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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking new details, the sochi threat increases as a new videotape emerges from the suicide bombers warning tourists and athletes to be ready for another attack. their alarming attack coming right after vladimir putin told me that 80,000 troops will create a ring of steel and the games will be secure. not again. an arctic blast that could hit the midwest and northeast sending temperatures plunging and a major snowstorm is on target to hit the east coast. ginger is tracking it all. double murder mystery at a california mall. no suspects, no known motive. police baffled. now a third body found 24 days later. can cops now crack the case? i'm the best corner in the game! >> the epic rant after a last-second victory for seattle. the seahawks now headed to the super bowl to face the comeback
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quarterback, peyton manning leading the broncos to the big game here in two weeks. are you ready for some football? >> and good morning, america on this martin luther king day. robin and josh elliott are off today. great to have dan harris here extending his weekend. >> absolutely. thank you. >> what a game, what a couple of games yesterday. we have our nfl matchup. >> yeah, really exciting. nail-biter. the second one was a nail-biter. the first one, not so much. >> good games. >> really, really good games. as we say good morning, america, on this martin luther king day and looking at the memorial in washington, d.c., this morning. the nation remembering king today with parades and marches as we also remember him. >> we do. great to see that sight right there. new terror threats surrounding the winter olympics and our abc's chief corespondent
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brian ross here with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. the first test of the russian approach to keeping the winter games safe from attack as the olympic torch relay goes to the city of volgograd, the site of two deadly terror attacks just a few weeks ago, including at the train station where the torch relay began this morning. all this as russian security officials are dealing with a new threat from the very terror group responsible for those earlier attacks. this morning, u.s. authorities studying this videotape of two alleged terrorists purported to be the suicide bombers who carried out the recent attacks. they were shown allegedly building their bomb, wiring themselves up detonator in hand and then heading to their targets. their attacks included the volgograd train station and later a crowded trolley. in the tape the men said their group had more attacks planned. a surprise package, they called it, including one, they said, a surprise for the tourists who will come to sochi. in a separate online statement, the terror group said the volgograd attacks were only the
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beginning and said future threats could go as far as to include chemical attacks. >> the long and short of it, vladimir putin and the russian government will be lucky to get through the olympics without an incident. >> reporter: one senator said he thinks it's too dangerous to go to sochi. >> i would not go. and i don't think i would send my family. >> reporter: but russian authorities released their own video over the weekend showing a full-scale assault on a suspected militant stronghold in dagestan. seven people were killed according to russian officials who say their iron-fisted, take no prisoners approach will make the olympics safe. so far this morning the torch relay through volgograd has gone off without a hitch. abc's kirit radia says the mood is festive despite a visible police presence which will continue as it moves to dagestan a stronghold of a terror group threatening the olympics. george? >> thanks very much. this is such a dangerous region.
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the threats were topic number one when i sat down with vladimir putin in sochi. the entire region lockdown on high alert. these are putin's games, and he's taking no chances. >> it is the largest security operation in olympics history but this morning, american officials are questioning whether russia will be ready. president putin promised me sochi would be secure. >> translator: the job of the olympics host is to ensure security of the participants and visitors. we will do whatever it takes. >> the united states state department issued a travel advisory for all americans heading to sochi and some of the athletes have even set up their own evacuation plan, own private security teams. is that necessary? >> translator: if someone believes that they should devise their own personal security plans, there is nothing wrong with that. however, it must be done in contact with the olympic organizers and with our security services. >> services bolstered with
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80,000 troops surround sochi with a ring of steel. but putin insists this won't dampen the spirit of the games. >> translator: we would try to make sure that security measures don't jump at you, are not in your face, do not put pressure on the athletes and visitors or reporters. >> are you concerned that with all the security here the terrorists might choose to strike in other parts of russia? >> translator: we have adequate means available to us through the federal security service, the interior ministry, armed forces units that will be involved in providing security. on the water and in the air. if necessary, all those tools will be activated. >> but will they be enough? on "this week" homeland security chairman michael mccaul told me he is sochi today so see the preparations for himself. >> all the briefings i received from the intelligence community to the fbi and others indicate that there are serious concerns and that we need to do a lot to step up security.
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we have 15,000 americans traveling to sochi for the olympics and i want to do everything i can to make sure it's a safe olympic. >> we saw that senator say he would not go to the games himself. i asked the same question of congressman mccaul. he gulped and said that's why he wants to go to sochi. there's a lot of concern out there. >> so much is riding on them. clearly this is a high-profile opportunity for him to control the message. >> no question about it. he doesn't give a lot of interviews. hadn't given an american broadcast interview in about four years. this is so important to him . he's been fighting for these games since 2007. he needs them to be safe and he needs them to be successful. >> on his shoulders. >> thank you, great job. we continue now to that breaking story this morning about kenneth bae, the american missionary jailed in north korea for more than a year and appeared before reporters under guard before a press conference, appealing for the american government for his release. abc's terry moran has the latest on this story. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this is the latest chapter in a tense and really tragic
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standoff. kenneth bae, an american, christian missionary arrested in late 2012 and convicted in north korea of leading a christian plot to topple the north korean government. they sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor. today that strange and slightly ominous scene. bae let out in prisoner grays, prisoner 103 and said he sinned against north korea saying he is sorry he couldn't be with his grandmother. it's her birthday today. his daughter's birthday tomorrow. and said maybe he could be a bridge between north korea and the west. the bottom line in this strange scene, kenneth bae has become a bargaining chip in the tense relationship between north korea and the u.s. over north korea's nuclear program. the american government has said that he should be released on humanitarian grounds but kenneth bae's family said the obama administration just isn't doing enough to set him free. lara. >> thank you very much, terry. >> he looks to be under a lot of distress. we'll come back home to another dangerous week of cold.
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ginger here with the details. ginger, we learned earlier about the polar vortex. this is the polar plunge. >> not an official name but it's not the vortex. it's not as cold as what we dealt with but is on that edge of dangerous and what we wanted to tell you is it's a much more dynamic pattern. and we learned last week about the screamer that we were talking about. those clippers are coming across, now we dig this even deeper and allow that cold air in, windchill advisories in the great lakes and northern plains and we're watching a developing storm for tomorrow and tomorrow night that will slip across the great lakes, chicago and indianapolis, both in the three to six-inch range and focus in tomorrow night into early, early wednesday morning and it's going to be d.c. to new york city and especially anywhere, long island right there off the cape. they'll pick up even more wind, even more snow, some places could see a half foot or more. so that's going to be a big story for our tuesday into wednesday. and then the numbers. because i promised to show not as bad, remember, we were talking 30 below or close to it
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in minneapolis. they've seen this, 4 below, wednesday, new york city, we're waking up at 12 and these are actual air temperatures so you know it's going to feel colder than that. >> oh, boy, the vortex, the screamer and the plunge, thanks very much. >> yes. >> sounds like professional wrestling. >> it does. >> in the ring. >> yeah, exactly. >> we'll watching with dan harris. >> guys, good morning. here are the headlines. we'll start with another breaking story overnight. a u.s. military base has come under attack in southern afghanistan that started with a car bombing then eight attackers tried to storm that complex. at least one soldier was killed in this melee. this attack follows a taliban bombing at an upscale restaurant just over this past weekend that killed three americans including a teacher and a unicef worker. they are dealing with reported aftershocks this morning after a powerful earthquake in new zealand. the moment playing out live on tv at a racetrack. >> really shaking here, i'm afraid.
