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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 4th. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. a little bit of cloud cover over the area but we have fog half moon bay. we are looking at temperatures this morning pretty comfortable. numbers in the 50s for the most part, 48 santa rosa, and we will look for another day of brisk winds along the coast. otherwise sunny skies and it will remain on the cool side. 63 to 68 around the bay. coastside upper 50s to 60s. maybe a few 70s inland toward the valley. we will talk about how much we
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are going to cool down and the look ahead in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. we begin with developing news out of san francisco. a barricade situation ended just a short time ago on sixth street. the incident began overnight after officers saw a man with a gun run into a building. police again evacuating residents around 6th and mission street and also blocked traffic. the barricade ended about 2:00 this morning. officers took two men into custody, but it's unclear what role they may have played. this morning sunnyvale police are looking for a man who robbed and terrorized an elderly couple in their home. the woman and her husband are so traumatized they don't feel safe anymore. abc news reporter sergio has the details. >> police quickly swarmed this quiet neighborhood looking for the man who broke into this home. the resident said she first realized something wag wrong when she heard her husband talking to somebody in the other
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room. >> there was a man waving a gun at him and shoving him into the wall. then he saw me and then he would never let us be together in the same room after that. >> dorothy said she's mostly upset about how violent the man was. >> to see him push my poor old husband around. he's 92 years old. he ripped his watch off his arm. engagement ring, my wedding ring. >> her husband was not injured. they left for most of the afternoon because they were worried about being home after the break-in. they said the police had arrested somebody but she didn't recognize that person. she said he would recognize the armed robber because he was sitting on her patio chair. >> i thought he was delivering a package because i was expecting some and when i opened the door he had this attitude like what took you so long. >> she shood him off her front patio and was shocked to see him again inside the home. so they changed the lock and are
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installing a home alarm system as soon as possible. police hope anyone who knows anything about the robbery will make a call. new news about the teenager who was the stowaway to hawaii in the wheel well of a california jet. he is back in california. according to our reports contra costa time. hawaii's department of human services confirms the boy has best hawaii, his father flew there hoping to reunite with his son but the officials in hawaii reportedly denied his father's son to see his son and bring him back home. a gunman who shot a man to death on the east bay freeing remains on the run this morning. the 31-year-old man was killed driving on interstate 580 in richmond, and investigators believe he was targeted.
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sky 7hd shows traffic backed up for miles yesterday afternoon on 580 in richmond. abc7 news reporter lilian kim has the details. >> officers shut down all lanes of this stretch of eastbound 580 in richmond, backing up traffic for miles. police say the male driver of the blue ford s.u.v. lost control after being shot by someone in another car. >> we don't believe he was firing at just anybody, we believe that the suspect or suspects were firing at him. >> witnesses say the s.u.v. rolled over multiple times before hitting the center divide. people who live along the freeway heard the gunshots and the crash. >> there were five gunshots. i ran outside because i thought one of my brothers got shot. then we came here and you could so the man over there died from the gunshot wound in his back. >> it's unclear if he died from the gunshot or from the crash.
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>> again, to determine a motive or if 9 victim had any enemies or anybody that might have wanted to shoot him. >> police are hoping witness less come forward. someone should have seen somebody since it it was a relatively busy time of day. they say thank goodness no one else was hurt. >> i don't know what the situation was, but innocent people could have been -- a stray bullet could have hit one of them. >> anyone with information is urged to call richmond police. in richmond, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> the chp said they will hospitalize a hospitalized santa rosa man for felony dui after he crashed his card and killed his wife. he had an drinking and speeding when he steered off a road and crow lied with a tree. his wife, a 33-year-old woman, died at the scene. he was airlifted to the hospital with major injuries.
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he is also expected to face charges of vehicular manslaughter. a man was shot to death after entering another apartment inside this building in san francisco. it happened on mission street early yesterday morning. the victim, steven, lived two floors above the suspected killer. he apparently got off the elevator on the wrong floor before walking into the apartment he thought was hit. the man who shot him is in jail. protesters here in the united states and nigeria are calling on their governments to do more. to find more than 200 girls kidnapped last month. >> [chanting] bring back our girls! >> yesterday they marched, calling for the the return of 223 girls kidnapped at gunpoint. a militant group raided the girls' boarding school back on april 16th, taking 276 girls. 53 have since escaped.
