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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live, from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 24th. let's get started with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> carolyn, live doppler 7 hd is not picking up any moisture, that could be changing the closer we get to thanksgiving, but right now, cold temperatures to talk about. only in the 30s for parts of our valley, especially in the north bay, but even around concord this morning, low 40s at the coast and 50s closer to the bay, but by noontime, everyone warms up, mid 50s coast, 60s inland. another sunny and seasonably mild day today with mid 60s, maybe even a few upper 60s, so the winds have shifted the northeasterly component has dropped off, so we have more moisture in our air, but will that lead to rain? i'll let you know, carolyn? >> lisa, thank you. there is a historic nuclear agreement this morning between iran, the u.s., and five other world powers. it was reached early today, geneva time, after weeks of secret meetings and decades of diplomatic silence.
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some loud objections are coming from israeli leaders. sergio contana has the details. >> in geneva, switzerland, john kerry shakes hands with the delegation of diplomats, including the iranian foreign minister. this deal marks an important step in what has been a cold history with iran. >> for, what, 34 years, iran and the united states have not been able to talk to each other. >> at the white house, president obama said this agreement marks a promised new path for curbing iran's nuclear ambition. >> since i took office, i've made clear my determination to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> in this six-month agreement, iran will limit its uranium enrichment to nonweapons-grade level. to do that, they will dismantle portions of their centrifuge networks and dilute any weapons grade fuel that they have. they will also open their facilities to increased
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inspection. in return, iran will see eased sanctions that allow up to $4.6 billion in oil sales and $1.5 billion in sales of other goods, and the international community will not impose any new sanctions for six months. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been the biggest critic of these negotiations, saying tougher sanctions should continue, but secretary of state kerry says ignoring iran would encourage them to grow their nuclear program. >> we believe that you would wind up with an iran with bigger stockpiles, with more advanced centrifuges. >> all sides in this negotiation say this is the first step in a long process, and if iran does not comply, the country could see even stricter sanctions. abc 7 news. coming up at 8:00 on abc's "this week," george stephanopoulos will talk with secretary of state john kerry about this historic nuclear deal. that's this morning at 8:00
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right here on abc 7. and president obama will no doubt be asked about it when he comes to san francisco tomorrow. the president will visit the betty recreation center in chinatown to push for immigration reform. he'll also attend a fundraiser as the s.f. jazz center. stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the president's visit tomorrow. you can also get updates any time on twitter. follow us @abc 7newsbayarea. two buildings are gutted by fire this morning. you can see the huge flames in this video reported by an abc 7 news viewer yesterday afternoon. abc 7 news reporter lisa says the vintage buildings burned so quickly people barely had time to get out. >> massive flames and huge plumes of smoke billowed out of
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these buildings in pre sidio heights. the sight was shocking. >> they were so scared. i was a little nervous, and it looks like it was traveling quickly. >> firefighters attacked it from all sides, including the roof, the ground, and even from inside. the fire was everywhere. >> with the wood frame constructed buildings and zero property lines, when a fire starts in between two buildings, it gets into both buildings. >> there's heavy water damage inside and luna clothing store, but the fire devoured what was inside the offices and apartments on the upper floors of the buildings. >> i hosed my house down because i know with shingles and i'm hoping my trees, because i was worried about ashes. >> just about everyone on sacramento street was worried and scared. the owner of the italian bar first got customers out, then
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other business owners to evacuate. >> i run in, my safe is fire proof. but like i didn't even put one thing to the sink, knock on the door, go out, go out, run out. >> the fire didn't spread. there were no injuries and the cause is under investigation. in san francisco, abc 7 news. police in san jose are investigating the shooting death of a man last night. it happened at capitol park not far from interstate 680. police say they found a man between 18 and 20 years old lying on the ground with at least one gunshot wound. the victim did not have an i.d. police are still trying to figure out who he is. this was san jose's 44th homicide this year. the naacp wants four students accused of bullying their black roommate to face felony charges. the four freshmen, including
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joseph bumgarner, are charged with misdemeanor hate crime and battery. prosecutors say they used racial slurs against the student, decorated the rooms with nazi images, put a bike lock around his neck, and blocked him inside his room. the naacp wants the charges raised to felony imprisonment. bumgarner told authorities he only did all that because of peer pressure. a friend of the victim's said it was so bad they just don't speak about what happened. >> he doesn't like it, we know, and as friends we just try to surround him with friendship, people he can come to if he wants, but we just let him do his thing and we're just there for him if he needs us. >> san jose state university officials will meet with the naacp tomorrow to discuss racial tensions on campus. that storm that moved through the bay area last week is now moving east, at least eight people have died. four deaths reported in new mexico, four in texas.
