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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. brand-new video of that horrifying end to a circus stunt. these eight performers crashing to the ground in an instant, falling 35 feet and injuring a dancer below. how this new act where the acrobats hang by their hair went so wrong. happening now, firefighters in oklahoma battling a fast-moving wildfire, flames shooting higher than trees. strong winds fueling the inferno. homes destroyed. this how were battling the blaze with just a garden hose. one dead and thousands still evacuated. >> emergency declared. and we do need lower. >> violent turbulence on a wide body jet for u.s. airline s. passengers saying the plane felt out of control shortly after takeoff. six injured including a 10-year-old. the plane heading for orlando forced to return for an emergency landing.
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hello and welcome to moviefone. >> you know that voice, the most famous voice in america and the hottest number on date night. now the brand-new nationwide search for the new voice of moviefone launching this morning only on "gma." this could be you. >> hello and welcome to moviefone. good morning, america. of course, we've all done that. at one time or another. i didn't know it was an actual human voice. >> oh, yeah. >> i thought it was a machine. >> it sounded like a robot. >> it does, it does. so the search on for the new voice and i know this is hard to believe, remember when you had to get the newspaper and look -- do you remember that? yes. >> tiny print. >> okay. >> i still do that.
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>> happy memories though. also coming up this morning, you see emeril ready. there he is. he's getting ready for our biggest breakfast in bed surprise ever. getting out of that cab and we've got an amazing twist this morning for mother's day week. >> this is a great one. really great. >> we are so looking forward to that. first, we're going to get right to that terrifying circus accident at a ringling brothers show in providence, rhode island. gooe joe benitez is outside the ring in providence. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. three are in critical condition. like aerialists these women are called harialists. hanging by their hair. obviously the stunt went terribly wrong. it was a performance filled with magic and fantasy. the ringling brothers legends show packed with nearly 4,000 people, families with children. then just 45 minutes into the performance, a dramatic and horrifying turn.
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just seconds after a curtain drops revealing acrobats hanging by their hair, eight young women falling about 35 feet, the circus says right on top of a dancer below. the heavy contraption holding them up giving way. >> everybody thought that it was part of the act but then when they landed on the floor then, you know, they weren't moving. >> reporter: the announcer quickly addressing the audience. >> we ask that you please enjoy this intermission at this time while we situate ourselves during this accident. thank you. >> you could tell the crane was heavy because it took ten guys, you could see them struggling to lift it from on top of the girls. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: the seriously injured performers were conscious during their rescue. hospital officials saying they're treating a total of 11 patients. now we've learned the act is one of the show's biggest centerpieces and as seen in this promotional video it's brand-new to the circus. >> we have the human chandelier. this is eight beautiful young
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ladies hanging suspended in the air by their hair. it's never been done anywhere in the world before. >> reporter: the women spin and hang from hoops only from their hair. according to the circus made strong enough by special vitamins and hair care. this morning, the circus and the dunkin' donuts center in providence promise a full investigation. and now we're told all shows have been canceled here in providence for the today. the next is thursday in connecticut. and osha is investigating. but a spokesman for the circus told us a clamp failed. >> all right, gio, thank you. joining us now from washington is steven payne of feld entertainment which owns the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. we appreciate your time this morning and first and foremost, how are the injured performers doing this morning? >> well, as of last night we learned that all the performers are resting comfortably. their injuries, though serious, we did learn they were not
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considered life-threatening. so everyone with the greatest show on earth is happy to hear that. >> any idea at this point what went wrong? >> we're working with local providence officials as well as the occupational safety and health administration to really find out what happened during this performance so we can make sure that all of our equipment is safe for all of our performers going forward. >> and this was a relatively new part of the act. was there enough that was done prior to to properly prepare them? >> well, most of these performers have been doing an act of this nature for some time. this particular segment has been a part of this show since it started rehearsals in december of last year, so these aerialists have been doing this performance a dozen times a week since then. so they were really highly experienced, really athletic, skilled. they knew what they were doing and it was just an unfortunate accident. >> in the meantime, what about the show? i know that the show this morning has been canceled. what about going forward? >> correct.
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well, the show was canceled and we canceled both shows yesterday afternoon. the next engagement for this circus unit is in hartford, connecticut. and as of this morning, all of those scheduled performances will go on as planned. >> and what can you do to assure families that are going to bring their children to future performances about the safety of those that are performing? >> well, this really was a freak accident, an unprecedented accident in our history so audiences that are coming to see the greatest show on earth and can bring their families can rest assured we are doing everything to determine what happened yesterday to cause this unfortunate accident and everything we can do in the future to make sure it never happens again. >> steven, thank you and give our very best to those who are injured. thank you, sir. >> i will, thank you. we are thinking of them but we'll turn now to that deadly wildfire burning in oklahoma. the fast-moving flames caused at least one death, forcing hundreds from their homes. abc's ryan owens is live in guthrie, oklahoma, with all the very latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, george.
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as you can tell it's very windy and behind me, you see the thick, black smoke. all night fire fighters have been looking at an ominous glow back there. this is already as you mentioned cost one person his life. a 56-year-old man who was told to leave his home. he chose to stayed and paid the ultimate price. flames leap into the night sky as oklahoma firefighters struggle to save as many as 150 homes in the fire's path. >> hopefully they get this thing pushed back far enough. >> reporter: look at those flames as they engulf that tree. those flames shooting some 30 feet into the air and the wind is certainly not helping overnight. gusting at more than 30 miles an hour. >> the wind keeps blowing. it keeps sparking it back up. >> reporter: the flames have destroyed six homes so far but the fire chief expects that number will double, maybe triple when the sun comes up. the chief says it all started by someone burning debris. a controlled burn that quickly got out of control.
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>> it's amazing how fast this fire spread. by the time we got down here we were afraid we wouldn't be able to come home. >> reporter: about a thousand people in this small community north of oklahoma city have been asked to voluntarily evacuate. those who chose to stay are fighting the fires with whatever they have. >> sleep with one eye open and be ready to move if necessary. >> reporter: now that the sun is up, the fire chief is hopeful they can get helicopters up to dump water on the fire. they could not do that overnight. weather will not cooperate. gusty winds and a high of 97. and that's a real problem. >> yes, that is. that is something behind you, ryan. thank you. now to that air scare. severe turbulence shortly after takeoff injuring six people on a flight from philadelphia to orlando. forcing the plane to return to the airport. abc's david kerley is in washington with the latest on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know takeoff we know can be a scary time for some passengers and really was when strong wins
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-- winds moved through the east coast. just after takeoff, trouble. >> philly approach. cactus 735. heavy with you at 6,000. emergency declared. >> reporter: the violent turbulence hitting the us airways wide body airbus a 330 after it lifted off from philadelphia. the afternoon flight to orlando was only at 17,000 feet the airline says, seat belt signs still on. >> brief period of time you felt the airplane was not in control and it wasn't because it was being moved by some pretty intense forces. >> reporter: those forces so extreme that one flight attendant's head left an indentation in the plane's interior according to a passenger. >> it was cracked. the ceiling was cracked. she hit it hard. >> reporter: a 10-year-old girl reported head pain. a female passenger left with neck and back injuries. a 43-year-old man injuring his knees. all told, of the 275 on board, four passengers and two crew hurt. >> are there any medical assistance on board? >> negative. not on board.