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looks like we might have a bit of an earthquake going on here a very big earthquake, in fact. >> his tv monitor fell over. he was okay, though. it was a 6.3 magnitude quake and threw food off shelves and crumbled walls leaving thousands of people without power. at the airport there, this giant eagle, a promotion for the latest hobbit movie came crashing down. but no serious injuries have been reported thus far. also breaking overnight. new fears of a civil war in the ukraine. violence breaking out in the ukraine between anti-government protesters and police, so bad the president has now relented and promised to hold talks with the opposition. one opposition leader trying to calm the crowd instead got hosed down by fire extinguishers as you can see there. here at home that massive wildfire burning near los angeles is now about 80% contained but there is no rain in sight for california. 150 wildfires have flared up this month compared to the typical 25.
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the record drought is also making air pollution a lot worse. from fire to ice, rescuers racing to save a man who fell into this river in missouri while trying to save his dog. the dog got out but his owner couldn't. so the crews delicately hoisted themselves onto the ice and they managed to pull that man safely back to shore. there was applause on the shore line as they did so. also some good news from the coast of florida this morning, these 24 pilot whales stranded in shallow water off of naples have now been saved. biologists managed to herd them into deeper water. a rare feat for two olympian track stars. lolo jones and lauryn williams have been chosen for the u.s. bobsled team. i was unaware that those skills were transferable but only eight other americans have competed in both the winter and the summer games. >> wow. finally, an object lesson in resilience. i mean object. look at what happened to a ball boy at the australian open. he took an out of bounds serve return right to the face.
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but watch his reaction. he barely flinches and then snaps right back to attention, arms behind his back as if nothing happened. he is incredibly impressive and i say the whole thing is a metaphor for my job at "good morning america." >> really. >> i do, i do. especially when you're here. >> if you could only see what has been going on -- >> in the commercial break. yes. >> let me tell you, though, a pro tennis ball coming at you is a bullet. >> i think he was in shock. >> absolutely. >> either way, he's tough. thanks. we move now to that new trouble for new jersey governor chris christie, the traffic scandal dubbed bridgegate continues to spread and now the democratic mayor of a city hit hard by hurricane sandy has said gone to the u.s. attorney with claims that christie aides threaten to block sandy relief if the she did not block one of the governor's pet projects. jim avila has been tracking it from the start. >> reporter: now it's the mayor of hoboken who claims she was bullied by the christie
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administration and her citizens, she says, are the victims. this morning, new jersey governor chris christie facing a new accusation of political bullying. democrat dawn zimmer, the mayor of hoboken says she was told her city would not get relief funding for hurricane sandy damage if she didn't back a development deal backed by the governor. >> this project is really important to the governor and she said that she had been with him on friday night and that this was a direct message from the governor. >> reporter: zimmer appearing sunday on cnn said she had a good relationship with governor christie but that changed when she was approached by lieutenant governor kim guadagno at a public event in a grocery store parking lot. to back the rockefeller high-rise project in her town, across the hudson from manhattan. >> this is a threat and this is wrong. this is not fair to hoboken, given the devastation that we had. >> reporter: the governor has not commented but his office did release a detailed statement stating "mayor zimmer asked for too much hurricane relief. that her town was not among the hardest hit and the city was
7:14 am
approved for $70 million worth of recovery and rebuilding funds. the christie camp questions why the mayor waited until now. zimmer produced diary entries she says were made immediately after the conversation with the lieutenant governor that quote her as saying "if you tell anyone, i will deny it" and if she backs the project "the money would start floating to you." >> it's stunning, outrageous and true and i stand by my word. >> no direct denial yet from the lieutenant governor but she has promised answers today. lara? >> all right. thank you so much, jim. >> now we turn to the latest on this terrible flu season. it is being call an epidemic. 20 children have died and new worries about how many vaccines might be left. abc news chief health and editor is with us. dr. richard besser is here with all of the specifics. good morning, dr. b. i want to talk first the positive news, a lot of flu activity down. >> yes. >> significantly. >> yes, you know, a week ago it was 20, now it's down to 14. which is a good thing. other good news, it appears
7:15 am
there are fewer hospitalizations this year than last year but last year was a really bad flu year. they're still seeing flu cases all over the country and that could continue for another six weeks or longer. >> saying that 90% to 95% of the vaccines are gone so at this point, how can we tell people where to get a vaccine? >> so 95% have been distributed by the companies so they're out at doctors' offices or pharmacies or they've been given to people. >> doesn't mean they're gone-gone. >> doesn't mean they're gone-gone but you may have to look a little harder. there's a great website. and put in your zip code and will tell you which stores in the area have the shot. give them a call first. before you head over there. there should be one for whoever wants it. >> you still say get one. it is not too late. >> it's not too late. just this week there were ten deaths in children that were reported. even in a mild flu year there are thousands who die. millions miss work and school and if you can get some protection and reduce your chance of getting sick, why not
7:16 am
so i am a big fan of getting the shot. >> tell us the website again. real quick. >> it's go there, it'll tell you where to go. >> thank you so much, dr. besser. george? super bowl time right now. two weeks away. cue the music. right across the river here in new jersey. the showdown is set. after thrilling sunday, it will be the seattle seahawks versus the den very broncos. super bowl xlviii. abc's john muller has the matchup. >> the afc champion, denver broncos! >> and the seahawks are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this morning football fans choosing sides. the seattle seahawks or the denver broncos. two weeks from now, the two teams will face off at new jersey's metlife stadium for super bowl xlviii. the seahawks game against the san francisco 49ers went down to the final seconds and this play. >> picked off. >> a seattle interception and in the 49ers' end zone sealed their win, 23-17.
7:17 am
but the tension between seahawks cornerback richard sherman and 49ers receiver michael crabtree did not end there. a run-in that led to this epic sideline rant by sherman after the game. >> i'm the best corner in the game! when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> reporter: the social media exploded with viewers crying foul about the display of bad sportsmanship. but earlier that day a more positive story made headlines. peyton manning leading the broncos to an inspiring win at the start of the season many fans questioned if manning would ever throw a ball again but after multiple neck surgeries and throwing a record-setting number of touchdowns this season, this morning, he and the broncos are the afc champions. >> our team has been through a lot. we have rallied. when you put a lot of hard work into something. it pays dividends when you can win the afc championship and represent them in the super bowl.
7:18 am
>> reporter: the anticipated quarterback rivalry between manning and new england's tom brady fell short. broncos kicker matt prater getting denver on the board first with a first quarter field goal. brady and the patriots not scoring a touchdown until the fourth quarter. final score, 26-16. >> just tough day for our team. we fought hard, just came up short to a pretty good team. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> got to root for that peyton manning. i mean -- what he's been through, he is the comeback kid. >> what a comeback. >> boston boy. >> more importantly, how was downton abbey last night? >> there we go. >> you guys are really going at it this morning, huh? >> we have an hour and a half left, lara. a lot of opportunities. >> i'm actually scared. >> truce. >> you should be after that. weather from ginger. >> you know i know dan well so i will pile that on. no worries. >> here we go. we all have to do a rain dance. really, in san francisco they're doing them. maybe mine should be right here. go. sad rain dance. we'll get better. desperate situation. denver has been very mild, 58 for tuesday. 52. this will not break the ridge as
7:19 am
much as we've shown you the cold and snow on the east coast. it's the opposite on the west coast. even nice to enjoy the beach. not so great otherwise. in the south, drier, new orleans today 66. little rock in the mid-60s, too. your local forecast is coming up. many more rain dances.
