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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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rally like they did 35 years ago. this is where they will all converge tonight for one big rally. so, let me take you back to that terrible shocking day 35 years ago. >> both mayor moscon sxichlt supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> chris mosconi was only 16 when a police officer told him his dad was killed.. >> i said what is going on? he said son, you don't know? your father has expired. those are the words he said. i never heard someone say that. >> november 27, 1978. dan white, a former firefighter elected to the board of supervisors shot and killed the two men. he had resigned from the board this month, but now, wanted his seat back. white was angry mosconi
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refused to reappoint him. instead of going through metal detectors white slipped in through a door in the basement, willie brown was then a state assemblyman meeting with mosconi in the mayor's office, he left 45 seconds before white entered >> we're having coffee and george said, you know, how doi just tell this guy it's over? etc.? i got to do it. and i walked out, white walked in. >> reporter: brown would learn he was also on the death list. white encountered harvey milk. gay riefts activist cleve jones just met with harvey milk that morning. >> harvey sent me home to get a file from hi apartment. i came back and saw his body. >> a tearful board of supervisors president, dianne feinstein broke the news. tens of thousands attended a march
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and rally that night. chris mosconi says he's proud of his father's legacy but misses him as a father. >> i'm so sad he wasn't able to see us grow up and his grandkids what. mattered to him was his friends and family. >> white turned himself in, tried on first degree murder charges. his defense argued that his actions were caused by severe depression, blaming junk food that, is why his defense became known as twinkie defense the jury convicted him of voluntary manslaughter a unpopular decision. white served time, paroleed and later committed suicide. an east bay teenager made it home for thanksgiving holiday.
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sasha flieshman suffered burns after being set on fire nearly a month ago. now we have more on the home coming. laura? >> this has been a painful month for sasha flieshman. but now, is he home with family, it's a family that expects to have a very thankful, happy holiday. sasha arrived here in the family car, just about 2:30 this afternoon, after checking out of the burn unit. at st. francis hospital. the family went into the house, sasha is expected to make statements tomorrow. but today was for getting home, and resting. the family provided with us a still photo after arriving here, his dad says the teen chose a black skirt to wear home from the hospital and told us for the maybeck high school senior just riding home from the hospital was exciting. >> sasha is excited to see the sky, and to see the traffic signals and just, the real world
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for the first time in three weeks. >> just hoping something good will come out of this, you know? this kind of intolerance will be, people will realize you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean you that you a right to attack them. >> now, sasha is bandaged but still expected to make a full recovery. he hopes to be back in classes as soon as next week. and the 18-year-old's father told us sasha will probably ride the bus again, but not alone, in the future with friends. we're hoping to hear again from sasha tomorrow. in oakland abc7 news. >> nice, sasha can be home for thanksgiving. thank you so much. right now in an east bay high school a game that has very special meaning. a man who lost his wife to cancer shortly after they adopted four children is
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being honored and ep heped tonight. they're raising money on his behalf. tonight the story, the response has been incredible. >> reporter: incredibly touching dan. the game scheduled to begin at 7:30 at the gym. this community here in walnut creek is doing what is right they're taking care of a guy who took care of them for so long, as the varsity basketball coach here. they're turning this traditional game into a fund-raiser for jeff loving and his family. this is a guy who with, his wife, put themselves in financial debt to bring home four oerans from ethiopia. shortly after, his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. she died this month, leaving jeff alone to raise the four children. they have had incredible support from the church and community but just as toughest part is when the kids
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are asleep in bed at night and he is alone. this interview was extremely emotional, especially when his 2-year-old son interrupted to check on his dad. watch. >> hoping this, we miss brenda incredibly. and her absence painful. it's hard. it's been hard on all of us. >> are you sad, daddy? >> yes. i'm sad. sad to lose mommy. >> me and a veteran photographer don't get choked up too often but this was difficult. redeeming part comes tonight the community puts on a fund-raiser. it's a game featuring varsity players versus
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alumni players jeff loving played as a varsity, alum any and will be coaching i if you think that clip was emotional, watch my story tonight at 11:00. >> that is emotional. thank you so much we'll be thinking of the family on thanksgiving thank you very much. contra costa county district attorney today decided not to prosecute the gun owner who sparked a fire in september the fire burned 3100 acres along morgan canyon road started when the man was target shooting and one bullet casings hit a rock and caused a spark. a spark fire broke out a thousand feet away and just blew out of control. according to the investigation, the shooter was at a firing range on his own property, and was not violating any laws. >> well, a shocking confession from a man rescued by firefighters from a burning apartment building. the
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two-alarm fire started overnight and quickly engulfed the building. several people had to be rescued including david prado he made this confession to abc7 news. >> i'm the one that started it. i take full responsibility. >> what happened? i'm not crazy. they tried to make me think i was crazy. >> the 47-year-old was arrested for arson. residents say he'd been causing problems several days and was put on a psychiatric hold over the weekend but returned home within 24 hours. for seven people who lived in the building managed to get out. many worried they've lost everything this, afternoon they were back trying to sift through remains for their belongings. >> this will be a thanksgiving filled with worry and sadness for a palo alto family. they've not heard from 85-year-old merrill newman on vacation there, when suddenly pulled off of a plane not allowed to leave. despite what you might think, americans are allowed to travel
