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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m., good morning, everyone, and it is also friday. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. i am eric thomas. we have a check on the forecast. mike? >> nice to see you, probably nice if you are around the city or the coast to see the fog. the sea breeze is back. the thickest fog is around petaluma and rohnert park and the rest of us are okay at half moon bay at eight miles per hour. in the surrounding areas it is thicker than that. the first forecast is going to be warm around the bay and 74 to
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85 and hot inland with 81 to nine as a spread and in san francisco 63 to 69. the rest us get it tomorrow and through the weekend and now the commute with leyla gulen. >> c.h.p. is on the scene of a structure fire. it is in the east bay in san leandro at 153rd avenue. you may start to see street closing but it is near 580. so far 580 is fine and moving along. over to the altamont pass, can you see the yellow which is traffic build up so we can have a friday light situation on our hands and 26 miles per hour is on that transition. the rest of the commute is not too bad at 26 minutes from tracy to dublin.
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the bay bridge has had the early construction picked up. >> got to love the friday lite. >> a bay area congressman plans to tour the perimeter of mineta san jose airport to see how easy it is for someone to breach security there. and this comes after a teen managed to stow away on a flight to hawaii. matt keller is there with more. >> a lot of questions on airport security after the stow away jumped the fence and stowed away on the hawaiian airlines jet. the congressman will come to find out how it is possible. the member of the homeland security subcommittee of the house of representatives will get a briefing on security measures in light of the breach in april 20, the 4th in five years. the congressman wants an audit on the perimeter security at all
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of the airports, not done since 2009. >> we need to look at the airports, start with those that have been breached and look across the country and see if they are more pourous than they should be and sea what is the culture on the ground among the employees. >> senator boxer said that the t.s.a. conducted a three-month review of san jose international airport three week before the breach and the airport is in compliance with all fell regulations and standards. as for the teen, his father has arrived in honolulu but they would not release details. matt, thank you. this morning, a young girl is recovering after being viciously attack by a neighbor's pit ball while she played outside on louisiana street. a neighbor said she was watching her two daughters may with their three-year-old next door neighborhood and the pit bull got away from the owner and the dog named blue pounced on the
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child putting her head and neck in its mouth. the girl's father jumped into action wrapping his legs around the girl's neck and freeing her from the dog's mouth. this morning, police are investigating the death of a zip line worker who fill 150', a 29-year-old woman who lived in hawaii but was originally from santa rosa according to facebook. the maui fire department says crews were called yesterday morning before 10:00 but the efforts were hampered because of difficult terrain, vegetation and tree cover. she was already dead by the time the crews got to her. the zip line company she, worked for is expressing its condolences on her facebook page. >> cal fire announced an immediate ban in open burning because of the severe drought
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conditions. the ban which yous alameda and contra costa county, and santa clara and san mateo and santa cruz counties. an exemption could be allowed for agriculture, land management, and fire training if a cal fire official inspects the site and issues a special permit. campfires are only allowed in designated campgrounds or in established facilities on private property. >> in southern california firefighters have a wildfire burning 53 percent contained ands that burned 1,600 acres of brush with no homes in the burned area east of los angeles and there are no mandatory ever advantages. the flames were fanned by high winds yesterday but the national weather service predicts the winds will die down today with more favorable conditions for fire crews. >> drastic measures are enacted in livermore to convince residents to cut back on water use by 30 percent. the customers who do not conserve will see their water bill shoot up 35 35 percent each
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month. those who conserve will see a decrease. there is a crisis point with mandatory restrictions on water use including limits on watering lawns and washing cars are already in effect. >> the streets of bay area are clear after may day rallies drew thousands of protests yesterday. this is what the march in san francisco's mission district looked like, 20 protesters were arrested by miss when they blocked traffic at 16th and mission streets. oakland saw the largest bay area gathering with more than how people crowded international boulevard in the fruitvale district to call on the obama administration to end what they called aggressive difficult -- deportation. in san jose this was a five mile heart by professors from east san jose to city hall. tesla motors has been fined $89,000 by state occupational safety and health officials for seven violations which are tied to the last november's accident