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the girls are reportedly being sold into marriage for $12 each. a man has died several hours after a hit-and-run driver plowed into his car in san francisco's mission district. witnesses say a driver ran a red light, ramming the victim's car police say the person who broadsided victim ran from the the scene. a north bay community is fighting around a boy fighting cancer. all the proceeds from an auction last night at the elk's club in san rafael will go to ron's family in february. ron suddenly died from a heart attack not long after his son zeke was diagnosed with cancer. his cancer is called rms and it attacks his muscles. when he was diagnosed it was at stage 4 but despite all of that the family is in good spirits.
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>> they are survivors and they are staying positive. it's a difficult situation, but they are percent veering. >> zeke's mother said he is doing okay. his body is responding well to chemotherapy. he will start radiation next month. we wish him well. our meteorologist lisa argen is here now with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we had a clear spot this morning with the gusty winds, keeping the marine layer well-mixed. now the clouds are gathering and we are looking at cold conditions throughout the day today and an approaching storm system that could bring a few sprinkles around the hills. >> also ahead, a job fair at tesla gets shut down and we will tell you why. and a new device that can tell you exactly what is in your food. a high-tech calorie counter and so much more.
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>> the warriors against the clippers has ended. last night they bottled in game seven at first round at the staples center. steph cur had 33 points to lead the warriors but blake griffin was just too much down the stretch. the clippers advance to the western conference semifinals with the 126-121 victory. mike shumann will have much more later on in sports. the rachel remarks by the clippers owner donald sterling are still echoing across the country as he fights a virtual death sentence from the nba. the woman who recorded those words has spoken about them for the very first time.
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v stiviano spilled exclusively to abc's barbara walters. we have the details. >> the team owner is banned from the nebraska for life for making -- from the nba for life for making racial comments on the phone. >> if you want to broadcast that you are associating with black people. >> the person who started all this, v. stiviano, who admits recording the conversation but she doesn't know who leaked it. she spoke exclusively to barbara walters. >> it donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. >> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general and blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you heard him say derogatory things? >> yes. >> sterling has hit back, telling a magazine that, quote, i wish i had just paid her off. " but sooner or later he will likely have to address the
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racist rants publicly. >> i think what is really important that he own it, that he vow he's going to be a different person. >> do you think donald sterling should apologize? >> absolutely. >> will he apologize? >> only god knows. >> the nba is now consulting with l.a. clippers management to appoint a ceo to oversee the team's operations. abc news, new york. the sterling scandal will be just one of the topics covered on "this week." former nba great jaw better will be on the show. he said no one should be surprised by his remarks considering his 33 years owner of the team. minnesotaal franken will also sit down for a rare interview. "this week" with george stephanopoulos is right after our newscast at 8:00 this morning. a tesla job fair end just two hours after it started
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yesterday after an overwhelming response. thousands of people showed up at the job fair that was supposed to last until 5:00. instead it was shut down at 10:00 a.m. because of capacity and safety concerns. tesla officials say the hiring process is still open, but now people have to apply online. wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what chemicals or how many calories are in the food you eat, how much alcohol is in your beer, what pharmaceuticals are in your pills? well, now you can. here's a. bc news reporter jonathan bloom. >> we have cheese we bought. >> point it at the cheese and you get this. it matches the nutrition label so closely you would think they copied it. but it also works on foods with no food label. >> it. >> it's stalled sio. it hand-held spectrometer. it shines a light and records what comes back.
