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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news. proof of life. the american grandfather detained in north korea for more than a month. seen, now, in a brand-new video. was he forced to admit he killed civilians in the war? >> i understand that in u.s. and western countries, there is misleading information and propaganda about dprk. >> could this be the first step toward his eventual release? also breaking overnight, chopper crash. a police helicopter crashes into a crowded pub while a band is performing live on stage. >> certainly took over the whole pub. >> the intense efforts to rescue the revelers trapped inside. buying and brawling. new images this morning of black friday gone wrong.
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record sales provoking bad behavior in the aisles. why would a woman bring a taser to the mall? and they don't call him russ-diculous for nothing. the oklahoma city thunder's russell westbrook pulling off an amazing come-from-behind, overtime, buzzer-beater three-pointer. wait until you see this play. good morning, everybody. also coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, a mystery illness in las vegas. dozens of young football players becoming violently ill right in the middle of their championships. many of them rushed to the hospital. our dr. rich besser is here with more on this. >> some of the kids as young as 7 years old.
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we'll talk to rich about that. also ahead, miracle rescue. a teenager plunges 80 feet off a cliff. how the young girl survived her fall and the near-freezing temperatures to get the help to save her life. >> her story is extraordinary. there's a lot of other developing news this morning. for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we have breaking news overnight. the north korean government has released this video of a captured american, merrill newman. the 85-year-old korean war veteran was arrested during a visit to north korea. that was last month in october. in the video, newman apologizes for alleged crimes he says he committed during the korean war, including killing civilians. here, he also admits with trying to meet with surviving north korean soldiers that he trained in the korean war to fight north korea. >> i asked my guide to help me to look for their families and relatives living in dprk. and i gave the document with their addresses and e-mail addresses to the guide in the yanggakdo hotel. >> it is believed that newman was coerced into making this admission. but his comments may be a first step towards north korea
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releasing him. at least three people are dead in a helicopter crash in scotland. the chopper went down in glasgow, crashing into a pub. and now, the search is on for survivors. this morning, rescuers are still working to help patrons trapped inside this scottish pub, after a police helicopter slammed into the crowded glasgow bar overnight. >> it's too early at this stage to provide any details as to why the helicopter came down. >> reporter: the pub occupied by at least 120 people had a band playing inside when the helicopter fell through the ceiling, so abruptly, that some witnesses say they didn't even realize what had just happened. >> you saw the pandemonium of people trying to get out of the pub. >> reporter: witnesses outside the pub say the police chopper, with two officers and a civilian pilot onboard, fell like a stone from the sky. >> you see the helicopter sticking out of the top of the roof. >> reporter: overnight, emergency crews working tirelessly to stabilize the building and rescue those still
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inside. those who made it out of the bar in time left stunned. >> consider myself very, very lucky. and i feel very sorry for the unlucky ones. and a search is on this morning for survivors of a deadly plane crash in alaska. the cessna went down friday night in the remote western alaskan village of st. mary's. at least ten people were onboard that flight, part of the regional carrier air alaska. an infant is one of the four people killed in that crash. six others managed to survive. no word on their condition or what caused that crash. and take a look at this video. a slow-speed chase in dyersville, iowa. police cash cam video shows the officer following a pickup truck. both of them even stopping at stop signs. how's that for midwestern nice there? the truck is hit by another car. but rather than exchanging papers, he backs up into the police cruiser and takes off. the truck was found abandoned a
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few blocks away. but the driver, not surprisingly, gone. and pro basketball, a spectacular ending to the oklahoma thunder game. check it out here. that's russell westbrook firing a three-pointer with 0.1 seconds left for oklahoma to win that game. 113-112. and finally, this is not what you want to see in the weeks leading up to christmas. disturbing story. santa, getting arrested. don't worry, kids. it's not the real santa. we don't believe this is the real santa. but someone dressed up like him. part of a protest outside of a walmart in ontario, california. that's a group protesting against low wages outside that store there. the real santa, we believe, is still hard at work at the north pole. we will look into that and make sure the real guy's still at the north pole and that one is not him. >> the real one's hard at work. he has a couple of weeks left. >> not in jail. >> i'll tell jake. he'll sleep better tonight knowing that. thanks, ron. we're going to turn, now, to what for eager shoppers across