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that sent three workers to the hospital. we were offer the scene at the tesla plant. workers were not wearing protective gear when their clothes caught on fire. the company has 15 days to file an appeal tore contest the fine. >> some of the 55 colleges and universals facing federal investigation for handling of sexual abuse alleges are cooperating with the department of education and uc berkeley is on the list. we are in washington, dc, with more on this story. >> good morning, eric. this major news comes as students across the country receive college acceptance letter. >> a bombshell report about sexual assault on college campuses a staggering 55 united states schools are facing federal investigate and possibly
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mishandling of sexual violence and harassment complains from students. among them, harvard, michigan, ohio state, southern methodist and uc berkeley. a woman was an undergraduate a professor took her drinking and invited her to an after hours office visit. >> i thought, well, a professor would not do this. >> she filed a complaint and was stunned by what the university told her. >> we are talking about sexual harassment is a shove you up against the wall. >> the school decided this was not enough evidence to file harassment charges. another was sexually assaulted during freshman year. >> after choose a friend of mine sexually assaulted me in the dom room and i fought him and said no. >> the investigations are done under title 9 that prohibits gender jim nation -- jim --
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discrimination from colleges that receive federal funds. the white house said up to one in five female college students were assaulted. >> we have to do everything in our power to protect them. these are our children. >> we reached out to several schools and they all take an allegation of sexual assault very seriously this is just a warning, no school has been found guilty. >> thank you, at 5:09. sleeping weather, mike? >> it will be better. you may hear the fog horns but you can sleep better. >> good news for those that have issues. we see a sea breeze developing at sfo and forward at 16 and it was 15 miles per hour last sure and there is a legal bit of an onshore flow developing and to san francisco you can see the clouds are off in the distance and we cannot see them because
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they are hugging the coast. the next 12 hours, 44 in the north bay, to 58 around san francisco. and we will have high clouds and 64 at the coast with low clouds at the coast to 82. it will warm rapidly inland by noon. we will continue out in the upper 80's and nearly 90. the coast is 64. the cooling spreading to all neighbors during the evening hours. if you have hands on friday evening, it will feel much more comfortable than it did last evening. especially if the kids were running track in the 90 degree heat. if they have baseball or softball it will be a lot more comfortable. energy. leyla gulen? >> we have a bart day at five or ten minutes, just like yesterday. you will be five or ten minutes late headed in the dublin/pleasanton and french monday and daly city directions with the same problem because of an equipment problem. as we look at muni, no delays there, and a.c. transit, all running on time, and as we look
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at the freeways, it is moving along fine with a couple accidents with a tow truck on the scene, and northbound 101 to northbound 280 we have one lane blocked. as we take a wider view of san jose, you can see everything is at top somebody at 71 miles per hour approaching the san jose airport, 280, clear through cupertino and highway 85 headed between 101 back to 101 all move along without a hitch. the north bay, there is fog and it is looking thick through petaluma. there is an advisory for the golden gate bridge. >> are you a good tipper? the best and worst tipers. eric, i don't believe that. that is in america's money. >> not just for music, the major new feature that an's ear buds could come with. >> a never before her song from
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. a bill removing the language "man and woman" from california marriage law is leaded to the assembly patting the senate yesterday. it would substitute "gender neutral language" and define marriage as "a personal relation arising from civil contract between two people." democratic senator says this removes discriminatory language from the law and the republican senator says that the measure diminishes sacred terms. >> honda is recalling a popular minivan because the side airbags may not deploy involving 24,000 vans from the 2014 model year. a short prevents deployment. dealers will make free repairs
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when they notify customers. >> general motors is recalling more than 50,000 cadillac luxury s.u.v.'s affecting the srx from the 2013 model year. >> the problem is with a computer problem in the transmission system that delays acceleration for several seconds. >> g.m. dealers will fix the problem at no cost with no date set for that to begin. >> wall street is watching to see what the jobs reportening released in 15 minutes will signal of the strength of the economy. >> here is member's money report. good morning, topping america's money, ahead of the april jobs report applications for unemployment benefits rose up expectedly last week and it was the highest number since late february. ford c.e.o. stepping down after ling ford through the recession without a bailout or bankruptcy. he is succeeded by mark fields brought in by the c.e.o. 18
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months ago. a state by state breakdown of the best restaurant tippers and west virginia is the most generous at 20 percent and folks in never, the most stingy at 14.6 percent and the rest of us right in the middle. >> amazing spiderman will probably gross $95 million despite mixed reviews. make it a great day, that is america's money. >> apple will break into the wearable market putting sensors in the headphone measuring heart rate and blood pressure and use a system to locate them if they are lost. the. >> their of the post claims to have been let go with others last week. fans of michael jackson are already raising about a just released song five years after his death.
