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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 30, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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>> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kathy griffin. from "veep", tony hale. and music from franz ferdinand. with cleto and the cletones. and now, just in the nick of time, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. welcome to the show.
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thank you for watching. thank you for coming out to visit. thank you for standing out in the sun to get in here. it was hot today, right? it was 92 degrees in hollywood today. 20 degrees hotter than normal. which i think is god's way of telling us we should all get really dark tans just to freak out donald sterling. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] let's do it! actually, wore shorts into work to day. not just regular shorts. short-shorts with my cheeks poking out. i only say it, when you have go out, make people vomit. it is hot. thank god summer is almost over, huh? we really need queen elsa to get in a fight with her sister or something. of course, when temperatures are high it is hardest here on the super heroes on hollywood boulevard. have you ever been to hollywood, you have probably seen costumed characters roaming the street. i feel bad for them during the
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heat waves. the one i feel worst for of all, spongebob squarepants. basically -- [ applause ] spongebob is the meat in a foam rubber sandwich. a rough day, spongebob. >> yeah, it has been too. >> jimmy: guillermo its out there with sponge bob. i was curious how hot it is inside your suit. i would look to have guillermo put a thermometer in there to find out. okay. >> okay. >> jimmy: wait, guillermo. don't go in -- pull down his squarepants get this over with. we call this entertainment here. that is a thermometer? >> guillermo: yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: the temperature? >> 146 degrees. >> jimmy: are people at least giving you extra tip tuesday, sponge bob? >> not that much. >> jimmy: guillermo, tell people
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to give spongebob more money, all right. >> guillermo: give him more money you son of a -- >> jimmy: he is doing out there. meanwhile, one woman is running around in a bathing suit. thank you, spongebob. the important thing is he loves what he does. that's really what it its. you know this heat couldn't have come at a worse time. suffering through a severe drought in southern california which puts us at risk for wildfires. there was one this morning and a local reporter was sent out to cover it. she discovered area residents are fright frightened and conce. >> ash is blowing. ask the residents to stay inside. >> sir, do you live around here? >> wow, you are super pretty. do you want to go on a date some time? >> we are live right now. are you evacuating? >> yes. >> what do you think of it? >> it is pretty cool. >> jimmy: that's why they call them the cucomumgo cassanova.
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the clippers beat the golden state warriors last night. in round one of the playoffs. they lead the series. cheer. cheer the funny thing is if they win the nba title, donald sterling will probably get another $100 million for the team. so something to think about. and nba commissioner adam silver has the ordered donald sterling to sell the clippers in whackak his comments. a group of investors led by me and oprah are planning to buy the team. i can't give you've any real details on that. i want to say no offer has been made. still in the very early stages. a lot of discussion right now. any information you see in the media and speculation, nothing more. i would look to say that i think oprah and i would be great team owners. how does the idea of a halftime book club hit you? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fun, right? there are a number of other lesser names that have been
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mentioned as potential buyers for the clippers including david geffen, magic johnson, welterweight boxing champion, floyd mainweather jr. which that one is interesting. if floyd mayweather wants to own the team and donald sterling doesn't want to sell it. let them box for it. put those twio in the ring. that would be -- a moneymaker. meanwhile, we're learning more about the woman at the center of this scandal, a vo juan, juan, woman, v stivano was not in a relationship with him and had nothing to do with releasing the tape. he said, stiviano is devastated and very saddened by the lifetime ban from the nba. v for saddened. you can see how saddened. the media showed up at her apartmeapar apartme apartment, she decided to do
