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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> remembering nelson mandela, the revered south african leader is being mounted in the bay area and around the world. we are learning new details of the ten day mourn period underway. >> breaking news, half a dozen people are out of their homes after an early morning fire. who is reaching out to help them. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> we have a light at the end of the tunnel, no quit so cold as it was, two to five degrees warmer around the bay and one or two in the east bay, but, city, chilly in the north bay at zero to three degrees cooler than yesterday with 22 in napa and 25 in novato and the upper 20's around concord and san ramon and 30 in antioch and livermore and the mid-to-upper 30's from san jose up both bay shorelines to oakland and 42 in san francisco
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and freezing cold at 32 in half moon bay. from our tower you can see how clean it is and the next 12 hours, 22 to 39 under sun, and 46 to 50 at noon, and high clouds roll in at 4:00, and 46 to 52 and get ready for lit hours during the early evening with temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's. leyla gulen? >> tgif, everyone, heavy conditions over the a pass which is building. we have a couple of brand new problems including southbound 880 headed into san lenadro. someone dropped a ladder that is broken into many pieces affecting the tires out there. we have reports of several popped tires. in san francisco northbound 101 a crash involving a couple of vehicles at hospital curve. it is blocking one lane and you is slow and go traffic away from the 280 extension.
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look out for that drive time traffic 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes and clear southbound 101 from santa rosa to san francisco and through the santa cruz mountains no problems at 21 minutes into los gatos. >> happening now in san rafael, the red cross is helping six people displaced by a house fire find warm shelter. the fire broke out at a home before 3:00 this morning. a dog and two turtles inside home are okay. >> there a power outage in the north bay. it is happening in benicia. three separate outages affecting 4,000 customers. it started two hours ago and pg&e is working to fix the problem but no word when it will be restored. we are getting a new update they hope 1,500 people will be restore by 6:45 and we will check on that for you and amy hollyfield will have an update
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at 6:30. >> we continue our coverage of the cold snap with how people in the south bay are handling the freezing temperatures. katie marzullo has been talking with people in santa clara county and is bundled up. katie? >> i am forcing a smile. can you tell? it is 33 degrees. i am wearing four layers and gloves and a scarf and people are making fun of me but they are originally from the midwest. we are watching people come and go from the starbucks after hot coffee, of course. if you look at the video you can see normal people are wearing jack oats and long pants, scarves, hats. joe is visiting and originally from minute and is wearing shorts. he wasn't laughing yesterday. listen to this. >> i was walking on a sidewalk that had sprinklers on and i
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slipped, almost fell. >> on freezing. black ice. yes. yes. >> you don't expect that in california. >> never. never expect that in california. >> this home you see in west san jose, the home owner did what he was supposed to do putting blankets and sheets ovallable plants if his yard. you are supposed to do that for pipes. you do not want the water freezing. >> for the latest on all weather changes you can download the weather app with severe weather alerts, radar and hourly temperature forecasts. it is free at >> now the death of south african leader, nelson mandela. he passed away yesterday at the age of 95.
