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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> the bay area baked by record-breaking heat today. >> a live look from our sutro tower cam. it is still hot out there right now. i'm dan ashley jie. and i'm carolyn johnson. sandhya patel is here with the details on how hot it got out there. >> carolyn and dan, it was steamy outside. let me show you live doppler 7hd and we will talk about the highs for today and the record as well. the high clouds are passing through the bay area right now. it is not signaling any change. look at the record. for sfo it got to 90 degrees. 902 livermore and -- 92 livermore and up to 89 in fairfield and 93 san jose and santa cruz and san francisco 90-degree heat today. just look at how it compares to other parts of the state.
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it was warmer than las vegas that came in at 82 degrees. the heat extended up and down the state. 91 in los angeles. as we look at the current temperatures many parts of the bay area are still in the 70s. 73 san francisco, hayward 71, san jose. it is 76 currently in antioch. i will be back to let you know when the heat will blow off some steam in just a few minutes. carolyn? >> thank you, sandhya. we are following breaking news right now in san jose where firefighters are battling a house fire on foxworthy avenue. ama dates is there where this hot weather is impacting firefighting efforts. >> from where i am standing you can't see the house, but you can see where the ladder is going behind the trees. that's where the house is. look at this video given to us by viewer chris sneed. incredible flames shooting out of the back of the home.
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the fire started around 9:30. they were home and smelled smoke and then went to the back of the home and saw the flames. one of the homeowners was injured with minor burns. the person was treated on the scene and released. firefighters had a hard time with the fire. it looks like a small home, but it is 3,000 square feet with several add ons. they had problems getting access to the places they needed to go. just the one injury was reported. all of the firefighters are fine. the fire is just about contained at this point and the firefighters are on scene to make sure nothing flares back up. you mentioned the heat. it is such a hot day across the bay area. it didn't cause such a challenge in fighting the flames inside, but what they did tell me was you can see right there where all of the firefighters are gathered they have the chairs and they were making sure to get the fires out and rotated and hydrated
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to make sure nobody suffered from heat exhaustion because the fire captain said this is the first real hot day of the year so they had to make sure the firefighters were safe. at the home two residents and a dog were displaced, but at least they are fine. live in san jose, abc7 news. >> that's good to hear. thank you, ama. the heat has firefighters in the north bay concerned as well after a winter with above average temperatures stoping what little moisture is left and what has fallen so far. tiffany wilson joins us live from napa with how crews are ramping up. everybody expects it to be terrible. >> they expect it to be terrible and in fact that's why cal fire started staffing twenty of these wilderness engines like the one behind me on monday. they expect the wildfire season to be bad and for it to start early. so they started staffing these engines four to six weeks earlier than they typically do. today's heat didn't help.
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>> reporter: don't let the green deceive you. >> everything is dry and ready to burn. >> reporter: dry from years of drought and the disappointing winter rainfall. now this week's early heat is like an oven, baking out moisture with every increasing degree. >> the heat definitely plays a factor in heating the fuel and assisting the fire in growing. >> reporter: rain fell on these napa foothills on monday. >> and now today not even three days later you can see the patches of yellow and everything is changing out here. we haven't even got our wind yet. this is strictly heat. >> reporter: residents are taking notice. nathan dalton thought twice about using a mosquito candle. >> i had a candle wondering should i use this candle because it is so dry and hot. >> what did you do? >> blew it out. not worth it. >> reporter: with dry grass as quick kindling he hired crews to clear this away from his property. >> we are always worried a few years ago we had a big fire
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and we barely got out. >> theyed a the -- they added crews weeks ahead of the wildfire season. the beginning of what could prove to be a very dangerous year. abc7 news. >> the hot weather caused cal-osha to issue their first heat regulation. it requires basic protection for outdoor workers including fresh water and shaded areas for breaks. the officials say they will inspect the agricultural construction, landscaping and other outdoor work sites during hot weather like this. the police department is cracking down on people who leave their pets in cars. one person was cited and faces a $500 fine for leaving an animal in a hot car. on an 85-degree day temperatures can reap 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes. evacuation orders have been canceled for homes in the path of a wildfire in rancho
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cucamonga. the fire burning east of los angeles has eased enough to allow pile back into their homes. but firefighters are concerned winds could pick back up so nearby schools will be closed. the fire has burned more than 1,000 acres. no structures have been damaged. california's drought has prompted restrictions. households with more than four residents can request more water. customers who use more than their share will pay $25 for each overage and more for over 10%. these are the first mandatory cuts in santa cruz in 25 years. things are getting back to normal at southern california airports after a computer glitch grounded flights causing major delays. this is a look at sfo that was affected. four flights were diverted there and two had to land in
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san jose. the system that failed was responsible for tracking planes flying at high altitudes in the southern part of the state plus parts of nevada and arizona. both plane and pilot have been recovered after last sunday's tragedy on san pablo bay. three days after the crash the salvage crews managed to retrieve what they were after. alan wang is live at the richmond marina. you got a good look at that plane. >> dan, it was nothing more than a folded up pile of sheet metal. now it is up to ntsb investigators to unfold the crumpled metal and the story of how this happened. >> recovery divers say raising the plane wreckage was difficult because of the strong current and the murky water. the body of the pilot arrived at the richmond arena where ntsb investigators started examining the engine of the cessna 210. the condition and the spark plugs.
