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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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expect starting with abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield. >> look at this parking lot. does it look like it is 4:30 in the morning? maybe 4:30 in the afternoon. the park lot is full. a mall employee is surprised by the size of the crowd. on the door on thanksgiving night, put stuff on sale and people will come. they will boy. we have seen shoppers walking out with hands full of bags. employees are just getting off work here at this hour. they worked all night and they say they are exhausted. busy. it just died down, the mall was packed and you could get not around. it was crazy.
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>> she got to work at 8:00 last night. this is just one stop for many of the shoppers we met. we talked to some who started last night at target. they were in line for a few hours. though came to the mall. we talked to them a few minutes ago and we asked if they were headed home for bed and they say, no, on their way to wal-mart. must be a lot of energy packed in that turkey. people have been shopping all night long and they are still going. the siren song of shopping. now in the south bay we have abc7 news reporter matt keller in milpitas. what is happening, matt? >> the turkey is giving people energy, says amy? people are a wake at the mall. the stores open last night at 8:00 and the parking lots are
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still full. so are the stores. many thought since many of the big of the retailers opened early yesterday black friday could be more accurately described as gray friday but that doesn't seem to be the case. a shopper told us about the night and morning. >> came at 3:00 at target, wal-mart, best buy, and just came here and i was surprised it was still packed at 3:00. now it is 4:00 and it is still packed. what? what? really? many have been here shopping all might and a few others say they came from work a hot topic for those on social networks like facebook and twitter with a dozen retailer opened on thanksgiving and open through black friday. we could be seeing the shown whose did not want to shop on
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thanksgiving day holiday but looking for deals including this store has a line outside. the fire marshal made sure they kept the people outside with only 100 people suppose to be in the store. the fire marshal said, keep it that way. i was told all sales at the great mall are supposed to last until tonight at 10:00. >> some retailers decided to start black friday last night to attract the true early bird shoppers. macy's union square in san francisco had 300 people storming the doors when employees flipped the lock. >> i have never known macy's to open at 8:00 on thanksgiving day before. i am here just to be here. >> big line to the corner but we get here early and got in. >> the line at best buy south of market stretched around the building for the 6:00 p.m.
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opening but financial experts say opening on thanksgiving day is a satisfactory move. store promise to slash prices to convince shoppers to buy early and often. >> labor groups will roast wages and working conditions at wal-mart stores. shoppers. can expect to see something similar to this picket line if los angeles organizing a 3:00 demonstration. the group is part of a larger national effort to organize associated at the biggest retailer. >> illinois liver was beforely hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. another officer shot and wounded the driver ending the incident that started with reports of to men steals clothes from a kohl's. officers chased the suspects it a waiting car where the driver ignored orders to stop. an officer was tangled up in the car and dragged. all three suspects are in
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custody. >> all lanes of westbound 80 are open after a man was hit and killed on the freeway at 12:30 when c.h.p. received reports of a disabled vehicle in the fast lane. the driver tried to run across the freeway to the right shoulder but was hit by one vehicle. firefighters say he died at the scene. c.h.p. closed the westbound lanes for an hour and a half to investigate the scene. >> santa rosa police are searching to men responsible for a violent home invasion robbery. several armed men entered the house and held a family including a six-year old boy at gunpoint. a man was severely beaten by the suspects. it is believed the robbers were looking for marijuana and cash. the victim went to the hospital and is treated for the injuries. >> in san jose detectives are investigating a fail police shooting. the victim is a stabbing suspect who tried to ram an officer. it started at a home yesterday morning where the suspect
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stabbed several people and carjacked a van on north jackson avenue. he got on to 680 going the wrong direction. police chases the the man into a cul-de-sac and shot and killed him. the officer is on paid leave standard roar after a police shooting. >> the oakland teen would was severely burned when the skirt was set on fire is home for the holidays. sasha fleischman was riding on an a.c. transit bus this month when a 16-year-old boy we set his skirt on fire while he was sleeping. sasha fleischman is describing himself as "agenda," suched severe burns. >> each day my parents who visit and bring a stack of cards this high and most of them from total strangers. >> we are incredibly thankful to have sasha not just hope but with us, at all. period. >> the boy accused of setting