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to north korea, and abc7 news is here with a look at what happens once you get there. >> reporter: well, the state department warns against all travel to north korea, i went online and found pop ups offering deals to that country. we spoke to two people who have been there. they told us once you get there, there is no deviation from script given by the north korean government. this is the second tallest mountain in north korea. people enjoy scenery, food, and shopping. tourists are allowed to shoot video and take pictures. >> i just want to see the world. >> lynn from san francisco spent two weeks in north korea on a guided tour. touring her stay, the group had three minders following them. >> we had breakfast, lunch, dinner together. we toured together. so for morning until evening, they were with us. >> she and others were handed a list of dos and don'ts, included
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no talking to the local people. >> how to ask, what to say, what not to say. >> any photo had to include the entire monument. meaning no close ups or cropping allowed. there was no escaping idols, the ruling family. she's a retired history teacher who lectures about countries melrrill newman attended one lecture. >> he, too was a curious person, interested in current affairs. wanted to see what the world is like. >> reporter: john kim was born in south korea, always wanted to visit the north and when the country opened up an amateur golf tournament kim says he couldn't resist. >> get to see a country that hardly anyone ever gets to go to and play golf there. >> both agree everything is well choreographed. one might say
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staged. like the children beautifully dressed visiting a cemetery and a group of elderly people right after thissening to music on the radio, dancing in the street. >> there is showmanship they want to make sure people don't see the other side. just want to protect them selves from that. >> you go to disneyland and see a castle, you know it's fake. you might meet snow whiechlt you noi, she isn't reechlt i, there are so many things that are just not real. >> reporter: to get there have you to fly from china. a trip to north korea and back can cost as little as $2,000 and as much as $10,000. now, one thing bothering many is that moment you arrive, they keep your passport. you get to, it back when you leave. >> that is unnerving. >>y. nobody likes to surrender their passport. thank you very much. >> millions of people are traveling tonight. most of them
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going by car, up next heading out on to highways for a look at get away traffic picture. a busy day at supermarkets. maybe you tried shopping. lines forming at 6:00 a.m and last minute rush for a thanksgiving meal. >> live doppler seven hd, looks like weather offering us something for which to be
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eeshgs more than 43 million people will be traveling for thanksgiving holiday, 90% will be driveing. >> seems most of them are on the road here is a will being at traffic maps you can see in red, congested areas are right now. especially along 680 and bay bridge. you can see a slight red between san francisco and oakland taking a look at interstate 80 this is our camera looking towards berkeley. just jam packed in both directions. >> let's take you for a look at south bay now. here is a look at camera on highway 101 in san jose. traffic on overcrossing there, interstate 80, you can see, 80 is moving nicely. >> i want to show you that, is it for the traffic shot. grocers bracing for last minute shopping rush. if you haven't finished buying what you need you're not
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alone. we're live where the parking is packed. david? >> there is no question there is a lot of foot traffic going into grocery stores people prepare to cook up a storm tomorrow, number one item on everyone's list seems to be turkey. butchers sold 600 turkeys today. a 16-pound bird is typical. >> i've been doing it for quite a bit of time now for over ten years or so. so i am comfortable with the process. >> so you're the pro? >> for the turkey, yes. >> if you're intimidated there is preprocessed, presliced packaged turkey meat. >> no. >> delis can fix up a whole
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it and it can add up >> how much is it going to cost you? >> $300 >> is that more or less than last year? >> i don't know. >> sit what it is. less than it was last year. iet is what it is. >> this year, thanksgiving coincide wtz first day of hanukkah. shoppers in san jose have dubbed it >> using dairy substitutes. >> traditional jelly doughnuts are also part of hanukkah. it's estimated 96% of americans will sit down to turkey but ham is also popular. >> it's crazy. i didn't think it's going to be like this, it's around the corner from the
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building. >> how long have you been wait something >> an hour. >> the reward is a ham you don't have to bake. >> it's a nice treat. >> yes. exactly. have someone do it for you. like my lovely mother who is in town. >> food is lovely when made by other people. >> how is the weather shaping snup >> looking great we had concern about rain coming our way for thanksgiving. it's out of here. we've got clouds in the sky and nice sunny breaks from time to time. so right now, partly cloudy and mild. conditions are improving. it's been stormy all day, heavy rainfall from washington to new york. and numerous flight delays storm beginning to pull into eastern canada. center over the
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rain. it will be over by tomorrow morning and may be blustery and cold, but won't be raining and snowing. in most areas temperatures mid to upper 50s from san francisco to oakland and redwood city. another live view perfect our roof top camera looking at coit tower it's 56 in santa rosa. and one more live view from our camera on this lovely thanksgiving eve, it's partly cloudy overnight. dry weather and cooler next week. we
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may get rain. this is a storm system we've had concern about. it's dipping south ward away from the bay area taking moisture with it. that means we're likely to have nice, dry holiday weekend throughout the weekend. so later in the into afternoon hours, clouds dissipate, giving way to sunny skies. we have a concern about rough surf. we have large westerly swells and a possible sneaker wave and we have a good idea to stay away from the coastline. just be safe. tonight looking for partly cloudy skies. low temperatures mid to upper 40s. mostly sunny skies later.