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the country was a black and blue friday. people slugging it out in the middle of the aisle, fighting to get their hands on some of the best deals. we can't get enough of this video. using what looks like a stun gun on another bargain-hunter. and abc's rob nelson has been following this all. it begs the question, rob, has black friday gone a bit too far? >> reporter: i think most people would say yes. good morning, guys. it seems to be part of our holiday tradition. people whipping out the smartphone and cameras to grab footage of the black friday chaos. no exception, with brawls, bullet holes and even a stun gun, all captured on video, as the biggest shopping day once again came with a violent side. black friday bedlam once again took over america's malls and department stores. perhaps the most alarming is this footage from inside a philadelphia mall, where two women began brawling at 2:30 in the morning, one eventually
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pulling out a taser. you can hear the crackle of the stun gun. and watch as the sparks fly. and check out this brawl from inside a texas walmart, as two women battle for a tv set. police eventually throwing one woman to the floor and cuffing her. the situation also came to blows in this parking lot at a california walmart. security expert j.r. roberts says, stores taking extra steps to lure in big crowds are not always taking extra steps for security. >> a lot of the retailers who convince people they will get one-in-a-lifetime deals. so, they have to get there. and as a consequence, we see a lot of chaos. >> reporter: with black friday shopping numbers on the rise, videos showing off chaos, now seem as customary as the turkey dinner. happy holidays, everybody. and crazy as that video is. authorities tell us, that black friday violence and overall arrests are actually down this year, compared to last. back to you guys.
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>> i'm glad you gave us that context. thank you, rob. i was thinking, i'm never going to go to the mall again. aside from all of the questions about bad behavior during america's annual consumption binge, we want to look at where the deals are right now. and this question, if you haven't hit the mall or the web, are you missing out? abc's linzie janis is on that angle at a best buy in manhattan. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this best buy has been open since 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day, with crowds clamoring for hot-ticket items like this sony ps-4, the x-box one here. and the ipad air, which you can save $50 on. retailers are calling this their super bowl, with 140 million americans expected to hit the stores. >> i'm in. >> reporter: this morning, retailers are tallying up meganumbers for those megadeals. walmart's calling it the most successful black friday in its history. the gigantic chain saying it
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processed more than 10 million transactions at its registers between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. add to that, so much traffic, its website temporarily crashed. walmart's hottest sellers? tvs and tablets. walmart reported selling 2 million hdtvs and 1.4 million tablets on the first night. but the big headline for most retailers, online is a winner. as many of us engaged in a little couch commerce between turkey and pie. >> it's not just cyber monday. it's gray thursday, as well. we have a double-chance to get online. >> reporter: in the morning hours of thanksgiving day, traffic and sales on was among the highest the company has ever seen in a single day. more than doubling last year's online sales. the ipad air, large-screen tvs, nintendo 3ds-xl. and zoomer, the robot dog,
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selling out. overall, online sales were up 20% on thanksgiving day versus last year, with more than $1 billion spent. but there's good news for those of us who still haven't taken part in the frenzy. fear not if you didn't manage to get out this weekend. >> i reckon next weekend, there will be an after-black friday sale just as good. >> reporter: and cyber monday has started early. walmart starting its cyber week this morning. target, tomorrow morning. and best buy holding out for the real deal, 12:01 a.m. on monday. dan? >> thank you, linzie. this is really important for the economy. 20% of all of the business happens during the holiday season. it's a big deal. >> and walmart reporting the best sales they had on a black friday. that's optimistic news. we're going to turn to news that isn't very optimistic. a mystery playing out in las vegas this morning. what made dozens of kids in the town for a football championship turn violently ill? some of them, even wound up in the hospital. our dr. besser is here this morning.
