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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 3, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live from this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 8:00 a.m., we start off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argent. >> we see some low clouds and higher clouds across the bay in our sweep on top of mount st. helena. it's about the low clouds today, that indicates the marine layer around san jose. mid 50s here, it will bring a breeze across the bay. winds will be gusty on the coast right now, though, it's pretty nice, 54 at half moon bay, 52 in san francisco. the plan for the rest of the day in the next hour, still in the 50s. by noon time, mid and upper 60s around the bay and inland. with mostly sunny skies. it will be a cooler day today for our friends in liver moore,
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concord, the san ramon valley and even around the bay. back to some upper 60s. at the coast, even though you'll see sunshine, it will be gusty with numbers near 60. so we'll talk about the rest of the weekend, we've got cinco de mayo today, and also more festivals around the bay and a warm-up midweek coming up. in developing news, abc7 news was the first to break this news on twitter -- that santa clara teenaged stow-away who survived a flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet has left the aloha state, 15-year-old yayia abdi is no longer in hawaii, according to an email sent by an official with hawaiian department of human services. the official didn't say where the teen was going, only that he is safe. we do know abdi may not be with his dad. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reports hawaiian officials have denied the father's request to see his son and bring him back home. breaking news out of oakland this morning, a woman has died
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in a house fire. firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. to find flames coming from the house on parker avenue. the woman was the only person inside the four-bedroom home. >> while fighting the fire, firefighters found a victim. an elderly woman, they brought her out, performed cpr, to try to revive her. she was pronounced at the scene. >> the battalion chief also tells us the fire began in one of the bedrooms. but that the cause itself is under investigation it took firefighters less than a half-hour to get the flames under control. this morning, a woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal is telling her side of the story. v. stiviano talked to abc's barbara walters and says the man now banned for life from the nba is not a racist. abc news reporter mary bruce has details. >> for a week she's been seen and not heard.
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now the woman at the center of the los angeles clippers controversy, v. stiviano, is speaking exclusively with abc news's barbara walters. >> miss stiviano, you just left donald sterling, what is his state of mind right now? >> confused, i think he feels very alone. >> you do not consider him a racist? >> no. >> zbl do you think he should apologize? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will apologize? >> only god knows. >> the woman who recorded team owner donald sterling's infamous racist rant coming to his defense, insisting they had a professional relationship. >> i became part of mr. sterling's team. i became someone who protected him. someone who took care of him. >> sterling is also breaking his silence. talking to du jour magazine about stiviano. he said, i wish i had just paid her off. he's been kicked out of the game, slammed in the court of
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public opinion, benched for his opinions about african-americans. >> don't those remarks sound racist to you in. >> think that the things he says are not what he feels. >> the nba has already banned sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million. now the league is taking steps to force a sale of the team. after a week mired in controversy, the players are ready to move on. >> i'm past it think we're past it as a group. >> tonight, the clippers will try to move forward as they get back to business, facing off against the golden state warriors here on their home court in game seven. mary bruce, abc news, los angeles. for more on barbara walters' exclusive interview, go to our website, abc7 this morning, a young child is recovering after falling from a second-story window in venetia. it happened just before 9:00 last night at the family home on brentwood drive near larkin drive. it was just a few blocks away that a helicopter landed on hastings drive to airlift the
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3-year-old to ucsf hospital oakland. firefighters say the 3-year-old has head injuries, but should survive. new details about a deadly san jose crash. police say a driver ran a red light, clipped another vehicle, and then hit a light pole on north first street. just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a female passenger in the car died. the driver is in serious condition. none of the four people in the other vehicle was injured. happening today, a vigil is being held in memory of an oakland man who was killed in a hit-and-run a week ago. oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver. this is cell phone video from the scene on telegraph avenue at 50th street. vigil organizers say the still unidentified victim was disabled and would meet his friends every morning at a local coffee shop. the vigil will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the site of the hit-and-run. happening today, protesters will be in newark to call for action to help kidnapped girls in nigeria.