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highs into mid-60s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. so here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny, mild days, sunny monday, but temperatures starting to drop ask cooler tuesday, wednesday with a slight chance of rain. it's early to say how strong it's going to be at the moment. >> coming up next, trouble yep
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fleece cited six people for disrupting business in the port of oakland today. demonstrators are looking for financial help for buying new, or upgraded trucks so they can comply with new state air quality standards going into affect at first of the year. oakland mayor they aloe indicated $3800 >> a warning letter from the fda, fda demanded 23 and me discontinue marketing the kit. expressing concerns they can lead consumers to undergo unnecessary procedures. today,
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the co-founder sent a legalitier to customers saying quote weshg have worked extensively to make sure that the results are accurate. and says the company stands by results. >> san francisco food bank got help, emergency help. paramedic arrived and dropped off three barrels full of donated food. now, with this donation, which helps san francisco food bank is still below the goal of $8 million for this year. and if you want to help they're looking for cash donations because $one can turn into $five of food purchased. it's a powerful way to help. >> yes. >> there is more still to come here on abc7 news at 6:00. a couple survived asiana airlines crash. tonight they tell their story in griping detail, only on
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abc7 news. >> also, coming up here some new options for saving money. a man with plenty to give thanks for this year. you
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a los angeles neighborhood is on lone downing. it happened in inglewood an officer was hit in the chest but escaped major injury. s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded the house the gunman barricaded him sxefl a woman the man called police several times, officers first went to the residents after the report of a man hitting a teen-aged girl. a veteran police officer has been charged with six felonies for writing bogus tickets the officer was released on
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$60,000 bail. according to prosecutors he issued fake tickets to two people who were involved in a lawsuit against him five years ago. now, we'll show you the photo this, man has been arrested overnight for trying to rent a car with a phony id and another person's credit card. he's 31-year-old james gracy. he was wanted for burglary and id theft. they've identified six additional victims >> four and a half months after deadly crash of asiana flight 214 a couple from china now returned home. >> they were among 180 people injured at sfo back in july. >> and tonight kristin zee has the couple's remarkable story of survival. >> the 36-year-old needs a wheelchair to get around the immobility is torturus for
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the adventurous shanghai native the beautiful accountant and her bank employee husband have no kids. their love is traveling. in july they embarked on what was to be a dream vacation this, month, they met me to tell their nightmare as asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo. we did the interview in manned rin. >> were you sitting? >> 28th row. >> we suddenly crashed and i thought, today i will probably die here, we impacted hard. everything shook. anyonings fell down and lights went out. >> reliving the moment is painful for jong. her attorney describes what happened oochl she remembers sliding out underneath the seat. then, her
6:32 pm
foot got wedged. the seats collapsed. >> he had no idea what happened to his wife. he saw an overhead compartment had fallen on to a young lady. >> i took the panel off and threw it on the ground and shouted, go. go. go. the are door i went out did not have an emergency chute. i looked down and saw we're high up. but when trying to escape you don't think about that. >> he jumped out of the door, later took a picture and flames were burning towards the middle of the plane. you can see in this video he shot, he stayed right there, helping others down, until finally, his wife emerged, unable to walk. he carried her to safety. this is a picture he took after she was triaged for a gash on the head. in the pictures and video shot from the tarmac you can see rescuers giving aid the chopper that flew her to the hospital and many others who
6:33 pm
