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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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scover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. >> good morning, i'm katie marzullo. good to have you with us on this early saturday a look from our exploratorium camera you can see the clouds. some of them making wear into the livermore valley. temperatures mainly in the 50s. livermore at 53 with a partly cloudy sky. and the plan for the rest of the
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morning you can see the fog all wait to our east bay valleys but it quickly retreats. by about 10:00 this morning you are sunny in most of the east bay, but fog hangs on into fremont. some sunshine in san jose by midmorning and then we will look at temperatures mainly coolest here along the coast. in fact with the gusty wind. so the spread from the 50s to the low 70s. more details about your weekend cool down coming up. katie. >> thank you, lisa. in developing news, abc7 news was the first to break this news on twitter. stowaway that survived the flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet is no longer in hawaii. this is according to an official of the hawaii department human services. the 15-year-old is no longer in hawaii. the official did not say where the teen was going or who he might be with, only that he is safe. we do know he is not with his dad.
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our media partner reports hawaiian officials have denied the father's request to see his son and bring him back home. >> also right now breaking news out of oakland this morning where a house fire has claim the life of a woman. firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. to find a house on parker avenue in flames. the woman was the only person inside the four-bedroom home. it took firefighters less than a half-hour to get the flames under control. damage is estimated at $150,000. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal is telling her side of the story. v. stiviano talked to barbara walters. she said the man who is band from the nba for life is not a racist. >> for a week she's been seen and not heard. now the woman at the center of
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the los angeles clippers controversy, v. stiviano, is speaking exclusively with apc news barbara walter. >> ms. stiviano, you just left donald sterling. what is his state of mind right now? >> confused. i think he feels very alone. >> you do not consider him a racist? >> no. >> do you think he should apologize? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will apologize. >> only god knows. >> the woman who recorded team owner donald sterling's infamous racist rant, coming to his defense, insisting they had a professional relationship. >> i became part of mr. sterling's team. i became someone who protected him, someone who took care of him. >> sterling is also breaking his silence, talking to a magazine about stiviano, he said i wish i would have just paid her off. he's been kicked out of the game, benched for his comments about african americans. >> don't those remarks sound racist to you? >> i think when he said is not
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-- i think the things he said are not what he feels. >> the nba already banned sterling for life and find him $2.5 million. now the league is taking steps to force a sale of the team. after a week mired in controversy, the players are ready to move on. >> i'm tired of it. i think we are past it as a group. >> tonight the clippers will try to move forward as we get back to business. facing off against the golden state warriors on their home court. it's game 7. mary bruce, abc news, los angeles. >> for more on barbara walters exclusive interview, go to our website a young child is recovering after falling from a second story window in venetia. it happened just before 9:00 last night at the family's home on brentwood drive near larken drive. a few blocks away a helicopter landed on hastings drive to airlift the child to the hospital. firefighters say the three-year-old has head injuries, but should survive.
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it is called the hook-up truck and it's exactly when it sounds like. a place for people to, well, hook up. the truck tried to crash oakland's first of street event, we were there for the debut. >> the hookup truck wasn't allowed anywhere near first friday's street event. >> they said oh, no, you are the hookup truck. we were told you are not allowed to come in here. >> organizers said they never received an application >> we were full long before they came so they couldn't come because other people had already come. >> the idea comes from a conversation about a friend using mobile apps to hook up >> so we thought wouldn't that be funny if we made a mobile room and had it for people to meet in? >> she wouldn't show us the room she said that would spoil the secret to her business. as a venture the san francisco department of health says they have never signed off on this.
