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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a terrifying shooting spree. the suspected gunman targeting his own family and friends. going door-to-door in a murderous rage. what caused him to attack? airport security breaches caught on tape. look at this man on the tarmac, actually coming in contact with a plane. this, on one of the year's busiest travel days. how could they get past security? and the terrifying piranha attack in argentina. dozens of holiday swimmers injured as the deadly fish swarm the unsuspected. and a record pay it forward. starbucks customers sharing the holiday spirit, with a merry caffeinated christmas. as more than 700 people buy a cup of high-octane cheer. ♪
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good morning, america. on this glorious friday after christmas. big smiles because it is friday. >> indeed. >> and robin and george have the day off. >> we hope they're enjoying it. but we hope they are dry and warm this weekend. yes, another weekend storm brewing. a major chill, as well, called a siberian express. that does not sound good. it could affect all of our new year's plans. ginger zee has what we need to know. >> it's not tropical, i'll tell you that. >> your jacket is making us imagine. very busy woman this morning. also, we have the latest on the package delivery debacle. presents still not delivered by u.p.s. and fedex. we hear from some very upset customers who are -- they just
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want their presents. >> what can brown do for you? deliver the packages. we begin here with the shooting spree in louisiana town. the man accused of targeting his family and former colleagues in a series of home invasions. he took the lives of a hospital administrator, his former mother-in-law and his own wife, in separate attacks before, then, taking his own life. abc's matt gutman has the breaking details. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: good morning, josh. police are still trying to figure out what happened in that wild shooting overnight. the situation so fluid at one point that they decided to put three area hospitals on lockdown for hours. all of that triggering the massive manhunt that ended just a few hours ago. police believe this man, 38-year-old ben freeman, went from home-to-home in lafourche parish, 30 minutes outside new orleans, on a mission to kill. >> this is unprecedented to have three different victims
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unrelated, targeted by a single killer. >> reporter: his first stop at 6:40 yesterday evening, the home of his former in-laws. there he allegedly killed his ex-mother-in-law, susan gouaux. wounding her husband, parish councilman, louie gouaux, and their daughter, andrea. freeman had been married to the couple's daughter, jean. just 20 minutes later, police believe freeman targeted the home of milton bourgeois, the administrator of st. anne hospital, where freeman once work. his wife was also shot and taken to an area hospital, where she's in stable condition. a third stop and a third death. this time, freeman's own wife, found dead in their home. police say a shotgun was used in the shootings. a massive manhunt continued until just a couple of hours ago when ben freeman was found dead in his car on the side of a highway of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we heard that ben freeman had
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only been married to his wife for six months. and police tell me this morning they're still trying to work on a motive here. the only thing they say they know for certain is that the community and the three area hospitals are still reeling. josh? >> thank you for that. our thoughts and prayers with all of the victims. as more news becomes available, we'll have it for you on abc. lara? we turn to major concern this morning over security at our nation's major airports. this, after two alarming incidents on one of the busiest travel days of the year. and in both cases, intruders got on to the tarmac before they were arrested. gio benitez is at newark international airport with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. here at newark, there's a $300 million security system. but clearly, even that wasn't enough to stop this intruder. and wait until you see what happened at other airports. watch a new video from this phoenix airport. police say this 49-year-old man, not only jumped the fence on to the tarmac, but you can see him
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running right up to a southwest airlines plane that had just landed on christmas day. in newark, christmas morning, police say a 24-year-old dressed in women's clothes, breached the pricey perimeter security and walked on to the tarmac, confronted by a united airlines worker. police conceding it took an unacceptably long time for officers to locate the man and arrest him. >> fortunately these were harmless. but they could have been perpetrated by terrorists. >> reporter: airport security mishaps are raising eyebrows all across the country. in may 2012, at san diego's lindbergh field, a stunning breach. a parolee, fresh out of jail, allegedly walked on the tarmac and on to a commuter jet. arrested right before takeoff. in march 2012, police say a 24-year-old drove his jeep grand cherokee on to a runway at philly international airport. and there's the man who beat the security at america's sixth-largest airport, jfk.
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telling abc news his jetski broke down nearby. and he was trying to be scene so he climbed the fence, looking for help. >> i figured i was going to be on cameras. somebody's going to pick me up. maybe a helicopter's going to come or a police car, something. nothing happened, to the point where i had to walk up to a cargo worker. i mean, i had to walk up to a cargo worker. >> reporter: this morning, experts insist airports need more than just advanced security systems. they also need alert, armed patrol officers monitoring those cameras, ready to take action. and that is exactly why here at newark the investigation now turns to the independent company that's supposed to be monitoring those cameras and alarms, lara. >> gio, thank you. took a long time for officers to get -- apprehend those gentlemen. thank you. let's get the rest of the top stories from dan harris. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start with breaking news out of the middle east. a massive car bomb in the heart of beirut, lebanon. the apparent target was former ambassador to the united states. who has close ties to saudi arabia. he is one of six people killed
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here. lebanon has seen a wave of recent bombings overflow from the bloody civil war in neighboring syria. also breaking overnight a small plane crash near the airport in fresno, california, narrowly missing a house. the cessna clipped a tree and snapped in two and burst into flames in the front yard of a home only 800 feet away from the runway. the pilot and a 9-year-old boy were killed. we don't know what caused this crash. and we turn now to the economy. this is the end of the road for 1.3 million americans receiving unemployment benefits. tomorrow, they will lose those benefits because that's when the emergency program approved by congress during the recession runs out. ending benefits after 26 weeks. critics argue this is going to hurt the economy. others say, with the unemployment rate falling, it is time to scale back benefits. from pain on main street to gains on wall street. the recent news about jobs helped stocks soar to another record high on thursday.
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the 50th record set this year. one of the big winners, twitter. shares have soared 182% since they first went on sale last month. twitter is now worth -- check this out -- $40 million. that's more than target. more tan time warner cable. even though twitter has yet to turn a profit. tells you something. delta, by the way, the latest airline to mistakenly post rock-bottom airfares online. a computer glitch had tickets selling for as little as $25 from cincinnati to minneapolis. 50 bucks between new york and l.a. josh is dying over there, between new york and l.a. and new york to honolulu, $200 first class. >> no. >> i'll take two. >> too late. the cheap fares were up for two hours before the problem was fixed on thursday day. but delta is promising to honor those fares. you may remember that united airlines had a similar glitch back in september. finally in this newscast, it is official. the world's hottest pepper is grown right here in america.
