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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 2, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- murderous plot. a teenager fully prepared and ready to kill, under arrest, accused of planning a terrifying rampage at his school. new details about his plan and how it was stopped. breaking overnight, something new surfaces about donald sterling. what we've learned about his health. and a major announcement from the naacp member who was going to honor the clippers' owner. oh, my god. >> collapse caught on camera. an entire street goes down like a house of cards. and even marines can "let it go." probably the most manly performance of the hit from
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"frozen." good friday morning. we begin with that chilling plot by a minnesota teen to kill his family and stage a massacre at his high school. >> and the only thing that stopped the 17-year-old from moving forward with his plan, was a single eagle-eyed witness who tipped off police. it all unfolded in the small town 80 miles south of minneapolis. abc's josh haskell is following the investigation and has the latest. >> reporter: john ladue sits in a juvenile detention center after police recovered explosives, guns, and ammunition they say belonged to him, to be used in an attack in the next few weeks. >> during his interview with officers, ladue revealed his plan was to kill his family members, start a diversionary fire in rural waseca to distract first responders, and travel to the waseca junior high school. >> reporter: there, authorities say ladue planned to detonate the prepared bombs, allegedly
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manufactured in a storage locker at this facility, where the teen was taken into custody tuesday night after a citizen saw him walk inside the unit and close the door. >> officers observed materials in the storage locker which were consistent with bombmaking, including a pressure cooker, pyrotechnic chemicals, steel ball bearings and gun powder. >> reporter: and at his home, police found that 180-page notebook. motive unclear, but plot laid out. an attack, police say, john ladue didn't expect to survive. >> the members of the waseca public schools community are deeply saddened and disturbed at the arrest of one of our students. the information that has been revealed indicates we have escaped what could have been a horrific experience. >> reporter: josh haskell, abc news, new york. >> waseca police believe ladue was acting alone and say he has been cooperating with the authorities. but they say he did tell them if he had a gun on him at the storage locker, he would have shot the officers who arrested him.
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there's breaking news overnight. a startling, new twist in the donald sterling story. this morning, the banned clippers owner may not have much longer to live. the 80-year-old sterling is expected to fight his lifetime ban by the national basketball association. but he may not have time. in fact, one source tells "the new york post," that associates thought sterling would die from prostate cancer two years ago. the league punished sterling earlier this week for racist comments he made that were recorded and made public. it's now up to the other league owners whether he has to sell the clippers. celebrities who have expressed interest in buying all or part of the team include oprah winfrey, sean combs and oracle ceo larry ellison. but sterling's estranged wife, shelly, may be the front-runner to be the next owner, even though she's been accused of racism and discrimination. shelly sterling missed last night's game. but she's often courtside. however, an nba official says the players and league are looking for a complete change in ownership. in another twist, the president of the los angeles chapter of
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the naacp is resigning, in the wake of plans to honor sterling as a humanitarian. this would have been the second time leon jenkins and the l.a. chapter had honored sterling. they did so five years ago, while sterling was fighting federal housing discrimination charges. jenkins admits the decision to honor sterling this year has brought the organization, quote, negative exposure. "the new york post" also says this morning that sterling has fled his home in malibu for a beverly hills penthouse, paranoid that the mansion might be bugged. much more about the team's performance on the court coming up from espn. also breaking overnight, a may day march that had been peaceful for much of the day ended in violence in seattle. police pepper sprayed demonstrators who were throwing bottles. some protesters set fires. and at least seven were arrested. hundreds of people in black masks and clothing joined the anti-capitalist march in support of immigration rights and a higher minimum wage. overseas, gunfire and blasts have been heard around an eastern city in ukraine that's
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taken center stage in an armed pro-russian insurgency. pro-russian rebels say ukrainian forces have launched an attack to take the city. the ukrainian defense ministry says two of its helicopters were shot down, their pilots killed. the escalating violence in ukraine will likely be on the agenda as president obama welcomes german chancellor angela merkel to the white house. merkel's first visit to the white house since that report that the nsa had monitored her cell phone. later this morning, the two leaders will hold a press conference in the rose garden. and a new report on the disappearance of flight 370 suggests the search was in trouble from the start with confusion, misinformation and delays. the malaysian government revealed that it took four hours to launch a rescue. and air traffic controllers didn't even realize the flight was missing until 17 minutes after it vanished. and there's breaking news, now, from south korea. a collision on one of seoul's major subway lines. we're hearing one train slammed into another, which was stopped for mechanical reasons. there's dozens of people injured. we'll stay on top of this
