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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 22, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, extreme weather across the west. three left dead from wild winds. flash floods running over cars. four marines escaped this totally submerged taxi. and new warnings about a holiday week storm that could affect travel next week. and can you hear me now? why the rules are about to be changed when it comes to using your cell phone mid-air. the government about to lift the ban on cell phones above 10,000 feet. what it all means for your next flight. hijacked on the highway. dramatic, new video just released of this terrifying ordeal on a school bus, held hostage by a mad man.
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the incredible chase all caught on tape. how police rescued the children with the help of a hero bus driver. and waking up today a free man. michael skakel granted bail. out from behind bars for the first time after 11 years after a court overturns his conviction. his cousin, robert f. kennedy jr., joins us live this morning, only on "good morning america." and we do say good morning, america, on this friday morning. and it is so appropriate to see rfk jr. here with us in times square, on this 50th anniversary of the assassination of his uncle, president john f. kennedy. there, as you see the eternal flame at arlington national cemetery. and the white house flies the flag at half-mast this morning, as well. >> the images and sounds from
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that tragic day, a half-century ago, still chilling and still so indelible in all of our minds. >> we understand there's been a shot. we see mrs. kennedy, spread-eagle over top of the car, you see a secret service man. >> that, the scene 50 years ago in dealey plaza, as jfk made his way through. this, the scene at this hour, in dealey plaza. thousands are expected to gather there later today, for a moment of silence. 12:30 p.m., the same time 50 years ago, those shots rang out on this day in 1963 and changed the course of this nation's history. >> and so many people marking this tragic day, reflecting in their own way. again, robert f. kennedy jr. will be joining us a little bit later. right now, we want to get to the dangerous and wild weather in the west. high winds, flash floods. ginger zee tracking it all for us. >> that low started deepening last night.
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look at the pictures. this is outside los angeles. you get up to an inch and a half of rain in a place that hasn't had a whole lot. and that goes down. 120-mile-per-hour wind gusts in some of the mountains. it's a deadly mess for the west. transformers exploding. flooding. and violent winds, rocking parts of the west overnight. in utah, gusts of up to 80 miles per hour tore at these power lines. the result, transformers flaring. at least three people died in the san francisco area after 50-mile-per-hour winds tossed debris, shutting down interstates. >> this kind of weather always produces some problems for us because there's so much stuff flying through the air. >> reporter: in san diego, at least 300 accidents after heavy rain. check out this dramatic rescue, when a helicopter is rushed in to help this man. >> six, seven feet deep now. probably went up another four feet. >> reporter: four marines and a cab driver were submerged when the rising water overtook their
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cab. fortunately, they were able to climb through a window to safety. so many, counting their blessings this morning, like this guy, whose truck almost drowned in the mud. >> it was something that happened in a couple of seconds. >> some close calls there. and now, that storm is on the move. look at this. parts of phoenix could see three to four inches. and some locally, five, six. we could see flash flooding system in southern california, too. that's the same storm that's going to create some winter weather for parts of texas. and eventually, for us here, next wednesday and thursday. this could be a thanksgiving storm for us. we'll be looking for that. watching it through the weekend. >> thank you, ginger. we certainly needed the rain, but just not that much. we're going to turn, now, to cell phones. specifically, on planes. the government, now to be considering overturning its ban on in-flight phone use, which means your next flight could get a whole lot noisier. abc's david kerley is at reagan
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national airport this morning. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: josh, i got to tell you, passengers nearly begged to use their devices to play games or read on planes. they won. but now, the government is thinking about allowing you to make a call on your phone. and not everyone is happy about that idea. we've all heard it before. >> you know how you're on an airplane and the flight attendant asks you to turn your cell phone off? >> reporter: but this morning, the phone calls you hear every day, are a step closer to the seat next to you on a plane. >> there's some things that are a little too personal. and you don't really want to know. >> reporter: the fcc says it will consider allowing phone calls above 10,000 feet. >> if people are talking loud, i think that might be a little disruptive. >> it's much like a crying baby on a flight. >> reporter: the technology already exists. instead of using a cell signal, you use wi-fi. flight attendants are adamantly opposed. >> a terrible idea. overwell mingly passengers have rejected that notion and flight attendants don't want to have
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that on board, either. >> reporter: passengers would most likely be charged. what if you don't want to sit next to someone on the phone? would you have to pay for a quiet zone seat? >> passengers might not want the phone calls. if the airlines think they can make enough money off of this, they might go ahead with the plan anyway. >> reporter: if approved, the government is clear, it will be up to those airlines. and those airlines are not lining in formation in support. united, customers have expressed concern. jetblue, people may not want change. delta, asked if it would allow phone calls in flight, said no. this is not going to happen anytime soon. in fact, it could take up to a year. and if the airlines are right, robin, the passengers might say no, thanks. don't want to hear somebody on their phone. >> the passengers right here on the desk are in agreement with you, david. yes. thanks so much. >> yeah. we'll see what happens. now, to the newly released video and 911 calls of a harrowing ordeal onboard a school bus. a man with a knife, allegedly hijacking the vehicle, packed with children. leading police in arkansas on a
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20-minute chase last month. kids and driver, safely rescued. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: watch the dramatic, newly-released video, captured on police dash cam. kids escaping a school bus, allegedly hijacked by a knife-wielding man. just minutes earlier, a frantic woman had dialed 911. >> we got on the school bus. with a knife with the bus driver. and is driving down north martin street. >> reporter: police chased that bus with 11 elementary schoolchildren on board. the driver describing the terror inside. >> he flipped the knife out. shut the door and drive. that's what i did. i said, okay, where you want to go, and what's wrong? >> reporter: the 911 caller on the street, tries to keep calm. >> i'm so scared. >> it's okay. just calm down. >> he was some crazy freaking guy and he had a knife. >> he didn't even want me to stop the bus. he wanted me to switch with him while the bus was rolling. i said, no, we can't do that. >> reporter: police in jacksonville, arkansas, chased
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the bus for some 12 miles, until they stopped it. >> get on the ground. >> reporter: those little kids run out, one by one, rushing to safety. >> give me your hands. give me your hands. >> a little girl told me she was scared. i told her, it was going to be okay. >> reporter: police surround the bus and arrest 22-year-old nicholas miller. law enforcement telling abc news overnight, miller told them he took the bus because he felt somebody was after him. he pleaded not guilty to 22 charges, including kidnapping. this morning, that bus driver of 20 years, hailed as a hero. she certainly is. nicholas miller's father told us his son is a great kid who wasn't trying to hurt anyone. but he acknowledged that miller is addicted to drugs. he'll face a judge in january. robin, just imagine, these kids were on their way to school. >> that's right. quick acting. gio, thank you very much. let's get a check of our top headlines. our weekend anchor, dan abrams.