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>> ntsb investigator says the cessna pilot whose name has not been released was preparing to snap a photo of this vintage korean war era fighter plane as it passed by. >> the pilot said he was planing to pass on the left side low and to the left. >> witnesses say the vintage plane banked left and the cessna went into a tailspin. both work for sanders aircraft which specializes in vintage planes. the ntsb says the pilot flew back to the company hangar in amador county and did not take a blood alcohol test. >> is that prot cal involved in anything like this? >> not. >> it is not the law or the rule to test? >> it is not standard. gite investigator plans to release -- gite investigator plans to release his report in the next five working days. in richmond, alan wang, abc7 news. new details involving the case of the teen stowaway at mineta san jose international. we know the boy managed to
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sneak on to the tarmac after a federal security check. they conducted a three-month review. senator bar bra you boxer questioned the -- barbara boxer yesed -- questioned the thoroughness. >> are you looking for a guaranteed, and that will not happen. >> i am looking for a layered defense. >> which we have. it is not guaranteed 100%. >> this serious business. >> i agree. >> i don't think you are taking it that seriously. >> i disagree. >> the boy apparently scaled a 10-foot tall fence at the airport. the airport is in compliance with all regulations and standards. oakland police need your help finding a woman they say robbed an 82-year-old man who was just out for a walk. it happened on march 28th near coolege and brooke dale. this woman walked up to the man a and then robbed him and then ran off. this picture was taken after the crime occurred. there is a $1,000 reward for
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information leading to an arrest. >> and a woman wanted for serving pot-laced food to her colleagues. she is served to two years probation and 50 years community service. her attorney said badger admits making a great error in judgment. two people went to the hospital after eating the food laced with marge -- with marijuana last november. >> a local hospital offering technology that will change the way doctors detect breast cancer. next on abc7 news, carolyn has a special report on the new tool that is helping reduce false positives. >> and taking a break. the em -- embattled mayor says he is heading to rehab. >> and how the 49ers helped a local man score major points with his girlfriend. >> first here is jimmy kimmle. >> thanks. here is some of the magic waiting for you after the news. >> unless you won a grammy you can't even -- oh my god! >> i touched it.
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offering a technology that could change the way breast cancer is diagnosed. doctors there believe the new tool has the potential to identify the cancers more accurately with fewer false alarms. >> reporter: she is a believer in the value of having an annual mammogram. but she says her first appointment turned into a nerve-wracking ordeal after she received a follow-up phone call. >> they said, well, we need you back to do more imaging. so i guess this old woman freak out.
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is there any problem? we don't know. >> after spending the weekend learning we heard it is not cancer, but likely caused by dense breast tissue which could make imaging more difficult. this time around she turned to stanford hospital and a different kind of breast imaging. >> breathe, but don't move. >> the technology is a form of x ray that produces two dimensional and three dimensional images in a single session. if the doctors notice an area that is suspicious on a normal image they can turn to the 3-d.a. a -- 3-de image. >> we wonder if it is a real finding. >> the benefit is that you have multiple images at slightly different sang gels of this -- angles of this x ray tube and it allows you to resolve a lot of artifact that we normally see when we take a
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two dimensional image of the breast. >> a recent change a in state law requires doctors to neat fie fie -- to notify women if they are diagnosed with dense breasts and it touched off debate on how to screen them. >> a lot of people are advocating ultrasound, but you ultrasound has a huge false positive rate. there are nodules and 80 to 90% of those are nothing. >> she says another choice is extremely effective for the highest risk patients and can also produce false positives. she believes there are practical advantages for the widespread use. >> i don't think we will have anywhere near as high as a false positive rate. >> it is a super charged mammogram exam that gives us more sensitivity and specificity. >> the current units deliver the same amount of radiation as a normal mammogram. many women are saved from
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having to return for additional scans. >> that's definitely less scary for all of the women. >> while they offer the specific advantages for women with denser breasts, stanford is making the technology available to all women and their breast screening program. >> toronto mayor rob ford tells "the sun" newspaper that he is ready to take a break from his election campaign to get help. this after the toronto "sun" obtained a new audio of ford ranting and swearing at a bar. and there are reports of a new video of him smoking crack in his sister's basement this past weekend. and one man has left the stadium a big winner when it comes to love. here is what happened. >> just like the 49ers and them going to the next chapter this is the perfect place for us to start something great. will you be my wife?
