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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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breaking news comes from san francisco overnight. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. firefighters are mopping up after battling a fire in the bay view. one home has burped and there are several injuries. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the scene. amy? >> reporter: this fire is out but it did severe damage to the home. see for yourself. look that the video of what firefighters saw when they arrived at about 3:30 this morning. a home on fire here in the bay view on apollo at williams. the firefighters were told that some people were trapped inside but when they got here, they say the three residents who lived inside had climbed out a first floor window. so, they all safely escaped. this was a cot am-type back house that was on fire and there are two units in it. the adjoining unit had a family
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inside who was asleep. they all got out okay also. >> next door neighbor knocked on our door, i opened the door, big flames going on. i just made sure my brothers and nieces and everybody was out of the house. that's it. >> reporter: his family was okay but because pg&e has to turn off the gas and the electricity, they are looking for a place to go. the red cross is here to try and help. the three people who live in the home that burped were taken to the hospital to be treated for their scrapes and bruises that they suffered during their escape and smoke inhalation. firefighters have no idea what caused this fire or if the homes had working smoke edirectors, that would all be part of the investigation. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. time now, 5:01 a check on the weather forecast, a bit chilly out there, michael. >> it is a little bit cooler. nice observation, eric, especially along the coast, temperatures up to 20, 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. the air bone dry on live doppler
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7 hd. no clouds, no fog, no moisture. talk about today's temperatures, record highs possible again. look for the asterisk, 72, san jose, 71, livermore and oakland, 72 in santa rosa, 70, san rafael. still going to be warm at the coast, 74, half moon bay, total snipe across the board. here is leyla with your morning commute. >> a rocky start literally in duplin and pleasanton, westbound on 580ing we do have a dump truck carrying gravel and spilling all over the roadways, we do have a total vehicle spinout, 580 to the 680 connector, so, what is happening is this dump truck traveling south out of duplin, into pleasanton, sunol grade, sketchy now, all along the way, all this gravel released from the truck, unbeknownst to them, evidencely, and now chp is trying to locate them. so it is a very dangerous
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situation, causing really bad damage to vehicles as well. a quick live look outside and your drive in marin, quite contrary, make it out of san rafael and into san francisco. kristen, eric? >> thank you. 5:03 now. develop news from southern california, the firefight continues to protect homes near l.a. from a 1700-acre wildfire while the men accused of sparking it could be in deeper trouble. katie mar glue is slow live in our newsroom. >> a judge upped the bail big time from $20,000 each to $500,000 each. the three men are in their early 20s, one identified as homeless. glenn dora police say the higher bail is because of the seriousness of the crime, the extensive property damage and the high cost of fighting the fire. the men will make their first court appearance on tuesday. they have told authorities their camp fire got out of control. that was just before 6:00 yesterday morning. since then, the fire has burned more than 1700 acres and destroyed five homes, thousands of homes had to be evacuated. people from an apartment complex
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barely escaped the flames. one man, rudy rosa, says with on the clothes on his back. >> two pairs of pants, two shirts, two pairs of socks, my bike, that's it. >> what's next for me, take it one day at a time. >> glenn dora residentses allowed back home but officials say 870 homes remain evacuated in azblooz za where there are flare ups in the area. back home but officials say 870 homes remain evacuated in azblooz za where there are flare ups in the area. a firefighter and one other person suffered minor burn injuries in the firefight. live in the newsroom, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. right now, take you live back to the los angeles area where a bizarre slow-speed chase continues. a live pictures there, the silver vad rad dough pickup
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truck with officers having been chasing the truck slowly for a long time. on the freeway. then doing circles on 101 then 405 into los angeles. officers put out spike strips. and now, one of the tires may be flat, which could explain the speed. we will keep our eye on this. see how it all ends up. a san jose man believed to be behind a dozen arson fires scheduled to be in court. 48-year-old patrick brennan arrested wednesday night after detectives watched him for three days a young sergeant is credited with cracking the case. he says brennan kept topping each search list for convicted arsonist in the area. brimmen was already in the santa clara county arson database for setting 16 hairs in 1999. last week, nervous neighbors spent several nights on around the clock patrols. nbc 7 news reporter matt keller
