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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new this morning, massive school plot averted. the 17-year-old in custody. his plot to stage a columbi columbine-like attack at two schools, foiled. detailed plans and an arsenal discovered. how he was stopped. breaking right now. a major battle right now erupting in ukraine. hospitals shot down by pro-russian forces. riot police scared and trapped. barricading themselves against street mobs. the biggest escalation yet. is the next step civil war? home invasion caught on tape. three men dressed as ninjas rob this multi-million dollar mansion. the terrified homeowner with his hands tied behind his back. what the ninja robbers were really after. ♪ it's a party in the usa and the princes' party in the usa. harry pops up poolside in miami.
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william lands at o'hare. he scarfs down nachos. and last night, together for some barbecue in memphis before a big wedding weekend. the two princes, set to shake up the real king's hometown. and good morning, america. happy friday. those princes sure know how to have fun. and, robin, a place you know pretty well. >> my neck of the woods, down south, in memphis, tennessee. rendezvous, oh, the ribs there. they melt in your mouth. >> how are the nachos, robin? >> at o'hare? you'll have to ask william about that one. i can taste the sweet tea, as well. >> that dry rub? >> oh, yeah. >> like the dry? >> i like the wet. hey. oh, hello. someplace to have a rehearsal
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dinner before the lavish wedding for their good friend guy pelly, their good friend, this weekend. >> we're going to get to that in a little bit. this is surprising news. l.a. clippers owner, donald sterling, has actually been fighting cancer. we're going to get to all the morning news, starting with the frightening school attack plot in minnesota. abc pierre thomas has the latest on that right now. good morning. >> reporter: police say the small minnesota town narrowly averted a bombing and shooting spree by a teenager hell bent on destruction. this morning 17-year-old john ladue is in jail. charged thursday with attempted murder and possession of explosive devices. police say ladue was planning on killing his parents and siblings. and then, going to this junior and senior high school in waseca, minnesota, to murder as many of his classmates as possible in cold blood. >> he planned to set off numerous bombs in the lunch hour. kill the school resource officer as he responded to help, set fires and shoot students and staff. he planned to be killed by
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responding law enforcement officers. >> reporter: police say a 180-page journal recovered in his home tuesday laid out his alleged murderous plans in great detail. and also noted his obsession with other mass shooters, including the columbine killers and the virginia tech murderer. according to authorities, the attack had originally been planned for april 20th, the anniversary of the columbine massacre. >> he was preparing. he intended of doing a great amount of harm. >> reporter: they say ladue had been training for the last ten months. setting off practice bombs at this nearby elementary school playground. the tiny town of waseca, population 9,400, stunned. >> i can't believe it. it's shocking completely. i wouldn't have guessed at all. >> reporter: ladue was arrested after someone saw him acting suspiciously at a public storage locker. in that locker and at his home, police allegedly found an arsenal, with an assault rifle, other firearms, and numerous prepared bombs, including a pressure cooker explosive device, similar to what was used by the boston marathon terrorists.
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>> we have escaped what could have been a horrific experience. >> reporter: while this young man was so angry is not yet known. the fbi is now tracking a wave of mass violence. this plot comes on the heels of that terrible stabbing spree in pittsburgh and the recent tragedy at ft. hood. sorchlts >> so fortunate they caught him. pierre, thank you. now, to the latest on the l.a. clippers. we learned overnight that the owner, donald sterling, is battling cancer. this, as the other nba owners take the first steps towards forcing him to sell the team. abc's ryan smith is in los angeles with much more for us this morning. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's been one week since the release of the tape of donald sterling's racist rant heard around the world. and today, the nba inching closer to a vote on his ouster, donald sterling's health in question. and two key figures involved in this situation are clearing the air. overnight, the los angeles clippers, stoic in defeat. >> the warriors stay alive.
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>> reporter: after nearly a week mired in controversy. >> once that game starts and once we go out for warm-ups, it's not an issue. we're not thinking about it. >> i'm past it. i think we're past it as a group, obviously. >> reporter: this, as espn reports this morning the 80-year-old sterling has had prostate cancer for an extended period of time. meanwhile, the nba taking its first steps to possibly end donald sterling's ownership of the team. on thursday, a ten-member committee unanimously agreeing, quote, to move forward as expeditiously as possible and will reconvene next week. and magic johnson, whose picture with sterling's former companion, v. stiviano, triggered his now infamous racist rant -- >> don't put him on an instagram for the world to see. >> reporter: still acting coy on whether or not he wants to buy the team. >> i've been saying no all the time. i think that we'll see what happens. i will be owning an nba team some time. >> reporter: this morning, new
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details emerging about how the bomb shell tapes were released. v. stiviano's attorney telling "the l.a. times" that she gave copies to a handful of friends for safekeeping. saying, quote, one of those friends apparently wanted to make money and sold it to tmz. stiviano, speeding away in this red ferrari, maintaining she did not release those tapes. and remember the los angeles chapter of the naacp who was set to give donald sterling a second lifetime achievement award for promoting civil rights? their president, leon jenkins, resigned yesterday, citing the controversy. we turn to the breaking news in ukraine. the conflict escalating dramatically. the fierce fighting between the government and pro-russian forces. two ukrainian helicopters shot down this morning. and muhammad lila has the story. >> reporter: this morning, at least two ukrainian helicopters, shot down. both pilots dead. the smoke seen for miles. as this ukrainian activist video
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shows, parts of eastern ukraine are now a war zone. russian separatists who have taken control here, responding with force. setting their checkpoints on fire. for weeks, cities and towns have been falling like dominos. armed separatists supported by russia storming in and taking over. this morning, the u.s.-supported ukrainian military finally saying, enough is enough. it all comes in response to this. the anger level here has exploded. we're seeing petrol bombs, tear tear gas, stun grenades. another angry nob of thousands storming the prosecutor's compound yesterday. riot police so terrified, using their own riot shields to barricade themselves in. the mob stripping them of weapons and armor. and parading the police out in shame, one at a time. and now, with today's new violence, it's the most dangerous escalation next. the next step, an all-out civil war. muhammad lila, abc news, eastern ukraine.