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i wanted to call you dan abrams. dan harris is here. >> we're co-anchors on "nightline." we look alike. there's a lot of similarities. thank you, diane sawyer. we appreciate that. we're going to move, now, to a historic -- got her. i like that. i'm going to pay for that the rest of the morning. >> yes, you will. >> we're going to talk about a historic change in washington, which this morning is only intensifying the partisan bickering. in a bold move, senate democrats have changed long-standing filibuster rules saying it is necessary to overcome legislative gridlock. now, a simple majority vote will be needed to confirm most presidential nominees. republicans called the move, which president obama once opposed, a naked power grab. speaking of president obama, more trouble this morning for obama care. "the wall street journal" says it has obtained documents that show some insurance companies are drastically cutting payments to doctors. forcing those doctors to reconsider whether they want to participate in the new exchanges, which could hurt choice for consumers.
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457 happens right now a morning commute nightmare in san francisco. the train service shut down indefinitely because of computer issues. over a thousand passengers stranded after it came to halt overnight. a massive explosion in space, may force scientists to re-examine some theories of physics. a nasa satellite picked up this cosmic explosion, believed to be one of the largest since the big bang. an artist's rendering, showed a massive star expanding, which could incinerate earth if it weren't billions of lightyears away. it wasn't a cosmic explosion, but lightning that terrified people in a parking lot in australia. if you look closely, you see the car on the left takes a direct hit. look at that. a direct hit. no injuries reported this morning. and finally, when a bank decided it wanted to sponsor a little half-time contest at the oklahoma city thunder game, it did not anticipate this. fans get a chance to take a shot
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from half court for 20,000 bucks. the problem is, they keep making the shot. a guy did it last night. he even got to meet jay z and beyonce afterwards. this is the second night this week that a fan has made that shot. and five have nailed the shot so far this year. it's possible they have especially good aim in oklahoma. we don't know yet. the bank says the publicity is worth the 100 grand they have put out. >> amazing. >> 12 games. >> usually when i do that, it's a swish. >> yeah. we're going to turn, now, to the tragic moment in our nation's history. 50 years ago today, president john f. kennedy was assassinated. it was a half-century ago, still a time of afternoon newspapers. and this is what the newspaper looked like here. "the new york world telegram," informing the world the president shot dead. cut down by a sniper. leaving a country and the world in shock. abc's byron pitts is there, now,
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in dallas, in dealey plaza, where that shooting took place. byron, good morning to you. >> reporter: josh, good morning. 50 years ago today, at this very hour, lee harvey oswald was preparing to go to work at the book depository. president kennedy, to fly from ft. worth to dallas. soon their fates would cross. today, people by the thousands will gather here to remember the one man, that one moment. as close as america had ever come to royalty. >> the freeway was jam-packed with spectators, waiting for their chance to see the president. >> reporter: and then -- >> we understand there's been a shooting. >> reporter: 12:30 p.m., the unthinkable. all captured on film. >> mrs. kennedy's pink suit. there's a secret service man spread-eagle on top of the car. >> reporter: the rush to parkland hospital. >> get these trucks out of the way. clear everything. >> reporter: then, the unbelievable. >> the president died at 1:35. >> reporter: people who were there say they will never
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forget. and anyone alive and of age back then, still remembers where they were. 60-year-old jeff gold, in dallas this morning, wears his feelings on his arm, literally. he was 10 when the president died. why come here? >> i get to participate in his life. and unfortunately, in his death, by being here and standing here with all these people. >> reporter: many of america still ache for what was lost. but remember what was left. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> reporter: as for the kennedy family, they will mark this day in private. former rhode island congressman, patrick kennedy, is jfk's nephew and senator ted kennedy's son. he told us, the family decided years ago, to mark today by celebrating family. like the newest kennedy, nora, just born tuesday. >> this is just such joy. and it always shows the cycle of life and how we all keep moving forward.
7:14 am
and that's the hopeful thing about life. >> reporter: organizers describe this event, robin, a solemn ceremony. >> thank you, byron. and a surprising turn of events. kennedy relative, michael skakel, is out on bail this morning. we will hear from his cousin, robert f. kennedy jr., in a moment. he's here in the studio with us. but first, abc's ron claiborne with more. >> reporter: this morning, for the first time in 11 years, michael skakel is waking up a free man. at least for now. the 53-year-old, granted bail thursday, after an appeals court, vacated his 2002 murder conviction. >> we're going to set a bond of $1.2 million. the release, applauded by family. as skakel was ordered to stay in connecticut and wear a gps tracking bracelet.
7:15 am
>> hopefully, we're at the first step of righting that wrong and making sure that an innocent man now goes free. >> reporter: for the family of martha moxley, who skakel had been convicted of beating to death with a golf club back in 1975, disappointment. >> michael skakel is guilty. we knew it would happen when it actually happened. the reality of it all sinks in. and it was a jolt. >> reporter: skakel, a nephew of robert kennedy's widow, ethel, was granted bail, after a judge ruled that his defense counsel, mickey sherman, botched his defense. on thursday, his new lawyer, partly blamed his conviction, on the late "vanity fair" magazine writer, dominick dunne, and mark furman, made famous for the o.j. simpson trial. both men wrote best-sellers about the case and publicly pointed the finger at skakel. >> because of the atmosphere that was created, that really was the death blow in terms of him getting a fair trial. >> reporter: the state hoping to send him back to prison, is
7:16 am
appealing the ruling that led to skakel's release. for "good morning america," ron claiborne, abc news, stanford, connecticut. >> our thanks to ron claiborne. and joining us now, is michael skakel's cousin, robert f. kennedy jr. appreciate you spending time with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> i know you've been a long-time supporter of your cousin. what's your feelings him waking up a free man this morning? >> i'm really happy. i talked to michael. i was actually traveling yesterday. so i didn't get to see him, but i spoke to him on the phone last night, and i spoke to a lot of the family came together to see him. and he's very, very happy. you know, he's really inspiring. he's not bitter. and he is just happy to be free. >> he has to stay in connecticut at this point? >> yeah. >> and other family members will spend time with him. >> he's going to try to get permission from the judge to -- to leave the state for
7:17 am
thanksgiving to spend thanksgiving with his aunt. i think he's wearing an ankle bracelet. he's not allowed to leave the state of connecticut. but he said that, he didn't think that it was -- anybody thought there was much chance of flight. but he's the most famous fat white person, ear other than the mayor of toronto now, in the world. so, there's very little chance he will be able to go anywhere and get away with it. >> always able to find a sense of humor in everything. and the prosecutors in this case have said that they're going to appeal. as you know, they're going to appeal the judge's ruling of overturning the conviction. and if they win that appeal, your cousin will go back to jail. if they lose that appeal, they have vowed they will try this case again. is the family prepared for that? >> i think right now, he has
7:18 am
very good attorneys. there are, now, new suspects in the case, with strong evidence against them. people have actually confessed to committing this crime. and those people will be called. and i think it's almost impossible to conceive that he would be convicted. and i think not only will he be found not guilty. but he will be proven innocent. >> while you're here, sir, of course, you want to talk about your uncle, john f. kennedy. 50 years ago today. just the thoughts that you want to share on this day, about your uncle. >> well, you know, i -- i have a piece that's running in "rolling stone" this week, about president kennedy's -- i think what is his most poignant and his most important legacy, which was keeping us out of nuclear exchange with the soviet union. and keeping us out of the war in cuba and laos. and even in vietnam.