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throughout the morning and bring you the very latest. new, alarming details about this week's botched execution in oklahoma. the needle was inserted into clayton lockett's thigh, after no other suitable vein could be found. some of the drugs never made it into his system because a collapsed vein was not noticed for 21 minutes. it was also revealed lockett had been hit with a stun gun earlier in the day. major universities are under federal investigation for the way they handled sex abuse complaints by their students. the list of 55 schools includes high profile campuses, including ohio state, harvard, princeton and u.c. berkeley. administrators for the most part were unwilling to talk about specific incidents. but said they had been working to be more responsive to student complaints. fire crews in southern california are mopping up what's left of a wind-driven wildfire that scorched more than 1,600 acres. 700 firefighters battled the blaze east of los angeles in blistering heat, with winds hitting 70 miles per hour. the fire is now more than 50% contained.
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and evacuation orders were lifted for about 1,000 homes. and the ultra dry conditions in california also means water rationing in santa cruz. each home is allotted a certain amount of water, with fines added to utility bills if residents go over. the goal is to reduce water consumption throughout the city by about 25%. santa cruz is only served by one reservoir. and there's no rain in the forecast anytime soon. that was certainly not the case along the east coast, which got hammered by pounding downpours. this was ahead of some widespread flooding across new jersey. rivers overflowing their banks and spilling into neighborhoods. waters flowed through parks, completely surrounding homes and businesses and cars. some of those areas still recovering from superstorm sandy. look at the weather from across the nation. some rain in montana and the dakotas. and scattered showers from minnesota to michigan, as well as from new york, across to new england. the heaviest rain, today, will be in florida and southern georgia. >> high temperatures will be in the 70s in the northwest the rockies and the southeast. 89 in miami. phoenix, once again, the hot spot at 94 degrees.
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nearly everyone has asked the question, where did i park my car? i ask myself that question every day. now, google is hoping to put an end to that. plus, busted behind the wheel. a driver recording his alleged hit and run. police didn't have to look hard to find the video. and life change. one of the cleveland kidnapping survivors is revealing some new details about her new life.
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they don't help single moms.
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hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. welcome back. there's alarm ahead of this morning's april jobs report. applications for unemployment benefits rose unexpectedly last week. seasonally adjusted, it was the
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highest number since late february. gains in employment and income after the latest recession have been disappointing compared to earlier recoveries. ford motor company is getting a new ceo this summer. alan mulally is stepping down after leading ford through the recession without needing a bailout. he will be succeeded by mark fields who was brought in by mullally 18 months ago as chief operating officer. fields doesn't plan any major management changes. mullally, leaving with a $300 million compensation package. seattle could eventually have the highest paid minimum wage workers in the country. the mayor is proposing the wage be increased over seven years to $15 an hour. it has the support of both business and labor. washington state has the highest minimum wage at $9.32 an hour. android users may never again forget where they parked their cars. google's new software update includes a new feature called parking location. it saves your latest parking location. but google is quick to point out that your location data is not shared with anyone else. >> that's pretty cool.
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>> i think so, too. "the amazing spider-man 2" is expected to swing to the top of the box office when it debuts this weekend. the film, from our parent company, disney, could gross $95 million. >> and that might make it the biggest domestic opening of the year so far, beating another marvel superhero movie, "captain america: the winter soldier." the reviews so far, though, have been mixed. looks like a movie i'd see. >> a lot of action. when we come back, caught on camera. a robber tries to get money from a store. he picked the wrong person to mess with. and blame game. new details about the high-tech skating suits and the team's poor performance in sochi. otos, i'm saving a ton of time by posting them to my wall. oh, i like that one. it's so quick! it's just like my car insurance. i saved 15% in just 15 minutes. i saved more than that in half the time. i unfriend you. that's not how it works.