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will have more from the sergeant in the next half hour. governor brown is expected to make a major announcement this mortgage and searches say he will declare a statewide drought emergency that would allow him to seek federal help as the state faces the third dry winter in a row. the governor has been you recalled to make the call a drought emergency would allow him to call for conservation measures and have flexibility in deciding the state's water priorities. san francisco mayor ed lee is set to deliver his state of the city address at 10 this morning. the mayor is expected to focus on house and plans to make his speech at the hunters a point naval shipyard. the area is where there are kur rently 272 housing units under construction. the san francisco examiner reports that the mayor is promising to add 30,000 more housing units to the market within the next six years with at least half accessible to residents earning middle income or lower. a planned maximum security addition to the west contra
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costa jail is on hold after it failed to make the grade on a list of projects endorsed by a state agency. the contra costa times reports the county had applied for an $80 million grant from a $500 million criminal justice facilities fund. the county wanted to build a stand-alone wing with 480 beds it would provide program space and facilities next to the existing jail in richmond. 49er fans are counting down to sunday's nfc championship game between the niners and the seahawks. this afternoon, the nine letters wrap up their final practice in santa clara before boarding a flight to seattle. the niners are the hottest team in football, having won eight straight games, the last three coming on the road. they face the seahawks on their home field where they've won 16 of the last 17 games. the niners are changing up their normal schedule for west coast road game buys traveling a day earlier than usual. the 49ers are scheduled to leaf for seattle at 4:45 this afternoon. >> and the rivalry between the 49ers and the seahawks' fans is
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becoming charitable. fans have started go fund me pages with donations going to ucsf children's hospital and seattle children's hospital. 49er fans started a drive last month to put up a billboard in seattle with unused funds going towards seattle's children's hospital. not to be outdone, seahawks fans started a ucsf children's hospital page. seahawks fans have already raised more than $65,000 with niners fans raise morgue than $122,000. er why they are week, the niners announced they will match up to a combined $100,000 raised. yesterday, seahawks owner paul allen, you know, microsoft guy, tweeted that we are all-in for kids at seahawks, match 112 k raised by 49ers and #go hawks fans for children's hospital. we have a link to the go fund on our pages, go fund me pages on our website, webb webb.
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look under see it on tv. mike shoeman will be in seattle for complete postgame coverage and let them see that super bowl ring up there. he will have another edition of verne.'sviews sunday night with tight end vernon davis. shoe played for the niners. follow him on twitter at mike shumann. >> bring the niners team some good luck. >> you bet. >> no document. >> seattle's fans will bring them good luck home. >> they don't have any -- >> don't have any rings. mike? >> wow so it begins. >> yes, it does. >> always fun, as long as it's just fun. all right. we have mid to upper 30s on the peninsula, menlo park, 36. west side, good morning. 37. redwood city foster city, you're sharing 39. san mateo, 43. san bruno, 47. warm spot, like it has been, 45 there in belmont. we have 45 in san carlos. 52, san francisco.
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freezing cold in santa rosa. 28, 32. close in san ramon and concord. here is the way it looks from sutro tower, see the clean air over the bay, once again, great news, into the a spare the air day. record temperatures without the air quality. spread much smaller than yesterday, when it was about 30 degrees from santa rosa to half moon bay. low to middle 60s at noon. enjoy the evening, star-filled sky, relatively calm and throw mid-50s. temperatures drop a couple degrees every day through the holiday weekend, low 70s saturday to mid-60s sunday and monday. leyla? we are getting some updates on that gravel truck, possibly up to four dump trucks that are traveling on 680. wither still unclear of their exact location at this hour because they have been moving. they have been on the move. and they have been traveling into dublin, pleasanton, sip
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noel grade. looks like they are all dumping some type of gravel onto the roadways that's causing quite the mess on the freeways and for other drivers and cars. first, let's just talk about some construction this morning, eastbound side of highway 4, con charge loma to hill crest, a lane blocked, last until 6:00 this morning, west bound traffic out of antioch already starting to build, but looks clear through pittsburgh and that bay point. now, this is where we have an accident westbound side 580, south bound 680 connector, where we have that gravel that causes the solo vehicle spinout. more gravel dug out here, sip noel grade, into fremont quite possibly, but still trying to get clarification on this. it is a very slew flue which had situation, give you the details. >> 5:11. evidence of a link to the target hacking attack. the america's money report is next. also, apple iphones go on sale in china. what it could mean for the cupertino tech giants online.