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temperatures dropped to the 20s in new mexico yesterday, bringing icy roads that caused several accidents. it's not the only state being hit hard by this storm system. abc news reporter chuck severson has more. >> the powerful storm system is on the march across the country, heaping snow across the southwest all the way to the midwest. california got its first taste of heavy snowfall. the winter blast also swept over arizona. >> we definitely need it. it's good. we've been so dry. it's horrible. >> but for those outside, it's miserable. snow covered and icy roads have caused hundreds of accidents, some of them deadly. plows are on the move trying to stay one step ahead of the snowfall. heavy rains played a part in saturday morning's crash of singer willy nelson's tour bus outside dallas. three band members were hurt. it's not over yet, the storm will move to the northeast, bringing with it snow, freezing temperatures, and gusty winds,
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just in time for the busy thanksgiving travel season when over 40 million motorists are expected to hit the road. chuck severson, abc news, new york. >> as for the windstorms that swept through the bay area last week, crews are now cleaning up. that storm uprooted dozens of trees around the east bay. city crews are using chippers and power saws to clean up the branches and limbs. in rockridge, a crane was used to remove a cedar tree that fell against a house. it caused little damage. >> it is remarkable. i've been extremely fortunate. i have a whole bunch of antique glass near where the tree fell and hit the house and one plate fell off and broke and that was it. >> and in lake merit, that giant eucalyptus tree fell down. city crews say it's not a priority, they'll get to it when they can. high winds continue to be a problem for crews battling a wildfire in sonoma county. steep rugged terrain is making it tough to cut containment
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lines around the 3,000-acre fire near geyserville. right now, the fire still threatens a dozen buildings. a geothermal power plant in the area is no longer threatened, but a cooling tower was destroyed. cal fire officials also say a 190-acre fire near napa is now fully contained. meteorologist lisa argen here now talking about the all-important holiday forecast. >> yeah, we continue to cool off this morning, down to 30 degrees in santa rosa, so very chilly out there, and it is, of course, dry as a bone still. san francisco has a little bit of coastal fog. you are in the upper 40s. weill talk about the prospects of rain, the thanksgiving forecast, and the stay after all next. >> pretty sight there. also next, good news for holiday shoppers in san francisco. why streets near union square are opened, even though there's
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covering all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. happening today, members of three san francisco choral groups perform a benefit concert. the san francisco boys chorus, symphony chorus and opera chorus will perform at the cathedral of christ the light starting at 7:00. a $25 donation is suggested to
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help victims of supertyphoon haiyan. all proceeds will go to catholic relief services in the philippines. the final design for a suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge is nearing completion, but the money to build the life-saving safety net still needs to be found. the $5 million design is due to be finished in just a few months, but there's a report funding sources to construct the $50 million project must still be lined up. possible sources include the federal government, the metropolitan transportation commission, which paid for the design. some suggest collecting donations from tourists visiting the bridge. and a bow to the holiday shopping season. no construction around san francisco's union square for the rest of the year. crews have paved, relined, and reopened stockton street. the two blocks have been closed since last july for construction of the new central subway union
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square station. consumers welcomed the holiday moratorium. >> i think it's a great thing, it's our own little sidewalk. >> work is still going on under stockton street. by tomorrow, the tunnel will have been bored under union square, and that will mark a major milestone in the project. this holiday shopping season has already begun. the catalogs are arriving in the mail, amazon is sending out gift suggestions, so when is the best time to get the best deals? here's 7 on your side's michael finney with tips, deals, and steals for the holiday shopping season. >> retailers, offline and on, are being forced to up their game. tamara gaffney is with adobe, a leader with internet marketing and transactions. she says retailers are scrambling because there are six fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas.
