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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> why all the
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>> that breaking news deadly winds ripping through the bay area tonight. this is live look from our roof cam you can see the wind whipping the fla flags. >> winds topple tree knocking out power and delaying bart because of debris on the track. chp warning drivers to be careful. >> and tonight those winds have turned deadly and have deadly consequences. driver was killed when he hit a topple tree on sky license boulevard in the oakland hills. according to the contra costa county times another man died when he stepped on power line is electrocuted on austin street in east oakland. >> team coverage for you tonight. let's get right to allen live in san lorenzo several tree have come down. allen. >> there is debris all over the city and we are in a very dark
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neighborhood tonight because of power line got ripped from utility pole behind me in fact been so windy out here that the live truck of ours which weigh about his 2 ton was rocking back and forth in the wind as we drove down the road. wind gust up to 45 miles per hour knocked a tree on both liens of interstate 238 m san lorenzo danieling 2 cars. happened during the rush hour peak. >> tremendous cleared out from the right lane we found that we had another tree fall working further south of us. >> traffic balked up for several hours while crew cleared the highway. the corridor became a wind tunnel with debris flying all over. this tree branch broke off an fell into the road in front of san lorenzo high school and not far away the light spol snapped in two and fell in this neighborhood. people like ronald ray history a hard time just walking down the street. >> you know i put my head down
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and jacket over my face like this. i started walking. >> plenty of scenes leak this all of. power lines have been ripped from utility pole like this one causing out annuals across the bay area. there are so many down lines authorities can only close off the roads and wait for pge crew to show up. >> half hour ago pg&e craw came through her. they snipped off the downed line wrapped it up an left. it seems like they are just trying to get rid of the immediate hazard out there so another crew can come in and restore power. crew have a lot of catching up to do tonight. reporting live in san lorenzo, abc 7 news. >> no doubt about that thank you. winds topple the gas station sign in concord. this is at the world gas station on clayton road. happened just before 7 at this time tonight. >> not far away gusty winds
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blew these lines into each other swaying above the east bound lanes of the freeway. >> and tree came crashing down throughout the bay area tonight including this 100 foot giant that blocked north sixth street in concord. that road is still closed right now. >> in ber delay tree down and so are power lines. >> live power lines dropping like fly here early this evening live wire landed on the sidewalk over there and officials had to scat people away on the side street. this tree listened on power lines here is worker got the branch off the power line and clean up work before everything restored open wools. >> all evening fire crew berkeley rushed from one emergency to the next. ashby and mlc way a tree branch landed on this car that was stopped at the light two women inside were okay. total darkness paid surprise visit to neighborhood throughout the city. fallen tree branch took
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down power lines at mabel and parker. out came the candle and headlights. >> transformer blew up on the line. going all along here and it has been dark since. miner light on. >> exactly. >> help to find your way around the house. where is my switch. >> there it is. we saw a lot of spark in the rear-view mirror and intense buzzing sounds and the light flick era few times and then went out completely. >> blocked off streets to keep people away from live power lines or dangling on the groun ground. mini explosion were speck teing el from the berkeley hills. >> i saw these all over the landscape just huge bright blue white flashes all a over the city. >> now we do some live paperwork here in berkeley where it looks like a branch hit a tree. wind tunnel settled down but all evening in berkeley you see a little
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cyclone of leaves and branches and litter garbage going round and round as the wind picked up fire truck tapered off a little bit. live in berkeley, 7 news. >> thanks. in petaluma car crashed in a treatment fallen on highway 101. one person had to good to the hospital. fire department had to clear that debris but not before a big traffic back up. >> this large pine tree was brought down in petaluma. nobody was hurt. see the fire department at work clearing that debris. >> wind topple this free at piedmont avenue in oak land. viewer tweeted several block without power. >> strong winds knocked out power to at least 58,000 customers tonight. pg&e says most of the areas without power are in the east bay 39,000 there and in the north bay 20,000. there is no estimated time of power restoration. >> sandy is tracking those strong winds for us and she has the latest numbers. sandhya.