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first, here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this morning, for players on several youth football teams, las vegas odds seemed to be against them. parents say nearly 60 kids, in town for today's national football championship, suddenly became violently ill. nausea, dehydration and vomiting. >> it felt crazy. it felt like we were in an outbreak movie. >> reporter: nearly two dozen players from the santa monica vikings, ages 7 to 9, and parents got sick, loading into hotel shuttle buses friday for a ride to the hospital. >> i was very scared because i really didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: whatever is causing it is a mystery. >> we don't know the source. it could be airborne virus or could be foodborne. >> reporter: tournament organizers say they don't believe it's food poisoning, pointing out that teams have been staying at separate restaurants. and players at different hotels are getting sick. overnight, everyone who went to the hospital, expected to be
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released. >> none of our kids want to cancel the tournament. we fund raised for this. we planned for this. our kids earned this. and all of our kids want to play. >> reporter: if it happens in vegas, they'll still play in vegas. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton. let's turn to dr. rich besser. this sounds really nasty. i know you don't have all of the details. but what does it sound like to you? >> it sounds to me like a large norovirus outbreak. norovirus is the largest cause of outbreaks of stomach flu in the united states. 20 million cases a year. this is the peak season. when you hear a lot of vomiting, a lot of abdominal cramps, diarrhea, that sounds like norovirus. >> and how does it spread? we hear them saying they stayed at different hotels. ate at multiple restaurants. how does something like this get around? >> it's one of the nastiest germs around. it spreads person-to-person through contact. and it spreads through food. and also spreads from contaminated surfaces.
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>> and violently ill so quickly. what is the treatment for this? >> the big concern is dehydration. when you're losing that much fluid, you can lose enough to become dehydrated. that's why so many are going to the emergency room. there's no drug to treat it. you have to let it run its course. drink plenty of fluids so you maintain that fluid that's so essential. >> it's more upsetting when you hear kids as young as 7 and 9. >> the big problem with these outbreaks with teams is they've been saving money, as we heard, to play in this tournament. and they're contagious for two days after their symptoms go away. if they're on the field playing, they're going to be spreading. >> that's not what they came to vegas to be doing. >> it's a tough one. >> rich, thank you. dan? >> hope those kids feel better soon. moving on. they are the words you never want to hear when your plane takes off. emergency landing. this morning, we're learning what happened onboard a southwest airline flight after it hit a flock of birds. abc's tai hernandez is here with more on the story. tai, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. so many people are so nervous right after takeoff until they
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hear the pilot say they've reached a safe altitude and all is well. the passengers aboard this southwest flight never got that reassurance. it's the pilot's announcement any passenger would dread. >> hey, tower. southwest 4055. we actually hit a flock of birds. we are going to have to do a return to the airport. >> reporter: just moments after takeoff, the captain of flight 4055 told passengers an emergency landing was in store. several birds had been sucked into the engines and the baltimore-bound southwest plane would have to return to the manchester, new hampshire, airport it had just left. >> the captain said we just hit some birds. about eight of them. >> reporter: passenger mike said it stayed surprisingly calm in the cabin. >> the captain did a great job. they kept us well-informed. >> reporter: no small feat. bird strikes can cause damage to engines. famously witnessed in the so-called miracle on the hudson. the 2009 u.s. airways flight forced to land in the hudson river, after a flock of geese disabled both engines. fortunately, in that incident, everyone survived. just like the 142 passengers aboard friday's southwest
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flight, which made a far less dramatic landing back at the airport. bird strikes are all-too common. last year, a record 10,000-plus bird strikes were reported in the u.s. but again, the pilot here credited with maintaining calm. he assured passengers he had complete control in the cockpit and told them they wouldn't feel anything different. the only reason for the emergency landing was to follow the federal rule that requires. dan and bianna? >> that quick-thinking pilot got a lot of extra thank yous as the passengers were departing that plane. >> reporter: he did. >> thanks. we're going to turn to the tweet that's sparked a bit of controversy. it began after one of mitt romney's sons, josh, witnessed a high-speed car crash over thanksgiving and decided to rush to the scene to rescue the passengers. he later tweeted about it. it sounds heroic enough. why is he now the target of criticism this morning? and accused of something called humblebragging? abc's gio benitez is here to sort it out.