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but we do require it on the ground. >> reporter: the pilot did circle back putting it on solid ground in philadelphia where they did get that medical attention. and last night another flight took the rest of the passengers to orlando. the faa's investigating. it will try to learn from this turbulence incident to try to protect future flights. robin. >> good to know. all right, david, thank you. to amy. other top stories this morning. good morning, amy. good morning, robin. good morning, everyone. we begin with a disaster during an air show near san francisco. the pilot of this vintage plane was trying to perform an upside down maneuver, but spectators watched in horror as that plane skidded, catching fire. the 77-year-old veteran pilot did not survive. and overseas right now ukraine appears to be marching closer toward an all-out civil war. ukrainian soldiers have reportedly been killed in battles today with pro-russia fighters, part of the same group that waged a fierce attack on a police station sunday and in a sign of the escalating violence a woman, a regular citizen, was
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seen running across the street in one eastern city gun in hand. well, a major backlash on social media. people around the world are demanding more be done to rescue 276 schoolgirls abducted and then reportedly sold off as brides in nigeria. abc's martha raddatz tells us how the u.s. government is getting involved. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this was a breathtaking kidnapping. those nearly 300 girls taken by armed men from their school dormitory in the middle of the night by islamic extremists who believe western education is a sin. this morning, the lead of the islamic group admitting in a video, i abducted your girls. anguished parents and protesters around the world pleading for the search to intensify, and nigeria's president vowing overnight that the girls, gone now for more than three weeks,
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will be found. >> wherever these girls are, we'll get them out. >> reporter: it comes as secretary of state john kerry is touring africa and pushing nigeria to go after the kidnappers. >> the kidnapping of hundreds of children is an unconscionable crime and we will do everything possible to support the nigerian government to return these young women to their homes. >> reporter: kerry's predecessor, hilly clinton, and celebrities like mary j. blige, also bringing attention to the horrific abduction through social media with the #bringbackourgirls going viral on twitter. the girls, aged 15 to 18, are likely part of a massive human trafficking operation sold into marriage for mere dollars. despite the promises by nigeria's president to intensify the search this morning, his wife reportedly ordered the arrest of the leaders of the protest against the kidnapping. it is also not clear what help the u.s. will give but secretary kerry says he will keep up the
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pressure and those parents, they chased after the abductors, amy, who were armed with ak-47s using only bows and arrows and were forced to turn back. >> heartbreaking story, martha. thank you for helping shed light on what is happening right now. in the meantime, dramatic pictures from the u.s. air force this morning as these airmen parachuted into the pacific to rescue sailors from a fishing boat sinking off the coast of mexico. the airmen carried inflatable boats and medical equipment saving nine chinese sailors who were on board. and finally, a stunning scene from a mansion where a group of teenagers decided to throw a massive party this weekend. news of the bash near toronto spread on social media and 2,000 kids showed up. it took dozens of police officers, even a k-9 unit to break up the party. the mansion is under construction and the teens left behind $70,000 in damages. some teens even rented tour buss to get to the party. this is a problem with social
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media. remember when you were in high school and a couple extra kids showed up? >> yeah. >> yeah. 70,000. that's insane. >> that is crazy. >> yeah. >> who is going to pay for all that? >> thank you. the latest on the l.a. clippers after that comeback win saturday, the team starts round two of the playoffs tonight. but the distractions continue as embattled owner donald sterling hunkers down. his former girlfriend is speaking out exclusively to abc news and ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: the nba has just announced that it will appoint an interim ceo to oversee the management of the l.a. clippers. a team that owner donald sterling must stay away from for life. overnight, clippers coach doc rivers telling espn's michael wilbon how he kept his team going amid the controversy. >> i told them i'm going to support you whatever you do. let's just do it together. >> reporter: but this weekend much of the talk was about v. stiviano, sterling's former companion and personal assistant who recorded the tapes of sterling's now infamous racist rant. in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters.
7:15 am
stiviano broke her silence. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. i think he feels very alone, tormented, and i'm forced to come to his rescue because he can't rescue himself. >> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general and blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you've heard him say derogatory things? >> yes. >> don't they sound racist to you? >> i think the things he says are not what he feels. anyone can say anything in the heat of the moment. >> reporter: stiviano keeping the media abuzz since her boss' epic rant was first made public making the full-faced visor famous. >> why the visor? >> i'm hurting. i'm in pain. it's easier to mask the pain. i'm mr. sterling's everything. i'm his confidante, his best
7:16 am
friend, his silly rabbit. >> his what? >> his silly rabbit. >> his silly rabbit. >> yes. >> is that what he calls you? >> no, what i call myself. >> are you in love with donald sterling? >> i love him. >> i'm not sure that's what i asked. are you in love? >> no, i'm not in love. >> you love him, what, like a friend, romance? >> i love him like a father figure. i'm giving him the advice that he should apologize to the nation, to the world, for his racist remarks. >> reporter: and donald sterling's wife shelly sterling who was at the game saturday night said in a at the same time that she supports the nba's swift action. robin. >> all right there ryan, thank you very much. but what matters on the court, they're moving on. >> they sure are. >> they're moving on. to lara now in the social square. good morning, lara. >> good morning. so before the internet and smartphones, we would actually have to use phones to call about
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movie times. and so many of us remember that booming voice behind moviefone. now the company is looking for a new voice and it could be yours. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: back in my youth when costner was the prince of thieves. when "beverly hills cop" was the funniest thing in theaters, many a date night began with these legendary words -- >> hello and welcome to moviefone. >> reporter: and this morning, moviefone is launching the search for a new voice. it could be you. >> you could be 18 or you could be 80. the key is really to find someone who is compelling and powerful and resonates. >> reporter: the original moviefone man, a guy named russ, a movie critic with a mullet, became a pop cultural colossus. >> hello and welcome to moviefone. >> reporter: launched in '89 the service peaked in the mid '90s with 3 million callers a week. >> please say the name of the movie you'd like to see now. >> reporter: an icon who in this new fangled smartphone age went the way of the rotary dial, vhs and vinyl.