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the slogan, bring back our girls is creating a firestorm on social media. islamic extremists kidnapped more than 200 girls about two weeks ago, many of the girls are said to have been sold as slaves alive. the protest will be at noon today at the mcgregor community theater on cedar boulevard. new details about the federal raid of a petaluma slaughter house that led to a massive meat recall earlier this year. documents from investigators show the rancho feeding corporation was purchasing diseased cows and processing them when inspectors weren't around. cancerous growths were trimmed and the heads from sick cows were replaced with the heads of healthy ones and the plant foreman was in a romantic relationship with a usda inspector. east bay inspectors are cracking down on massage parlors that are they say are fronts for sex and more. a six-month investigation has ended in arrests and seizures of guns, drugs and cash and the
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closure of 13 massage parlors. abc7 news reporter donald wong reports from san lorenzo. >> we thought it was a regular massage parlor. >> north according to the alameda district attorney who says the massage parlor was one of the 13 east bay brothels busted. an insurance broker next door heard the police storm the massage parlor. >> they were yelling about the search warrants. i thought i heard them say someone was nude. >> other employees in the shopping center say the arrests were not surprising at all. >> it was so obvious. what was happening in there. >> and what were you seeing there? >> men coming in, no women. >> the district attorney's office says the operation that involved 400 officers was triggered by community complaints. >> what we've been able to accomplish today, is to attack these businesses in an innovative and comprehensive manner. >> the d.a. arrested 18 people, they seized their property and assets. shut down their businesses and
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charged them with money laundering, tax evasion and labor violations. human trafficking charges could be added, after the interviews with 50 women found. the women won't be charged. in the east bay, allen wong, abc7 news. it's cold, the hook-up truck and it's exactly what it sounds like, a police for people to apparently hook up. the truck tried to crash oakland's first friday event, but came up short. our reporter was there for the truck's attempted debut. >> at the first-ever stop, the hook-up truck wasn't allowed anywhere near oakland's first friday street event. >> oh, you're the hook-up truck? we were told you're not allowed to come in here. >> organizers say they never received an application. >> we were told that the hook-up truck came. they couldn't come because other people had already come. >> the idea for the truck comes from a conversation spy emerson had with a friend about using mobile apps to hook up. >> so i thought wouldn't that be
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funny if we made a mobile room. and had it for people to meet in. >> she wouldn't show us the room. she says that would spoil the secret to her business. as a venture, the san francisco department of health said they never signed off on this, the same goes for the city tax collector. spy says they're not a business because they're not charging. so for now, this all plays into her other aim, social commentary about section, art and money. >> the root part of this is that i'm mocking that. i'm mocking that. all these people with their money buying the thing. >> so far there's quite a bit of curiosity, but not much information about what's inside the hook-up room. these first visitors had no comment. abc7 news. now federal jury has reached a verdict in a month-long legal fight between the two giants of the cell phone industry, apple and samsung over technology theft. yesterday a federal jury awarded
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apple $119 million. after finding samsung had copied patented iphone technology to build its galaxy s 3 smartphone. but jurors also found apple had infringed on one of samsung's patents. samsung was awarded $158,000. another key finding, samsung stole the slide to unlock feature that apple says it pate patented. >> in this case, i think it would be more considered a win for samsung, because it wasn't overwhelmly in favor of apple. samsung did get some money. it's not paying as much as it should have. >> jurors have been ordered to return to court monday to continue deliberations on another matter, the result of which could mean a higher payoff for apple. it is 8:10 on your kind of cloudy saturday morning. >> yeah, but you good thing about the morning, you get the nice-looking deck of clouds that we have here from the exploratorium camera. high clouds and low clouds out there. you can see the sun trying to burst through. it's in the 50s, but we have a
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wind gust of over 22 miles per hour at the coast. so the cooldown continues today. especially for our friends in the east bay valleys, we'll talk about that and when the warm-up arrives, in the upcoming work week. >> i thought you were going to say the best thing about mornings is the abc7 news saturday morning news. up next, why a north bay business man to move for being too successful. and the northern california horse that's favored to win for today's kentuckiy fa... desk... you know what? yogurt.n't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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... desk... you know what? yogurt.n't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. >> announcer: covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. three san jose state students charged with the rationally motivated bullying of
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their black roommate have been expelled. yesterday a fourth student involved has had his suspension extended. the alleged bullying happened last november when a freshman student says his four white roommates tormented him with racial slurs and physical violence. community is rallying behind a high schooler battling disease to help him get to prom. school officials in north carolina told benny amassi he couldn't go because he was home-schooled for the last semester of his senior year. the reason he's home-schooled is because he's battling kidney failure. his aunt decided to start an online petition to make an exception. more than 700 people signed it and yesterday the school did reverse its decision. he's going to the prom tonight and won't be going alone. he succeeded in finding a last-minute date. a sausalito business has become a victim of its own success. the kayak and paddleboard rental company sea trek is being kicked out of shoe maker beach, because it's attracting too many people.