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it can tell you what molecules something is made of. >> there's just a very large and bulky and very inaccessible to consumers. we have reduced the cost and the size of the device. >> this model is what they want the finished product to look like. they are raising money on kickstart expert pledges are rolling in. >> it's an early stage product, i've never seen so much press attention. all eyes are on these degrees because they promise something very compelling. >> she points to tell hitch spec, a similar device that promises to find allergens in food. >> i'm pretty skeptical. the fact we are seeing these devices trying to raise money on crowd funding sites suggests that traditional venture capitalists haven't found them yet. >> they build apps to use the scanners in hospital and even your own medicine capitals. >> point it at a device and
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press scan. >> it can tell what is in that pill, a pressing need in some countries. at 150 bucks, seniors could use it at home as doctors look on. >> make sure patience take their drugs on time and taking the right mix. >> and this can win investment from drug companies as eventually as they build knew apps for is. they want to put the sensor right into your cell phone. abc7 news. >> there are dozen of high-tech devices on the market to help diabetics track and control third blood sugar but a by area group believes their version offers advantages that other matches can't. dogs for diabetics grain service dogs to help recognize changes in a patient's body that may indicate hypoglue seem. it can be despite cheaper
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prices -- hypoglycemia. >> it can be confusion, acting like they are drunk and prove loss of consciousness if not caught in time. these dogs can warn them 30 minutes in time. >> we will take a look at exactly how the training works and the amazing difference these dogs are making in the lives of patients here in the bay area. in southern california two firefighters are recovering after being injured while fighting a string of brush fires in san diego county. one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion, the other for a possible fractured ankle. it happened yesterday. those fires are in the cleveland national forest near albino. the largest is about 16 acres. three others were quickly contained. our dry, warm conditions are prompting cal fire town crease staffing in northern california. starting tomorrow cal fire will be be transitioning into fire season across the bay area and the sacramento region.
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that's more than a month earlier than usual. they are asking homeowners to be prepared for wildfires and every home has 100 feet of defensive space. way ahead of schedule here because of our drought, i assume. >> yes, here. and fire season is continuing in southern california. so the good news is that the weather is going to be cool for the week ahead. the bad news is we have very gusty winds that perhaps will be in the canyons in southern california. they will be warmer than we we e here, but overall a cooler pattern set up and a brisk onshore flow that has worked to mix up the marine layer this morning. it will keep it on the cool side this week. the first half will feature breezy winds, especially along the coast. live doppler 7hd showing a little bit of cloudiness. emeryville temperatures mainly in the 50s and the winds keeping things mixed and a little milder. 54 in san jose, 49 gilroy. half moon bay 55 with three mile
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visibility and 54 in the city. exploratorium camera, nice-looking shot. looks nice and clear with 48 in santa rosa, 52 by the delta. concord set 54. livermore 55 and we will be looking at a mixture of clouds and sun today as the system offshore continues to bring in that cooler air mass and these breezy winds in the upper elevations transporting the cooler air once again through our east bay valleys and into the central valleys. we are not feeling the winds at the surface but we are looking at an average with the gusty winds once again at the coast. coastal clouds, partly cloudy around the bay today with the breezy winds and we look for more cool days as we start the week. we are looking at kind of variable computer models not indicating that strong ridge building in for the end of the week. things look a little bit up in the air for the week ahead in terms of our warmup. so there is the low. it's pretty much stationary.
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it is transporting that brisk on shore flow. and what it is also going to do it bring the possibility of sprinkles to the higher elevations. look like the mountains could see some rain but for the bay area we will cull it partly cloudy. as we go through the next day and a half you notice we have the clouds and a little bit of green on the map. it could represent some higher elevation sprinkles. 4:00 this afternoon you notice the clouds around. that's why we are calling it partly cloudy. we go through the overnight hours and by tomorrow look in the north bay here. maybe a few sprinkles, but really it's over the higher elevations and through the sacramento valley that could see a few sprinkles monday many then by tuesday it still has the breezy winds as the air mass continues to bring us the cool air. 70 today in san jose. 69 in sunnyvale. notice the green on the map representing the cool conditions. 59 pacifica. partly cloudy skies. 62 downtown. it will be breezy. 67 santa rosa. 68 vallejo. east bay look for the near 60s
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for richmond. fremont just 67 and you head inland maybe a few low 70s with some sunshine mixed with high clouds. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the temperatures continue to be on the cool side. maybe a high elevation sprinkle around the bay. otherwise sunshine takes hold midweek and we've got the warmup there through the end of the week. but, you know, there could be a few little weak systems that visit us. i'm a little suspect of the warming trend. i'll get back to you on that. >> nothing like last week? >> no. if anything i will bring those numbers down. >> okay. thanks, lisa. up next, a night of laughs in washington, d.c. how the president poked fun at himself at last night's white house correspondence dinner. we have some of the highlights.