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the phone line closed a couple of months ago, replaced, of course, by an app and a website. >> the new moviefone gives you the easiest way to find premium content wherever it is, whether it's in theater, whether it's on tv. whether it's through a streaming service. >> reporter: but they need a new moviefone man or woman to be the face and the voice. simply text star to 265265 for more details. oh, i can't believe i tried the voice. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, nick sounded pretty good. we asked "gma" viewers which celebrity should be the voice of moviefone. thousands of you responded. thank you, they poured in overnight on facebook and twitter and actor morgan freeman in a landslide winning the new role according to you. not sure if he'll take it but it is a voice. to ginger now with the weather. >> oh he's got to do it. i love that. let's start with the plains because they were hot, look at pictures from wichita, kansas, yesterday. the earliest 100-degree recorded in history. i'm saying that all wrong. the earliest you've ever hit 100
7:19 am
in wichita and today we'll do another day of record heat. close to it. abilene will go to 103. amarillo, 98. look at dodge city at 88, even denver up at 83. you know it doesn't last forever. that spark of summer will come to an end and i'll show you those numbers in just a moment. first your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. the select cities brought to you by royal caribbean international. good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. going to be a brisk one today
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with increasing sunshine but the breezes will keep our temperatures bee low average. today the coldest day this week. our best chance of showers stay to the east, sprinkle slower breezes and a slow warming about wednesday. today will be in the upper 50s to near 60 along the coast, the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s. tonight we'll fall back into the 40s and 50s under a mostly cloudy sky. accuweather seven-day forecast, >> this is the kind of drop-off, 90 to 71 in las vegas from today to tomorrow. so things -- you think a lot people are practicing the moviefone now? >> they are. >> welcome to moviefone. >> and everything goes back to a "seinfeld" episode. >> yes. all right, coming up, the oscar pistorius trial back in session this morning. two witnesses breaking down on the stand. dan and nancy weigh in live. ben affleck's luck runs out. why the star is now banned from playing blackjack at a las vegas casino. also inside the hottest new diet trend, the whole30. how it claims to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 30 days.
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ghirardelli squares chocolate... ♪ a little rendezvous savor our luscious filling combined with our slow melting chocolate. ♪ that little reward for all the things you do. ♪ only from ghirardelli. good morning. i'm eric thomas. a pilot was performing a maneuver in the thunder over solano air show when his plane
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slammed into the ground yesterday afternoon. opposing groups in morgan hill are planning rallies today 40 years after students wearing american flag t-shirts were sent home from live oak high school. the school is now unified. here's leyla with the morning commute. >> the b.a.r.t. delays are not behind us. we have brand-new delays in downtown oakland and sfo directions right now. a 10- to 15-minute delay in effect until further notice due to an equipment problem. muni, looks like most everything is running on time. earlier delays there, a-trains 3, 5, and 7 are on time. eric? >> thank you very much. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco and the bay area forecast.
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good morning. check out the winds we're watching with live doppler 7-hd, around 10 to 15 miles per hour all blowing to the east which means we have a stout sea breeze all day today. temperatures now in the 50s but in the afternoon hours only into the 60s, maybe not even out of the 50s at the coast. accuweather seven-day forecast, back to average thursday, ab things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. re i look,.. and a congress standing in the. way. their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special nterests run rampant.
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crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. ♪ >> bring it on. >> oh, yeah. bring it on. >> just a couple of vice presidents getting tattoos right there. speaker john boehner, as well. that's julia louis-dreyfus, joe biden and john boehner, a film they did for the white house correspondents' dinner on saturday night. that was definitely a highlight. >> that was. >> john boehner or j. dog. >> you're right about that. also this morning, the oscar pistorius -- well, he's back in session, that trial back in session this morning. emotional testimony from defense
7:31 am
witnesses this morning as they try to recover from his cross-examination. dan and nancy will be along to weigh in live. >> oh, yes, they will. then ben affleck, admitted his love of gambling. now it's gotten him into trouble. how he got banned from the blackjack table at a popular las vegas casino. and let's take a look at emeril. he is with us this morning for our 15th annual breakfast in bed surprise and we promise you, this is by far the biggest and most personal surprise ever. you do not want to miss this one. it's mother's day week here on "gma." >> and this one has a special little twist to it. we can't wait. let's get started in this half hour, the latest on the oscar pistorius trial. his trial for the murder of his girlfriend, back under way after 2 1/2-week break. the defense trying to poke holes in the case and matt gutman is at the courthouse for us this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the clearest portrait yet of oscar pistorius in the frantic
7:32 am
moments after he shot reeva steenkamp. now, the defense is trying to claw back after pistorius was mauled last month in cross-examination trying to show that his version of events still stands up and that all that emotion we've seen in court is but a fraction of the agony he felt that night. they were the first tortured words out of pistorius' mouth. >> please, please, please, come to my house. i shot reeva. i thought she was an intruder. please, please, please come quick. >> reporter: uttered by pistorius, the first person he called the night he shot his girlfriend, the budding reality star reeva steenkamp. johan stander then rushed to his house. >> it was a young man walking down the stairs with a lady -- with a young woman in his arms. i could see she had a head wound. >> reporter: stander and his daughter ka crease testified for the defense in his murder trial. they arrived just minutes after
7:33 am
the bullets ripped into reeva, now dying in pistorius' arms. >> he was begging me to put her in the car to take her to the hospital. >> reporter: in court pistorius crumpled over weeping. that night she told them they needed towel s to stop the bleeding. >> he was begging reeva to just stay with him and not to leave him. just stay with me, my love. stay with me. >> reporter: this crime scene photo shows pistorius as he looked then, blood smeared and vomiting and she thought suicidal. >> i thought he's going to go and possibly shoot himself. >> reporter: in a trial so punctuated by emotion both witnesses broke down on the stand today as they were questioned by the defense team. >> mr. stander, sir, if you're emotional, take your time. >> reporter: stander, whose face wasn't shown on tv, part of the
7:34 am
11 witnesses and clawing back. today they gave us insight into his psychology after he pulled the trigger, next expect them to turn to his frame of mind before he pulled the trigger. hammering home the point that this disabled athlete would feel more vulnerable than the rest of us. george. >> okay, matt, thanks. our legal team, chief legal affairs dan abrams and nancy grace. let me begin with you, nancy. we heard matt that testimony. highly emotional. was it effective? >> well, i found it to be somewhat effective in that we've all been watching pistorius cry and vomit and dry heave in the courtroom and they told the judge this is a bench trial, they told the judge he also threw up the night -- the day they got there and they found reeva dead. now, here's a problem. if you analyze their testimony, aside from all of the emotion, he never said it was a mistake. he never explained to them how
7:35 am
it happened, in fact, they seem to be more concerned about pistorius than they were about reeva steenkamp. while it helped to some degree i still think that the nuts and bolts of the prosecution's case is stronger. >> and, dan, how important is it that these witnesses said they didn't hear the fight that other witnesses said they heard. >> not that important. i mean they're saying they were asleep, right. i think the most important testimony you've heard so far from this witness today is that another witness may have changed his story. meaning east earwitnesses are so important, witnesses who hear a fight, followed by the shots, right. the defense is saying that's not the way it happened. remember, if there was a fight, followed by shots he's in big trouble so you had these earwitnesses who say they heard that fight. you had the witness today say, well, i talked to one of those witnesses at the time and he offered a different account than he offered on the witness stand. that is somewhat helpful and i would argue the most helpful thing we've heard today but still they got a long way to go >> that's the question. does this do enough and what
7:36 am
more do they need to do to create doubt? >> i got a question for you guys. typically you start your case off with a bang, pardon the pun. you try to give them something powerful to start your case with. this is really just getting into the defense case. you know, we've had a two-week hiatus and if the best they've got is this emotional testimony that's not going to carry the day. >> oscar pistorius was the beginning of the case. i mean oscar pistorius was that bang. >> well, yeah, of course. >> he didn't do very well. >> i don't think he did that well on cross. >> i agree. i think oscar pistorius was a problem but, look what do they have? the best thing they could have is a neighbor who doesn't just say i was sleeping and then i woke up and heard this, the best thing they could have is a neighbor who said, no, i heard things in exactly the order that pistorius claims they were in. i don't think they're going to have that. >> well, and, nancy, that is the point. >> something else --
7:37 am
>> go ahead. >> i found something else in his testimony. i was going through it between all of the crying and the snotting and vomiting. he said, i said to reeva, get down. get down, call police. he was at her eye level reaching down to get the gun out from under the bed on her side of the bed. who is he talking to? she's not there. i mean, none of his story in my mind fits together and i'm giving you a prediction which i rarely do. i guarantee you i think this judge is going to split it down the middle. she's going to split the baby and come back with guilty on a lesser included. >> possible, yeah. i mean the judge could definitely -- i think there's going to be at least a conviction on the lesser included, right, which is this -- culpable homicide there which effectively is manslaughter. it would mean a minimum of no jail time up to 15 years, but, you know, i wouldn't count out the possibility of a stiffer conviction here. i still think that the evidence has been piling up against pistorius and i think that cross-examination was devastating?
