> u.s. state department says it's working through diplomatic channels to try to free a palo alto man the 85-year-old korean war veteran, former schoolteacher and red cross volunteer. now the latest on the growing concern.
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>> reporter: the state department says there is is no greater pry to ti than the safety of american citizens abroad. tonight merrill newman's family says wheels are turning and all those who know him are praying for his safe return. this this is channing house. a friend who did not want her face shown says she's known newman many years. >> very active in church. did a lot with youth >> et vet was on a guided tour of north korea along with a friend from channing house. they were waiting on a flight when newman was pulled off the plane october 26th. today the state department had few specifics to offer. >> we're working in close coordination with representatives of ement basse of sweden to resolve the issue. >> newman's son says this was a
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trip of a lifetime that went smoothly until meeting with north korean officials. >> the korean war was discussed and my dad's role in the service. and they concluded. >> reporter: one expert says motivation for taking newman is unclear. >> they haven't admitted that they have him. they haven't said anything publicly they haven't filed charges this, is several weeks, at least several weeks after he was detained. so, it's hard to know what that means. a guess would be they haven't decided what to do. >> reporter: a channing house news letter mentioned he was traveling to north korea. >> it's to be concerned about. for sure. >> reporter: newman is the second american detained under korean leader kim juning un.
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>> we're waiting to learn the identity of a person whose bod yes was found inside of a car submergeed in the waters off richmond marina this morning. rescuers pulled a car from the water and found a person's body inside of the vehicle. they believe the car is registered to a person who owns a boat at the harbor, investigators do not believe there was foul play. >> san jess yeah students are angry, san jose state students about allegations of hate crimes committed by three white students against their black roommate the stood yens are now chargeed and suspended from school. >> i know a lot of people are wondering how could such a thing happen in 2013? >> reporter: it's a question asked by everyone on campus allegations of a hate crime against an african american freshman followed by a march
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around campus. >> it's sad to think there is actually people out there who still have that mentality. you know? think that minorities are less than them just because of the color of the skin. >> reporter: according to the investigation the black student live inned an eight-person suite in a high-rise campus village building. the d.a.says he was taunted by three roommates at one point they placed a biking lock around his neck. >> they barricaded him with furniture, they stole his shoes they created a living environment that was full of hate. >> the black student's parents reported the behavior to the housing authorities. they notified police. the three students have been suspended for the time being, pending the investigation. >> it's stunning to me that it would be able to continue for a period of time. without someone
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saying this isn't right. it doesn't make sense. >> the students need to be gone. immediately. >> reporter: the three white students have not been arrested university police are expecting them to surrender the african american student is still living on campus. >> still head here tonight on abc7 news a local man needed surge troy save his eye sight. you made it happen. later how he's doing. >> first a look at severe weather now struck southern california and cars that wound up stuck in the mud. >> some former san francisco police officers filed suit against the country. >> and michael finney looks at holiday door buster sales coming up. whose door should you bus
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about a million californians will not get an extension on their health insurance plans the board voted today to allow plans to be terminated because they don't meet higher standards of the affordable care act the president pleaded with states to let americans keep existing policies. >> affordable care act says
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every health plan, every coverage you're going to get can cover basics. some people had thin coverage that is going to be more robust. >> the chair says it's growing by rate of 3,000 april politics every day. 22% who apply are young adults. >> nra has begun a battle against city that's passed a local gun law and san francisco is the first battle ground. >> this is what the gun law bans. magazines. high-capacity magazines commonly used in mass shootings. that gunman was equipped with 5, 30 round clips. >> if we're able to eliminate that, that is a tool. or a tool
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that a person carrying out a crime will use. >> nra saying the violates the second amendment the right to keep and bear arms. this retired company with san francisco veteran police officers association. >> bad guys aren't going to obey this law. >> he believes the ordinance is poorly written, pointing to a section which ex-yes. s law enforcement cho who can possess magazines in connection with their official duties. >> does that mean when i take my uniform off and go home, to san francisco, i'm a violator of the law?