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>> reporter: josh says he was driving home from thanksgiving dinner with his wife and kids when an suv narrowly missed them and careened into the house at 70 miles per hour. but it's what happened next that has some people scratching their heads. it's the picture that spawned 1,000 words. not all of them complimentary. josh romney, sparking controversy on twitter, after posting this photo of themselves smiling in front of an overturned suv. the caption, was first on scene to big accident. i lifted four people out to safety. all okay. thankful. while many applaud him for the heroic act, others online called the photo classless and weird. one person tweeting, why are you smiling like a tourist at such a horrific scene? >> he is smiling next to a wreck. when you learn the whole story, this is the act of a good samaritan. >> reporter: it turns out there's a term for this kind of thing. it's called humblebrag. defined by urban dictionary as, subtly letting others know about how fantastic your life is,
7:17 am
while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor. as for romney, he has donned the hero cap before. reportedly helping his father and brother, craig, rescue a family of capsized boaters in new hampshire in 2007. >> he's someone in the public eye. and he needs to be careful about his reputation. particularly if he wants to run for office. obviously, the positive, having to stop to help these people who had crashed into a kitchen in their car is a big deal. >> reporter: there is always a chance that this is simply a good deed, now punished. in a statement, romney insists what i did to help the people involved in the accident is what anyone else would do. who witnessed such a potentially dangerous situation. and it's important to note many people online say josh romney did nothing wrong. he only did what so many others would do after helping people. so, dan, the debate goes on. >> thank you, gio. we have an extraordinary rescue to tell you about this
7:18 am
morning. it involves this girl, who fell off a cliff. and managed to survive a head wound and a night of near-freezing temperatures. what and who saved her life? reena ninan is on the story. >> reporter: this is the reason i don't go hiking. this would happen to me. this is the reason. she's 15 years old, survived this incredibly dangerous fall, wearing just a tank top and sweats. now, she's explaining how it all happened. siara chapman is a very lucky girl. >> it was totally a miracle. oh, my gosh. there's so many ways i could have died. and i didn't. >> reporter: from her sacramento, california, hospital room, the 15-year-old girl is speaking out about her 19-hour ordeal that began when she fell from a cliff above the sacramento river after stepping on some loose rocks. >> i kind of slid down to a place with some little bushes. and i was trying to get out of those. and then, i kind of tumbled the rest of the way down. >> reporter: she landed on the
7:19 am
rocks 80 feet below. with an open head wound, a fractured thumb and a bruised body, chapman tried to walk for help. but it was getting dark. and the temperature was around freezing. >> i started to get really cold. i had a sweater. but i had taken it off and kind of wrapped it around my head because my head was bleeding. >> reporter: it wasn't until the next morning that chapman's prayers were answered by the sound of a passing boat. bundled in towels and one of her saviors' jackets, chapman was rushed to the hospital. >> very lucky to be still here in those temperatures. >> reporter: this morning, she's in good condition and better spirits, thanks to the rescuers. >> i don't know how to thank them really. they saved my life, pretty much. >> reporter: she is doing so well, she is expected to be released from the hospital this weekend. when it gets cold, my brain shuts down. the fact she had survival instincts is -- >> i think her family will keep her on flat terrain. thanks, reena.
7:20 am
over to ginger zee. for once, pretty quiet out there, ginger. >> yesterday was a really weird day. look at the radar and very little happening. the only place, southern california. that's kind of opposite of what we usually see. look at the pictures out of there. a lot of places, nine to ten inches below average. they got about a quarter-inch around los angeles. you see some ponding when that happens there. l.a., today, is going to be drier. they get the flow warming them up to 74. phoenix, 73. albuquerque, 53. more warm and mild air going to stick around for dallas, san antonio. places that have been very cold, getting a little peak in the way of temperatures. so, that's the southwest. but a much different story if you go to the pacific northwest. today, the radar will not be empty. it will happen starting here on our saturday, in the pacific northwest. but it's really tomorrow into early monday that we're concerned about. sunday into monday for seattle, portland, cold enough to get the
7:21 am
mountain snows. and the rain before that all happens could add up in some of the cascades. look at that. that's five to six inches right north of portland -- just east of seattle. and then, the cold. this has been our headline in the northeast. is this going to change? eventually we'll start to moderate. but not this morning. 22, raleigh. 21, washington, d.c. 17, the windchill in new york city. here's the high temperatures. by tomorrow, we start to see some precipitation, boston could see rain/snow mix, but nothing that will impede travel all that much.