7:20 am
>> and a little-known fact about dan harris. not only does he know a lot about football but a great dancer too. >> also not true. also not true. >> he comes in on a holiday and can't get a break. coming up on "gma" -- >> appreciate it. double murder mystery at a california mall. now a third body has been found. will cops be able to crack the case? international soap opera. france's first lady after the president's cheating scandal, her biggest fear right now. the bachelor backtracking. this season's star of the hit reality show apologizing for his
7:21 am
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luther king jr. and other civil rights leaders marched in 1965. there's a sharp decline of ticket sells since the naacp withdrew its support. check now on the holiday traffic. here is leyla. >> and speaking of cal train it's running on a normal schedule. unlike some of the other mass transit jaebss that are running on a holiday or weekend schedule. we do have a problem at redwood street as a car versus a tree. and in san jose, this car veered off a roadway right by the southbound 280
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sleep number. comfort individualized. >> good morning. freezing cold up north. upper 20s to low 20s north bay valleys. and low to mid-40s around the bay shore at the coast. san francisco the warm spot today. temperatures above average near record highs. we'll be in the mid-60s near 70. 8 to 12 degrees warmer than average. a slight wind
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♪ oh. >> politics for arnold schwarzenegger that is him in the wig warming up what is he warming up for? super bowl sunday. he'll be part of the big commercial showdown for bud light. looked like he had a lot of fun doing that. cannot wait for the ads. seeing them all the way on the run-up to the super bowl. good morning america. hello everyone on this martin luther king day. good to have dan harris in for josh elliott. >> bob dole did a viagra commercial and schwarzenegger wears a bag wig. it's tough for america. >> did a little background. >> need to get back into acting. also coming up double murder mystery at a california mall. now a third body found days later.
7:31 am
will the discovery crack the puzzling case? beyonce posting pictures from the white house and michelle obama's big birthday party. cannot wait to share those details coming up. that looks like her posing with buddy -- >> bo. >> bo. sorry. >> i thought buddy was bush's dog. >> really? you would know better than me. i defer to you on these matters. >> i hope i'm right about that. i'll switch gears and get to that new development in the in is tearous case of a christmas eve double murder in san diego. police found another body. all in their early 20s and linsey davis with the details. >> reporter: it began with a double shooting christmas eve morning but now a third body has been found in another location in another car. a car belonging to the older brother of the deceased male who also happens to be the fiance of the deceased female. >> female that yelled she was shot. >> reporter: this horng this newly released emergency
7:32 am
dispatch audio may shed light on a double murder mystery. one that left two young people dead, another missing and san diego police baffled. >> we're gonna have two victims. >> reporter: 24-year-old gianni belvedere and his if i an anyway ilona flint and salvadore belvedere had been at the san diego mall december 23rd. early christmas evening more, a grisly discovery. ilona and salvatore found shot in their car. both would die from their wounds. >> witnesses here saw a male walking to the back of the victim's vehicle and get into the car and drive away. >> reporter: while the audio shows someone was there, investigators have no suspects and no known motive. only saying it was not a robbery. gianni belvedere hasn't been seen since. >> we need him to come home. we love you and miss you very much. >> reporter: police released this missing person's bulletin
7:33 am
hoping that if they ever found belvedere he could shed light on what happened. he's never been named a suspect in the case. but now 24 days after the killings, another new twist. gianni's green camry was just found this weekend, about 100 miles away from san diego. >> usually park in that spam spot. the odor is pretty strong. >> reporter: in the trunk a man's body. police have yet to identify it. we reached out to both of the victims' victims. salvadore belvedere's family wants him to know he was an organ donor and his organs saved three lives. the body just found won't be identified until the autopsy tuesday and this will be key to determine if it was a double murder and suicide or triple murder. >> thanks very much. more on this from our abc news consultant and former fbi special agent brad garrett. so many mysteries right here
7:34 am
but there had been -- we don't have the final identification yet but if this was, indeed, the older brother that is huge because he had been missing for so long and no one knew how or whether he was involved. >> that's right and apparently his body was quite decomposed so did he witness the shooting was he abducted after the shooting? i tell you george this is an intentional murder. whoever went there went to kill all three of them and for whatever reason, gianni was not with them. does this go back to drugs? it's hard to fathom where this goes, but this they were killed because of some revenge or some payoff or some version of that. >> well, yeah, if you were profiling this case, what would you be looking for? what kind of initial sketch would you have? >> well you're going to really have to go into the background of all three of them george. in other words, is there some sort of connection? does it go back to utah? is it just in southern california? but somebody wanted them dead and you typically with these types of shootings, it really
7:35 am
goes back to some sort of revenge. you owe me money, you owe me drug et cetera. >> as you said the body decomposed. almost a month. no firm lead that we know of so what's the next step in trying to crack the case? >> the real key is what is the connection between the three of them and cell phones e-mails, there's something in their background that led to this to occur and i'm going to guess it is out there. the real key, i think in riverside is how did he die? there's some, you know conversation about suicide. i'm going to guess that's not the case. was he tortured? all of those things are extremely important in figuring out the motor vagus of the bad guys. >> we will be watching this one closely. brad garrett, thanks very much. before we get into the next piece, i don't know if we have to apologize. we have egg on our face. buddy was not george bush's dog. do you know who he was? >> mo. >> bill clinton's back in 1997. >> great. and he had a cat named socks if
7:36 am
i recall. i can keep going with this all day. >> you are right about that one. >> oh. >> the egg is off our face. lara. carry on. want to continue with the latest on that very messy and very public french love triangle with the president right in the middle. the first lady is now out of the hospital after a week-long stay and she's speaking out for the first time. joining us with the story from london is our newest abc correspondent. hamish macdonald. before we get into the tangled web and you try to untangle it we want to welcome you to the team hamish. >> reporter: thank you very much, guys. absolute pleasure to be with you. interest francois hollande was just asked directly is his partner still the first lady? all he said was she's resting. she's better and he has no further comment. put into a hospital around the same time reports emerged
7:37 am
alleging he was having an affair with an actress. her magazine says since being released she's recovering by eating macaroni and cheese with ham. so what do you do if you're the french president and you need to escape a scandal? you go on a road trip, of course. holde is in holland and traveling solo. the press is clamoring for straight answers on his love life. instead he's serving up nothing but policy. his partner, the french first lady as she's known is resting up at this presidential retreat in versailles released from the hospital she was admitted for exhaustion, ten days ago, as allegations of an affair broke. now she faces an uncertain future. tweeting not if her official account but from her permanent one "valerie thrierweiler said thank you from the bottom of my heart." >> she doesn't have to have any support. certainly not from women where you'd most expect it. >> reporter: this scandal perhaps says more about france today than it does about the president. it's not like this is the first
7:38 am
time there's been intrigue at the elysee mralspalace. nickel sarkozy took up with carla bruni. hollande promised to be a more normal even ordinary president proving to be anything but. >> she might make him more popularity because it couldn't plummet much further so now people are laughing in france saying for once he's done something interesting. >> reporter: polls might suggest the french don't care but magazine sales are strong enough to get any editors' pulse racing. now, of course, the french president is due to visit the united states early next month. ale be going to washington. he's promised to clarify his situation by then. i suspect he might want to because while the french press might be reluctant to ask questions about private lives, things might be very different once he arrives stateside, lara.