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forecasters change the way they warn about tornadoes and
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you see the end of the low-speed clays, the driver giving himself up. what toward see from this position, but the truck is now down on its rims and been sort of skating along on the freeway. it looks like they are pulling the man out of the truck right now and gonna make an arrest. we don't know yet what this person was wanted for. just know that this chase me andered along at speed no, sir where near highway speeds. >> they got their weapons drawn and at least ten of them rushing towards the vehicle. we have been asking fans to show us your game faces. you delivered. >> these gays mean business go niners! never too young to get in on the action it is called baby game
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face. look likes they are ready to see their favorite team make it to the super bowl. e-mail us your fan photos at u report at also tweet them to us at and 7 news bay area, post them on our facebook page, be sure to like our battle of the base on the abc news facebook page. seattle is definitely ahead now but we know the bay area will show fans who the real champions are sneak up on them so everybody, please share that with your friends. evidence this morning the target hacking attack may have come from overseas. >> here is abc news marci gonzalez with america's money report. >> good morning. topping america's money, alarming new information about that big target hack. investigators say some of the software used to steal credit card numbers was written in russia. it appears to be part of a broad and very sophisticated campaign against many retailers, not just target. united air lines plans to furloughing almost 700 flight attendants because not enough of
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them took the voluntary buyout after the merger. the airline is trying to cut $2 billion in yearly expenses. taco bell is offering a bigger variety of beverages than ever. the fast food giant is rolling out six new drinks today, including a mountain dusan glee ya blast. that is america's money, i'll marci gonzalez. 5:17 now. tim cook is in china where the i phone 5 s and 5 c went on sale. he helped hand out the phones in a china mobile snore beijing. the cupertino company has been in negotiate information months with the state-owned cell phone carrier. china has potential customer base of 700 million. now, if you you want to note price, the 5 s sells for the equivalent of $874. the 5 c costs $742. of course, it's bought in yuan there. forecasters intend to add new advise there is warn when tornadoes or high winds ron the way. instead of there is a light,
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moderate or high risk of weather, they will add marginal and enhanced. the new branding language will take effect in april if approved to the national weather service. >> i don't know how that will translate. >> marginal, enhanced? what was wrong with slight, moderate and -- >> doesn't make it clear to me. >> do some more research on that that is the worst thing we hear, the sound bits, we didn't know it was coming. just like, oh, really? how could you not know? up to you to know have the weather radio or an app. they are trying to. take a lack and show what you is going on. worst thing ever as a forecaster, i didn't know. didn't know. we told ya. anyway. all right. here we go radar and satellite knows where the storm tracksome knows how dry it is. just some isolated showers in through the midwest, the great lakes and heading off toward new
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england. a little bit of moisture trying to creep into southern louisiana. just nothing going on across the western third of the country here. yeah. here we are. east bay hills camera. use this to talk about, big surprise, more record warmth today. almost as warm moving forward through the entire accuweather seven-day forecast, rain unlikely the rest of the month. take a look at what's going on, as far as our temperatures today. look for the asterisk, record high i low to middle 70s, santa clara valley, 72, sap jose, record. 76 in gilroy. move hup the peninsula, 73, record high mountain view, 72, redwood city, record high, 70, millbrae. 74, half moon bay, along the coast, heading to sunset, 70 degrees there 71, downtown, pretty close to a record high i did set one yesterday, 73. santa rosa, 72, records there north bay beaches looking really nice all along the coast, low to middle 70s for, into the east bay, we will have oakland, 71
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degrees, another record high. everybody really homogenized around 70 to 72 degrees, into the east bay valleys, brentwood, 68, low 70s the rest of your neighbors, 71 today in livermore. talk about tonight, going to be cooler, a lot of 40s around the bayshore and coast. a lot of 30s. here is the setup, till me, does it look any different than it did yesterday? look at the jet stream, well up into the arctic circle, monplung air into the lower two-thirds. we are seeing all that moisture deflect aid way from us, means the drought is going to continue to get worse. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. i mean, it's nice weather, if you like sunshine and warmth. just we need some rain. i feel bad. i actually kind of like the weather. we will have temperatures above average all seven days. here's leyla. plenty of traffic starting to build over the altamonte pass, not quite friday light there, per usual.
