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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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[chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the bay area cold snap is bursting pipes. this water main break made a mess for people in martinez. >> folks are advised to cover plants and pipes to protect them from ice. this was the scene in san jose this morning. a homeowner used bed sheets to protect his prized plants. >> thousands in the north bay had to do without heat on the coldest mornings of the year.
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>> good morning. power outage in benicia has thousands shivering especially hurtful impact on businesses and school kids. amy hollyfield is in benicia. amy? >> a rough morning. it continues, 1,400 customs without power in benicia. this strip mall was without power including starbucks creating a last discomfort. with frost on the ground and covering the cars it was not a good morning to go without power. >> no hot water. no power. i'm doing everything by candlelight. >> tom's k-9 alarm clock got it help, one of 4,100 customers who lost power in benicia. no heat. no hot showers. no power for the coffee. >> get to get some coffee. >> even starbucks lost power. many disappointed caffeine
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lovers. >> we hoped to warm up and have coffee. >> it is cold when the automatic voice of the iphone makes a comment. >> what is the temperature? >> brr27 degrees outside. >> the middle school was a pg&e customer that lost power but they decided to have class anyway. >> if they go home and parents are at work and there is no plan to be supervised or taken care is better they are here the. >> without heat or light teachers tried to figure out a new lesson plan. >> maybe go in the gym and have a little bit of light and think warm thoughts. >> and the financial hardships for businesses like the chief which counts friday breakfast as the busiest time of the week. >> this is painful. friday is a big day for us. this is painful. we are only open until 3:00 so our hours are 7:00 to 3:00 so it
11:03 am will be bad day. >> he said 1,800 employees were sent home. the starbucks got its power back in the hour. the middle school got its power back the last 10 minutes. pg&e does not have an estimate of when all 1,400 customers who do not have lights, will get their electricity back. pg&e is blaming it on a damaged underground cable. >> thank you. record-setting cold in the south bay over stanford university the campus saw temperatures dipping to a low of 28. mike nicco has the other low spots. >> the temperatures, we set a record believe you see an at terrific. -- asterisk. 27 in livermore, san francisco
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set a record, all these set record cold temperatures or tied. the cold system to the north live doppler 7 hd is picking up snow and the green is rain. this is heading our way in the evening and overnight. we talk about the big forecast and i will show you and give you a timeframe when the 2" to 6" of snow will fall and quarter to half inch of rain. >> in contra costa county, students and staff in lafayette are going back inside after a gas leak forced everyone into the cold and evacuated. sky 7 shows the pg&e truck on the scene. right now another service crew is on way to turn off the gas and fix the problem. pg&e says it is a small leak. >> this morning the world is mourning the loss of a visionary
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leader. south african president nelson mandela passed away yesterday at 95. the fight against racial and political segregation made him an icon for freedom. it is at 9:00 at night in south africa and petroleum -- people are gathering out his home to sing and pray and honor the leader. we have the latest on the memorial and funeral services. >> plans are set for the farewell to nelson mandela. >> we should all work together to organize the most fitting funeral for this outstanding son of our country and the father of the nation. >> on sunday, south africa will remember him during a national day of rare and reflection. on tuesday they gather for a memorial service at a 90,000 seat stadium. the body will lie in state for
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three days before he is laid to rest december 15th. today across south africa, large crowds gathered to remember delaware's -- nelson mandela's triumph over apartheid. >> from indiana, to new york, to washington, dc, americans paid their respects to south africa's first black president. >> it is a sense for me of my boys can have the opportunity to do a lot more things. >> his story is one of dignity and perseverance. in prison phone 27 years he became a global symbol of the fight against south africa's apartheid system. the white minority ruled the country enjoying riches and the black majority lived in abject poverty. in 1990 the government under heavy pressure at home and from around the world released nelson mandela and dismantled apartheid. president obama will travel to south africa to pay his respects
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to mandela ordered the flags flown at half staff. >> this morning, prince william is remembering mandela as an extraordinary and inspiring man, the duke and duchess were guests at london premiere of "mandela, a long walk to freedom," when they received wore the leader had died. rinse william expressed his sympathies as he live theater with kate and a moment silence was held after the final credits. >> musician richie was the first to tweet about the leader. when mandela made the tour of the united states in 1990 richie actually served we as his fashion stylist and was if charge of updating the look after three decades in prison. in the bay area, many petroleum -- petroleum who had the honor of seeing him in person are remembering the leader. he inspired tens of thousands during an appearance at the oakland coliseum 23 years ago.