7:19 am
which he intended to get out of. >> i know your uncle was a man of peace. and president obama is meeting with peace corps leaders. we're thinking of your family today. robert f. kennedy, jr., thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. let's get a check of ginger zee in for sam with the weather. ginger? >> everybody wants to know what their winter is going to be like. we'll look at it in the next half hour. first, your local forecast coming up right now. the morning's weekend getaway.
7:20 am
>> ginger, thank you. coming up on "gma," the mother caught with police, shooting at her van. a minivan full of children. now, she's speaking out for the first time. also ahead, the professor behind bars this morning. accused in a cold case killing. she says she didn't do it. and hugh jackman posting this picture of his face after
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night. we're going to check all these things right now with leyla. leyla, we can still expect systemwide delays even though this train is coming into the station, correct? >> yes, indeed. it is a little bittersweet. in fact, we have b.a.r.t. trains starting to roll, however systemwide delays are expected until further notice. and as we check other mass transit across the bay area, everything else is running on time. but b.a.r.t. do expect some severe delays. we have a report of debris in lanes westbound side of 580 at 150th avenue. traffic is bumper-to-bumper right now. eric. leyla, we'll check back in with y
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and wind gives way to chilly nights due to the ridge of high pressure coming in from the pacific northeast as it makes a push into the bay area. that will bring temperatures down overnight. our highs for today, plenty of sunshine. we're going to be topping out in the upper to mid-60s, lower 70s. look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, sunshine for this weekend. do expect seasonal temperatures for monday and
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. i'm very surprised. she has no idea i'm coming. huge "hunger games" fan. she has a cardboard cutout of me and everything. so apparently she has no idea. she's going to be really excited. >> this is "hunger games" leading man, josh hutchinson. he said backstage in our studio. and that surprise, all for one superfan that he is going to execute. we're going to show it to you, just ahead. it's fair to say, somebody's day, made. >> and how. >> as we welcome you all, good morning to you. happy friday. d.j. pesce, by the way. spinning us. i love how we tell the audience,
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don't make noise, just wave. >> happy friday, everybody. we're turning to an update about the mother who was pulled over by police. and what led to them firing at her minivan, filled with her children, as she tried to leave. she's speaking out this morning, telling her side of the story. and also coming up, we're turning to charles manson, one of the most infamous prisoners in american history. why is he planning to tie the knot with a woman behind bars. there she is. his 25-year-old girlfriend. speaking out about why she fell in love with him. also, we have the simple secret revealed to taking the perfect snapshot. it's gone viral. one professional photographer, sharing his tricks of the trade. and the video that's gone viral. and how you can do the squinch. we'll figure it out. we begin here, with the case of the respected college professor, charged in the murder of a man. a murder committed 18 years ago, when she was a college student.
7:32 am
she is in jail this morning, after her bail was revoked. she admits that she did have a strong motive for the killing. revenge. but she is proclaiming her innocence today. abc's aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: dr. patricia esparza was cuffed and jailed. allowed only a brief moment to say good-bye to her husband. >> i saw my wife, shackled and taken away. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the judge revoked the bail of the 39-year-old psychology professor after prosecutors say she refused to accept a plea deal in an 18-year-old cold case murder. >> i cannot accept because it would essentially be a lie. >> reporter: prosecutors have charged esparza in connection with the 1995 murder of gonzalo ramirez. esparza was 20 at the time and says ramirez raped her in orange county, california. investigators claim she confided
7:33 am
in an ex-boyfriend. prosecutors say esparza and van, along with three other suspects, hatched a plan to kill ramirez. van is behind bars, awaiting trial and has pleaded not guilty. >> there's sufficient evidence to prove she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to that charge. >> reporter: but esparza says she is innocent. she was a victim the night that he was beaten to death. claiming she was kidnapped by one of the suspects and forced to watch. >> i was terrorized. i wasn't participating. >> reporter: after the murder, esparza says van coerced her into marrying him. she claims fear along with the alleged assault and history of sexual abuse as a child, silenced her for more than a decade. >> all i knew was these people were dangerous. and i needed to stay quiet. >> reporter: she eventually divorced van, remarried and moved to france, where she lives with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. investigators nabbed her during one of her visits back to the u.s. last year. she says her testimony helped to indict the other suspects. >> how do you explain to a
7:34 am
4-year-old why mommy has been taken away? >> reporter: esparza's next court hearing is scheduled for december 23rd. if convicted, she could face life behind bars. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. thank you, aditi. we're going to bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. norma esparza. this is a crime committed 18 years ago. she will stand trial for it. what was the prosecution in a cold case killing, what do they have to prove? >> they believe they can prove she was part of the plot. and they basically scoped this guy out. they went back to the bar a few times to try to find him. so, prosecutors would say, this wasn't just a situation where they happened upon him. and then, suddenly, this team of people went after him. they're saying that there was this plot. and that she was part of it. if they can prove that, she's in big trouble. but that's going to be the key question. >> meanwhile, we saw her, very adamant, refusing a plea deal.
7:35 am
do you think, in your opinion, you've seen it. was it a mistake? >> prosecutors are trying to force her into a deal. they're charging her with a very severe crime here. special circumstances, murder. it doesn't get much worse than that. they're trying to force her to plead. why? they don't want to try this case, either. imagine you're the prosecutor in a case, where a woman is alleging she's been raped. and she and her ex-boyfriend, et cetera, go after this guy. that's not legal. but the concern on the part of prosecutors is, do the jurors look at a case like this, if it goes to trial, and feel sorry for her. even if you're not allowed, legally, and technically, to do anything remotely like this. will jurors feel sympathy? that's why prosecutors are trying to force her into a plea deal. she has to be careful here. they believe they have a lot of evidence to link her to the scene of the plot, as well, with eyewitnesses, et cetera. so, i would be surprised if this case ends up going to trial. but we shall see. >> certainly not the last we've heard of it. dan, thanks. robin?