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it might get worse because of this issue involving a couple possibly dump trucks first reporting there was just one, but then callers spoke to chp officers and said they see three to four dump trucks, along the roadways, 580, information for you in a moment. highway 12, highway 29, red top road, napa and solano counties, widening project, all lanes now reopened. take you right back to westbound 580, 680 connector, where we have the solo vehicle spinout due to the gravel that was spilled, more graph here, 680 through pleasanton, through sunol. nice and quiet there, san mateo bridge, over toward the peninsula, into foster city now. kristen, eric? >> thanks a lots. one of san francisco's most popular attractions just got bigger. this morning, the grand opening of the see lion center by pier
5:22 am
39, managed by the aquarium of the bay and a hope for all things see sea lion, interactive displace, educational videos, you can touch a sea lion pelt, the center adds an educational comp pope nent to a popular attraction that started by accident. you remember when they just suddenly arrived 24 years ago. 5:42, ahead, seven things to know as you search your day. >> fabulous at 50, how first lady michelle obama
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it is now 5:24, whetherer just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to know today. breaking overnight three people are injured after jumping from a burning building in san francisco's bay view district. the fire on apollo street and williams avenue in the bay view displaced ten people. number two a convicted arsonist suspected in a recent string of fires is scheduled to make his first appearance in santa clara county court this afternoon. police arrested 48-year-old patrick ben.wednesday night. abc7 news reporter matt keller will have a live report coming up in a few minutes. number three, developing overnight, president obama will call this morning for an end to the nsa's ability to store phone data from millions of americans. he will ask congress, the justice department and intelligence communities to decide who should hold those records. number four, today is the 20-year anniversary of the north ridge earthquake in los angeles. the 6.7-mag knit tude quake struck the san fernando valley at 4:30 a.m. on this day, 1994.
5:26 am
57 people killed, mo more than 9,000 hurt. the 49ers will hold a final practice in santa clara this afternoon before flying to seattle immediately afterward for sunday's nfc championship game. the niners are changing up their normal schedule for west coast road games by traveling a day earlier that usual. number six, record warmth once again for most of our bay area neighborhoods, take a look at the seven-day forecast and try to find some rain and the three-month outlook to see if it is going to get better before the rain season begins. number seven it is a rocky commute, traveling through dumb lip, pleasanton, sunol, find gravel on the roadways and chp, trying to find the culprit. first lady michelle obama is celebrating her 50th birthday today a white house birthday party is mapped for tomorrow night. guests have been told to be ready to dance and to eat before they come. yeah. the bash thrown by president obama. mrs. obama is leading the charge in healthy living. she tells "people" magazine she
5:27 am
doesn't imagine resorting to plastic surgery or botox but she never says never. mrs. obama urges women to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves. the abc7 morning news continues the at 5:30 with today's top stories. >> flames, dry conditions and evacuations in southern california and firefighters say their battle is only getting tougher. we are live with the overnight update from crews on the ground. the most dangerous intersection in san francisco, where it is plus how police are to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california.