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it was singing and celebration and he was here in june of 1990 a few months after being released from prison. 58,000 people packed the coliseum. he delivered a message of thanks and hope. it was the only visit to the bay area. >> people are sharing their memories on our facebook page. you can leave your thoughts at >> the search for a kidnapped teen from washington state and why officials want drivers here to look." >> new details on the crash that injured a police officer. a third party, a man called a hero, could have been seriously hurt. >> the craigslist ad posting something that a colle
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>> a driver if san jose goes from the hospital to jail after slamming into a patrol car at a red light injuring an officer and trying to run. he was stopped by a private security guard would almost bill a victim. katie marzullo was first on the scene and joins us with that story. katie? >> it happened at this intersection which was closed for two hours this morning because of it. it was a very dangerous crash. the person who caused it may have gotten away if not for an employee at the hilton hotel.
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at 5:45 a san jose police officer was behind the wheel his patrol car and waiting when, bam, a speeding cadillac hits him. both cars slide into the intersection leaving a pool of broken glass. both the officer and driver are hurt and the driver tries to run. >> got out of the car and attempted to flee. >> the injured officer yelled for the man to stop the he got unexpected help. >> a security guard at the hilton hotel tackled the suspect. >> the fast acting security guard is lucky. he could have been caught in the crash. >> a security officers was standing outside the officer's car chatting with him late rally just stepped back as the officer was ready to leave and stepped on the sidewalk and very fortunate that is when the accident occurred. >> the guard went home to sleep after the night shift. the general manager of the hotel calls him "shy," and a teddy
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bear. >> he is a hero every day in big and small ways. i would not be surprised that this is what happened. >> the driver of the cadillac faces a felony hit-and-run accident and will go to jail after he is cleared. neither he or the police officer injuries are life threatening. >> developing news, you may see freeway message signs displaying amber alert for a girl kidnapped in washington who could be passing through california on the way to mexico. police say 14-year-old elizabeth romero was taken by her boyfriend, 19-year-old eduardo fabian flores rosales with surveillance video showing her getting into the boyfriend's ford escape. the license plate not has not been released. >> meteorologist mike nicco has been super busy. >> i'm excited about what will happen. i like it when it snows because it is so infrequent.
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if your seven-day forecast we have that coming your way with the winter weather advisory. if you are headed to the sierra, you may want to leave soon. they are going to get more soon. >> baby bouncy seat that is
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> this morning parents are sounding off after a new baby bouncy seat has an ipad holder. this is video from fisher price
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that shows how the seat works. it puts lay and learning at a baby's finger points but some parents are disgusted. some reviews on amazon call it one of the worst ideas for a baby product. >> young california woman is making holiday plans after posting a plan on craigslist to represent a family for breakfast. show is a college student in rockland near sacramento and is back on her feet after living on the streets and spending a year in jail for theft. she says she comes from a broken home and just wanted company for the holidays so she posted an ad on craigslist reading "i want to rent a mom and dad and offer to pay $8 an hour." dozens have come forward offering to take jackie in for the holidays for free but she heard from others in the same situation and now, rather than renting a family she is creating a family. show hopes to organize a gathering of those who have responded to her ad.