7:36 am
now, to new details of the shocking video of police firing on a minivan full of children, after the mother took off, following a routine traffic stop. this morning, the mother is speaking out for the first time. and abc's ryan owens has her story. >> get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle, right now. >> reporter: the mother in this minivan repeatedly fled from new mexico police, leading them on a high-speed chase. >> open the door. open the door. >> reporter: even after they busted out her window and fired shots at a minivan full of children. this morning, for the first time, the 39-year-old said she did it all to protect her children. in a letter to the newspaper "the taos news," she writes, a uniformed officer can shoot three bullets at my van and be considered to be doing his job. but my doing what i can to get my own children away from such a terrifying individual has been termed child abuse and endangerment. she wrote the letter last month,
7:37 am
as she sat in jail, charged with child abuse and fleeing from police. she's now out on bail, her attorney refuses to comment. her 14-year-old son, seen here scuffling with one of the officers, is also charged with battery. the actions of the officers involved are under investigation. but they have not been charged. she calls that, injustice at its best. >> you schedule one-on-one time. it's real simple. >> reporter: she has a video blog, giving advice to parents. and in her letter, she writes, most consider her a model parent. she writes, she was just a tourist from tennessee, who brought her family to see new mexico's natural beauty. her trip will last a lot longer than planned. her trial is scheduled for april. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> a lot of mixed reaction to that. >> yeah. >> we'll see what happens. time, now, for the weather again. ginger zee, in for sam. >> i'm answering, or kind of
7:38 am
answering, one of the questions that so many people ask each year, what's winter going to be like? well, noaa puts out the forecast. lara's straight on. there's no real driving factor. they know the drought will persist in the southwest. we're seeing that. cold and snowy up north. looks like winter, right? yeah. the winter forecast looks like winter. let me tell you what has happened and is going to happen in the near term. i can promise you this. you have the dust storm over lubbock yesterday. the cold front sweeping through and bringing not only those very gusty winds, rain and some snow that moves in. we will see the winter advisories and warnings later. i want to give you an idea of what's happening behind it. dallas, that same cold front is going to drop you. you dropped 40 today. 30 through the weekend. chicago drops in the mid-20s. new york city, it's nice today. but
7:39 am
>> this weather report, brought to you by jimmy dean. in atlanta, you notice, you don't get out of it either. you get down to freezing for a high on sunday. everybody's going into winter. >> thank you, ginger. still to come here, the woman who says she's going to marry charles manson, one of america's most notorious criminals. why she says she fell in love with him. and bono, opening up about his red-hot passion project. and what he's fighting for right now. come on back.
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7:43. and we are back with a bizarre revelation that charles manson may soon be getting married. a 25-year-old woman has been visiting the nation's most notorious convicted killer for the past six years. and she says the unlikely couple will tie the knot in manson's state prison. david wright has the story. >> everybody knows the name charles manson. >> reporter: 25-year-old star manson, not her real name, claims to be the fiancee of the world's most notorious killer. she's all over youtube defending him. charles manson, age 79, more than 50 years older than she is. star was not even born when the manson family cult shocked the world with a series of brutal murders, including the murder of actress sharon tate. but like the young women who, in
7:44 am
another generation, took part in those bloody killings, star is a devoted follower, totally loyal. >> i do believe that charles manson is completely innocent. >> reporter: born a baptist in st. louis, missouri, she first got in contact with him at age 19. attracted, she says, by his pro-environmental views. she moved to the prison town of corcoran, california, to be near manson. and now runs a website, devoted to his ideas and his words. >> i think there's probably tens of thousands of people worldwide that believe he should be freed. >> reporter: although he finds the idea repugnant, manson's prosecutor, vincent bugliosi, admits manson has an evil chris ma. >> evil has its allure. people are attracted to evil. >> reporter: he wouldn't be the first mass murderer to get hitched by the prison chaplain. if the couple ties the knot, the marriage will likely never be consummated.
7:45 am
charles manson is not allowed conjugal visits. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> he has also been denied parole 12 times. his next parole hearing is set for the year 2027, when he would be 92 years old. all right. coming up here, hugh jackman showing a different kind of close-up right now. he's sharing this picture after treatment for skin cancer. a biggs scare. and "play of the day." little batman for you. we're throwing up the bat signal. you remember batkid? we're going to meet him next. >> oh, great, great. and i'm really happy that you're in my life too. ♪ it's just like yours, mom! [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. tell yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. there are millions of reasons to give one, but the message is always the same. keep your heart open...
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> for those of you wondering today, we are all sporting various shades of purple. it's part of purple for a
7:50 am
purpose. it's raising awareness about pancreatic cancer. a real killer. join us, won't you, if you haven't left yet. and be a part of the team. speaking of cancer and all the damage it does, 5-year-old miles scott, maybe you remember him. >> sure do. >> maybe you don't remember him as miles scott. maybe you remember him as batkid. take a look. after battling leukemia for three years, he's in remission. san francisco let him be a hero for a day. take a look. >> please, caped crusader, we need you, and, bring the batkid!
7:51 am
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right now we have breaking news. b.a.r.t. trains are running again. service started about a half hour ago after a computer glitch at midnight knocked out the system for the start of the morning commute. but the damage may have been done as far as your traffic and your b.a.r.t. leyla. >> exactly, kristen. too little too late. even though we have b.a.r.t. trains now running, do expect heavy delays. also, we have heavy delays on our roadways. let's take a live look outside right now. we're going to start with the bay bridge toll plaza where it's bumper-to-bumper traffic. packed conditions also through berkeley as you make the drive around westbound side of 80. look at that.
7:57 am
now as we take a look at this, this is wind damage from sky 7 hd some video shot earlier this morning. and this is what happened across the bay area. we had trees fall because of those high gusts. we do expect to see gusts later. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast, rain expected for thanks
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we have bono. and you do, too. one of rock's biggest stars, revealing his red-hot passion project. and his fight right now. and three, simply amazing people, who didn't let anything stop them. the brand-new series we're launching. meet "the overcomers." and how leading man, josh hutcherson, made one ultimate fan's dream come true. it's all ahead, this deejay friday. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> wonderful crowd we have joining us outside. and inside, with d.j. pesce.
8:01 am
we love deejay friday. love having her spin us into the weekend. and we love having the audience with her. moving and grooving and shaking and all that. we just saw elizabeth banks. and lenny kravitz, both starring in "the hunger games." and that big surprise coming from josh hutcherson. can't wait to share all of that, this tgif. >> "hunger games" extravaganza continues. >> club "gma." also ahead here, a very important wake-up call from one of hollywood's biggest stars. hugh jackman, now revealing the medical scare that had been, literally, staring him in the face, every time he looks in the mirror. recovering now, he has a crucial message for everyone this morning. >> yes, he does. and we're going to switch gears a little bit and talk about tricks of the trade. revealed by a professional photographer. if you're looking for that picture-perfect shot, every
8:02 am
snapshot, his video's gone viral. we tried it out. it's called scrunching? >> squinch. with your eyes. >> let me see. >> you know who does a good squinch -- right here. >> blue steel. also, robin, look forward to this. launching a brand-new series, "the overcomers." >> i've been touched by people that have been inspired be by my story. and please incredible individuals will share with us how they overcame great odds. and how you can do it, too. also, george is not here today. but he put in work yesterday. he sat down with none other than bono. >> yeah, hard work. >> a passion project with the u2 star. great stuff straight ahead. now, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce, "gma weekend" anchor, dan harris. >> that was great. strong intro.
