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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 1, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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sites our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> right now on jimmy kimmel, actress sandra >> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sandra oh -- "science bob" pflugfelder -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from boy george with cleto and the cletones. and now after all is said and done, here's jimmy kim el! [ cheers and applause ]
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. >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thank you for coming. so enthusiastic. i'm sure you've all heard by now that the clippers are for sale, whether the owner of the team wants to sell them or not. and you probably also heard the rumor that oprah and i are planning to buy the team together. i want to say i have no comment on that. right now it's an idea, it's nothing more, but people have been talking about it. and as soon as they did start -- as soon as my name came up in this conversation, sure enough, lo and behold, look who decided to throw his stupid hat in the ring. >> would you be interested in buying a piece of the clippers if it became available. >> i unfortunately don't have donald sterling money but if magic wants to put money in, i'll jump in to be a super minority partner.
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>> minority partner. now he's claiming to be a minority. before yesterday, the only clippers matt damon was interested in was to shave his body like this. it's the clippers. this could be the first time a major sports team has been purchased using money earned from making out with michael douglas. it's ridiculous. it's so obvious this guy. i get it. i took ben away from you and now you're trying to take this away from me. guess what? it's not just me you're screwing with this time, it's oprah. it's me and oprah. you want to mess with us? you're also messing with dr. phil, messing can dr. oz, messing with gayle, with dr. maya angelou and you're messing can john travolta. if you think john travolta won't whip your celtics loving, little
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leprechaun ass, you're sadly mistaken. let's not forget how badly it went when matt damon bought a zoo, okay? [ applause ] >> jimmy: he always has to have what i have. he's so jealous, so hateful. i actually think he's worse than donald sterling. anyway, he's kicked off the show tonight. he's banned for life. those of you booing me are also kicked out and banned for life. [ applause ] >> jimmy: on tuesday, nba commissioner adam silver banned donald sterling for life and urged nba owners to force him to sell the team, which they need three quarters of the vote to do. so far there's been no statement from sterling, who is believed to be hold up in his fortress of
11:39 pm
whiteitude. he also been banned unexpublicably from the bunny ranch in nevada. >> dennis who have said the reason donald sterling is banned for life is out of respect for the nba players that come here to the bunny ranch. >> jimmy: i'm sure they appreciate that respect. for their privacy. we have a fun lineup planned for you tonight. from "grey's anatomy," sandra oh is here with us. we have music from boy george tonight, the real one. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and our old pal "sign bob" pflugfelder is here tonight to light everything on fire. if you're not familiar with his work, this is some of what science bob has done with us in
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the past. he's a very messy scientist. there is always a bunch of toilet paper but he makes things changed colors. he built me a whoevercraft once that was awesome. he even made a giant cloud in our studio like a wizard. tonight i'm excited to say he built a hoverboard, which i'm going to ride, which means i'm one step closer to being marty mcfly. there's been an development in the ongoing saga of toronto mayor rob ford. he announced last night he's taking a leave of absence to deal with issues related to substance abuse. he finally admitted he needs professional help, which i agree. he needs professional help, amateur help go, see a witch doctor, anything. the decision came after the "globe and mail" released screen grabs of what appeared to be a new video of the mayor smoking crack again.
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there he is with what looks like a crack pipe. they were reportedly shot by a drug dealer in the basement of rob ford's sisters house at 1:15 in the morning. not too many people smoke crack in a tie but it's classy. he was also secretly recorded in a bar monday night ordering shots and ranting about a wide variety of subjects. one thing that's interesting, the guy is constantly being taped, never seems to notice the cameras. is that a side effect of crack? this time on the tape he's complaining about his wife. he said he'd like to have sex with one of the women who is running against him for mayor. he made racial slurs against italian, my people, and he said this about another woman who's running against him for mayor. >> i'd rather lose to her than lose to anyone, man.