7:38 am
>> not much of a case from the defense, dan, nancy, thanks very much. to ginger with the weather. >> we were talking about the heat out in the plains but there's a place that has not yet gotten hot. that would be chicago. this morning a raw one. some sprinkles around too and you'll run into the clouds early. only the 50s for a high temperature today. 54 really. and the east wind off the lake, ooh, i've been there for that. i know you're all dealing with it. warmth is on the way. y yes, you'll go to the 80s later but the high pressure system that rotates clockwise and behind it as this starts to lift up we'll warm up. so you'll have extreme warmth and colder behind it and, of course, that means severe storms and we think wednesday into thursday, anywhere from north texas up into parts of wisconsin and minnesota are going to have to be on the lookout. happy monday. i'm mike nicco. we're going to see increasing sunshine but a brisk breeze will keep us we below average from the upper 50s at the coast to near 70 inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, the winds stop thursday, summer heat returns this weekend.
7:39 am
>> all that weather brought to you by kay jewelers. i'm okay with a little instant summer. >> yeah, we're ready. >> we're all in. thanks. coming up the discovery that has doctors excited this morning. the breakthrough, new research on how to stop the aging process? >> and why ben affleck was banned from the blackjack table at one las vegas casino. and the royal princes headed back home after their party weekend. we hear from the band leader who was there when william jumped on stage to "shout." elry store in a is the place to find your favorite bridal brands. the leo diamond - the first diamond certified to be visibly brighter. neil lane bridal - from hollywood's premier jewelry designer. artistry diamonds - genuine diamonds in vibrant artists' colors. tolkowsky - inventors and perfectors of the ideal - cut diamond. these stunning bridal brands - and more - together in one place.
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7:43 am
it is 7:43 on the nose with ben affleck banned from the blackjack table at las vegas' hard rock cafe because he was apparently just winning too much money. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> i need your help. >> reporter: as an actor, writer and director, ben affleck is a hollywood triple threat. >> what's your middle name? >> leon? shoot him. >> reporter: but his real threat may be at the blackjack table. this morning the superstar's winning hand making headlines. the actor reportedly removeds from a blackjack table at the hard rock hotel & casino in las vegas for alleged lly counting cards. he had a run-in at the casino tuesday night. security telling him he was banned from playing blackjack saying "you're too good" and politely escorting him away from the table.
7:44 am
affleck who played an online gambling mogul in "runner runner." >> if hi a dollar for every bad gambler, i wouldn't need it. >> reporter: has spoken publicly about his love of the game. >> i like to come to casinos and play blackjack and poker. >> reporter: counting cards involves keeping track of the cards already played to determine what's left in the deck and how to bet. colin jones of teaches players how it works. >> it's a mix between chess and extreme couponing. you know when to raise your bet when you have the advantage and when to lower the bet when the casino has the advantage. >> reporter: it's not illegal featured in "rainpane"? we're counting cards. >> reporter: and "21" where a group of m.i.t. students make big money using the tactic. >> blackjack. >> reporter: while the source says affleck is now busted when it comes to playing blackjack at the hard rock casino he was offered other games to play. the casino told abc news it does
7:45 am
not comment on guests' game playing but said "mr. affleck, a valued guest of hard rock hotel & casino is not banned from our property and is welcome back any time. "free to try his luck at something else. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> free to try his luck at something he's not as good at. >> i just don't get why counting is not allowed by these casinos. >> it's not illegal. >> they'd never take me out. i'm not good. >> you could stay as long as you want. >> come on in. >> all right, coming up, everybody, one of the top stories trending overnight. why kids are getting easily and why it may not be a bad thing? >> what. >> plus inside the whole30 diet. how it claims to help you lose 15 pounds in 30 days. and emeril has the best breakfast in bed ever this mother's day week and stay with us for "play of the day." ♪ because i'm happy clap along if you feel -- hi. i just finished an energy audit of this building
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>> announcer: right then, here's the "play of the day." >> so he's won two olympic gold medals, ten espy awards but snowboarding champ shaun white, i didn't know this, has never been to prom. at least not until this past weekend. take a look at this epic promposal video made by carly monzo and got everyone involved to ask the big question. take a look. >> shaun -- >> shaun white. >> shaun. >> shaun! >> so cute video but guess what. >> shaun. >> shaun actually showed up. he surprised carly on stage by playing a live music song with his band so he thought there's this band playing, great and he comes out and dances with her. i mean actually show up and be there and do it and she was -- her jaw dropped. she had no idea. she actually wasn't counting on him coming because she got a date to the prom.
7:51 am
and her date said he was fine being upstaged by shaun white of all people and it was a great night had by all. what a great sport to come to philly, go onstage, perform and dance with this young lady. >> pretty good sport. >> yes. >> had to compete with shaun white. >> look at that. >> selfie. >> awesome selfie. way to go. coming up we have details from prince harry's wild weekend and what the band leader said william asked had him to play. that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant new way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing. ok, here you go. have you ever seen a dog brush his own teeth? the twist and nub design cleans all the way down to the gum line, even reaching the back teeth. they taste like a treat, but they clean like a toothbrush. nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. [ barks ]
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. early voting for the june 3rd primary begins today. in san francisco, it will take place at city hall, county election offices across the state are also setting up voting booths to accommodate early voters. ballots will be sent out this week to those who have registered to vote by mail. starting out on a cooler note this week. let's check in with mike. >> it's the breezes. check them out on live doppler 7-hd, blowing straight off the ocean. good morning, everybody. today will be our coolest day with temperatures in the upper 50s, struggling to 60 along the coast, midup toer 60s for rest of us.