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♪ not enough >> usher unveiled "never felt this good," during the radio awards if los angeles. the song is the first single off an album of unreleased jackson tunes recorded in the 80's and 90's and the album "escape" goes open sale later this month and is getting a lot of reaction from excited fans. usher is one of the excited fans. >> another michael, now, with the weather. >> okay, we will talk about what is going on outside. i will not moon walk over 2.5 miles is the visibility in novato and petaluma, watch out,
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we have thick fog along 101 this morning. it is a signal that the sea breeze is back. we will see the streets that are affected and when you head around there, golf course drive and rohnert park, it is foggy. now temperatures on the peninsula, 47 in woodside is better sleeping weather and 50's in palo alto and san mateo and foster city and redwood city at 54 and san bruno at 55 and belmont is 59 and right now we are at 49 and 47 in santa rosa and the cooler spots, 68 in antioch and 58 in san jose, and oakland, san francisco, 56 and 53. this is how it looks from oakland this morning as we look toward san francisco, coastal clouds and cooling sea breeze for you, into san francisco, and the rest of us get our cooling tomorrow and the extended lacks any heat we have just lived through but, also, lacks rain. from mount tamalpais this
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morning, six degree drop in walnut creek and you are still 88 degrees and 85 in san jose to seven degree drop and san rafael, no more record highs 91 and down to 83 today. and redwood city is 85, a nine degree drop and oakland and san francisco, 13 and 15 degrees cooler at 76 and 69. we have low-to-mid 80's through most of the south bay and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy right around the upper 80's to 90 and from 74 to 85, along the peninsula from millbrae to los altos and mid-to-upper 60's look the coast into downtown san francisco and sausalito is 72 but low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valleys and mid-60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and hercules and union city and fremont at 80 to 82 and air conditioning needed inland to nearly nine. the seven-day forecast shows oakland and san francisco dropped very much but inland drops that much tomorrow. temperatures are back to average with more cloud cover on sunday and locking like it will remain dry as the system stays to the
5:20 am
north and will coups us more on monday. >> mike, we do have slowing on the altamont pass away from address but highway four is moving along at top speed out of antioch to bay point pittsburgh and concord not see delays. over to 288, you do see extra traffic as the freeway narrows down and all in all, 30 minutes gets you from antioch to hercules. on 80 from hercules into el sobrante a little too fast at 70 miles per hour. c.h.p. is there so slow down. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza there are a few cars and across the water it will take you 13 minutes and this is what you will find, a drive southbound 101 is building and watch out for the fog because we are seeing a buildup of it through rohnert park and petaluma and c.h.p. issued fog
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advisory. >> head, seven things to know use start the day. >> creating a bucket list but a >> and a smelly
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how matters™. [ male announcer ] chobani simply 100™. i've been claritin clear for 6 amazdays. at the first sign of my allergies, my doctor recommended taking one claritin every day of my allergy season for continuous relief. 21 days! 28 days of continuous relief live claritin clear. every day. >> blue are just -- blue are just joining us or headed out the door a girl is recovering after being attacked by a neighbor's pit bull. the dog pounced on the child and putting her head and neck in its mouth. amy hollyfield has more on that story in a few minutes.