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good morning, 5:30 on this friday, thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first up, a check on the weather forecast much kind of mild yesterday morning, cooler out there this morning, mike. >> yeah, especially some places along the coast, half moon bay about 23 degrees cooler this morning than you were yesterday morning. good morning, everybody. visibility, unlimited on live doppler 7 hd, dry air, no clouds, no moisture, no fog, maybe a little bit of frost as we get temperatures in the 20s and 30s, inland valleys, try to make whatever moisture's out there into ice. you can see from the exploratory camera, artwork, bay brim this morning, record temperatures, total sunshine, thanks to the bone-dry air, hit the low to middle 70s, upper 60s, low 70s
5:31 am
inland, issues on the roads this morning, update from leyla. >> we have had this problem of automatic pebbles. dump truck was just releasing all this gravel onto the roadway, causing quite the havoc on westbound side of 580, right through duplin, pleasanton, and sunol. these are the hotspots we are pretty sure of right now. it's still very loose situation and chp still trying to find the dump truck that is losing all of its gravel. what we are they are doing, a sweeper train but not until 5:345. it has caused vehicle spinouts, not such a great drive out there we will keep you updated. we are learning more about the suspected serial arsonist finally caught in san jose after a dozen fires. abc7 news reporter matter ask live with information on that and how authorities track him down. matt? >> reporter: the arson suspect,
5:32 am
patrick brennan, will be making his first court appear arms are later today at the santa clara county courthouse. he is facing several arson charges for several fires that terrorized the downtown san jose area. now the man being given credit for solving this case is long-time san jose police sergeant jason is kid well. said he spent hours of his own time looking for the serial arsonist, set 12 fires, including one at a massive warehouse architecture much and several hopes. sergeant kid well entered specific ises about the crimes and the man seen on surveillance videos about the fires into ten database and found patrick brennan looked like the man in the sketch. >> you look at the sketch, you can see that a lot of the similar features come out, having worked sexual assaults before, i know that the sketches respect going to be exactly right but definitely, there's some certain physical features that stand out and he does have those. >> reporter: brennan was in the santa clara county arson database for setting 16 fires black in 1999.
5:33 am
detectives started watching him on sunday and arrested him at his mobile home park on wednesday night. right now, brennan is staying at the santa clara county jail, right next to the courthouse. he is staying there on $1 million bail. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. 5:33 now. breaking overnight, three people were injured after jumping out of a burning bay view district home in san francisco this morning. the fire broke out shortly after 3 at a single story building on apollo street near williams avenue. displaced a total of 10 people investigators now looking into the cause. also breaking overnight in hayward, two people are displaced by a fire at an apartment building on cypress avenue. police say the two-alarm fire started just after 3 a.m. in a carport and quickly raced to an upstairs unit, destroying it. no one was injured. amazingly, no cars burned in the fire. fire officials say a 1700-acre wildfire burping in the foothills northeast of los angeles has flared up and
5:34 am
continues to threaten homes in the azusa. but some 3700 people evacuated were allowed to return home in glenn dora last night. five homes were destroyed, 17 structures damaged. this morning, the fire is 30% contained and no longer growing. three catchers had their bail raised to $half a million more on at the top of the hour happening today, governor jerry brown is expected to make a major announcement this morning. sources say he will declare a statewide drought emergency. that would allow him to seek federal help as the state faces its third dry winter in a row. local water managers and central california growers have been you recalling him to make the call. he would have flexibility deciding the state's water priorities. an alarming number of pedestrian deaths in san francisco has city officials taking action to do something
5:35 am
about it. since december, more than a half dozen people have been killed on the streets. now advocates want a program called vision zero to be adopted, through education and enforcement. many of the drivers admit being on the phone. >> sadly, there's a lot of people being distracted and a lot of them have been getting tickets lately. there's going to be more of that. >> octavia boulevard and market street is called the most dangerous intersection in san francisco. a preliminary hearing scheduled for the woman charged of running over and killing a men low park couple out walking their dog last october. 54-year-old marjorie reitzell was drunk when she hit the couple on chilco street. authorities say her blood alcohol content was significantly more than twice the legal limit. investigators say reitzell was
5:36 am