7:39 am
i think he might be ready for a "gma" televised confession. >> ah. you can only wish. hamish -- >> let's hope hamish brings it to us. >> welcome on board. >> welcome, hamish. thank you so much. back to ginger and the poller plunge -- no which -- >> that's what we're calling it. >> you were doing the plunge. >> that's just a way to describe how cold it will feel. much like the thing that people do for charity when they jump in a very cold lake. just like that. but we are on winter storm watch from western north carolina all the way to massachusetts and that is going to be that storm for tuesday into early wednesday that would bring in some places 3 to 6 inches and, yes, in some spots even more. it will be windy on wednesday morning, oh, and that my friends and lara is when that polar air comes plunging down. just a way to describe. today, chicago is going to get it or at least not today, tonight into early tomorrow. indianapolis right in there and then the cold front that's going
7:40 am
to slip threw going to take us from the mild east coast down down and more down. we will just start falling and never go back. if you have things to do from the outside from the mid-atlantic to t >> this weather report brought to you by the university of phoenix and dan, you just proved it to me. nobody listens. he said -- during the break he say now when are we going to have snow? it's tomorrow night in new york city. >> i was admiring -- >> uh-huh. >> -- your delivery. >> dan i can promise you every school kid watching here in new york -- >> yeah, absolutely. >> absolutely. >> once again george saving me. i appreciate that very, very much. >> coming up the bachelor backtracking now saying he's
7:41 am
sorry for his offensive comments and said why he was misunderstood. and trouble with the fit bit. why people are returning the high-tech tracker. they're done with it. we'll explain. that's a man interviewing for a job. no. not that one. that one. the one who seems like he's already got the job 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go. and that's an accountant a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient, who used our unique --scratch that-- awesome career-planning tool. and that's a student working late with a day job taking courses aligned with the industry he's aiming to be in. ready to build an education around the career that you want? let's get to work. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land but i am so stuffed up i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. . new revlon colorburst matte and lacquer
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7:44 am
he's doing to make it right. >> would you have -- >> reporter: this morning the star of abc's "the bachelor," juan pablo galavis is apologizing for those controversial comments. >> do you think it would be a good idea at some point to have a gay bachelor. >> no. >> why not. >> just because i respect them but honestly i don't think it's a good example for kids who watch that on tv. >> reporter: the 32-year-old single father and former soccer went even further during the interview friday. >> but they are more pervert in a sense. and to me the show would be too strong, too hard to watch on tv. >> reporter: over the weekend juan pablo called glaad to apologize. >> he called me and said he was very sorry. he says he knows a lot of lgbt parents and truly did not mean to say what he said. >> reporter: he explains that
7:45 am
english is his second language and that the word "pervert" is not what i meant to say and i am very sorry about it. what i meant to say is gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the tv audience this would be too racy to accept on sunday he tweeted "i wonder how many people upset/disappointed at me speaks another language." abc and "the bachelor"'s production company warner horizon released this statement quart juan pablo's comments were careless thoughtless and insensitive and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show's producers or studio." now he said he'll meet with glaad in person this week. >> he wants to help educate people about lgbt parenting and issues so we are taking him up on that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news new york. >> all right, gio, thank you. coming up emma thompson seems to be having more fun than anyone on the red carpet this awards season. wow, and also lupita looking beyond fantastic.
7:46 am
check out the photo bomb there. there's emma. we'll get into her award season antics and then -- >> josh is away so i'm hijacking "play of the day" and we have some dash cam video the likes of which you've never seen before. freeze it and i'll show you what happens after a quick break. ♪ freeze frame freeze frame now freeze ♪ ♪ make every day her day with a full menu of appetizers and entrées crafted with care and designed to delight. fancy feast. love served daily.
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7:50 am
>> announcer: right then, here's the "play of the day." all right, time for "play of the day." so normally when we show you dash cam video from a police cruiser, it's something disturbing like a fight or a chase or something nasty. but look at this cruiser on patrol in the neighborhood. this is rosenberg, texas, the officer spots that little boy right there playing with a football all by himself so gets out of the car. the next thing you know he's playing catch with the kid for several minutes sending him long on a few passes. the police department tweeted the clip out with the following words while a two-minute game of football might not mean anything to some, it could mean
7:51 am
everything understandably and justifiably this has gone viral. i understand what is going on despite the fact i watched "downton abbey" last night. >> it's changing lives. changing lives. >> what a great citizen. >> absolutely. >> i'm proud they sent that out. >> people are loving it. >> going to dunk it next? >> oh, wow, ginger, really. okay. >> good story. >> exactly no escaping the pain. coming up here on the broadcast beyonce posting pictures inside the white house. what's the name of that dog? >> oh, boy, wow. it's getting -- a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time but add a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do. sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. new in morning b.a.r.t.'s nine month long contract battle wound up crofting the agency millions. today they report that b.a.r.t. spent $2.2 million to reach the final greechlt. among the costs, salaries and outside skrult tants and $5,000 for takeout food. here is mike with the forecast. >> good morning. near record high temperatures. mostly sunny conditions, mid-60s to about 70 degrees. a couple of wind shifts coming
7:57 am
onshore. and heightening the fire danger as we head toward the weekend. >> wood debris fell at eastbound highway 84 to martin luther lane. and westbound traffic i
7:58 am
♪ i can show you the world ♪ ♪ shining, shimmering splendid ♪ ♪ tell me, princess, now when did ♪ ♪ you last let your heart decide ♪ ♪ a whole new world
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♪ welcome to aulani. it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. ♪ let me share this ♪ ♪ whole new world with you ♪
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♪ i'm on the floor ♪ good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m., and we have the scoop on the stars and dresses that dazzled on the red carpet as award seasons heats up. >> it's brilliant. it's so exciting to be here. >> your facebook questions to the stars answered. and it's makeover madness as we're kicking off a megaweek of transformations helping you redo your home, your life and yourself. ♪ hey i just met you ♪ calling carly rae jepsen. she soared to the top of the charts with her megahits and now she's taking broadway by storm here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ i just met you and this is crazy ♪ that's not all. we have carly rae jepsen right out there in times square.
8:01 am
you see her there. she's got to get used to this neighborhood because she's coming to broadway. that's why everybody is in the princess tiaras right there. carly rae jepsen. >> in such a classic, "cinderella" and at midnight, it doesn't turn into a pumpkin for her. she is on fire as we say good morning, america. >> yeah, she's going to show us the shoes of "cinderella." look what she brought right here on the desk, lara. >> they didn't fit me. i'm a stepsister. i tried. i did. fit it in there. >> she tried. i can attest to that. also coming up, the uproar over the pictures of lena dunham in "vogue" magazine. a popular website 10 grand for the unretouched photos from the shoot and what dunham is saying about it. >> she never holds back. and now that fitbit that a
8:02 am
lot use to track what they're doing but many are now returning it because they don't like one of the side effects. getting a little more than they bargained for. we'll have the story. >> a lot of people have become obsessed about how long they've sleep and what it will find out about you. >> dancing for calories at night. >> spoken like two people who have worn the fitbit. >> we'll get into it. and then the s.a.g. awards were last night. what a smash on the red carpet. so many great looks. fashion insiders tim gunn and "lucky" magazine's eva chen are here with their take on what they loved and didn't. and let me just say they don't necessarily agree. we want to hear from you, though. what was your favorite look? go to on yahoo! and we'll have the results coming up. >> that's all coming up, but robin and josh are off, so dan harris with the news. >> good morning. we'll start with the new terror threat against the olympics and the first critical test of russia's ability to keep the games safe. just this morning the olympic torch relay passed through volgograd, the city not far from the olympic site, which has seen a wave of deadly attacks in recent weeks.
8:03 am
despite increased security, we're told the mood today was festive. u.s. officials are now looking closely at this video showing two men who claimed to have carried out those attacks recently and who promise there will be attacks on tourists visiting the games in sochi. another big headline today, it appears iran is making good on its pledge to halt its most advanced uranium enrichment as part of a nuclear deal with western powers. meantime, the u.n. has now invited iran to this week's peace conference on syria, which could derail those talks. and dramatic video this morning of a train that derailed along the italian riviera nearly plunging off a cliff after a landslide. heavy rains in that region are blamed for at least two deaths. incredible pictures there. the governor of new jersey, chris christie, is facing a new accusation this morning of political bullying. this time the mayor of hoboken, dawn zimmer, claiming that a
8:04 am
governor's staffer threatened to withhold hurricane sandy relief funds unless zimmer approved a christie-backed real estate deal. zimmer said she turned over notes to a federal prosecutor and christie's staff calls it categorically false. postal workers are threatening to boycott new mail service in dozens of tapements store. the postal union says the new outlets are staffed by low wage staples employees instead of union workers. the financially strapped postal service has been trying to boost profits by forming partnerships with private companies. and finally, we really cannot get enough of this video. a 13-year-old in san antonio is about to get the surprise of his young life from his mom who just got home from an eight-month tour with the air force in kuwait. derek jenkins' basketball coach helped set this moment up. a free throw in the gym, but take a look. after the toss, mom finally speaks up.