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something to be proud of. the guinness book has named the carolina reaper pepper, grown by ed curry in ft. mills, south carolina, as the most potent on earth. it is nearly as powerful as the pepper spray used by most police departments. there is, by the way -- i did a limited googling this morning -- there's a youtube star, named ted the fire-breathing idiot, who eats peppers on camera. he says the carolina reaper sends him into spasms of hiccups and vomiting. and he means that as a compliment. ted, the fire-breathing idiot. yep. back to you. >> hard to watch. >> top that, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's hard to watch. >> the reaper? >> the whole thing. >> food as a weapon. >> as well. >> oh, boy. thanks for that. we're going to turn, now, to the massive nationwide manhunt. what police now believe could be, in fact, multiple gunmen in tupelo, mississippi, bank robbery. an officer was shot and killed during a chase. police believe the suspect or suspects may be heavily armed,
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as well. abc's ron claiborne here with the very latest on the search to find all of them. ron, good morning to you. >> good morning, josh. that manhunt covering parts of mississippi, arkansas and alabama. the suspects are being called the christmas cop killers. but authorities aren't even sure how many people they're looking for. this morning, police in mississippi and now the fbi, expanding their manhunt for this suspected cold-blooded cop killer. this image captured by a surveillance camera as he was about to rob the bank in tupelo. police say a short while later the suspect, possibly with one or more accomplices, gunned down police officer gale stauffer and wounded joseph maura. >> we have a number of law enforcement agencies that are working in unison, in a unified manner to solve this heinous crime. >> reporter: authorities are looking for this man, they call a person of interest. this photo taken at a convenience store by a security camera just before the bank robbery.
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and another video shows what police say was the suspect's car as it left the parking lot after the robbery. >> i want to, again, publicly appeal to all citizens. if you have any information, please get that to law enforcement. >> reporter: in tupelo this christmas weekend, normally a festive occasion, there was a candlelight vigil. and flags lowered to half-staff, in memory of officer stauffer, an army veteran of the iraq war and the father of two young children. >> i'm at peace with gale because i know he died doing what he loved. overwhelming outpouring of love and support that this community has given us, has helped us make it through. >> reporter: there's now $162,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the bank robbers-turned-killers. the search for them covering three southern states. and investigators are hoping that someone saw something in the bloody aftermath of that bank robbery. maybe even took a cell phone photo that bears a clue,
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anything that might help them find these guys. later, the funeral for officer stauffer. and good news, the wounded policeman, his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. josh, lara? >> we hope the best for him. now we move to a holiday tragedy at a popular resort in jackson hole, wyoming. another avalanche this ski season. this one taking a snowboarder's life. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: for the first time in this ski season, an avalanche turns deadly. snowboarder michael kazanjy at a wyoming jackson hill mountain resort with five others, as he starts downhill, officials say he triggers an avalanche. >> just a small blade of grass in a big moving, turning monster. >> reporter: fellow skiers, including a doctor, tried cpr to save him. kazanjy was outside the resort boundary when he died, in the back country, where the thrills are bigger. but so is the risk.
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>> at that kind of speed, that kind of power, you don't have much time. >> you literally have a second to try to get out of the way. >> reporter: kazanjy was a lifelong skier, spending winters on the jackson hole slopes. in a statement, his family said mike lived life with a full heart. he loved his family. his cal bears. his skiing buddies and san francisco. on average, 28 people are killed in avalanches every year. and this is the second treacherous back country avalanche just this week. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in colorado, davis la mayor watched his brother, edwin, get buried alive. edwin could barely breathe, cemented in snow for ten minutes. >> dig me out. >> reporter: but the threat isn't just in the back country. an avalanche on one of the main ski runs at this utah resort monday, briefly trapped three people. a warning that this season on the slopes, the danger can be anywhere. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> clayton, thank you.
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we're going to turn to the round-the-clock rush by u.p.s. and fedex to get the late christmas presents delivered. there has been fierce backlash from angry customers, blasting the two shipping giants. and we have the latest, now, from abc's alex perez in chicago. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. we've been talking to a lot of people who have been here trying to track down their packages. in many cases, they tell us the damage was already done. they didn't get their gifts when they wanted them most. this morning, a chorus of frustration from customers like debbie ruiz, who paid extra for a guaranteed delivery of a new smart phone on christmas eve, but the gift didn't arrive until the day after christmas. >> i'm supposed to be out running errands and taking care of business. but i couldn't because i wanted to make sure i was there for the package. >> reporter: our own viewers, also sounding off. >> u.p.s. made my naughty list. >> our package is in bethlehem, pennsylvania. >> my package is still apparently in jamaica. >> reporter: u.p.s. and fedex,
7:15 am
which also saw some delays, blamed the delivery delays on what they call a perfect storm, bad weather, more packages and a shorter delivery season. while both companies have apologized to customers, neither say how many packages may have been affected. in san francisco, people were waiting in line at this u.p.s. shipping center thursday before the doors opened. >> i just want to cry. my christmas presents are in that package. >> reporter: consumer expert said 10% of holiday shopping is done online by shoppers who expect their items delivered on time. >> it has a huge, profound impact on how they view the retailer, as well as the whole experience about buying online. >> reporter: companies are scrambling to make good on their guaranteed delivery promises. amazon refunding shipping fees and throwing in $20 gift cards. kohl's, paying for the items not delivered on time. and walmart, also ponying up gift cards. the union that represents u.p.s. drivers says they're working as many hours as possible to get things back on track.
7:16 am
and the good news is that both companies say they will keep working until every package is delivered. and u.p.s. says they believe they're pretty much already caught up. josh? lara? >> that's good news. >> yeah. especially since christmas is only 363 days away. they should be all right. we want to turn, now, to some very nice news. starbucks customers in connecticut, sharing high-caffeinated christmas spirit with gifts that keep on giving. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: ♪ ♪ in the days after christmas my true love gave to me the gift of ♪ free coffee? >> you never know. somebody could be having a horrible day, come to get coffee. and that little bit of something they didn't have to worry about. and something nice may just make their day that much better. >> reporter: you don't need a partridge in a pear tree to see that the holiday spirit is alive and well at this connecticut starbucks. where drive-in customers have been paying it forward. and then some.
7:17 am
so far, 780 people have paid for the person behind them. it's not the first time that customers have been generous with their joe. just last week, a nevada starbucks boasted 73 customers paying it forward. and in november, this north carolina mother of two posted her starbucks gift card on facebook and instagram, urging people to use it. before she knew it, something special was brewing. >> next thing you know, people are reloading it, which i had no clue. they are paying it forward, buying it for strangers. reloading the card again. >> reporter: java lovers from coast to coast soon turned operation red cup into an internet sensation. >> somebody's in chicago, somebody's in l.a., arizona. >> reporter: all of the starbucks santas knows that a cup of joe costs only a couple of dollars, the reward for giving, priceless. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> also priceless, reena singing. >> that was really brave.