8:03 am
appreciate it. we're going to begin with the nasty and fatal weather out west. heavy rain, submerging cars. a helicopter had to be brought in to rescue one man. in another case, four marines and their cab driver had to escape a sinking car by crawling out of the window. in the san francisco bay area, three deaths are blamed on heavy winds, which shorted out people's power poles and left thousands without power from california to utah. across the country on this day, americans will be marking 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. president obama has ordered flags lowered to half-staff. crowds of visitors are expected to pay tribute at president kennedy's gravesite. and for the first time ever, the assassination will be remembered at dealey plaza in dallas, where the president was shot. abc news will carry that moment of commemoration live at 1:25 eastern time. the fcc, facing a backlash this morning after announcing it will consider allowing airline passengers to talk on the their cell phones in flight. the flight attendants union
8:04 am
calls this a terrible idea, noting that passengers are overwhelmingly opposed to it, as well. it could be another year before they make a final decision. on wall street, the dow is beginning the day above 16,000 for the first time thanks in part to encouraging news about the jobs market. the dow is on track to having its best year in a decade. speaking of money, the vice president joe biden, left a little red-faced after running to a sandwich shop for lunch yesterday. that's him, borrowing ten bucks from his assistant. apparently, even the veep comes up short on cash once in a while. and finally, we see a lot of strange things in new york city. this is a guy walking his pet dinosaur in central park. as you might imagine, he atacted quite of attention. he ended up in one couple's wedding. just in case you're nervous at all, we should assure you, this was just a guy in a costume. not a real dinosaur.
8:05 am
>> went out to central park. >> yes. >> guy, costume, walking the real dinosaur. >> it's weirder. it's a guy walking a guy in a costume. i don't know. >> yeah. >> all right. >> thanks, dan. we have "pop news" coming up. right now, let's get out to ginger zee, in for sam. >> hello, guys. all of the people out here. your name is ginger? >> that's correct. >> you really don't meet many gingers that are human beings that aren't dogs and horses. let's go right to the forecast. we have one that's very wet. in florida, five inches of record rain in ft. lauderdale, yesterday. we have videos, from this morning, closer to miami. they've had big traffic problems because of all of that rain. that's the stationary front. ahead of the cold front, it is mild. atlanta, 66 today. tallahassee, you're warm. and look at that cold front i'm talking about. it's going to bring rain and
8:06 am
some snow. dallas, now, is in a winter >> and the women of wisconsin want to say, lara, we'll go back to you. here's a look at what's coming up in your "gma morning menu." why matt damon and ben affleck are teaming up again. hugh jackman is recovering
8:07 am
from a scare that had been staring him in the face. and the photographer who says squinching will set you free. we'll teach you how to do it. and tweet us your pictures of the squinch. all that and more. "hunger games" we have the stars here, on "gma." ♪ with my redcard, i bring them all to life. ♪
8:08 am
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8:09 am
♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. coming up here, "hunger games" star, josh hutcherson, behind the scenes here at "gma," with a huge surprise for one great, great little girl. also, george's exclusive interview with bono. it's all just ahead. go nowhere.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
♪ we'll never be royals they're good. >> they're good. the acabelles. a cappella group at florida state university. a cover of singer "lorde's" hit song. she sang it for us. the take on their song, 3 million-plus views on youtube and counting. that's when you know a song is good, when all of the covers are equally as good. >> it has a special something-something. >> secret sauce. just like it. >> it's popping. that's a clue. >> get your "pop news." >> got it. here we go. friday edition, everybody, tgif. we begin with matt damon and ben affleck. they're teaming up again. this time on a movie called "sleeper." this one has been a bit of a sleeper.
8:13 am
it's been in development since 2008. it's looking like a go now. with the oscar-winning duo at the helm as producers. it's about people that develop spontaneous superheros. they're also working on the life of boston mob boss whitey bulger. that will come to fruition. nice to work with a friend, too. i know i do, every day. >> those two get behind a project, it's a go. >> it's a good time. also in "pop news" this morning, we have something to set the mood. prop department. the author of "fifty shades of grey" has fifty shades wine. there is the red silk, which is a petite sirah. >> leather?
8:14 am
>> i said it. leather. and if you like white, there's white satin. offering a delegately playful experience. i have tried the red for you. and the red is quite lovely. i don't know about the white yet. but i hear it's playful. i'll let you know. >> somebody's working on the weekend, apparently. >> oh, boy. that's my assignment. finally, a scuba diver who gets the seal of approval from one. 15-year-old jamie gallagher was on his first dive. this is an amazing piece of video. on his first dive ever off the post of isle of man, a seal gets up close and personal, greeting him face-to-face. playing with him. those are playful bites. he wrapped his fins around jamie's legs. when he tried to push him away, the seal wouldn't go. he wanted to play. his diving instructor says, this never happens. it's quite unusual for a seal to stick around. and it is an amazing case of
8:15 am
beginner's luck for a diver. a life long love of the sport has probably just happened. she looks like he's biting him, though. i would like to call -- >> love bite. love bite. >> did i mention, fifty shades wine? >> all right, lara. thanks, as always. we're used to seeing him take on bad guys on the big screen. now, superstar, hugh jackman, says his newest battle is with skin cancer. the actor made his announcement to the world, by posting an instagram picture of his face following treatment. abc's linsey davis has more on the star's medical scare. >> reporter: from the red carpet and silver screen. to the white sand beaches of his native australia. >> it gets chilly here at night. >> reporter: hugh jackman is one of the most photographed men in the world. but this morning, he's sharing a very different kind of close-up. the 45-year-old actor posting this picture on instagram, revealing he had a basal cell
8:16 am
carcinoma removed from his nose. you can see it in this picture, taken just over a week ago. >> that's a brave thing you did. >> reporter: basal cell carcinoma is the most common kind of cancer, with 2.8 million cases diagnosed each year in the u.s. caused mainly by u.v. exposure, cour carcinomas look like a reddish bump or scar. doctors say it's easily treated and death is rare. jackman credits his wife for suggesting he get checked out. and now, he's urging others. don't be foolish, like me. get yourself checked. and use sunscreen. this morning, his reps tell abc news, he's home and resting and sure to be on the mend soon. >> trust me, i've been through worse. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> glad he is doing all right. and here with more on this
8:17 am
common cancer, dermatologist doris day. always great to have you. tell us more about the numbers and the more about this type of cancer. >> if one thing you never want to hear from your doctor is the word cancer. as dermatologists, we have to tell this to our patients more than any other doctor. that's because skin cancer is the most common cancer. with about 3.5 million skin cancers diagnosed every year. but the most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma, which is fortunately what hugh jackman had. and the reason that's fortunate, there's 2.8 million basal cell carcinomas estimated to be found every year. it's slow-growing. it tends to stay local. and it's highly curable. if you're going to pick a cancer, that's the one to pick because there's so much we can do. in the end, it's really great news. >> i had one on my face about the size of a quarter. they took it. and it's fine. >> on the face, is one of the best places for scarring. we've seen basal cell
8:18 am
carcinomas, melanomas, more in sun-exposed areas. everyone needs to be checked. and also, you have to be checked, even where the sun doesn't shine. it's a head-to-toe skin check. we look more in areas. i like to look along the forehead line. that's where you miss your sunscreen. around the eyes, the nose and the mouth. everywhere has to be checked. those are the more common areas. >> how often should we do this? and is this something only a dermatologist can do? >> you should be checked by your dermatologist every year. it's what we do all year long. it's important to be checked on a regular basis, once a year. but if you notice something new or changing. if you see a spot that normally should heal between two or three weeks, show it to your dermatologist. we can look deeper in the skin. and we have a level of suspicion. and family history is important, too. >> sunscreen all year around. not just in the summer. >> every day, all year around.