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>> that could translate to as much as $1.5 billion of lost sales for retailers online, so they are going to be really anxious to get you out the door and shopping on thanksgiving day. >> and that's in part why thanksgiving thursday is becoming the new black friday. mark is with deal news and says black friday is really more of a time period than an actual day. >> black friday is the friday after thanksgiving, but black friday sales happen pretty much all week long. again, we analyze black friday sales for q4, october, november, december for 2011 and 2012 and averaged equality of the deals. >> and what they find are deals that are better before and after black friday. >> the best deals happen on thanksgiving. the second best day is the sunday before cyber monday. >> and for thanksgiving thursday, sales are looking up. adobe is predicting online sales to increase by 25%.
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and get this, often our online shopping will take place when we're in a store. >> if you think back to the last time we had such a short season, which was 2002, we had flip phones, we were on aol, using a net scape browser, it was a very different world. today we have the bargain hunter's weapon of choice, our mobile phone. >> so we'll be multitasking, looking not just at prices, but availability. even salespeople will use phones to help shoppers. >> they also may get personalized deals sent directly to their phones while they are in the store, so it's going to be completely different than anything they've seen before. >> really, honestly different? >> honestly different. >> here's one last tip, if you don't want to fight hard core crowds on black friday, expect most deals to go through the weekend. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. now if you're looking to add a new sweet something to your thanksgiving menu, renowned san
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francisco chef ryan scott has some great ideas. you might know ryan as the host of "food rush" on our live well network. here's ryan with a look at his "food rush" holiday challenge. >> it's that time of the year again when you have people over to the house for the holidays. i'm going to give you a simple dish with four ingredients that's sure to be a treat for the holiday season. this is my holiday chocolate bark with pretzels and pistachios. what i did here, take my chocolate chips that you can see. set it right on a bowl, leave it for ten minutes and let it melt. take a spatula, mix the chocolate just like so. you take your melted chocolate and literally just pour it in and on your sheet pan. okay, you smear this guy out just like so. my version of bark, it can be anything that you want, but what i like on it is pistachios and pretzels. salty, sweet, the whole thing is delicious. take pretzels, crumble them just like this right on top of your melted chocolate, pistachios, same thing, right over the top,
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and final little touch is a little bit of sea salt. 20 minutes to an hour in your fridge, and you are good. you'll find more festive recipes by tuning into the three holiday editions of "food rush." watch bakers compete to win the "food rush" holiday challenge. >> you can go to for ryan's holiday chocolate bark recipe. just click on "see it on tv," and tune in to the first of three "food rush" holiday challenges tonight at 8:00 on the live well network, comcast channels 195 and 715. episodes two and three air tomorrow and tuesday night at 8:30. so what are you cooking, good looking? >> our significant others do the hard work. >> exactly. we just cheer. >> yep, and you know what, not
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far away from feeling like thanksgiving, too, perhaps some rain as we get closer to the holiday. right now, all about the dry weather. the wind shift, of course, it's dry, but at least the winds are coming from on shore components so the fire danger has been lifted in the north bay and the gusty winds are gone. in fact, it is calm and cold. freezing in parts of the north bay. from our roof cameras, look how pretty that is, official sunrise is at 7:00 and looking at 50s in san francisco. everywhere else dropping into the low 40s. 39 in half moon bay, so much, much colder this morning. look at all the 30s from 30 in santa rosa, freezing in novato, it's staying in the upper 30s in concord and livermore sitting at 40 degrees. 24 hours ago we were well into the 50s and 40s around the bay. 14 degrees cooler at the coast with santa rosa leading the
6:21 am
trend. 26 degrees colder, but concord, you're feeling the chill, as well as oakland this morning. from our camera, you can see the view. there is fog out there from emeryville and the coast, so chilly north with some of the coastal low clouds, sunny and mild the next couple of days. more clouds move into the picture on tuesday and the possibility of rain, a couple of days next week as we get closer to thanksgiving, but the key is an area of low pressure, how close that will get to the coast. so this was the rain and wind maker that continues to trek to the east, bringing a lot of rough weather to the southern plains. high pressure keeping fair weather throughout much of the west coast, once again. so we will have sunny conditions and a bit of a sea breeze this afternoon. here's the outlook for thanksgiving. the day before thanksgiving, it's an area of low pressure that sits off the coast. it has been trending further and further away from the coast, so that has allowed for the chances of rain to become a little less
6:22 am
significant. so we were thinking, i was thinking about a half inch, now just looking at a chance come wednesday and thursday. and by friday, looks like high pressure is going to build back in, bringing more mild and dry weather into that long holiday weekend. 64 in oakland today, as well as concord and palo alto. another sunny afternoon going from about 30 to 65 in santa rosa today. 67 in cloverdale. oakland in the mid 60s. should be a nice afternoon and the tree lighting continues, pier 39, again, this evening. here's the seven day forecast. dry and mild today and tomorrow, and into tuesday we'll look for the increasing clouds wednesday. shower chances for wednesday, thursday, and maybe into friday, but notice the coolest day will be on thanksgiving. abc 7 news has another great weather resource, follow us on twitter for the latest bay area
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weather conditions, rain or shine, plus get video forecast, power outage info and tweets from your favorite weather team. >> for the sake of all those folks traveling for the holidays, i hope the weather cooperates. >> yes, in our little corner of the world. >> definitely. thank you, lisa. i saw this movie "catching fire" is heating up the ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪
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♪ that's my kind of holiday. with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go!