7:18 am
>> well done. time, now, for the weather and ginger zee. >> yes. you heard at the top of the show, we've got another storm coming, which i think most of the coastal cities will see rain. that's still messy when you're driving and flying. then, it's the cold that i think you'll be interested in. >> the siberian express? >> the siberian express. let's talk all about it. and give you an idea of what's going to come here. ahead of it, it's very mild. that's maybe good news to you. maybe not. depending how you're feeling this holiday season. raleigh gets to 60 on saturday. new york city, close to 50. and, yes, that's above average. so is in chicago, close to 40. that would be one of the warmer temperatures they've seen in probably over a month, if they get to 40. we'll look at this weekend storm now. it wraps up, gets some gulf moisture. comes up into parts of the southeast. and that saturday afternoon, by sunday, at 5:00 p.m., look at this. very heavy rains from boston, back to new york city, through connecticut. and then, snow on top of it. and that's what's going to be mix and messy. and you could see six to ten
7:19 am
inches in some of the higher elevations. and here it is. the siberian express. i promised you all. look at the numbers. take that huge tumble. minneapolis, a high of zero by the time you end your weekend. and of course, the windchill will be much colder than that. i'll talk about how cold it gets everywhere else and how long it sticks.
7:20 am
>> kansas city, that's near 50 on saturday. and, yes, it slips to 20 on sunday. a lot of folks going to feel this. siberian express. >> that can head back to siberia. keep it in siberia. >> seriously. >> well said. thank you, ginger. coming up on "good morning america," a terrifying piranha attack. how a shocking feeding frenzy injured dozens of helpless swimmers. we're also going to talk to some good samaritans who risked their lives to rescue the driver of the burning car there on an l.a. freeway. just-released video of a doctor missing since early december. could it hold crucial clues to finding her? and the story of a retired
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finding the right job is never with so much easy.tition, but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. let's get to work. good morning. i'm matt keller. this morning we're learning a snowboarder killed in an avalanche in wyoming had ties to the bay area. officials have identified the victim as 29-year-old mike
7:25 am
kazange. he went to school at uc berkeley and former employee of auto desk and hot wire. he just spent chris has with his parents. statement released by loved ones said he loved his family, and san francisco. check on the morning commute in san francisco. crash clearing in oakland along eastbound side of 580 just past 980 blocking a loan involving two vehicles. but we've got this it's a stalled coach bus southbound side of 280 in south san francisco as you make the commute towards monterey boulevard leaving us with a backup because one lane is currently blocked. eric -- excuse me, matt. thank you, leyla.
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morning. we're off to a mostly cloudy start but temperatures still freezing in a few areas. fairfield at 32, 30 novato and santa rosa. 39 in fremont and san jose. today, another spare the air day, 20th of the winter season wood burning ban all the way through midnight. temperatures about the same to a little bit cooler because of the high clouds filtering the limited sunshine we get this time of the year. temperatures will surge back
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh.
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♪ boy, i adore you it is the video that everybody's talking about this morning. miley cyrus' brand-new video for "adore you." and it might be her raciest one yet. even more explicit than "wrecking ball." the question is, has miley gone too far? >> it would appear so. we're going to have much more on that. we saw this first yesterday. and it was a miracle rescue, to be sure. on the 405 freeway, just outside of los angeles. that is a car on fire. but good samaritans pulled to the side and pulled the driver of that car out of that wreckage and just in the nick of time. >> incredible bravery. also this morning, we have new video surfacing, of a female
7:31 am
doctor, missing since early december. clearly revealing she didn't feel safe. the fbi is joining the investigation. happy story this morning. this reads like a story line from a movie. the retired nfl quarterback and current math teacher that's been called to action, with the entire season on the line. what he's doing is he's turning this into an opportunity to benefit his students. >> there's almost a part of me he gets a little run this week. >> a huge part of me. absolutely. >> it would be another interest story. we're going to turn to the story we just told you about. details in the case of a young missing michigan doctor, who fannished three weeks ago. just-released video that may hold the answer to her whereabouts. >> reporter: you're looking at newly released surveillance images of teleka patrick, from december 6th, the night she mysteriously vanished. the 30-year-old doctor is at the desk clerk, trying to book a
7:32 am
room with cash and appears to be in a rush. after being turned away, patrick uses the hotel shuttle to take her to her car, located at the borges hospital, where she worked in downtown kalamazoo. two hours later, her car is found abandoned on i-94, more than 100 miles away from the hospital in kalamazoo, with her wallet inside. the last person to see her, the bus driver, said that patrick seemed agitated. >> she seemed as if she was looking around, as if someone could be following her. >> reporter: and surfacing this morning -- >> hi, love. it's me. >> reporter: what appears to be self-shot videos of patrick from youtube, showing off a dinner she made for someone special. >> we both have orange juice. and there's the flowers from last time. >> reporter: but no one in her family knows who. other videos from the same site may shed clues to patrick's state of mind.
7:33 am
>> first, i had a morning report. not morning report. conferences for pediatrics. >> reporter: patrick, who worked in psychiatry worked late hours and often didn't sleep. it's been almost three weeks since she disappeared. but family and friends hold out hope that the doctor, known for her smile, returns home before the new year. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> thank you, john. and it is one of the scariest things you can imagine happening when you get in the water. second only to sharks. dozens of swimmers were attacked by piranha in a vicious feeding frenzy on christmas day. and matt gutman is back with this shocking story. >> reporter: the only thing more frightening than a piranha in water is thousands of them. on christmas day, hundreds of beachgoers in the argentine city of rosario, scrambled from the river bank, as piranha attacked 60 of them. biting off a young girl's
7:34 am
fingers. and chomping into these men. this young boy says i came up there and they put a bannage on me. no one was killed in the attack. dozens required medical aid. what's being called the worst attack there in memory. this paramedic said it was significant number of people. some with injuries to their fingers. another with a missing toe. and the rest were bite marks. a withering heat wave is being blamed for attracting the piranha to shore and the humans to the beach. in feeding frenzies like this one, devouring this white bird that fell into the amazon, piranha can devour everything, even bone. piranha are freshwater fish with big teeth that feed into nightmares. fodder for websites like piranha3d. a piranha bite is more powerful than great white sharks.
