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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 23, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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seem skeptical. they're called animatronic penguins, glorified spy-cams, capable of giving a bird's eyed view of wings, flightless bird. >> they have cameras in their eyes. and get close to the animals. penguins. they can get the shots. really in the penguins world. and, extraordinary behavior. >> they're essentially in the penguin world created by two filmmakers hoping to give us new insight in their documentary airing on discovery channel entitled "penguins -- waddle all the way." they deployed 50 of these cameras, hidden inside life-sized robotic penguins, eggs, rocks, and ice formations. >> oh! >> you got it. >> they allow us to get up close and personal with emperor penguins as they take the treacherous 60 mile journaly to
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because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. popular south bay hotel, and right now police are searching for the attacker. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. the stabbing happened on the 9th floor of the embassy suites suites in mill pea dis. a woman was conscious when emergency crews wheeled her out, but she is in critical condition tonight. >> investigators say the victim knew the attacker and they are talking to guests and gathering evidence to find out what lead to this stabbing and why this happened. the hotel is still open for business tonight despite a very large crime scene. >> our other breaking story this evening, a car crash at los angeles international airport tonight lead to chaos inside the terminal where people thought it was gunfire. ama dates is monitoring the situation in the newsroom for us. ama? >> carolyn, there was a lot of
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confusion tonight at l.a.x. when people thought they heard those shots they ran from the terminals. it was actually a really loud car accident. terminals four and five were evacuated because of the accident and an anonymous call to airport police about a man with a women at gate 45 and terminal 4. security swept the terminals with guns drawn to make sure the areas were clear. as this was happening some travelers ducked for cover and others ran out spilling on to the roadway bringing traffic to a stand still. here is the car that slammed into the parking structure around 7:30. you can see somebody being loaded into an ambulance. this twitter picture shows a car that may have been involved and one of its front doors is bent forward. >> the driver of the vehicle had a medical emergency that caused her to lose control of the vehicle and bounced over -- off several things. >> once the terminal was clear passengers went back in to be rescreened for their flights.
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that person taken by ambulance is said to be in go con diecious. to be in good condition. he had 40 bullet fragments in that body. the shooting likely contributed to tonight's panic. ama dates, abc7 news. the north bay is under a red flag warning until tomorrow night after dry, windy conditions. the fire burned the cooling tower at a geo thermal plant. it has been evacuated. hurt, bno plants have been knocked off line. 2:00 trted at 2:00 this morning just north of guiserville. it burned 2500 acres. firefighters have it about 10% contained. >> not easy to fight the flames in the wind. for the most part the wind is dying down in the bay area. this weekend will be one that so many people -- will you be one of those in the yard cleaning up the damage? there is storm debris all over
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and the most is in the east bay which is where we found. alan wang is live in oakland. alan, downed trees and branches and power lines and more. >> yeah, dan and carolyn, this eucalyptus tree is about 20 feet in diameter, but it is still not a priority for work crews because it is not lying across the road or lying on top of power lines. it is, hof, a liability issue with everybody climbing on it and that's why there is so much urgency to clean all of this up. line a power line stope from falling into a house in oakland last night. but the crews just got to it around 5:00 this evening. >> this happened at 9:30 last night. with everything that was happening in the city it was really hard to get through to emergency crews. >> meanwhile, about 170 customers in her neighborhood are without power. pg&e hopes to restore it by 2:00 a.m.