8:19 am
so important. incidental exposure adds up. and it's cumulative. even on the cloudy days, even if you're just going for a walk, just apply the sunscreen. reapply it regularly. and no going to tanning beds. that's the same u.v. light you get from the sun. now, we turn to the secret of looking picture-perfect in every photo. according to a new video from a professional photographer that has gone superviral, there's one facial expression that makes everyone instantly look better. it's called squinching. and we sent sara haines out to learn how it's done. sara? >> reporter: thanks, lara. insmartphones, everyone has a camera. and what if there's one look that guaranteed a better picture? there is. meet the squinch. celebs do it on the red carpet. models do it on the runway. tyra banks even did it on "gma."
8:20 am
perfecting her picture-perfect pose by smizing. >> befine what a smize is. >> it's to smile with your eyes. >> reporter: now, it's all about the art of the squinch. the squinch. a magical combo of squinting and pinching, that can transform your deer in headlights look, into a sultry gaze. it's the secret weapon of photographer and former model, peter hurley, who hosted a 15-minute tutorial to his youtube channel on tuesday. that now has more than 175,000 hits and counting. i went to peter's new york studio to see how i could up my say cheese game. >> now, i want you to squinch. >> reporter: what is squinching? >> i would have to say that squinching is narrowing the distance between your pupil and your lower eyelid, to create confidence to the onlooker. >> reporter: why did you come
8:21 am
with squinch? >> i needed a word for it because i could tell people to squint. i have to make another word for this. >> reporter: you want to pick up a girl at the coffee shop, squinch. >> reporter: peter is no stranger to sharing his tricks of the trade. >> you don't want to be like this. because this is overkill. >> reporter: last year, he posted this video to youtube on how to accent your jaw line. and it went viral, with almost 1 million hits. >> i want to help people look better in pictures. especially with all of the pictures being taken these days. >> reporter: tools peter says will make your next selfie session ooze with confidence. we said it's people get nervous in front of the camera. and they kind of freeze up. this will give you an emotion. we naturally squinch when we're talking. >> you did it. >> you're doing it right now. >> you said bring your lower lid up. i don't think that's possible. >> squinting is closing your eyes. squinching is when your eyes stay open. but you bring the lower lid up. i added a lot of emotion.
8:22 am
>> i feel it. >> i would like to see dan harris squinch, please? >> i can't do anything other than smirk. that's the only special expression i can do. >> you do it so well. >> yes, i do. i'm doing it right now. >> our viewers got in on the act. we have some selfies of squinching. do we have these? look at these. what's a pretty good one. i'm not a pro yet because i actually struggle with the squinch. i think it's pretty good. >> that's a squinch. >> mr. there you go. that's a smirking squinch. that's like you, dan. >> i like the before and after. nicely done. >> that one was -- >> that equals unstoppable. >> he cheated. >> that was fun. >> they look like squinting. >> because you are squinting right now. >> fair. all week long, we've been counting down to "hunger games" blockbuster premiere. earlier this week, josh hutcherson sat down with robin. but then, he went backstage and helped one young fan's dream
8:23 am
come true. all in partnership with macy's and make-a-wish's believe campaign. chris connelly has this remarkable story. >> reporter: active and updeet, caitlin stewart of albuquerque, new mexico, could do it all. >> she's always been outgoing. never, never the shy one. >> just a normal, skinny kid. very happy. always smiling. >> reporter: but then, at age 12 -- >> out of nowhere, i started getting pains in my right knee. >> reporter: tests led to a shocking diagnosis. doctors said caitlin had osteo sarcoma. an aggressive form of cancer. chemotherapy ravaged caitlin's system. she battled nausea and lost her hair. surgery to replace her knee left her unable to walk for months. >> i would break down sometimes because it was hard.
8:24 am
>> reporter: throughout her treatment, she took with her this life-sized cutout of her favorite actor, josh hutcherson, from "the hunger games" movie. >> he kept me happy. >> reporter: with her cancer in remission, caitlin told make-a-wish, she dreams of meeting josh. that's where we stepped in. caitlin thinks she and her family won a sweepstakes. she's given a backstage tour. but she has no idea, who is waiting to meet her. just behind that door. >> is there a caitlin in here? i'm josh. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: josh has a treat for his new friend. >> you guys are going to see "the hunger games: catching fire" before it comes out. >> reporter: he gives her a poster signed by the whole cast. and a gift, with special meaning for caitlin. >> i heard you had one. so, i got you an updated one. >> reporter: it's perfect. a good-bye hug from josh, gets
8:25 am
her a little emotional. all part of a magical wish for caitlin. >> from the beginning of the diagnosis of her cancer, to her getting to meet josh, it's kind of like the end of a chapter. >> wow. >> people doing good things. there he is. updated cutout, signed "all the best." caitlin, it will be on the way. it will be marked super-duper fragile, not to worry. meanwhile, everything that the make-a-wish foundation campaign has been doing, you can be a part of it. for every stamped letter to santa put in a believed box at macy's, macy's will donate a dollar to make-a-wish. let's take a look. look at this number. 171,250 letters. there's still time, by the way. send your letter to santa and help a sick kid receive a gift this holiday season. how good is that?
8:26 am on yahoo! logon, find all of your answers. robin? >> we'll be back.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. bay area commuters are breathing a sigh of relief now that b.a.r.t. trains are running again. the transit system was shut down at midnight by a computer glitch until about an hour ago. people who arrived at bay area b.a.r.t. stations prior to that, oh, had to make alternate commute plans. boy, just a mess, traffic and transit. b.a.r.t. running too little too late. everyone had to grab their car and head on to the roads. let me show you how busy it is. across 680 pleasant hill into walnut creek, very busy. san mateo bridge is backing up 22 minutes will get you from hayward right into foster city. this drive at this hour normally takes just 12 minutes, kristen. leyla, thank you so much.
8:28 am
urity, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor,
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a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. hold onto your bonnet, high wind advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning. look towards san francisco bell where we have gusty conditions and also high scattered clouds. mostly sunshine for today. highs reaching the upper 60s to low 70s. my accuweather seven-day forecast leaving us with some sunshine and possible rain towards thanksgiving. now back to you, "good morning america."