7:35 am
more powerful than a tyrannosaurus rex. we learned when we swam with an canadas in the amazon last summer and came face with some of the cousins, the critters most often leave humans alone. but back in argentina, the bathers returned, hoping this time, they were the only species in the water. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> so scary. it has been reported that the fish may have been attracted to the coast left by debris from local fishermen. >> terrifying, to be sure. we're going to turn to this video. we just showed you, incredible, really. a fiery crash, and a dramatic rescue. you see the burning car there on the 405 freeway, the major artery of los angeles. good samaritans became heroes when they risked their lives to save the driver trapped in those flames. aditi roy talked to one of the
7:36 am
heroes. good morning to you, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, josh. don thompson is an lapd bomb squad officer. he was on his way to work when he saw a horrific accident right before his eyes. he sprung into action with just seconds to save a man's life. a ball of fire on one of california's busiest freeways, turned a quiet christmas day into an unforgettable one. >> i saw this car just veer into the retaining wall. it went all the way across all lanes. and it was on fire at that time. >> reporter: lapd bomb squad officer don thompson was on his way to work when he saw this car crash and then burst into flames. instead of leaving the fire, he ran to it and found the car's driver unconscious and trapped. >> had to get him out of here. all the while, there is all of this fire. >> reporter: witnesses capturing the scene on camera. the 26-year veteran lapd officer
7:37 am
couldn't unbuckle the seat belt. the searing flames running up his arm. thompson pulls away. but knowing he had only seconds left to save the driver, he goes back in. >> he was either going to live or die. his window of opportunity was maybe 10, 15 seconds. that's all he had. >> reporter: thompson is disoriented as he pulled the survivor out. good samaritans rushed in. a passerby couldn't believe what he was documenting on camera. >> he opened the car door. reached in there and grabbed this guy out. >> reporter: the driver suffered only minor injuries and was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. thompson says what happened was extraordinary. but that he is not. everyone's calling you a hero. do you feel that way? >> no. i don't feel that way at all. >> reporter: all in a day's work. and after that long day was over, officer thompson told me he came home. and the first thing his wife of nearly 20 years said was, can
7:38 am
you please put the whites in the drier. i guess even heroes have to do laundry. >> aditi, thank you for that story. that's a wonderful one. get to ginger. i'm seeing the santa anas there. we used to love when the santa anas arrived. it made for warm nights. but they bring accompanying dangers, as well. >> earlier in the week, it was worse in the way of wind. we're tapering that. the red flag warnings and the wind advisories are starting to diminish. still a threat today. i wanted to get you the information if you're around southern california. you have the santa anas coming over. the heat compresses, warms and dries. 81 los angeles today for a high. burbank at 83. santa barbara will top out at 74. and palm springs, 77. overall, it will be one of the good santa ana days for most folks. in the gulf, this is no good. they don't need rain. but this is the beginning of the storm that will travel up the east coast as we head into the end of your weekend. so many folks traveling before the new year. you have locally over three inches of rain. it starts on the panhandle.
7:39 am
gets up to atlanta and birmingham. more tomorrow. and up to big cities like new york city. boston by the end of the >> this weather report, brought to you by keurig. it's that time of year when you see milder accompanied by 38. you know it's almost january then. just a reminder. >> make the turn. and coming up, we have a story on the retired quarterback who is suiting up for this sunday's crucial game. and the kids he says he hopes to help by going back to the gridiron. also, hollywood, speaking up. turning to a rather unlikely source for its next batch of superheros. source material you may have heard of. the bible. ♪ music
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welcome back. 7:43. and the story of a retired nfl quarterback turned@r(t&háhp &hc the game. using his return to the pros to give back. dan harris, do explain. >> i love this story. happy to explain. this sunday's game between dallas and philadelphia is a big one. it will decide who goes to the playoffs. there's one player and a whole bunch of kids who have already won. jon kitna retired as a backup
7:44 am
quarterback for the dallas cowboys in 2012, to teach math and coach football at his alma mater, lincoln high school, in tacoma, washington. >> i've been sitting around, trying to stay in shape. hoping i could give it another shot. my career was done. i was happy with that. >> reporter: this morning, the 41-year-old kitna is back with the boys for this sunday's backup quarterback, for this sunday's game against the philadelphia eagles. the winner goes to the playoffs. with the cowboys star quarterback, tony romo, questionable with an injury, dallas was looking for a backup to play behind their current reserve q.b., kyle orton. >> i felt like, you know, i might be able to help in an emergency situation. >> reporter: sunday's game will earn the math teacher and coach, $50,000, just shy of an annual teacher's salary. a salary kitna will donate to the high school. the dallas cowboys told abc news, we're very proud of the
7:45 am
type of person he is. he stands for all the right things. and he does all the right things. >> it's not really a surprise he's taking the money and giving all of it to us because he always -- he is always doing stuff for the school. >> reporter: kitna played in the nfl for 15 years, earning millions of dollars. but today, the kids of lincoln high are his priority. >> the kids are graduating from high school. and doing well academically, which is the most important thing for kids at the high school level. that's been good. >> reporter: regardless of whether kitna even throws a pass this sunday, he has already scored a touchdown of sorts, for the kids at his school. even though kitna's 41, which i personally find very heartening, and even though as you heard him say in the piece, he's not been actively training to get back in the game, he is in pretty good shape. and if he needs to, he could take the field. and he thinks he could pull off a big play. i would love to see that. >> again, it would mean injuries to others. but it's -- it's a great story. >> the only way he gets on the
7:46 am
field is if other people -- >> let's root for a minor injury. >> okay. >> a pulled hammy. >> everybody wins. >> all right, dan. thank you. wishing him the best. coming up, everybody, we have the slimdown secrets of the world's most famous runway beauties. you know who we're talking about. you know, they have wings and stuff. >> they have secrets? >> they do. also, a "play of the day." a toddler, young fella, stealing the beat. a toddler, young fella, stealing the beat. go nowhere. he rell, a toddler, young fella, stealing christmas may be over but walmart's bring in the new year with our super savings celebration. save up to 50% on holiday decor. and select toys. a 32-pack of niagara water only $2.88. and that's only 9 cents a bottle. breakfest rollback's simply orange juice and johnsonville original breakfast links. we got huggies big pack's on rollback. yes we do. monster headphones. monster savings. that's my jam. it's the super savings celebration going on right now at your local walmart. is overwhelmingly positive.
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> all right. this is for little sarina watching at home. when she was a baby, i used to play like beat-boxing. they love the sound. >> you made the beat-box noises? >> i would find them on the computer. take a look at this one. is this the newest professional? not even a year old. she is adorable. take a look. ♪ [ laughter ] >> she looks a little terrified by the response. i didn't mean it that way. >> oh. >> by the way, posted by the
7:51 am
uncle. 1 million views in a day. >> wow. lots more coming. go nowhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] make christmas clean up easy, get this plastic tote for just $9.00 at lowe's. ♪
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. developing news in the case of 13-year-old jahi mcmath. childrens hospital oakland refuses to attach a breathing tube first. the hospital calling it unethical to perform surgery on someone who is deceased. here's mike. thicker clouds will drop our temperatures just a little bit. low to mid-60s. 66 in oakland would be your third consecutive record high. as far as temperatures this
7:57 am
weekend, it will be a bit warmer. a spare the air today, no wood burning through at least midnight. ringing in the new year with warmer than average temperatures and dry weather once again. leyla. mike, muni is experiencing longer than normal waits on several of its lines. check in with them to make sure your commute is not affected. we have a crash in san jose blocking northbound highway 85 at shoreline boulevard. eric. all right,
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on the last friday of 2013. want to get supermodel hot for the new year? the go-to trainer of the victoria's secret angels now retailing how they do it. and take a look. this is what little we can show you of miley cyrus' new video. has the pop star finally gone too far? or will her fans just love her more? and hollywood's newest it girl. margot robbie tells us about her love scenes with leo in "the wonderful of wall street." all that plus d.j. pro style is in the house, to rock us into the weekend. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
phenomenal crowd outside. certainly earning the spirit award. they took one out there. we want to say hello to d.j. pro style, who i walked by today in the hallway. he smells like a million bucks. >> how close did you get to him? >> we may have brushed. he is also, for the sake of transition, playing a bit of the new miley cyrus song. "adore you." it is fair to say, steamy, explicit, pick your adjective. they might all apply. the question, though, and i know how i feel about it, has she gone too far? one might argue she already did. so, what's next? >> what's the next rung? >> i don't know where you take it from here, beyond straight-up x-rated. >> we're showing a little video. not much more we can show you of that. hollywood's turning to a surprising source for
8:02 am
blockbusters. the bible. why the big studios are banking on the good book to generate new hits. >> that one right there, "noah" has become somewhat controversial. we'll talk about that, coming up. when friends are not overjoyed by news that a pal is having a baby. is that honest or selfish? we're going to debate in "the jury's out" with my doppelganger, dan abrams. >> just say congratulations. we want to get the headlines of the morning. >> all right. let's get to news now. we're going to start with a new attack on american soldiers over in afghanistan. a suicide car bomber targeting a convoy of troops today. hundreds of u.s. servicemen and women are based. also overnight, a former ambassador to the u.s. was killed in a massive car bombing in beirut. mohammed chata was his name.