7:57 am
accuweather seven-day forecast, calmer and warmer starting wednesday. leyla? still a 10- to 15-minute delay, but in the car we have this accident involving a couple vehicles through bay point, westbound side of highway 4 at bailey road. you can see the heavy traffic out of pittsburgh. kristen? thanks a lot. the news continues with "good morning america." if i eat this super creamy and delicious tillamook marionberry pie ice cream right now i'll explode into creamy happiness. wha? oh. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and veeps go viral. >> get in the car. >> joe and julia trending big for their hilarious highjinks and the red carpet looks are dazzling at the white house correspondents' dinner. and their best friend's wedding, the princes take memphis. what made william shout at the reception. and harry's wild and crazy night. and the new "it" diet taking over instagram. can it really help you lose 15 pounds in 30 days? and baby, oh, baby, emeril and the mother of all surprises. are you ready for our most personal and emotional breakfast in bed ever? and there's a twist you'll never see coming. plus, rick springfield here live going viral for his unexpected "star wars" audition.
8:01 am
all that and r2-d2 is here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. whoo! ♪ >> happy monday. happy cinco de mayo. see everyone out there in their sombreros this morning. we are celebrating today. also let's take a look at emeril now getting ready for our biggest and most emotional surprise ever. this one is so terrific. 15th anniversary of breakfast in bed and this is going to be one of the very best, very personal. top secret, all the details. we can't tell you anything more right now but you do not want to miss it. >> i want to say something but i know we can't. just so hard to keep -- >> i know. >> okay, okay. yes, it is may 5th, cinco de mayo, as you said, just one day after that huge celebration for "star wars" fans, may the 4th.
8:02 am
r2-d2 here in new york, celebrating "star wars" day on sunday. rolling on into the social square right now. >> yes, a lot of people, r2-d2, does he want to say something? okay. a lot of people sharing comments on facebook with yoda. check this out. samuel l. jackson getting in on the fun wishing everyone a happy "star wars" day on twitter. apparently he's got a light saber with him. >> r2-d2, come on over here. come over here, little buddy. come here, little buddy. you're going to want to see this. get over here. >> you're talking to a robot. >> george, that's my friend. so, r2, check this out. charlize theron posted this on facebook, and hundreds of thousands of people have liked it. do you think, r2, could this be that she's going for a role in a new "star wars" movie? [ robot beeping ] i thought he was going to go woo-woo. >> whoo! >> that's his version. >> he doesn't know that he
8:03 am
approved. >> okay, as you can see, we have a lot ahead, but first the news from amy. we begin with new details about the circus accident in rhode island. eight female performers hanging from a type of scaffolding by just their hair plunged 35 feet to the arena floor. a clamp reportedly broke loose from the rafters. at least three of the performers are in critical condition, two in serious conditions. the ringling brothers circus is cooperating with authorities and further shows in the venue have been cancelled. also happening right now, a fast-moving wildfire blamed for burning at least 20 homes and killing one man north of oklahoma city. heavy wind and near record heat feeding those flames. 1,000 people have been advised to evacuate. and new violence is erupting in ukraine's standoff with russia this morning. an explosion was caught on camera today in one eastern city where troops are battling pro-russia separatists. those fighters are using more powerful weapons and even mortars.
8:04 am
the ceo of target resigned following the massive breach over the holidays. 40 million accounts may have been hacked. they are using better chip technology to get better customer cards. >> and scientists are reversing ageing in mice. they can be rejuvenated when given the bloofd younger mice. it increases endurance and memory. they want to run the experiment on people. they say it can help treat alzheimer alzheimer's, heart disease and other ailments. and a piece of history going on the auction block, this manuscript written by mozart when he was 16. a jewish immigrant smuggled it out of germany. her daughter, now 98, is putting it up for sale. oh, wow.
8:05 am
the expected value? more than half a million dollars. >> and three teenagers were arrested for stealing a replica of fred flintstone's car from a comic bookstore in san diego. the owner agreed not to press charges, but only if they dressed up as flintstone characters to advertise the shop. a little bit of public shaming. >> we were all a little bit startled there. everything is fine, it was just a piece of metal that fell on the set. "pop news" is coming up. we want to get the weather from ginger. >> george, getting in on the fun, cinco de mayo. and the part has started. they will need a lot of water in dallas. a hot sunrise from wfaa there. the sun is going to warm us up.
8:06 am
look at the numbers, and the summer-like heat across the south. phoenix, 99 today. midland, and we have a young lady from midland, 100 is what you're missing, houston, 84, and new orleans. and moving to the north and east. instant summer. in detroit, 81, she's here from good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. going to be a brisk one today with increasing sunshine but the breezes will keep our temperatures bee low average. today the coldest day this week. our best chance of showers stay to the east, sprinkle slower breezes and a slow warming about wednesday. today will be in the upper 50s to near 60 along the coast, the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s. tonight we'll fall back into the 40s and 50s under a mostly cloudy sky. accuweat >> aye-yie-yie. good cinco de mayo. >> yes, it is. ginger.
8:07 am
here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," brad and angelina are getting together again. yeah, they're still together but this time on the big screen. plus, the hot new whole30 diet. how it can help you lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days? and emeril is here getting ready to deliver a very, very special surprise in our best breakfast in bed ever. all that and more coming up on "good morning america" in times square. don't go anywhere. ♪ "good morning america's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. ♪ i'll be just fine amazing parts of you. ♪ i'll be just fine in all kinds of places. there. there. even up there. let's get the real dirt from a guy like this. not this. we're gonna save big and then we're going in. ♪ ready to color outside the lines?
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i may not have the words to thank you for everything you've done for me - the sacrifices you've made, the love and care you've given... but no matter what, you'll always have my respect, my gratitude and most especially, my love. happy mother's day.
8:12 am
rick spring force ♪ okay. okay. rick spring -- forcefield. rick forcefield. sorry. rick forcefield. it says you can play the guitar using only the force. well, that's incredible. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. two, three, four. ♪ >> that's right. rick springfield, aka rick forcefield auditioning for a gig. ♪ >> from "star wars." a top trending video overnight on youtube. r2-d2 and you saw right there with him in the social square. playing the bongos with him. all right, rick will be joining us coming up to talk about his new book. yeah. lara, you have news that goes pop. >> yes, indeed. good morning to you and to you and kerry washington has given birth to a baby girl. her name isabelle amarachi asomugha and born two weeks ago
8:13 am
but the famously private washington has kept her under wraps leaving her co-stars to represent at the white house correspondents' dinner on saturday night. ah. i mean just love being with them and yes, of course, i had to ask what's coming up in the new season? i got nothing. i got nothing. >> come on. >> you call yourself a gladiator and you got nothing? >> i know. i thought -- i give them great credit and they say they don't learn until very shortly before they start shooting, but they said they can tell you we'll all be shocked. >> i talked to tony goldwin at the dinner. so much fun to come down because everybody treats him like a president. >> nice. >> no, it's true. he is a bit of a rock star. congratulations to kerry and her husband nnamdi on their wonderful, wonderful news. also in pop news, e! news reporting brad and angelina getting back together, fine in real life.