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this is video from his 1990 visit to oakland. overnight we learned new details of the lengthy farewell about to get under way. a ten day mourning period is planned and leaders are expected to go to south africa for a state funeral. no public event is held until the fifth day after his death. that is when tens of thousands of people are expected to con verge at a soccer stadium for a memorial service. the body will lie in state. the funeral is day ten on december 15th. >> there are celebrations of his life in johannesburg. people are taking to the streets it honor mandela's life and what he lived for. south africans have been showing outside his house to pay respects. >> tributes for nelson mandela continue to pour in here, at home, and across the world. speaking at south korean university, biden said mandela
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lifted a nation to freedom. he had wisdom, compassion, courage, and forgiveness. >> in washington, dc, flags are at half staff. this is video showing the white house last night. flags are lower the a public buildings and military facilities. president obama made the order yesterday evening and flags will continue to fly at half staff through sunset on monday. >> in washington, a memorial is growing outside the south african embassy with people leaving cards, candles and flowers following the announcement of the death. a visitor said you cannot put in word was he did for south africa. >> similar seen -- scene in long do where notes and flowers are left. this video was shot a few hours ago. his daughters were in london when they got word of their father's death. they attending the premiere of the new film honoring the late south african leader. >> this paris, the eiffel tower
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is lit up in south africa colors in honor of delaware. you can see green, red and blue lit up on the tower. >> back in the un, the apollo these they are in new york city harlem showing appreciate to mandela saying "nelson mandela, he changed our word." people are sharing memories and you can leave your thoughts on our facebook page. stay with us abc7 news for continuing coverage of the death of nelson mandela. we will have bay area reaction to his passing and stay tuned to america at 7:00 a.m. the program will feature a special tribute to man tell after the morning news. >> vetoing -- developing news for a girl kidnapped in the
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pacific northwest. police in washington state say 14-year-old romero was take were by her boyfriend, 19-year-old eduardo fabian flores rosales. look at the surveillance video. this is from her while, she is getting into her eduardo fabian flores rosales' green ford with a washington license plate. police have not released the number of the license plate. though suspect eduardo fabian flores rosales is headed to mexico and could pass through california. >> those in california view state lawmakers negatively but optimism is growing. 44 percent of those in california disapprove of the job performance of the state legislature and only 40 percent approve. however, california voters say the state is headed in the right direction and 43 percent say things are look up for the golden state and 42 percent say we are headed in the wrong direction. the field poll director says the optimism is pause of the economic recovery and the fact
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that the legislature hasn't get on a spending binge. >> which direction are the temperatures headed this this morning? we will check owe conditions with our meteorologist. >> we will start with looking at our freeze warning. everyone is under a freeze warning. what you see in the dark irblue in -- darker blue is a hard freeze where it is a "killing" freeze because if you do not have things protected they will not last. sub-freezing temperatures through 9:00 with increased risk of hypothermia. we will be anywhere from eight to ten degrees below average with highs in the upper 40's to low 50's. when the sun sets we will have a chance of scattered light shows that get heavy in the evening and overnight with snow level down to 2,000 feet and a couplisms possible and freezing
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cold on sunday and monday and then cooler-than-average afternoon. leyla gulen? >> we have a couple of problems including at san francisco at hospital curve northbound 101 involving a couple of vehicles blocking a lane causing delays headed into the city coming away from the 280 extension. across the bay we have this problem, in the southbound direction along 880, someone dropped a ladder in the lanes. it was made of metal and broke into many cases causing flat tires. be careful if you are headed out there. here is the bay bridge toll plaza are we have an accident in the number five lane traveling in the westbound direction, the cash-paying lanes are loaded up but we have an accident at the tolls in the number five lane. >> 6:10 the toronto mayor ford is at it again, going after president obama. >> forget electronics or jewelry this holiday so, the new push
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now underway to get californians to "gift" health insurance. >> a new mega jackpot is up for grabs, how much is at stake in the mega will months drawing. >> we want to see how the freezing cold is affecting you. send us your photos at
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a
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pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a look at washington, dc, outside the south african embassy, the statue of the late nelson mandela. folks have been bringing things as a memorial, cars and candles in honor of the civil rights leader and politician who passed away at the aim -- age of 95. >> republican to's embattled
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mayor is criticizing president obama. mayor ford is denowing the health care laissezzing affordable care -- saying affordable care act is too expensive in spite of california having a government-run health care system. as a person, he said, i live but i don't like his policies. >> if you are looking for a perfect gift, california officials have a suggestion, health insurance. the sack -- "sacramento bee" says "give the gift of health aimed at mothers and grandmothers would could look to buy health insurance for uninsured young adults. >> some are sounding off as a new baby bouncy seat with an ipad holder. the company released this video showing how it works. they are selling the app for $80 and says it offers play and learning at a baby's fingertips
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but some are disgusted. shoppers on amazon have called it "one of the worst ideas for baby products." >> amazon is widely expected to lunch a new delivery service next week for groceries. all signs point to amazon fresh becoming available on tuesday. the service lets shoppers order an assortment of groceries and get delivery the same day or next day. amazon fresh will face competition from google shopping and south way and wal-mart. >> tonight's $291 million mega millions jackpot is the largest in nearly two years. officials redesigned the drawing in october to have bigger jackpots with a one dollar ticket price to compete with powerball. the overall anothers of winning any prize are one in 40 but are 1 in 176 million to match all six numbers. >> bundle up if you want to get
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a ticket. >> you are more likely to see snow than win this. rain is a given. snow -- not everyone will see it. if you live around 2,000 feet in the east bay hills, some of you are around 1,400 or 1,900. winter is here. been here. now it is time for the light stuff to fall. it is headed to portland and coming down 5 and crossing the california border. temperatures are the big story: freezing cold at 29 in santa clara. cupertino and saratoga at 30. everyone else is around 33 to 35 degrees in the south by with san jose at 34. redwood city and alameda and san carlos at 38 and san francisco is down to 38. as cold as it will get. mid-to-upper 20's in the north bay and toward danville in the east bay.