8:03 am
there's been civil war right over the border in syria. help is on the way for dozens of tourists stranded on a ship that's been stuck in the ice near antarctica since christmas eve. the chinese ice cutter "snow dragon" is near the ship. but it, too, is having trouble getting through the ice. we're learning about the second deadly avalanche in the rockies in as many days. a 29-year-old snowboarder, killed near jackson hole, wyoming, on saturday. and a snowmobiler was buried while trying to outrun an avalanche there. fedex and u.p.s., still scramble to deliver packages that were supposed to arrive by christmas. one senator is calling on both of the companies to refund shipping charges for the late deliveries. amazon, kohl's and walmart is
8:04 am
giving gift credits. mastercard says heavy spending boosted sales by nearly 4%, compared to the same time last year. meantime, target says it has tripled the staffing in its call centers to answer questions about that massive data breach that put as many as 40 million secret and debit cards at risk. and finally, something cute. look at the newest additions to the national bird zoo in pittsburgh. baby penguins, in the limelight for the first time, just four weeks old. so little, they do not yet have their trademark black and white tuxedo uniforms yet. they will be full grown in a few months. you may have heard of the pittsburgh penguins hockey team, josh. they're calling them the real deal. >> adorable. i like what you did there. we should have an adorable-off between them and the pandas. it would go down to the wire. >> people are tweeting, they need to understand, there's a blow dryer.
8:05 am
i wasn't touching up in the commercial break. this is for "pop news." just fyi. thank you, america. let's send it to ginger zee and the weather. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone. you know, i've made some new friends out here. they're from tallahassee, florida. tell us your names. >> jude. >> and jeanine. >> and i have some news for you all. you know warm weather very well. you're not going to get it. let me show you all of you staying for new year's eve what it's going to be right here in times square. you see that temperature. ooh, 21. and it's going to feel, if you're lucky, like it's 10 when that ball drops. at least it will be mostly clear. mild in the southwest and through parts of the south. look at new orleans close to 60. 70s in florida. across the nation, milder for now. but it's that big siberian express that is going to affect us come next week. we are chilled already thinking
8:06 am
about it. we got a couple warm days before it. >> everybody out here has hats and gloves. they're ready for a new year's eve. are you loving the mild weather? >> yeah. >> for now. she's from atlanta. took her by surprise. lara, let's get into you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," a surprising way to use this. we'll explain, coming up in the
8:07 am
pop. and miley cyrus' brand-new video for "adore you." a lot of people asking, has she gone too far this time? and we will reveal the secret to getting that victoria's secret model body. all that coming up live here on "good morning america," in times square. an intense ache all over. it was hard to do what mattered. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia... thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain. for some, as early as the first week of treatment. now, i can do more with the ones i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior.
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you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ d.j. pro style. even better deejay, than he is -- he smells like a million bucks. >> so many questions why you know this. >> what is that scent? >> we'll know it's friday. let's get to it, everybody. good morning. and in "the devil wears prada" meryl streep's character likes to dismiss anyone. and one of her inspirations,
8:12 am
"vogue" editor. her daughter posted this picture on instagram. a pile of presents sitting on the floor with no holiday decor in sight. mom threw out the christmas tree before christmas day because it was too messy. >> that's their -- >> isn't that funny? she posted it on instagram. you know what? everybody -- >> i wonder what the discussion was around the christmas dinner table last night after that. >> do pine needles bother you? we want to know. >> the christmas corner table. in "pop news" this morning -- where is my prop? props come on in. you saw us talking about it earlier. blow dryer cooking is making a comeback, thankfully. i didn't know it came and it left. and it's back. thank you so much. >> you have to hold it down. this was big in the '70s. touted in a famous cookbook, by a famous writer named marcella
8:13 am
hasan, for peking duck. it works well also for chicken. if you blow dry the bird, the skin becomes succulent. scientists at america's test kitchen, there's several reasons to have a blow dryer in our culinary bag of tricks. number one, relighting charcoal on the grill. number two, putting a sheen on frosting. as it melts, it becomes shiny. trust me on that one. and number three, it is a great way to make s'mores without having a fire. apparently it happens very, very quickly. >> some mores? s'mores? >> you say s'mores. i say some more. it does not brown the marshmallow because it only goes to 200 degrees.
8:14 am
but it melts the chocolate very evenly. we thank you, npr for that article. i thought i would give you a little -- >> can you give us one of those cupca cupcakes? doesn't need to be glazed. >> i want a -- is there a clock? >> come back to us. see how long it takes. 14 on that topic, i want to share with you because it is ferocious friday. that's a new term i coined. be afraid. be very afraid. godzilla may be a movie character. but dogzilla? dogzilla is real. his alter ego has become a twitter sensation. give it to us, marvin. come on. everybody, that is your friday edition of "pop news." the s'mores are cooking. or s'mores.