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>> the winds have been very intense. let's check out live doppler 7hd and wind condition conditions. clear sky across the area. we have a wind advisory covering most of the bay area northeast winds gus gusting 45 to 70 miles an hour. this is going right on through 10 a tomorrow. watch out for power lines trees knocked down and the clear lake, lake county area under a high wind warning with gust 50 to 60 miles an hour as you check out the current wind gust starting to come down in some areas. still gusting to 41 half moon bay. 39 fair field look at the view from the east bay hills camera pretty much says it all. winds are still going strong. i'll be back to show you the morning commute will look like in jaws few minutes. >> wind advisory have been issued for the bay bridge. car kin east. would neetion and san mateo bridges and alt mont pass. conditions gusty on the bridge, advisory not issued for that span. at least not yet. >> keep tab on the rain with
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the 7 news weather app and other weather issues as well. go to our web site for details. >> san jose state university students outraged tonight about the shocking abuse of african american student. students marched across campus today protesting against 3 white students accused of bullying and harassing their roommate. police say the men locked the roommate head in a bike lock. called him racial epithet and decorated the dorm room with nazi symbol. all 3 students suspend and charged with hate crime as well as battery. >> bizarre sight for commuters in the north bay. sea lyon escaped from center trying to return off the ocean. jumped off the truck. firefighters were there and got it safely off the road. they called the marine mammal center they didn't know the sea lyon had escaped. truck went back and both crew eventually able to
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recapture it. taken back to the mammal center to make sure it is okay then taken to the ocean. >> nearly 1 million californians see the health insurance policy cancelled by the end of the year won't get an stechblingts the 5 member board voted to allow plans to provide very limited insurance coverage to expire. the board says those plans do not meet new requirements outlined in the affordable care act. some consumers could end up paying more for coverage. >> tomorrow mark 50 years since the assassination of president kennedy. president obama has ordered flags at government buildings to be flown at half staff to mark the anniversary. also be a moment of silence tomorrow morning at 10:30 marking the moment president kennedy shot. abc will have live coverage. >> to this day there is disagreement about what really happened that day in sdal last. did oswald act alone or part of larger cps. >> what was true motive. deep experience author in the case has new book and l dan noyes is
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in the newsroom tonight with an exclusive interview on this. >> it was about 400 people there in the plaza that day watching the president motorcade taking pictures and we still don't really know what happened. but this author tells me he has answered one very important question. about situation. this author new book last second in dallas comes to a startling conclusion about lee harvey oswald. >> i emphatically deny these charges. >>reporter: he was arrested for shooting the president from the sixth floor of the texas school buck depository in dallas. >> whatever lee harvey oswald did or did not do on that day 50 years ago he did not kill john kennedy. >> before you dismiss thompson as another conspiracy theory. consider his background. the precursor to the navy seals. grad ateed from yale. taught college. long career as private investigators. most
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famous case oklahoma city bomber mcveigh. but most important to this story like magazine hired him in 1966 to examine injfk the evidence for cover story. >> no more than 15 foot from the about park and in line of fire. >>reporter: thompson himself interviewed many of the key witnesses. in 1967 he wrote what is considered to be one of the seminole book on the assassination. 6 seconds in dallas. >> because i worked for "life"magazine i had access to the wonderful copy of this fil film. >>reporter: this cameraman was standing on pedestrian sdel near the motorcade. thompson now says he got one important fact about the film wrong. he thought between frames 3 12 and 3 13 the president head moved forward 2.16 inches. >> what that meant was to me at the time was that what we saw here was clearly exit of the bullet. head moves forward
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explosion. that's the bullet coming out. >> this sportd the warren commission find that go oswald act ad low pressure. that all the shots came from behind the limo. from the sixth floor of the depository. now thompson realizes the image smear from frame 3 12 to 3 13. not the president head that moves forward. it's the man jerking the camera at gunfire what we were seeing in 3 13 and what i viewed as the exit of bullet because of that movement, is not. that it's very clear. it's the impact of a bullet which shows explosion debris downward and rear ward and upward and rear ward. >>reporter: in fact pieces of the president skull recovered from the street and the grass on the far side of the limo. thompson now convinced the fatal shot came from a second gunman. >> it was right front from 12 feet west of the corner of the stockade. very, very exact
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location. >>reporter: at the top of the grassy knoll. thompson makes another compelling argument for second gunman. based on what the house select committee on assassination concluded. >> they found that the last 2 shots were 7 tenth of a second apart. >>reporter: for his research in the 1960's thompson bought the same type of rifle oswald used that day. >> italian made. telescopic site. >>reporter: bolt action. >> i pull the trigger. now i work the bolt. work the bolt. and notice ty got to acquire the target in the scope. so i have to acquire the target then i have to center the cross hair before firing. >>reporter: there's no way anyone could fire 2 shots from that rifle within a second. thompson tells me 2 gunmen equals conspiracy. >> i think there's no question any longer 2 guys did not just accidentally decide to shoot the president at the same time and place, writ? new 2 different locations as