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rolling skating in the alley while everyone looked on. how i handle sadness. getting a lot of use out of the visor too. like something tron would wear to a rave. but this its good too. instead of yelling at the camera guys outside her house. this its real. we didn't doctor this in any way. she offered them refreshments. >> would you look some water? i have coconut water, aloe vera walter, regular water, sparkling water, oranges, tangerines. >> thank you. you are such a sweetheart. i'll take a pelligrino. she has a team. >> jimmy: i am suspicious of this woman. number one who, has four kinds of water and three varieties of oranges in their house. no wonder we are having a drought. she has all our walteter. and v.stiviano may have
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political aspirations. >> after dinner she said this. >> i want to become president of the united states of america. >> jimmy: now take me to your leader. ha-ha. [ applause ] >> jimmy: there you go. look out, hillary. you have got some competition. finally, a president who is not afraid to look directly into a solar eclipse. the internet was abuzz yesterday when lucas films and j.j. a brams used a well placed photograph to reveal the cast of star wars episode 7. this was the photograph. newer actors, harrison ford, carrie fisher and mark hamil, reprising like skywalker. a lot older now. he'll be more of a luke
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mallwalker. than -- welcome back. hot out there, huh? where did you put the thermometer by the way? >> inside of him. >> jimmy: oh. yesterday apple computersen trocomputersen -- computers introduced an 11 inch mac book air for $899. the 11 inch is $899. a 13 inch that is $999. additional $50 if you want pepperoni on them. an affordable product for sure. in typical apple fashion today, one day after releasing newt mac book air they unveiled a new product that is even more affordable. >> introducing apple's most affordable mac book to date. it's sleek, it's portable, it works fine. it already has your photos and music. it's the mac book. you already own. >> sweet. >> starting at no dollars. apple, you're good for now.
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[ cheers and applause ] [ applause ] >> here is a story that -- that caught my eye. this happened up in ottawa. a man up there has been exposing himself in public. can you ex-poe expose yourself private. i don't think you can. technically no. behavior was a surprise off to people who know him. maybe it shouldn't have been. >> police charged an ottawa man with indecent ex-pope sure after several flashing incidents over the past two weeks. 62-year-old donald popadick is charged with indecent acts and mischief. >> rough week for donald. donald popadick. popadick, is also the least popular game at chuck e. cheese. we'll take a break. when we come back this afternoon i paid a visit to my friend at legends barber shop here in l.a. to ask them what they think about the donald sterling
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situation. and kathy griffin is here. tony hale its here and music from france ferdinand. so come back -- ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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this week, bite into a juicy, seedless watermelon. they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99. and start the fiesta. corona is just $11.97 a twelve pack. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. >> jimmy: welcome back. kathy griffin, tony hale and franz ferdinand are backstage. the donald sterling and clipper story has been big here this week especially in l.a. most people you hear from are broadcasters and writers. i look to fiike to find out whal people think. who better to weigh in on the
11:50 pm
clippers than the guys at the barber shop here in los angeles. ♪ ♪ >> hey! >> hey. >> hey, what's up? how are you? how you doing? hey, guys, what's going on? how have you guys been? >> good. >> jimmy: i wanted to ask you guys were you surprised by donaldster lo sterling and whatd on the tape? >> not really. i feel like he smells racist. you can clearly look at him he smells racist. >> he smells like -- >> he sweats -- >> i don't think so. i think everybody was genuinely shocked. i don't think anybody kind of put him in that basket. >> jimmy: i wasn't shocked by it. >> i mean you are privy to those kinds of things. i am a part. big part of the white community. at the meetings this is the sort
11:51 pm
of thing we discuss. there have been a bunch of lawsuits filed against him. many allegations of racism have been made against him. >> yeah, now, he said it, if he didn't hold the door for you in the men's room. you're look that was racist. >> jimmy: talk about the girlfriend, v. stiviano. what does the v stand for? what does the v stand for? >> she's the devil. >> is this the first time a woman on the side messed up a man's career. >> lots of guys mess up by having a side chick. mess up giving her too much information. she is a side chick. >> jimmy: i never heard the term side chick before. >> oh, side chick. >> side chick. >> just imagine if you want to wendy's and got a five piece nugget and got the extra six