8:14 am
we're talking about on screen. it's been nearly ten years since they teamed up on "mr. and mrs. smith." i love that movie. >> that was ten years ago. >> yes. now they're working on a new film project. top secret but the script written by jolie. you can catch angelina in disney's "maleficent" and pitt stars in world war ii's drama "furry" opening on november 14th. i'm exhausted just talking about which makes me think we need to hear this. [ playing "tequila" ] ♪ >> "tequila," the perfect song for today in honor of -- oh, thank you so very, very much. in honor of cinco de mayo, here are five facts or -- [ speaking spanish ] about the holiday. numero uno, it honors the mexican's army's triumph in the
8:15 am
battle in 1862. there are nearly 34 million residents of the u.s. of mexican origin. okay. >> keep going. keep going. >> i'm sorry. i was -- >> lime. >> california avocado commission estimates 87 million pounds of guacamole will be used for that cinco de mayo meals and veggie or fruit? what is it? >> veggie. >> fruit. [ speaking spanish ] today for you. cinco de mayo is the biggest day and this holiday is also know as cinco de drinko and that's -- >> wow, wow. >> don't you just think that pee-wee herman -- >> that's "pop news" everybody. ole! >> and just how many did you have before the show? >> very good. >> thank you. >> muchas gracias.
8:16 am
>> go big or go home, lara. >> she went big, baby. topping our "heat index," the royals are just like us. check out prince william hopping on an american airlines flight on his way back home after attending a lavish wedding in memphis over the weekend. we spoke to the band leader who witnessed it all. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: princes william and harry arriving for that best friend's wedding incognito behind the tinted windows of an suv saturday. but for the crowds camped out all day to see them -- >> was it worth it? >> yes. >> reporter: they did get to see the bride. >> that's the bride. >> reporter: rolling up in a baby blue vintage cadillac. lizzy wilson, heir to the hilton fortune, saying "i do" to the prince's close friend, guy pelly, a london nightclub owner. but just as the evening started
8:17 am
harry caught yawning, still the newly single prince did live up to his reputation as life of the party, some sources even say he was twerking but the band who performed at the reception said it was prince william who really let loose. >> he came up on the stage and sung "shout with " with me and with me. was singing "shout, shout, shout." >> reporter: we got to see where the magic happened. the memphis hunt and polo club is letting us have a sneak peek at where it all went down last night. the wedding flowers, what remains of a six-tier cake. empty boxes of champagne and this is the stage that william got onto to sing "shout" with the band. while they were in town, the duo paying homage to the city's two kings, donning elvis-style shades at graceland and visiting the lorraine hotel where martin luther king jr. was assassinated. >> awesome. >> reporter: and on thursday, this video of the princes exiting a famous barbecue joint. >> harry is much cuter than i thought he was going to be. solid muscle. >> reporter: finally the heir to
8:18 am
the thrown, airborne. here's prince william boarding and then seated on a commercial american airlines flight to dallas. the first leg of his trip back to the uk to kate and baby george. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, memphis. >> oh, real harry fan there. >> uh-huh. all muscle there. >> all right. we'll go to the other topics of our "heat index." one, is do our kids get off too easy? one of the most e-mailed stories in the "new york times" last night. really is something. refutes the claim that kidding getting everything too easily is bad saying that high self-esteem is beneficial and unconditional self-esteem, a strong sense of belief in yourself, in your confidence is the best way to be. i was one of these guys who said i don't like everybody getting a trophy for just showing up. but this is a pretty convincing article based on a study. i want to quote one thing. it says -- based on an israeli study. it says the consistent finding is when children feel their parents' feelings vary depending
8:19 am
on how they are at sports, it creates fragile and unstable sense of self. >> i think there's some validity to it but they need to have goals and aspire to achieve and i don't know. i don't -- i feel very -- >> and earning it. i feel earning it is a huge quality of -- you want your kids to be humble and have some humility and feel a sense of pride when they do well. it's tough. >> you want to encourage them but don't want you to feel your affection or love is based on that. >> makes sense. >> get to know your child because something -- it may work for that particular personality and not for another child. no one size fits all. >> interesting study. >> very. are two veeps too many for the white house? not if it's this duo. did you see this clip? julia louis-dreyfus and vice president joe biden. >> very funny. >> one of the top trending youtube videos overnight. shot as part of the white house correspondents' dinner fun. biden picking up the veep. i love "veep" on hbo and taking her for a spin around d.c. before they get caught
8:20 am
red-handed in the white house kitchen. take a look. >> hey, guys. what are you doing? >> nothing. >> what's in your mouth? >> carrots. >> joe is like, no. >> i love how the first lady is scolding them for eating ice cream and then she digs in. >> we wanted to play -- >> there's raisins in there. it's a fruit. more than they give you at that correspondents' dinner. plus, i work out every day. >> i'm sure you do. i do too. >> you want to arm wrestle? >> i don't really work out. >> we saw julia louis-dreyfus that evening and david muir asked her if she had a body double climbing over the fence. she said that was at the vice president's residence and that was her.
8:21 am
so very funny. do need to check out that whole thing. hollywood a-listers hit the red carpet in washington for the white house correspondents' dinner. who better to talk to about this than joe zee. joe zee, creative editor of "elle mts" magazine, soon to be editor in chief of fashion. with us right now. good morning. >> good morning. >> hi, you guys. >> so let's talk about this. what's the difference between hollywood red carpet and a washington red carpet. >> when you talk about washington it isn't hollywood so still want that hollywood glamour, but it's about restraint and refinement. not a lot of plugging necklines. anything you're channeling first lady. >> i saw the three of you. absolutely stunning, representing us well. but give us the other top picks. >> i do love you too but tell you right now i love lupita nyong'o. she hasn't had a single fashion misstep this entire award season and i don't think she knows what a fashion mistake is. she looks beautiful in that oscar de la renta.
8:22 am
elegant, refined but at the same time she's not wearing a bold color like she has all award season. very, very demure. >> can i ask a question? >> yeah. >> she hasn't made a misstep, how much of it is actually her? >> a lot is her. i have talked to her many times. it is a stylist and a team but she's very -- she's very opinionated in what she wears so i think a lot of it -- you can always tell. there's a level of authenticity. when you see celebrate wear that -- >> she weighs in a lot. >> she wears a dress. it doesn't wear her. >> never looks wrong. >> number two. >> number two, okay, this is surprising for me. jessica simpson. i know this is very -- jessica simpson and white house in the same sentence. black and white. again, very elegant. any first lady could be wearing this dress, carolina herrera but even the hair and makeup, it's all very sort of elegant for her. very grown up. >> you like julianna margulies. >> i did. i thought it was very modern. very simple black dress, vintage, didn't wear a designer from the current collection but
8:23 am
it was very elegant. a simple sheer panel around the arms. the touch that felt it was very right now. >> we asked people at home and they weighed in overnight. three good choices so asked of the three how did they rank them and lupita. yes, number one. 42%, julianna, 19% and jessica simpson, 39%. >> oh, so i got it right. >> yes. >> why do you sound surprised? >> i don't sound surprised. they're voting. >> you are the ultimate eye and always give us great tips. thank you. >> thank you, you guys. now we're going to move on to the hot, new diet trend and why avoiding your bathroom scale would actually help you drop the weight. as much as 15 pounds, they say, in 30 days. abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: it's the hottest new trend for shedding those extra lb's fast. the whole30 diet. profiled in the best-selling book, "it starts with food," the brainchild of certified sports nutritionist dallas and melissa hartwig.