7:22 am
>> road conditions tomorrow across most of the country looks so much better than we were going into this holiday. the pacific northwest and a little in new england. i'll detail that in the next half hour. >> excellent. big story tomorrow. thank you, ginger. coming up here on "gma," a surprise twist at the sensational trial of celebrity chef nigella lawson. her ex-husband, the man who appears to be choking her in these pictures, taking the stand, explaining what he says happened here. plus, "modern family" trend. the rise of the manny. you heard me. a manny. he's a male nanny. would you want a guy looking after your kids? why it might be a good idea. >> and you gave it a test-drive. >> experimented, yep. and who could best bend it like beckham if hollywood made the story of the soccer star's life? the hunk beckham wants to play him in the movie. ron claiborne, it's not you. but you were close. a close call. we're back with more "gma" very soon. keep it here.
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i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> yes. when did ordering at a starbucks feel like being in an academy award-winning movie? that scene played out in new york city. that doesn't surprise me, out of all cities. >> all of the people in the coffee shot must have felt like someone injected them with a hallucinogen. >> where am i? >> i want what he's having. >> right. >> is that a lot of caffeine in there? good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. this is saturday, november 30th. also coming up. this is calmer and more funny. is this the most patient dog on the planet earth? an amazing balancing act coming up on "pop news" with sara haines. that one looks dangerous. we're going to start with the latest twist in the court
7:31 am
case of celebrity chef nigella lawson. >> tales of her alleged drug use are hitting the headlines. this, as her assistants go on trial, accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her and her ex-husband. he is also now taking the stand and speaking about that shocking photo. this went global, where he was grabbing her neck at dinner. abc's monica villamizar has more from our london bureau. good morning, monica. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the famous art collector, charles saatchi, testified against his former employees, the grillo sisters, who allegedly spent $1 million an designer clothes and hotels using his credit card. he said he offered them to work to pay back some of the money. but they did not settle for the deal. another day, another twist in the celebrity trial that has gripped the u.k. millionaire charles saatchi is now trying to clear his ex-wife's name in court. a sort of damage control. testifying in the trial against
7:32 am
nigella's personal assistants, he said, i have never, ever seen any evidence of nigella taking any drugs whatsoever. the art collector had claimed the opposite in an e-mail to nigella. calling her high-gella. saying she was so off her head on drugs, she didn't notice her assistants allegedly spending $1 million on themselves. outraged that the e-mail was read out in court, he said, it was an angry reaction. and a warning that the grillo sisters would use her alleged drug habit in their defense. francesca and elisabetta said it was payoff to keep quiet about their boss. >> i think the heart of this case really goes back to a dispute between an employee and employer. >> it's so easy. and yet, so perfect. >> reporter: known as the domestic goddess, the chef's marriage collapsed after these pictures were published last june. in his first public appearance since the photos, saatchi says he's brokenhearted.
7:33 am
and added, i was not gripping or strangling or throttling her. i was holding her by the neck to make her focus. can we be clear? abc news reached out to nigella, who won't make any comments while the trial is ongoing. and the trial so far has mostly focused on the celebrity couple. and not so much on the defendants charged with fraud. many here are eager to hear what nigella has to say when she takes the stand next wednesday. and nigella lawson will be hosting the tv show, "the taste," which is on abc next january. >> wednesday is going to be a big day in an already strange, strange case. thank you, monica. let's get another -- take another look at the morning's top stories. and for that, go to ron. >> hi, again. good morning, everyone. health officials are trying to figure out what sickened dozens of people in las vegas. the group, which included some students in town for a football convention were rushed to the hospital when they started showing flu-like symptoms. and millions of americans spending the holiday weekend by shopping.