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>> the oakland ballet company showcased their opening season with a benefit dinner last night. news anchor cheryl jennings served as an mc at the gala near lake merritt. they enjoyed a sneak-peek of some of the dances the company will perform during their spring season. last night's dinner and auction will support the company and their discover dance edition natural outreach program. celebrities, reporters and the president poked fun at each other at this year's white house correspondence dinner. it was last night. joel took jabs at the president, democrats, republicans and the chris christie bridge scandal but cnf and their coverage of the missing malaysian airlines fight was a target for both the president and the comedian. >> i'm happy to be here even though i'm a little jet laying from my trips to malaysia.
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the lengths we have to go to to get cnn coverage these days. >> this is the 100th year of the white house correspondence association. [applause] >> yes, 100 years ago cnn was only searching for the wright brothers plane. >> the president also made fun of the botched rollout of saying instead of "yes, we can" which was last years slogan, it was" control, alt, delete. a. a california-bred horse won the kentucky derby yesterday for the first time since 1962. bay area people wagered on the derby. many more fancy hats and other fashions you would expect to see at churchill downs in kentucky. some cashed in betting on the
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winner california chrome. folks also celebrated in uba city, which is the birthplace of california chrome. >> a good local story, good for the community, excitement. the kentucky derby. >> i think there will be a lot of excitement coming out of this and going forward hopefully. >> speaking of the triple crown, california crown will try to win the preakness in two weeks in baltimore. no horse has won the triple crown since affirm back in 1978 and only 11 horses have won the triple crown since 1919. more to come on the abc sunday morning news. up next a man who a used to saving lives, now accused of taking a life. the statewide manhunt underway for a man who police say killed his fiancee. and helping the youngest victims of violence. abc news anchor cheryl jennings takes us on the tour after new center in the by area helping children heel.
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what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. we had some breezy winds overnight that's kept the temperatures up and most of the fog out of the bay. but now we have some low clouds so we will call it partly cloudy. 57 is the warmer location in oakland, hayward and fremont. 54 san jose. 50 los gatos with 48 in santa rosa. so fog is at the coast. three mile visibility half moon bay. and the sea breeze transporting the cooler air once again our way today. so we will see variable clouds and sun today. higher clouds visiting us. notice the temperature profile with the color con tour indicating the greens here. that's the cool air. 50s at the coast. mainly in the the 60s with some high clouds and a few pockets of 70s, santa clara valleys and out in the east bay
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valleys. we will detail the forecast for the week ahead coming up. >> lisa, thank you. a statewide manhunt is underway. police are looking for a cal fire battalion chief accused of killing his fiancee while she was on the phone with her sister. abc news reporter mike has the latest. >> the 55-year-old cal is a california fire chief trained to save lives. here's he's on the training exercise near sacramento. now he stands accused of stabbing to health his 26-year-old fiancee, sarah douglas, in a home they share. he is the object of a california manhunt. >> we are efficient at track fugitive. he is a fugitive. >> the victim's aunt said her niece was on the phone with her sister when she was murdered. she recounts the last seconds of that chilling call. >> he enters the house, comes up from behind and on the
5:32 am
speakerphone you could hear her say owe you skid the -- out of me and then she screams and bloodcurdling screams and the phone goes dead. >> his pickup truck was found abeen donned south of sacramento but still no sign of a fire chief on the run. >> blood was found in the truck and they are concerned fleming might try to take his own life. >> family members tell abc news they do not believe the homicide was premeditated. they believe he snapped. plans to reopen a hospital has hit a snag this morning. the press democrat said talks between the board of palm drive hospital and a nonprofit foundation has stalled. the hospital, the ole one in west sonoma county, officially closed last monday after filing for bankruptcy. a board member said the foundation's plans have financial and governance issues. negotiator for the nonprofit said the hospital is not