11:52 pm
nugget you didn't expect. on the side. >> the side chick comes back to destroy your life. would you guys allow your girlfriend to pose for instagram pictures with white people? >> i would, absolutely. i would. >> jimmy: i wouldn't allow it. what percentage of white people do you think talk look thike th private? >> a lot. >> 60%. >> i will go higher. >> 92%. >> i think it is like 91%. >> jimmy: really. >> in youngstown, ohio. we got it rough coming up. >> i'm from youngstown. >> i don't think any you've guys think like that. i still plan on making money with you guys. i think that was a very random singular. >> isolated incident. and i think, i mean, rehab. that's all he needs is a little rehab. >> what kind of rehab --
11:53 pm
>> you can go to racism rehab. >> racism. >> i think mel gibson went to it. >> in his defense, in his defense. i spoke to several call girls they said he is amazing. he never said anything racist in front of them. just saying. >> jimmy: all right. >> just saying. off awe do you think the penalties the nba handed down are sufficient? >> no. he should have gotten ban ford a super mario life. he gets a one hop, he is ban ford that whole life. like you ban him for his whole life. that's like five more years. longer for crossing the street. >> there is two white guys on the team. i am wondering what it is like in the locker room where you are the two white guys you have to be just as upset as everybody else? >> it's like. this is wrong.
11:54 pm
>> this its what bother me. the kid's name with red hair? >> clay griffin. >> he is the most upset. why are you so upset. >> do you think donald sterling owes him half an apology? >> i think he owes the rest of the players the other half of the check. >> if donald sterling came in and asked for a haircut. would you cut his hair? >> i would start from right here. yeah, he would have to leave his head here. >> jimmy: if donald sterling came in, guys i am thinking about it i will give this $2.5 million fine to you. would you forgive him? >> i would accept it. i would accept it. >> i would take it under appropriate t appropriate -- protest. >> changed the tone. >> interesting. >> welcome. >> jimmy: have you really found that or joking? it is like christmas time around here now.
11:55 pm
>> it is so good. i ate for free today. i had two free shots of patron yesterday. >> you know what, guys. in the spirit of that, this time, this visit. i am going to pay for my haircut. >> oh, thank you, man. >> mike, mike, no. mike? mike? >> well, thank you, guys. it was, i have to say it was illuminating. and i think i learned, yeah, i learned what a side chick is. it's xooind kind of exciting. on behalf of white people, i am kind of sorry. i didn't have anything to do with it. >> still trying to recover for me paying. >> thank you. >> this has never happened before. >> i am going to keep the cake. thank you, guys. all right. good to see you. take care. [ applause ] >> of thanks. >> that's the kind of outreach we are going to do.
11:56 pm
tonight on the show, tony hale, and music from franz ferdinand. and we'll be right back with kathy griffin. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by at&t. get your first 90 days of beats music free now. head to for more information. sfx: bing. >>who's got two hooves and just got a claim status update from geico? this guy, that's who. sfx: bing. and i just got a...oh no, that's mom. sorry. claim status updates. just a tap away on the geico app.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program, you know him as gary walsh and buster bluth from the very funny show "veep." tony hale is here. and then with music from their first album in five years, it's called "right thoughts, right words, right action." franz ferdinand from the at&t outdoor stage. tomorrow night from "grey's anatomy," sandra oh will be here. we'll enjoy chemical hijinks from our friend science bob pfludgfelder, and boy george will be here too. he missed me. i know he missed me. our first guest tonight is an emmy and grammy winning comedian whose hobbies include not watching sports and texting nude things to anderson cooper. you can see her live at the
12:01 am
mirage in vegas on may 23rd, please welcome kathy griffin. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> tonight i hold the record for the most appearances as a guest on "jimmy kimmel live." wow. >> i also ham in the guinness book of world record for the most televised stand-up comedy specials. >> okay. >> but i just want to say i think it is more significant that i have actually been on a guest on this show more than any celebrity, any big star. because you know me.