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the crisis in ukraine, high on president obama's agenda today. he will be meeting with a key european ally at the white house. jon karl is there right now. the meeting with german chancellor angela merkel, tougher sanctions against putin can't work unless she goes along. >> reporter: that's right. angela merkel is seen as the key player here. that's because germany is the biggest trade partner with russia. germany is russia's largest trading partner with europe. more than twice the entire trade of the united states comes through germany. as one senior official told me just a short while ago, there's no question that economic sanctions are more effective when they're done in coordination with europe. if the united states is going to go forward with another round of broader sanctions against germany -- against russia, germany has got to be there with the u.s. >> there's been a lot of pushback from corporations, both here and in germany. >> reporter: yeah. there's no question about that. germany has been a reluctant partner here. it's not just the corporations that have deep ties with russia. it's also oil and gas. germany gets one-third of its
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oil, one-third of its gas from russia. they have a lot to lose with tougher sanctions. >> thanks very much. we will have more on this sunday on "this week". let's go to amy with today's other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. and we begin with wall street, reacting to nice that the economy is picking up steam. 288,000 jobs created in april, the best in two years, and helped drive down the unemployment rate to 6.3%. the lowest in five years. and more americans dropped out of the labor force. and a terrifying crash in south korea. one train crashed into another, throwing it off the tracks, injuring 170 people. passengers were told to stay inside the train. most of them ignored that order. they forced the doors open to escape. also breaking overnight, two alaska troopers have been shot and killed on duty, including one who appeared on a popular cable tv show, "alaska state troopers." they were investigating reports of a suspect, brandishing a weapon in the remote village of tanana when shots rang out. one person has been detained. but police are not releasing any
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other details about this investigation. and a violent clash at this may day march in seattle. police firing pepper spray at anti-capitalism protesters, who started throwing bottles and bricks and lighting garbage cans on fire. at least nine people have been arrested. and fire crews say half of that wildfire burning east of l.a. is under control. 700 firefighters have been battling this fire in blistering heat with winds hitting 70 miles per hour. and there are new worries about the historic drought. the sierra nevada snowpac that supplies one-third of the water is 82% lower than usual. you can see this year's snowpack on the left, compared to last year's on the right. and scientists now say the average level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is at the highest level in human history. carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas considered most responsible for global warming. a deadly fall at a tourist attraction in hawaii.
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a 20-year-old was killed in a zip line accident on maui. she was working as a guide when she dropped 150 feet. safety advocates are pushing for tighter regulations of the zip line industry. and the camera was rolling as the coast guard rescued two navy pilots who crashed into the gulf of mexico during a training exercise. both men were hoisted into that rescue chopper and were in stable condition. finally, a heartwarming story about a high school senior who asked an older woman to his prom. 70 years older. she's his great-grandmother. delores never went to her own prom. and her great-grandson, austin, knew it would mean the world to her. maybe they didn't dance as fast as the others. but when the song was frank sinatra's "i love the kisses of delores," they got a standing ovation. look at how adorable they are. it's nice to know there are good, decent young men out there who are willing to take their
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great-grandmas to program. i love that. >> i loved hearing the old songs. >> i loved hearing the sighs from the crew. that's a sweet, sweet story. >> heartwarming indeed. thanks so much. we're going to turn to a crisis at some of america's top colleges. 55 schools, including elite universities like harvard and u.c. berkeley, are now being investigated for mishandling sexual assault and harassment complaints. and abc's paula faris is here with all those details for us. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this news, students across the country are preparing to make one of the biggest decisions of their future, which college or university to attend. this morning, college campuses across the country are under pressure. >> i expected my university to support me. not to blame me. >> reporter: named in the report, private and public universities who receive federal funding. and some of the most prestigious. like harvard, michigan, ohio state, southern methodist and cal berkeley. we reached out to many on the list. and they told us they have zero
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tolerance regarding sexual assault, take allegations of misconduct very seriously and are fully complying with the investigation. this announcement, coming on the heels of a white house report stating that as many as one in five female college students are assaulted. >> it does not matter if she initially said yes and changed her mind and said no. no means no. >> it's a crime. it's wrong. >> reporter: these celebrity-filled public service announcements, part of a major push by the obama administration to change the process for sexual assault survivors that they would go through when reporting an attack. >> there's not a rush to provide resources beyond basic reporting and sometimes counselling. >> i challenge every college and university, if they are really serious about protecting students, to conduct anonymous surveys. >> reporter: the vice president, tuesday, revealing that only 13% of college victims report their
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assault to law enforcement or local police. a sobering statistic that gets a failing grade. now, there are sexual assault prevention programs around the country that teach students to intervene when they see potential for a bad situation. it involves turning on the lights, turning off the music, spilling a drink on the aggressor and pulling that female away from the aggressor. again, don't just be a bystander. >> all great suggestions, paula. thanks so much. >> thanks. we're going to turn to a terrifying safety alert for parents. it's a growing problem nationwide. razor blades found planted in the park. this time two boys victims in sbraig, sliced by raisers hiding in the grass. david wright has the story. >> reporter: barefoot in the park? not a good idea near this california playground. >> they stepped on razor blades. >> reporter: cassie's two sons were injured wednesday, in san diego's bonita cove park, by razor blades someone had planted near the playground. >> the 7-year-old was actually embedded in his foot.
7:15 am
paramedics were able to pull the razor blade out. >> reporter: police searching with metal detecters later found at least 19 razor blades had been hidden nearby. >> it's either a sickness or someone has an evil mind. >> reporter: this is the fourth time in a year someone has planted razor blades in this park. and there's been a rash of similar crimes across the country. >> whatever sick and perverted thing you can think of, once it becomes viral, other people will pick up on it and end up copying you. >> when can we go to the park? >> reporter: a month ago, in east moline, illinois, 3-year-old madden was climbing the monkey bars. >> he said ouch. and then he started pleading. or bleeding. >> reporter: his parents found razor blades taped to the bars, the swings and the climbing wall. >> we looked and razor blades were everywhere. >> reporter: in philadelphia, on april fool's day, razor blades found in this playground. luckily, no one was injured. >> i feel sad someone would do that to this nice park. >> reporter: the razor blade cases appear to be unrelated. and authorities won't say if
7:16 am
they're close to catching the culprits. >> it's really bad. >> reporter: spoiling innocent springtime fun with hidden hazards. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> like you at home, we're just shaking our heads. >> absolutely. >> all right. it does. i think we have some music to cue up this next -- the "party in the usa." it's a bit of a british invasion. princes william and harry here in the usa, for a lavish wedding in memphis this weekend. and the brothers got a rock star welcome last night. overnight an off-duty prince harry and his brother, william, welcomed to memphis by screaming fans. the brothers sporting casual at tire, on their way to dinner at the famous barbecue joint, rendezvous. they're in town for guy pelly's wedding on saturday. the englishman marrying elizabeth wilson, the granddaughter of holiday inn's founder, kevin wilson. harry's appearance, following a
7:17 am
trip to miami, where "the new york daily news," obtained this video of the prince chatting at a restaurant. he was seen relaxing by a pool. but it's these images making headlines this morning. people wondering if the newly single prince seen partying at local hot spot wednesday night, liv nightclub, was chatting with a mystery brunette or just hanging out with a family friend. >> harry's trip to miami took everyone by surprise. of course, we all thought he was going straight into memphis. so, when they surfaced, suddenly, twitter went crazy. >> reporter: william had heads turning in terminal 5 at chicago's o'hare airport. while he waited for his connection to memphis, he scarfed down nachos from 51 and chicken wings. guy pelly, whose mother was a friend of princess diana, met the brothers soon after her passing at a horse show in england. pelly, a london nightclub owner organized william's bachelor
7:18 am
party. and was with harry back in las vegas in 2012, when the naked photos of the prince wound up all over. >> guy pelly is by far the most notorious of william and harry's friends. he's one of the biggest characters in the group. he is the court jester. he's the joker. >> reporter: and now, he's getting married. we hear that the wedding will reportedly be held at the memphis hunt and polo club. and the royals and other wedding guests may make a visit to graceland. >> to see the king. >> yes. >> the other king. all right. >> who is at home with prince george? >> a little mom time. >> they had that long trip. >> hopefully they can bring some of those ribs. >> mm. >> rendezvous. >> i'll have to try them. >> and that sweet tea. how about that dramatic video of a road collapse in baltimore? more heavy rain forecast today. ginger is at disney world. she's going to explain that for us later in florida. good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning to you guys. yes. a much nicer scene than where i was standing yesterday, if you recall. that was in baltimore, maryland, in front of that huge landslide. and now, we have the video from when that happened.