8:24 am
the whole30 aimed at resetting your body's reaction to food. for 30 days dieters eat only fruit, vegetables and protein. no grains like rice or wheat. no beans, no soy, no dairy and, of course, no processed sugar or alcohol. but one surprising no-no, the bathroom scale. >> so many people are so obsessed with that number on the scale. the scale will blind you to all of the improvements you're seeing in your medical condition. >> reporter: but the key to the diet is the slow reintroduction of foods to see how your body reacts to gluten or dairy or sugar. 30-year-old ashley reeves is a fan. like many moms whose world revolves around her kids she says she didn't have the time or energy to get back into shape. >> i had done a few healthy eating things and i just wasn't losing the baby weight and i was getting pretty frustrated. >> reporter: last year she dropped 15 pounds in the first whole 30 days without working out. >> the first week i'd say is really rough because your body is kind of like purging all
8:25 am
these things you've been eating for years but more than anything, my results are measured in energy. i felt amazing. >> reporter: more recently ashley tried the diet again shedding another ten pounds. she says effortlessly but some dietitians have their concerns. >> when you start eliminating food groups like dairy, legumes and whole grains, you start to miss out on important nutrients like calcium and vitamin d. >> reporter: but for whole30 dieters like ashley glad to have found a new relationship with food the results she says can be life-changing. we all know it's not about losing the weight. it's about keeping it off and nutritionists warn the risk is very high of just gaining all the weight back once the foods are reintroduced. but the creators say the point of the 30 days is to learn about how your body interacts with the food. and so when you reintroduce dairy or meats or whatever, then you get to see what works for
8:26 am
you and create a plan. >> right. >> okay. >> maybe reintroduce them one at a time to see which ones work. >> are you reacting to gluten, dairy? what is it your body works with. >> thank you so much. coming up our biggest and most emotional breakfast in bed surprise ever. see that woman right there. she doesn't know it but she's about to receive the surprise of her life. live. ♪
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. federal investigators will be at travis air force base today looking into the crash that killed a veteran stunt pilot from half moon bay. 77-year-old eddie andrinni was performing a maneuver the thunder over solano air show when that plane slammed into the ground yesterday afternoon. opposing groups are holding rallies today. school district officials say the school is now unified with just about everyone wanting to have a simple regular day in class. your morning commute, not too much regular about it right now, leyla. >> not at all. b.a.r.t. can't catch a break this morning. on the daly city line, a 15-minute delay. thanks to our assignment editor
8:28 am
ron lopez for this picture from moments ago. no trains have been to millbrae in 25 minutes. so you see it is packed there on the platform as folks are still waiting for trains to show up. still a 15-minute delay due to equipment problems. kristen? leyla, thanks a lot. we'll check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco you can either haveon high-end or low-price. quality or quantity. designer or disposable. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all. get up to 50% off department store prices.
8:29 am
t.j.maxx. good morning. winds are the big story. dhek out how fast they're blowing on live doppler 7-hd life. we're still in the 50s
8:30 am
everywhere on our way to possibly the mid to upper 60s away from the coast where we're stuck in the [ cheers and applause ] >> woo. those are some of the great moments from our breakfast in bed series. hard to believe it's been 15 years, this is the 15th anniversary. so many wonderful mothers honored. so many great surprises and emeril getting ready right now for another terrific one. >> hmm. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> and just the expression always. also ahead, my one-on-one with yankee great mariano rivera. mo, mo, he's talking about his brand-new book and the major influence that led him to a career in baseball. just recently spent time with him. what a wonderful, wonderful man. i mean, just so giving and he and his wife just started a church in new rochelle so we
8:31 am
talked to him about it and i like the book. very, very -- i thought i would just skim through it and it would be about baseball. it's very moving, very touching. >> cannot wait for that. right now, though, let's get to our mother of all surprises. our 15th year celebrating special moms with emeril's breakfast in bed. emeril is going to surprise one more deserving mom. many call her their fairy god mother. not only loving to her own three mother but a life saver to countless babies in the neonatal ward where she serves as a nurse. emeril, take it away. >> thank you. good morning. you know, of all the years that we have done breakfast in bed, i've never been this close to you guys. i'm actually just miles away from you guys at times square. actually i'm in new york city and actually i'm outside of a conference room at new york-presbyterian hospital, the kamesky center for children's
8:32 am
health. our nom is a neonatal nurse who is an angel who has helped so many babies. let's go check her out. ♪ because i'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is for you ♪ ♪ because i'm happy clap along if you know what happiness is to you ♪ >> hi. >> hi. >> how are you? how are you? >> what are you doing here? >> hi, everybody. how are you doing? >> are you -- who are you? >> fabienne. >> you're fabienne. i'm emeril lagasse. i have to tell you something, it's just amazing. let's put a mic on you for a second. because of how many countless people that you have helped over the years. these little babies. >> yeah. >> i've got to show you. i have a little surprise for you over here. and we're going to just tell you a little story here in a second. [ cheers and applause ] come on, fabienne. all right, fabienne.
8:33 am
family, friends and so much love but i have to tell you this, my very good friend, george, has your story. check it out. >> oh, my. >> reporter: for the families of new york-presbyterian's neonatal icu every day is a miracle. everyone who works there a miracle worker. but one nurse has touched hundreds of families like no other. fabienne hickland. >> one word to describe her would be fabulous. >> i can't thank her enough for giving me my baby. my little miracle. >> reporter: the mother of three has helped save so many babies. >> she's saving lives of kids that without her help probably wouldn't make it. >> i need her to know the next time she swipes her i.d. to get behind the alarm secured doors she needs to remember that she's appreciated. >> reporter: maria's twin girls
8:34 am
born in 2012 at 30 weeks struggled. this particular story is personal. maria is a member of our "good morning america" family. she's an operations producer who helped make our breakfast in bed come alive. and this morning she's producing this live surprise for fabienne. she didn't know we were also saluting her until right now. maria's husband mike remembers those early moments with fabienne by their side. >> they were tiny people. two pounds. 13 ounces and three pounds, one ounce. it was beautiful but i was terrified. absolutely terrified. >> today the girls are thriving. >> they've transformed from these little babies to those beautiful girls now. running around and causing terror and havoc. >> reporter: and maria made her mess her message now an ardent supporter of march of dimes. fund-raising side by side with
8:35 am
fabienne to help others face the trials she's put behind her. so this morning, "good morning america" and emeril lagasse salute two women, a mother. >> surprise. >> and a nurse. >> happy mother's day. >> reporter: and a very special friendship that inspires us all. >> because she was such a vital part of my children's well-being, she will always have my heart. we left with two gifts but we really left with three. >> ah. >> you know, i have to tell you, fabienne, yes, very special. but you know what, maria, come on over here. come on over here. i mean, i know we caught you a little bit in surprise here. but it is a big surprise because of people at home know about our breakfast in bed and know we have one mom. this year we have two moms that we're honoring. >> it's about her. >> exactly. >> what do you want to say to the woman who helped save your children's lives? >> that i am one of so many. my story wasn't as crazy as
8:36 am
other people's here. but with mike being away, you were my husband. [ laughter ] you were my -- you were my mom, you were my best friend. and i will -- my children's story can never be told without you. >> fabienne. how does it feel to be loved by so many people especially people that you have helped? >> it's amazing. i mean, for me it's always been being able to give to other people. i have never thought people thought that way to me. it was never -- i never wanted that back, per se, it was always joyous for me to do it and give it and love everybody. >> we have a surprise for you. your husband and your children are here. okay. who love you. maria, your beautiful babies are here and your husband. and, look, it is breakfast in bed so guess what? the two of you are going to get into bed because we have
8:37 am
breakfast that we have to do. bring the bed over. come on, maria. >> what? >> get into the bed. >> that's right, get right in the bed. wait. >> get in the bed. we've got a delicious -- >> get in here. >> we've got a delicious breakfast of lemon blueberry pancakes and all the frills. and we want you guy s to enjoy it. congratulations. >> thank you. >> to both two super moms. we love you, maria. we love you. >> thank you so much. >> george, back to you at the studio. >> oh, my gosh. well, i guess emeril has outdone himself again. that was just -- we're all melting over here. maria, congratulations. fabienne. so great to see and look at all those babies behind them. >> i know. >> it's just absolutely beautiful. and i love the fact that we kept this from maria. she had no idea and so deserving. both of them. >> not easy. she has an integral part in our show every day. >> a lot of secrecy over the weekend.