8:05 am
derek overwhelmed with emotion collapsing on to the floor, but he eventually gets a hug from his mom. by the way, his mom was worried that her son might be embarrassed and angry that she did this in front of all the other kids. not so. he was delighted. >> ah. >> he was overwhelmed. that was fantastic. >> fantastic, right? >> love that moment. thank you, dan. "pop news" coming up. let's get some weather from ginger. >> hey, george, lara, what i wanted to show you was something behind the scenes. we stand, samantha and i right back here and that's our monitor. we have the computers and i was standing there and someone said hey, turn around, my daughter is turning 18. come over here. this is her 18th birthday. they tweeted me to tell me. you're from tennessee. and what's your name hon? >> ashley. >> ashley, happy birthday and welcome to behind the scenes at "good morning america." let's get right to the forecast. we have not yet talked about who had a little bit of a cooler weekend. there was some onshore flow and certainly big surf in southern california and i know they're
8:06 am
taking advantage of it but you also have to take care. l.a., just shy of 83 degrees. santa barbara, 73. temperatures still above normal and then that snow we're talking about, starts in chicago to indianapolis and racing across, gains a little steam, wind and snow, mid-atlantic through the northeast. we're even talking western north carolina. so some of the mountains there going to pick up 3 to 6 inches. some spots even more.
8:07 am
>> this is a little princess named laura. say hello. >> hi. >> hi, and i also wanted to show you something that i just saw. look at who is holding my -- i've been given a hard time all day. >> hey. >> dan is in there with my clicker. >> i've got her clicker. i've been trying to get this for years. >> lara, take it away. >> and the antics continue. thank you, ginger. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "pop news" is coming up and in it, beyonce and bo. we get to the bottom of that one. the superstar posting the picture before she went into the big birthday bash for the first lady. we've got the scoop on that. and also emma thompson's fantastic red carpet photo bomb. look closely. she's having the best time and she is just about the coolest. we'll talk about her. and also all the sizzling looks from the s.a.g. awards and our fashion dream team weighing in. all that and carly rae jepsen live on "good morning america" here in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to by new fast-acting advil. nothing is faster.
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and experience... has built this. introducing the 2014 glk. the engineering and the experience of mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. ♪ the applause plause ♪ back now a little after 8:11. and look at matthew mcconaughey right there. a big winner at the s.a.g. awards last night. cate blanchett, as well right there. jennifer lawrence and david o. russell. a lot of fun there on saturday night. we were out in force on the red carpet getting viewer questions from facebook including this "what are you eating after the show." here's jared leto's answer. >> we've been eating all day. i just had a cookie right before i got on this -- out of the car. it's the last thing i did before i stepped out is i put a cookie
8:12 am
in my mouth. >> breaking news. >> yeah. >> he doesn't eat a lot. >> lost an incredible amount of weight for that role. >> both sweeping up these awards. well deserved. >> well deserved. >> "dallas buyers club," the movie. lara, what do you have for "pop news"? >> "pop news" also this weekend, big doings for the first lady and inside look at michelle obama's 50th birthday bash. guest beyonce posting these photos. here she is arriving with daughter blue ivy and husband jay-z and later she changed into this. short and shimmery and spent quality time with the obamas' dog whose name was on the show now -- no, it's bo. it's bo. all apparently before performing at the big event. wowing a-listers like samuel jackson, john legend, who also performed, and jennifer lawrence was there. she posted -- >> hudson. >> yes, i'm sorry. hudson. thanks, george.
8:13 am
posted a picture after -- look at that. oh, look at that. the first lady with her aarp card. here's this. we had such a good time with the first family in d.c. tonight. now on to the next stop. i just forgot all the names that were there. i mean, you name it. paul mccartney, bill and hillary clinton, billie jean king, magic johnson. a real who's who. we were not there. >> i heard the president floored everybody with his toast to michelle, even choked up halfway through and everyone walked away saying, wow. >> they seem so very much in love. yes. so happy birthday, first, lady. also in "pop news" this morning the 20th screen actors build awards saturday night. so many great moments from the big winners. this is the award show that all the actors all really, really love, and this cast, especially "american hustle" taking home top honors, outstanding performance by a cast. also, "modern family," "breaking bad," matthew mcconaughey as george said, cate blanchett, jared leto, big winners of the night,
8:14 am
but our favorite moment came from lupita nyong'o, the new "it" girl, she took home the actor for best supporting actress, and she thanked her family for keeping it real. take a look. >> my dad, i called him, he was the first person i called when i got this role. and i said to him, daddy, do you know brad pitt? i'm going to be in a movie with him, and he said, i don't know him personally, but i'm glad you got a job. >> she is fantastic. >> it's amazing. so thrilled you're working. so glad she followed her dreams. much good things -- many good things to come for her. who is having more fun on the red carpet than emma thompson? here she is photo bombing fellow nominee lupita at the weekend's s.a.g. awards. look at emma. i know you interviewed her recently. we all fell madly in love with her. if you haven't seen "saving mr. banks," you must, she's fantastic in it. she may not have taken home an actor for her performance but
8:15 am
she definitely won most comfortable shoes on the carpet. louis vuitton sandals to be exact and i love her outfit. 46. >> she kept the sandals on. she's had it with heels and tossed them away at the -- i was hosting the nbr awards show and her acceptance speech was about heels and why women shouldn't wear them anymore. she finally found her police, and we just adore her. >> i guess the fun part of the job going to all these dinners one after another. constant, yeah. >> i wonder if they get to a point where they wave the flag. but they certainly don't look it. >> it's a high class problem. >> absolutely. if you're nominated. so a little stroll down memory lane. they were the must have toy of the '80s causing frenzied parents to wait in line for days sometimes pushing and shoving. mom, i saw you do it. also adopted dolls straight out of a cabbage patch and now pleased to announce a whole new generation can experience some
8:16 am
of the glory, well, sort of, george. these are cabbage patch wigs, and i want you to know they come in a variety of colors for babies, kis and adults. >> i was going to say those dolls really look life-like. >> a yarn head. >> the demand for these is so high there is a wait list that spans six weeks. $30 to bring back the joy of the cabbage patch phenomenon, which really i felt deeply. >> we'll have to get you a wig. i'm afraid you stepped right into that. okay we're going to turn to you to girl star lena dunham. for her photos in "vogue" taking heat for photo shopping the images. now they're offering thousands for the original. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> i'm really not hungry so order me pancakes and a turkey bacon. >> reporter: she's known for being comfortable in her own skin. so much so that creator and star of hbo's hit star "girls" often doesn't wear much else.