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30 in lafayette. you can see the clean air is there and it will be sunny early with high clouds this afternoon and chilly and dry today. when the sun sets the rain and snow will move in, in the evening and overnight and the cold air mass is settled and freezing cold on sunday and monday and possibly on tuesday morning. highs are not different than yesterday and upper 40's to 50's and we will not have total sunshine today. lows are above freezing from mid-30's to low 40's and maybe mid-40's around oak and san francisco. at noon today you can see the high clouds starting to move in and scattered light shows are developing at 5:00. they are undercut by the layer of dry air in the evening. by 7:00, this is making it down to the ground. the heaviest moves into the north bay from 7:00 to 1:00 o'clock and move across the heart of the bay from 11:00 to midnight and across the south bay from 1:00 o'clock to 3:00.
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this are scattered light showers over the ocean and cooler and clear by saturday afternoon. the coldest air is after the prior leaves with quarter to half an inch in most areas translating from 2" to 6" of snow in the blue areas including the santa cruz mountains toward mountains around monterey. 40's for highs this weekend and low-to-mid 50's on monday and tuesday and back to average on wednesday and thursday and mid-50 to near 60. >> we have 51 bart trains run on time andation train -- and race train one and three have problems. there is scrap metal on southbound 880 headed through san lenadro with a ladder that fell off the truck and it is popping everyone's tires.
6:20 am
it is scattered across all lanes. in san francisco, northbound 101 at hospital curve, this accident is still there and causing backups. from emeryville camera to the bay bridge the line of cars is starting to backup but we have report of a four car crash in the number five lane which is causing extra delays. >> unexpected arrest in the paul walker car crash at 6:30 with the 18-year-old taken into custody and what he is accused of doing so shocking after the fiery crash that claimed the life of the "fast and furious" actor. >> and a music streaming service will get something away to customers: it is free. a new offering to
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>> good morning on friday at 6:23. from mount tamalpais camera, looking at beautiful sausalito, the boats and am can track and the bay bridge and twinkling lights. you cannot tell but it is cold again with a freeze warning. mike nicco will talk about when it will thank you out. >> now josh has a preview of "good morning america" at 7:00. >> kristen and eric, a good friday morning to you both and all of you in the bay area
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today. we will continue your coverage as the world celebrates the remarkable life and times of nelson mandela the apartheid civil rights icon dead at 95. we will have full team coverage this morning on the ground in south africa with new details about his funeral. we will continue to bring you the latest reaction as it pours if from around the globe. that is next on "good morning america" special edition. >> the photo sharing app own by facebook is getting ready if a big new york city event. they report instagram will hold a press event in man manhattan with reports saying it could get ready to introduce a messaging service. >> streaming music service is ready to intro doubt a free version for mobile devices according to the "wall street
6:25 am
journal" although now they pay monthly now the new free version includes ads. there are six president subscribers competing with pandora. in two you are 40s the 32 nations competing in the world cup will hope for luck. a lottery is held to determinate groups of four in the first round of in brazil including brazil, spain and the issue. the 90 minute ceremony is televised to more than 190 countries. you can watch it on espn2 with the coverage in two hours at 8:30. >> philadelphia police are searching for the grinches caught on video stealing chris decorations. it happened last week before thanksgiving day with this surveillance video released by police showing the woman taking deck races from a home in south philadelphia and an hour later the woman runs with a man and the duo take self more
6:26 am
decorations and then they take off. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including continuing coverage of nelson mandela's death and the bay area reaction to the passing of the south african leader admired around the world. >> a car -- dark starbucks on a friday morning? what going on? we will explain. >> the big weather story is freezing temperatures through 9:00 this morning. then we transition to rain and snow. >> in the traffic center, it has been so far friday lite but empty here
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at 6:29. these are pictures from south africa, one of the memorials being set up forking --
6:30 am