5:24 am
>> a bay area woman has been identified as the zip line worker killed in an accident in hawaii. the woman died after falling 50' year. the crews had a tough time reaching her because of the difficult december -- difficult difficult terrain. >> an east bacon -- an east bacon man will be broached by airport officials on security since the teen scaled a 10' fence and snuck on a flight to hawaii. >> donald sterling is balancing prostate cancer, and has had it for some time. yesterday the nba voted unanimously to force him to sell the team. >> the warriors play l.a. clippers tomorrow in game seven of the first round playoff series. last night the warriors held on
5:25 am
to beat l.a. clippers 100-99 forcing game seven. tip-off is at 7:30 at the staples center. six, check out live doppler 7 hd: half mile visibility, a little dangerous around novato and petaluma but that is the beginning of the cooling trend. i will tell you how much cooler today and more so, toll. -- tomorrow. >> we have clear conditions with a friday light, but bart is five or ten minutes delay in san leandro. >> 5:25. folks near kansas city want to know why someone would try to heard a neighborhood duck. this duck survived so far after being shot in the neck with an arrow. the duck hangs out in a backyard pond in mission woods, kansas, and a team will try and capture the duck again today, local animal control officers say
5:26 am
unfortunately they get a lost cases like this where people have shot ducks and geese. a whale is causing a big stink in a canadian town which is decomposing on the banks of the river in newfoundland for a week but it is not just the smell. residents are concerned that the gas is building up inside the whale and could cause it to explode. the clean up is left to neighbors. the government says it is not their job. >> a boy in texas is racing again time until his eye sight disappears forever. he has a bucket list of what he wants to see first. he loves to read but it takes perfect lighting to do so. he was born three months premature with eyelids still closed and surgeons helped him see as a baby but his eyes are not growing with the left of him so he will be blind. the doctors suggest he see as much of the world as he can
5:27 am
before that happens. >> paris. london. big ben. albuquerque, brentwood, surfing, snorkeling. >> he happens to be one of six children so the family travel budget is tight so the siblings is come up with a series of fundraisers. >> hope he gets there. >> i think he will. people will pony up. >> morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> the labor department is minutes away from issuing the april jobs report. >> speaking of numbers, i don't gas prices take a tomorrow bell in this is possible relief at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning. seconds away from 5:30. i am eric thomas. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. over to meteorologist mike nicco for a cooler forecast. >> absolutely. i can hear the excitement if your voice. people have had trouble sleeping. that is over. as least as far as weather. the winds are blowing out from the west at eight miles per hour at sfo. the sea breeze is developing. that is why we have low clouds. we have fog filling in the coastal valleys into highway 101 at petaluma and novato at half a mile. the rest of us have a few high clouds and a colorful morning. 81 to 90, warm to hot inland and mild to warm at 74 to 85 around bay and 63 to 69 in san francisco. >> it is hard when you do not
5:31 am
have screens on the windows and moths making theirselves at home. >> in daly city there is a problem because an equipment problem with bart. same thing happened yesterday in san leandro. muni and ace running on time and ace train 1 is one minute late. over the altamont pass we have a buildup of congestion, the only hotspot in the bay area. we have developing news: a three-year-old girl recovering at home after being attacked by a pit bull. amy hollyfield is in vallejo where she spoke with the father. he said he had to shove his 50 into the dog's mouth and pry the dog's jaw open to save his daughter. he is a picture he shared of the three-year-old girl.
5:32 am
he ripped part of her scalp off and almost tore off her ear but slow is okay and she was able to walk to the ambulance last might and was assuring her parents everything was going to be okay. he says that the pit bull was out for a walk on a long leash and she was out playing and her father saw her head inside the dog's mouth and he jumped into action. >> the dog had her hair in his mouth and latched on to her braids and trying to pull her and she was trying to pull away and i started trying to actually attack her and i thought he was trying to play but that is a large pit pull. they don't play with little kids >> his finger was ripped open but is okay and he tells us it was all very scary shove his 50
5:33 am
into -- his fist into a he would like to see the dog put down. miss have no record of any arrests in this case. quite a story. glad everything is mostly okay. two people are recovering from injuries after being attacked by two dogs. a woman was walking herring do when a pit bull and a black lab bit her in the face, hands and ankle. and ten minutes later bit a man in the calf. officers took them to animal control and police tazed the pit bull. >> there was a fire at a vineyard that destroyed a barn and burned a building. it happened before 7:30 in windsor. crews from the fire district and cal fire were called to put out
5:34 am
the flames. propane tanks and diesel drum burned. firefighters put at the flames with no injuries reported. today, congressman is touring mineta san jose airport this morning in the wake of the security breach by a stow away. he will check the perimeter and be breached by airport officials on security measures in the past two weeks since the teen snuck on to a flight to hawaii after jumping an airport fence. he is the only northern california member of the homeland security subcommittee in the house of representatives and requesting an assessment of the nation's airports and the needs which have not been evaluated since 2009. >> the warriors tomorrow play game seven for the first time in 37 years. last night the team needed a win over the chip -- over the l.a. clippers and the warriors were led by steph curry.