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>> this does not prohibit officers from teeming their duty weapons. >> this is simply the salvo. abc7 news learned nra plans to sue the city of first week of december. >> a warning tonight from usf about a stoemen lap top that belongs to a doctor twhaz taken in september. the university says it contained social security numbers and birth dates officials do not know whether it was increpted. a big donation of relief supplies headed to parts of the philippines very soon thanks to two sisters who organized their own collection drive. they grew
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up in the philippines and wanted to help so they set up a wish list and asked friends, family and neighbors to help them collect supplies. that is two weeks ago. today they sent us video of them loading items into a u haul truck. this stuff will be sent to the red cross and will be taken to the philippines and to those in need. >> same storm system blew through the bay area over the last couple days is now causing problems in southern california. take a look. a mudslide closed this road. crews spent the day trying to dig out roadways. >> we've got rain. wind arrived. >> yes. >> into morning and along
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peninsula coastline. we do have clear skies right now. it's breezy along the bay area. clear skies, san jose, low 50s in los gatos. 57 half moon bay. another live view from our emeryville camera. temperatures 57 or 58 degrees in all the of these locations. one more live view from our sutro camera looking over san francisco. forecast features clear, windy and chilly. cold in some locations over the north bay valleys. sunny skies and mild next few days looks like rain arrives middle of the week and may continue throughout thanksgiving. here is a satellite radar image showing alignment of systems producing strong winds. center of low pressure to the south and center of high pressure to the north. a sharp difference in pressure producing strong, gusty winds.
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thus a wind advisory in effect. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration issued its winter outlook for 48 contigus states. above normal precipitation expected into interior northwest and across california. sort of equal chances for above average, normal, or near normal or below normal precipitation. so we'll have to wait to see what comes our way. at the moment no precipitation coming our way. clear, dry but will be windy in spots. low temperatures into low to mid-40s in some locations. then, tomorrow, looking for sunny skies, and mild in the south bay. highs mid to upper 60s. peninsula, mid to upper 60s 66 degrees mild on the coast. breezy there. highs 62 in pacifica. 64 half
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moon bay. downtown a high of 65 degrees tomorrow, north bay highs up to about 70 degrees in calistoga. breezy in some locations. and then, into inland east bay as well. closer to bay we'll see highs into mid to upper six owes 66 in berkeley. 67 oakland. 66 fremont. inland east bay, breezy and mild. 68 in walnut creek. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies and mild. through tuesday, clouds thicken late tuesday into wednesday. chance of showers on wednesday, looks like a chance of rain thursday, thanksgiving day. but it's a bit early. we'll monitor that system. >> yes. right. that timing is not ideal. >> thank you. >> don't forget. abc7 news weather apps. down load it right now on abc7
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>> coming up next a neighborhood fed up with tour buss. >> that is a
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste.
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tonight money matters a major new milestone on wall street. dow jones gained more than 100 points today. and first
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time unemployment claims fell to lowest levels since september. gap said profit rose by 9.4% thanks to new designers. and here is a newspaper ad place by the a coalition of groups urging boeing to build 777 x in washington state. only problem is the plane pictured in this ad is one made by air bus boeing's biggest rival. >> well, this week san francisco banned tour buss in alamo square after complaints from neighbors. kt town of sausalito dot same thing? 48 tour buses per day can roll through the town and some residents complain they're loud and dirty and there are too many of them the buses bring in tourist dollars. this week, city council took up that issue promising changes.
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>> every 5, 10 minutes a bus goes by and blasts a lot of smoke. >> we bring thousands of people here which supports the economy in this poor little town, you know? it is marin county, but... >> buses are regulated by the state. the city could create laws to restrict their operations. >> a cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport. why there is concern about whether it would get off the ground. a role revision should help end lawmakers log jam in washington. >> and 50th anniversary of the jfk assassination what.
