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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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black skirt home from the hospital. >> he's excited to be >> he does not identify as fael or female. the 18-year-old received second and third degree burns after his skirt was lit on fire. a 16-year-old faces felony assault and mayhem charge was hate crime enhancements. his parents say they would like thomas tried as a juvenile. mriem yary concern is getting his life back to normal. that is already talking about joining
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ball room dancing club. >> we're just hoping that something good will come out of this. that this kind of intolerance, people will realize you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean have you a right to tack them. >> sasha returns to classes next week. >> an alameda man is in custody ask a firefighter recovering after a fire at an apartment building. it happened on briggs avenue near fernside this morning. abc7 news is live tonight. >> absolutely. you know have been tight lipped about the information but they did say that that man had been held on a psychiatric hold the man admits to starting this two-alarm fire and reduced this
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fourplex to plywood and stucco. thick flames jetted from the roof of this apartment building. to make their way out with nothing more than clothes on their backs. >> i take full responsibility >> among the first of the residents told abc7 news he was responsible for starting the blaze. some neighbors jump from theed roof to escape being burned he says kids would make jokes and bully him. he used a lighter to start the fire. >> hate was delivered on me. i had hate too. >> police arrested the 45-year-old on suspicion of arson and tell us he had been released from a 24 hour psychiatric hold >> we're lucky nobody was killed. >> residents used daylight to salvage what they can. some speaking out, frustrated they feared their neighbor could be dangerous, trying to get
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help. >> we reached out to every avenue between property management and police department. between section eight, he went to john george. here he is. >> in this tragedy there was triumph. this good samaritan brought food, water and toilet tris from a market. joe trimbell owns that market. >> it's like middle america here in the bay area. >> middle america extending arms to hold brothers and sisters in need tighter. >> not just one individual made a poor choishgs it -- choice, it could have been prevented. >> officials put the damage in neighborhood of $800,000. >> a man learned today he will not face criminal charges for starting a wildfire near mount diablo. the fire burned 3100
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acres starting back on september 8th the man had been shooting a rifle on his family's land investigators believe a bullet hit a rock starting a fire in dry brush they say the man tried to put out the fire. >> a veteran police officer faces felony charges accused of writing bogus tickets to get revenge. police arrested the officer last night, prosecutors say he wrote name. chavez is free on bail. >> in san francisco, right now, residents remembering a very dark day in the city's history. 35 years ago today that mayor moscon sxichlt supervisor harvey milk were shot and killed by former supervisor dan white.
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today's commemoration includes a march and speeches by local dignitaries. this is the first remembrance of the fateful day. a second event, another march begins just before 7:00. let's listen for just a moment. >> in which we had had strangeness of jim jones which i hoped some of you remember, a local minister, who took a thousand people into the jungle in south america, and then, fed them kool aid to have a mass suicide. that is pretty strange, also. harvey's legacy is that he was able... >> carolyn silver was on the hit list i remember a reporter just starting in the business i remember that day very well. very sad day in our history. >> police cited six people for disrupting business at the port
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of oakland today officers moved truck drivers and supporter as way from entrances this morning. these demonstrators pushing for better pay and financial help in order to comply with new air emissions stand scombrardz claim local leaders left them no choice but to try to disrupt business at the port. >> our goal to slow the lines. that now knot allow iow to get here and work, service these trucks and also, slow lines down not allow trucks to get in here. with empties and come back out, loaded. >> somewhat do they want? they want financial assistance to buy new, or upgraded trucks in order to comply with air standards going into affect january 1st. oakland mayor says the port, as well as state and regional agencies allocated to help upgrades to rigs.