5:35 am
the clippers were held to 36 percent shooting scratching and clawing their way to 100-99 victory. >> i am proud of my guys. an incredible guy, against a three seed with two of the top ten players in the world and future hall of fame coach we are going to game seven. >> winning crucial game six and enough plays to hold on. we will be ready for game seven, be refreshed. it will be huge. >> game seven is at the staples center with tip-off at 7:30. >> a surprising twist in the controversy surrounding l.a. clippers owners, donald sterling, he has cancer. he has been battling prostate cancer for some time. at one point friends thought he would die. the news comes as the nba advisory committee is moving forward with plans to force donald sterling to sell the
5:36 am
clippers requiring approval by three-quarters of the league owners. the president of the naacp has resigned after they were criticized for plans to give donald sterling a civil rights award which was rescinded after tape of a rant by donald sterling surfaced. police in mill valley are holding a man on charge he threatened a bus driver with a knife yesterday near miller avenue not far from the 2:00 a.m. club when the driver said he can now board the bus without paying a fare. he threatened to knife the driver. he was arrested by police. >> outrage from graduates of notre dame high school in belmont upset because will be will be supporter who has been a guest speaker for 20 years was canceled. he was notified the night before
5:37 am
his scheduled presentation about compassion and acceptance. he believes the school uninvited him because of what was written on the california catholic website. >> he started writing stories and talking of the gay people in the different departments of the catholic schools and saying they should not be there. >> i am concerned with the alumni that have issues with what is going on including myself that some of us may not bring our daughters here. head of the high school would not provide a reason for the change but they plan to have him back next semester. >> the saint of the catholic schools says not enough students sign up for the talk. ought labor department released the jobs report this morning and the news is good, the unemployment rate for april dropped to 6.3 percent from 6.7 percent the previous month.
5:38 am
employers added 288,000 jobs. we will see how it affects the stock market with trading opening in another hour. look for gasoline prices in california to drop up to 50 cent as gallon. that is the word from gas industry analysts. the rice for oil fell below $100 a barrel yesterday for the first time if three weeks as the price of gas reached a state average of $4.26. an analyst says the worse could be behind us and expect west coast gas prices to fall to $3.80 by the fourth of july holiday. >> the heat could have made it tough to sleep if you don't have air conditioning and if you do, thoughts of the bill may have made it stuff to sleep. >> i was thinking of the spinning of the electric meter. and i thought, wait, i have solar! >> not that he is gloating. >> that is one reason, i didn't
5:39 am
want the rolling brownouts when it is so hot. 61 in san rafael. still warm after record high year. most of us in the upper 40's and still 54 in calistoga and 50 in novato with the thick fog so watch out for that. mid-to-upper 40's or 50's around the bay shore and down to san jose and 58 and lafayette is at 54 and san ramon is 50 but brentwood, still, is 68 degrees. most of us our temperatures are two to eight degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. that is better sleeping weather that is unfolding. today, the next 12 hours, mostly right where we are with the clouds at the coast and some of the valleys near the coast. the coast will stay in the mid-to-upper 60's can cooler than yesterday and look at 70's and 80's for the rest of us, no real 90's in the forecast until you get deep into the santa clara valley and east bay valley and a milder evening on the way
5:40 am
for friday. >> bart is recovering from a 5- to 10-minute delay in san lenadro and daly city area so trains are back on track. if you are headed into the car we have c.h.p. issued fog advisory for the golden gate bridge if you are coming from mill valley into san francisco it could increase and it will increase as the morning wears on. the visibility will be reduced. you can see the area of orange is bleeding over 101 as you head through larks spur over to 580 and to the north we are at top speeds through novato. however, still, very foggy conditions. you want to use the low beams and not the high beams. >> a quiet commute take as jarring turn. the orders riders ignored after two subway trains collided. >> collapse caught on camera incredible video of the moment a
5:41 am
road opened up and swallows dozens of cars.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. bring back the girls, gaining global traction among nigerians after pore than 200 girls were kidnapped two weeks ago. thousands took to the streets in nigeria to demand the government do more to bring back the teen girls home. they were kidnapped from the school dom by islamic extremists. some reports claim they were sold into slavery or as wives.