8:30 am
♪ d.j. michelle pesce. back with us once again. it's great to have you with us and your traveling club, as we spin our way into the weekend. >> so nice. tgif, everybody. and the wait is finally over. "catching fire" is out today. we are so thrilled to have two of the stars here. there they are. elizabeth banks and lenny kravitz, in the house. always impeccable, josh. signing autographs for our fans, right outside our studio. we're going to talk to them in just moments. >> the cast has been so incredibly generous. between last week and this week. >> great experience. >> and good with each other,
8:31 am
too. we are so fortunate. we love what we do. we do. we get to share so much with yu. i'm humbled every time someone comes up to me and says my journey somehow has inspired you. i want you to know, your story inspires me. helped me get through a challenging time. and we asked you to send us your story. telling us how you battled through adversity. thousands wrote in, telling us how, in the words of my mother, everybody's got something. and that something did not defeat you. we're going to begin our new series with three, incredible "overcomers" who made their dream come true. >> i'm an overcomer. >> i'm an overcomer. >> i'm an overcomer. >> growing up in the foster care system, i heard i was not going to amount to anything. i was born into a single-parent home. >> reporter: shanise hamilton never knew her biological father. >> my biological mom dealt with substance abuse for years. it took over to the point where
8:32 am
we were left home days by ourself. the days we did eat, a lot of times because he went out to a neighbor's house and told them, we need food. >> reporter: it was a situation that became dangerous and unsustainable. >> when i was 4 years old, i was put into the foster care program. >> reporter: shanise was adopted at the age of 7. but spent years going from makeshift home to makeshift home. she was living in a car when she could no longer afford a motel. >> there were times when i was alone, and i cried for hours, praying to god. please, just hug me. just show me that you're here. >> reporter: now, 25 years old, shanise hamilton is thriving. a producer and on-air personality at a radio station in gainesville, florida. she has a very simple message. >> there's going to be days when all you have is yourself. and you have to just believe that it's going to get better. keep fighting.
8:33 am
keep moving. and keep praying. i'm an overcomer. >> i'm writing to you about my 18-year-old son, andrew. andrew is our youngest son. he's the youngest of four. when he was born, they told us that he had a congenital heart defect. basically, he was born with half of his heart. they gave us a 50% chance, they told us, of making it to the age of 5. >> reporter: but somebody forgot to tell andrew that. >> they told us he would not be able to keep up with other kids. he probably would not be able to run or play any sports. >> reporter: that precious little boy with half a heart had boundless energy and was fearless. playing soccer, baseball, as a youngster, he excelled. but when andrew said he wanted to try out as a kicker on the football team, they weren't so sure. >> we got the okay from his doctor. we got the okay from the coach, that he would be willing to do this for andrew. >> i had never kicked a football before in my life. i just thought i would do it.
8:34 am
and it turned out i was kind of decent at it. >> reporter: a high school teammate was told andrew had half a heart, came up with a clever nickname. >> oh, my god. you're tinman. >> reporter: the name stuck. tinman turned out to be so good he was recruited as the kicker for boston university. >> if you told me i was going to be a college football player, i would just laugh. >> he may have been born with half a heart. but for me, he's got the biggest heart of anybody i've ever known. >> i'm an overcomer. >> my story is a love story. one that should pass with time, life and death. j.j. was the love of my life. i met him when i was 18 years old. we ended up going to college together. >> reporter: but fate, threw the young couple an unexpected curve. >> at 23 years old, when we graduated college, he started getting headaches. >> reporter: j.j. was diagnosed with a brain tumor. thankfully, it was benign. after surgery, prognosis was good.
8:35 am
three years later, the unthinkable. >> there was another tumor. the pathology came back that it was one of the most aggressive types of brain cancer. and they diagnosed him terminal. and they gave him a year. they recommended, the slight chance that he survives and he wanted to have children in the future, that we would have to freeze his sperm before starting chemotherapy. >> reporter: lori and j.j. eloped to the bahamas. but the cancer was unrelenting. the cancer turned to talk to the reality of a life that may not be shared. >> while he was in that bed, we both made promises to each other. i don't know how it's going to happen. but i'm having your babies at some point in my life. >> reporter: in december of 2003, j.j. passed away. >> seven years after his passing, i met the second love of my life. >> reporter: a new journey. and lori's wife, kat, was more than willing to help her keep her promise to her first love. >> eight months ago. we're expecting our little boy. ten years later, after his
8:36 am
passing, this is my ultimate promise to him. and it's finally coming true. i'm an overcomer. >> reporter: three, inspiring individuals. three, remarkable stories. one undeniable thing in common, "overcomers." thanks to mandisa for that beautiful song. those "overcomers" are with us this morning. shanise, andrew, with his mother, sherri, and joining us from los angeles, is lori, because you're so pregnant, your doctor won't let you fly. how are you doing, lori? how far along are you? >> i'm 33 weeks right now. >> how excited are you to be a first-time mom? >> i'm so excited. i mean, being a first-time mom as it is, is exciting. but to know i have this little miracle inside of me, part of j.j., is amazing. >> i know you feel that way. i wish you could be with us. i'm glad you're following doctors' orders. shanise i've been looking forward to meeting you. >> me, as well.
8:37 am
>> i know there's been some really tough days. and i know your faith is very important to you. >> yes. >> what did you say or do those days when you thought, it's just not going to happen for you? >> i prayed. i cried, many days. many, many, days. and i continued to pray. cried out to god. i was mad at him. why is this happening? why? but i prayed. >> you just needed a hug from him. >> yes. i just asked god, please, just show me you're here. i need you to be here. hug me. and i got it. >> you did. >> and i got it. >> andrew, love you with the purple on. >> you, too. >> my goodness. i'm telling you, you said sometimes what inspired you was you would do something a little outside your comfort zone. >> i like to try new things to prove to people you can do whatever you want. when i want to do something, i don't say can i do this? i say how am i going to do it?
8:38 am
>> and you have half a heart. i know, sherry, you've been tearing up the whole time. you were the one who wrote and told us about andrew. for those parents who are sitting at home and they have a child who has a challenge, what do you say to them? >> i never let andrew know he had problems. i kept a lot inside. and i think you have to keep going. you have to put your faith in the doctors. and at home, i took care of his mind. you know, keeping him happy and not letting him know there are any boundaries for him. and this is what i got. >> that's great advice. and who knew you were such a good kicker? >> i didn't even know. >> and, lori, i know also you made a promise that you were going to go to school, and become a veterinarian. and you are. you're a vet now. and you're about to have the baby. what is your advice to someone who is sitting at home and think they cannot, too, be an overcomer like you?