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lillian kim has details. >> since 1982, sea trek has been renting out kayaks on skumacker beach in sausalito. the business didn't start taking off until a couple of years ago, until it began offering paddleboards. zbl >> i'm thrilled that people have discovered this is the way to be out on the bay. >> the owners of the marina have decided to keep sea trek out. saying the rental business has made parking worse and there are concerns over liability. >> thank god nothing has concerned. but we have concerns that with the huge increase, the liability concerns outweigh the benefits right now. >> we can figure out how to work with the marine to lessen our footprint. we're willing to do anything that is reasonable. >> but the marina isn't interested. sea trek is working on a back-up plan, an area at the foot of locust street, but that needs
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approval from multiple government agencies, so at this point sea trek's future is up in the air. bad news for the customers and the marin county residents. >> it's part of the community, there's a lot of people who love to enjoy the water and love to kayak and paddleboard. >> it's a great spot because it is protected. and so you can try paddleboarding until you get comfortable and then go out and paddleboard around the bay. >> sea trek's lease is up may 31st. in sausalito, lillian kim, abc7 news. today, a yuba city couple is putting all their dreams into a chestnut colt in the hopes he'll win the 140th kentucky derby california chrome is favored to win the run for the roses, reporter ryan yamamoto talked about the owners about their strange road to the derby. >> and california chrome is absolutely sensational! >> to understand what a horse named california chrome could become, you may need to understand where the horse came
8:17 am
from. because in the world of high-stakes racing, where big money thrives, you'll find the humble lives of yuba city's perry and denise martin. first-time horse breeders, who may have found california gold as owners of california chrome. >> we knew two hours after he was born, and he was, he was already running circles around momma. and she was just spinning in place, watching him. >> he was already checking out his legs, running around her. so, we knew he was pretty special then. >> he had this look, he looked mature. >> fast-forward three years later, california chrome began to make a name for himself, winning three straight in 2014, including the prestigious california cup derby. san felipe cup and most recently, the santa anita derby last month. >> california chrome will be carrying the hopes of california all the way to the kentucky derby. >> the thoroughbred is now a
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rock star, much different from the tiny foal perry martin remembers. >> when he was a little guy, and he was still shorter than me, he would come up and press his head into my chest. and i would scratch him behind the ears, almost like a puppy. he really liked that and work down the neck. but i can't do that any more. now he's, he's a stallion, he's matured. and he's a little bit more edgy and aggressive. and he'll set the limits. >> and there may be no limits for a horse who is now the favorite at the kentucky derby. but even so, california chrome has everything going against him. since 1980, only five favorites have won the derby. and a california-bred horse has not won since 1962. the list goes on and on. including california chrome's owners, who are so new to the business, an inside joke has become part of the company's green and purple silks. along with perry and denise martin, steve and caroline coburn of nevada own a share of california chrome. they met when this were looking
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to buy a mare for breeding. >> a groom walked by, and he said, you guys are looking to buy this horse. and anybody that buys this horse is a dumb-ass. so we looked at each other and we said, well, want to go partners? and he goes, sure. so we shook hands and he said, okay, dumb-ass partners, here we go. so our silks are green and purple and we've got a jack-ass, a stylized jack-ass on the back and d.a.p. for dumb-ass partners on the front. >> today nobody is calling them dumb. but if california chrome does not live up to expectations, perry martin already has a couple of horses in his back pocket. >> yes, i do. his two full sisters are absolutely amazing. again, you get that first look as a breeder. and these are runners. oh, they're runners.