following the death of nelson mandela former south africa president andant apartheid leader. the memorials are set up around the world including in washington, dc, with new information on when the memorial will take place the. >> remembering nelson mandela is a top story. the other top story is the cold snap, the bitter cold. >> remembering nelson mandela and remembering what have you done to make the earth a better place before you pass? interesting, yes? low-to-mid 20's inland until antioch and livermore, and los gatos is the same. at the love the neighborhoods are dealing with frost away from the reporting stations. san francisco is warmest at 42. changes are on the way. freezing cold this morning from 25 to 40 at 7:00. below average temperatures with sun at noon and upper 40's. high clouds and sun at 4:00 and
6:31 am
get ready at 7:00 with scattered light showers. we have snow on the way, also. with have an accident 101 northbound with some of the tracks now, is passing through fine with heavy traffic off the bay bridge interest san francisco. the caltrain holiday train this weekend is from san francisco to santa clara with 60,000 dazzling lights along the peninsula and you can bring a gift, a donated toy for underserved children. >> more now on bay area cold snap, we are waking up to frigid temperatures. there is a major power outage in one city, we with our reporter at benicia with an update. >> kristen, friday morning without coffee in the freezing cold weather is a rough thing to
6:32 am
deal with. the starbucks behind me, it is dark with no power in benicia for 4,100 customers, pg&e does not have an estimate of when they get the lights turned back on. it is a rough morning to not have power in the home and never a good dime to be without electricity but today is tough because that means no heat. it is so cold. pg&e crews are this the cold and working on the problem. here is video of more workers in the cold last night, workers in martinez dealing with a burst pipe in the cold, but a water main broke and that was because of the weather, the pipe is just burst in the cold and flooded the businesses and they did manage to get that water turned off. to benicia, the pg&e outage is caused by damaged underground cable which is what pg&e is saying but they have not explain what happened to the cables and what caused them to be damaged.
6:33 am
they are just working hard to get the power turned back on with lots of people if the dark and the cold in benicia. >> thank you, amy for all our weather changes. can you download the weather app with severe weather alerts such as radar and hourly temperature forecasts. it is free at >> more on the delegate of former south africa president nelson mandela, the government is preparing funeral ceremonies for the former leader who died yesterday at the age of 95. south africans have been flocking to his home in johannesburg all night. current president zuma stopped by this morning. the united nations paused for a moment of silence after his death. there were words of tribute from president obama. >> we will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again.
6:34 am
it falls to us as best we can to follow the exam he cement. >> a memorial grew outside the south african embassy in washington, dc, with continue official daze of mourning ahead. >> in south african capitol, mourners lit candles and across the city,ing ins are flying at half staff. mandela's body was moved from the home in joe chance -- johannesburg to a morgue in pretoria. >> the flag is at half staff at buckingham palace and washington, dc as the request of president obama. mandela visited the bay area in june of 1990 with a speech in front of 58,000 people who came to see him at oakland coliseum. he was justry leased from prison. the state senator was on stage with mandela. show was mayor of with berkeley
6:35 am
one of the only cities in the world that sanctioned south africa. >> that was a moment of shear joy for the entire community and the coliseum was full, every seat, standing room only, celebrating this extraordinary human spirit. >> in 1985, 10,000 students at uc berkeley boycotted classes. the follow year california was the largest government in the united states to withdraw all investments related to south africa. >> people sharing their memories of nelson mandela own facebook page. look your -- you can leave your thoughts. "good morning america" has a special tribute in 25 minutes for nelson mandela a our news. >> three richmond teens are accused rain -- raping two girls
6:36 am
after getting them so drunk they passed out at a park in richmond. police say the suspects, one 15, the other two are 17, they supplied the alcohol and the goals are 14 and 17 and work up the next day and felt they had been sexually assaulted and told their families who called police. >> an advisory to shelter in place after a chore -- after a chlorine warn was issued. residents were told to stay indoors until the advisory was lifted after a tank was contaminated. the gas can cause severe lung injuries. it was closed earlier after a series of chlorine released that started on tuesday. the general manager says the threat year was unrelated. >> breaking news, an officer
6:37 am
injured in the south bay after a car crash. >> first, though, san jose state spends to student protests following claims of hate crimes on campus and what is continue new to make sure the school is a welcoming community. >> the san mateo bridge traffic is showing traffic moving fine but this is the possibility of black ice with remark and ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap