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firing points you had necessarily some sort of conspiracy in the case. tomorrow. >>reporter: thompson spoke today in dallas marking the jfk assassination. first book out of print on line at 300 dollars a copy. talking about one lis lishers now. new book out late next year. >> that will fuel the debate still thank you very much. >> one of 2 by hit by driver who jumped a curb in menlo park has been released now from the hospital. this is a photo as 6-year-old spencer headed home more than a month after he was pinned by a car. police say the 90-year-old driver of the suv slam ed into the boy and twin brother as they walk on a spwawbing on santa cruz avenue. spencer was seriously injured. his brothers had only minor injuries. >> san francisco came through in a big way for little boy who just wanted to be batman for a day. 5-year-old miles scott battled leukemia now in remission. >> transition back to regular life after being a super hero for a day he take the goodwill
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he received and paying it forward. >> amma is here now with the story. amma. >> hi. after the love that san francisco showed that kid on friday, no sprays miles now wants to one day live in san francisco. for now he is back in school in siskiyou county and making a difference in his own special way bat kid saved gotham city from villain and captured the hearts of people across the globe. miles is back to being a five year old in hometown of siskiyou county. tonight make a wish greater bay area is thanking all who helped miles wish come true including our viewers. >> awesome to have the abc 7 as partner opt on the wish. first time he social media was social good. >>reporter: some of the numbers are in. more than 16,000 people rsv p to be at the city hall ceremony. more than 20,000 crowd estimate. city spokesperson says san francisco spent 105,000 dollars to make miles wish come true.
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when make a wish realized how big the wish had become some of the donor became concerned for the city and stepped in to help. >> they offered to offset expenses for the city up front. i didn't even have to skichlt on average wish cost 7500 dollars. local chapter hopes to grant.357 this year. miles wish was not a fundraiser but make a wish already received 10,000 dollars from the t-shirt sales. that money will help fund more wishes. and the goodwill goes on. ask miles and he will tell you he just might he has inspired his school to hold a fundraiser to the make a wish next week the kids dressing as super hero and his family set up a fund to help other family this want to help others and setting autopsy bat kid fund to help the 3 charities that were most helpful to miles during his recovery. now that niece rescission they want to give back. >> bat kid fund part of the 49ers foundation. learn more
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by going to our web site and looking under see it on tv. by the way in the office for the greater bay area 23 full-time staffers. hard work and all the citizen of san francisco. >> do the day all over again thanks very much. >> tonight some real life villain using the publicity surrounding bat kid to pull off a devious rip off. some people have been creating counterfeit bat kid t-shirts to sell on line and pocketing the cash. company behind the official project is warning the public not to buy from unauthorized dealers. many pay them will not good to the make a wish foundation. link to the official t-shirt company for you at our web site. >> isn't that something. >> coming up. michael busts the black friday myth for you. >> but first check on the winds with about sandhya. >> yes. check out live doppler 7hd and talk about how strong the winds have gotten so farm. it's clear out there right now. want to show you some storm reports from around the lake county area. numerous reports
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of trees down. this one at 10:40 you can sea here report of tree landing on 3 parked cars. one of the vehicle was crushed. this is very dangerous situation with trees and power lines continuing to get knocked down so watch out. check out the hilltop win. knoxville creek 59 miles an hour still gusting about 57 in the far inland east bay hills. peak wind gust so far if you think it's windy hereal pain meadows 120 miles an hour. 65 oakland hills. you can see the winds even in polices like santa rosa, petaluma, over 50 miles an hour and this view from our east bay hills camera showing you just how windy it still is over the higher elevation. 58 san francisco oakland right now. 53 san jos jose. temperatures being held up a little bit by what you see here. flags flapping in the wind here. santa rosa 58 degrees. 57 in napa currently in the mid 50's concord and livermore. view from the
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mountain tam pal pis camera not as shakey as earlier. sunny mild the next few days and we expect rain for holiday travel but i have a little bit better news for thanks giving. >> area of low pressure that brought us the showers earlier today. high pressure building in. large pressure difference between the 2 and we are just caught in that wind tunnel which is why you are experiencing the strong winds. here's look at the computer animation tonight. we still have the winds gusting as we head into the morning commute do expect some strong winds still over 40 miles an hour in spots and the winds are slow to dial back. by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow we will start to see the winds coming down except in the north bay mountains. wind advisory will run until tomorrow night as of right now. tomorrow morning feel the chill because of the win. temperature in the 40's. 38 in santa rosa. make sure you bundle up and give yourself extra time for the morning commute. you may get swerved around on the road because of the wind. tomorrow afternoon it's sunny milder day 70 santa rosa napa look at the mostly
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60's. breezy to windy for your friday. check out accu-weather 7 day forecast sunny skies for your weekend. it's dry as we head into early next week things still dry wednesday rain arrives. pig travel day. chance of showers on thanksgiving on accu-weather 7 day forecast. hilary talking about the win. she describe it my back yard sounds like cyclone yes indeed. follow live doppler 7hd for up to the minute information on winds. video forecast power outage info and weather information. also weren't to follow morning news team for complete storm coverage starting at 4:30 am and of course down load our weather app of course to keep you up to date with any alerts. >> great resource thanks sandhya. >> well, you can get some seal on black friday how good are the deals really. michael continues his week long look tonight at ways to save during the holiday shopping madness. >> the streets are fairly quiet outside macy union square now.