8:17 am
>> i never see you naked and you always see me naked which should actually be the other way around. >> reporter: but on "vogue's" february cover a more glamorous lena dunham stirring up controversy. website so convinced the photos were doctored, it offered $10,000 for the originals before they were retouched. the before and afters now on the website with captions pointing out where dunham's jaw line has been narrowed. the neckline of her dress pulled up. her waistline slimmed, her hips pulled in. >> they didn't change her body that i could tell in drastic ways. i don't think they did anything major to her body shape. >> reporter: dunham defended the pictures telling online magazine, "a fashion magazine is like a beautiful fantasy. 'vogue isn't the place that we
8:18 am
go to look at realistic women." but this morning, jezebel editor jessica cohen is standing by her decision saying this is about "vogue" and what "vogue" decides to do with a specific woman who has very publicly stated that she's fine just the way she had. >> you know, lena had said she is okay with the cover. she thinks that she looks great, and i think that that is really what's important. >> reporter: it seems some are more appalled by jezebel's $10,000 bounty than by the retouched photos themselves. dunham herself tweeting, "10k? give it to charity then just order hbo." for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> textbook on how to handle a controversy. textbook. that was beautiful. now to some uncomfortable news for users of the hugely popular exercise tracker fitbit. i think we have a few of these users at the table. turns out that some of these people are coming down with skin rashes. abc's reena ninan all over the story this morning. >> reporter: from steps climbed to miles walked the fitbit force measures and tracks it all.
8:19 am
>> to make every moment count. >> reporter: but now the hottest workout accessory isn't just counting calories burned, it's giving some users a workout itch in the form of a rash. >> i wore it 24/7. >> reporter: katie bought her fitbit force just before christmas hoping to keep her motivated and moving. but two weeks ago she noticed this rash on the wrist where she wore the watch-like device. >> the rash progressively got worse and had some elevated bumps, some bliss terse, and that's when i decided i needed to go see the doctor. >> reporter: fitbit force casings are made with a surgical grade stainless steel, a type of metal that contains traces of nickel, something that 8.6% of the population is allergic to. nickel is found in everyday objects like belt zippers answer earrings but with those with an allergy to it constant contact can produce a itchy but treatable dermatitis. >> the shape of the lesion is exactly the shape of the thing that is coming in contact with it.
8:20 am
typically we treat with topical steroid products. because they give you a quick response. >> reporter: fitbit is telling abc nusews exclusive lyly they are actively psyching ways to modify the model so that anyone can wear it comfortably. they advise those allergic to nickel to discontinue using the device and offering full refunds or exchanges for other fitbit models. adele is happy to take -- >> they're offering me a product that will clip on called the one so there won't be metal touching my skin. >> reporter: and as for this -- >> it's a great tool and i know it works for a lot of other people but this particular fitbit doesn't work for me. >> reporter: fitbit has created a website, even e-mail address and even a hot line for users to report any reaction so they can request a full refund. or exchange but if you aren't allergic, this device tracks everything, even your sleep and any sort of late night activities. >> ooh. >> good morning, america. >> i could see getting very, very compulsive about it.
8:21 am
>> because they track your -- or lack thereof sleep and you become totally obsessed. >> not that i wouldn't want to throw it away if it's tracking everything. >> i'm with you, george. >> you sort of sometimes just can't get more sleep and there it is just reminding you. >> thank you, reena. so the star team out as we've been talking about in force this weekend to honor their own at the screen actors guild or s.a.g. awards. and on that red carpet, forget orange, blue is the new black. ♪ applause plause ♪ the stars shined bright at the s.a.g. awards dazzling bold looks that quickly turned the red carpet into a sea of blue. amy adams stunned in a cobalt gown and jennifer garner kept it classy in this navy one and "breaking bad's" anna gun, "homeland's" star and
8:22 am
julie louis-dreyfus in this monique lluillier. and best winning actor for "12 years a slave" lupita nyong'o stepped out in winning form in this teal green gucci stunner. kerry washington bared her baby bump in a custom-made prada design that featured this fuchsia embellished crop top, and rounding out the best of the night, "american hustle's" jennifer lawrence shimmered in a strapless multicolored sequin dress by dior. "game of thrones" emilia clarke was flawless in this dramatic one-shoulder metallic calvin klein gown. >> thank you so very much. >> reporter: and best actress cate blanchett was radiant in a blush pink givenchy gown. then there was julie, juliette and julia's unconventional look. "modern family's" julie bowen in a strapless carolina herrera and juliet lewis in a vivian westwood and julia roberts rocking a valentino jumpsuit proving this pretty woman can also be pretty in pink. all right.
8:23 am
so we want to get to the results of our "gma" flash poll, find out who you think was the best dressed on the red carpet, and here she is, really no surprise. landslide, i dare say. 46% of our viewers loved lupita's beautiful gucci gown, and i do believe you both feel the same. it's our style dream team i dare say tim gunn, host of the brand-new fashion competition series "under the gunn," which debuted last thursday. congratulations on that, and eva chen, editor in chief of "lucky" magazine. >> thank you. >> you both -- your top choices were the same. >> oh, absolutely. >> you go ahead. >> lupita is the new red carpet star. i mean, how breathtaking is she? and i have to say when you have that gorgeous ebony skin and that beautiful shape, you can wear almost anything. but she knows how to do it and she knows how to do it with confidence and panache. >> i just love that dress. >> yeah. >> she looks amazing. i think she is the new breed of hollywood starlets that really you can get a sense of their personal style coming
8:24 am
through and her makeup too which was all pulled together with that gucci dress. >> the other fashion winner for you, eva, and i believe you agreed was amy adams. >> oh, my gosh. she was the perfect mix of new hollywood and also old hollywood, the hair and makeup was kind of vintage inspired but then that bright blue architectural gown, perfection. >> you said she needed it. tim, you didn't like her look at the golden globes. >> actually that was someone else. >> oh, all right. so she's a winner in your book. >> amy is a winner. absolutely. for all the reasons that eva just cited. >> okay, and then jennifer lawrence and cate blanchett were your ties for number three. >> yes, they were a tie for me and i know tim, you disagree with me. we had a vigorous debate in the green room. >> we just did. >> we literally disagree on so many things. cate blanchett, i love. i really think it's hard to pull off baby pink on the red carpet, pink, red it all worked well and she looked comfortable. that's important. >> i find her breathtaking but, tim, you don't. >> well, i love indicate blanche. i'm crazy about her. i thought that was a misstep.
8:25 am
i felt that she looked very top heavy and i have to say, eva, is comfort really that important on the red carpet? >> you're speaking to someone who gets to wear a tux on the red carpet. i'm speaking for the ladies. listen, emma thompson with her flat shoes, you go. i agree. >> tim, you loved sandra bullock. >> i did. she was the one who i now forgive her for her golden globe look which i thought was disappointing. the color blocking. >> i liked that. >> i wasn't a fan but i loved her in the lanvin on saturday. i thought she looked great. >> that was a beautiful shade and now i want to tauklk now more about the interesting choices. kerry washington getting a lot of press. she's very pregnant and she wore a prada crop top. >> pregnant, crop top, listen, it's kerry washington. it's olivia pope. can she do any wrong? i don't know. i like that she held her hair with a little bit more strant. she looked beautiful i thought and it was a risk. my red carpet credo, be bad, be good, just don't be boring.
8:26 am
>> you think a risk she shouldn't have tried. >> look, i love kerry washington and pregnant or not, i don't think a bare midriff is appropriate on the red carpet. i think it's just not what you do, and i thought the proportions were odd. had i been she, i would have hoisted the whole thing up and there wouldn't have been that little bit of skin and the length of the skirt would have been better. >> hoist away. she is a beauty. thanks to both of you. there you have it, everybody. and coming up, broadway's newest cinderella carly rae jepsen is with us live. and thank you, tim and eva. >> tell them, lara. >> style, glamour, our closet, your home. we're making over everything and then come friday, all i can say is, wow! >> because friday it'll be the biggest, most inspirational most wow reveal ever. "good morning america's" mega makeover all this week on "gma." mega makeover all this week on "gma."