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♪ that's my kind of holiday. well, "catching fire" isn't just the name of the new hunger games movie. it's also a description of its scorching box office numbers. the movie made more than $70 million in the u.s. on thursday and friday alone. international ticket sales topped $64 million combined. that's a few million more than it cost to make the movie. analysts expect "catching fire" to top $150 million in the u.s. for the entire weekend. well, ski season in tahoe is officially here. yesterday heavenly and north star resorts opened with limited operations. heavenly was supposed to open friday, but strong winds delayed that plan. tomorrow, kirkwood mountain resort will also open, like the two other resorts, kirkwood will make artificial snow to mix with snowfall.
6:27 am
mt. rose and squaw valley open on wednesday. up next on the abc 7 sunday morning news, it's a game that nobody finds funny. the warning that police are issuing across the u.s. and later, holy bat kid, san francisco. how the young caped crusader is now giving back more than a week after his bay area
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welcome back, everyone, starting this half hour with a look at the weather. >> gorgeous shot from mt. cam, you can see the low clouds and fog, so that has returned to parts of the north bay and also the coast, so we are looking at cooler temperatures, that onshore flow returning today. cooler temperatures this morning, but by the afternoon, nice and mild again. san francisco at 61. plenty of 40s from san jose and redwood city. 39 at half moon bay and patchy frost near santa rosa and napa.
6:31 am
plan for the afternoon, nor sunshine, upper 50s from the coast to the low 60s, but we're not stopping there. mid 60s around the bay in the inland spots today, as well. if you like this kind of weather, we are looking at possibility of some rain headed your way before thanksgiving and the thanksgiving forecast is coming up. carolyn? >> thank you. governor jerry brown isn't saying yet whether he'll run for a fourth term. the filing deadline comes up in march, but "the los angeles times" reports one key clue. the governor has been adding to his campaign war chest, which stood at $13 million last july. since then, brown has collected an additional $4.2 million, before expenses. and governor brown typically keeps those expenses down by relying heavily on volunteers and old friends during his campaigns. alameda county voters will once again be asked to approve a sales tax increase, but this
6:32 am
time the tax hike would have a time limit. you might remember that voters narrowly rejected a similar proposal last year, measure b-1 missed by just 721 votes. it would have permanently raised the sales tax from a half cent to a full cent to pay for freeway and transit projects. members of the county transportation commission tell our media partner, the bay area news group, they'll try again next november with a tax measure that would expire after 30 years. some changes coming to the post office next year. the cost of a stamp is going up again. the one-cent hike will kick in on january 26th, making a single first class stamp 47 cents. this is the second year in a row the price of a first class stamp has gone up. police all over the country are warning people about a dangerous trend. groups of young men randomly attacking people in what's being
6:33 am
called the knockout game. the attackers literally try to knock out their unsuspecting victims. abc news reporter deidre bryant has more. >> it's being called the game of knockout, but there's no fun in this game for its unsuspecting victims. groups of primarily young men have been seen attacking people randomly and knocking them to the ground with one blow. >> that's crazy that's what people do in their spare time. not a hobby, let's knock somebody the heck out. it's crazy. >> the attacks have taken place in different cities with different victims. last year in pittsburgh, a 50 year old english teacher was struck and knocked down to the curb. a 15 year old was arrested for that attack and several attacks have taken place in new york city. the latest, a 78-year-old woman who was punched in the head. police made an arrest after flooding the area with additional patrols. new york activists, the reverend al sharpton spoke out against the attack.