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same goes for the city tax collector. right now they said they are not a business because they are not charging. so for now it all plays into her other aim, social commentary about sex, art and money. >> the root and core of this is i am mocking that. i am mocking that. all these people with their money buying things. >> so far there's quite a bit of curiosity but not much information about what is inside the room. the first visitors had no comment. abc7 news. >> new details about a deadly san jose crash. police say a driver ran a red light, clipped another vehicle and then hit a light pole on north first street just before 4:00 p.m. yesterday. the female passenger in the car died. the driver is in serious condition. none of the tour people in the other vehicle was injured. happening today, a vigil is being held in memory of an oakland man who was killed in a hit-and-run a week ago. oakland police are offering a
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$10,000 reward lead to go the arrest of the driver. this is cell phone video on the scene from telegraph avenue at 50th street. vigil organizers say the still unidentified victim was disabled and would meet his friends every morning at a local coffee shop. the vigil will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the site of the hit-and-run. protesters will be in newark to call for action to help kidnapped girls in nigeria. it's gaining local tracks with the slogan "bring back our girls" and it's creating on social media as well. the protest is at noon today an cedar boulevard. east bay police are cracking down on message parlor they say are really fronts for sex and more. a six month investigation ends in the' rests, seizure of guns, money and cash and closer of 13 message parlors.
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we report from san lorenzo >> not according to the almeda county district attorney who said maiden message in this shopping center was one of 13 east bay brothels busted. next door they heard the police storm them. >> they were yelling about the first warrant. i thought i heard them say someone was nude. >> other employees in the shopping center say the arrests were not surprising at all. >> it was so obvious what was happening in there. >> what were you seeing? the women coming in. >> the district attorney said the operation that involved 400 officers was triggered by community complaints. >> what we've been able to accomplish today is to attack these businesses in an innovative and comprehensive manner. >> the d.a. arrested 18 people. they seized their property and assets, shut down their businesses and charged them with money laundering, tax evasion and labor violations.
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human trafficking charges could be added after the interviews with 50 women found. those women won't be charged. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. a federal jury has reached a verdict in a month-long legal fight between the two giants of the cell phone industry. apple and samsung over technology theft. yesterday a federal jury awarded apple $119 million after finding samsung had copied patented i-phone technology to build their galaxy s3 smart phone, but they also found apple in fridged on one of samsung's patents. samsung was awarded $158 million. and samsung stole the slide to lock feature which they say is patented. >> in this case i think it was a win for samsung because it wasn't overwhelmingly in favor of apple. samsung is getting money. they aren't paying as much as they should have. >> jurors are ordered to
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return to court monday on another matter which could lead to a higher pay out for apple. >> 6:10 right now. lisa argen is here and coming up with the cooler forecast. >> it is. a much narrow range of higher temperatures today. the numbers coming way down in our east bay valley. here's a look at emeryville with the clouds around in the low 50s to 60s today for you in berkeley. oakley, emeryville. we will have a look at the rest of the bay and the weekend and the week ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. ahead, too popular for their own good. why a north bay business may have to move for being too success if you. and the northern california horse that's favored to win the kentucky derby. the strange road for the
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>> welcome back. a sausalito business has become a victim of its own success. the kayiak and paddleboard rental company is being kicked out of schumacher beach in large because it is attracting too many people. abc7 news reporter lilian kim has the details. >> since 1982 sea trek has been renting out kayaks from the beach in sausalito. the business didn't really start taking off until a couple years ago when it began offering paddle boards. rick is the owner. >> i'm thrilled that people have discovered that this is the way to get out on the bay, not to be in their yachts, not to be in their motor boats.