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bargaining in good faith. san francisco mayor ed lee is bound and determined not to lose george lukas's planned museum to another city. earlier this year the presidio trust rejected the proposal to open the museum on parkland near the golden gate bridge. his museum will feature the star wars creator lifetime art collection and movie memorial beil yu. city of chicago is now launching an aggressive campaign to bring the museum there. mayor lee said he has given his staff until the end of this month to come up with possible locations for the museum. there's a groundbreaking new service available in san francisco to help children exposed to violence. it's culled the children's advocacy center and it provides a centralized location where child victims can bin to find healing and city agencies can coordinate their responses. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings takes us on a tour and shows us
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why it is so important. >> san francisco has 6,000 reports of child abuse each year. it's actually the highest rate in the entire bay area. >> the executive director of the san francisco child abuse prevention center and dr. chris stewart want to talk about the new program he's directing, the children's advocacy center of san francisco. it's helping children in a state of the art facility and is the first of its kind partnership in the country. all of the services are under one roof, including the department of public health, the district attorney, human services agency, city attorney, police department, and the san francisco child abuse prevention center. in fact the center provided this video about the new children's advocacy center. the partners want children to know that help is available to them in a save police because so many suffer in silence. >> there is support for the idea that just telling your story and being listened to and believed is a very important thing. >> dr. stewart walks us through
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the process that children and their families or caregivers go. to they take an elevator to the central floor and are greeted and checked in by a person with a warm child. then they go into a child friendly reception room. >> once the team is ready, expert viewer will come out and bring the child back. they will be brought to one of the interview rooms. we have two, one for younger children and one for adolescents. they tell their story to a trained interviewer who can put it in child appropriate language and allow them to tell what happened while behind the mirror are the people who need the information for their investigations. it's all recorded so we have really state of the art equipment here to do this. >> there's also an exam room for the children. it took several years and an extraordinary commitment from generous donors and city agency partners to make all of this happen. one of the major donors is tipping point community. >> this idea of a new building came up, and we were very
5:36 am
excited to participate. >> tipping point community was found bid daniel lury and his colleagues to find programs to fight poverty in the area. >> we raised $4 million in one night to help launch this new center. >> tipping point is helping support two programs in the new center are for youth wellness on third street. the new children's advocacy children and the spmc bay view child health center. >> if you are fighting poverty in the bay area, you always have to protect your most vulnerable, and those are our children. >> for many years the work is happening at the basement of general hospital. it's like highly trained experts, partners at san francisco general and cff that are trained in providing medical services to children in crisis. >> they are in the process of moving to the new location. that community effort is allowing for major changes this year to help even more children in san francisco. cheryl jennings, abc7 news.
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and for more information we are put a link to the san francisco child abuse prevention center website on our website, you can expect some slower traffic this morning in san lorenzo. caltrans is demolishing the marina boulevard bridge on interstate 880. all lanes will be shut down until 7:00 this morning. traffic will be detoured at the marina boulevard off rim during the week lanes of 880 will be shut from midnight to 4:00 a.m. southbound lanes from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, can havety fighters in action. the group offering free care today to adults and children in an underserved neighborhood. and this is a live look from our exploratorium cam. those incredible highs are gone in terms. the temperatures. average temps now in store.