12:02 am
and i love you. >> jimmy: for sure. >> what we have is real. i just love this man for having me on. >> jimmy: do you know how many times you have been on? >> 34 times. >> jimmy: 32. >> 32. >> jimmy: which makes you second to adam corolla on 44 times. but that's really good though. >> wait a minute. i was told i have a world record for the most jimmy kimmel appearances. >> jimmy: who told you that? >> your team. >> jimmy: my team is wrong. >> adam beat me. >> jimmy: he is. it's not over yet. there its still. if you want. >> i'm in the guinness book. you don't have a book. we have a book, british guy comes and gives you a plaque. >> we don't have a british guy. we have a mexican guy. >> ooh, i love a mexican guy. thank you, guillermo. >> jimmy: sorry about that. it is hurtful. only thing that could keep me warm at night is the freezing cold love from my --
12:03 am
>> jimmy: the thing behind there? >> jimmy: hey look, it's kathy's ass, everyone. >> my grammy for best comedy. [ cheers and applause ] [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i don't have one of those. >> you can't touch it. don't touch it. because there is some grammy rule unless you won one you can't even touch it. don't get me fired. first, i don't believe a thing you tell me, told me i won the world record. >> jimmy: is that a joke about the. >> no. unless you have won a grammy you can't touch one. >> jimmy: when they present the grammy. >> it has to be a grammy winner. >> jimmy: the dopey women. >> nothing has changed about you. nothing has changed. >> jimmy: the spokes models r holding the trophies. >> they're not a spokes model. >> oh, ooh, my god!
12:04 am
>> jimmy: i touched it. sue me for it. >> why don't you give the to adam corolla. all right, look. >> jimmy: you always want aid grammy. you visualized it. >> i feel award are more important than people. anyone can have a family. i like award. so when i won after being nominated six years in a row. i was not gracious or graceful. i was a fool. and i lost it in front of some celebrities that tie don't really know but something came over my body where i thought, i thought i knew madonna. >> jimmy: where was this? >> at the grammies. i had just won. and i am, drunk with excitement. and then i see madonna coming down the red carpet. she rolls deep. she has the got the bodyguards. she had like, a cane that was bedazzled. a suit on and a top hat. it was super fly. she has one of her kids with her. i can hear the gay gasps, she is coming, like that.
12:05 am
i clutch my imaginary pearls. being a gay man it is my job. i love her i clock in. do my job as a gay man. worship madonna. you get it. i thought, oh, my gosh, i am a grammy whenner. it is about time i met fellow grammy winner madonna. then i realized that i don't know her. as she walked past me, one of the bodyguard. swear to god. he looked at me like don't think about it. don't even. back away. and i, i had a plan in my head. plan these speeches. i thought i am going to say like, hello, madonna. you look beautiful tonight. i just won a grammy. i look forward to your performance. was what i, you know, planned to say. >> jimmy: what did you actually say? >> i am going to be honest. i've don't feel like this is a place to lie or sugarcoat. madonna walked past. she smiled. and was wearing a grill like flava-flav. delicious. in my act all ready. i still wanted to be grape shci.