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>> with the owners of california chrome, ryan yamamoto, abc7 news. post time this afternoon, 3:22 our time. what's it going to be like for the horses? >> it's almost going to be like our weather. low 70s, partly cloudy, chance of showers. we've got the clouds this morning, but they're not going to last. in fact, partly cloudy skies around the bay, take a look at live doppler 7 hd, where we have some mid-level clouds, bisecting the bay. more clouds along the peninsula and south bay. sunshine in the east bay, north bay and also over zpoe, although the winds are picking up. here's a look at san jose, and the clouds, with temperatures in the mid 50s for most. 56 in gilroy, it's 54 in redwood city, with san francisco coming in at 53, partly cloudy skies there. emeryville, a partly cloudy sky over the bay, making for a nice shot, and temperatures fairly
8:21 am
uniform, 55 in novato, 56 in concord and sunny in our east bay, but you had the clouds overnight. allowing for temperatures to stay in the 50s. but take a look where we are right now. compared to yesterday. 24 hours ago. much cooler, seven degrees cool frer mountain view, hayward, san carlos and oakland. we have a degree or two of warming in the north bay. you get the idea, the onshore push and the cloud cover, alive with the cooler air mass around the bay this morning. and throughout the weekend. sfo, partly cloudy, but sustained winds over 20 miles per hour. so cooling continues today. you'll feel it over in our east bay valleys and also in the south bay. and then warmer for the middle of the week. we have a trough of low pressure, it's actually quite impressive. it's a strong one for this time of year. it will be moving into the pacific northwest by the early part of the upcoming work week, between now and then it has enhanced our onshore flow. it will be affecting us in terms of the breezy winds, the
8:22 am
cooldown through the next couple of days. and then as we get behind it, high pressure builds back in. in the south bay today, nice afternoon, 72 in santa clara. 76 in morgan hill and on the peninsula, you've got the art and wine festival in mountain view, numbers will be in the low 70s, upper 60s for san mateo, but hard to get out of the upper 50s at the coast. and sometimes the winds will be gusting to 30 miles per hour. that will keep you about 60 sunset district. two degrees cool anywhere san francisco at 64. in the north bay, you're out of the 80s as well with just 73 in sonoma. sausalito, 65 degrees and more mid to upper 60s here across the bay for san leandro. 68, union city, 69. and fremont. you head inland and it will be enjoyable with numbers for the livermore art and wine festival in the 70s. 74. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows that temperatures will slide throughout the rest of the weekend and monday is a
8:23 am
cloudier and coolest day with extra clouds in the north bay. we'll get some showers in the mountains and look for tuesday, the turn-around day. sunshine, with slowly warming temperatures wednesday and a return to some 80s, low 80s inland thursday and friday, very spring-like. >> tuesday turn-around. i'll remember that. thank you, lisa. next, back into the wild. a rare illness sidelined this beautiful creature. but months of treatment has ended and you will see her soar once again.