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because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. ♪ zyrtec®. muddle no more™. [ female announcer ] and now introducing children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs for full 24 hour allergy relief. children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs [ screaming ] that is the result of all of the drenching rain and flooding
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in a baltimore neighborhood. the street gave way and swallowed up about ten parked cars. people evacuated from nearby homes will be told they may be kept out for a month or even more. >> other roads to avoid this morning are any in florida and southern georgia, which may flood. much of interstate 90 across the country will be wet, into the great lakes and new england. >> despite all of the wet weather, no major airport delays are expected today. the roads weren't very safe in central florida after a joyride by one teenager. >> robert kelly's first mistake, crashing into several vehicles in knew smyrna beach. the second mistake, posting a video of his escapade from facebook from his hospital bed. police were tipped off to the video, which he titled, me driving like an idiot. he's getting no argument from his victims. >> he got to the side of us. and he spins around. and he lands and goes like this. >> his engine just exploded and just threw oil and antifreeze
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everywhere. >> that video has since been removed from youtube. not surprisingly. police say they are using the video as evidence to charge kelly. toronto's troubled mayor is in rehab this morning, after a flight to chicago. rob ford decided to seek treatment after new video surfaced of him apparently smoking crack-cocaine. the rehab stay will last 30 days. but his lawyer says that could be extended. police in a wealthy central florida community are looking for robbers with a sense of style. surveillance video caught three crooks dressed like ninjas robbing two men in a mansion. they tied up the homeowners. one of the ninjas took a victim's hat and wore it during the heist. the victims were not injured. a robber in tucson, arizona, is licking his wounds for picking the wrong target. the owner kindly asked him to leave. but that suspect, rather, sucker punched him. the owner fired back, knocking the man to the ground, getting
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in a few good licks of his own. the robber had no idea that the owner h e had picked on just so happened to have been trained with the army special forces. >> wow. that guy doesn't mess around. >> you know what? i have to say, i think the army special forces guy held back. >> yes. he definitely did. he could have wailed on him. been almost one year since the three women were freed from years of captivity in a cleveland house. they all appear to be doing remarkably well. michelle knight tells "people" magazine she has started cooking school and has her own apartment in cleveland. she's changed her name to lily, her favorite flower. she and the other women don't speak. but she says there's no bad blood. she's working on a book about her ordeal. two months after the close of the sochi games comes the blame game for what kept the team usa speed skaters off the medal podium. the main culprit were those high-tech uniforms. the vents in the back may have created drag, slowing the
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skaters down. too much travel. a new skate sharpening system and the choice of training center. an injury to a hopper-tunity, blamed to scratching in the kentucky derby. he has soreness in his left front foot. he will be checked out by a vet today. and they hope to have the colt ready for the preakness stakes on may 17th. time for sports. a full slate of nba playoff action for you. >> we get the highlights from our friends at espn. >> hello there, citizens. kenny and stan. and here's your free sports cast. >> nba action. we have three game sevens coming up on saturday. you're going to be watching a whole lot of basketball if you're interested. clippers and warriors. warriors trying to force a game seven after all of the drama the clippers have been through this past week. andre iguodala, hits a three-pointer there. blake griffin fouled him. and jamal crawford, to deandre
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jordan. steph curry wanted to get out of there. the warriors win 100-99. that one-point lead with a missed free throw there. thunder and grizzlies. remember when they were in seattle and vancouver? that was cool. kevin durant got a lot of media criticism in oklahoma for not playing so well in this series. but he doesn't read that stuff. he just goes out and plays. 36 points, 10 rebounds. thunder win by 20. wins by 20 because thunder is singular. there's game seven there. pacers and hawks. indiana needed a win to force a game seven. david west got them there. trailed by five. west had 12 points in the fourth. and indiana closed the game on a 16-4 run. atlanta fell apart. pacers win it 95-88. they'll play a game seven on saturday, as well. >> if you watch "sportscenter" in the morning, it will be better than what we just presented you because we have emotional mental fatigual this point. back to you.