12:06 am
madonna walked past. my inner gay boy took over. i stood there like a fool in a roberto cavalli gown, fierce! fierce! diva! diva! fierceness! fierce! >> jimmy: you did not stay fierce. >> yes. yes. >> jimmy: you clapped. >> yes, i clapped. and i don't know her. and i yelled fierce, diva, fierceness, fierce. #fierce. >> jimmy: what did she say? >> she ignored me. a crazy person. of course. and then, it got worse. because i felt compelled to tell like powerful women that i had won this grammy as a woman. best comedy album. first time since 1986 a woman has won. i started just bum-rushing people, like poor pink. i see pink. looked beautiful. i knocked her off her shoes. i went, pink, i won. she was like take this creature off me. oh, hi, kathy. i ran up to katy perry in a dior
12:07 am
gown, sparklies, i got tanked in her skirt. i won, i won. i almost knocked over a lot of very powerful celebrities. got tangled in jared leto's hair. a lot happened. big night. >> jimmy: must have been a big night. that its a very, very big deal for you. >> i know. look i still have goals. >> what are yours. what's left. >> everything is shake of in late night. i think i should go on after "nightline." people get bored with the news. >> jimmy: i would love that itch yitch -- that if you went on. >> i would love to do modern day tom snyder. remember tom snyder, show smoking a cigarette. rant, be builter. >> jimmy: you smoke? >> no. i've could start. i will fell you i melt someone. i realize this guy, he kind of figured it all out. >> jimmy: who is senate. >> his name is maury povich. >> jimmy: in what way has maury povich figured it out?
12:08 am
>> in a way you haven't. >> i've don't know what your salary is with your pocket change you kid to be a living. let me tell you, maury povich, is richer than god, richer than your new besty oprah. >> jimmy: no, he is not richlri than oprah. how do you know? what do you know about him? >> he is loaded. i know everything about him. i got to know him. i think people should have dreams. that's what the country is about. i am like a living dream catcher. not just my vagina, the whole body. whole body. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hold on. i want to take a break here. >> because i teased you. you can't believe i am rolling deep with mopo. >> find out what happened. i can't imagine him being on your list of people, by the way. >> he is so on my list? >> how scan heap can he be on t? >> you have the wrong list. you and tom cruise, uma thurman
12:09 am
up on your list. i got the list. >> kathy griffin is here. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. e , the cold wind, and the pollution and stress of modern life can make all skin sensitive. that's why simple is kind to skin. simple skincare is made with skin-loving ingredients and no harsh chemicals. because we know all skin can be sensitive. ♪ simple. the sensitive skin experts.
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>> jimmy: we are back with kathy griffin, who, when we -- for frz. >> just telling me that you admire me for what we are about to discuss. you know i do it for the love of the game. no cameras there. i did it. >> jimmy: you want to see maury
12:15 am
povich tape the show. >> correct. let's go deeper. i want a relationship with mopo, he is living the dream. he -- does, you know tapes his shows. and i watch maury in bed with my boyfriend. and, you know we have discussed the age difference. let's talk about it. i am 53. he is 35. >> yeah! >> thank you. see. unlike you, i am a role model? all right. so, anyway. he got me back into maury. we all have been watching maury. as the i got back into it, there is sawing but the end of the show. if you find yourself in the stanford, connecticut area, and want tickets. i thought i am never in the co. i have got to make this happen. i e-mailed me because of my fame. they will want to meet me. we met in person at the capital grill. >> i had a sit down with don
12:16 am
corleoni. we discussed his business, and you know his life with connie. and the jet. it is one of those conversations where you realize you are just doing it all wrong. >> jimmy: the jet he has a jet? asking who is pregnant? >> i'm iyanla, you are oprah. you are not getting it. i am iyanla trying to fix your life. >> jimmy: does it have a name? >> air maury. >> he does the shows. audience loves him. i wanted to infiltrate the audience i new, award, fame, bikini modeling. i can't walk in there. problematic. some times more of a curse. i realized i had to infiltrate the maury audience in costume in a disguise if you've will. i will say at dinner, maury was a little freaked out during a nice normal conversation i had a
12:17 am
plastic bag with the coffee collection, i had makeup, and, you are not the father t-shirt. >> jimmy: you brought this to lunch? >> look, i get it. i come on a little strong. you know what i mean. i always have a plan. i was determined to not only attend the maury show but to be in the front row. i felt like i was the section leader. because you know when it comes time to give some thumbs down. it's like the guest comes out you. feel like their swag isn't clean you. know they come out you. know what i am talking about. or if you feel like somebody isn't going to pass the lie detector. leave your section, like -- no, kiss her feet. kiss her feet. there you go. they're my people. they get it. they get it. so, anyway, maury was a little frightened. not going to lie. he play add loned along. one of my proudest moments. >> jimmy: you were sitting in the audience, in disguise at maury povich.