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>> i am hoping because i don't want another cold shower. they are not at the top of the priority list. roadways at fifth and jackson had to be cleared before the evening rush hour. >> folks are using an on-line application where you can just use your smart phone and allow us to know where there are downed trees. >> everywhere debris is pushed off to the side of the road. it is even taking up parking spaces for r's liquor store in berkeley. >> they said they had like 130 calls or something and they are just trying to move along and pick it up as they can. >> a 50-foot cypress tree is leaning against this home in berkeley tonight. >> if we were a one-story house it definitely would have come through our house. >> tree crews are working quickly, but safely. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. now, the wind took down a
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scoreboard at concord high scho worriedtudents are worried about next year's football season. school administrators say they do not know where they will find the money to fix this thing. >> more than 5,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity following last night's windstorm. 3,000 are in the north bay and the power is still out for more than 1200 customers in the east bay. >> now, abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the wind and the extremely dry conditions. here is live doppler 7hd and with the details on a red flag warning as well, sandhya. >> yes, and it is the wrong combination. live doppler 7hd showing you what we are tracking. the gusty winds with the very low humidity creating the fire danger. we have the red flag warning for the entire north bay except the coastline until 5:00 p.m. gusts to 50 miles an hour with the low humidity and the dry fuels. any fires that do start will rapidly spread. gusts riout thet now. knoxville creek, 40 mile-an-hour winds. mount tams, 30. we will switch from the wind
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to the upcoming rain. your weekend and holiday forecast coming up. carolyn? >> sandhya, thank you. a bay area man held captive may be a victim of mistaken identity. north korean officials say they are holding meryl new map of pal -- newman from palo alto. he is 84-year-old meryl that newman won a medal of valor. her husband was yanked off a plane as he was about to come home with his tour group. the naacp will join officials from san jose state university to address racial tension on campus. the meeting comes as a fourth student has been charged now with a hate crime and battery against their african-american roommate. police say he and three others put their roommate's head in a bike lock, called him names with slave references and put nazi symbols and a confederate
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flag in their shared room. joseph naso has been sentenced to death. he responded with an indecent gesture. he is convicted of murdering four women between 1977 and 1994. the judge called naso evil and disturbed and told him the world is a worse place with him in it. the 79-year-old will be transferred to quintin prison to await execution. the number of people who died in the philippines from the typhoon typhoon haiyan spiked up to 5200 people. two bay other nurses saw the damage caused by the storm firsthand. they returned to sfo tonight after spending a a week assisting with relief efforts there. their task was to go into evacuee camps and set up operations for future volunteers who would be arriving in the weeks and months to come. the nurses say the devastation is just enormous. >> all of the homes have been blown away because they started off being built with light material anyway.
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.he sc the churches are gone. >> we were dragging our feet knowing there knowing there is still a lot of stuff to do. >> both nurses hope to return to the philippines to help with the relief efforts again. walnut creekr walnut creek teacher is getting a boost from some former students following a family tragedy. abc7 news' sergio quintanna spoke with the steveer and the students wanting to help. >> here we go. >> in walnut creek, lots of people know jeff loving as mr. loving. he is a pe teacher at an intermediate school. after a trip back home after picking up their two young children from an ethiopian orphanage his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. >> she made it about 10 months. >> she passed away 10 days ago ending their dream of raising their children together. this week two former students
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decided to lend a hand. >> when i heard the news i thought there has to be a way for us to help. >> when they found out their thr former teacher would be raising children themselves they decided to help out and launched a website to try to raise a little money to help out. in a couple days look at the response they've got. they raised $12,000. >> they own a local salon. they have also posted fliers around town for a full day fundraising event next month. they say he was always somebody they and other students looked up to. >> i think he will be just fine. i do think he needs a little help right now. >> they were wonderful kids then and they are wonderful now. they want to find a way to help me. it makes you feel great. it is incredibly, incredibly humbling. >> he says he is overwhelmed by the support from these two former students and the rest of the community.