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the fire, richard thomas has charged with hate crime. sasha fleischman will continue to wear skirts. >> if you are gathering around a wood burning fireplace you have to change the plans. officials called another "spare the air" day so it will be illegal in nine county bay area to use wood burning fireplaces, stoves and fire pits. the air quality district says particle levels spike around the winter holidays and violators can be fined if burning wood on no burn days. >> the fines go up for each repeated occurrence. watch out. >> take a course and read up on the reasons why you should not bun on the pair spay -- "spare the air" day and you have to take a test. if you are traveling out of san francisco today sfo shows nice and clear. no flight delays reported. right now we have mild
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temperatures in san francisco at 52 degrees and cooler in oakland and redwood city and 42 in san jose and half moon bay is at 41 degrees. we are going to trend on the warmer side over the weekend and that is going to bring some nice conditions for shopping. next week, however, that is when we will see the cooler air visit with the possibility of rain. no burning of wood today. we have a "spare the air" alert in effect. three days, for the next three days we have high clouds tomorrow into sunday and night and sunny but monday is when we will feel the chill and that will certainly touch us on tuesday and will last through at at least thursday. i have the seven-day forecast ahead. on the roads, we have one accident southbound 880 at 238 and it is involving a vehicle that did go over the side of the
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freeway and everything else is moving along at top speed with no problems. we will see what is happening across the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. originally empty but maybe a few early shoppers as they drive to the peninsula but no accidents to report. katie and eric? >> 4:39. an east bay church that burned down on thanksgiving day a decade ago faces a new set back with the rebuild complete. spacex abort to rocket launch attempts seconds before lift off. here is the money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, it is black friday, 100 million are expected to hit the stores for a total of 140 million over the weekend. the shopping season is shorter analysts expect an increase in sales at 4 percent. apple is offering discounts on previous black fridays but not this year. instead if you buy full price
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today you get a gift cards because they are easier than updating prices for one day. >> trading is expected to be light on wall street with investors watching the retail sales but stocks gain from thanksgiving through the end of year. fire versus ice at box office, the disney "frozen" tries to douse "hunger games," with disney being our parent company. that is
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> 4:42 on black friday with a look from high definition rooftop tamara in san francisco, conditions are cool but clear. leyla gulen is here for mike
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nuclear. >> a san francisco appeals court ordered federal immigration officials to rethink not granting asylum to a gay man from russia. he is not identified but was attacked in russia twice because of his sexual orientation and is afraid he will be persecuted if forced to return. russia has adopt add number of antigay policies that have triggered protests around the world. the court ordered the board to review the man's case. >> china is sending more planes interest a disputed area of the east china sea, the latest military move in an area where tensions are already high. japan and south yankee are accused of violating airspace that china and japan claim as theirs. china declares an air defense zone over the islands on saturday and the united states responded by sending b-52 bombers into the area on monday. china says their air force will remain own high alert.
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>> abort. abort. abort. >> tried and tried and again but falcon 9 rocket did not go into orbit much the first try was scrubbed seconds before lift off because one of the engines that did not put out enough thrift. the second was aborted 90 seconds before launch. >> astronomers believe the comet survived the close encounter with the sun yesterday or part of it. nasa astronomers say a small part of the center emerged after >> another bitter thanksgiving day for a church congregation after their church burned down 10 years ago and still has not
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been rebuilt. we show you what has been done and explain why it is taking so long to finish. >> the christian methodist episcopal church in richmond is a work in progress but "progress" has been painfully slow burning down thanksgiving day 10 years ago. the congregation has been worshiping at the sister church but it is time to come up. >> the requirements that it be in north richmond. >> finishing the church hash a struggle. the pastor joins the chapel a year ago and faced with in funding and a mortgage that needs paying. the new church has taken shape there is a lot more work on the inside before church goers can come. >> the insulation is not what we did and we are still not finished because we have to insulate the ceiling. >> the building needs sheet rock, flooring and three parking
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lots to accommodate the larger space. ideally the church would like to open by spring so it is stepping up the fundraising efforts with dining to donate event. >> we have areas where people can purchase a meal and 20 percent will rebuild the chapel. >> there have been skeptics wondering if the work will be completed and if it is going to 9 project. she is counseling every dollar to make sure it all goes to the new church. >> glide memorial is holding the day after thanksgiving day breakfast. yesterday thousands helped to feed the hungry. crews arrived before sunrise to prepare the thanksgiving day feast. glide has hosted the holiday meal for decades. the people were greeted as they arrived. the reverend william has with glide since the 1960's.