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a giant cargo plane is where it's supposed to be tonight. the boeing 747 jet took thof
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afternoon from a small wichita airport. it landed by mistake last night the plane supposed to touch down at mcconnell air force base nine miles away the pilot messed up. now, there was concern this mistaken runway would be too short. but it works out okay. boeing built this dream lifter to haul pieces of the dream liner from supplys to assembly line locations. boeing claims it can haul cargo than any airplane in the world. >> in washington today u.s. senate altered a 176-year-old tradition by rewriting it's filibuster rule. until now, 60 votes had been required to end a filibuster. under today's rule a simple majority will be enough to end the debate. >> it's truly a troubling trend. that republicans are willing to block executive branch nominations with no option to
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the qualifications of the nominee. >> how many times have we been threatened? we're not interested in having guns put to our heads any longer. >> president obama had more fill why bustered than any other president. >> janet yellen likely to be a new beneficiary of the filibuster rule. yellen is a former uc berkeley economist and former president of the san francisco federal reserve bank. assuming the senate approves she'll replace ben bernancke. >> the city of oakland just won a civil judgment against a group of fake immigration lawyers the city sued american legal services calling employees conartists. saying they just
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gave bad legal advice >> they charged high fees. they had the money they acted against the interests of the theys they had been asked to help. >> the bad advice tore apart families. so far, the city only recovered 200,000 of $15 million judgment. >> thousands of people heading to dallas to mark 50th anniversary of the death of president kennedy. a special commemoration will take place tomorrow near where he was killed. today, hundreds of people are already there, staking out their spot. visitors say it's a tragic moment in american history. >> i remember that dachl my generation is getting older
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there are going to be fewer of us that remember that. they won't estimate how many people are expected but did say he can security will be out in force. john f kennedy will be remembered in the bay area, jfk university will unveil this bust of the president, a replica of one at the smithsonian the school is the only one in the country named after president kennedy. >> well, coky roberts say it's possible conspiracy theorys surrounding the assassination will never be put to rest. her father was house majority leader during the kennedy years and served on the warren commission that investigated the death. >> i went home for thanksgiving after the assassination z i remember the phone ringing and in the den in the house where i still live. waits president johnson calling to talk about
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the establishment of a commission i remember my father saying words we need a blue-ribbon commission to investigate the assassination of so the american people will know everything that happened and will not question it for years still to come. of course, that has not happened to put it mildly. >> thank you, coky. tonight abc7 news i team looks into the theory held by an investigator that the the asassin did not act alone. >> we have a fantastic follow up on the power of social media to do g a san jose man who needed surgery to save his eye sight. cheryl jennings made it happen. it's just incredible. >> we want to thank twitter and a anonymous donor
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>>. it's been a stressful day. so rewarding for william fleming. because of a social media request. he wanted the eye surgeon to perform the surgery because dr. brian invented a machine and procedure just for this disease and has a ten year track record of success. his fiancee watched nearby. she did all of the research, found dr. brian. william is so glad she did. >> it's great. i feel grachlt i can see everything. i looked around and seen the doctor. i didn't see him before. >> they live in san jose with their five children. he was worried about being able to watch his children grow up. his
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family tried fund raising but didn't have success. then, his fiancee's mother messaged me, asking for help. soy sent out a tweet and didn't expect anything and a miracle happened. >> i came to william because of cheryl because of cheryl in san francisco. and she had put out an alert. and an anonymous donor contacted us and was move by the the story. wanted to step in but wanted to be anonymous because they're high profile. >> like i'm a child. everybody is brand nuchlt i can see you. i can see her and paintings on the walls everything is lovely and i'm excited happy. >> now, william is going to be able to live his life the way it was meant to be lived. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> we never could get the name of the donor. i tried hard but i do have to thank him for stepping up. not only saving
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william's eye sight but the family future. >> he did. >> it's remarkable. >> great work. >> coming up next a new company enters a flying car sweep stakes. >> not the to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"...
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welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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don't you wish you can fly every traffic jams? >> yes. every day. >> yes. >> this is pretty cool. and david louie lives a veil of secrecy. >> and it happened where no one gets inside without a social code. it filed for a number of patents but turned down an interview saying it's in stealth mode. a flying car? this is video provided by tera
6:40 pm
called a transition. the ceo and co-founder is supportive of the competition from x dot arrow. >> the faster regulations will change and faster society will apt dapt to this new technology. >> it's a street legal car the driver can fly with a port pilot certificate. there is a range of 100 miles. but the key to flying cars taking off will be computer aided navigation so minimal skills are required. >> that person doesn't need to have the stick and rudder operating skill today. and they may not need to know about cloud clearance ask visibility requirements. which a pilot has to know.
6:41 pm
>> computer aided flying cars are still developing. many other concepts and designs are in the works and at various stages of development. some day this might lead to a kittyhawk-like event. >> we're going to fly to work. >> yes. >> just ahead black friday door
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i know we do. you probably do as well you have ads flooding your mailbox offering dozens of black friday specials >> it could take more planning to take advantage of the sales. michael finney is reporting this week and back with another installation for us. >> a door buster is a sale have you to show up for. you can be at one store then go to a
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different store for another deal, one merchant guarantees it will never run out of a sale. shoppers turning into campers. >> it's one day where tables are turned. we aren't simply rye yachting to marketing. >> that is brad wilson. he says we have an advantage. and who has what deals and not all stores open at once. >> at 6:00 p.m best buy opens up with door busters like this. will be offered at $499. >> beginning at 10:00 a.m on friday, best buy will offer any mac book air for $150 off.