7:19 am
look at this. and listen. [ screaming ] and there it goes. we have to get the forecast, though. at least it's going to be dry in the northeast. it is the heavy rain in central florida where i am this weekend, that we'll be seeing pockets of. that's something we'll have to watch out for. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. first, though, the weekend getaways brought to you by king's hawaiian bread.
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good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. check out the fog, the cooling, the marine layer in pars of the bay today. the rest of us get our big cooling tomorrow. not any record heat we just lived through. temperatures in the mid to upper 1960s along the coast in san francisco, low to upper seventy richmond, oakland, low to mid-80s elsewhere, east bay valleys in the 90s. today is the last day, you drop nearly 15 degrees tomorrow. >> now, i heard amy call me gingerella. i'm going to do some dressing up, since i'm at disney. >> very nice. one more. i like that. >> that's so pretty. >> thanks, ginger. >> she will, again. she'll explain why she's there a little bit later. coming up, the oscar pistorius trial set to resume. how the defense plans to move forward with the case. also, dangerous joyride caught on camera by the driver. how police were tipped off.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. we have breaking news in san francisco where firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire that damaged at least two homes in the ingleside heights ocean view neighborhood on bright street between randolph and stanley. a fire started at a home on bright street about an hour ago
7:25 am
and spread to a house next door. there are unconfirmed reports that several people may be injured. breaking news coverage continues on twitter. follow us at abc7 news bay area. how is the traffic, leyla? no word on what streets are blocked from that fire. in the east bay, we have this accident involving a big rig southbound 808 at warren avenue. everything is over to the shoulder, slow and go as you approach warren. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. very heavy fog there, about zero visibility making that drive into san francisco. eric? >> thanks, leyla. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco has that cooler weekend forecast.
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good morning. live doppler 7-hd, some thick fog on 101 around petaluma toward the park and half moon bay at a quarter of a mile. the sea breeze is back, and it is cooling us already. 40s up north, the rest-us in the 50s to 60 in mountain view and antioch. towards the afternoon hours, there it is. you can see the finger of fog that will drop us 6 to 15 degrees today and inland we'll dhey! welcome home!nland we'll hey mom! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. where's my room? right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in!
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t.j.maxx. ♪ candice cameron bure, burning up the ballroom. the former "full house" star has been opening up about her insecurities. and how she's learned to deal with it. a lot more on that coming up. great to have d.j. d-nice here this morning. and a nice crowd outside, as well. >> we're going old-school. that nice crowd that is here this morning. also this morning, this friday morning, the shocking
7:31 am
hit-and-run video shot by a driver on a reckless joyride. it's now being used as evidence against him. and then, the out-of-control realtor caught on camera. one agent turning his client's home into a special love nest, shall we say? we're going the let you know what may be going on behind your back. >> everyone has cameras in their homes these days. also, it's ginger's turn to jump into the "shark tank." we'll give you one hint. it was inspired by her job. >> i love that, and the theme music. that's ahead. we begin this half hour with oscar pistorius. his trial set to resume after a two-week adjournment. the question now is if pistorius' defense team can bounce back from his cross-examination. matt gutman has the story.
7:32 am
>> reporter: pundits have declared oscar pistorius' case all but doomed after he got pummeled in cross-examination last month. >> i killed reeva steenkamp. >> reporter: but this morning, sources close to the defense tell abc news, the heart of their case hasn't even begun. they could have 11 additional witnesses in 2 weeks of testimony. first up, in this south african courtroom, likely a ballistics expert, who could explain pistorius' version of how he shot his girlfriend, the model and reality star, reeva steenkamp, last year. also, expected, a forensic audio expert, likely to convince the judge, that ear witnesses may have mistaken gunshots for cricket bats. and pistorius' scream for a woman's. pistorius has pleaded not guilty and spent the last three weeks recuperating and resting, after the mauling by gerrie nel, who
7:33 am
spent five days sinking his teeth into the blade runner. >> your version is so improbable, it cannot be reasonably possibly true. seeming to trip him up about the night he killed his girlfriend. one of the thing hess did was catch him in inconsistencies that we hadn't heard before. we knew that oscar pistorius fired the four bullets into this door, killing reeva steenkamp inside. but pistorius seemed to change his testimony when grilled by prosecutor nel, saying his gun just went off that night by accident. while nel got pistorius to break down. >> i don't have to look at her picture. i was there. >> reporter: can his defense hold up his story? for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. abc chief legal affairs anchor, dan abram, is here with much more on this. the defense indicating they're just getting started. >> come on. just getting started? this isn't a case about whodunit. he admits he did it.
7:34 am
the most important question is why? all of the other witnesses will be interesting and they're going to be relevant. and the defense hopes they're going to poke some holes in the prosecution's theories, et cetera. but the bottom line is, the heart of this case has happened already. it was oscar pistorius. and the rest of these witnesses, i think, are going to be just additional information the defense hopes lead to reasonable doubt. >> what do they do then? >> the best thing they could have is someone who literally backs up oscar pistorius' account. is there a neighbor, instead of offering an account that helps the prosecution, helps oscar pistorius? a neighbor that believes there were screams is and a cricket bat, as opposed to bullets? it would be useful for them, if there was someone beyond a ballistics expert, who could say yeah. the problem is that's going to be hard to find. >> if they don't have their own ear witnesses.