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>> workers at oakland international airport are planning to walk off the job, striking over low wages if you're flying out you may need to bring a snack instead of picking up food at the airport. >> this is get away day. air traffic is moving smoothly tonight in all bay area airports this, is live peck tour now of san francisco international airport. that is where abc7 carolyn tyler joins us. >> i can tell thu. it's not turned into nightmare some people feared because of the bad weather back east. the day before thanksgiving used to be busiest travel day of the year. but last friday came through. >> we're fully prepared so it's
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all hands on deck type of mode airline airports. groups are staffed to max. to meet these volumes today oochl and to help soothe nerves, every terminal has live music. >> i went oh, my gosh. look. wonderful. >> most passengers told us the same thing, even those arriving from weather-challenged regions but there was a witness of travel turbulence for this aircraft mechanic who flew in from charleston. >> after that, it went well. >> might be slow coming to the airport to pick up loved ones. we ran into slow traffic two and a half miles from sfo. short term parking is a breeze but long term is tough. there is still overflow space. if you're stressed out by holiday travel,
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you might want to just take a moment or so. enjoy what most airports don't offer. >> i think it's great to hear jazz playing and a perfect time of the year for it. >> happy thanksgiving. abc7 news. >> and unlike airports, traffic on the roads are a mess tonight this, is a live picture of interstate 80 in berkeley. i mean look at this. it's folks trying to get away this looks like friday night on steroids. pretty bad. south bay looking live, traffic is is a little bit better, but nearby in milpitas, just stop and go. >> nightmare, right? >> all right we have a lot more to get to this wednesday night. coming up bay area paramedics flashlights, siren buzz not for an emergency. plus... >> then, parachute pops out like a flower. flying high. some
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students turning into nasa astronauts. >> and michael finney teams up with consumer reports to reveal the must have electronic gadgets in time for black friday shopping.
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walgreens stores lending relief to typhoon effort in the philippines. collecting money for the victims. been collected. we have a choice of three demom nations, $one, $five or $ten. give to it cash years. they van it and goes into a fund for the relief
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>> you can donate cash as registers as well. >> people do nice things for others they used an ambulance to drop off donated food they spent a weekend outside of of a supermarket asking for donations. >> they get into the business to help people. as a provider for the county we have resources to do that is other means. >> and as you know, more donations are needed. san francisco food bank is in need of cash gifts since $one donated let's them buy $five worth of food. >> it's that time of the year when people have trouble controlling themselves at the dinner table. the typical meal weighs in at 4500 calories mer
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than twice the recommended amount for adult men and women you might as well have two medium pepperoni petes yaz by yourself. or, seven whoppers from burger king or 37 chicken drum sticks from kfc. or head to cheesecake factory and from fried macaroni and cheese, and beef ribs, all to yourself remember that is the equivalent of a typical meal. nutritionists say you shouldn't deprive yourself. instead eat small servings and don't feel obligated to take a little bit of everything. >> it's slightly bigger than a bread box and high in orbit. maybe you've heard of cube satellites. now, nasa is looking for more efficient ways to bring them back down. as win freedman finds out they're finding new
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talent as well. >> working for the future obscures a past. >> this building was once the mission analysis division. >> since 1960s turned ferries into working hardware. now, students into nasa scientists. >> we have people that are naturally good. with their hands and i like to cultivate as well as guy that's do top of the test scores. >> marcus, a man wearing multiple hats. >> we've gone back to larger modem. >> nasa, he sell develops cube satellites right now. he teaches propulsion then bringing best, and brightest of the students to work here. >> i didn't do heavy calculations. to figure out the betas but i just looked and helped out and lent a hand.
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>> he's talking about tracking this. a small cube satellite launched from international space station this month. on board, an experimental parachute type device used to deploy and bring it back home fast without the use of retro rockets. >> idea is that we're developing a birdie. so it's, it doesn't take much to slow down. most is is at the top of the atmosphere. >> it's a novel concept and possibly advanced of flying down and having it burn through atmosphere. imagine a self directed parachute dropped from space to a designated target. their proof is orbiting now. and slowing now. it returns to earth next month. whether succeeds or fails is part of a teach proing is hes the win as one generation teaches another. >> is this paying it forward or
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backward? >> forward. >> at nasa aims wayne freedman abc7 news. >> he's right. >> well, hope you're ready holiday shopping season usually starting friday gets going toechlt many will be shopping for electronics. >> i think they're all on the freeway now. >> consumer reports teamed up with seven on your side. >> yes. they're on the highway. >> yes. >> consumer reports says consumer reports has great gadget gift ideas. >> stores are packed this time of the year. for those using a phone to shoot videos a camera is a great gift.