on probation at the time for a 2012 drunk driving conviction. reitzell pleaded not guilty in november and is being held on $2 million bail. an east bay teen accused of setting another student on fire on an ac transit bus will be tried as an adult. a judge has rejected a motion to try 16-year-old richard thomas in juvenile court instead. police say thomas say set sasha fleishman's clothes on fire last november as the 18-year-old dozed on the bus. sasha was wearing a skirt and does not identify as male or female. thomas faces a hate crime enhancement, accused of telling police officers he did it because he is homophobic. the berkeley school district is spending $2 million on training and security devices a in the event of a campus shooting. there is a plan to send staffed members through armed intruder
5:37 am
training and install a new public address systems and locks in the schools. live video cameras were considered but rejected because of privacy concerns. this afternoon, the 49ers will wrap up the final practice in santa clara before heading to seattle for sunday's nfc championship game. that game is expected to be a defensive battle between two teams that had the league's best defense. the 49ers hottest team in football having won eight straight games it the last three on the road, but the road to the super bowl goes through centurylink field, where the seahawks are 16-1 over the past two years. seattle will have home field advantage with their loud fans, known as the 12th man. >> perfect, man. perfect. and this is not perfect. going to be a defensive game. it's going to be a showdown. >> the niners are scheduled to leave for seattle at 4:45 this afternoon. abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann will be with the 49ers in seattle. for complete postgame coverage, another edition of vernon's views with vernon davis. shue is a former 49er and follow
5:38 am
him on twitter for an inside look at the game. >> seahawks fans and players, like to know what it is like to win a super bowl, ask mike. like to know the weather now, ask mike. >> i wonder if he is going to wear his ring. >> he always does. >> saying i have a super bowl forecast? i hope so. 'cause the three-month forecast is not a winner whatsoever. here is the temperature. notice, we are in the above range. in fact, well into the above normal temperature range. can you see where the jet stream's going once again over the in ex-three months with the below-normal temperatures to the snort jet stream doing that. guess where most of the moisture is going to be, midwest and ohio river valley. guess what we will be dealing. hello, can i get a mulligan here? wow. holy cannoli. all right. i've untied my tongue. let's try again. guess where we will be the next three months, according to the climate prediction center? below normal precipitation. i don't think we are going to shake this drought this year.
5:39 am
all right, here's your day planner the next 12 hours. low 30s inland, mid-40s the rest of us. mid-60s at noon, tons of sunshine, records will fall once again, temperatures in the upper 60s 4:00 after hitting 70s in many areas, as we head through 7 clack, enjoy the evening. weather should not cause you any worries, low to upper 50s. save me. please. come hither. talk. leyla. i will do my best, we have got some big problems on the roadways. first thing's first, we have loads of gravel that has been dumped onto the roadway in the east bay. this is along 580, duplin, pleasanton and sunol. right now, sky 7 hd heading out there right now. they are going to track chp and all the damage that is caused to cars that are current loin the road watch i will get to that in a second. also, we have an update on sleeper traslee sweeper train, that will take time for them to get out there we continue into san francisco, nothing but top speeds there. head back into the east bay this
5:40 am
is where the gravel is located, but solo vehicle spinout because of it west bound side of 580, southbound 680 connector, down 680, pleasanton into sunol. we have a ton of problems out there here is live look from sky 7 hd. you can see all the traffic that is out there. and we also have cars that are kicking up this dirt. so it's kicking all that debris back into other vehicles, causing even more damage. so this is south bound along 680, it looks like. take a look at all the headlights there it is packed because of this mess. so sweeper train coming out it is going to be out there by about 5:45. it's going to take time to clean up. chp looking for the culprit at this time. back to you. >> 5:40. next, 49er fans on the quest for six, the lengths some people are going to show off their playoff pride. new this morning, president obama could be set to make a obama could be set to make a major chanlucky charms!a's
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welcome back, the time now, 5:43. a live look over the sunol grade. southbound side of 680 near 580, where we have reports of gravel, a lot of gravel that was dumped into the roadway by a truck that
5:44 am