5:44 am
a nigerian born local man is working from san jose and wants congressman to spread word through washington, dc, that the united states must get involved. >> we demand an immediate answer. we want an intervention. >> there are 30,000 nigerians in the bay area and members of the nigerian association are planning a profit tomorrow. >> in south korea reports of a subway train plowing into another train in seoul while stopped. 170 felt pain after the accident and 32 were taken to the hospital. no word on the cause of the accident. passengers ignored an announcement telling them to stay in place. the accident comes when south koreans are criticizing the government for lax safety practices which they feel led to the sinking of the ferry that left 300 people dead or missing.
5:45 am
people in numerous communities are dealing with flooding as the eastern part of the country dries out from the heavy storms. residents in new jersey are cleaning up after two rivers flooded their bangs after heavy rain. the national weather service has a flood watch posted for the entire state of connecticut. forecasters say some areas could get more than 3" of rain before the storm system passes from the region tonight. >> this dramatic video shows the moment a street collapsed in baltimore, maryland, sagging and everything goes down -- cars, sidewalk, fences. residents may have to stay out of the their homes for up to 40 days to make sure the ground is stable. 40 days and 40 nights, that is ironic. >> i read.
5:46 am
every new and again. >> if we could get some of that rain, we need it. >> we saw the pictures from pensacola with 26" in 24 hours. feast or famine. it is affecting the entire state. now, what will happen. the heat will subside for some of of us but the drought will not go away. from the east bay hills, the sun is starting to chase away the darkness of night and we will look at what happened yesterday: 91 in san rafael and another record high and the old one goes back to 1947, and richmond, 89, and yards is only back to 2011 and oak had is back to 1990 and san francisco we are at 84 so we are close and you can see in san jose we are also pretty close, especially moffett field at two degrees away from livermore and one degree away with the 95. here is the difference,
5:47 am
quarter-mile visibility in novato is the sea breeze developing and marine layer clouds are filtering in and watch out on highway 101 from novato up to rohnert park. check out this beautiful picture, a sign of change. hook at clouds hugging the golden gate bridge and i see leyla gulen smiling over there knowing she will sleep better tonight in san francisco. clouds are cooling and the sea breeze will cool us off tomorrow, and the extended forecast lacks rain but it also lacks aggressive heat the 90 in gilroy today and 88 in los gatos and 81 in santa close and low-to-mid 80's in the south bay so you are holding on to above-average temperatures and 74 in millbrae and 81 in menlo park and mid-60's along the coast to 69 in downtown san francisco, a good 15 degree swing from yesterday and 72 in sausalito, and cooler in the north bay and beaches are
5:48 am
mid-60's but low-to-mid 80's if you are headed up to the wine country for a tasting this afternoon. we will have mid-70's and 80 at the east bay shore and live more is not so warm as yesterday but shade if you are headed out this for wine tasting and 89 and 90 in antioch and brentwood. tonight temperatures are in the 40's inland and high pressure is pulling arm the deep trough on the left side of the screen is shoving it out of the way and because of that, the 90's are almost gone today and it will be much cooler today and i will show you how much cooler it will be tomorrow while san francisco dropped 15 degrees, inland areas are dropping the same amount tomorrow and cooler with more clouds on sunday and our cool of the day is monday and the chance of rain for sunday will stay, probably, mendocino county north. have a great weekend. >> it makes for a gorgeous pickets of the golden gate bridge and it could make for a dangerous drive so slow down as you maybe it over the golden gate bridge away from the waldo
5:49 am
funnels and that is thick fog at san francisco. use the low beams. good news as far as bart is concerned we are recovering from a 5- to 10-minute delay in san leandro and at sfo the crash is clearing. it was involving a dump truck. it sounds like c.h.p. is out there at millbrae avenue southbound oh we looking for debris, and it 40s like they have been unable to locate anything. we have a buildup of traffic on northbound 101 away from 280 split. an early accident cleared northbound 101 to northbound 280 connection and the rest of the drive is moving along fine and if you are headed through fremont and into young city, hair, 880, 580, as you head up to sunol grade it is looking clear along 680, as well. 5:49, this morning, four baby falcons hatched four weeks ago on top of san jose city hall and they will be banded by a
5:50 am