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>> never the less, the people who manage the beach want sea trek out and decided not to renew their lease. they said they are making parking worse and there's a liability. >> i think we have concerns with the huge increase the liability concerns outweigh the benefits right now. >> we can figure out how to work with the marina to lessen our footprint. we are willing to do anything that is reasonable. >> but the marina isn't interested. sea trek is working on a backup plan, an area at the foot of locust street, but that needs approval in multiple government agencies. right now their future is up in the air. bad news for the customers and the residents. >> it's a shame. it's part of the community so there are a lot of people would love to enjoy the water and love to kayak and paddleboard. >> it's a great spot because it is protected so you can try paddleboarding until you get comfortable and then go out and paddleboard around the bay. >> sea trek's lease is up may 31st. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> today a couple is putting all their dreams into a chestnut
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colt in the hopes he will win the derby. we have a live look at church hill downs where california chrome is the favorite win the run for the rows. we talk with the owners about their very strange road to the derby. >> and california chrome is absolutely sensational! >> to understand what a horse named california chrome could become, you may need to understand where the horse came from. because in the world of high stakes racing where big money thrives, you will find the humble lives of this couple, the martins. they may have found california gold as owner of california chrome. >> we knew two hours after he was born, and he was already running circles around mamma. and she was just spinning in place watching him. he was already checking out his legs, running around her.
6:16 am
we knew he was pretty special then, yeah. >> he had this look. he looked mature. >> fast forward three years later. california chrome began to make a name for himself, winning three straight in 2014, including the prestigious california cup derby. the san felipe cup and the derby lift month. >> california crown will be carrying the hopes of california all the way to the kentucky derby! >> the thoroughbred is now a rock star, much different than the tiny foal perry martin remembers. >> when he was younger and shorter than me he would press his head in my chest and i would scratch him behind the ears, but almost like a puppy. he really liked that and work down the neck. but i can't do that anymore. now he's a stallion, he's matured, and he's a little bit more edgy and aggressive.
6:17 am
he will set the limits. >> and there may be no limits for a horse who is now the favorite at the kentucky derby, but even so california chrome has everything going against him. since 1980 only five favorites have won the derby and a california-bred horse has not won since 1962. the list goes on, including california chrome's owners. think are so new to the business. an inside joke is the green and silver silks. >> along with perry and denise, they own a share of california chrome. they met when they were looking to buy a mare for a groomer walked by and said you guys are look to buy a horse. anybody who buys this horse is a dump. i said do you want to be partners? and said sure. so we shook hands. the silks are green and purple and we have acylized jack ass on
6:18 am
the back and dap on the front. >> for these first-time breeders if california chrome does not live up to expectations, he already has a couple horse necessary his back pocket. >> yes, i do. his two full sisters are absolutely amazing. again, you get that first look as a breeder, and these are runners, oh, they are runners. >> with the owners of california chrome, abc7 news. >> very beautiful. love to see the horses. incredible. i will have to watch that later today. for now we are watching the forecast. >> we are. and we are looking at the fog making its way all the way to our east bay valleys. that's indicative of the cool down for you. in fact, about a dozen degrees cooler from concord to livermore and fairfield today. san jose out of the 80s. so most of our inland valleys were pretty warm again yesterday
6:19 am
but we felt the cool down coastside around the bay and today low clouds and fog with some gusty on-shore winds. keep it coming. here's a look from emeryville now where it is pretty gray. as a result, the uniform low cloudiness allowing for temperatures to be in the 50ths everywhere. san jose good morning. 55. looking at low 50s for the city. and mt. tam looking pretty nice. several fingers of fog make it into the valleys. with the breezy winds today, north bay numbers will be significantly cooler, as well. 55 in concord and looking at mid-50s for novato. temperatures in the north bay are milder. south bay are cooler. upper elevations experiencing the gusty winds from the east bay. wind gusts up to 28 miles an hour. look at mound tamalpais, 26 mile-an-hour wind gusts. the winds are going to ease around the bay today but at the coast they are going to pick up. so we are looking at some breezy winds, anywhere from 15 to