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. we're learning more about the baby pair grin falcons living at san jose's city hall. a uc santa cruz biologist rapeled down the side of the building and placed identification bands on the chicks. 29 chicks have been born in the city hall nest box in the last seven years. tiny knit caps are being used to help baby birds in san rafael. a group is asking for volunteers to whip up some more of them. they need 1200 hats to take care of the hundreds of birds they rescue every year. if you'd like to help, go to for a link. a team of veterinarians and wildlife researchers who helped an ailing eagle recuperate got to see their hard work pay off yesterday. watch this, a young golden eagle that had been under their care
8:27 am
for the last eight months was released back into the east bay wilderness. the bird was brought to the uc davis raptor center with a severe and rare mite infestation that left her featherless, weak and in poor health. >> she's been in captivity since august 9th and been recovering since. and they claim that she's ready to go now and we believe she is as well. researchers are just beginning to understand the mite infestation. they've named her mighty mite. still to come on abc7 news saturday morning news, we'll show you how the city of san francisco has been successful in holding down its homicide rate this year. the biggest drop on record. and, a lake tahoe facility's heroic efforts to get injured bears healthy again and the work it takes to get the creatures back into the wild.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo
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broadcast tv center, this is abc7 news. welcome back, we coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a quick check of the weather, here's meteorologist lisa argent. >> we have more sunshine in the north bay and east bay. but wind gusts in the higher elevations from mount tam over 25 miles per hour, transporting the cooler marine air into our inland east bay and also the south bay. so some really temperatures, 56 in concord with sunshine. napa is at 53. more clouds in napa, but overall we'll see the clouds quickly clear and by noon time. just a few high clouds and the temperature profile, well, featuring more 70s out towards livermore and concord. even san jose, with you you had 80s yesterday. the 50s stay banked up a i long the coast. can't get rid of the wind yet. it will be a key player for the forecast for the next several days, we'll have it for you plus the look ahead in a few minutes. lisa, thank you. in developing news, a santa
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clara teen stow-a i way who survived a flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet is not in the aloha state this morning. abc7 news was the first to break the news on twitter overnight. 15-year-old yaya abdi is said to be safe, but no longer in hawaii. this is according to officials with the department of human service, who did not say where the teenager is, citing privacy laws. abdi jumped the fence last month at san jose international airport. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports officials have denied abdi's requests to see his son and bring him back home. at the airport where the teen began his journey, new calls for better security. sky 7 hd was there when east bay congressman, eric spalwell to youred the grounds yesterday. he wants higher fence and new cameras installed. it's a record low -- four murders in san francisco so far
8:32 am
this year. and that's not happening everywhere in oakland, 29 murders so far, abc7 news reporter vic lee with some reasons for the drop in the murder rate. >> you're looking at a brazen gang video showing a masked man waving a semiautomatic hand gun. so far this year san francisco police have seized 100 guns, many assault rifles from the streets. deputy chief hector sinez. >> we've done a good job using social media. >> police say that's one of the reasons the city's homicide rate has plummeted. since january, there have been four murders, compare it to last year at this time when there were 11. and in 2012, 20 people were killed in the first four months of the year. former gang leader shawn richards founded brothers against guns. he notice as different attitude among the young people he counsels. >> they see something different for themselves and a lot of them know that an early grave is not
8:33 am
in what's in place for them. >> police say the focus on violent crime is another reason for the decline in murder rate. they rely on the computer-generated crime tracking system to pinpoint where a violent crime occurs. special violence reduction units are deployed to the so-called red zones. >> if they're a rival gang, we saturate both locations to prevent retaliation and prevent continued violence. >> there are also appears to be a closer relationship now among city officials, police and community leaders. francis lester, who lost her son to gunfire believes that is a primary reason for the drop. >> i believe a little closer, taking a look at the whole picture. i believe is one of the reasons we're making a difference. >> the surprising thing is that the murder rate has dropped dramatically, even though the police department is down by more than 300 officers, vic lee,
8:34 am
abc7 news. in his weekly address this morning, president obama is calling attention to policies that have produced the best numbers on job creation and unemployment in years. 300,000 jobs were created in april, the most in two years and the unemployment rate shrank to 6.3%. the lowest in six years. the president says he and his party are making the right choices. >> i elected to raise workers wages by requiring that workers on new federal contracts, earn fair wage of $10.10 an hour. as long as politicians refuse to act i'll keep working with states and businesses to give more americans a raise. >> the president chastised republicans in congress for being more interested in quote stacking the deck in favor of those at the top. relief is in sight at the gas pump. the price of oil has fallen below $100 a barrel for the first time in three weeks. and an analysts say it's a sign of more to come. today the price of gas has