8:27 am
i'm eric thomas. despite the tough 23-17 loss to the seahawks the niners had appreciative home comers with dozens of fans. the team rolled in on buses from san jose's airport late last night. while the outcome was not what fans were hoping for many are looking forward to the new seen at the new stadium. >> excuse me while i wipe this tear from my face. nothing to cry about in the traffic right now. 24 minutes to get from tracy to dublin. 15 minutes on 101 southbound into san francisco. and 18 minutes will get you
8:28 am
there. and nice and quiet for the holiday drive.
8:29 am
good morning. we're still freezing up in the north bay. 28 in nevada. 30 at napa. mid-40s around the bay. san francisco, 49. and mid to upper 30s in the east bay valleys. let's take a look at what's going to happen. a beautiful shot from our roof cam here.
8:30 am
temperatures going to run 8 to 12 ♪ wonderful crowd out in times square, and the song you're hearing, well, there's a reason, we're calling this gal right now, carly rae jepsen is with us. there she is at our twitter mirror, the "gma" twitter mirror. if you follow us on twitter, you may have already seen her pictures. we already posted them and she's our neighbor now starring in the classic musical "cinderella" and we're going to talk with her about life and life on broadway. i like it. and our friend buddy valastro, the cake boss is going savory this morning. he's making desserts but making delicious italian dishes that you will want to make at home and that we all here on the desk want to try. >> yes. >> perfect comfort food for this cold week. and robin taking the day
8:31 am
off, taking a long weekend but her work continues. she's keeping her promise to get more to become bone marrow donors and be the match and stand up to cancer. she looks so fantastic. great message. fantastic photos, as well, and it has made such a difference having robin be so open about it. >> yeah, great job, robin. and we continue now, we've kicking off -- we've been talking about it, it's our mega makeover week. it's starting right here right now, all week long we'll show you ways to make over your look, make over your life and this morning how you can get into shape and still look like you never broke a sweat. right here in new york a gym where you kcan get a workout and a blowout. check it out. ♪ from coifed hair to curls, frizz to flyaways blowout salons dedicated to
8:32 am
making hair, sexy and smooth. now the latest twist, getting your flowing tresses the star treatment right after you work out at the gym. glam & go at exhale in new york city transforms all those sweaty ponytails into well-groomed styles in just 15 minutes. i decided to check it out but first i had to get my sweat on. >> here we go. ♪ >> reporter: now for some pampering. how are you looking to style your hair today? >> i think if i can just get a little volume up here. okay, so what is glam & go? >> so glam & go is the in gym express bar for people on the go. >> reporter: which is a brilliant idea. where did it come from? >> i have no ability to do my own hair and i really wanted to work out, and so i found myself consistently having to make this choice. >> reporter: so pretty much you knocked out a choice for working
8:33 am
out? >> i don't know if you want to go that far. i still come up with excuses. >> reporter: you can get glam for as little as $20. choose from an array of styles like a braid, the signature express with dry shampoo or opt for the 30-minute blow-out from wet to dry for 40 bucks. did you glam and go this morning? >> obviously. >> reporter: your hair looks great. >> what can i say? the serious curves from their menu. >> reporter: how long does that take? >> seven minutes. >> reporter: a few minutes later my luscious locks transformed from sweaty to red carpet ready. for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> the intrepid reporter looking fabulous. it is a really, really great idea. thank you, sara. all right, time now for a final check of the weather with our ginger zee. >> hey, good morning, lara, and good morning, everyone. look at this cool sign. ginger spices up "gma." of course, i'm going to say hi. you watch in atlanta. >> we do. we watch in atlanta. >> we love them too. right to the forecast because this morning, we have some twitter photos to share, one is from tampa.
8:34 am
look at the fog in front of the skyline there, and then up in massachusetts, and you've got more snow to come on the east coast. we're going to be talking about that the next couple of days but the cold is really going to take over. someone here said, can you please make it warmer? unfortunately, no. we're going to drop it into the teens and below. it's going to feel even colder than that. a big arctic push of air and a look across the nation. look at denver at 47, burbank, 84. today, medford a high of 39. >> this weather report brought to you by mercedes-benz. i love your sign too. hey y'all. george. >> hey y'all. thank you, ginger. big finale today for our
8:35 am
annual warm coats and warm hearts winter coat drive. the coats kept coming and coming, more than 10,000 this week alone for a grand total of 123,243. there you see it right there. thank you for giving so many of our deserving friends and neighbors the gift of warmth. ♪ they are our heroes, the folks that donated coats this brutal winter as temperatures plunged to record lows. >> i'm wearing long underwear. i feel like i'm going skiing, but i'm not. >> what a phenomenal program. warm coats, warm hearts drive. >> we kicked off our coat drive in november with the new york city fire department. not long after the chill set in. but thanks to the here roaric efforts of the warm heart, warm coats drive, more than 100,000 including residents of a frozen minneapolis were given the gift of warmth. >> this feels lovely. especially when it's old. >> i need a coat. >> great. >> helping families out. >> reporter: this coat drive season we tagged along as the ford motor company delivered cars packed with coats to the waiting arms of the burlington
8:36 am
store in woodbridge, new jersey. it's great that we've been able to do this coat drive especially this winter and happy we donated over 300 coats today. >> reporter: and in december we watched the trio of moms join the cause in our studio. >> thank you again for the donations. it means so much to so many. >> now, you might wonder what difference can one coat make? take it from those in the know, a single coat, just one act of kindness makes all the difference in the world. >> it means that my baby will be warm when he walks to school. >> reporter: so to all of you who have given so generously, thank you for being our heroes. more than 123,000 times, that is so great. ginger outside with our special guest buddy valastro. >> wait till you see where buddy is. he is up on top of a cherry picker. i'll show you him in a second. i'm here with a group of heroes who helped to make this year's coat drive happen. thank you, guys, so much for volunteering.
8:37 am
they're very excited too. all the coats the past couple of weeks, they put them all together and also joined by our favorite cake boss -- >> hello. >> buddy going up. he is really going to put that cherry on the coat drive sundae. 500 coats right here, one of the last ones. so happy. >> come on, let's hear it. >> to help our neighbors stay a little bit warmer this winter because we know it has been and will be a cold one. coming up, we have so much more. from "call me maybe" to "cinderella." carly rae jepsen is right here. stick with us. ♪ so here's my number so call me maybe ♪
8:38 am
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♪ hey ♪ hey i just met you ♪ who can forget this song "call me maybe." the unforgettable smash of 2012. it was a summer anthem i dare say. >> was seared into our brains. >> and launched carly rae jepsen into super stardom and the artist is broadway bound taking on the title role in rodgers & hammerstein's "cinderella" and we went backstage for a sneak peek. >> hi, "gma." welcome to the theater. today i'm going to take you behind the scenes of "cinderella" on broadway. let's go.