6:34 am
>> i mean, this kind of insane, thuggery. there's nothing cute about that. there's no game play about that. knocking somebody out is not a game! >> at least two deaths have been linked to the attacks this year. one psychologist said the attackers may be doing this to impress their friends, then bragging online about their violent deeds because of the publicity the attacks are getting. but in a new york city neighborhood near where an attack occurred, this woman described the assailants differently. >> i think they are cowards. >> deidre bryant, abc news, new york. >> yesterday, new york city police arrested a 28-year-old man on charges of assault as a hate crime after a 24-year-old says he was punched in the face. they are investigating whether it was one of those knockout assaults. new fallout this morning after an e-mail was leaked suggesting using images of less attractive women to recruit
6:35 am
female soldiers. politico obtained the e-mail and in it, a colonel wrote, in general, ugly women are perceived as competent, while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead. she now agreed to step aside from her leadership role in gender integration. a second colonel was also suspended. needy families could be the losers after thieves stole a stockpile of food donations from a sacramento church. that food was meant to be given out as thanksgiving meals. some time last week, burglars crashed through a gymnasium window at the christ temple apostolic church and stole turkeys with the trimmings like potatoes and yams. much of the food was collect by a youth minister from her coworkers at uc davis. >> i called the church to tell them i got more donations and that's when i found out everything else was gone.
6:36 am
>> well, since news of the theft broke, people have been flooding in with new donations hoping to replace what was taken. we are just days away from thanksgiving and food banks in the south bay say they don't have enough turkeys. in san jose, second harvest food bank has 6,500 turkeys this season. you would think that's a lot, but they need at least 12,000. sacred heart community service hopes for several more hundred turkeys, as well. we have put a link to both organizations on our website. if you can help, go to and look for "see it on tv." st. anthony's in san francisco hopes to collect 1,000 turkeys before thanksgiving. the church group kicked off its annual curbside donation drive yesterday. st. anthony's expects a record number of diners this year. their curbside service will accept turkeys and canned goods through thursday. happening today, the families of two oakland natives who became nfl stars have organized their seventh annual turkey giveaway.
6:37 am
the families of seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch, shown here, and cincinnati bengals quarterback josh johnson will hand out the turkeys and read letters from the two players. donated turkeys and side dishes will be given out on a first come, first serve basis, so you might want to arrive a couple of hours early. the turkey give away begins at 3:00 at oakland tech high school located at broadway and 45th street. ahead on the abc 7 sunday morning news, a bay area retailer calls a truce in what some see as an annual war on christmas. and here's a live look from our explore toirm cam. beautiful. the sunrise should be coming up about 7:00 this morning, according to lisa argen. she's got your accu weather she's got your accu weather forecast in just a few. to those who've been denied equal access to health care... welcome to covered california.
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now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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just a few days ago, san francisco came through in a big way for a boy who wanted to be batman for a day.
6:41 am
5-year-old miles scott, who's in remission from leukemia. well, the bat kid is now getting back to being a normal kid in his hometown, but the good from that amazing day continues. the local make a wish chapter hopes to grant 357 this year. miles' wish was not a fundraiser, but make a wish has already received $10,000 from t-shirt sales and that money will help fund more wishes. miles has inspired his school to hold a fundraiser for make a wish this week. all the kids will dress as super heros, and bat kid's family has set up a fund to help other families. >> they are setting up a bat kid fund to help the three charities most helpful to miles during his recovery. now that he's in remission, they want to give back. >> the bat kid's fund is part of
6:42 am
the 49ers foundation. you can learn more by going to and looking under "see it on tv." tomorrow, the bat kid and his family will be on "good morning america" for an exclusive interview. you can catch it right here on abc 7 tomorrow morning at 7:00. it's nice to know that this is the gift that keeps on giving there. >> yeah, speaking of gifts, i can't find that t-shirt. you want that t-shirt from me for christmas. it's a tough one. >> it is. >> not tough to look at this, beautiful shot outside. we are looking at temperatures this morning, quite chilly. look what's poking up underneath the fog, and the view, we've got the frost in the north bay and fog here. i'll put it all together for you, including your thanksgiving forecast, and a big shopping day coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the big game became an even bigger game for stanford as the cardinal blow out cal.