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lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few. watch abc is nowville to bay area dish customers who want to watch abc7 news online or on smartphones and tablets. just go to and click on the "watch abc" logo to find out how to access it. you can also search "watch abc" in you're app store to download the app and watch all your favorite abc shows like scandal and resurrection live or on demand on your mobile device.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. >> happening today, this is only the 4th of may but the fruitvale district will be
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celebrating cinco demayo. the festivities begin at 11:00 this morning on east 12th street with aztec dances, mariachi bands and plenty of food showcasing the local restaurants. organizers are urging the entire oakland community to celebrate the 6th on the 4th. cinco demayo is causing a different reaction in morgan hill where a protest is planned outside a high school where some students were turned to turn their american flag t-shirts inside-out or go home. this happened four years ago at live oak high school. latino students saw the american flag as a sign of disrespect. a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the school, saying campus safety trumps first amendment rights. the group called the gilroy morgan hill patriots plan to stand in front of the school tomorrow morning and hold american flags in silence. lisa argen now with a preview of
5:42 am
the accuweather forecast. >> certainly feeling more like the season. we have breezy winds and partly cloudy skies around the bay with numbers mainly in the 50s. grab the jacket. it will be another cool one around the by and we will talk about the possibility of a few sprinkles perhaps in the next few days coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, an excite bug disappointing game seven as the warriors and clippers battle into the final minute. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> many low income area in the bay area have little access to dental care. today there will be free dental screenings in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. it's par of the sunday day streets event. we have more. >> even though we are surrounded by topnotch medical facilities, dental health in the bay area is
5:45 am
considered poor, especially among low-income families. >> the need is incredibly overlooked. because most people are struggling with, especially lower income families, struggling with putting food on the table. >> free screenings help promote good dental health. this weekend ucsf will offer them to children and adults in the bayview neighborhood. they will also be exposed to free dental education and referrals, and that's where many fall through the cracks. most can't afford it. but the ucsf school of dentistry has a sliding scale based on a person's income. >> so dental students can provide treatment and also dental faculty. >> as of may 1st med-i-cal began offering to adults. according to a survey, many low income children in santa clara and san mateo counties have
5:46 am
dental insurance due to the children's health initiative. but the report says that's not enough. children and their parents have to understand how to prevent tooth decay and have access to dentists. >> many children are exposed to a lot of sugars in their diet through either fast foods or sodas, sugary drinks, and it's important to also educate the parents and the families all together. >> the ucsf screening takes about 15 minutes. no appointment is necessary. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. ucsf will be offering the free dental screenings today between 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 at the bayview opera house on third street. lisa argen here now. i guess kind of a moderate temperatures, nothing like last week? >> no, nothing like last week. that is a memory. a more spring like feel to the weather which would be the breezy winds, partly cloudy
5:47 am
skies and an incoming system that will just graze extreme northern california or the bay area and that's an upper level low. we will talk about it and i will show it to you in a minute. right now live doppler 7hd showing a little bit of cloud cover around the by but we have gusty winds at the upper elevations and that allows for a mixed atmosphere. this was sutro. you can see a little bit of it. we have a little bit of fog blowing by. we are in and out of the low clouds. higher clouds will be visiting us today again and breezy winds at the cove. a nice-looking shot here from our exploratorium camera where we have partly cloudy conditions. that sun is coming up right after 6:00. looking at upper 40s right now in santa rosa. 52 in fairfield and today will be, with temperatures on the average side, feeling a little cooler. one reason is the cooler air mass. the second reason is the sea
5:48 am
breeze, and that brisk on show flow. these are the winds up above 1500 feet. transporting the cooler air, the winds right now out of the northwest, mixing out that marine layer but they will be of an on-shore component today. keeping the numbers in the 50s at the coastside. coastal clouds making for a partly cloudy skies this morning with more cool days, especially through the middle of the week. we will keep it breezy around the bay and that will allow temperatures to stay confined to the 60s and 70s. so it's all due to this area of low pressure. it's a deep upper level low that has been sitting off the coast. it stays here for the next day or so. it doesn't move much and eventually it will push to the north of us. that will allow for the cooler air mass, the breezy winds and the possibility with that cooler air mass that unstable air, a few sprinkles in the higher elevations. as we go through the next day and a half you will see the green on the screen representing the possibility of a few showers. so they are offshore and we go
5:49 am
through the day today, partly cloudy skies 4:00 and then overnight into monday. yeah, not much except for the clouds and maybe a few sprinkles sonoma county over into 80 as we head toward the valley. so if you are headed anywhere across the bay, you will notice the partly cloudy skies and perhaps the breezy winds from time to time. so livermore, the week ahead looking at temperatures dropping right on through tomorrow and then that slow climb back through the middle of the week. we should see temperatures in the 70s throughout the end of the work week. highs today ranging from the cool 50s shoreline with low 60s monterey. 62 with partly cloudy sky in the northern sear are you. 67 back home in oakland. 65 richmond with the breezy winds. maybe a few low 70s. and the accuweather forecast shows the trend continuing for tomorrow. possibility of a sprinkle higher elevations and then we will keep the partly cloudy skies through the middle of the week and
5:50 am
slowly climbing temperatures and maybe another system visiting us by the end of the week. so nothing big, just minor ups and downs with the breezy winds. >> all right. i know you probably did not stay up late last night, but in sports the rivalry between the warriors and clippers may have escalated after the game at staples center. usa today reports there was a heated verbal back and forth in the tunnel that connects the locker rooms and police were called. ite not believed that any punches were thrown. the incident happened shortly after the clippers eliminated the warriors in game seven of their first-round playoff series. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> a grit season for the warriors came to an abrupt end last night at the step he will centers against the clippers. draymont green on fire from beyond the arc. 24 points. stephsteph curry had 33. we head to the north. clippers up 2.