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♪ and we'll never be royals all right. time to check, "the pulse" now. we begin with the world's most eligible bachelor who is now stateside. just days after prince harry split from his long-time girlfriend, he and his brother are in memphis for a wedding. >> they were spotted last night at a barbecue restaurant. the royals flew to america with harry stopping for a bachelor party in miami. apparently paying some special attention to a certain brunette. >> uh-huh. >> looks like harry, doesn't it? >> sure does.
4:23 am
you might say one d.c. restaurant is going whole hog on cinco de mayo. that's on monday. they're offering a taco that features five types of pork. and that includes a taco shell made out of bacon. >> three types of pork on the inside. it's topped off with pork fat mayonnaise. being cinco de mayo, the porky treat will sell for 5 bucks. and you get a gurney to the hospital after this. >> i will take two, please. the mystery of a certain combination of numbers and letters popping up in pixar films has been solved. >> for more than a decade, sharp-eye viewers has spotted the code a113. like this in "toy story," next to woody. it clearly says a113. >> check it out. and "finding nemo," as well. you can see the letter numbers on the scuba diver's camera. >> and in "wall-e." the a113 plays a role as the directive given to the auto to never return to earth. >> so, it turns out it was all an inside joke. a113 is a number of the classroom for the california institute of the arts that
4:24 am
produced a long line of alumni, including john lasseter, the chief director at pixar. now, we know. proof this morning that does nay songs are contagious, no matter how tough you are. just ask these marines in texas. ♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ i am one with the wind and sky ♪ >> absolutely nobody cares that they cannot carry a tune. it's a heart that counts, of course. what matters is that these likely fans of the hit movie "frozen," are belting out the theme song with enthusiasm of an 8-year-old. way to go, guys. >> they are running down the street in their boots. >> it's really interesting -- the fact they know all of the words. >> that is pretty incredible. you think they know they're being videoed? >> i don't think they have any idea. that makes it even better. look at them.
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this is great. for some of you, your local news is next.
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eeeee with the fog reforming because of the marine layer with the winds at sfo coming from the west at eight miles per hour and fairfield right up 80 headed to sacramento at 15 and the biggest drop in temperatures today will be the coast into san francisco and we could be 10- to 15-degrees cooler. right now, the clouds haven't completed climbed across san francisco as we look tots east from sutro tower and 63 to 69. no more being crashy because you cannot sleep. 74 to 75 at bay and you can tell
4:29 am
who doesn't have air conditioning the last two days. >> good morning, leyla gulen. >> that would be me. good morning, everyone, as we look right now at the bay area, so far, so good. we are looking at clear conditions with areas of some construction and i will get to that in the next report and we have fog, it is starting to creep over 101 headed from rohnert park to petaluma as you make the drive from morning and southbound direction you will find it there. 580 tracy to dublin is at top speeds and highway four is clear with no accidents to report and 101 san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. >> officials are investigationing the cause of a fire at vineyard that destroyed a barn and burned a building. it happened before 7:30 on the east side road. crew were called to put out the flames, a 55 gallon drum of
4:30 am
diesel burned. there were no injuries reported. >> a congressman is touring mineta san jose airport in the wake of the security preach by a teen stow away. he will check the perimeter and get a briefing from airport officials on security measures since a santa clara teen scaled the fence and news snuck on a ft to hawaii. he is a member of the homeland security subcommittee on transportation security and request, the government accountability office conduct the security needs of the airports which have not been evaluated since 2009. tomorrow night the warriors play in a game seven for the first time in 37 years. last night, they needed a win over the l.a. clippers to keep off elimination in game six and the warriors were led by curry who scored 24 points.


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