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i'm going to california. >> hey. that's where i live. my vision board worked. guillermo, looks like you're going to have a partner in the old security game over there. >> crazy, huh? >> on march 15th, mayor ford reportedly ran into justin bieber in a night club and they say the mayor was furious afterwards because when he approached justin to shake his hand, justin said, "hey, mayor ford, do you have any crack to smoke?" how great would it have been if mayor ford kicked justin's ass? i hope the rehab works. i talk about him so much, i almost feel like he works here. for us this is is an h.r. issue. this sunday, by the way is, what's now known as "star wars" day, known as may the 4th, as in
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may the 4th be with you. sunday is your day to shine. we really need football to come back. it's starting to get ridiculous. meanwhile, "the amazing spiderman 2" opened tonight. they say it's the best since the last "spiderman 2." on the way to work this morning, i counted 19 spidermen. i actually -- i love spiderman. when i was a kid, when i would see a spider, i would hope it would bite me so that i could have powers like peter parker. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, jimmy, hey, spoiler alert. some of us haven't seen it yet. >> jimmy: what did i give away? spiderman gets bitten by a spider? >> hey, hey, spoiler alert! try to be considerate. some of us like being surprised. i don't know. >> jimmy: all right, all right. there have been five movies and there's of course the comic book
11:44 pm
and there was a tv show, cartoon -- >> you are a [ bleep ]! some of us haven't seen those. i was planning to but now i can't because you just spoiled it. >> jimmy: okay, i spoiled the fact that spiderman is in a movie called spiderman for you. that's not spoiling anything. that's like saying spiderman shoots webs. >> oh, what the [ bleep ]! spide spiderman shoots webs? why are you spoilediing this mo for me, you sadistic son of a bitch? you are ruining my life! yeah, ruining! what are you looking at, guillermo! >> we're going to take a break, we're going to calm everyone down. when we come back, i want to tell you about a dating site that is exclusively for people
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with gluten allergies. yeah. get ready to party. plus, this week in unnecessary censorship, sandra oh, "science bob" pflugfelder so find your way back, okay?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. sandra oh, "science bob" pflugfelder, boy george on the
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program tonight. you know, it was 92 degrees in hollywood today. if i didn't have an assistant constantly misting would be miserable. it blows the smog, too. the lung association just released their annual findings. the city with the most polluted air is los angeles. we did it, guys. we did it again. we're so eco friendly here, you wouldn't think our skies would be filled with deadly poison. i think one of the problems is for every electric car a celebrity is driving, there are ten paparazzis following them in hummers. it violates the federal standards for ozone 122 days of the year. we have smog, traffic is terrible.
11:51 pm
the only reason to live in l.a. is the chance to see andsandra bullock buying humus at whole foods. >> this happened at a women's softball game. >> there's a dog on the field. and the dog takes the shortstop's glove. drops the glove and gets another glove. and then they kind of make half hearted attempts to catch the dog. but once it's been slobbered on, it's hard to get hold of -- you can't really unslobber a glove like that. show me in the rule book where it says a pit bull can't play softball! one of my sickly writers brought this to my attention. there's dating web site with gluten allergies.