5:51 am
andre with a three. he had 14, 107-106 warriors. l.a. comes back. chris paul to jordan for the jam. two minutes left. curry drives. blocked by jordan. clifford taken the other way. blake griffin finishes the alley oop. he had 24 but his biggest play came under a minute left. drives, throws it you, somehow gets it to drop and fouls and griffin giving up the ball, goes to jordan for the easy jam. clippers moving on to the second round with 126-121 victory. >> a battle against a team that i got a lot of respect for. extremely well-coached. i think we will see each other down the road again. i'm extremely proud of my guys. i think it's been an outstanding year for us. >> giants take their second start for the braves and four straight in the win column once again with home runs and solid pitching. wearing the throw-back uniforms, both squads. the eighth home run of the season here. a fellow shot.
5:52 am
giants up 1-0. g-men have hit homers in ten straight games now. pablo sandoval helping the cause with defense. here is the double play. braves tie it up at one. and the fourth they lead off with his seventh of the year. giants up 2-1. and michael morris going deep as well. his eighth. leads the league in solo home runs. giants win 3-1. their eighth win in nine games. boston strong in all its glory. to fenway park. jonny gomes kicked things off with a grand slam. 4-0 sox. we had three home runs. it was more than enough for boston pitcher jon lester. allowed just one hit, eight shutout innings struck out a career high 15 and walked only two. red sox win 6-3. they will go for the sweep today. 140th running of the kentucky derby. yesterday star was no accident. california chrome, a 5-2
5:53 am
favorite in perfect position. third place on the thirst turn and turned it on down the stretch. >> california chrome into the final furlong. he has a five lent lead on the competition. he's in front. and up second. on the outside. he will take second. but california chrome wins the kentucky derby! >> california chrome, the first california-bred horse to win the derby since is 1962 in 2:03:06. the 77-year-old art sherman wins with his first church at churchill downs in 34 years. commanding curve was second and danza placed third. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> up next, an amazing reunion. how a new jersey couple got their dog back after losing him
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> it took 19 months but a new jersey couple is finally reunited with their dog lost during hurricane sandy. the dog's name is reckless. he disappeared in 2012 after sandy ravished the jersey shore. james family had given up hope of ever seeing him again so they went to pick out a new dog and reckless was there. reckless was picked up as a stray about six months ago and
5:57 am
volunteers fed him quite well, in fact, they did not recognize him at first because he was so heavy. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at six, an elderly woman and her ailing husband are attacked during a home invasion in the middle of day. why she's worried the robber might come back. and a deadly shooting and crash. witnesses and investigators tell us what led to the highway homicide.
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>> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 4th. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi carolyn, good morning to you. we have some fog floating in and out of the bay. higher clouds will be visiting us. live doppler 7hd shows we are not looking at any precipitation but we could see some sprinkles through the next day and a half. a stronger on shore push throughout the day today so it has been breezy. that will continue. we will see variable clouds and a cool day.


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