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correctional officers. a blast in the county jail book ing facility with 600 inmates in the jail that was flooded tuesday and wednesday because of storms and they are vetting if it was related. >> our hot spell has firefighters on alert. antioch firefighters battled a fast-moving grass fire this morning. amy hollyfield is in antioch with more on that story. amy? >> can you believe we are talking about the fire over overnight. three acres burned in antioch at 12:35. it did not reach any structures. no one was hurt. this is what they are worried about: all over the bay area. it is dry.
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from years of drought and not enough rain so the firefighters are high alert and cal fire have added crews earlier than normal. >> we did get rain this week but don't be fooled it is still very dry. >> i can see the patches of yellow and it is changing and we do not even have the wind. this is just height. >> firefighters are stressing the response of defensible space around your home and some are working on that now. it could feel early. today is the first day of may but firefighters say it is smart and it will be a long season, a dry season, so get busy now. you don't want to be asleep at the wheel. outdoor workers should take the heat seriously according to
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osha with a remainder that regulations require a supply of fresh water and shaded areas for brakes. officials will inspect agricultural and construction and landscaping and other outdoor sites during the hot weather. evacuation orders have been canceled for 2,000 homes in the path of a wildfire where firefighters say the fire bumping east of los angeles has eased enough to allow people back home. the firefighters were concerned the winds could pick up and the schools will be closed. the fire burned 1,000 acres. no structures have been damaged. san jose firefighters are investigating the cause of a three-alarm house fire and this is video of the flames from our viewer. the fire started before 9:30. when the firefighters got there 50 percent to 60 percent of the house was engulfed in flames. investigators think it started
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on the back deck. the big concern was making sure that firefighters did not get fatigued. >> everyone was trying to get acclimated and trying to be cautious. the residents got out. one suffered minor burns. they were treated and released. >> summer wildfire season he was referring to. >> the final measurement of water content will be measured today in the sierra snow pack. it was 32 percent of normal last month near lake tahoe and they picket record lows. electronic snow pack reading show the state is 19 percent of normal and the may 1 survey is done after the snow pack has started to health into streams and reservoirs with warming both. this is the third straight dry year for california. >> the drought is prompting mandatory water rationing in santa cruz. residents are allowed 249
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gallons of water a home per day. households with more than four people can request more. customers on use more than their share pay $25 for the first 10 percent and $50 for each 10 percent over that the first mandatory cuts in santa cruz in 25 years. we will have a reporter in santa cruz with why city officials are warning more rationing could be coming. >> pilot of a small plane that crashed into the bay has been recovered. it is up to investigators, now, to unfold the crumpled metal and the mystery of the midair collision with another plane. >> recovery divers say raising the plane wreck average was difficult because of the strong country in the bay. the body arrived with the wreck average at the marina where ntsb investigators examine the engine of the cessna.
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>> you check out the condition, the spark plugs, that tells the story. >> an ntsb investigator says the cessna pilot was preparing to snap a photo of the vintage korean war era plane as it passed. >> the pilot was manning to pass on the left, low and to the left. >> the victim damage plane banked left and suddenly went into a tailspin. both pilots worked for sanders aircraft which specialized in vintage planes. the ntsb says the pilot flew back to the company hangar and did not take a blood alcohol test. >> is that protocol? >> no. >> not the law or rule? >> no. no, it is not standard. >> the investigator will release the report in the next five working days. malaysian's defense minister
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says the government will release a preliminary report today of their investigation into to disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. he says the report is similar to one submitted to the international civil aviation organization. the boeing 77 disappeared march 8 with 239 people while traveling to beijing. radar and satellite data show the jet veering far off course for unknown reasons. analysis indicates it who is run out of fuel in the remote southern indian ocean where a national search has been foe kissed. not one piece of debris has been found. >> an nba committee is set to convene by phone today to discuss the next step forcing donald sterling to sell the l.a. clippers. all committee members have voiced thai support for commissioner's decision to ban donald sterling for life from the nba over the comments. legal experts say if donald sterling decides to fight back, which is what he promised, the
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litigation could drag on for years and set a resident for professional sports. oprah and other athletes have announced they are interested n buying the l.a. clippers. >> the warriors will try to keep off elimination bit clippers and force game seven after warriors lost on tuesday in los angeles. they trail 3-2 in the best of seven. warriors have beaten the clippers in 15 of the last 17 meetings at the arena including the last five. a small number of tickets are still available on the warriors' site from $147 to $1,200. the sharks and their fans face another long off season after another disappoint playoff exit. last night the sharks struggleed going 0-6 against the kings and the kings took 2-1 lead in the