7:35 am
>> then it's oscar pistorius. the next 11 witnesses or so are going to be there to try to back up his account, with regard to the angle of the bullets and how it happened, et cetera. but it still comes down to his account, right? all of these witnesses are there to bolster his account. and that still becomes the most important point. and if he blew it already, maybe a tough spot for the defense. >> does this break benefit either side? >> i don't think it makes much of a difference. no. >> thanks, dan. we're going to turn to the video of reckless driving. the teen behind the wheel cashing into several cars. and the driver of that video posted it himself, giving all of the evidence they needed to arrest him. abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: watch this moment of impact caught on tape. police say it's a video of a hit-and-run in progress, shot by the driver himself, along state road 44, in new smyrna beach,
7:36 am
florida, monday. the driver, described by police, as robert kelley, documents himself as techno music plays in the background. swerving in and out of traffic, and racing through traffic at speeds excess of the speed limit, finishes his joyride trashing into this sedan. he injured a total of three in collisions. >> very reckless. he acted with an indifference to the general public. >> reporter: police were tipped off to kelley's video after he reportedly posted it to youtube tuesday, from his hospital bed, with the title, me driving like an idiot. >> posting a video of stupid act is consistent with the act itself. >> reporter: this is kelley's honda after the collision. police say he was injured. charlene and her nephew were hit in the crash. she is grateful her newborn baby was not in the car. >> it was by the grace of god he
7:37 am
was not in that video. >> reporter: the video of the crash has since been removed from youtube. police are using the video as key evidence in kelley's arrest, expected later today. >> what we observed on the video raises the level of concern there was illegal substances involved. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> that's horrible. we're going to get the weather from ginger at disney world. and, ginger, you're all dressed up. tell us, what exactly are you? >> i'm a tata bingo girl, obviously, george. all part of the festival of fantasy parade. the new parade and my friends, who are really in the parade. they taught me a couple of their moves. how about the skirt one. just a little push. a little push they say. that's all part of the fun of the new fantasyland that is complete. i have to do a twist before i
7:38 am
show you the weather. let's get to the forecast. that would be out west, where we had the record high temperature of 89 in portland yesterday. yes. that all up and down the west coast, is going to cool down. you see the numbers there. good morning. sea breeze is back, cooler at the coast and san francisco, mid to upper 60s, mid-70s and mid-80s around the bay, hot inland, at least the east bay, 0 today. accuweather seven-day forecast, more cooling tomorrow. >> and all of that weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. you know i'm going to be dressing up. >> what is that move called, ginger? >> what's that move called? the hat tip? i don't know. we have a lot of things going on here. >> you look great. mickey and minilooking down on you. >> don't you love how game she is? >> she's a great sport. we have a lot of material for the christmas party. coming up, realtors gone
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welcome back. it's 7:42. and we continue, now, with some real estate agents caught on tape behaving rather badly.
7:43 am
you give these people the keys to your home. but you can't always trust them. abc's deborah roberts has the story. >> reporter: they've been caught all over the country. >> a real estate agent on house arrest. >> realtor accused of a despicable crime. >> she tried to rip off the people whose home she was hired to sell. >> reporter: pilfering prescription meds in florida. in homes they're supposed to be selling. not all real estate agents are as well-behaved as "modern family's" phil dunphy. rich weiner would discover that the hard way. he caught his realtor behaving badly in one of the most jaw-dropping cases ever. you decided to equip the house with cameras. why? >> we're very security-conscious. so, we always keep on our wired alarm system. we were told by bob, hey. with realtor traffic, you can't
7:44 am
keep that system on because realtors are going to be setting off alarms throughout the neighborhood left and right. >> reporter: so, with the alarm turned off at their realtor's request, but the motion activ e activated cameras turned on, sandy weiner happened to be looking at the live feed of the camera one night. and got the shock of her life. >> she comes racing up the stairs. and she said, the house is being broken into. she calls 911. and the wayne police responded almost immediately. >> reporter: the couple was thoroughly confused. until they hit the rewind button. his realtor had 13 sexual encounters. >> they're looking up at the camera. >> they don't seem to be worried they could be caught. >> not at all. >> reporter: lindsay declined to be interviewed. but his lawyer sent us this statement. saying my client entered their
7:45 am
home on occasion for purposes that were unauthorized. the balance of the weiner's claims are either false or exaggerated. the weiners will see lindsay in court. suing for breach of contract. but you'll never guess where they saw his face recently. it's a sordid saga that's far from over. and tonight on "20/20," we'll tell you what lindsay has to say about all of this. the weiners have learned a valuable lesson looking for real estate agents. you can't just work on reputation. you have to do your homework. you have to talk to people who have used real estate agents. it's your valuable treasured home. >> and turn on a camera. >> that's what people learn, as well. never know what you're going to see. >> just what you don't want to see. >> amazing. you can watch more of deborah's report. it's tonight. "20/20," 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 central. thank you, deborah. >> good to see you, deb. coming up, candice cameron
7:46 am
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> it seemed appropriate. i watched "frozen" for the tenth time with my daughters. we have a "frozen" moment. but this is like you have never seen before. watch when a bunch of marines watches the number one animated film of all-time. ♪ ♪ let it go let it go ♪
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. dozens of firefighters remain at the scene of a fire in the ingleside neighborhood. it started around 6:30 on a house on bright street between randolph and stanley and spread to adjacent homes. two people were take on the hospital to be checked out. update on the morning commute. leyla, is that fire affecting traffic? it is. it is affecting muni light rail southbound avenue holloway, where it's being turned back. and some bhuttle buss are being in its place. everything else running on time. mike? >> we're still tracking some fog, especially along the coast and up in the north bay valleys.
7:57 am
it will be around for the next couple hours. what it's doing is showing us where the sea breeze is and how it's going to drop our temperatures significantly along the oast. 65 there, still 90 inland, fly all over town to find the best deals. that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, bite into a juicy, seedless watermelon. they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99. and start the fiesta. corona is just $11.97 a twelve pack. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. this is d.j. friday, and candace feeling the heat on the dance floor. why her perfection led her to find help. >> and ginger in the shark tank. will she brew up a storm the sharks can't refuse. >> and jeopardy gen use. who is she? the success behind the most success of mom ever. and jaime fox with us as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> hello! yay!
8:01 am
see all these people in times square this morning. great crowd outside and inside with d.j. friday this friday morning. >> playing one of my favorite tunes. getting the weekend going. one of the first concerts i ever went to. barry white. >> oh, come on. >> i'm -- >> robin roberts, we decided to do a mashup with your favorite. ♪ >> oh, lara. [ cheers ] >> yeah! ♪ >> we are asking you one simple question, will you please join us and shake? >> i love the people outside, shaking their groove thing and
8:02 am
moving around outside. that's great. ♪ >> you want to hear the d.j. play this morning, and we have the winning song for you. it is "treasure" by bruno mars. ♪ >> yeah! >> woo! >> love this. >> i'm going with dances. >> you can't mis. it's just good music to get us all ready for the weekend. but speaking of things to treasure -- treasure -- >> they're not going to let you talk. >> that's your alma mater over there. that's penn state over there. got a lot of pride over there. but as i was saying -- ♪ >> i highly -- >> as i was saying -- >> george said he hired them because george knows what's coming up next. he's trying to get them to
8:03 am
distract me. the so-called lost interview posted by george's wife. take a look. >> you used to write jokes, political jokes sometimes. >> i was a bad political joke writer. >> okay. what's the funniest one you ever wrote? >> if i a nickel for something, every time you said something, i'd qualify for one of your tax cuts for the rich. >> hey, you can -- that joke killed them in the 1988 presidential debate. >> wow. wow. >> did -- >> she decided -- she did that interview with me for the daily show. weeks and weeks, and months ago, she didn't run it until yesterday. >> we love you, ali. >> we love the news even more. we begin with encouraging news about the economy. the labor department reporting
8:04 am
288,000 jobs created last month, surpassing wall street's expectations. the unemployment rate is 6.3%, the lowest in five and a half years. but more people dropped out of the labor force, driving down the number. and ukraine appears headed to civil war in the standoff with russia. they fired back today, and the ukrainian troops launched a large-scale attack to take control of the city there. two helicopter pilots were shot down and killed. and averting another school massacre. he was going to kill parents and siblings before a lunch hour killing spree at his high school. they found bombs in his house and in a storage locker. and people watching this, now told it could be 40 days before they're allowed back in their homes.