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♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we have break news in the south bay an officer is injured if an accident in san jose. >> our reporter, katie marzullo, is on the scene near the convention center. katie? >> this is a wild scene. at the intersection, you can see the san jose police unit in the middle of the intersection and that officer was stopped here at a red light and the car in the intersection came up, speeding, according to a lieutenant and rear ended him pushing both into the intersection so they stopped here. both people were injured, both the officer and the driver of the car. the difference is the injured
6:41 am
officer yelled for the driver to stop and three started running off. now, come with me this way and you can see on the corner the hotel a security guard inside the hotel heard the officer screaming and came out and tackled the driver who is now in custody or at hospital both he and the officer, the lieutenant, does not want to go into the details but the officer's injuries are not life threatening. the cause of the driver speeding into the better section, we do not have that answer. it is too early to know if drugs or alcohol played a role. >> just how cold did it get at your house? that is next on the commute. >> rent a family for the holidays? ahead, meet the college student making the request. >> an arrest related to the deadly car crash that claims the life of paul walker and the
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> san jose state is take the first step to addressing what the prosecution calls a hate crime against a black student. the university has appoint add
6:45 am
retired superior court judge to lead a task force in investigating what happened. the judge will recommend ways to were sure san jose state is welcoming. protests have demanded action from the school leaders after claims that white students tormented the black roommate for weeks in their dorm even snapping a bicycle lock around his neck. >> two teens are in trouble after trying to steal part of the wrecked porsche tied to fall walker moves death. they saw a teen taking part of the car off the tow truck when it stopped. the 40-year-old walk are and a friend were killed on saturday when the car crashed at high speeds. an 18-year-old is in custody and another has agreed to surrender. >> trading is underway on wall street. the big board shows the dow is off for four straight days but look at this: up 123 points on the jobs report that came out
6:46 am
most likely. >> we will talk more about the jobs report released by the labor department for november. the unemployment rate dipped to 7 percent down from october 7.3 percent. this brings it to five year low. employers added 203,000 jobs last month. economists say another straight month of solid hiring could give the economy a jolt and signal the job market could be gathering momentum. >> monday could be another big online shopping day and wal-mart and other retailers are trotting out the online bargains again for what is now called green monday the intent company says that the monday off cyber monday ended up being the third biggest on-line shopping day last year and wal-mart will offer more than 300 online specials with ten popular deals returning from black friday weekend. >> a young northern california woman is making holiday plans after posting an ad on craigslist asking to rent a family for christmas.
6:47 am
the student at the university in rockland near sacramento is 26 and back on her feet after living on the streets and spending a year in jail for theft. show says she comes from a broken home and wants company for the holidays. she posted an ad on craigslist that says i want to rent a mom and dad and offers to pay a family $8 an hour. >> just to sit and listen and cry with me, nothing beyond that. i never felt the touch of my mom hugging me or holing me, i don't know what it is like to look in my dad's eyes and feel love rather than hatred. >> dozens of families have come forward to take in the 26-year-old for free for the holidays but she heard from others in the same situation and now rather thanent aring a family she is creating a family and hopes to organize a gathering of those who have responded. >> now mike nicco has a lot to talk about with the cold and the
6:48 am
rain. >> the snow, too. live doppler 7 hd shows the white and light are blue signifying snow to heavier know and pink is winter mix and the green is what is falling as liquid. at home, we will talk about temperatures in the east bay valleys, 26 in dublin and danville and 27 in san ramon and 30 in pleasanton hill and 28 in concord and 32 in hayward and 40 in san francisco and a reporting station in novato is 18. napa is 22. in tahoe, it is now snowing. it will be. later this evening. if you are headed that way the sooner the better. rain and snow are best in the
6:49 am