8:35 am
reached a state average of $4.25. down a fraction from the day before, one analyst says prices on the west coast could fall to as low as $3.80 a gallon by july, as long as there are no interruptions in supply. california is planning to double the number of hydrogen fueling stations by 2015. new stations are planned for palo alto, woodside, saratoga, san jose, redwood city and oakland. right now there's just one in emeryville. there are currently about 230 fuel cell cars in california. but honda, hyundai and toyota say they plan to market the cars in california within two years. we have an update on three bear cubs rescued around lake tahoe. one was found a couple of months ago. thanks to expert medical care and a lot of good food, all three cubs are doing well now. here's abc7 news news anchor dan ashley with their return to the wild. >> if you want to rescue bear
8:36 am
cubs, you better know what you're doing. they start off like taco, this tiny cub that's thriving at lake tahoe wildlife care and they end up like these guys, who have been living and growing at the same rescue center. three cubs, all 14, maybe 15 months old, ready for release in the remote wilderness. >> they've just been sedated and volunteers are checking to see if they're ready to be moved. the bear at the front is pretty out of it. but the one in the back? not quite ready to be handled. >> back off. >> before you get worried, you should know that behavior is a good sign. >> that tells me that the bear is not used to people and therefore is less likely to get into nuisance activities down the road. >> lake tahoe wildlife care is run by tom and sheryl millhan over the years they've raised almost 60 orphaned or injured bear cubs, two of the three about to row leased have been here since they were rescued by the bear league last summer.
8:37 am
one was hit by a car. the other's mother was hit by a car. the third bear is named heavenly, because he was found injured at the heavenly ski resort in march. after he was tranquilized, the ski patrol brought him down the hill on a sled. they even gave him oxygen, he arrived at the wildlife center wearing just two pounds and puncture wounds on his body. they knew how to help him. >> he gained 23 pounds in ten days, i told you, my wife is a good cook. >> now it's lerl i morning on release day, two of the bears weigh more than 100 pounds and volunteers are here to help haul them around. they get weighed and a final check by veterinarian kevin willis. >> they healed up really nice. >> the state department of fish and wildlife is in charge of the release. they tag the bears and load them into cages for the ride out to their new home. >> take the blanket and cover them up a little bit more. >> california's bears are always released within 75 miles of where they were found and far
8:38 am
away from populated areas. the two cubs that have been here since last summer will be released together. heavenly will be on his own. once he's loaded in, it's about an hour's drive to a location very similar to where he used to live. >> heavenly valley, without the ski resort. >> everyone gets into position. >> everybody ready? >> including an armed warden. >> just in case things go bad. >> as it turns out, heavenly has no plans to make trouble. he's still a little groggy from his sedation, so the team has to give him some urging to move him along. >> we had to instill a little bit of tough love. we don't really like to put fear in the animal for no good reason. but we want to put the fear of people back in this bear. let the bear know people are bad. don't hang around us, go be wild. >> eventually, heavenly climbs a tree. it's a gratifying moment for the people who worked so hard to help him survive. >> that's what we do as an organization. and that is the ultimate success
8:39 am
is to get them back out where they belong. so yeah, very excited. >> dash ashley, abc7 news. the fish and wildlife department said the release of the other two cubs went well. the volunteer groups that rescue and care for bears get no government money and depend on private donations. if you can help, we have links at a fundraising walk is scheduled for this morning in san francisco, in the fight against brain tumors. registration begins at 9:00 a.m. at hellman hollow at golden gate park with a walk and other activities scheduled from 10:00 to 1:00. organizers say 700,000 people in the u.s. are living with a primary brain or central nervous system tumor. another 69,000 people this year alone with expected to receive that same diagnosis. still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, a new san francisco bike lane that's unlike anything you've ever seen. and coming up on 8:40, a live
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look outside, the view from our emeryville cam. you can see the clouds there. partly cloudy and breezy today, temperatures in the upper 60s, lisa argent will have your full forecast in just a few minutes. watch abc is now available to bay area dish customers, who want to watch abc7 news online or on tablets. go to and click on the watch abc7 news logo. you can search it in your app store and watch all of your favorite abc shows live or on demand on your mobile device. between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures. they are. you and i. between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures. 't think like you and i. they are. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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this is abc7 news. welcome back, everyone, you can expect some slower traffic overnight in san lorenzo. caltrans is demolishing the marina boulevard bridge. it will affect traffic on the north and southbound 880.