6:20 am
20 miles an hour. and then maybe up to 30 miles an hour shoreline. so low clouds and fog inland this morning. but then they peel back by about 10:00. so we will see full sin shine there. the sun has been up for about almost 10 minutes now. the cool trend continues into the second half of your weekend. we will look for warmer weather by the middle of the week. here's a look at the low cloudiness. kind of stuck over the bay. 8:00 this morning. notice the valleys. clearing and by 10:00 we are look agent sunshine. temperatures slower to warm up today. in fact upper 50s from pacifica. 70s for the south bay. but no 80ths. look where the 80s are. well over into our east bay and just a few 70s up toward sonoma county. the culprit is a strong area of low pressure. it's going to affect us in the form of that stronger on shore push. a few high clouds around. it indicates the cooling trend today all the way into the east bay. so we will enjoy that today. getting kind of breezy along the
6:21 am
shoreline but in the south bay it's all about the 70s today. some mid-70s but you have to head toward morgan hill and los gatos with 71 milpitas. on the peninsula temperatures about 70. redwood park, upper 60s. san francisco two degrees cooler at 64. in the north bay some low 70s from petaluma to vallejo, near east bay. oakland and berkeley, 69 union city. should be pretty sunny there by about 10:00. our inland east bay will enjoy temperatures at least 10 to 12, even 14 degrees cooler today some in spots. 74 livermore and pleasanton 72. here the accuweather seven-day forecast. 70s east bay valleys. about 70 around the bay. 60s with the wind at the coast. a little cooler tomorrow. looking at monday with a few more clouds. by tuesday are returning to mild temperatures around the middle of the week.
6:22 am
getting warmer inland but not hard to take thursday and friday with low 80s and mid-70s at the coast. just about where we should be. >> that sounds good. thank you, lisa. next, back into the wild. a rare illness sidelined this beautiful creature, but months of treatment has ended and you will see her soar once again. >> ending together, rising above. join abc7 and inspiring women at the professional business women of california conference. tuesday, may 13th in san francisco.
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>> dan harris joining us from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> katie, good morning. coming you will on gma we have an exclusive interview breaking her silence. barbara walters going one-on-one with the woman at the scandal in the nba. what j. stiviano said about what she reported of done sterling going on a rant. >> and a bug that killed nearly a third of the people that get infected is found in municipal transportation see, indiana. and the fire chief who is a fugitive. he's on the run after killing his young fiancee. why this man, whose job is to
6:26 am
save lives, is now believed to have taken one. >> and princess william and harry getting a visit to graceland while visiting for a friend's wedding. and a strip joint that would really like to have harry as a customer. we have the details of that coming up. see you soon. >> dan, i thought you were going to say they went to a strip club, and my jaw dropped. >> nope. nope. well, it would be a good headline tomorrow if that's what happens tonight, but stay stay tuned. >> we will keep an eye on it. thank you, dan. >> a team of veterinarians and wildlife researchers who helped an ailing eagle recuperate got to see their hard work pay off yesterday. a young golden eagle who was under their care for eight months was released back into the wilderness. the bird was brought to the raptor center with a severe and rare mite infestation that left her feather less, weak and in poor help. >> she's been in captivity since august 9th and recovering ever
6:27 am
since. they claim she's ready to go and we believe she is, as well. >> researchers are just beginning to understand the mite infestation that the eagle had and to recognize her full recovery from it. rescuers have named her mighty mite. more to come on the saturday morning news. we will show you how the city of san francisco has been successful this year in holding down it's homicide rate. the biggest drop on record. and a lake tahoe facility heroic effort to get injured bears healthy again and the work it takes to get them back into the wild.