12:18 am
>> watched one taping from the back. i said screw this. got to be in the game. coach take me off the bench. went between tapings. put on the disguise. sat in the front row. i admit i looked freaky. not going to say gorgeous, harmless. looked like a seeko. >> jimmy: jyou brought a piece f videotape. >> my work i am the most proud of. >> jimmy: tell us what is going on here. >> all right. >> come up here! [ indiscernible ] >> period! [ cheers and applause ] kathy griffin, may 23rd at the mirage in vegas. for additional dates you can visit when does the maury show air? >> i don't know.
12:19 am
but hope the numbers are through the roof. >> jimmy: kathy griffin, everybody we'll be right back with tony hale. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by at&t. get your first 90 days of beats music free now. head to for more information. your family plan. sut 10 gigs of datare with unlid text. and for a family of four, that's $160 dollars a month. sounds great. sounds like a slam dunk. oh you a basketball fan? yeah, i played a little. hmmm, me too. lily adams. point guard. high school jv. grant hill. small forward. college and professional. oh, good for you. introducing our best-ever family pricing. for instance, a family of four gets 10 gigs of data, with unlimited talk & text, for $160 dollars a month. only from at&t it's all your favorites and a whole lot more, like a 20-piece chicken mcnuggets -- just 5 bucks. more choices than ever before.
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>> jimmy: our next guest is an emmy-winning actor who's got more talent in his hook hand than most people have in their entire bodies. watch his very funny show "vee"" at 10:30 sunday nights on hbo. please welcome tony hale. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> very well.
12:25 am
>> jimmy: don't think you are in the running for most times. your second time. a while. >> during arrested development. >> jimmy: when arrested development was on. >> 2005. >> jimmy: who else was here that night? do you remember? >> al sharpton. yes. we go together. >> jimmy: quite a team. how are you doing? everything all right? where are you from? >> tallahassee, florida. >> jimmy: do you go back? >> i actually just went back a. but a month ago. and they were very kind. they threw this, this, because i was, thankful to get the emmy for veep which was crazy. they threw me a congratulations -- >> jimmy: who? >> the secretary of state and they had the capital it was fancy. because it was -- i grew up in the theater called young actors theater in tallahassee, florida. they made a huge difference in my life. i talked how art really make a difference in kids lives and
12:26 am
kids need that environment. they were kind to throw me this party. gave me a medal. made me ambassador of the arts. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] i know. and i mean, i have never got in a medal. >> jimmy: have you ever had an ambassadorship before? >> no, no. i got patches on boy scouts. >> jimmy: does that give you diplomatic immunity or anything. to commit crimes in florida. >> totally. prescripti . >> wasn't that nice? >> jimmy: congratulations. you got an emmy before a medal. it was just so, i love florida. i love going back and just, that was very, very -- >> jimmy: are there ambassadors of the arts from florida. maybe two live crew or anything like that? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: you can commiserate with. >> i will google that. >> jimmy: "veep" is a great show. hilario
12:27 am
hilarious. ha one of the things i like about the show. insults on the show are so, like, like -- the word play and -- >> yeah, a vault of them. all of the show iss written by all british folks. all brilts thafrmenbrits, their. i have five, six cuss word i use in rotation, a lot. they have just got a vast list. they called, there is a character on the show named jonah on the show. kind of a jerk. >> jimmy: real jerk. >> they called him human cman scaffolding. largest single celled organism, the washington monument if it was made entirely of dead penises. ha-ha-ha! >> jimmy: that's the british for you. >> that is a skill. that is a skill.