biologist and it will be shown at 7:15 a.m. on the falcon camera. the biologist will band the babies to determine the gender of the chicks and attach bands to their legs so scientists can track and collect data. the young falcons will learn to fly as usually as may 12th the day a mother's day. people invited to watch the spectacle from the 4th street garage or online. we have a link on our website at >> that will make for good tv. from one of the rock music's best to another, pink floyd is demanding something of the rolling stones. >> wonder if it has something to do with "money." >> and a new offensive against insurgents in the ukraine. >> coming up at 6:00, twitter
5:51 am
tanks, a new low for the san francisco company and the reason the website faces more pressure next
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new this morning, the rolling stones face pressure to pull out of the their first ever show in israel coming from the founders of pink floyd. >> the two feel israel is violating the human rights of lanes. they have compared laying there to playing in south africa before apartheid was lifted. the stones have not responded. they will play next month. >> ukraine has the first major assault against pro-russian forces who seized government buildings. three pilots were killed in fighting that broke out, two
5:54 am
ukraine helicopters were shot down and the mights were killed. united states defense secretary hagel will deliver a speech on the ukraine and russian situation today at a washington, dc, think thank. >> prince william and prince harry are in the united states. harry! >> he was covering his ears for that one, screaming fans waited for the royals outside a tennessee restaurant last night, the brothers joined friends for barbecue kinner in downtown memphis in town for a wedding. prince william taking his wife as his daughter and prince harry is expected to attend solo. he and his girlfriend recently broke out. >> the royals have friends in memphis? >> holy smoke. >> maybe they spotted "king."
5:55 am
good morning, everyone, check this out, it is a beautiful sight if you are tired of the height, the finger of fog rolling across the golden gate bridge and moving all the way to the east bay, a big cooling trend from that area of the bay of the cooling will happen inland but not so dramatic, down to 88 tomorrow. and 85 in san jose today. and 83 in san rafael. and 85 in redwood city. those are six to nine degrees cooler. and oakland is 76 and san francisco is 69 and 13 to 15 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. still hot in the central valley with 92 at chico to 97 at fresno and 101 at palm springs. safe travels. >> limited visibility along the coast and the north bay and over the golden gate bridge and as we take you to the east bay everything is clear as we check out 580 up to the richmond-san rafael tolls moving along fine
5:56 am
through berkeley at 62 miles per hour approaching university avenue and continuing through emeryville. if you are headed northbound or westbound along 580 and 880 top speeds approach the maze. no crashes to report but busy over the altamont pass. dramatic video to show you this morning of two navy piles being rescued as the plane crashed. the video shows a helicopter hoisted the two navy pilots out of the gulf of mexico after the plane crashed during a routine training mission yesterday. navy officials are lobbying for the cause of the crash. the pilots went to a local hospital to be checked out. three small bay area cities with big bank accounts now rank noon the richest in the nation. >> it is not just money. a new report factors other symbols of wealth such as surgery, yachts and luxury cars. bethesda, maryland is one. number two is palo alto, and
5:57 am
they is mclean, virginia. >> also on the list is foster city which came in at number eight. the only husband -- the morning news continues with these stories: a deadly discovery leading to an all out search for a man. >> may day protests town violent on the west coast with confrontation between officers and demonstrators leading to an arrest.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, security scrutiny from a bay area congressman, the close looks a bay area airport is getting after a teen stow away trip all the way to hawaii. >> a girl goes to the hospital after a vicious attack by a pit bug. details on the rescue evers to save the girl.
6:00 am
>> new details on embattled nba owner, donald sterling, with espn confirming he is phasing a new battle and is in the hospital. >> 6:00 a.m., and i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the cool down is underway. mike? >> absolutely. live doppler 7 hd shows the fog this way, leyla gulen will show you a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge. quarter-mile visibility at novato and rohnert park to petaluma and novato and around san rafael with fog purring through the northern valley of the north bay and the coast and everyone else is clear to start. we will talk about the day planner, 58 degrees with patchy fog and 69 at noon and hang out in the mid-to-upper 70's and not so warm as year. by 7:00, we are down to 67. you may need a light jacket. inland valleys the fog is to the north, and


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