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>> action cam can go or not go. you can strap to biking or skiing and get live open shots. >> for movie lovers who want great sound, testers have perfect solution. a sound wall. >> flat screens have best sound. they're too flat to set speakers inside this, will give you better sound for your television. >> consumer reports recommends the play bar for $700. wireless speakers a great way to listen on devices. consumer reports recommends that tdk live on record for $150. for people want to stream media into tv... >> google chrome cast is a flash-drive sized device. you can stream videos to tv. >> and the google chrome cast is
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just $35. for little ones this $52 turtle from cloud b is a fun toy serving as a night night as your child drifts off to dreamland. those who shop black friday weekend last year were happy with their success. and consumer reports poll two out of three said they got the deals they wanted. about a quarter said they didn't but they still found other bargains so apparently we line up and say i'll take that. >> thank you. >> all right >> well, will weather hold for thanksgiving holiday? >> sandhya patel has the answer. >> very quiet you know we having in to be thankful for tomorrow. and right
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now, we'll talk weather. clouds not gathering anyone. we're looking at rain, snow, wind. and numerous if you're traveling still, last minute travel they still have winter storm warnings going. so tomorrow, heading to grandma's house or somewhere, you don't have to worry about fog. that is often a concern. a slight chance of showers but not until friday morning. etc. 59
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oakland now. comfortable in los gatos. gorgeous sfru our east bay hills camera. peaks of cloudy skies, 58 santa rosa. 60 degrees now in napa. upper 50s in concord and livermore. the view more cloud cover to the north. partly cloudy tonight. dry thanksgiving. i'm talking about the weather not the turkey. don't worry. weekend, much colder weather coming your way next week. so this is a storm dry for holiday weekend. but including black friday. looking at the forecast for thanksgiving, tomorrow morning, high clouds, if you're driving out, it's going to start to clear out. mostly sunny skies for afternoon. looblging at a quick beach statement, you're going to go check out waves. right here, how about hawaii?
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some there is a large westerly flow building. tomorrow morning cloud cover keeping temperatures up. 40s and 50s into afternoon looking at temperatures close to today, low to upper 60s, sunny skies for thanksgiving. and beyond thanksgiving for your holiday weekend, keeping you into 60s, plenty of sunshine for shoppers, something to brighten the day as you head out. well, shopping will put new a good mood. right? early and middle part of the week. accu-weather forecast is showing a colder pattern shaping up slight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. but it's not looking promising now. what is looking promising is that weather will be turning much cooler here in the bay area. so you'll need to start pulling out your winter clothing into december des until then, i'm not cooking so when can i come over?
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>> any time you wish. >> thank you. >> i'm abc7 news sandhya patel. back to you. happy thanksgiving. all of you out there. >> thank you. >> you too. >> coming up a reminder abc7 news weather app has latest alerts down loaded free of charge. >> and coming up next, the skunk that was stuck. and good samaritan that's helped set it free >> changes in the ski industry making it easier, and cheaper to get equipment and buy lift
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people being told to stay out of the water in sausalito after 50,000 gallons of waste water spilled into the bay. this sewage came from an eight inch, 240 foot long pipe on the home on ridgeway clogged with grit
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and other objects like rags and baby wipes. it's a huge problem those baby wipes. >> smelly, too. boy. well, a platter of scrambled eggs and a mouse and yogurt and water offered to a skunk. the skunk trapped alongside a classroom. it had been there since sunday some students were seen throwing rocks at it. those meanies. two other students tried to rescue it. they were sprayed by the skunk. police and animal welfare services saved the skunk. wild live services shared this video with us. students were allowed to free it on an open field. >> this story is sweet this, one doesn't smell bad. take a look at the budser buzzer beater.
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>> oh, my gosh, he made it! wow! >> one second left in the game, this senior, take a look at this, he teams the ball from well beyond mid court and goits in the team won, remaining undefeated which is why it was a thrilling moment. >> good stuff. >> goose bumps watching that. >> we have more, coming up next a chef g
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at on the way for a man whose wife death left him with four young
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children to raise. and a palo alto man is still detained in north korea. >> and a man with plenty to give thanks for. a stranger helps restore his eye sight. that is coming up in a half hour at 6:00. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> see you then f you're planning on making a ginger bread house this year, who isn't? here is inspiration for you. >> what? >> today the westin st. francis hotel unveiled it's sugar castle. >> wow. the castle first created by a pastry chef in 2005. >> every year he adds re. this year look for elf figures and famous people. such as bruce lee and walt disney with mickey mouse. >> i plan to eat one. >> i'd like to see you bake.
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>> thanks for joining us. from all of us here, thanks for watching welcome to "world news." tonight homeward bound. millions of americans navigate through nasty weather to get home for thanksgiving, airports jammed with passengers, roads slick with snow and ice, and news tonight about macy's giant parade balloons. white house warning, another beg setback for the obama care website tonight and the worry about what could happen this weekend. recipe for disaster, thanksgiving dinner and the biggest cause of house fires over the holiday. america strong, the superstar chef who traded his luxury restaurant for a soup kitchen. good evening. diane is off tonight.


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