8:05 am
you seat road took down the poles. no one was injured. the cleanup from the rain in florida and new jersey is only just beginning. damage estimated right now at $100 million in hard-hit pensacola, florida. and more trouble for donald sterling. espn the 80-year-old clippers owner is battling prostate cancer. they will discuss whether to force him to sell the team after the comments. and the naacp head who was going do give him an award resigned overnight. and a man forced to wear a pillow case after thieves dressed adds ninjas broke in. and one was wearing a hat to taunt him. they were not injured, but they took off with valuables and a car and remain on the run. and finally a breath-taking
8:06 am
image defoiing the old adage that seeing is believing. it's a hiker with you think nerves of steel in glenn canyon, utah. but take another look, it's an optical illusion. he's really walking along the edge of water that's so still it's perfectly reflecting the canyon wall behind it. the picture was among the winners of a photo contest sponsored by the national park foundation. that is stunning. >> stunning. >> that looks great. >> i don't know about that. >> thank you. now weather from ginger down in disney world. have a friend there. >> hey, there. yes, this is dopey. i'm happy and sleepy. playing those parts this morning. and all of the beautiful people filling in this magical morning here. take you back. we're with dopey for a reason, he's got a new place to work in this the mine. this is a new attraction that
8:07 am
will be coming out at a later to be determined date. we give you a sneak peek. we start in minnesota, if you remember last year, i was there for the ice heave. it happened again in some parts of the lake. it's damaging ice that crawls up towards houses and docks, they all get wrecked. that's the tough part about the ice. and the northeast, a decent one. the showers good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. check out the fog, the cooling, the marine layer in pars of the bay today. the rest of us get our big cooling tomorrow. not any record heat we just lived through. temperatures in the mid to upper 1960s along the coast in san francisco, low to upper seventy richmond, oakland, low to mid-80s elsewhere, east bay valleys in the 90s. today is the last day, you drop nearly 15 degrees tomorrow.
8:08 am
>> a nice and muggy morning here. we get to go inside the new fantasyland. coming up. lara? >> looking forward to that, ginger. here's what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," jason priestly dishing on what really went on behind the scenes on "beverly hills 90210." also, a scary reality. just how much fat the average american is eating. look at all that butter. how you can slash some of that at your favorite restaurants. and ginger, about to dive head-first into the "shark tank." putting her big idea to the test. all that coming up on this friday edition of "good morning america." i may not have the words to thank you for everything you've done for me -
8:09 am
the sacrifices you've made, the love and care you've given... but no matter what, you'll always have my respect, my gratitude and most especially, my love. happy mother's day.
8:10 am
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because we build education around where you want to go. so, you know, you can get the job you want. ready, let's get to work. ♪ d.j. d-nice, bringing in friday in the nicest way. >> and the penn state chorus. >> yeah. a lot of nittany lions in the house. we are. that's right. "pop news." i got them going again, robin. all right, gang. here we go. "pop news." things got scandalous at the white house yesterday, when president fitzgerald grant,
8:14 am
a.k.a. tony goldwyn, found himself in the real oval office. he tweeted this photo. #fauxpotus. and another picture with jay carney. a lot of the "scandal" cast will be in washington this weekend, for the white house correspondents' dinner. we're looking forward to heading down, as well. good times. and jason priestly also in "pop news" this morning. he played brendan walsh on "beverly hills 90210." and he's dishing in a new memoir, sharing the drama that went on when the cameras weren't rolling. priestly said he invited tori spelling to his wedding. she sold the invitation at a yard sale. >> really? >> that's not true. >> that's in the new book. he's coming on the show next week. we have to ask him about this. he reveals, he was roommates with brad pitt. and he says, in the book, that brad could go the longest without showering. >> i did not need to know that. i did not need to know that. >> that and more coming as his memoir hits shelves may 6th.
8:15 am
we'll ask him about those things on "gma" next week. >> so much to ask him. >> have to open up the schedule. >> apparently so. >> i love that. finally, speaking of yard sales. it's friday. a great day to get out there and dig around, all over the country. i found a couple of good ones for you. how about diane keaton. the oscar winner hosting an online yard sale. 260 of her own items. including that teapot, this lamp shade. and skunk lawn ornaments, george. and this mural. >> kind of cool. oh. >> and those shoes. those shoes -- slow down. slow down. i didn't get to this one. this stuff is for another yard sale being held by gwyneth paltrow and her friends on beyonce donated shoes. they're coming fast and furiously.
8:16 am
the boots, the dress -- there they are. those were beyonce's. this was miranda kerr's. and this dress -- this bag. i'm just all over. >> the bag that gwyneth owned. >> thanks very much. all of the proceeds go to help public school teachers for unique classroom projects. happy hunting, everybody. >> this is why you break for yard sales. >> and i -- and i -- what do you do when you go online? i surf for yard sales, george. thank you. my gosh. i have to take a nap. >> no more coffee for lara. we're cutting her off from the caffeine. all right, now. the latest drama from "dancing with the stars," steaming up our "heat index." candice cameron bure is holding her own against the tough competition. but the pressure is mounting. and candace is doing her best to cope. she opened up to our cameron mathison about her anxiety.
8:17 am
>> reporter: it's been a rough road for candace cameron bure, with this season's "dancing with the stars." struggling to stay in the top tier against fierce competition. >> i can see, it's like a switch going on and off. and i can see yourself almost stopping yourself. don't do that. >> i just started to get in my head. thinking, like, i'm not as good as everyone. and you start doubting yourself. the nervousness and my anxiety has built up each week. and it's got -- it was so bad. i felt like i was just cracking under the pressure. >> reporter: on monday night, she revealed she needed to seek help. she and partner, mark ballas, went to see sports psychologist dr. jenn berman. >> do you have the perfectionistic kind of traits? >> when it comes to my performance, i think i am a perfectionist. i feel like i let him down. >> reporter: it's a sentiment many women and moms everywhere can relate to. >> there's a lot of moms out there who are perfectionists.
8:18 am
and i think it's really important to work on being more gentle with yourself. >> reporter: perfectionism came up within that anxiety. >> i think i felt like when i wasn't performing at my best, i was not only letting myself down, but i felt like i was letting my partner down. i don't like disappointing people. >> reporter: feeling the pressure of "dancing with the stars," and as a wife and mom of three children, bure struggles with balancing all of the emotions. >> being able to share that, if you feel those pressures, whether it's sharing it with your husband or a girlfriend or family, just, you know, none of us are perfect. we all know that. but i think it's important that everyone deals with those insecurities in the way that makes them feel comfortable. >> reporter: bure then made her comeback of the season monday night. impressing the judges with her argentine tango. >> now, we're in business. >> i was deep breathing before the show.