8:41 am
here we are backstage. there are so many moving parts. it's like a well-oiled machine. this is the beautiful horse and carriage, a set piece from one of my favorite scenes in the entire musical. ♪ >> this is joe, the prince, prince charming. >> new prince charming. >> we're both new and nicknamed ourselves new kids on the block. >> with fran drescher and the rest of them. >> we've been dancing and doing a lot of lifts and we're heading to wardrobe to look at the beautiful gowns. over 300 dresses. joe doesn't just have to carry me but he has to carry me and the dress. i'll take you into the wig room now. this is jeannette harrington. >> there's about 40 wigs in the show. cinderella has five wigs. >> this is kind of similar to the type of wig that i'm doing. >> yes, absolutely. >> no fringe. >> it's going to be brave new
8:42 am
world. >> thanks for exploring backstage with me. i'm really looking forward to taking on the role of cinderella, and i hope you all come and see it. yay. >> it does fit. >> it's pretty. >> the slipper fits, yay. so good to have carly rae jepsen with us. last time we saw you, you were singing during our summer concert series. >> yes, yes. >> nice to have you back. >> it's nice to be back. thank you very much. >> is it true you dreamed of playing cinderella since you were a little girl. >> i dreamed of being on broadway since i can remember, yeah, and cinderella is kind of the dream role. i don't even think i took it that far in my imagination. i thought maybe i'd be maid number three. i thought it would be fantastic. such an honor. i can't wait. >> you've been posting pictures on your instagram. how much practice are you doing every day? >> well, it's funny. because a lot of people have asked me since moving to new york, what's it like? have you seen any sights? any great plays? i am only doing this. i'm eating breathing and sleeping cinderella but it's very gratifying. it's hard work but it's worth it. >> that's what i was going to
8:43 am
ask you. you've toured with justin bieber and done the concert thing. is this harder than the rock tar role? >> it's different. it's taking on a character and i feel very lucky very fortunate that everyone who i met on the broadway team has just been there to guide me and teach me and kind of be patient when i don't understand something right away, so i'm surrounded by a lot of professionals helping me prepare for the role. >> i understand the role has been tweaked just a little bit because the music has stayed the same but the speaking parts have changed a bit. can you tell me about that? >> no, the speaking parts are the same. >> they are? >> yes, they are. >> is it a story just like we know the fairy tale to be? >> the whole concept is one of those things you'll have to come and see. i'm not supposed to give away the secret. i think that's what you mean. >> i was confused. >> sorry. forgive me. >> you are forgiven for any transgression. >> 17 million copies of "call me maybe." >> 17 million. >> unbelievable and you said you're going to do a three-month run, and then it's time
8:44 am
to get back into the studio. >> record number two which is really exciting. grateful for a little bit of a break. i guess this was kind of my vacation. >> you haven't seen a street outside of the theater. >> no, but it's -- there's nothing more than i enjoy than being a part of something like this. such a -- very charming story. i've seen the play now seven times and i've cried every single time so i'm a romantic at heart. romantic sucker and i think that, yeah, it's going to be cool to kind of take over a role for awhile and then get back to music right after that. >> just quickly for your fans, how far along are you on the new record? >> i'm still in writing mode so i'm kind of just in the thick of the creative process but i have to be say being in new york is very inspiring. >> is there the next "call me maybe"? do you feel it? >> i hope not. i loved doing "call me maybe," and it was a fun
8:45 am
experience but looking forward to trying some new adventures. >> will you change your sound? >> i think i'm always doing that from every cd. there's always a bit of a metamorphosis of sorts. >> make sure you have pizza while in new york. >> pizza. >> bagels, classic. >> street hot dogs. >> i haven't had the bagels yet. i've heard good things. >> you haven't had a bagel. how long have you been in new york? >> okay. i'll do it tomorrow. >> yeah. >> today actually. >> a lot of things, make time and enjoy this experience. we're so thrilled for you. congratulations and thanks for coming back. >> thank you. >> when you get that album done will you come sing for us? >> i just might. >> she's a little coy on that. >> i will. i will. >> congratulations on the new role. coming up here on "gma," by the way, we should say that carly rae makes her broadway debut in "cinderella" on february 4th and coming up here our friend buddy valastro, you know him as the cake boss is here with something a little different in the savory category. keep it here. more "gma" after a quick little break.
8:46 am
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ >> everybody outside bundled up. the polar plunge coming this week but we're inside with buddy valastro, former cake boss right here and he has so much going on. we want to hear about everything you're doing. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. >> also going to be cooking something different for us. this is home cooking. >> this is like old-school home cooking, kind of like what i do at my restaurant in the venetian in las vegas. >> buddy v's. and also what they call a destination spokesperson for the las vegas convention -- what is that? >> you know what, on mother's day weekend we're doing an event
8:49 am
in "buon appetito" magazine, and it's like a food festival on steroids. so many culinary giants from all over las vegas will be there and demos and food. tickets go on sale wednesday and, you know, there's going to be other great chefs from the venetian and palazzo like mario batali, myself, thomas keller. and you know what, that's kind of like an honor and privilege -- >> i'll bet it is. >> -- to be in the same company as those guys but they're just amazing chefs. >> i love buddy here. he cooks and talks at the same time. >> keeps me going. >> smells great. >> we're not fooling around here. >> this is something we can get at buddy's restaurant. >> at buddy v's restaurante in the venetian palazzo. >> it's called orecchiette. >> orecchiette, shallots and broccolini. you keep stirring that.
8:50 am
and then we got a little bit of sausage in there so we cook that down. whoop. making a little bit of a mess and after you cook it, it gets like that and, oh, the chili just for a little bit of heat and put a little bit of butter. put a little bit of orecchiette in there. all right. all right. okay, perfect. we stir that up. we let that cook and then we got mozzarella and coroza? >> what is that? >> it's -- you know what, it's like the italian grilled cheese. >> okay. >> and basically it's got a little bit of pesto, it's got mozzarella inside. it's in the bread and then it's grilled together it's just like forget about it. but all these great things are comfort foods that i've eaten at home with my grandma and stuff like that. >> the idea behind the restaurant. >> the concept of buddy v's,
8:51 am
it's not what i would call froufrou italian but more old-school, old-world, good old-fashioned cooking that you would -- if you come to my house, george and lara, this is what i'm going to make. >> you're not going to forget about me. >> any time. >> can i come tonight? >> listen, my wife is a good cook. >> good. >> so are you. really, really good. >> and i'm telling you, this event is for "buon appetito." it's going to be mother's day weekend. enjoy food, wine, a great experience. that's the weekend to go. it's like nothing else. tickets go on sale wednesday. you got to go check it out. >> your day job and you have cannolis over there. >> come on. i'm the cake boss, so, of course, i got some great desserts and this is the first year of the venetian palazzo participating in "buon appetito" and it'll be amped. be even bigger. and i'm going to be there and we'll headline it and have fun and cook and drink and gamble. it's vegas, baby. >> sounds like it. i always thought -- >> any vice not on that list?
8:52 am
>> i always thought the world didn't collide, if you were a great baker, then you may not be a great chef. you have nailed both of these. this is so savory and dreamy. >> well, thank you. and you know what, it's just these are the old world recipes my dad, my grandmom, my mom made. we keep it classic italian. simple, fresh ingredients. >> less is more. >> less is more. thanks, buddy. for the recipes, go to on yahoo! "cake boss" and "bakery boss." >> yeah, a got a marathon starting tonight. you guys check it out. "bakery boss." >> we'll be right back. >> good to see you. thank you so much, buddy. >> "gma's" cooking with buddy valastro is brought to you by the las vegas convention and visitors authority.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
everyone out there, we've been having a lot of fun. we always have fun with buddy valastro.
8:56 am
thank you for coming in. and we got a big mega makeover week. what is this? blockbuster clutter. >> clutter intervention. well, you're going to have to find out. suffice it to say it's going to be neat. everybody, have a great monday. see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. let's take a look at the bay area forecast. here is meter rojt mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. high clouds and sunshine. mid-60 to near 70 degrees. tonight, temperatures seasonably cool. frost inland with low to upper 30s there. and low to mid-40s elsewhere. good news spare the air day today. cooler breezes maybe a fire threat beginning thursday and friday. leyla? >> let's start off with a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. you take the drive into foster
9:00 am
city it is a 12 minute commute. 87 as you come past the announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of "the following," kevin bacon. and from "pretty little liars," troian bellisario. plus we continue our "kick start the new year" series, all this week thirgs medical edition. also, we have a big announcement that could make you or someone you know $100,000 richer. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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