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abc7 news. >> he needed help. black friday is days away and there are hot items on everyone's list. >> michael finney is here now to help you avoid the sticker shock. >> just because some items are popular doesn't mean you have to pay premium. what you can expect to shell out for those gotta have gifts. plus -- >> there is a bomb on this [bleep] plane. >> words you never want to hear. what lead to this melt down on a flight to atlanta? >> and a discovery doctors made during
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plane! there is a bomb on this [bleep] plane! >> a loud and rowdy end to a flight in atlanta. a man started screaming out that bombs were on the plane. while he was being removed from the plane police say the passenger had been yelling from the flight from fort lauderdale and throwing things at passengers. the bomb squad found nothing dangerous on the plane. the man will undergo as you can understand a psychological evaluation. he will not be charged at this point. "good morning america"'s amy robach has found her breast cancer has spread. show underwent a do double mastectomy last week and they discovered another ma -- malignant tumor that was not detected. she will have further treatment, but her prognosis is good. she found out she had breast cancer after having a
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mammogram live on gma last month. >> we wish her well. microsoft sold a million x box consoles. the sales started at midnight and sold out at midnight. if you tried to buy one you may have found this was the case. some have run into problems. they report that some customer consoles make a grinding noise when the system tries to read the disks. microsoft is sure about that. >> ready to get your wallets out and shop. >> michael finney has been reporting on the steals and deals all week. now, more on the best deals out there. >> and what you can expect to pay for them. here is what you can expect to shell out if you are looking for some of the hottest items this holiday season. >> on black friday you can expect to see many items discounted 30 to 50%. get get deals like thatal. once a a year.
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>> editors of the website deal news have been tracking the deals this holiday season. >> we are predicting a 55-inch 3-d will cost about $425. >> flat screen tv's are usually one of the most popular items during the holidays. last year a 42-inch tv sold for around $180. expect a better deal this year. for that those of you looking for a new laptop, this may be the season to buy. expect to find laptops with dual core processors for under $200. >> this year you can expect to get 15-inch, 16-inch laptops for about $170 which is an all-time low jie. and if you are look -- >> from you looking for apple products, here is my advice. look beyond the apple stores for the best deals. >> if during apple's black friday sale they are offering 5% to 10% deals certified retailers you can expect 20% off. >> and another tip, target will offer discounts and extra
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gift cards to those who buy some of the apple products. if you don't want an apple check out the android devices. prices on the androids have dropped. >> the google nexus7, we are predicting the cost around $200. >> in fact, many android phones are expected to be free this black friday. with a service contract. this is a great time to upgrade large uh fly yenses. large appliances. he is the manager at the marin city shore. >> the best prices you will have will be around black friday. best buy has deals around every major appliance. definitely check them out. >> one last tip, if you don't want to fight the hard core crowds on black friday, you can expect most deals to go through the week. we have resources that will help you with your holiday shopping. go to the deals will be spread out. black friday is now black friday week. >> that's what it seems like. thanks for sorting it out.
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let's talk about the wind and red flag warning in effect tonight. >> sandhya patel is here with us. >> the red flag warning will continue until tomorrow afternoon. as you look at live doppler 7hd, the radar is tracking the strong winds right now. clear skies, but the strongest winds are primarily in the north bay hills. check out the lower elevations. other than santa rosa gusting at 30, most areas have dropped off considerably. it is calm in san carlos and lighter in the east bay that was hit hard. the south bay, three miles an hour. the humidity is what we are concerned about here. when you have humidity at 16%, napa, novato, santa rosa, 11%, it is the wind direction that is drying out the atmosphere. the north, northeasterly wind. you can see how windy it is from our cameras. this is where the focus of the high fire danger is going into tomorrow. 63 in san francisco and 65 in oakland. the winds are going and that's why those temperatures are snot falling.
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it is pretty mild there. san jose 50 degrees. 46 in los gatos. you know exactly the locations that are sheltered from the winds. east bay hills camera are shaking too because of the windy conditions. santa rosa i santa rosa is currently 65 degrees. the northeasterly wind is really keeping those temperatures up because it is a down sloping wind for santa rosa. it is currently 48 in livermore and you know you are going to be one of the chilly spots waking up. from our exploratorium camera, downtown san francisco embark embarcadero, lights are up and the holiday festivities are underway. gusty winds and looking at sunny and mild conditions with a rainy outlook for our thanksgiving. it doesn't look like a washout. that low that brought us the rain created the gusty winds. it continues to bring in the wind across southern california with the rain and the snow there. we are going to see a little bit of a change in our weather pattern beyond tuesday. wednesday is the focus of our attention. this storm will be approaching on turkey travel day.