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: a specialized skill, yeah. >> very specialized. >> jimmy: arrested develop. fans continually bring the show up to you. >> yeah, they do. so nice. people who loved arrested development for sure. i think when i was in florida, i was speaking at florida state university just to their students you. know i remember, this one time. this happened some times where people will come up and say, do you remember this scene where buster, you know, did this? and the scene and this thing happened. and i, i like don't have any idea what you are talking about. so, please fill me in. it is great. i love when people come up and give me the details that i forgot. it's just like, yeah, your mom's name was lucille. like that is hilarious. i forgot about that! >> jimmy: must be so confusing to them afterwards. they realize. >> when you shoot you forget. it was a long time ago. ful to have people remind me.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: he was a dimwit on the show. your character on veep character is very gentle as well. very smart. >> very kind. >> jimmy: you have, i understand a film you are doing. something that is, i don't know itch you have done a role like this before? >> no. i just kind of, people see me as a kind of meek, i play meek emasculated very well. i just wanted to branch out. just show people some other stuff i got. so i did a little piece. >> jimmy: a movie coming out soon? >> soon. very soon. >> jimmy: we are the world premiere. >> exclusive. >> take a look. brand new movie project from tony hale. >> announcer: when a city plum elts into chaos. when the strong prey upon the weak. when hope vanishes. and our darkest fears come to life.
12:30 am
one man will rise. time to die, ninjas. tony ha is slade seksdik in slade seksdik "die time." it's tony hale as you have never seen him before i'm a man! and "slade seksdik "die time." >> i'm a bad [ bleep ] now. >> i am so sorry. oh, my god. i am so sorry. those outfits must be so hot. >> thank you so much. >> can i grab one of those now? i thought your work was really fantastic. >> deon't talk to me.
12:31 am
[ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like it a lot. it was good. a franchise for you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: very good to see you, ambassador. congratulations on the show. it is called "veep" sunday nights. and we'll be right back with franz ferdinand. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
12:32 am
12:33 am
>> for years, jimmy kimmel blazed his own trail. making each night more memorable than the last. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> yes. >> who do you think will win this year? >> rob lowe -- >> looks like skin cancer. >> every show is history in the making. >> thank you, mr. kimmel. >> "jimmy kimmel live," 11:35, 10:35 central. late nights on abc.
12:34 am
>> jimmy: i'd like to thank kathy griffin, tony hale, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. nightline is next, but first, their new album is called, "right thoughts, right words, right action." here with the song "bullet" franz ferdinand. ♪ while i'm away you can let the mouse go down on you let the mouse do what i'd do ♪ ♪ if i was there but you'd better explain that i have vendetta in my narrow bones ♪ ♪ and a vindictive eye of my jealousy i have
12:35 am
no control no control ♪ ♪ i'll never get your bullet out of my head now baby i'll never get your bullet out of my mind ♪ ♪ i'll never get your bullet out of my head now baby i'll never get your bullet out of my mind ♪ ♪ i can not get your bullet out of my head now i have no control but i try yes i try ♪
12:36 am
♪ so i'd better explain that i have a red vendetta in my narrow bones ♪ ♪ a wicked indicative eye of my yellow jealousy i have no control no control no control ♪ ♪ i'll never get your bullet out of my head now baby i'll never get your bullet out of my mind ♪ ♪ i'll never get your bullet out of my head now baby i'll never get your bullet out of my mind ♪ ♪ get out of my head get out of my head now ah ah ♪ ♪ get out of my head get out of my head now ah ah ♪ ♪ get out of my head get out of my head now get out of my mind ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight standing by her man. donald sterling's wife claims the sports team owner is not a racist. we have explosive, exclusive new video of her. and allegations she too may have made troubling comments about race. now who will buy the los angeles clippers? well, how about oprah? she says she is interested. plus from pitching ads in "mad men." >> everybody else's tobacco is poisonous. >> to pitching a pitcher in "million dollar


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