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introducing the most annoying couples in america. [ applause ] >> h >> jimmy: hey, i crap myself when i eat pizza, too, we should get together. i'm not sure which is sadder, being alone or telling people you met on they say they want the opportunity to have a successful relationship, which raises an important question, should the gluten-free community be reproducing? it's not the first ultra specific dating site. there are web sites for christians to meet christians, jews to meet jews, there's one for farmers to meet farmers and one for people with horses to
11:53 pm
meet other horses. >> i'm jamie and i'm jamie dixon. >> we met on jamie date. with jamie date, you can meet hundreds of singles named jamie. >> people who know what being jamie is really like. >> it's fun to scream your own name during sex. >> jamie date, for people named jamie. >> i love our name. >> i love it more. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jamie date. can you imagine that, guillermo? >> terrible. >> jimmy: terrible? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you paying attention to anything that's going on here? >> yeah, i am. that's terrible. >> jimmy: maybe this will be better for you. it's thursday night. it is time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep things and blur things,
11:54 pm
whether they need it or not. it is this week in unnecessary censorship. >> when ignorance [ bleep ] want to advertise their ignorance, you just let them talk. >> i am [ bleep ]ing mr. sterling for life. >> you can tell it's thursday. everybody's all [ bleep ]ed up. >> people at home must be saying why would i want to [ bleep ] a lama? why wouldn't i want to [ bleep ] a lama? >> spidey is helping a young boy [ bleep ] some bullies. >> susan and i have been watching you [ bleep ] yourself for hours. >> letting bidding war given. >> for hillary clinton's interview about her book [ bleep ]. >> i just celebrated the
11:55 pm
ten-year anniversary for when i [ bleep ]ed my wife for the first time. >> most of the time the hens lay the eggs in their nest. >> let's see who can find the most. >> okay. >> while you're doing that, i'll go [ bleep ] the hogs. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and we have "science bob" pflugfelder, music from boy george and we'll be right back with sandra oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> dickey: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by at&t. get your first 90 days of beats music free now. head to for more information. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the program, here to educate and entertain us, a real life elementary school teacher from massachusetts. "science bob" pflugfelder is here tonight. this is his third book, "nick and tesla's secret agent gadget battle." it comes out tuesday. and you can see bob live at the maker faire in the bay area -- which is a lot of fun -- may 17th and 18th. he brought a hoverboard tonight.
12:00 am
which we're going to demonstrate here on the show. and then, with his first studio album in 18 years -- it's called "this is what i do" -- boy george from the at&t outdoor stage. we've got an exceptionally great line up for you next week. kobe bryant will be here, sally field, julia roberts, emma roberts, jon hamm, lake bell, and we'll have music from future islands, kid ink and pharrell williams. he'll be here for two consecutive nights. >> jimmy: after ten seasons in surgery, later this month, our first guest hands in her scalpel and clamps when she says goodbye to seattle grace forever on the season finale of "grey's anatomy." watch her farewell tour thursday nights at 9:00 here on abc. please say hello to sandra oh. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> i -- i -- i -- i just met boy george! >> jimmy: did you? >> i am like electrified. and i just had my hands in goo with science bob and boy george. and i have to tell you, i looked into his face and he is so beautiful. >> jimmy: wow. >> he's like just what i imagined all those years ago of staring at posters on the what he would look like. right in the pocket, of when i was exploring music. >> jimmy: what was the first concert you went to? >> cyndi lauper. she was a bengal. >> jimmy: where was that concert?
12:02 am
>> in ottawa, ontario, canada. >> jimmy: do you get back to ottawa, much? >> ish. well, mom and dad live there. mom and dad live there so i do. but my family lives in vancouver and ottawa. >> jimmy: i got you. it's quite different climate-wise. >> well, today here was about what, 94? >> jimmy: something like that. >> i was speaking with my best friend calgary and she was sayi saying, oh, it's going to snow in calgary. >> jimmy: it's good when you're a kid because you get the snow days. but it's not so great when you're an adult and you have to deal with that stuff. >> okay, i feel like snow days is an american thing. >> jimmy: really? >> i don't ever remember ever having one snow day. >> jimmy: really? >> no, no. we didn't have snow days. it's just a regular day. >> jimmy: i guess you couldn't have snow days. >> just get out there, bundle yourself and go out. >> jimmy: it's like up there we call your bacon canadian bacon
12:03 am
but up there you just say bacon. >> no, no, we don't. we call it ham. female ham. >> jimmy: i thought it was called female bacon. >> we call it ham. >> jimmy: you're not from canada at all, are you? are you finished shooting "grey's anatomy" now? >> i actually finished my last day last week. >> jimmy: i would assume that's a sad thing for you. >> it was a -- no. >> jimmy: it was not? >> well, no, no, no. what i mean by that -- what i mean by that, it was really joyous. >> jimmy: it was? >> i will say i have spent this past year wanting to share my experience with like everybody and really processing it out. i've been doing that really as consciously as possible. by the end of it, the last day, it was a joyous day of work.