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>> welcome back, everyone. coming up on 6:30 and starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, katie. we have gusty winds on top of mt. tam. you see the camera shaking and low fog and clouds spreading across the bay. it's a cloudy start for most with temperatures in the low to mid-50s around the bay. and by this afternoon you are really going to feel the changes in our east bay valleys. so the low clouds and fog will keep it cool at the coast but the fog will continue to burnett back. in fact by about 10:00 we will look for more sunshine from about oakland toward the valleys. then it continues westward. so high temperatures today ranging from the upper 50s to low 60s at the shoreline with winds perhaps up to 30 miles an hour at times. around the bay mid-and upper 60s inland. low to mid-70s today. at least 12 to 14 degrees cooler. we will talk about the rest of the weekend and when the temperatures come back up in just a few minutes, katie. >> in developing news, the
6:31 am
san jose stowaway who survived the trip in the wheel of a jet is not in the state of hawaii this morning. the 15-year-old teen is said to be safe but no longer in hawaii. this is according to officials with the department of human services who did not say where the teenager is, citing privacy laws. automaticdy jumped the fence last month at the san jose airport. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports officials have denied his dad's request to see his son and bring him back home. at the airport where the teen began his death defying journey, there are new calls for better security. we were there when the congressman toured the grounds yesterday. he wants higher fences and new motion detecting security cameras installed. >> as far as anyone can remember, it's a record. four murders in san francisco so far this year. but that low is not happening everywhere. in oakland, 29 murders so far.
6:32 am
san jose has seen 13 since january. vic lee with some reasons for the precipitous drop in the murder rate. >> you are looking at a gang video showing a masked man waving a handgun. so if a this year san francisco police have seized more than 100 guns, many assault rifles from the streets. >> this is the deputy chief. >> we have done a good job recovering and using video technology, social media. again, the community coming forward. >> police say that's one of the reasons why the city's homicide rate has plummeted. since january there have been four murders. compare this to last year at this time when there were 11. in 2012, 20 people were killed in the first four months of the year. former gang leader sean richards founded brothers against guns. he noticed a different attitude among the young people he counsels. >> i see something different. a lot of them know an early grave is not what is in place
6:33 am
for them. >> police say their focus on violent crimes is another reason for the phenomenal decline in the murder rate. they are relying on a computer-generated crime tracking system to pinpoint where a violent crime occurs. special violence reduction units are deployed to the so-called red zones. >> if they are a rival gang, we immediately saturate both locations so we can prevent retaliation and prevent continued violence. >> there also appears to be a closer relationship now among city officials, police and community leaders. francis, who lost her son kofi to gunfire, believes that is the primary reason for the drop. >> i believe a little closer, taking a look at the whole picture, it is, i believe, is one of the reasons we are making a difference. >> the surprising thing is that the murder rate has dropped dramatically, even though the police department is down by more than 300 officers. vic lee, abc7 news. in his weekly address this morning, president obama is
6:34 am
calling attention to democratic economic policies that he says have produced the best numbers on job creation and unemployment in years. nearly 300,000 jobs were created in april, the most in two years. and the unemployment rate shrank to 6.3%, the lowest in six years. the president said he and his party are making the right choices. >> i acted to encourage more transparency in pay and strengthen the pay laws so more women have the tools they need to earn fair pay. and i'm working on regulars to make sure more work that work overtime get the pay that they have earned. >> some say the president should be pushing tougher sanctions on russia over ukraine. >> and the price of oil has fallen below $100 a barrel for the first time in three weeks. analysts say it's a sign of more to come. today the price of gas has reached a state average of
6:35 am
$4.25, down a fraction from the day before. one analyst said prices on the west coast could fall to as low as $3.80 a gallon by july as long as there are no interruptions in supply. california is planning to double the number of hydrogen fueling stations by 2015. new stations are planned in many areas. there is just one now, in emeryville. there are currently about 230 fuel cell cars in california but honda, hyundai and toyota say they plan to market the cars in california within two years. now an update on three bear cubs rescued around lake tahoe. one was found injured at the heavenly ski area a couple months ago. thanks to expert medical care and a lot of good food, all three cubs are doing well now. abc7 news anchor dan ashley with the return to their wild this morning in the assignment 7 report. >> if you want to rescue bear cubs, you better know what you are doing. they start off like this tiny
6:36 am
cub that's thriving at lake tahoe wildlife care and they end up with these guys. living and growing at the same rescue center. three cubs, all 14, maybe 15 months old, ready for release into the remote wilderness. they have just been sedated and volunteers are checking to see if they are ready to be moved. the bear at the front is pretty out of it. but the one in the back, not quite ready to be handled. before you get worried, you should know that behavior is actually a good sign. >> that's telling me that the bear has not habituated to people, and therefore is less likely to get into nuisance activities down the road. >> lake tahoe wildlife care is run by tom and cheryl. over the years they have raised almost 60 orphanned or injured bear cubs. two of the three that are about to be released have been here since they were rescued last summer.