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or one of these microsoft surface tablets. a savings of $150. >> there is between 700 and 900 people in line. >> toys are us will be offering deals that last just four hours this, tablet for kids sold at half price just $39.99 until 9:00 p.m . this will be half price at just $24.99. other deals last throughout the weekend. here at target we found a $299 nikon camera selling for just $99 over the weekend. and this comes with
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a $100 target gift card. macys will be on thanksgiving from 8:00 p.m through the 9:00th. deals include a $200 luggage set for just $49. and these # $129 sweaters just $39. these deals offered while supplies last but walmart is changing that. here can you customers in the store between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m thanksgiving day are guaranteed to get the deals. if the store runs out, customers get a voucher, wall marlt promises to deliver the product before christmas day. >> the fact they're offsetting with guaranteed availability is big time in our favor. >> a new ipad mini for $299 with
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a $100 walmart gift card. it's a big savings. now, these are just a few of the thousands of deals you'll find next week. i've posted links you'll need to see deals for yourselves now tonight at 11:00 i'll debunk myths about black friday. >> checking on the forecast right now. >> it's strong in higher elevations. clear skies and remaining that way going into tomorrow. sunny skies tomorrow. breezy conditions in someplaces. saturday's weather, stanford taking on cal. sunny, mild at game time. and here is our
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accu-weather forecast several mild days are ahead through next tuesday high temperatures mid to upper 60s. clouds wednesday and a chance of showers and chance of rain thursday. but it's early. >> yes. >> but this wind out of here not too long. >> we have a wind advisory for higher elevations. winds should be tapering off during the day
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hose who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at good evening, collin kaeper kaeperin this case looking like one year wonders
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defense is figuring out the option. kaepernick struggled to consistently throw the ball. i can't blame the niners offensive woes all on cap. his primary receivers have been banged up. its his first full year as starter. >> what is important is what we see. and he's been consistently good. he's been like that every week. >> every week is a challenge. i'm trying to be a perfectist last year same way i am this year. >> raiders host tennessee and the clock is ticking down on darren mcfadden's time. rashad jennings emerged with an 80 yard first last week. jennings brought in to back up mcfadden.
6:54 pm
the raiders 4 and 6 want to climb back up towards 500 mark. >> big game for our football team. you know? we need to be able to come out to put back to back weeks together. i thought we'd played well. we need to be able to dot same this week in front of our home crowds. >> giants believe the path is paved by great pitching so they've resigned javier lopez reportedly three years, $13 million. he had an era of 1.83. now, lopez, the question whether there is money left to pick up another bat because they can use it. stanford's vanederverdict miles away from a milestone four coaches ever received in womens basketball. >> tarra vanedameer has done it
6:55 pm
all in idaho, ohio state and stanford now three days away from 900 victories. >> i don't count numbers that way. i'm all about this team, this game and practice. and they kind of piled up. >> heading to mexico for a three-game tournament. her 900 victory could come on the road she's never liked being the center of attention. >> i wanted to kind of be over so is there not a focus but it's something, i know it's something you know it's a big number. and i'm like how did this happen? >> she's won two national titles in stanford and a goed medal in the 96 olympics going to ten final fours and is a four-time national coach of the year. yes.
6:56 pm
numbers are not what motivates her. >> what motivates me is seeing young women on the team improve, enjoy playing. have a great experience. again, i'm not a bean counter. >> several of her former players have gone into coaching and she enjoys being a mentor. both of her parents were teachers. it's important that i'm a positive coach, encouraging someone i want to play for. >> at stanford, mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> and humble. it's funny. she's hall of fame. goed medal, national championships you know? it's just a day's work. >> yes. thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up the plan to allow phone calls on planes. why flight attendants believe it will threaten safety of
6:57 pm
passengers. >> then at 11:00, 50 years since assassination of john f kennedy. did lee harvey oswald act alone? one investigator claims to have the answer. >> that is at 9:00 and 11:00. but that is this edition of abc7 news. our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter. >> from all of us here at abc7
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with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are our three finalists -- a fourth-grade math teacher from richardson, texas... ...a seventh-grade social-studies teacher from martinez, georgia... ...and a high-school social-studies teacher from anchorage, alaska... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. at long last, the finals, and these three finalists have arrived here by most interesting ways. we have mary beth, who earned close to $30,000 on yesterday's program and yet won by a margin of just $1, becky and her game, won by a margin of $19,000 on monday,
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and, two days ago, john won by a marg, which also happened to be his total earnings on that day. but forget about all of that. because today, they start from scratch. we add up today's total with tomorrow's to determine our $100,000 winner. good luck. here we go. let's find out what the categories are for this first round. alex: mary beth, off you go. i'll go with law for $200, please. becky. what is an appeal? that's it. "random house dictionary" definitions, $200. john.


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