evening and overnight and it will be freezing cold on sunday, monday, and possibly tuesday morning. high clouds at lunch are scatter light showers at action and freeing the ground at 7:00 in the north bay and santa cruz mountains where we see the yellow and heavy rain and moving through the not bay between 8:00 and 12:00 and from to into midnight through the heart of the bay and midnight through 2:00 in the south bay. by 4:00 in the only it is almost over. the coldest air is after the precipitation leaves the all the areas you see in purple, that is where we have the winter weather advisory at 2" to 6 itch of snow above 2,500'. highs only in the 40's and we are back in the 50's next week and, finally, back to urge a on wednesday and thursday. >> we have a stalled car northbound 880 up to oak street a car is blocking a lane with
6:50 am
delays behind it. we recorded an accident at the bay bridge toll plaza but it was actually on transition to westbound 80 before you get to the line of cars up to the toll plaza. everyone is on the shoulder. outside, from emeryville the metering lights are turned on and slow going away from emeryville. >> we invite you to help us feed the bay area, visit the abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live with each pledge, then, we will donate a dollar in your honor to the feeding america food banks, up to 75,000 and your deed could be rewarded. everyone will be entered to win $7,000 cash and the winner is announced december 19. spread the love and "give where you live." >> breaking news: a liver has been injured in an accident in san jose. >> it is a rare-ending situation
6:51 am
and katie marzullo is at seen near the convention center. >> you can see the two cars involved in the middle of the enter section, a huge pile of glass. the? s are investigating. the police officer was stopped here at the light and that is when the other car came up behind him, a lieutenant says speeding rare ended him and pushed both vehicles into the introspection and the driver of the car tried to respect off. the officer yelled if him to stop. he does not step but he was stopped by a security guard from the hotel on the corner. the security guard runs out, tackles the driver and both are in the hospital. the lieutenant did not want to give me details. he said the officer is complaining of pain. no word whether drugs or alcohol were involved but traffic-wise at the intersection, they say it
6:52 am
will be closed at least another hour. the accident happened right around 5:45 this morning. in san jose for abc7 news. ahead, seven things to know before you go. customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara,
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built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. a look at downtown san francisco, a gorgeous sight but it is cold. here are seven things to know before you go: pg&e cruise are working to restore power to 4,100 customers if benicia the three outages happened after 4:30 this morning. they hope to have 1,500 customs restored any minute. >> freezing temperaturesry where but san francisco where the coldest temperature is 37 in
6:54 am
richmond. this is until 9:00 this morning. get ready for increasing clouds. temperatures are below average. starting at 5:00, through 3:00 tonight we have a chance of rain and mountain snow. >> south africa is preparing a final farewell for nelson mandela. officials announced december 15th is the state funeral. south africans gathered outside his home overnight along with current president zuma. his body was moved to a military morgue. >> pictures of the breaking news story in san jose where a police officer is hurt in a crash. the intersection is closed now. investigators say the patrol car was stopped at a light and a speeding driver rear ended the police car pushing both vehicles into the intersection. the suspect tried to run off but was tackled by a security guard and arrested.
6:55 am
the injured officer and suspect are hospitalized but will be okay. >> aman amber alert is in effect for a 14-year-old after having left washington with her boyfriend, eduardo fabian flores rosales, and they are headed to mexico. >> the mega millions will be the largest in two years with still only $1 price to compete with powerball. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is lit and it is friday light with a couple of pickups. we had an early accident reported westbound at the tolls when it was really westbound side of 880 making the westbound 80 transition. we have a busy drive over the altamont pass treecy -- tracy to
6:56 am
dublin. from antioch to concord, it is 24 minutes. 101, san rafael to san francisco, southbound through marin county, that is under on minutes. >> if you have seat warmers, you the want to use them. if not, good luck. we will see you this 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking news. ice storm emergency. from dallas to cincinnati, dangerous snow and sleet. millions in the path of a treacherous storm bringing bitter cold. the red cross already warning against frostbite. as parts of the country brace for a big new storm on the way. ♪ and this morning, the world celebrates the life of nelson mandela. >> we have never doubted in our mind, even during the darkest hours of our struggle, that eventually we would win. >> he calls himself an ordinary man who became a leader because of extraordinary circumstances. >> sometimes it's calls for a nation to be great. let your greatness blossom. >> this morning, his life, his legacy. >> as long as injustice exists


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