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>> the ice cold weather is not bothering two hummingbirds. the hummingbirds are playing in the frozen fountain. we got this video as they took a sip of water in the ice cold. send us your cold weather video at >> hummingbirds move so quickly they must generate some warmth that way. >> we do need to warm it up but the flip side is the rains right? >> absolutely. rain will come but we will get snow from the system, the same system that will bring snow to the sierra so we keep piling on, that is good, it is december, we like this, especially if you head up to the sierra, but the timing is not great following on friday afternoon and evening but it is worst it when you get there. a few radar runs around fort
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bragg and near clear lake which is evaporateing before it reaches the ground because it is too dry. that will keep us dry for our daylight hours. the temperatures show everyone in the 40's and fremont and los gatos at 50, our cool spot santa rosa at 40 degrees and fairfield at concord and antioch at 41 and san francisco is 46 and oakland is 47 and san jose about 48. here is san jose and you can see the high clouds taking over your neighborhood and that is going to be the case, it will be cloudy by the afternoon, with temperatures about ten degrees below average and dry today. rain and snow, the best chant tonight, and freezing cold sunday and monday morning and possibly tuesday. upper 40's to low 50's with increasing clouds from north to south but notice all the radar returns are up to the north during the daylight hours.
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overnight, we will get our rain and our snow and the temperatures will be warmer, though, mid-30's to low 40's in most neighbors a few mid-40's around oakland and san francisco so we go to around 2,000' before we hit the snow. noon, today, a lot cloud cover out there, and notice by 5:00 or 6:00, some of the showers start to rain on us and most of that will evaporate by 7:00 when it will reach the ground and by 8:00 we are seeing the snow develop on hamilton and you can see it right there so, maybe, heavier rain around marin county and near cloverdale and the rain will pick up in intensity headed to 10:00 especially in the north bay where the cold front is coming through by midnight the steady rain is moving through the heart of the bay and by 2:00 it is moving through the south of the bay. notice at 4:00 in the morning, scattered showers and mostly in the higher elevations, more snow in hamilton and headed to saturday and the afternoon hours, showers are mostly over the ocean and we will clear out and become cool tomorrow,
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mid-40's to highs if we are lucky. rainfall amounts quarter inch to .5" translating 2" to 6" of snow. the east bay hills, diabolo range, santa cruz mountains, highway 17, the summit, could get snow. we will get some on hamilton and diabolo but not in the north bay because the cold air come in after the moisture leaves. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow mid-to-upper 40's with sunshine in the afternoon and freezing cold on sunday morning and temperatures in the upper 40's to 50 on sunday and low 50's on monday after another freezing morning and possibly frost inland on tuesday and temperatures in the mid-50's and finally, back to average wednesday and thursday and highs in the upper 50's to 60. waking up tomorrow is cool with the know. >> can't wait. >> pets, plants and pipes are protected. >> you can start the holiday season early and by your family to a party with sport
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celebrities in san francisco. it is all to help underprivileged children. here's pictures from the holiday hero celebration. you can meet celebrity host, joe and jennifer montana or mingle with an olympic skiers or stars from the giants, raiders, sharks and san jose earthquakes with 300 children from local charities there. >> it will be fun to do arts and crafts and video games and they leave with a gift bag and for some kids it is the only present they will receive during the holiday season. >> kristen and i will be there and tickets on monday are still available on our website. >> many children nonprofits benefit including the junior giants which puts on the league if kids. it is really a great event and hope you will join us. >> fun for kids and parents. >> next, friday, perfect day to meet a perfect pet. >> later today on "katie" is
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>> the most controversial guitar in music history hits the auction block, the staggering amount of money someone played for the we guitar of bob dylan. how a driver walked away from this incredible accident. >> nownow we will calm it down h friday's perfect pet. >> now, we are talking about you, tinsel. tell us about her. >> she is eight months old jack russell chihuahua mix. she is lively and smart, and is a little overwhelmed right now. she is a really happy, play of,
11:27 am kind of dog you would see in a norman rockwell painting. >> tell us about the special you have going on. >> through december 30 we wave fees on all animals with holiday names. >> you have quite a few, i would say, so... >> check out the website. >> or call them 517-569-0702 if you are interested. hopefully we can find you a home for the holidays. nice to see you guys. >> very happy. lovely. have a great
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