8:15 am
and we'll be back to you on that. >> all right. we're going to turn, now -- we've been showing you, literally, a tiny touch of the video because, after all, the fcc is watching. miley cyrus gave her fans and critics something to talk about over christmas dinner. brand-new video for the song "adore you." it could be considered racier even than her last one. this time, she's traded in her wrecking ball for a video camera. sara haines, with us. >> thank you, josh. i like that. this is a catered little hit. the suggestive contest of this selfie-esque video is one of a string of miley moments when she keeps outdoing herself. ♪ boy, ador you >> reporter: she's writhing in bed. and bathing while dressed. ♪ i adore you
8:16 am
>> reporter: another risque stunt from attention-hungry miley cyrus. after swinging dude on a wrecking ball, tweeting herself topless. and twerking that had the world all a-twitter. >> after her vma performance, miley cyrus is actually bragging about having 306,000 tweets per minute on twitter. miley cyrus has talent. but sometimes it takes that little extra push to get you noticed. to get you the album sales. ♪ baby >> sometimes, yes, you need to do things to stand out in the crowd. >> reporter: just ask madonna, who also sang between the sheets in "justify my love." before 21-year-old miley was even born. but like the madonnas, the rihannas, and the lady gagas who succeed while pushing the envelope, is miley cyrus ripping the envelope? >> she's not crossing the line. some people might argue, she has
8:17 am
already gone too far. but where she would get really offensive if she would become racist or sexist or do anything like that. >> reporter: miley was reportedly annoyed when her new video was leaked online on christmas, one day too soon. but she probably doesn't mind it's been viewed more than 6 million times and counting. she tweeted to her fans she calls smilers, we know smilers would break another record if it wasn't for the person who leaked my video. all good. keep smiling. and miley cyrus kicked off a 38-city bangers concert tour on valentine's day. >> people are weighing in on twitter. i think she's talented. i think her actions overshadow her talent. i love her as a musician. and kelly says, miley has the right to be herself. but also has the responsibility as a celeb and idol to young girls and should show some restraint. she's been noticed. why does she need to do more of
8:18 am
it? >> she has a terrific voice. it can stand on its own. >> we hear what a smart girl she is. if it's not her, then somebody around her has got to help her out. this is -- this is way over the line. people are -- kids are watching this show. we can't even -- we can show five seconds of the video. it's absurd. >> or it's genius, at the end of the day. >> you said sometimes it's overshadowing the fact that she really is good. >> thank you so much, sara. we're still a few days away from new year's eve. never too early to jump-start the resolutions. if yours is to get into your best shape ever, rachel smith has some slimdown secrets, hint, hint, from models who know how to strut their stuff. rachel? >> health and fitness goals are a new year's resolution. i got in a little secret. victoria's secret, you could say. and you may want to throw this into the ring. they are runway goddesses. but how do the victoria's secret
8:19 am
angels get runway ready? not yoga. not spinning. not even crossfit. >> walk it out over top. >> reporter: when it comes to this heavenly body, angel kelly gayle comes out swinging. gayle says she noticed the routine called sleek-afy. when she spotted adriana lima in the ring. >> i wouldn't have done it without this guy. >> reporter: michael olajide jr. >> you start to punch. you get cardio with your upper body. you work the abs at the same time. you're twisting when you're throwing the punches. >> reporter: aside from the punches and modified squads, the winning fitness philosophy is simple. >> the jump rope is a tool that
8:20 am
only little girls and fighters know about. >> reporter: but its benefits pack a punch. >> once the body gets familiar with the workout, you can burn at the minimum, 1,000 calories. >> reporter: the roster is packed with angels and actors. but he says turning to the boxing ring can help anyone get into fighting shape. >> you're toning your core. you're getting the cardiovascular workout. >> reporter: once i get the moves down. >> pick it up. and you're still punching. full range of motion. >> reporter: i start to feel the burn. this muscle already feels it. i feel it here. >> exactly. >> reporter: watch out. >> three, four, five. good. left upper cut. and the right shoulder back. >> reporter: maybe i'm not quite ready to go ten rounds. i need a break. but i can hold my own. and now, we know the secret some of the angels conquering the runway. the secret is fun. and it's challenging, as well.
8:21 am
let me show you one of the moves that we saw in the piece, with michael. this is one that he incorporated. it's in a boxing background. we're going to jab, jab, jab, hook, upper cut. and repeat it. jab, jab, jab, hook, upper cut. the whole routine is 30 to 60 minutes long. >> i'm going to turn into an angel? >> basically. exactly. the reason is, you're doing this. it's a full-body workout. you're working everything from the shoulders. keep going. >> keep going. >> josh can do this with us. >> lara, there's a 30-minute version, lara. just so you know. >> thank you, josh. back to you, josh. >> thank you for the secrets of the victoria's secret models, who are -- dan abrams, it must be time. all week, the jury's in. but now -- >> we've been waiting, right? >> we've been waiting. "the jury's out."
8:22 am
>> hot-button topics. >> shall we start with christmas gifts? >> why not? >> if you wear an item of clothing out, you got as a gift, try out electronic device, decide you don't like it after taking it for a spin. should you be able to return it? my take, absolutely not. if you even remove it from your home, meaning you get it as a gift, you try it on, you wear it out and say, this doesn't fit right, you cannot return it. apparently that's not the dan harris rule. >> i agree with you on moral grounds. but i did get a sweater from my brother and sister-in-law that i love. but it's just one size too big. and i wore it on christmas. and i may return it. >> really? >> to get the smaller size. >> i don't want to end up buying that sweater. that's the problem. i don't want to be the guy so lucky to get that. >> take it off the lot, you own it. >> my dad was in the clothing industry. they lose a lot of money because of that. >> billions of dollars annually on this issue. let's go to social on this. anna says, yes, sometimes you wear something and you realize
8:23 am
it doesn't really fit. amy says from facebook, i wouldn't want to go into a store and pay full price for something that someone else has used. we did a poll. we asked a slightly different question, is it okay to return a gift you've used. the answer to that one, 27% said yes, 73% said no. i think if we made the question, used once, we might have gotten different answers. >> interesting. that's true. next up on the docket. a mommy blogger stirred it up by saying she secretly hates it when a friend announces she's pregnant. quote, you can pretty much guarantee that your lives are about to diverge like the two paths in robert frost's poem. you won't get to enjoy that awesome side of her because she just won't have time for you. she got blasted for this. but i think this is a very honest response. >> i do, too. and i agree. i have three best friends who have all had children. i have not. and i'm going to say, i've cried. and for two reasons.
8:24 am
yes, i'm happy for them. but i also think it changes our relationship, big-time. >> it's a -- >> both of those were responses. >> they are. >> you hate that you're going to lose your friends. that's understandable. i don't know if i would commit that to words on the internet forever. it's a legitimate feeling. >> yes. >> and i think it's a short-term loss. i think once you get things under control -- i have two children and i have -- i think for a little bit, you might. >> her position was that it extends beyond that once you have a kid. >> they also have the same things. i don't know how to talk about nursing. and i feel like there's a little self-pity in there. >> will i be happy for my friend, i would hate it was my relationship would change. gina says, if the person is really your friend and is happy, that should make you happy, as well. new year's approaching. new study shows that most of us make new year's resolutions. either always or sometimes. most of -- >> often.