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second period and the goalie quick made 39 saves. the kings added two empty net goals and advance to western conference semifinals. the shacks are just the four team in nhl to lose a series after jumping out to 3-0 lead. >> we knew the sharks have faithful and loyal fans but we her grumbling. that was tough. >> tough to do it year after year after year, how many years have they come up short? >> hardhard to justify with that lead and then losing like that. >> this morning is our warmest morning at 66 in san francisco. low 60's monday the east bay shore into san jose and mid-60's around mountain view and 53 in santa rosa and san rafael and 60
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in concord and 56 in san ramon and 59 in livermore and all the temperatures the same to five degrees warmer than yesterday but for in napa and santa rose where you would specific it to be coolest. today, 50's and 60's to start, a few high clouds, and a beautiful sunrise, and if you capture something put it on facebook. we are in the mid-80's inland, and low-to-mid 70's elsewhere and inhas been out in the low-to-mid 70's with low-to-upper 80's at 4:00 and 90's in the east bay vietnam and drop into the 60's and 70's this evening. >> we have a couple of areas of construction clogging up the lanes in the east bay westbound 80 where we will have lanes blocked. that will last until 5:00 this morning. as we take you to san jose the emergency road work is in the southbound direction along 880
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and we are seeing slowing there in the northbound direction so we will find out if there is anything happen nobody, as well, but the construction is southbound and that will last until 7:00. we will take a look at the splay yes bridge and -- the san mateo bridge which will take you 13 minutes. >> taking a break, embattleed toronto mayor rob ford is heading to rehab. >> first, tornadoes and now flood waters are washing away roads in the southeast coast. >> and a local man scored major points with his
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news.
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toronto mayor rob ford says he is taking a break from the career to get immediate help for substance abuse. toronto's newspaper obtained new video that shows ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine from a pipe. these are still images and a drug dealer claims that mayor was smoking crack in his sister's basement. ford posted on facebook that he has a problem with alcohol and made bad choices while under the blue and is taking a break from mayoral duties to get help. he says he will conquer his issues and thank the people of toronto for their support. >> the storm system that generateed dozens of tornadoes has left much of the east coast underwater. crews have used boats to rescue people. now to washington, dc. >> relentless rain causing
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massive flooding along the east coast with water engulfed homes and wiped out roads. in baltimore this road collapsed sending cars tumbling into a ravine. >> sidewalk is gone. the cars are gone. everything just fell. it was lick someone came by and ripped off the road. >> outside washington, dc this map drove on a bridge and was stuck the he was rescued by a team using a raft. the downpour was too much for creeks and streams to handle and water was rushing into homes. this basement is filled with sewage water. >> it buckled. a mess. it stinks. >> same system that ravaged the south from the air you can see the devastation, neighborhood after neighborhood flooded and these homes are destroyed. rescuers pulled people from rooftops and this baby was saved using a boat. ought car is floating. >> florida got 2 feet of rain in
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24 hours or nine billion gallons of water enough to fill 14,000 swimming pools. this highway crumbled. some cars have been replaced with canoes. in mobile, alabama, a woman was carried out after the car was struck of the another only was killed after driving through high water after four days of tornadoes and thunderstorms causing all this damage meteorologists say the system will head to sea later today. new figure show the bay area is leading the state in population grow with santa clara county growing 1.5 percent the fastest growing county in california and alameda was second. dublin is among the fastest growing cities with a jump of 7 percent. san jose population fell during recession but it is back up over a million again and remains the third largest city behind los
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angeles and san diego. california total population has surpassed 38 million mark as of the first of the year, a modest rate of under 1 percent. it is still months before the first game at 49ers new home but one man led the stadium a big winner. in love. >> this is the perfect place for us to start the next chapter. >> will you be my wife? >> is that a yes? >> that was a yes! hard to hear, but, die hard 49er fan surprised his girlfriend by proposing during a tour of the stadium. i think she was in favor. the 49ers cantured the moment on the video. she said "yes." >> getting a private tour of the stadium deficit -- before it opens will impress the
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sweetheart. >> nice proposal. >> wish i could do mine again. >> ahhh. >> i had a tractor with christmas lights behind me when i proposeed. we were in nebraska. >> a corn husker proposal. >> let's look back at what happened yesterday, all the 90 into san francisco and 86 is what i forecast but we reached 90. 91 in napa. livermore 92. santa cruz 93 and 94 in salinas is a record. the heat peaked for many and it will still be hot. live doppler 7 hd show how clear it is this morning with no haze along the coast this morning. look at this ferry ride, like glass. it is calm.