8:39 am
>> i think the most important thing is just accept the fact that life is not fair. and i think once we accept that, we'll be okay. i think, importantly, too, is not to compare yourself to other people. people are going to have it easier. but there's always going to be someone out there that's going to have it harder. when we go through something, we have to really take the piece of the -- walking through that darkness and believing that there's going to be light. you may not be able to see the light. but there's going to be light. and take what you can from that darkness, whether it's always something to learn. there's always something to grow from. and you just have to take it because if you don't, then that suffering is worth nothing. >> that's right. that's not the tragedy. the tragedy is not taking time to understand the meaning of what you're going through. andrew and shanise, what is your piece of advice so others can overcome? >> find good in the process. in the journey, we're going to have obstacles. you're going to have ups and downs. hold on to the one thing
8:40 am
that's -- one thing that can get you through, no matter what it is. hold on to it. and keep pushing, always. >> and you, andrew? >> there's always a reason for everything. so, you just got to take what you got and go run with it. >> that's it. or kick it. >> or kick it. >> that's right. >> thank you, all. sherri, thank you so much for writing in. shanise, so happy for you. lori, as josh would say, mazal tov. he says that to everyone. you're all overcomers. and we thank you. thank you, guys. continue to write in. let us know your story so we can help one another become overcomers. let's get outside now to ginger zee. >> we have a great crowd here. and i have to tell you, there's so many folks, 14 years old, 25. raise your hand if it's your birthday. everyone here, it's their birthday. it's mild and rainy in new york city right now. phoenix has a whole rainy day ahead. that storm is having snow in the mountains. it will bring a winter storm
8:41 am
watch, by sunday morning for dallas. ice, sleet, maybe a few flakes of snow. just a mess back in the south and southwest. i'll leave you with a look across the nation for the weekend. but for now, that's the big picture. >> this weather report, brought to you by devry university. josh, inside to you, now. still to come here, george sitting down with bono, discussing his passion project. we'll have that when we get back.
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now, to the exclusive and, well, literally red-hot interview with bono. the superstar, helping stage a very special auction of 44 remarkable objects. and all of the money going to a very good cause. and george sat down with bono and two of the world's greatest designers to discuss it all. >> reporter: behind the scenes here at sotheby's, everybody's hyped up for a one-of-a-kind auction, hosted saturday by bono's red organization. all will go to fund the fight against aids. where does this come from? the three of you getting together and saying, let's put
8:45 am
together a show? >> alcohol. and these are two of the best designers in the world. wouldn't they be incredible together? >> reporter: jonathan ive designed the ipod. and marc newson has designed things from jumbo jets to cars to restaurants. >> the stuff that we love. and the stuff that turns us on as people, being designers. >> it was a fantastic process. it was an enjoyable thing. >> reporter: you call them the elvis and beatles of design. who is elvis? >> that's a good question. >> reporter: the items being auctioned off, includes this digital leica camera, designed by ive and newson. listed at $5,000. >> reinvented the wheel. >> reporter: a custom fiat. ♪ lovers at first sight >> reporter: a steinway piano. a bottle of dom perignon from 1966.
8:46 am
>> you choosed '66, dom perignon. >> we took it -- >> i mean, how deep did you go into that? >> it took about two years. >> reporter: lots of laughter and fun for a serious goal. and, bono, you said from the start, that part of your goal with red was to create heat and excitement. >> yeah. it's a political tool, red. not just to raise money and will, but to raise public awareness, which helps keep the fight against hiv/aids, a political priority. this disease has cost 34 million lives. there's a chance in the next few years, if we stay concentrated, we can actually see the beginning of the end of aids. >> reporter: and with the help of these design world rock star, bono is convinced they will make it. >> quite a team for us today. good people doing very, very good things. thanks to george, for that. good to see you. and coming up here, good to see them.
8:47 am
two "hunger games" stars, elizabeth banks and lenny kravitz, "catching fire." go nowhere.
8:48 am
8:49 am
"catching fire," with elizabeth banks and lenny kravitz. the movie is in theaters as of today. and these two are on the screen as effie trinket, and stylist cina. you know katniss is in good hands. take a look. >> eyes bright. chins up. smiles on. i'm talking to you, katniss. now, there is a talk of interviews. everyone will be here to celebrate you, my victors. breathe it all in, children.
8:50 am
this is all for you. >> it's cozy. >> i love that character. so excited to have elizabeth and lenny with us this morning. i was just saying, while we were watching, it's got to be so fun to dive into a role like effie. >> effie is a lot of fun. she has a lot of layers. and she grows as a person in this film as a person. at her heart, she is just a very theatrical person. very over-the-top. very excessive. she's meant to represent the excess and extravagance. >> and does so well with the costumes. but also, the voice. and i loved your inspiration for her voice. will you share that? >> i looked a lot at rosyln russell in "auntie maim." i want an aunt that lives in new york city, that has fabulous friends like lenny kravitz. and here i am.
8:51 am
>> here you are. and, lenny, cinna. what a great role for you. you dive into your roles. when last we saw you, you were here for "the butler." and this role seems like it was custom-made for you. >> cinna's a really great character. what i love about him is that, you know, he knows who katniss is, way before everybody else does. he really understands who she is to become, which enables him to step up on the line for her the way he does. >> that's really good. and our viewers want to know, elizabeth. we have a tweet for you. >> tweet. >> what has been your favorite outfit of effie so far? >> there's one dress i wear. we call it the butterfly dress. it's made from 10,000 feathers, hand-painted to look like monarch butterflies there. it's three-dimensional.
8:52 am
and attracted monarch butterflies flew at me while we were shooting. very magical dress. >> we had so much fun, the entire cast. thank you all for coming and spending the week with us, more than a week. is it as fun as it looks to us? you all, the chemistry seems to be so authentic. >> pretty good time. >> we have a really good time. and we work all day, together. and you know, we end up spending a lot of our time in the evenings together. >> we work hard. and play hard. and lenny likes to host. >> that's a party we all want to be at. and speaking of, i know you're planning on cooking thanksgiving. >> i am. >> looking for recipes. >> i am. >> we've been having recipes all week. you have to check out emeril's brussels sprouts. >> i love brussels sprouts. >> it's easy. you can do it. we will make this -- >> i'm culinarily challenged. >> congratulations. thank you all for being with us.
8:53 am
the movie, "the hunger games: catching fire" is in theaters everywhere. great way to spend a friday. and thank you for spending your friday morning with us. we'll be right back. with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
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one direction party. four days and counting until the world's very biggest young man band hits "gma." the boys here live, tuesday morning. live concert event. and that is not all. >> no. on monday, we have batkid. we have pitbull. we have sam champion. thank you very much, ginger zee. >> d.j. michelle pesce spin us into the weekend. have a great day.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. b.a.r.t. is back on track after overnight computer glitches delayed the start of the morning commute until 90 minutes ago. how's the traffic now, how's the commute? leyla. >> doesn't bode well for our roadways. we've got plenty of red as you can see behind me. we also have a stalled vehicle on the bay bridge eastbound side. let's take a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza where it is just packed out there. you're looking at at least a 20-minute delay to come away from the maze right into san francisco. pack your patience and give yourself some extra time. now a look at our forecast. we have windy conditions that will subside in about an hour. that's leading up to the high today approximately in the mid
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to upper 6 0z, lower 70s for much of the bay area. our lows for tonight is going to be chilly, i it's "live! with kelly & michael." announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." it's nicole "snooki" polizzi and jenni "jwoww" farley. and our "thanksgiving family recipe week." wl next on "live." -- all next week on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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