8:25 am
>> about losing weight or other self-improvement. 39% of people in their 20s achieve those goals by year-end. over 14% of those over 50 do so. so, are they a waste of time? i love resolutions. >> i love resolutions. >> what's your resolution? >> to spend more time with your family. >> yeah. and i was going to try to say it more succinctly. yeah. it's personal. it's because i'm a working mother, i'm going to try to put the phone down and unplug. i think new year's is a great time to clear the slate. it gives you an opportunity to start fresh. >> even if you fail? >> try, try again. that's what life is all about. >> i want to move on to my favorite topic. >> we want -- >> we have your back on that. >> speaking of new year's. parents a parents are wondering, should i allow my older children to have a glass of whine or champagne to celebrate? >> how old? >> in 30 states with parental consent, it is legal to serve
8:26 am
your own children in your home. so, what should be the minimum age for you to allow your child a drink? i will say 16. for me. >> nope. >> really? >> i would agree, dan. >> i get it. i understand. it's all in the moment and the spirit of it. it's our job as parents to not allow that. if they want to do it -- >> you can put them in a fantasy world where drinking doesn't occur? i think you can have a responsible discussion. >> go to college, i think -- i'm not going to support it. >> i'm going to back dan abrams on this one. you can't put them in a fantasy world where it doesn't exist. and it's better to have them do it under your supervision. >> and don't make them think -- >> the jury's going to have to end. we've run out of time. up next, new superheros from the bible. go nowhere.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. this morning we're learning a snowboarder killed in an avalanche in wyoming had ties to the bay area. officials have identified the victim recently moved to jackson. he went to school at uc berkeley and was a former employee at auto desk and hotwire. he just spent christmas with his parents. a statement said he loved his family, his cal bears, his skiing buddies and san francisco. an update on the commute, here's leyla. as we take you into piedmont we have this car fire fully engulfed right now northbound along highway 13 right at thorn hill drive. southbound lanes are going to be shut down because of spraying water. we're already starting to see a delay as you try to reach highway 24. as we take you to the peninsula
8:28 am
we have this accident southbound 280 on the page mill road onramp. not really causing any delays, just a bit of volume coming out. eric. leyla, than
8:29 am
we're back. temperatures in the 30s and 40s in most neighborhoods. on our way to possible highs, but extra high clouds are going to take away some of the sunshine. such a low angle, we get so little of it this time of year anything like that no matter how mie nut can throw off our high
8:30 am
temperatures. 70 santa cruz the warm spot. accuweather seven-day forecast extends into next year. low to ♪ the spirit award has been won. and they are out there. it is not warm. brisk, crisp, you choose. i know it's freezing. what a great christmas week we've had. so many folks from around the area. >> we have people out there from louisiana and arkansas. they're not used to this kind of weather. and they're doing well. >> girls from texas, south texas. this is cold. >> no kidding. tgif, everybody. and here inside, we're starting the weekend with d.j. pro style, spinning the best beats in the biz. i want to thank i heart radio for sharing d.j. pro style this
8:31 am
morning. collaborating on on yahoo! speaking of collaborating. what a year it has been. not just for us on the program. but the year in news. an incredible one. remarkable. and we're so grateful to have been a part of it all. so, we want to share with you there at home. just a look back at some of the groundbreaking moments of a truly unforgettable 2013. >> great to be back on the road again. >> we gather here in st. peters square. >> after the explosions ripped through the finish line. >> behind us, the lindo >> look at this. the power of these. >> image from "the boston globe" really catches it all. marathon terror. >> it drove me right to the ground. >> what was the moment like when
8:32 am
you first saw your boys? >> terrible. i wish i could take the place of all of them. it's terrible. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight all found. >> you didn't see anything? >> not one iota. >> devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. >> get out of here. >> you can still feel the soot in the air. >> breaking, new details on that deadly plane crash in california. >> you can see the charred fuselage. >> the impact was so powerful. >> massive shooting at the navy yard. >> go down the stairs, run. >> christopher dorner. >> if dorner is not caught and caught soon, he will try to kill again. >> when was it that you realized this was christopher dorner? what went through your mind?
8:33 am
>> it was a monster tornado. roared all the way toward more. >> people coming up to me and saying, i can't believe it happened again. >> the elementary school just over our shoulder here. >> i had to pull the bricks off of my leg. it hurt so much. >> they had a state of emergency overnight. >> are you going to rebuild? >> we're going to try and rebuild. >> the lethal wildfire that killed 19 firefighters. >> this is as close as we're going to get to this fire. >> you think he was a hero? >> i look at a hero as someone who lays their life down. >> the philippines are still trying to figure out what happened. >> there is only the darkness and the deprivation. >> behind me, even here in this destroyed building, life goes on.
8:34 am
>> pope francis xvi. >> pope francis, supreme pontiff. >> it's the view for the audience delivering his christmas message. >> he's been called the people's pope. >> pray for you every day. every day, pray for you. it's something that both of us will never forget. >> so many people on royal baby watch. >> kate was, indeed, in the early stages of labor. >> it's a boy. >> landmark rulings by the supreme court. >> same-sex marriage becomes legal. >> did you always know you were gay? >> you know the sky is blue. but you keep telling yourself that it's red. >> i, barack hussein obama, do
8:35 am
solemnly swear. >> are you going to do that? >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just to have one. >> in six months since the newtown shooting, there's been nearly 5,000 more gun deaths in our country. >> the newtown families are keeping the pressure on. >> what's the most frustrating thing you had to learn over the course of the last year? >> how completely disconnected our legislative system seems to be. >> the government shutdown. >> the government shutdown. >> i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham. >> you don't get ransom for doing your job. >> the woman who became the face of the website fiasco. >> it was president obama like we have never seen him before. >> i make apologies for not executed better. that's on me. >> the person responsible for one of the greatest national security leaks. >> a hostage crisis in the
8:36 am
upscale westgate mall. >> we heard from officials that they were closing in on the attackers. >> now, to the crisis in syria. >> it was a chemical attack. >> i believe we should act. ♪ >> nothing will stop our date with destiny. >> the world celebrates the life of nelson mandela. ♪ will we ever say the words ♪ >> "fast & furious" star, paul walker," killed in a car accident. ♪ now, it's time to say somebody to all our company ♪ >> roger ebert, passed away at age 70. >> we'll make it. ♪ guys like us we had it made ♪ ♪ those were the days
8:37 am
>> every day is a gift. ♪ don't stop >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> what was going on in your mind? your heart? >> i wasn't the juror who was going to give him a hung jury. or i was. >> first-degree murder, guilty. >> spare my life so i can sell t-shirts. >> you never are going to tell the truth about what went down in that bathroom. >> i didn't know you were a hater when you came to interview me. >> spent all of his adult life in a maximum security prison. you have to be furious. >> oh, absolutely. >> ryan ferguson, free now. how does steak taste? >> it tastes amazing. >> now, to olympic runner oscar pistorius, indicted on charges of murder. >> a coroner is completing an
8:38 am
autopsy on his girlfriend's body. >> the rutgers basketball coach who was fired. you were a bully. >> there were some actions that were certainly bullying. >> paula dean. >> her career in ruins, following her admission she used a racial slur. >> please, forgive me. >> reese witherspoon, was handcuffed and arrested. >> it was one of those nights. we went out to dinner. and we had one too many glasses of wine. >> a bizarre hoax. >> online relationship with a woman who did not exist. >> do you think that might have been a man on the other end of the phone? >> it didn't sound like a man. >> "pop news," there. >> "pop news" for the people. >> where it all began. >> and the oscar goes to jennifer lawrence. >> you have a fan here. >> oh, really? looking for a new girlfriend? >> i thought about it.