8:19 am
i was reminding myself, i can do this. i know my choreography. >> reporter: so, how is candace going to be this monday night? >> well, i think it will be just like last monday. i felt really good about that performance. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> you can see candace's next performance on "dancing with the stars," monday night, 8:00, 7:00 central, right here on abc. it's getting down to the nitty-gritty. a lot of other topics burning up our "heat index" this morning. and remember the oscar selfie ellen had? it's the most seen selfie of all-time. trying to re-create it is not a good idea if you're graduating from a couple of colleges. university of south florida, or rhode island's bryan university. they've asked students not to do selfies when they're walking up on stage to get the diploma. it's taking way too much time. it's interfering with the decorum. you can do it anywhere else. you can do it in your seats.
8:20 am
just not when you're running up on the stage. >> if you don't take a picture of it, it didn't happen, george. >> you have to do it yourself. >> that's the way young people think these days. must document everything or it didn't happen. >> it's so true. >> enjoy the moment. enjoy the moment. >> another college is saying, yes. you're right. a college in wisconsin is setting up a selfie booth. >> a booth? >> yeah. >> control it. >> and on twitter and instagram. i think you're right. controlled is okay. you don't want to keep everybody else in that line, though. >> yeah. >> that's what people are buzzing about. also this -- "jeopardy!" wonder woman. julia collins becoming the most successful female on "jeopardy!" ever. winning her ninth-consecutive game on thursday night's episode. she has now collected more than $200,000. >> that will pay for some tuition. >> it will. i don't know about there. but prior to that, the streak
8:21 am
for the number of games a woman had won in a row was seven. and she live tweets during the show, posing a question last night that we all want to know. can she make it to another episode? we'll see. >> good for her. >> yeah. and this is also big out there right now. it's the latest craze. it's called the finger trap test. this trend first started making waves on the -- the finger trap test. it's the chinese version of facebook. you take your index finger touch it to your children chin and your nose, and see if your lips reach your index finger. and if they do, supposedly, please, i say supposedly, that means you're quote/unquote beautiful. >> your finger. >> basically, if your chin cut juts out, you're not beautiful. >> you can see, these pictures, they're -- >> i think that's humiliating. >> i do, too.
8:22 am
a lot of people are talking about it. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and it's within. agreed. so, finger trap test. phooey. >> finger down. there's a famous female who knows beauty is on the inside. amal alamuddin. did i say that right? i always want to say her name incorrectly. she is getting praise for putting her brains first. and there was an open letter that was recently published on "the new york post" that went viral. it's the number two story on the site. it notes that george clooney's fiancee established herself first, as an accomplished human rights lawyer, before -- if she was focusing on finding a mate. the author of the letter calling alamuddin, a fantastic rebuke. you remember that famous prison princeton mom letter that said girls should get their degree, otherwise they wouldn't meet their match, which is a terrible
8:23 am
message to send to woman. i pause at the thought of focusing to find a mate. when it happens, it happens. and you focus on yourself. you educate yourself. you improve yourself. and then, they come. you build it, they will come. right? >> that's very attractive, when you're a confident -- you do what you love and you're spiritually fulfilled within. >> and i hadn't thought about the george clooney engagement that way. but that's a nice way to look at it. >> she actually turned him down a couple times. >> oh. >> see there? yes. >> i don't know if it's true. >> i wonder if he's ever been turned down before. >> i'm going to go with no. >> yeah. >> that's why she's the won. >> the first one. >> does anybody else think she looks like anne hathaway? >> she does a little bit. >> a lot of people talking about that, online, as well. >> are you coming with me? >> i'm with you, girl. >> where are you going now? dave zinczenko, how to fight the fat. and we have all that butter out there. we'll explain. we're walking out to dave
8:24 am
zinczenko. [ cheers ] >> if you're eating out this weekend -- [ cheers ] you might be surprised how much fat is in your favorite menu items. [ cheers ] >> -- should come from fat. many restaurants' the dishes blow right past the recommendations. so, there he is. dave zinczenko. you are our guru. and always tell us how to "eat it to beat it." >> we basically are eating 85 1/2 pounds of butter a year. yes. this whole cart wagon right here. this wagon cart. 1 person, 85 1/2 pounds.
8:25 am
and saturated fat is the most likely to end up as belly fat. lose the saturated fat, lose the belly. >> i like that. >> we're starting here. we're at outback steak house. you get the wings. outback says it's four servings. for what? four smurfs? it ends up being over 2,100 calories and 180 grams of fat. let's look at the equivalent of that. that's the equivalent of 15 cheeseburgers. 15 cheeseburgers. when you're at outback, get the grilled shrimp on the barbie. this is supposed to be two servings. but only 325 calories still, for the 2. and you're saving 1,832 calories and 160 grams of fat. don't go for the wings, unless you want to be a voting member in opec. too much oil. >> nicely done. what's the problem here? >> the problem here, at chili's. a quesadilla explosion salad.
8:26 am
but it's an explosion of oil and two different dressings here. you have the citrus balsamic. and the chipotle ranch. and it is the equivalent, right here, of 14 tacos. 14 tacos. >> think about that next time you order that. >> instead, get the six-ounce sirloin. only 250 calories. and we end up saving 1,180 calories. >> and finally, dessert. >> this is the tgi friday's tennessee whiskey cake. you're going to need shots after this. i'm going to tell you. it's 1,270 calories. that's equivalent to a dozen twinkies. >> on both of them? instead, order -- oreo sandwich. save a lot.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. we continue with this morning's breaking news in san francisco where firefighters are on the scene of a three-aarm fire that damaged four homes now in the ingleside heights ocean view neighborhood. fire started in a home on bright near randolph street about two hours ago and spread to three other homes. no word yet on the cause of the fire. two people had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. they are expected to be okay. our breaking news coverage continues now on twitter. follow us @abc7newsbayarea. an update on the morning commute. leyla? >> that fire is impacting traffic. in fact, it's impacting muni, light rail, a big turnback southbound at 19th avenue at holloway. shuttle buses will be put in its place. down the peninsula, this new accident involving a limousine
8:28 am
is northbound along 101 at woodside road, a lane blocked, 21 miles per hour heading out of palo alto. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco and the bay area forecast. s you don't wo fly all over town to find the best deals.
8:29 am
that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, bite into a juicy, seedless watermelon. they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99. and start the fiesta. corona is just $11.97 a twelve pack. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. good morning. still tracking low clouds along the coast, three-quarter visibility there. the sea breeze is back and cooler weather for some of us today but not all of us. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, off our morning lows. you can see the clouds cascading over the marine head lands.
8:30 am
inland, the smallest drop, 6 degrees. accuweathe ♪ good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> the sharks. see that? the sharks are circling this morning. oh. be afraid. be very afraid. and that is why our crew is up for an emmy nomination. that kind of work like that, with the sharks. that was a nice, nice touch. plenty of folks in times square. excited to see ginger go into the "shark tank." see how she compares to you. compares to you. yes. with both of your inventions. that's coming up. it's also great to have d.j. d-nice here this friday for a deejay friday.