8:43 am
northbound lanes closed until 5:00 a.m. southbound lanes were closed until 6:00 a.m. on sunday all lanes will be shut from 1:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. so note that if you're driving that way. traffic will be detoured at the marine boulevard off-ramp. there's your traffic. here's your weather. >> woo have a nice-looking shot from our exploratorium camera. we've got a veil of high clouds and low clouds beginning to part around the bay. we're looking at more sunshine. but tz breezy already. numbers in the 50s. we'll talk about a gusty coast, cooler inland temperatures and a mid-week warm-up all ahead. next, runs were scarce for the giants last night in atlanta. but michael morse gave the offense a lift. was it enough for the win? was it enough for the win? larry biehl has the highlights d last weekend.
8:44 am
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if you ride a bike in san francisco, your ride just got better. officials have cut the ribbon on a new bike lane.
8:46 am
extend city planners went to to make it safe. >> biking to class one evening, merrill klein's life took a detour. >> a car cut me off turning right and i went to the front headlight of it, so backwards and the next thing i remember i was in an ambulance. >> there was surgery. rehab, but it just so happens, that class with its government administration klein went to work for the mta in bike and pedestrian safety. >> when something happens, all of a sudden you don't feel safe getting around. it really wakes you up. >> that crash likely wouldn't happen today.
8:47 am
larger vision for the city that's being championed by pretty much any cyclist who has ever been hit by a car and by the way, there are lots of them. >> i got hit by a car while cycling and broke my hip. >> i woke up in the emergency room an hour and a half later. >> the stories are ever i were where. >> this ribbon cutting is her first time on a bike since the crash. >> the only reason i did it is because it's safe. >> she and others are stapdi ii behind the transportation director. >> would you like to see more work. >> backing the mayor's effort to fund more bike lanes by raising the car tax. they've got one vote. >> you see it once, you want it
8:48 am
everywhere. >> it's a safer way to get around on two wheels or three. in san francisco. jonathan bloom. abc7 news. lisa argent now with a check of the forecast. i don't know about everyone else, but so glad for the cooldown. >> it will be felt in our east bay valleys. we're definitely turning things around here. adding two minutes of daylight. after 8:00 tonight. so 8:02. that's kind of fun. the day is getting a little longer and cooler. in fact, high clouds and mid-level clouds from the peninsula and south. we'll look for a mostly sunny afternoon today. with temperatures back into the 70s for our inland valleys. so it was pretty hot again yesterday. san jose one of the locations well into the 80s. right now we're looking at numbers in the north bay. and east bay, plenty of 50s, 58 in gilroy. 54 half moon bay with five-mile visibility. 53 in the city with sustained winds over 21 miles per hourth and the wind transporting the low clouds, the fog, the marine
8:49 am
layer over 1,000 feet. we're getting sunshine all around the bay with 56 by the delta. southwest winds gusting over 15 miles per hour. an indication that you'll be cooler there. 57 livermore, 56 in concord. sfo cleared out nicely. partly cloudy this morning, with the cooling trend for those of you who didn't experience it yesterday. and that's mainly around the san ramon valley down through the santa clara valley. warmer by the middle of the week, as the trough of low pressure passes to the north of us. here's a look at a water vapor imagery. you can see the spin in the atmosphere, there's the big trough. we've got higher clouds moving up from the south. the combination of the two allowing for the cooldown. san jose, the week ahead today, the numbers in the 70s, as well as tomorrow. near average, but your coolest day of the week will be monday into the upper 60s, so below average. your steady climb happens after that numbers above average by
8:50 am
wednesday and back to the low 80s, we're going to stop it there. not getting too hot. right through the upcoming work week. highs today at the coast. warmer in monterey. 65. warmer than pacifica or half moon bay, they'll be in the 50s today, with 82 in yosemite. so still pretty hot, as you get towards the valley. 86 in los angeles. and temperatures around the bay today, for cinco de mayo, in san francisco, look very nice. in fact. we're already seeing sunshine by noon time. in the low 60s, by this afternoon, 3:00, it will be breezy, with numbers at about 64. but if you're headed towards the coast, it will be quite gusty there. keep that in mind. grab the jacket, temperatures ranging from the upper 50s, pacifica, 61, half moon bay, back to 73 average in san jose. 76 in morgan hill. and 74 in concord. while fremont should cool to 69 today, the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling continues just modestly.