6:43 am
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the controversy over how retailers should label their ads. one local retailer is in the middle of the controversy over merry christmas, versus happy holidays. it's the busiest shopping time of the year, and when retailers try to lure consumers, the american family association wants their advertising to say "merry christmas" rather than "happy holidays." we talked with the president of the conservative organization via skype. >> people buy gifts for christmas, and that's a tradition that we exchange gifts on that particular day, so there's nothing wrong with acknowledging christmas in your promotions and in your advertising and your greetings. >> his organization issues an annual naughty or nice list of
6:46 am
companies, and for the first time, san francisco-based gap is listed as nice. no decorations up yet at the stores we stopped by, but wildman is declaring victory for a policy change after years of talks with the gap. >> they are going to make a conscious effort to say merry christmas in their advertising and stores. >> gap is not admitting to bowing to pressure, simply saying in a statement, this season we're including a number of seasonal greetings, such as merry christmas, happy hanukkah, and joyous kwanzaa in our messaging to customers. veteran ad exec thinks a more inclusive message is the way to go. >> i go to happy holidays, you know why? in this community, there are thousands of muslims and jewish people. >> shoppers we talked to seem fine with either greeting. >> i don't really see it -- to
6:47 am
me, it doesn't bother me either way. i can say merry christmas or happy holidays. or, i don't know, something in another language. >> gap says they are not changing their policy, you know, they've said christmas before and, in fact, we saw a commercial from last year that did include the words merry christmas, along with other greetings, including happy kwanzaa. before we get to those hoiltd we have one everyone can agree on, which is thanksgiving. i think so. >> we do have the possibility of some rain headed our way before thanksgiving. how much? well, we'll have to wait and see. for now, we can give you a projection of that. live doppler 7 hd, it is clear in the north bay, frosty there, but we have fog that has returned to san francisco, so that means the onshore ingredients are back. the northeasterly flow has weakened, so the drier air is
6:48 am
gone. usually with warmer air, we are looking at slower cooling, but that didn't happen, because we've dropped off to near 30 degrees in the north bay this morning, but the view shows that moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere. that's the fog. 51 degrees san francisco. 43 in oakland, 46 in redwood city. los gatos is as 40. half moon bay, chilly this morning, 41 degrees. san jose, nice and clear with low 40s for you. look at all the 30s in the north bay from santa rosa. napa's at 34. freezing in novato. still at 38, concord. livermore, good morning to you, 40 degrees. we are looking at temperatures this morning big time cooling, 10 degrees cooler at the airport. 13 degrees cooler than this time yesterday, half moon bay, but santa rosa was at 60 yesterday. that's why you have the 26-degree drop there from this time yesterday to right now. we are looking at 12 degrees of cooling in concord, and here's the view from our camera.
6:49 am
look at the fog. yeah, it is definitely present out there, and allowing for a great start in the city in parts of southern marin and emeryville. chilly north and we're looking at the clouds this morning. we will have a sunny afternoon, sea breeze returns, but everyone will warm up to near average readings, except in the north bay, looks like you'll be warmer than that. average high in santa rosa, about 61. that rain and wind has relaxed as this heads out of town. high pressure keeping it sunny and pleasant today. once again, we're getting back into this routine with temperatures fairly mild, starting out chilly, but by the afternoon, look at all the 60s returning from chico to sacramento and even on the coast. half moon bay and santa cruz close to that, swem. upper 60s in san jose. starting out at 14 at the tahoe
6:50 am
valley airport. 46 later on. great for snow making, but mother nature not helping out too much until maybe wednesday, where we have some coastal rain. not going to make it into the sierra nevada, but thanksgiving, we have this wrap around slow. now it's pulling further away from the coast, that means less rain if we do see any. was looking an inch, half inch, now it's chance category wednesday and thursday. that's now, though, could change. 64 in oakland, 55 san jose, with mid 60s in napa. look for 65 in the livermore valley and we are looking at a great afternoon at oakland with tennessee in town with the raiders hosting. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. your seven day forecast, little change tomorrow. tuesday, some clouds. chance of showers wednesday into thanksgiving day, then that ridge builds back friday and saturday. so kind of been teasing us with the rain, but we'll see what
6:51 am
happens. >> all right. well, you already talked about sports, rookie matt mcgloin will make his career start. oakland hosts the tennessee titans at the coliseum. kickoff, 1:05. the niners are in washington tomorrow night. ninth ranked stanford will have to wait a week to find out where they'll play arizona state in the pac-12 championship game. yesterday, the cardinal clinched a spot in the conference title game by blowing out -- no exaggeration, they blew out cal, in the 116th big game. >> well, the 116th big game was a big rout as stanford wins their fourth straight over cal. they are back in the rose bowl picture thanks to arizona. stanford seniors have never lost to cal, taking up residence, career day, ready to bust out with this end around. 31 yards, 7-0, stanford.