12:04 am
i was so present with everyone and so thankful. also, i wanted to give a gift to everyone. i couldn't give them all at at on once and i had to physically give out 250 gifts. >> jimmy: wow. >> something about this process of leaving made it left sad so all i could do was experience the joy. >> jimmy: that's like being santa claus. >> it's been ten years, a lot of relationships i've had for eight years, ten years. >> jimmy: your tv love interest, isaiah washington, returned to the show tonight. that had to be uncomfortable. >> i will say my character's past love interest. because my character's current
12:05 am
love interest -- >> jimmy: you don't want to cheat on him. >> can't do it. >> jimmy: was that negative terms? >> it was tough circumstances at the end of this season -- no, it want tough at all. i think a lot of people had a lot of anticipation and myself as well. the last time i saw him was the last time on set and it's very, very similar to like the last time the character christina saw burke was the last thing that we shot. but it was great to see him. and it was great to -- i wish i could come up with a different saying than come full circle, but there was something completed, i feel, with seeing the characters together. >> jimmy: did he get the same gift that everyone else got that has been there the whole time? >> no, he's getting his own gift. >> jimmy: i want to know about the process. do you cleaner or
12:06 am
how does it work? >> i have a -- >> jimmy: we'll talk about it when we come back. sandra oh is with us from "grey's anatomy." we'll be right back. >> dickey: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. that's a man interviewino.for a job. not that one. that one. the one who seems like he's already got the job 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go. and that's an accountant, a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient,
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he's making you pick a replacement? >> i'm interviewing dr. russell's replacement, not mine, which i volunteered to do by the way. >> it's a punishment. it's like making you clean the apartment you're vacating. >> owen knows this is the right move for me. he's been nothing but supportive. >> something's coming.
12:12 am
i can feel it in my bones. >> ew. >> i hate his face. >> is that a waffle stick sandra oh is with us. this is your last season of "grey's anatomy," not everyone's last season? >> no, the show is going on. >> jimmy: so you have a locker? >> no, we have trailers. i've had the same trailer for a long time. >> jimmy: this is an item that you owned? >> i loved that. >> jimmy: you took that with you? >> no. this happens to be a little piece of cheese that i left there. this is my toaster oven for ten yea years. it is now a very finely seasoned skillet. as you can see, there's no
12:13 am
handles. i have to grab a towel or something to open it. that's the last piece of cheese i left. >> jimmy: it seems to me this toaster oven was 14 years old when the show started. did you get to take anything from the set, take a momento home with you? >> no, i feel like i'm going to sneak back on to the set. >> jimmy: what do you have your eye on? >> a bunch of things that i think maybe the show and abc would like to give to me. >> jimmy: they'll let you have things? >> i really would love my lab coat. >> jimmy: they said can you have one thing? they won't let you have your lab coat? >> i want my scrubs, i want my lab coat, i want my stethoscope, i really, really want the
12:14 am
wedding dress that meredith cuts christina out of at the end of season three, and i want christina's jammy pants that had "stanford" on the back. >> jimmy: this is a total of like $1,200 worth of merchandise. they can't just give this stuff to you? >> why don't you ask abc? >> jimmy: shame, shame! who at abc told you you can't have this stuff? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: what are they going to do with it? >> i don't know. let's find them, let's call them. >> jimmy: i will make a series of angry calls tomorrow. when oprah and i buy the clippers, we'll give you your scrubs. seems like after all the success this show has had for this network, you could get $40 worth of clothing. i mean, that is crazy. guillermo, go steal that stuff for sandra, will you? >> i will. >> thank you, guillermo.