7:34 am
the national retail federation predicts that 140 million shoppers plan to shop during this four-day holiday weekend. and today is the government's self-imposed deadline to fix or try to fix the troubled website. the obama administration says it has doubled its user capacity and eliminated many bugs. they say 2 million people should be able to sign up by december 23rd for health care coverage. that would go into effect, january 1st, 2014. and finally, take a look at this. remember santa claus getting arrested in california? well, he's out on bail. and he's now in south carolina, where he left behind his reindeer. hanging out with some marine animals. the scuba diving santa is part of a program at the south carolina aquarium. those are two different people. only two. weather? ginger? >> let's do that. when it's this quiet, we get to check in on hawaii.
7:35 am
that's one of our favorite places to go. what a beautiful ah shot. love to start with that. and a nice early morning in pittsburgh. a little on the cool side. but still -- and in the southeast, something to talk about. let's go to myrtle beach. our earth camera there. get on idea of what it looks like right now. most of the showers are going to stay offshore. and for most of the southeast, including florida, they will be dry. but showers start to make their way onshore. that's later this afternoon. atlanta today, 52. birmingham, close to 60. and new orleans, right there at 61. there are winter storm watches are popping up in parts of the rockies. idaho, wyoming and montana. you're seeing the snow totals. this is through monday night. seattle and portland have rain mixing in with a little snow by monday. it is, yes, that cold. that arctic blast starting to take away the mild end of november. and even places like san francisco, going to drop into the 50s. los angeles, you're going to drop into the 50s by the middle of the week. so, some cool air blowing in. i want to leave you a look across the nation at the travel conditions oh, so important
7:36 am
tomorrow. not too terrible. a little in the northwest. >> this weather report has been brought to you by petco. we are celebrating today, the end of hurricane season. a very quiet one. >> or a vacation for ginger. >> we count them in january. it doesn't mean you can't have one. but not as likely. >> thanks. and coming up on "good morning america," there are nannies. and then, there are mannies. the guys who are bringing their -- >> i know that face. >> their macho side into the world of care-giving. >> that's little jake coming up on "gma." and facebook users make a -- sorry for this -- spectacle of themselves to help a little boy
7:37 am
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the world of child care. more and more men are bringing up baby and getting paid to do it. >> lots of families are opting to hire mannies to watch their kids. and i found out firsthand about all they have to offer. she's the most iconic nanny of all-time. ♪ a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ >> reporter: but now, it's time to say good-bye to mary poppins. and say hello to manny poppins. that's what sofia vergara's character, gloria, did on a recent episode of "modern family." >> gloria, we're back? >> let me lighten your load. >> who are you? >> i'm the new manny. >> am i being replaced? >> reporter: what exactly is a manny? we went to the source to find out. >> a manny is a male nanny. but we brought it to a new level. we call it a big brother. a mentor, a camp counselor.
7:42 am
>> reporter: john brandon is the co-founder of nyc mannys. a guy-only manny agency, of 50 or so mannies that he says do the job as well as the female nanny most people are used to. >> guys are great caregivers. they can be just as caring. they can be just as good with kids. so, i don't like to put a gender role on it. >> reporter: many moms agree. especially those with particularly active kids that benefit from a more rough-and-tumble approach to child care. >> my personal preference is always young, enthusiastic and energetic because my daughter, that's what she likes. when it comes to male babysitters or mannies, whatever you want to call them, they just try a little harder. they just make an extra effort to prove that they're awesome. >> reporter: i decided to see how a manny will handle my 19-month-old son, jake. his regular nanny, sharmen, was skeptical. but she handed him over to john for an afternoon at an indoor playground.
7:43 am
the other nannies and moms raised their eyebrows at first. but then, quickly came around. >> i must say, he's doing a really good job. and jake is very comfortable with him. >> reporter: and jake? well, he had a great time, too. >> say good morning, america. >> hi, mom. >> that's close enough. >> he almost got it right. >> he has a future. >> he does. john, the owner of nyc mannies told us he became a nanny because he lost his father at a young age. he think it's important that kids have positive male role models in their life, as well. and starting at a young age, that they can bond with mannies, as well as their own female nannies. >> looks like jake took to him. >> you want to go out tonight? >> exactly. >> i remember that. >> a sports bar. >> not every man can be a manny. >> scarring jake for life after that. >> you need a babysitter
7:44 am
yourself. >> all right. >> we'll discus during the break. it's getting hot in here. i'll take us to break and we'll cool off. coming up on "good morning america," david beckham. who the soccer hunk thinks should play him in the movie.