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>> volunteers of the san francisco food bank are ready to collect more food for the christmas holiday season. check out these volunteers sorting law the donation barrels. the food bank called in 100 volunteers to empty the barrels. the food bank needs to raise $8 million to meet all the demand. >> in a rare coincidence thanksgiving fell on hanukah so it was a double celebration. this is video of the lighting in young square. experts say thanksgiving and the first day of hanukah do not fall on the same day again if thousands of years. the third day begins at sundown tonight. >> olympic gold medalist 8 be part of the opening ceremony for san jose's downtown ice rink. last night a crowd gathered to skate on the ice one of many outdoor skating venues greeting people around the bay area. this rink is sponsored by hawaiian airlines and the bay area native. the ceremony is scheduled at 5
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5:15 with the tree lighting for christmas in the park begins at 6:00 people across the street at the plaza. i cannot remember the last time i went ice skating. you and dan should go together. he sings be skates, a renaissance man. >> he is, indeed. >> now the trust. it is good skating weather if they can keep the ice cold bedo not have moisture in the forecast and it will be warmer this weekend. live doppler 7 hd shows no returns. high passing clouds. that is it. as we look to the bay bridge, it is gorgeous. clear conditions and calm and mild. we are going to be looking at a
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possibility of rain next week. this is what is happening. our pacific satellite, the system of the storm is skimming up and made its way down to southern california and what is behind it is the other system coming from alaska and that is going to bring the big mass of cool air and it will bring the possibility of rainfall define tuesday and thursday of next week. our highs today in the bay area will be in the mid-60's to the upper 60's for the areas as we look at santa cruz, 64. 68 in napa. 66 in concord. it is comfortable. overnight, it is going to school down. if you wick up now you will notice it was cooler this morning than yesterday. on the coast, 44 degrees is the low. 45 degrees in san mateo. 45 in antioch and napa and santa rosa the north bay valleys is where we will be in the upper
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30's. the shopping weather is great and dry through the weekend but on monday we will be seeing the temperatures drop into tuesday and with the possibility of showers through tuesday into thursday. in traffic right new we have a couple of problems to get to, bart has 27 trains running on time and they will be adding seats for the black friday shoppers. northbound 680 we have an accident a car went over the side and it doesn't sound like major injuries were reported and we do not see delays. in san jose, southbound 880 at 237, this is the same case a car went off the roadway on the right-hand side and it doesn't look to be impacting. the nimitz is moving along fine
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through san jose and 280 into cupertino not too bad. this is the drive at the toll plaza which is wide open and you do not have too many folks to try to get around if you make the drive into san francisco for shopping. >> when you criticize obamacare do you expect president obama to respond in the surprising letter a school teacher got from the commander in chief. >> a holiday wrap: what to do with your thanksgiving day leftovers
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and everyone who take the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash announced on december 19. spread the love the help us give where you live. >> a texas schoolteacher who wrote a letter to president obama criticizing the affordable care act got the surprise, a handwritten letter from the president himself. he was shocked at the personal reply which read in part i sincerely believe health care reform was right for the country but certainly not the smart political thing. did the response make an impression? no, he is auctioning off the letter for a minimum bid $24,000. >> facebook is not just for keeping up with old friends but this morning it is helping a four-year-old boy deal with embarrassment of getting glasses for the first time. noah had a hard time adjusting because he thought everyone would laugh. so his mom enlistedded help of friends and family on facebook and created the glasses for noah
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page which gained hundreds of "likes" and people posted pictures of themselves to she noah there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. he gets more confident with every picture that comes in. >> he could not know how cute he is. he will look back and know how cute he is. full disclosure, i wear glasses. at night. at home. leyla gulen? >> is that what you needed to know? >> fascinating. we will neat a picture of katie marzullo. good morning, everyone, from mount tamalpais to san francisco, clear twinkling lights but it is a "spare the air" day so no wood burning otherwise you will get in big trouble. with fines and the possibility of schools. for the next 12 hours, starting off cooler and as we ramp into noon and this afternoon we are going to remain with up and it
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will be dry and it cools down overnight and we have a beautiful weekend with more coming up but we will see how it is moving along, on the roads, as we take the drive to the nearest shopping center. we have a report of furniture in the roads and a couple of accidents. the first accident is as you make the drive to fairfield northbound 680 we have an accident a car want over the side. in san jose southbound 101 before 87, some furniture was lost in the road is watch out. 30 bart trains are running on time and a few extra seats are added for the extra shoppers making it out today. >> check this out: the guinness book of world records declared this the world's largest gingerbread village with 160
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gingerbread homes in his apartment. the oven was so small he could only fit one baking pan at a time. the creation came together inside an exhibit hall at the new york hall of science in queens where it is now on display. >> wonder what to do with the thanksgiving leftovers? how about folding the turkey and the trimmings into a burrito? that is what a minnesota burrito place did. i said "minnesota" burrito. yes, turkey, yams, stuffing, cranberry salsa and gravy wrap ped in tortill >> next at 5:00, black friday frenzy. shoppers hit hit the malls looking for deals.
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pillsbury crescents? guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for being us early with us the day after thanksgiving. >> you are probably ready to go shopping, right? let's check on the forecast with leyla gulen. >> perfect shopping weather. done -- shows radar satellite no runs, just a few high clouds passing over. it is crystal clear in san francisco as we look from the camera to the embarcadero twinkling lights and the ferry building. we it is 52 right if you


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