8:39 am
♪ we can't stop >> this is probably one of the most insane weeks of my life. >> hasn't she been sending the message that she's not hannah montana for a while now? >> did she lip-sync or not? >> would you mind standing? ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ any questions? >> horrific injury on the court last night. >> kevin ware just took a shot. oh, my goodness. >> what did you see? >> i saw the bone six inches out of my leg. >> a comeback most thought might never happen. >> ware, shooting. >> long-distance runner diana nyad has been swimming more than
8:40 am
100 miles. what was that moment like? >> i'll tell you, i was euphoric. >> the bat signal. >> he's 5 years old. on a mission after battling leukemia. >> do you feel ready to save all of us? >> yeah. >> batkid saves times square. >> here in boston, more than anything, there's excitement in the air for tonight's game. >> the red sox could win it all. >> he is safe. it continues. and he's safe. it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox are world champions. >> that was a -- >> this is for you, boston. you guys deserve it. we've been through a lot this year. >> you look back at the 12 months, as a boston native.
8:41 am
>> it's interesting to see those two dominant story lines come together like that in late october. >> so great to see that victory, again. and painful to think about what happened in april in my hometown. >> it is, by definition, a year unlike any other. but, boy, to see again, 365 days distilled quite like that. what awaits us in 2014. we want to thank matt knox, stacia riley. and seth fenton, again. terrific, singular work. >> great, great job. what a year. and what a slice of weather that's sending us out into 2014 out there. it is brisk. it is crisp. it is freezing. ginger zee? >> you know it. we got some big changes coming. that is paige from new jersey. and these ladies from wisconsin. i just noticed your head band. can i feel that? someone made those, didn't they? very nice. i'm going to have to borrow one of those. let's get to the forecast,
8:42 am
though. you share the twitter photos. from northeastern oklahoma, look at that sunset. real pretty over the water. also in california. you know what's probably not that pretty for a lot of folks, look at the alaska numbers. some of the coldest air they've seen. that's 58 below. that's the type of air that's going to come along with the siberian express i've been promising you. green bay, we have folks from madiso >> i stole her head band. this weather report brought to you by progressive. >> you need it today. that's for sure. still to come here, we've been enjoying this today. hollywood studios turning to
8:43 am
source material you know very well. the bible. looking for the next blockbusters of 2014. that's next. go nowhere. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
through the years, blockbuster movies have been populated by aliens, zombies and caped crusaders. in 2014, it's not superheros that will save the world, but bible heroes. will the new bible epics be hollywood hits? >> behold his mighty hand. >> reporter: there's no question hollywood has produced some huge hits by mining the good book. but since "the ten commandments." "ben hur," and "the bible." moviemakers have turned more to superheros, such as ironman, thor, batman and spider-man for box office bucks. that could be changing. in 2014, studios will release "the exodus" with christian bale, "mary mother of christ," and may shock audiences with "noah" starring russell crowe. >> they consider noah to be a
8:47 am
benevolent figure. are you kidding me? as a boy, stood by and watched the entire population of the planet perish. people are going to be surprised what "noah" actually means. >> reporter: the value of america's 90-plus million evangelicals became clear with the history's channel recent hit mi miniseries, "the bible." with nearly 12 million views for each of the ten episodes. >> the beloved story by countless people around the world. obviously, the story of the bible. underserved market in general. i think that's a real recipe for a winner. >> reporter: but these could be tricky waters for hollywood. remember the protests against martin scorsese's "the last temptation of christ"? and there's been reports that early screenings of "noah" with religious audiences were rocky. >> it's something that people are passionate about. are some people going to be upset by it?
8:48 am
absolutely. >> reporter: aside from "noah" and the other movies listed. here's some other ones in production. a movie about moses' life, "gods and kings." and brad pitt may play pontius pilate in another movie. the drama is there. the good book is not lacking for drama. no question. and coming up here on "gma," one of the red-hot stars of the new leonardo dicaprio
8:49 am
8:50 am
here is rising star, margot robbie. she arrived in hollywood three years ago. and already, has a starring role alongside leonardo dicaprio, in "the wolf of wall street." playing the second wife of
8:51 am
dicaprio. >> a beautiful beach out there. >> hi. nice to meet you. the name's blair, right? >> like to jet ski? >> i've never done it before. >> you never jet skied? never been on a jet ski? >> how many times are you going to ask her? >> there it is, "the wolf of wall street." margot robbie, welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you so much. >> i love that you love the coffee cup. >> i'm really excited. do i get to take this with me? >> we have these coffee cups. this is just a great example of how it's fresh for you. all of this is quite new, isn't it? >> the novelty hasn't worn off. talk about hitting it out of the park. the first major role. leonardo dicaprio, martin scorse scorsese. no pressure. >> i am kind of diving in head-first with this one. >> you're from australia. >> yeah. >> and yet, your character has a
8:52 am
very distinct accent, i recognize, growing up on long island. yeah. how did you pull it off? >> it's a fun accent to do. it's easy to do coming from an australian accent because there's no "rs." >> give us an example. >> you know, i'm not talking to you. i'm talking to her. >> exactly. >> you get your hands going. >> you have a dog. i have a dog. >> i have a dog. i like coffee. >> we're having coffee. i'm giving you the coffee cup. you get to take the coffee cup home with you. you're gorgeous. i love you. >> i love you. >> isn't it fun? >> it gets addictive. >> a lot of fun, too. you get to play the love interest of leonardo dicaprio, including some love scenes. >> it's a tough job. but someone has to do it. >> you did it quite well. >> thank you. >> take all of us mere mortals who will never act in a major motion picture, take us through the process. >> it's romantic.
8:53 am
>> is there dog food involved? >> they had to be. my character is going to have him jump up on the bed. we're trying to coax it on the bed. chicken liver between his toes. we're getting sweaty. >> yes. >> and it was just so unromantic. my friends are like, was it amazing? i was like -- and i just lied. i was like, yeah, it was amazing. yeah. just like "titanic." it was great. >> margot robbie, great things to come. it was a joy meeting you. >> thank you so much. >> don't forget your coffee cup. >> i'm taking my coffee cup. >> "the wolf of wall street" is
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you, d.j. pro style and i heart radio. always great to have you in. have a great day.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. the last weekend of 2013, let's find out what the weather's going to be like. mike. >> eric, thank you very much. good morning everybody. you can see the haze hanging around the upper level clouds the big story today, poor air quality and temperatures above average once again. in fact, we can set a record in oakland for the third day in a row, 66. most of us will be just a little bit cooler than yesterday because of the dimmer sunshine. tomorrow, total sunshine back in the forecast and low to upper 60s. that will through the new year. leyla. mike, we have a three-car crash in marin just before you get to the richmond-san rafael offramp. we also have this, a car fire fully engulfed. all lanes now reopened north and
9:00 am
southbound highway 13 at thorn hill drive. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, we get a visit from megamovie star sandra bullock, and "the hunger games" heartthrob liam hemsworth. plus, ariana grande and nathan sykes sing their hit song "almost is never enough." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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