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but come black friday the stores will be overflowing with shoppers yet for others all the madness is a bit much. >> too crazy. i don't really, there are really good deals and stuff but i just lick don't have the energy. >>reporter: for those who prefer getting a few extra hours sleep there is annual alternative that will get you the same great deal without the hassle. that brings us from this no. 1. black friday deal are only available at the stor store. mark which is the. >> our data indicated that 70% of all black friday i hope store deals will be available on line. >>reporter: that means you don't have to line up on thanksgiving day. no. 2. you have to walk into the store to get a door buster price. >> many if not all door busters are available on line at the same price sometimes even cheaper. >>reporter: no. 3. you have to go to the apple store for its black friday sale. >> certified reseller of apple
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product like amazon, best buy, mack connection they offer almost double the discounts on a el products. >>reporter: for many shoppers it's not just about the sales. they brave the crowd because black friday has become a cultural phenomenon. >> the whole experience. the happening. holiday cheer in the city. >>reporter: myth number 4. all deals are advertised in the newspaper. some secret deal only show up on line as competitors try to out do each other. myth no. 5. nobody will match black friday prices. stores like staple. target. best buy. now matching prices of even on line competitors such as amazon. just a few of the thousands of deals you find next week. now i posted the link you need to see the deal yourself. go to our web site 7 on your side. >> great ways to
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>> good evening after 5 game road trip shark back home for the next 5. tonight hosting and shark back to enjoy the comfort of own dressing room for a change. wasting no time. 3 and a half minutes in. the 1 nothing sharks. later in the first. to brad stewart. he shoots and scores. make it 2 nothing then patrick marlow become after the car accident on tuesday. finance on the brick away but stays with it. scores on the back end. sharks roll to a win. nerd nation to maple pavilion. stanford and texas southern. 5 players in double figure. josh one with two handed slam breaking an all tie at 18. second half anthony
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brown. he will do for you. dunk on your head. cardinal with 23. stanford improve to 4 and 1. thursday night footbal football. jackson fired up. falcons at the 1. steven jackson remember him? great with the ram. kind of banged up lately. atlanta up 7 nothing after. that figure this might be a trap gym for the saints. short week. seattle next but no drew brees to graham. 44 yards scoring and dunking. bring out a level to fix the goal post because he pulled over to one side. saints hold on to win. one shot for 20,000 buck? fan brad rucker hit it at half time. oklahoma city game fifth of this year. fan hit half court shot in okc game. jay-z and beyonce was there. thuner beat the clippers 105-91. 7
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sports brought to you by river rock casino. the guy is a school teacher. great moment. >> exc
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at is. >> breaking news. °fire burning out of control in napa county writ now. >> already grown to more than 100 acres. mandatory evacuation are under way right now in the soda canyon road area. >> we have more on twitter but one last word on the weather with sandhya. >> wind advisory continues a clear chilly temperatures 30's, 40's. morning news team tracking winds with live doppler 7hd. >> thanks. >> that is our report. thanks for watching. >> 7 news continues rate now on twitter at 7 news bay area
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>> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tracy morgan, from "delivery man," chris pratt "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from pusha t featuring pharrell williams and now, just in the nick of time, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: here we go. i'm jimmy. welcome to the show. thank you


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