6:37 am
one was hit by a car and the other's mother was hit by a car. the third is named heavenly because he was found injured at the heavenly ski resort in march. after he was sedated he was brought down on a sled and given oxygen. he aerified at the wildlife center weighing just 49 pounds and with puncture wounds on his body. >> we don't really know what caused the injury. >> but they did know how to help them. >> he gained 23 pounds in ten days. i told you my wife is a good cook. >> two of the bears weigh more than 100 pounds. volunteers are here to help haul them around. they get weighed and get a final check by a veterinarian. >> they all healed up really nice. >> department of wildlife is in charge of the actual release. they tag the bears and load them into cages for the ride out to their new home. >> take that blanket and cover them up a little more there. >> california's bears are always released within 75 miles of where they were found and far away from populated areas.
6:38 am
the two cubs that have been here since last summer will be released together. heavenly will be on his own. once he's loaded in it's about an hour's drive to a location very similar to where he used to live. >> heavenly valley without the ski resort. >> everybody gets into position, including an armed warden just in case things go bad. >> everybody ready? >> as it turns out, heavenly has no plans to make trouble. he's still a little groggy from the sedation so the team has to give him some urge to go move along. >> go, go! >> we had to instill a little bit of tough love. we don't like to put fear in the animal for no good reason, but we want to put the fear of people back in the bear. let them know people are bad. don't hang around us. go be wild. >> eventually heavenly climbs a tree. it's a gratifying moment for the people who worked so hard to help him survive. >> that's what we do as an organization and that is the ultimate success, is to get them back out where they be long. so, yeah, very excited.
6:39 am
>> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> a fund raiding walk is scheduled to morning in the fight against brain tumors. registration begins at 9:00 a.m. at the golden gate park. with the walk and other activities scheduled from ten to one. nearly 700,000 people in the u.s. are living with a primary brain or central nervous system tumor. another 69,000 people this year alone are expected to receive that same diagnosis. >> still ahead, a crucial new connector for bay area bicycle riders. a like lane that's unlike anything you have ever seen before. and taking a live look outside at 6:39. this is a view from our kgo roof cam. you can see the cloudy skies there. san francisco, you will see some sun see eventually. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes. watch abc is now available to bay area dish customers who want to watch abc7 news online and on
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smartphones and tablets. go to and click on the watch abc logo to find out how to access it. you can also search "watch abc" in your app store to download the app. watch all your shows live or on demand on your mobile devic
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>> welcome back. expect slower traffic overnight in san lorenzo. they are demolishing the marina road bridge and it will affect traffic on north and southbound 880. northbound lanes were closed until 5:00 this morning. traffic should be okay there now. southbound lanes didn't reopen until 6:00 a.m. on sunday all lanes will be shut down from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. so traffic will be be detoured. >> and what is the weather going to be like? >> 55 degrees in san jose. it's cloudy. and today going for a high in the low 70s. so that's as much of about 13 degrees cooler than yesterday for all of you in the south bay. we will talk about the rest of the weekend, the cool down and the modest warmup headed your way in the week ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also next, runs were scarce for the giants last night in atlanta but michael morris gave the