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rain arrives by wednesday afternoon, and then it spreads. thanksgiving off and on showers expected. thanksgiving won't be a complete washout if you do have plans. you are hoping the weather is nice. temperatures tomorrow morning, low 40s to the mid50s and you will see the areas that will remain up because of the winds. the places that are sheltered from the winds you are dropping 42 napa and 41 in san jose. bundle up for the early morning weekend plans and then for the afternoon i think you can enjoy the sunshine and the lighter winds. it will be breezy to windy in the north bay hills. low to mid60s and if you are heading to the big game, cal, stanford this coming saturday, kickoff and 58 by 4:00 p.m. the forecast featuring a lot of sunshine early next week as well. temperatures in the 60s and not as warm as today. bringing in rain by wednesday. thanksgiving off and on showers and then black friday
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is clearing it out if you are going to be luging the bags dan a and carolyn. >> that's good news. we like to hear that. let's switch gears and talk sports. >> larry beil is here. it is a bad bit of news. >> steph curry out. last thing they needed. it does not sound good at all.
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yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. steph curry sat out for the second straight game for the warriors in l.a. making it worse.
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curry is still experiencing headaches following the concussion on monday. even without kobe, the lakers were flying. alley-ooping with nick young for the throw down. second quarter and to andrew bogut. show and go and nicely done. the laker lead down to one. pao gasol goes for 24. he is putting him in the torture chamber. the lakers by nine at the half. trouble in the third and he lefd said he felt it pop. he cannot walk right now. he could be out for awhile. off the steal and coast to coast. warriors drop their 11 straight in l.a. 102-95. we will see if curry can play tomorrow night against portland. it was pure insanity in the south bay tonight. san jose state and navy down to the final frantic seconds. and then triple overtime. he is looking to become bowl eligible with a win over navy.
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the perfect touch on the fade. spar tans go up 30-24 in the fourth. navy up one. they let keenan reynolds. hits kyle young and they need the two-point conversion to tie and get it. chandler jones haul itself in and goes into overtime tied at 38. in triple-ot he runs for his seventh touchdown. seven. it is a record for a quarterback as navy wins a crazy game for him 58-52. can cal shock the world in the big game. 32-point favorites coming in. they will face a cal team that -- well they struggled all year. allowing 44 points per game. the question might be more emotional. can they really get up after seeing their rose
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bowl hopes? they are looking for their first win. >> we know it has b year and tough year and this could be a way to end it on a positive note. stanford has a great football team and it will be a challenge for us. our kids are excited and we had a great week of practice and we are preparing well. >> the energy seen around campus both here and berkeley before the game is pretty unique. itit is a great experience. it is one of the best rivalries in the country and it is an honor to represent stanford in the rivalry. >> our lineup tomorrow, 12:30 oregon and arizona and at baylor 5:00, baylor and oklahoma state and then all of the highlights around 8:30 on ou brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, larry. cats and dogs on display as a holiday tradition returns to union square. >> we will
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wake up weather. the fire danger is elevated and gusty winds. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s and lisa argen is here at 5:00 a.m. tracking the winds with live doppler 7hd. carolyn, dan? >> thank you. it is a san francisco holiday tradition. check this out jie. macy's and union square with the help of the san francisco spca unveiled their adoptable cats and dogs. >> dozens of people crowded around to see these critters looking for homes. over the past nine years they helped the spca raise more
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than $400,000 finding homes for 2300 animals. >> they will be hanging out at help t om and help them find a good home. coming up on jimmy kimmle next sara silverman. >> i'm ♪ [ man ] adventure, it means taking chances. it means trying something new. [ woman ] just, that uncertainty of what's to come. [ man ] just kidding. ♪ can you please stop doing that? ♪ [ woman ] you walk outside in brooklyn, and it's cement and broken glass. and this is just like... the opposite of that. ♪ [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage.
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previously on live bit with ali vincent. i went back to arizona with my mom. it's been awesome seeing my dad. my brother. oh hey ali, how you doing? my sister. hey boo. hello. hi! my grandma. take my picture if you'll photo shoot it and make me look ten years younger. and the whole family. it's also our five-year anniversary of my biggest loser win. so mom and i decided to go back to where it all started where


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