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it will be warm to hot this afternoon and the warm being at the coast where it will not be so hot as yesterday. the temperatures will be pulled down and this week, the nights are cooler. >> are you okay with the coffee? she is getting her coffee. >> here is what we dealing with, 90 in san jose, and mid-90's in morgan hill and 87 around sunnyvale. head up the peninsula we start at 90 in los altos, and 82 in millbrae. mid-70's along the coast and low-to-mid 80's around down and south san francisco and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley until you get to santa rosa and sonoma and napa and then we are around 90 and 15 degrees cooler at the beach and the east bay shore is
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mid-to-upper 80's. if the air conditioning was on yesterday you will run it today. temperatures are six to 12 degrees cooler tomorrow and we will drop another four to 12 degree on saturday and sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, temperatures are below average but hardly a chance of rain. i am all thumbs without my coffee. >> you have it now, right? >> we have two hots. hopefully it is hot. hope you wake up to hot coffee and hot weather. it was toasty overnight. the traffic westbound 580 is 3590s from castro valley, and from 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes and as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza we noticed the cars are stacking up in the cash-paying lanes and
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fast track is moving along fine and the construction protect westbound 580 eastbound 80 is picked up. we from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge traffic is moving up to t.i. and it is nice and clear. >> ikea is recalling 30 million wall lamps that can pose a strangulation problem after one baby died and another was entangled. the cord is 7' to 8' long and 30 million lamps are affected and if you have one, you are urged to discontinue using the latch until you get a repair kit. for a list of wall lamps go to and "7 on your side". ♪ because i'm happy ♪ hop along
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>> you know this song. it turns out he was not the first one to record this hot single, and we will tell you who may not be too happy about the song's success. >> a seen's selfie goes terribly wrong after
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a big day for salmon lovers, with the fishing season underway today in mendocino county. reports say that stocks are plentiful and there should be fresh salmon in the store in a few days. but it is not all good news. the drought is making it tough for young salmon to get to the ocean to feed and mature so this could be the last good salmon season for several years. >> and "happy" has hit the top of the charts but he is not the
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first to sing this. ♪ i'm happy ♪ hop along >> in an interview with hour stern he says the song was recorded before he recorded it and the executives wanted him to focus on the album not the song so they handed it off and he says the take on the song burns his version and he says clo doesn't hold a grudge. >> happy for each other. >> that is not inside the music business. >> here is mike. >> all right. >> our best investigation of heat is probably in livermore at 92 degrees well above the average of 74 and notice by saturday we are back to average and well dip below average on sunday, monday and tuesday and start to warm again on wednesday. we have another hot day across the state, also, and mid-90's
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through the central valley and 69 at lake tahoe today, and low-to-mid 90's around san diego and los angeles and palm springs and if you are headed to monterey enjoy the beautiful sunshine and 80 degrees. safe travels. >> we have 5- to 10-minute delay on bart and this is at san leandro in the richmond and daly city direction because of an equipment problem and that is 5- to 10-minute delay at san leandro in the richmond and daly city direction on bart. there are other construction situations in the bay area starting with 17, northbound and southbound, at santa clara county line where lanes are blocked and that will last until about 5:00 this morning, and san rafael, northbound, it is clear and southbound is clearing away from san rafael into san francisco. the first batch of a dance ticket for the paul mccartney at candlestick park go on sale today.
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they are pricey and it is for american express card holders only, the beatles played their last concert at the stick in 1996 and the walk down memory lane with tickets on sale to the public part of a special package that starts at $455. if you want a front row seat you have to pay $2,000. general admission tickets are on sale on monday and will range from $49.50 to $250 each. >> and the 49ers new home will be the site a big game for a local high school football team. the high school will open its season at the new levi stadium on august 24 and will be part of a double header. the coach thinks the game could
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draw 25,000 fans and soccer holds the first event in july at levi stadium. >> new england team may want to think twice before taking a selfie with a squirrel after being attacked. the 17-year-old says he wanted to take a selfie with the creature while visiting a florida park but look at that, the first flash went off and the squirrel went wild and says the next thing he knew the squirrel was on his shoulder and under his shirt and his mother was standing by with the camera and continued to snap away as the squirrel climbed up her son's back. she thought it was hilarious. >> don't ask the squirrel to sign a release. >> the drought will hit home in santa cruz and next at 5:00 a.m., we are live with tough new restrictions homeowners are weighing up. >> nab begins the job of enforcing sanctions against donald sterling for the l.a.
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clippers' owners. >> a reminder of the worst natural disasters and why scientists are watching mt. st.
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this is abc7 news reporter. >> did you sleep with the windows open? i did. >> you did? >> i had a big fan. >> that works, too. >> we will check with mike more on whether we can break more records today. >> it will be close. the records are warmer today. we will be a few degrees to many areas and the coast is the


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