8:31 am
getting ready for the weekend. >> great music. great guests. jamie foxx with us. he's the supervillain in the new "spider-man" movie. there he is. hey, jamie. now, it's time to take the plunge. hey, jamie. our "gma" swims with the sharks series. all of us are taking a chance and going before the expert entrepreneurs of the hit abc show, "shark tank," to pick an original idea for a product. george went first with the -- >> dad-tionary. >> the dad-tionary, which is an app to help you -- >> translates kidspeak. >> there you go. there you go. and you got a final score, 16 from the sharks. not bad. not bad. amy, you with your dog. >> my paw pit stop mat. much notably lower scores than george. >> a 13. 13. that's not bad. >> yeah. >> keeping track on our leaderboard. and, lara, you go next week. >> yeah. next friday, maybe. but ginger. >> ginger is right now.
8:32 am
she will join the ranks. she is down there in florida, to kick it off. how did it go, ginger? >> oh, robin. they're not the easiest group to go in with. and i've been dreaming of this idea for years. but it is a whole other deal to dive in with the sharks. >> meet the sharks. mark cuban, entrepreneur, media mogul and owner of the dallas mavericks. barbara corcoran, real estate mogul. kevin o'leary, venture capitalist and software mogul. lori greiner, entrepreneur, queen of qvc and author of "invent it, sell it, bank it." daymond john, founder and ceo of fubu, fashion and branding mogul. next into the tank, meteorologist ginger zee, with an innovative idea to stay warm. >> facing tornadoes and riding
8:33 am
out storms is my passion. and my day job leaves me in every condition imaginable. but the one thing i just can't get used to is being cold. nothing keeps me warm. believe me. i've tried. everything. i use a lot of these. little hot pockets. you've seen them before. i line my jackets with them. and i use them all over. they keep me warm. but it doesn't help on my fingers and my toes. so, we need to figure something else out. it's cold out here, isn't it? yes. safety goggles on. this is going to take some research. so, my friend, science guy bob, shows me a cool example when really cold meets really hot. nitrogen cloud. >> got a little on you there. >> we can't get that extreme for my product. but let's look at some ways where we can create heat. >> take that 9 volt battery and touch it along the bottom here. and you'll see rapid oxidation. probably not the solution for
8:34 am
your gloves. >> with new technology on the horizon and a little more research, i'm really close to bringing the heat to my chilly fingers and toes when i have to be out here. get ready for my fiery idea. it's such an honor to be with you. this is all-mine. all of the technology. all of the heat that is possible. and it works for parts of the body. but even after all this, my fingers and toes are still cold. there's a lot of people out there like me, not just crazy meteorologists. this stuff doesn't work for us. the people who go to games. the construction workers. >> there has got to be a better way. >> and i call it fiery filanges. that's right. each of these little things fitting over fingertips and on the tops of toes. you're probably saying. and i'm going to bring a couple over to you, so you can get an idea of what's happening here. >> don't they have the hand pockets, the toe warmers and all
8:35 am
that? >> correct. i've used those. a lot of them. every time i do that, i end up, still, taking the inside of my gloves, taking my fingers out and holding on because they don't warm the parts that need it. my fiery filanges are water-resistant. they're well-made. you wear it once. nearly weightless. and of course, the most important, warmth. you can put iron inside of here, and it's wrapped in plastic. the second you open them up, the oxygen makes them rust. that process makes heat. and those can last up to eight hours. >> i think this is a great idea to put right over your toes. that's what really gets frozen. >> i want slippers made out of this. >> you should improve the name. >> there you go, with the marketing. >> she's right this time. >> she's always talking about marketing. >> i'm not talking to you, little man. i just want to say -- >> oh. just wait until halfway during the pitch. and you start talking about marketing. >> i was talking to lori, the only other smart person on the set, i was asking her, what does filanges?
8:36 am
and she explained it to me, it means fingers and toes. i think you should change it to fire fingers. everybody would get it if it was for the fingers and something else for the toes. >> because barbara doesn't know that, she normally needs a speak and spell when people walk up and pitch things. that doesn't mean it's a bad name. >> now, sharks, please. i think it's time to rate this. >> now, the sharks will score the idea from 1 to 5. >> the idea, itself, i think is great. you're solving a very specific need. you're doing it in an original manner. but as an idea, it's a 4. >> everybody needs something to keep their hands warm and their feet warm, it has great potential. 4. >> thank you. >> i think it would find a market almost immediately. i'm going to give it a 4-plus because i'm a wonderful guy. >> yes, you are. >> i'm going to give it a 4-plus-plus. >> i'm going to give it a 4. i'm smarter than barbara, i gave it a 4.5. >> that's different than a plus-plus, right. >> exactly. >> thank you. thank you. >> congratulations, ginger. >> good idea.
8:37 am
>> they were nice. it was -- i think a great idea. they thought it was a great idea. we just have a little work yet to do. and hopefully, we can have it. >> way to go. that was good. >> ginger, that's awesome. >> way to go, ginger. >> fiery filanges. >> i didn't know what phalanges were. >> those were really fantastic. >> are you feeling good about your chances, ginger? >> i'm feeling great. i know that both of you did very well. but, you know? i was happy with the results. it is an idea. has a long way to go. i would keep the name. phalanges is the one word i remember from anatomy class. >> a final score of 20.5 for the fiery filanges.
8:38 am
really cashed in with the extra half point. >> ginger the front-runner, with the score 20.5. on fire. >> no pun intended. >> we still have lara and robin coming up. >> way to go. >> here we go. way to go, ginger. i love the idea. i think it's always great when you speak from your heart. when you go for something that you're so passionate about. i want them. that's a great idea. we want to know what you think, as well. when you've seen all of the products, you get to vote for which you like the most, on behalf of the winners, our sponsor, dell, will donate $20,000 to two nonprofits that help small businesses and entrepreneurs. it is a pleasure to do that and to give back. >> you should weigh in on our "gma" facebook page and like our product ideas. just saying, the paw pit stop is racking up over 4,000 likes this week. i have to get something from
8:39 am
somewhere because the judges didn't give it to me. >> a lot of dog lovers out there. and right here, too. and lara and i will soon have our moments with the sharks. we want to thank our friends at "fast company." editor in chief rob stephan, who helps us get ready for the sharks. and look at this, something really cool coming up tonight. >> tonight, finally, the sharks tell all. what was the best pitch ever? >> he's going to be rich. >> and the worst pitch. >> horrible. >> hated it. >> and which entrepreneur turned into the richest of them all? tonight, we'll reveal who. and what do the sharks think about each other? >> ever wonder why all of the sharks are such jerks. >> nothing personal, robert. >> it is personal. but i don't care. >> barbara, you used to be a cougar. >> tonight, at a special time. >> jump inside the "shark tank." >> if you dare. >> go "swimming with sharks," at 8:00, 7:00 central, followed by a new "shark tank." >> that big special tonight. >> we got to look behind the scenes. get into the tank with them. let's go back down to ginger.
8:40 am
she's in disney world for a final check of the weather. >> thank you so much. i don't need fiery filanges here at disney today. in the 80s. we have the muggy stuff out here. you know where else it's going to be warming up, the midwest. we've had a cool end to the workweek. but for the weekend, it will be warmer. some of the numbers, like kansas city, going up to 83, by the time we see our sunday. dallas gets into the 90s. even chicago peaks into the mid 60s. denver, you're going to warm into the 80s, too. the weekend highlights, not too terrible in the east. dry and warming in the center. and a little cooler and certainly wetter up in the pacific northwest. good morning. sea breeze is back, cooler at the coast and san francisco, mid to upper 60s, mid-70s and mid-80s around the bay, hot inland, at least the east bay, 0 today. accuweather seven-day forecast, more cooling tomorrow. >> all that weather, brought to you by the university of phoenix.