6:44 am
offense a lift. was it enough for a win? larry beil has the highlights
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> if you ride a bike in san francisco, your ride just got better. officials cut the ribbon on a new bike lane yesterday. along poke street between market and grove between city hall. it's only two blocks, but it's not the distance that is the big deal, rather the extent the planners went to to make it safe. jonathan bloom has the story. >> biking to class one evening, her life took a detour. >> a car cut me off turning right and i went into the front headlight of it, went backwards and the next thing i remember i was in an ambulance. >> there was surgery and rehab. but it just so happens that class was in government administration. klein went to work for the mta in bike and pedestrian safety. >> when something happens and
6:47 am
you can get around, it really wakes you up. >> the crash likely wouldn't happen today. bike green bike lanes line market street physically separated from car traffic but there was a missing link until now. >> are you as excited as i am? [cheers and applause] >> all right! a two-block stretch of poke street that was one way is now two-way for bicycles. the supervisor helped cut the ribbon. and took the ceremonial first bike ride. [cheers and applause] >> or tried to. the new northbound bike lane is well separated from the cars headed south and has its own traffic lights. it keeps bikes from having to go on the sidewalk or take busier streets. >> people who don't bike might not realize your choices before this were quite miserable. >> this newest bike lane is part of a lodger vision for the city that that is being championed by pretty much any bicyclist who has been hit by a car. and by the way, there are lots of them. >> i got hit by a car while cycling and broke my hip. >> i woke up in the emergency
6:48 am
room an hour and a half later. >> the stories are everywhere. in madeline's case this ribbon cutting is her first time on a bike since the crash. >> the only reason i did it is because it's safe. >> she and others are standing behind the transportation director. >> would you like to see more of this kind of work all over san francisco? he is backing the mayor's effort for more bike lanes by raising the car tax. she has one vote. it is a saver way to get around on two wheels or three. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> some of us have already been enjoying the cool down and now everybody gets to. >> finally. it's taken some time. usually it's a day, maybe a two-day event where the fog cools everybody off but it's been about three days. so overdue for our friends in the east bay valleys and also around the south bay where you have plenty of mid-and upper 80s yesterday. today the trend is more cooling all across the bay. live doppler 7hd. the sun was up at 6:12 and we are beginning to see the extensive low cloudiness across
6:49 am
the bay this morning. it's cloudy everiy. concord, livermore and here in emeryville where we begin to see the sun by about 10:00 and then full sunshine across the bay, 11:00. the coast, yeah, a little bit longer. 55 with the cloudy skies. and good more than, 52 in gilroy. low 50s san francisco. more 50s in the north bay. here's mt. tam. gusty winds, higher elevations are beginning to shift around. 54 by the delta. santa rosa 51. milder in the north bay. we havecology from san carlos down through the south bay. and the wind gusts, higher elevations up to 28 miles an hour in the east bay and 15 mile-an-hour winds over in the east bay, near east bay. here's a look at sfo. very, very cloudy. you were in the 70s yesterday. no such thing today with 60s for you. so the cooling trend continues with the low clouds and fog this morning. at about 1200 feet. we will look for warmer weather come the middle of the week. in fact a return to some 80s.