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>> die hard 49er fans surprised his girlfriend by proposing during a tour of levi stadium. the 49ers captured this big moment on video and there you can hear it. a tearful sara cook son saying yes i will marry you. >> that is sweet. that is fun. good for them. >> first engagement. >> yes and a new stadium. still warm outside tonight. >> it is. sandhya patel is here with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> people are still talking about it, dan and carolyn. the summer-like heat inland, but along the coast it was more like fall. places like san francisco, half moon bay, the kind of heat you expect to see in october. live doppler 7hd is showing you high clouds just passing through the bay area. they are harmless and not to worry. check out the wind. this is what is holding the temperature up. it is an offshore flow at oakland. 5 miles an hour out of the northeast. we are still seeing the temperatures on the mild to warm side. from the east bay hills camera we can see across the bay.
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the clouds are not low. they are the high variety type. 68 in oakland and 70 in redwood city. san jose not far behind at 71. from our sutro tower camera, the visibility is great. santa rosa at 61 and and 72 in livermore and here is one last view from our exploratorium camera looking toward the ferry building. mostly clear and mild, warm to hot tomorrow and we are looking at a cooler pattern friday through the weekend. you will notice minor changes tomorrow though and that will be near the coastline. so high pressure, strong ridge, the heat will hold on for one more day, but near the coast those temperatures will trend a little lower tomorrow. all areas will cool off on friday as the low-pressure it will switch the wind direction and we will get more of a sea breeze, and not only will we feel the sea breeze around here, but you will notice a lot more cloud cover going into your friday afternoon, low and high level
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clouds. we will call for cooler weather for everyone by friday. relief is coming. take a look at the temperature trend. oakland tomorrow 83 degrees and the average high is 68. you drop to 77. and then really dropping below average as we hit the weekend and beyond. tomorrow morning it will start out very mild. i just raised san francisco to 64 degrees. tomorrow morning will start out 63 in oakland and san jose. pretty mild around antioch and livermore as well. most other areas in the 50s. you will see the high clouds around. hot down in gilroy. 94, 90 in san jose. 92 los gatos and 84 in santa cruz. on the peninsula upper 80s for redwood city. palo alto, 90 in loss altos. mid70s near the coast. we will take a little of the edge off the heat. 82 downtown san francisco. 78 in the sunset district. in the north bay, the 70s along the coastline and 89 in santa rosa and up to 90 in sonoma and 92 calistoga.
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85 san rafael and 83 oakland, hayward, newark and 85 degrees in fremont. still well above normal for this time of year. and it is going to be cooking inland. 92 fairfield, livermore, walnut creek, 90 in pleasanton and 94 our hotspot in antioch. mid70s to 90s and we are dropping you to the 80s on friday and then back down to normal. over the weekend low to mid70s in the warmest spots. and that's not very warm compared to what we have been seeing. we are keeping it dry through next week. >> thanks, sandhya. shu and i pulled out our teal tonight in honor of the sharks. >> didn't work. sharks couldn't dig up their game seven killer instincts. *9 kings brought a full house down eliminating the sharks. if you are not already bummed out we will bring the tears with the highlights next in fly all over town to find the best deals.
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sport brings major pressure. the sharks who had the lead become the fourth team to lose a seven-game set with a 3-0 series lead. they are getting the start and they turned back nine kings shots in the opening period. he had 25 saves on the night. score less after one. the sharks strike first. he fires and scores. the firs career playoff goal. four minutes later and a key call and an elbow to the face and a two-minute penalty. the kings on the power play. and the game changer call halfway through the second period. the sharks power play and on the doorstep. jonathon quick with the save, but did he make the save? it looks like the puck was in. multiple views, but the officials say no. check the overhead. that glove is in the net.
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you are refutable evidence is not enough. crazy move and the kings lead it 2-1. to the third. 3-1 game and they score two late. the collapse is complete. l.a. wins four straight to stun the sharks in game seven. 5-1 is your final and the season is over just like that. >> it is just so disappointing we could go up 3-0 and not find a way to have that killer instinct and to find a way to scrape and claw and win games like they did. >> i think their defense has followed us up to be honest. they just played real tight defensively and their goaltender got hot like he usually does this time of year. what can i say? >> wow, we will take a brief timeout to wipe away your shark tears. we have good news. a's explode for a dozen on their division rivals texas rangers. details from the a's and giants' victories a
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arlington snagging a sweep of the rangers. exploding on offense and putting up a dozen on texas. the hats and the bow ties, what is missing? making life miserable. he doubled to right center gentry and donaldson score and it is 3-0a's. the rangers' defense interest didn't help. double play ball. he scores instead. a's scored seven in the frame. might as well keep pouring it on. cocoa crisp and see ya. his third of the year. 12-0a's. 17 hits of the game. meanwhile chavez mowing them down. break out the brooms. a's sweep with a 12-1 win on the way to boston for a
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three-game set. giants hosting the padres before they hit the road. cotton candy, mmm. he ain't sleeping tonight. he has some pop and here is further proof and goes opposite field. the ball carrying well in the warm air tonight. tim hudson, unbelievable. one out away from going the distance. great play and huddy improves to 4-1 and giants hit the road to face the braves on friday with a 3-2 victory. >> we'll take it.
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thanks for watching. >> comedian kathy griffen. >> have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kathy griffin. from "veep", tony hale. and music from franz ferdinand. with cleto and the cletones. and now, just in the nick of time, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank


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