were injured. >> first, i just thought i twisted my ankle. >> but one painful week later her ankle was fractured. surgeons implanted screw buzz the pain in her head showed massive brain swelling. doctors removed part of her skull to relieve the pressure. two and a half months, she had to wear a helmet until doctors deemed it safe to put the skull back. they hope there is no permanent brain damage. her head will have a massive scar. today, more than four months after what happened, she's getting hours of physical therapy and counselling several times per week she knows the road to recover ray long one. she and several others have hired u.s. aviation law firm hoping for a fair out of court settlement. abc7
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reached out to asiana, the airline did not comment on this case in particular but said in a statement, asiana made efforts to take care of passenger needs since the accident and will continue to pay for the passengers reasonable and necessary medical expenses and treatment. juning will continue her rehabilitation she doesn't know when she'll be able to walk again. or go back to work. but she knows this. >> i'll never ride a plane again. i know i have to get home, but after that, never again. >> reporter: the couples world traveling days are over, they considered themselves lucky to have liveed and to have each other. the couple sent us a new update. she says she is able to walk a little bit and added more good news, they think my bimid december she'll be able to walk on her own two feet
6:35 pm
they asked to thank everyone who helped them in the bay area. we told them about the well wishes from abc7 news viewers on our facebook page. they'd like to thank you for your caring and support. >> what a story. >> really is great to see >> kristin prepared a version of her story in mandarin. you can
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ski season is ramping up tonight new trends you can use to get the best deals. squaw value gee open for bichls a small crowd made first tracks in fresh snow. not all is natural by the way. like boreal, many have stepped up their snow making in the wake two of dry seasons. >> that is why we have six resorts this weekend we haven't had a huge storm yet but there is a ton of skiable terrain now. >> bob snyderman co-founded a bargain web site that got a new
6:39 pm
office in san francisco and invest frment sales force ceo. they're growing because the ski business is changing from buying lift tickets to in advance, online. >> thaklike airline ticket the further out, the better the deal. >> bad news is almost all are more expensive this year. good news is some cheapest skiing is now if you don't mind man made snow. mid weeks are cheaper than weekends. skiing on christmas day is a bargain. >> there are value, you get access to fewer black out dates. >> getting your gear used to be about renting or buying. now there is a third option. leasing it for the season. >> this time of the year we had a couple season this, year we've had over a thousand. >> soon, adults started to catch on. it's 150 for the season.
6:40 pm
>> that is part of the popularity of the price. >> why could anyone buy skis anymore? >> if you do buy your gear this may be a good time to do it. san francisco, abc7 news. >> turns out skiing can be more than just a winter sport. a year round ski facility, 15 acres covered with a white material that acts like snow but never melts. there are 75 similar facilities around the world. you'll find a link on abc7 under see it on tv if you're curious. >> that is cool >> and fun >> you don't be cold. >> i love that part. >> just ahead tonight anchor cheryl jennings catches up with a man with a lot to be thankful for tonight. >> his eye si
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update now to a story we've been following. surgery saved a san jose man's eye sight. cheryl jennings has this report. >> you have to see everything. i can read everything again. actually, it's amazing. >> william is in the shock over the fact he was able to get surgery recently to save his sight thanks to the power of social media. we wanted to see how this father with five children is doing. now he's back home in san jose. >> it opened up life. millions of opportunities. back to driving and being with my kids just goeg going grocery shopping for myself. >> he went to los angeles for the surgery. the treatment is a degenerative eye disease. >> i had the procedure done. >> inserting special lenses under his corneas
6:45 pm
the surgeries cost $18,000. that is money the family didn't have and insurance doesn't cover it. so, here is how social media came into the picture. his fiancee, nina learned about the work on the internet and started a fund raising campaign but it was slow. so her mother messaged me on facebook we had several conversations i sent out a tweet asking for help. to our surprise someone said they'd help. >> an anonymous donor stepped in and was moved about hearing about you. they're go owe going to take care of the procedure for you. >> the doctor surprised the family by skype. his wife started changing the moment he sat up.. >> i looked through the window. there was nina. and everything was just so vibrant. so bright. >> just he was able to see me and smiling and laughing. i knew it. he could see so much better.