6:52 am
cal answered. breaks the bears' single season record for passing yards. ties it at seven, but he left with a shoulder injury. kevin hogan, no td passes the last five games, finds some today. hogan threw for a career high 329 yards. finally we reach the second quarter. hogan dumps it off to montgomery and he does the rest. 72 yards, 28-10, cardinal. then sets a record with his fifth touchdown of the game, 11 seconds left in the half. corner of the end zone, stanford hangs on with a 63-14 victory. cal ends their dreadful season 1-11. >> i don't have much to say, you know, it is what it is. wish it was better. it's on me, you know, all i can say. >> all we talked about was the axe, the rivalry, the legacy of the big game, and we talked about the guys that play in this game. you get memorialized to a certain degree.
6:53 am
we also talked about you can have summer internships and jobs here, you want to be able to say you kept the axe. >> arizona beat oregon, so stanford and arizona state will play in the pac-12 title game on december 7th. warriors hosting portland with steph curry back in the lineup. both losses for golden state. blazers come to town with nine straight wins. curry back. iguodala is out after pulling a hamstring friday night in l.a. portland started strong. damian lillard drills a three to tie the game at nine. klay thompson knocks down a three in the second, but he would foul out of the game. curry got hot in the third. opens up a nine-point lead for the warriors. then game the fireworks. locked up with joel freeland. williams takes a shot at bogut. we have ourselves a little scrum. nobody hurt, of course. they'd get back to basketball. portland took over and outscored 42-18 in the last 15 minutes.
6:54 am
aldridge had 30 points, 21 rebounds. warriors have lost three straight. sharks hosting the devils, first period, drills it in from the point, top shelf on future hall of famer martin brodeur. 1-0, san jose. still in the first. no-look pass to tyler kennedy. his third of the year. 2-0, sharks, and san jose would hold on for a 2-1 victory. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. up next, getting into the christmas spirit. some of the first signs of the season in the bay area. and where you can see a
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
mickey mouse and friends helped light the christmas tree last night at pier 39 in san francisco. abc 7's spencer christian also on hand to help with the special celebration, as were hundreds of parents and kids. and this year there's a twist. there are two days of holiday magic. a second tree lighting will be held tonight at 6:00. the festivities kick off at noon. abc 7, pier 39, and disneyland resort will bring you a special presentation of pier 39's tree lighting celebration next sunday, december 1st, at 4:30 here on abc 7.
6:58 am
let's get a final check of the forecast with lisa. >> well, it is certainly cold in the north bay, 30 right now in santa rosa. fog in san francisco that will lift, 64 later on today for the raiders, 64 in fremont. the forecast, no big changes through the early part of the week. maybe rain on wednesday and a chance on thanksgiving. >> maybe. >> maybe. all right, that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc 7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa arg
6:59 am
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for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. good morning, america. this morning -- breaking overnight. historic deal. america and five other countries reach a landmark nuclear agreement with iran. >> they cut off iran's most likely path to a bomb. >> so, does this make the world a safer place? israel and even some in congress say no. holiday havoc. a huge storm barrelling across america may mean travel turmoil for thanksgiving, the millions who could be impacted this week. ginger has the forecast. lucky to be alive, a man counting his blessings this morning. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime story. i got pictures and nobody will believe it. >> how the driver came just inches from losing his life in a freak accident.


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