was losing it traveling 680 down sunol grade. causing plenty of trouble on the roadways, damage to vehicles and accidents. more on that in a little bit. eric, kristen, over to you. >> thank you, leyla. developing overnight, president obama is set to deliver a speech this morning that could dramatically impact the ns a's surveillance proochlg senior administration official says the president will call for string the national security agency's ability to store phone data from millions of americans. the official says mr. obama will not say who should ultimately hold the data. instead, you will call on the intelligence community and congress to consult on where it should be maintained. a presidential commission recommended moving the data to the telephone companies or third party. new jersey governor chris christie faces a big test this weekend following the eruption of a political scandal in his home state. christie is traveling to florida for a series of fund-raisers as head of the republican governors
5:45 am
association. it will mark christie's first out-of-state trip since the scandal involving lane closures at the george washington bridge escalated. investigators investigating the scandal are issuing 20 subpoenas to people and organizations, including bridget kelly, christie's deputy chief of staff, who he fired last week. new details in the massive at that time data breach that impacted target customers during the holidays. the "wall street journal" is reporting the malicious computer code used to hack into target's credit card readers was partly written in russian. and learning it went undetected by anti-virus software because it was written with features to hide the fact they were collecting data from magnetic strips on payment cards. it was made available on the it was made available on thit b it was made available on thit w black market last spring. up to 70 million target customer
5:46 am
also their personal information stolen in the attacks. die-hard 49er fans are showing their true colors by getting tattoos in honor of the red and gold and getting a great deal at $49. >> the real die hard niners get tattoos. >> i always wanted to get a 49er tattoo, but when came up with the ad, hey, this is my chance now, go down there and get it. >> as long as we are in the postseason, gonna keep doing it again know keep us in our toes every day people come down, expect a wait, we will get you in and out. >> those are your options. no necks or hands. you are looking at a -- ♪ >> 49er players and then people from beach blanket babylon. what's going on there? well, they had a 49er-themed performance last night. actors playing coach jim har, but a in pleated khakis, of course. colin kaepernick and running back, frank gore, belted out "we are the super bowl champions," 49er fans are showing off their playoff pride. look the at jacob's head, five-time super bowl champions. of course, he wants the niners
5:47 am
to up that to six. and buy the new cap this year. the niners faithful crossed generations again. show you another pitch, the man on the left is sporting steve young's jersey, while the cute baby by his side has vernon davis' number. show us your fan support at seattle is ahead in the battle of the base. we have a competition going with the abc station in seattle to see who has the best fans. i know you know who has the best fans. seattle's elliott bay thinks they do. prove nobody's got it better than us, go to the abc7 news face back page and lake that post you see on your screen. whoever has the most likes by kickoff sunday wins. >> y'all have to do that for me, okay? yeah, because i have lots of relatives in seattle. i need that bragging rights. >> divided loyal test. yeah. >> okay. no. no. they are them. we ares. we need to win. that's all there is to it.
5:48 am
>> i would say who followed the seattle seahawks on twitter, tim lincecum. >> you wonder if he has anybody on the seahawks team. record high temperatures from yesterday. this afternoon, yesterday, sfo, 73, the second day in a row you tied your -- set and tied your all-time record high for january. same thing the oakland museum, 78. all-time record high for january a lot of low to middle 70s, richmond, san francisco, monmouth field, mountain view, san jose. monterey bay also had their share, go back down there and show you salinas, 84, the all-time record high temperature for january at the airport, gilroy, 77, monterey tied the record at 78. this area down to the south under a high fire danger. you could see around soledad, big sur, pinnacle
5:49 am
forest. freezing, petaluma, sebastopol. hit 33, pretty darn close. upper 40s, navado, san rafael. low to middle 50s in san francisco. good morning, san carlos, red we city, half moon bay, san jose, low to middle 40s. cupertino, 48. lafayette. san ramon, 77. sfo, byproducts of the drought, no fog, no delays at sfo. in fact, more record warmth today, almost as warm all the way through the seven-day forecast, rains really looking unlikely through the rest of the month. record highs today, 72, san jose, 76, gilroy, everybody low to middle 70s down south, 72, redwood city, 73, mountain view, record highs, low to middle 70s along the coast, downtown san francisco, 68, sausalito, low 70s through the north bay mountain, valleys, to the coast,
5:50 am
72, santa rosa, record highs, 71, oakland, another record high. and into the east bay valleys, 71, livermore, possible record high the warm spot will be walnut creek. fairfield, 72. your accuweather seven-day forecast. if you like spring, you will sure like this forecast, if you want the rain, i'm sorry, it's not in there. temperatures above average all seven days and dry. have a good one. here's leyla. all right. breaking news in the traffic department. we have got sky 7 hd over the sunol grade. go outside right now, show you what's happening out there along 580 and 680. there you go, you can see the headlight there is coming in the southbound direction. that is where we had some problems. we have a dump truck that is spilled, gravel all over the roadway, now, it caused vehicles to spin out, accidents, also plenty of damage. now, other trucks and other vehicles that were driving over this gravel were kicking the gravel back into other vehicles, this is an ongoing problem that has been affecting your commute,