6:50 am
nothing too extreme. it will take all week long to get there. so the cool down, it is this area of low pressure. it's a strong one. that's allowing for the sea breeze to kick up. it's not really going to affect us otherwise. a few high clouds. temperatures today, a big cool town for our inland valleys. 12 do 14 degrees. but around the bay we had that yesterday and even at the coast the day before. in san jose here's a look at the trend. the cool down is underway today. the coolest day should be on monday. just in the upper 60s, below average. then the steady climb back up to the low 80s by next friday. if you like it warmer, that's on tap but that will be above average once again. mid-60ths for monterey. that will be one of the warmer coastal locations because back home just in the upper 50s is all we can muster for pacifica today. 86 los angeles. still quite warm there. and we are looking at temperatures for the cinco
6:51 am
demayo festival today to be very comfortable. starting out cloudy. the sun comes out by about 11:00. look at the low to mid-60ths. a beautiful afternoon. that's about average. highs today ranging from around the bay upper 60s oakland and richmond. 71 palo alto, 74 in napa. the warmer locations, out toward fairfield and antioch with mid-7 tos. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler for everyone today with the cooling trend dropping a few more temperatures around the bay. extra cloud cover monday and the steady warmup into the middle and end of next week. nice. >> couldn't be as bad as it was. i'm such a baby. i can't take the heat and i can't take extreme cold either. >> we will watch out for you. >> thank you. appreciate it. well, in sports tonight the warriors and clippers battle at staples center in game seven of their first-round playoff match-up. it's the first game seven for the warriors in 37 years. tipoff at 7:30. last night the giants were in
6:52 am
atlanta for the first game of a ten-game road trip. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. the first-place giants met the first place braves in atlanta. they will take this tim lincecum outing every game if they could get it. tim hudson visiting his old buddies. this is how you want to start a game. bang! angel pegan. the lead off homer off mike minor and in a flash it's 1-0, giants. lincecum's e.r.a. is over 5. just convince justin upton of that. timmy goes six innings, fans four. braves tie it in the fifth. freddie freeman to right. scores gerald ford. it's 1-1. the beast would fix that in the sixth. michael morris, his seventh of the year makes it 2-1 giants. two on, two out for sergio romo. strikes out upton looking. his eighth save. giants win it 2-1. a's in boston.
6:53 am
a's start dennis eckersley in the house. one time giants a.j. pierzynski. sox take the lead. in the third a.j. cannot handle the pitch from clay buchholz. passed ball. john scores. 1-1 game. to the sixth. ryan cook, bang it! justin pedroia, a grand slam off of cook and that broke the game wide open. red sox win 7-1. nfl news. the 49ers have picked up the option on alden smyth's option that will pay him a guaranteed $9.5 million for the season. a monster on sundays, but he's had three brushes with the law ranging from gun charges to dui to a bomb threat in the airport. he may be facing a suspension by the nfl, but the niners want to keep him and hope he can get straightened out. if you are an nba fan, round one has been amazing, loaded
6:54 am
with game 7s, included warriors and clippers coming up in l.a. no way the warriors would have gotten the win in game six without draymont green. 14 points, 14 rebounds, played tremendous defense on blake griffin and green said he's going to stay aggressive in game seven. >> the way we play, you can't worry about foul trouble. it's all or nothing now. if it comes down to it, you have to use all six. >> rockets and blazers. tied with seconds left in game six. james harden, no. robin lopez, the stanford man can't grab the rebound. look what i found! houston by two. nine seconds to go, good-bye, game over, drive home safely. jaymee, the pride of oakland, wins it for the blazers! 99-98 and that's how they closed out a series! wow. damian lillard is a bad man and that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody! i'm larry beil. >> next, a royal visit. prince william and prince harry visit the king of rock n' roll at graceland where the princely brothers will both be today.
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6:57 am
>> one last check of the weather. >> pretty calm and comfortable out there. in the 50s with low clouds and fog. they will peel back and the winds will kick up today. 68 in oakland and especially gusty along the coast with upper 50s and 60s half moon bay. 64 on the peninsula. upper 60s to low 70s. 73 san jose and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the temperatures continuing to drop off a little bit through monday. then we will go back in the
6:58 am
other direction with an -- low 80s coming back to the east bay valleys not until the end of the upcoming work week. a pretty nice looking seven-day, i think. >> thank you, lisa. thanks all of you for joining us on abc7 is the day morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, on facebook and all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. we continue at 8:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next. have a great day!
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good morning, america. this morning, breaking her silence. it's an abc news exclusive. barbara walters going one-on-one with the woman who provoked the nba race scandal that could cost l.a. clippers owner, donald sterling, his team. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. >> v. stiviano's surprising comments on this whirlwind story. plus, what sterling is now saying about how he should have handled her. up in flames. a school bus inferno. >> we were yelling at him to get off the bus. >> a wild move two heroes pulled off to warn students that their lives were in danger. caught on tape. the frantic moments after a 4-year-old girl fell into a


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