6:46 pm
on the way home he was reading signs off the side of the freeway. and license plates to me. i was like you're a big kid! >> william is an in home care giver for nina's brother, bo. who has cerebral palsy. the family wanted to share a message to the anonymous don scombror doctor. thank you for saving our daddy's sight.. >> i just wish i was able to invite him over for thanksgiving saying come, sit with us. >> you gave me my gift. i thank you. you gave me the gift of sight, which is a beautiful thing. just fantastic. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> great story leading into thanksgiving. here is a time lapse view showing a beautiful sky. we had clouds, but also lots of blue showing through there
6:47 pm
is a lovely mild thanksgiving eve, and a lovely mild thanksgiving day km coming our way, tomorrow, taking a look at live doppler seven hd. clouds around but they're more scattered now than earlier. so rain going to stay with us. that is what we're concerned about early in the weekend tomorrow looks like it's going to be sunny by afternoon. nice, mild with highs into mid-60s around the bay and inland low 60s on the coast. and we have a sunny, mild weekend coming our way. dry, tuesday, wednesday, cooler high temperatures into 50s around the bay and inland. and there is a reign tuesday and
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>> good evening, 49ers road to the playoffs will get easier if michael crabtree will be able to make instant impact. he told reporters is i'm good. rams have destroyed colts and bears by a score of 80-29. improved in st. louis. and just a blur. expectation is that he will see action on sunday but jim harbaugh would not say for sure >> hope for the best we'll have a plan if he's not able to go. it's that simple. and it bodes well for us. >> safety daunte whitner had strong words for nfl today, still upset on this call on amad
6:52 pm
brooks. >> it cost us a game we've needed we're going to go out there and make st. louis feel, you know what they're supposed to feel. >> backed by popular demand, lindsanity the movie follow magzing rides of palo alto's jeremy lind who went from obscurity to star in the movie has a ton of great behind the scenes footage. >> this is one of my favorites of all time. >> what about sesame street blanket?
6:53 pm
>> producers began filming as a senior in harvard. and exploded in new york with the knicks. i talked with evan jackson about the movie now seen around the world. nobody had an idea it was going to occur. >> saying it wasn't going to work. you know? so i thought, you know it would be a great documentary. that is at the end you get to the nba. at times he's doing stuff like man, crazy game. someone should do a documentary about this guy. i said we're doing it! you know? those are the things we got caught up in it just like everybody else. you know? it changed his scomplief my life, too. >> it will be playing in
6:54 pm
cupertino next ten days, two showings per day. college hoops out for a second game. cal down 12. there cobbs with 31. dayton doing it. devin oliver, the spin with the finish. i'd tliek see that again, please. nice falling down. his nickname is the flyers. and history made in mexico as tarra vaneddeveer won her 900th game. becoming the fifth college womens head coach
6:55 pm
to win at least 900 games. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> very a -- it's more jeremy. but yes. i have a little bit. >> join me tonight at cable channel 13. why thousands say they're going to boycott store that's open on thanksgiving. that is at 9:00 >> then, at 11:00 wearable technology smshgs say it's a fad, but that may change. those changes coming may mean wearable technology you've got to have. and tonight here on abc7, the middle last man standing modern family, super fun night and nashville available online and on demand. >> tonight words about what matters, tomorrow most of us will gather to enjoy a unique
6:56 pm
american holiday. in 1621 the colonist and indians shared a feast. thanksgiving celebrated by individual colonies and states. it wasn't until 1863 president lincoln pro claimed a nation kral day of thanksgiving to be held each november. here we are n 2013 it seems real meaning of the holiday can get lost, misplaced between the turkey, pumpkin pie and football games, then, shopping. this thanksgiving, more stores will be open. a day set aside to appreciate what we have now turned into a mad dash to acquire more. one of my family traditions is go around and ask everyone to talk about one thing they are grateful for. a small gesture to preserve what matters about the holiday. to be thankful. now if you'd tliek share traditions join me on facebook, all of us here hope
6:57 pm
have you a wonderful day tomorrow with those you love and care about. happy thanksgiving, that is our report. >> happy thanksgiving everyone. that does it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage of breaking thus continues now on twitter abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, we will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a substitute teacher originally from hyde park, massachusetts... a law student from boyertown, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, a social worker from st. louis, missouri... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: okay, thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. our champion, mike, started off slowly yesterday, but then found his game in double jeopardy! and wound up coming up with the correct response in final that took him up to close to $30,000 in winnings.
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shanna and john, welcome aboard. nice to have you here. pick up the signaling devices. hopefully you'll get to use them often in this first round of play with these categories. hey, there's a theme a-building. we just go away from the theme. each correct response is... alex: mike, start. 2-letter postal abbreviation for $200. john. what is me? me. m-e. [ chuckles ] postal abbreviation for $400, please. john again. what is i.d.? yeah. postal abbreviation, $600. john. uh...what is or? yes. good for you. [ laughs ] postal abbreviation, $800.


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