12:15 am
>> jimmy: thank you for ten years of the show. it's been a great run. i hope you come back. "grey's anatomy" at 9:00 tonight on nbc. we'll be right back with "science bob." >> dickey: guillermo rodriguez is a security who wants to revolutire. >> referee: -- who wants to revolutionize the way people lizzen liz -- listen to music. >> i'm asking for $200,000. >> smartphone. >> oh, smartphone. is it? >> yes, it is.
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>> jimmy: every few months, our next guest loads a van with dangerous chemicals he bought on
12:22 am
craigslist and drives them here. he's a 3rd and 4th grade science teacher, and his acclaimed book series for kids is called "nick and tesla's secret agent gadget battle." please welcome "science bob" pflugfelder. hello, science bob! ♪ >> hello. >> welcome. what you do to get kids interested in science is you come up with spectacular demonstrations. >> got to get their attention. >> since i have the brain of a child, it's all good. >> we've got our old friend liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: you go through a lot of liquid nitrogen, don't you? >> when we take a breath, 80% of what we actually breathe in is nitrogen. >> jimmy: not me. i breathe oxygen, bob. >> only 20%. when they compress that, it gets
12:23 am
very cold, 321 below zero fahrenheit. oh, those are mine. >> jimmy: i'm wearing them. >> we have liquid nitrogen, a vessel to put that in and then i'll show what you to do with it. >> jimmy: what should i do? lift it up? >> lift it up and pour it into here. >> like that you use words like "vessel." the whole thing? >> yeah, just kind of slowly there. what's kind of interesting about liquid nitrogen, when it turns into a gas, it's got a very high liquid-to-gas expansion ratio, which basically means it takes up a lot more room, like 700 times greater. >> jimmy: i feel like we've run out of fuel on the road and we're trying to get the car started. >> most of what you're pouring in is vaporizing so it's not full yet.
12:24 am
keep going, good, good. that's great. >> jimmy: should i pour some on the floor and see what happens? >> it's kind of cool actually. >> jimmy: wow. wow! that is great! [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: look at that. >> it's called the latent cloud effect. we have that in here and it vaporizing at a slow rate. then we have this assembly here, 30 party horns that of course need pressurized air, usually from people. but instead of pressurized air from us, we're going to use liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: oh, good. >> if all goes well, it will be the first nitrogen powered horn section. >> jimmy: this would be great as
12:25 am
an alarm at home. >> we've got hot water to heat it up, that will build up pressure and we should be able to hear the horns. >> jimmy: should i do it? >> yeah. if you would lift that up and get the hot water going there. [ horns sounding ] >> you can actually control how much of it blows. [ applause ] >> it's fun. >> jimmy: it sounds like a thousand tortured souls are going to hell. >> wow. >> jimmy: you invented something more annoying than the vuvuzella. we can replace the band with something like this. sorry, guys. look at, that it's still going. >> come on over here.