5:51 am
if you're traveling along southbound 680, coming 580 down through pleasanton, down through sunol. as we pull out, pull out and see a wider shot here, check out how traffic is currently affected, well, it is definitely looking slow, a friday light, the not the case now. seeing headlights earlier, sweeper train supposed to come out there and clean things up. however, take a while for the roadway to get swept up. chp, can't find the truck, trailer, that was causing all of this damage. we will keep you updated, see how it is shaping up as the morning commute moves on. >> thank you very much, leyla. 551. smoking has serious impact on your health, but a new report says a lot more dangerous than we thought. coming up, the new medical condition it is now being linked to. a texas mom is taking on victoria's secret. what she says store employees
5:52 am
5:53 am
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he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! 5:54, a live look from sky 7 hd over the west bound side of 580 in livermore. as you can see, there is traffic
5:55 am
backed up for miles right now. this is due in part to a gravel truck that was carrying deb braden traveling west bound on 580, took a southbound 680 connector around all along the way, was losing its load. it was causing lots of gravel to be dumped out onto the roadways. that was getting kicked up into other vehicles hitting windshields, vehicles, causing solo vehicle spinouts, it's been a mess out there keep you updated as to what's been happening in just a little bit. weather-wise irk not a mess up in seattle, the trend of drier weather is still going that way, mostly cloudy, mid to upper 40s for the nfc championship game. notice all the red flag warnings, even in the see air rah, which should be covered by snow and not have to worry about fire danger, red flag warning today, low to middle 70s through the central valley, mod rate, upper 70s, mid-80s downtown, tahoe forecast. next seven day temperatures mid to upper 50s, not a whiff of snow. crisp, eric?
5:56 am
>> mike, thanks very much. 5:55 now. smoking has a serious impact on your health but a new report says it is a lot more dangerous than we thought. a study released by the surgeon general finds half a million americans die each year from diseases, including diabetes, colorectal cancer and liver cancer all linked to smoking and it doesn't stop there. the report blames cigarettes for causing rheumatoid arthritis, vision troubles, even erectile dysfunction. this is the first study to state flat out that smoking causes these illnesses and it comes 50 years after the first surgeon general's report on smoking. victoria secret is say poll zwrigz a texas mom after she was asked to leave the store to breast feed her baby and you go ton a alley. ashley clausen never believed a trip to victoria's secret with her 4-month-old son, beckett, would turn into an unforgettable story. >> i got to the count, my son started getting fussy crying, as i finished the transaction, i asked the woman if i could nurse
5:57 am
my son in her fitting room before i left. she said, no, you can't nurse your son in my fitting room. but you can walk outside and go down this alley where no one goes and no one will see you there. >> according to a company statement, victoria's secret says it has a long-standing policy permitting mothers to nurse their children in their stores. the store manager also called clausen to apologize and offer to send her as 150 gift certificate in the mail. 5:57. next at 6:00, the good news local health officials are finally reporting after the flu virus spread across the bay area. and coming up first, flames, dry conditions and evacuations in southern california. the battles are only getting tougher. we are live with the overnight update from crews on the ground. later, neiman marcus reveals new details about the data breach that put customers' personal information in jeopardy. the hack
5:58 am
that it's given me time toabout reflect on some of life'seen biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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breaking nous at 6:00, fire chase chasing a dozen people out of their homes overnight in san francisco. we are live with what first responders are vealing about their firefight. happening now, a fierce southern california wildfire flares up again overnight. where evacuation stand this morning. happening today, san francisco mayor ed lee will hold his state of the city address. the proposals and the changes he is expecting to make. morning, 6 a.m. on this friday i thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. not a good morning on the roadways, what a me, 680 as a result of the gravel truck spill. >> here is leyla with more. >> not only 680 but westbound 580, we have got sky 7 hd flying overhead, live pictures right now, those taillights are pushing along with the westbound direction. that's where we have an earlier gravel truckha


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