8:51 am
increasing clouds on monday, we'll look for the turn-around on tuesday with slightly warmer temperatures, barely noticeable. by wednesday, thursday, friday, we're get back to numbers in the 80s inland. that's above average. it should be pleasant. tip-off at 7:30, last night the giants were in atlanta for the first-game of a seven-game road trip. here's larry biehl with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone, the first-place giants met the first-place braves opening the weekend series in atlanta. i'll tell you what, the giants will take this kind of tim lincecum outing every time if they can take it. this somehow you want to start a game. bang, angel pagan, lead-off homer off of mike minor, in a flash, it's 1-0 giants.
8:52 am
lincec lincecum's e.r.a. is over 5. fans four, braves tied in the fifth, freddy freeman scores gerald laird, it's 1-1. michael morse, his seventh of the year makes it 2-1 giants. in the ninth, two on, two out for sergio romo. strikes out upton looking for his giants win it 2-1. a nova scotia boston. former a's and red sox start, dennis eckersle in the house. second inning.
8:53 am
if it comes down to it. >> rockets and blazers, tied with seconds left in game six. robin lopez, stanford man can't grab the rebound. look what it found, houston by two, .9 of a second to go, game over, drive home safely, damian
8:54 am
leward, the pride of oakland wins it for the blazers, 99-98. that's how they close out a series. wow, damian lillard is a bad man. and that's a wrap on morning sports. have great day, everybody. next, a royal visit, prince william and prince harry pop by graceland as they prepare for today's main memphis event.
8:55 am
8:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $81 million. 1, 18, 26, 35, 40 and the megamillions is 13. and nobody correctly picked all six. tuesday night's grows to $92 million. memphis, tennessee, is enjoying a british invasion this weekend. princes william and harry seen here leaving a barbecue restaurant yesterday are in town to attend the wedding of a close friend. that wedding is today. the heir to the british throne
8:57 am
and his brother caused a stir when they visited graceland. he's getting hitched to an american heiress, organized prince william's bachelor party and his mom was a friend of princess diana. let's get you one final check of the cooler forecast. >> yes, we're looking at breezy winds, upper elevations. you can tell by this shot, and the clouds continuing to part right now. so that will make for a sunny afternoon, although it will be breezy at the coast and temperatures will range from about 60 there, 70 around the bay, mid-70s inland. couple of degrees cooler for the second half of your weekend. that continues for monday with extra clouds. tuesday, we're behind the trough, and that means slightly warmer conditions as we head toward the middle of the week. but by thursday and friday, we're looking at a few low 80s to return to our inland east bay, even the coast warms up modestly into the mid-60s. we've got lots of arts festivals
8:58 am
on the peninsula, east bay. nice-looking weather. >> very reasonable. >> definitely. >> i accept it. and thanks for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. thanks, everyone, for watching, have a great day. in all kinds of places. there. there. even up there. let's get the real dirt from a guy like this. not this. we're gonna save big and then we're going in. ♪ ready to color outside the lines? let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get beautiful color with one quart vigoro annuals now just 4 for 10 bucks.
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