12:26 am
you don't need the gloves anymore. >> jimmy: very good. >> so do you recognize this guy? >> jimmy: yeah, that is a barbie hoverboard? >> this is a replica of the hoverboard used in the second movie. unfortunately we're actually very far fm any kind of actual hoverboard like the movie. but what i thought was intriguing was they kind of made this look like magnets. magnets have opposite poles. if you put light poles together, you get the sort of hovering effect. i think that's what they had in mind. i realize there are some very big and strong magnets. it got me thinking, can you actually levitate something with any kind of strong magnet? so we gave it a try.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: let me see it, yeah. >> so this is a magnetically levitating board here. we have eight strong magnets and we have four on the bottom and four into the board. you see the cables. the cables are to keep it from flipping over. they're not hold anything weight. otherwise it would flip over with the crushing force of about 130 pounds. >> jimmy: and i should get on top of this and fly? >> it should theoretically hold you up. >> jimmy: how much weight will this hold? >> probably close to 150 pounds. >> jimmy: i weigh 180 pounds. >> look at that. you are not touching the ground. unfortunately it's still -- we haven't gotten a way to get it to go yet. so we just put you on wheels and we thought we'd give you the
12:28 am
sensation of being maybe one of the first magnetic hoverboarders. >> jimmy: wow, this is exciting. it's like being on a dolly. >> here you go, guillermo! >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo! this is not exactly marty mcfly type of material here. all right. well, that was disappointing. >> we'll get there. we'll get there! >> jimmy: come back in 2015 when it's really going to go. what is this? >> would you like to do a little chemistry today? >> jimmy: yes. are we going to smoke out of this? >> no. >> jimmy: guillermo, grab the nitrous oxide. >> turns out this is filled with nitrous oxide. we're going to do what i call the howler reaction.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: why are these black? more scientific looking? >> i'm going to come around here and take this test tube out. >> jimmy: where do you get a test tube like that? >> we had it custom-made from a scientific glass company. it's pretty impressive. >> jimmy: if you don't mind holding that and you're going to tilt it toward me. this is still entirely with nitrous oxide. it's the same thing they use in cars and at the dentist. >> jimmy: oh, this is the stuff from t from the dentist? >> yeah. >> jimmy: awesome. >> doesn't get any -- don't get any ideas. i have a very volatile, flammable chemical. >> jimmy: when does guillermo bend over?
12:30 am
oh, doesn't that smell good? >> no, it doesn't. it's like walking the dog a little bit. we're trying to spread the carbon sulfide out so it will become a vapor. then we're going to put it back in its holder here. >> jimmy: can i help you with that? i'm very useless, i have to say. >> we're going to put you to work. we have to vent it because it's built up some gas there. >> jimmy: should i light this thing on fire? >> yes. i'm going to give you a countdown, three, two, one -- >> jimmy: okay. >> and i'm going to take the top off and you are going to ignite that with the push button. what's going to happen is kind of diesel reaction. the flame is going to go down kind of quickly and it going to compress the air and cause more heat and that's going to make a combustion. it happens fast. it's loud.
12:31 am
if you don't like loud sounds, you might want to cover your ears. ready? >> jimmy: i'm ready. >> three, two, one! >> jimmy: wow. let's see that again, can we? wow, it's like a light saver. thank you very much, science bob. go to for all his information. we'll be right back with boy george. [ cheers and applause ] >> dickey: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
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12:33 am
>> dickey: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank sandra oh, "science bob" pflugfelder, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. intentionally. "nightline" is next, but first, his album is called, "this is what i do" here with the song "king of everything" boy george!
12:34 am
♪ ♪ put down the booze let the demons win the fight dropped my gloves to the ground ♪ ♪ you know i'm sorry for the times i made you cry i made an art of letting you down ♪ ♪ i used to say it's only me i'm hurting but i saw you on the stairs the kid was crying ♪ ♪ and the dogs were howling and a siren filled the air what's the word on the street have i lost my crown ♪
12:35 am
♪ or will i be king again what's the word on the street have i lost my crown ♪ ♪ or will i be king of everything tempted myself time and time again ♪ ♪ like self destruction was so cool i mocked your tears and i scarred your heart ♪ ♪ i blamed the past and i blamed you i used to say it's only me i'm hurting ♪ ♪ but i saw you on the stairs the kid was crying and the dogs were howling ♪ ♪ and a siren filled the air what's the word on the street
12:36 am
have i lost my crown or will i be king again ♪ ♪ what's the word on the street have i lost my crown ♪ ♪ or will i be king of everything ♪ yeah, yeah yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ of everything
12:37 am
standing outside of me looking down ♪ this is ""nightline."" >> fear of flying. these people are about to embark on a journey to face their deepest fears. >> oh, my god, oh, my god. >> but now can the so-called plane whisperer cure them with some simple steps? plus, the other "other woman" in donald sterling's wife. before the ex-mistress to started it all, there was this one. tonight how these pictures used in court to prove another adulteress affair look at the


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