8:41 am
and, george, coming up, hi-ho. it's off to work we go. ready to see the seven dwarfs. that's not all. jamie foxx is up next. he's talking about "the amazing spider-man 2." a little "star wars" surprise. the cast announced this week. the movie's not out until 2015. but right now, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the series "star wars rebels" on disney xd. take a look. >> now. >> i have encountered a rebel camp. >> what happened down there? >> the force is strong with ezra. >> sounds like someone i used to know. >> focus your fire on -- on the jedi.
8:42 am
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to say jamie foxx's performance in "the amazing spider-man 2" was electric, would be an understatement. and we're not just talking about his character, electro. jamie also plays max dillon, who is a sad sack. his life gets saved and changed by spider-man. take a look. >> i'm going to be right back. heads up. coming down. okay. there you go. are you okay?
8:45 am
will you all right? >> just fine. this is pretty important, max. >> how do you know my name? >> it's written on your badge. >> i'm a nobody. >> you're not a nobody. you're a somebody. listen to me. i'm going to need you. you're my eyes and ears out here. all right? >> all right. >> it's great to have jamie foxx with us. max was a villain waiting to happen, on one hand. but on the other hand, it's really heartbreaking because he just wants to be noticed. >> what i know about the spider-man franchises, all of the villains don't start out as evil characters. they start out as good guys. max is a very interesting guy. you see the combover. i told my sister, i'm going to be the first black man with a combover. >> you did it. >> and basically, max is what i would look like without makeup. >> that's without all of the hair and makeup. that's what you look like in the morning, right? he didn't really turn evil until he felt betrayed. >> he thought he and spider-man were best friends, in his head.
8:46 am
celebrating birthdays, turning up. and when he sees spider-man and it doesn't go his way, and people see this bluish character, he chooses the other side. >> you had to go to great lengths to look like that. that was a few hours in the makeup chair. >> about 4 1/2 hours in the makeup chair, getting painted blue. and it helps with the character. once you get the blue makeup on, the voice started to change. you start to feel it. >> i like that. what's it like being a bad guy? >> that's the thing. being able to play the bad guy is actually a thing. you are going to play the bad guy in the movie. >> it's kind of fun, isn't it? >> it's kind of fun because you get a chance to color outside the lines. we lie a lot in hollywood about genuine moments. oh, it was great. the clouds and it was raining. but in this, when i saw andrew garfield in his outfit and me in my outfit, it was like, wow, man. we get a chance to live out our childhood dreams. >> you actually don't like
8:47 am
spiders. in fact, you had a bad experience with one in real life? >> i'm driving in my car. and i live in the country. and there's a spider in my car. 24-car pileup. >> right. you said you have those genuine moments. >> it was great. >> before you took the role, you got some advice from your daughter. >> she's having a birthday. 4 years old. she's in a spider-man jumper in the bouncy house. and we get the call. i'm going to be in "spider-man." what do you mean you're going to be in spider-man? i'm playing the villain. she said, spider-man is going to kick your butt? yeah, he is. we got a chance to go to the makeup place. she dpot got to put on her spider-man costume. she was on the set, as well. so, her sitting on my knee. her spider-man. he as electro. >> it's a fantastic movie. you're a great villain. "the amazing spider-man 2" opens nationwide, today. and it is deejay friday. d.j. d-nice, rocking us into the
8:48 am
weekend. and coming up, ginger gives us a sneak peek of a brand-new ride at disney world. fyou know what? yogurt.n't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
8:49 am
... desk... you know what? yogurt.n't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
8:50 am
♪ welcome back. we're here with all seven dwarfs, in front of their cottage, because they have a brand-new ride here at disney world. and we have breaking news here at disney. it starts may 28th to the public. and i got a sneak peek, among so many other things. check it out. >> it's a new kind of magic at the walt disney world resort. this is where and how the magic begins. that blue thing on my wrist. that's my magic band. it's like a magic wand that lets you do just about anything. from getting me on rides at soaring speed. hi. to helping me pick up a few
8:51 am
souvenirs. one for george. one for robin. lara, you will look good in this one. amy gets princess. michael, one for you. and -- perfect. it's minnie the bride, for me. and this is like a credit card. i did it. i used it to meet my favorite cold weather-inspired princesses. anna and elsa. >> so nice to see you. >> let's talk forecasts. that's what i do. cold. >> i promise i had nothing to do with that. >> i do like cold weather. >> people blame me a lot for the weather. but -- ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> reporter: okay. back to a different kind of fantasyland, one that has an extended look and new ride. the seven dwarfs' mine train. we got a sneak peek.
8:52 am
all of its dazzling glory, brought to life before my very eyes. a few hi-hoes later. good morning, america. >> i think it's one of the most beautiful attractions our imagineers ever created. it's going to remind them about everything they loved about the film. it's going to give them just enough thrills, just enough surprise. ♪ hi-ho it's home from work we go ♪ >> reporter: finally, i had to get into that new festival of fantasy parade, with larger-than-life floats unlike anything i had ever seen. a land of fantasy, growing bigger and helping our imaginations grow bigger every year. so, it is tough not to find magic here at disney. and i've got my band on, with my little trinkets, too. and we have everyone in the audience with one of the magic bands. it helps with convenience. it lets you plan your trip ahead of time and get in as quickly and fun as you can have here at the park. it allows for all that.
8:53 am
right, dopey? yeah. absolutely. we're really having a great time. i think we're going to go ride before we do this. that and so much more coming up. "good morning america" is going nowhere. stay with us.
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8:56 am
great job to ginger there in disney world. and, ginger, get back safely. we also want to thank d.j. d-nice. and we want to thank dave zinczenko for all of those restaurant ideas. we reached out to the restaurants. they offer a variety of options so they're customers can make an informed choice. >> lara, congratulations. an emmy nomination for the work you did on the disney parks christmas parade. >> everybody, have a great weekend. tgif.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. san francisco firefighters are looking into the cause of a fire that burned four homes in the ocean view neighborhood this morning. the fire on bright street sent two people to the hospital and left about a dozen people homeless. an update on traffic. here's leyla. it's still affecting muni southbound light rail still held back, turned back at 19th avenue and holloway. shuttle buses have been put in place. mike? let's talk about this heat wave that is finally over except for in the east bay valleys where we could get90. about 15 degrees cooler today in san francisco at 69 degrees. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling sea breeze will topple the east bay hills and move into theese tomorrow. you drop about 15 degrees.
9:00 am
temperatures close to average sunday through thursday but no rain. thank you very much. join us for announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "the amazing spider-man 2," the electrifying jamie foxx. and straight from broadway, tony award-winning actress idina menzel. and your comments and questions on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." now, leer kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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