7:45 am
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got a lot popping on "pop news" this morning. >> better than caffeine in the morning. let's do "pop news." >> bring it on. okay. david beckham has revealed who he would like to play him if a movie was made about his life. the answer, brad pitt. he said that tongue-in-cheek. but the soccer star told talk sports radio that brad was an obvious choice. his second-round offers go to leonardo dicaprio and bradley cooper.
7:49 am
not bad-looking, either. unfortunately, the question was hypothetical. the pic isn't in the works. but who knows what the future will hold with the beckhams being back in the spotlight with this photo shoot for french "vogue." one good-looking couple. >> the safety lift as dan harris. >> in the same order. >> that's right. leave it to improv to stage another prank. this time on the famous i am spartacus theme from the 1960s film. here's the original. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> and now, the equally powerful modern-day rendition at starbucks. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus.
7:50 am
>> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> seriously improv everywhere is the best. >> that dude, walking in. >> he is my vote for the real spartacus. >> if he doesn't walk away with the coffee. >> something's wrong with this world. >> that was spartacus. and next up, we found a dog with the patience of a saint. meet scout, a pit bull rescue with talent for balancing things on his head. scout's owner tells us he doesn't get to eat any of the food that goes on his head. apparently, that's the secret to his tricks. he never gets human food. but he is extremely obedient. he gets plenty of treats, though. >> does he attempt to eat yahtzee? >> there were more options in here. but i think that he has met his match in ginger's dog, otis. >> woody allen there. >> not only good reading taste. but he can balance it on his head.
7:51 am
i'm going to go with otis. i'm a little biased. >> you can put anything there. i don't think it's obedient. i think he's really tired. >> apathy? >> yeah. >> they have the same smile, too. >> and he's a little older. so, maybe he is not even awake at that point. >> right. and now, to the 4-year-old who's become an online star after his mom started a facebook page to show her son why he shouldn't be embarrassed about wearing his glasses. this is noah fisher. and he is adorable. his mom asked friends and family to post photos of themselves wearing glasses to support noah. but the page went viral. and now, thousands of strangers have posted their photos. we thought it was a great idea. we are 100% behind you. you rock. and you look scrumptious in the glasses. >> yes. >> you do, sara haines. >> you do, dan harris. >> those are legit. usually, you have lights on the side. >> i took those off. >> noah, you rock. >> take these off, too.
7:52 am
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things have cooled down. sara and ron like each other. all is fine. we wish you a wonderful day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> we'll talk. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in san francisco square. hundreds of people gathered for the annual tree lighting ceremony. the 83-foot treat has energy
7:57 am
efficient lights. abc7 and pier39 bill -- will give uh special presentation here on abc7. in the north bay there is snow in downtown san rafael. it is part of the parade of lights and winter wonderland held last night. organizers mead 40 tons of snow to create this slippery slope. sleding and other kids activity continued today 9:00 until noon. eighth ranked stanford plays arizona state for the title. but today they have a big match up against notre dame. let's get a check of the weather. plenty of 60s -- >> plenty of 60s and we have the clouds and the reduced visibility. dense fog along the central coast.
7:58 am
and half moon bay at 46. chilly redwood city and good morning, san francisco. hire is a look at how foggy it is. we have the fog in oakland as well. from the roof camera, when this lifts we have a spare the air day. no wood burning, but mild through the weekend. katie? >> thank you. next, the first words we have heard in more than a month from an elderly bay area veteran held captive in north korea. and the police officer who is bringing dozens of drunk drivers to justice.
7:59 am
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glad to have you with us at 8:00 a.m. on this saturday morning. a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, katie. we are looking at temperatures in the 30s for fairfield, livermore and napa. with that we do have some pretty dense fog. visibility has been reduced to just about nothing from the coast and a quarter mile through salinas and watsonville. elsewhere around the bay san francisco in the upper 40s and by noontime the fog will be gone. it lifts by about 9:00, 10:00. we will have upper 50s and low 60s. by the afternoon we are seeing very mild conditions. it is a spare the air day with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 today. we will


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