8:38 am
a special thanks to crane and canopy for the bedding. ginger, if you're ready, can you handle the weather? >> did you say your mother is a neonatal nurse? >> neonatal nurse practitioner. that one hit me hard. that's pretty intense. and she's right. so many nurses and doctors and so many people that are mothers that do the double duty and that means so much. so happy mother's day, mom. we should do a whole week of mother's day wishes to all the great people. >> all right. >> a lot of great mothers here. >> i've got some mother's day weather. not quite yet to the sunday. but let's talk about the forecast at least for today and give you an idea what's happening. philadelphia here, the picture just beautiful of the benjamin franklin bridge and then some mammatus clouds, one of my favorite in port charlotte, florida. the rockier part out in the pacific northwest we are cooling down significantly, san diego only 67. last week they were in the 90s for four days in a row and there's a look across the nation.
8:39 am
happy monday. i'm mike nicco. we're going to see increasing sunshine but a brisk breeze will keep us we below average from the upper 50s at the coast to near 70 inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, the winds stop thursday, summer heat returns this weekend. >> all that weather brought to you by hallmark. george. >> thank you, ginger. don't go anywhere. robin about be back with mariano rivera about his new book and surprising events that led him to a career in baseball. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
you know this one. metallica. "enter sandman." baseball fans know what that means. it's the song future hall of famer, that man right there. mariano rivera, mo, he would enter the game with that song. one of the greatest pitchers ever has a brand-new book out. it's called "the closer." ♪ in baseball the closer is the guy who comes in at the end of the game to close it out, shut down the opponent and get the win. ♪ in the history of baseball no one has done that better than the great mariano rivera. >> strike three.
8:43 am
ball game over. >> a 13-time all-star, five-time world champion, and major league baseball's all-time saves in e.r.a. leader. but for mariano rivera his life and legacy have always been first and foremost about faith. i would not be sitting across from the all-time greatest closer in the history of major league baseball if it were not for the lord? >> yes. robin, you say it perfect. the only why it was was because the lord. the lord guide me in everything. >> reporter: the greatest closer in major league history grew up here in panama with very little. he worked on a fishing boat. the captain, his father. rivera hoped maybe to go to mechanic school, but fate intervened one day when he was playing baseball for an adult league, or as this self-described accidental hall of famer believes, the lord had other plans.
8:44 am
you weren't even a pitcher when you were playing baseball. you just happened to be needed because your team needed some outs and you were called in from the outfield. how does that happen? >> i wasn't supposed to be pitching in that game. i wasn't supposed to pitch, period. >> it is a remarkable story, and mariano lays it all out in his new memoir, "the closer." your first baseball glove isn't even a glove, it is a milk carton. you signed in 1990 with the yankees for $2,000. that's it. when the fisherman's son from panama made his way to the u.s. to pursue a dream, he didn't even speak english. what was it like getting that call, the call -- the call to the big leagues? >> oh, man. >> look at you light up just thinking about it again. >> robin, that was -- that was something. i was in bed jumping. >> jumping on top of the bed like a little kid? >> like a little kid. robin, it was -- it was something special for me. i will never forget that moment.
8:45 am
>> and he never looked back. becoming not only a transcendent pitcher but a beloved teammate. the final game. andy pettitte, derek jeter, going out there. when you saw them coming out to get you, what was going through your mind? >> robin, wow. this is it. it hit he like a ton of bricks. this is it. i was strong for the whole year, but at that moment i couldn't hold it anymore. >> how is this for drama. >> the teammates who had been his family helping him say good-bye, but his real family waiting at home with open arms. and the person that has been with you every step of your journey, clara. >> clara. >> you met in kindergarten. >> actually we were in first grade when -- we grew up together. >> you sound like a little boy now. look at you. >> oh, man. >> when you're talking about her. it's no surprise at all that she
8:46 am
is by his side for the next chapter of his life. clara is the pastor at their church, refugio de esperanza, refuge of hope, in new rochelle, new york. so you have gone from saving games to saving souls, is that how you feel? >> that's how i feel. >> $3 million went into restoring this church. a place where mariano and clara intend to give back to the community. two or three are gathered in my name there am i with them. he will always be the great mariano rivera, new york yankee, closer extraordinaire. in fact, today i did a keepsake from those glory days. but in his heart, he will always be mariano rivera, humble servant to help others. >> there you go, robin. >> yes. thank you for all your work. bless you. >> bless you too. >> trust me it's already framed. that jersey. and i am going to treasure that. he is one -- no, he is one of
8:47 am
great ones. what a soul. his book "the closer" goes on sale tomorrow. another honor for him. one of the streets outside yankee stadium will be renamed mariano rivera avenue today. what an honor for him. lara. >> so well deserved. that's terrific. and so many surprises here all week long. we have another one right now. here with special guests. let's meet them. what's your name? >> jesse. >> and you are? >> jesse. >> and you are? >> jesse. >> everybody here all guys named jesse raise your hands? so that would make you gals i guess jesse's girls and we have a very special surprise for your dates, jesses. ♪ jessie's girl i wish that i had jessie's girl ♪ ♪ i want jessie's girl >> got to let the pick run. ♪ where can i find a woman like that ♪ >> amazing rick springfield and, rick, one of these jesses has a very special surprise for his girl. is that correct?
8:48 am
>> brittany, i love you so much. will you marry me? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing moment. congratulations. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we have more with rick springfield coming up on a special "good morning america." >> oh, yeah. ♪
8:49 am
fly all over townto to find the best deals. ots of ways to save. ots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99.
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there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i wish that i had jessie's girl ♪ >> there it was. such a special moment. it just happened, the proposal. a gentleman named jesse proposing to his girlfriend, brittany. right here on "good morning america."
8:51 am
and, rick springfield providing the soundtrack live and we all know him as dr. noah drake on "general hospital" now a novelist to his long list of talents. critics are calling his new book, "magnificient vibration," a buckle your seat belt ride and rick is here to talk to us all about it. thank you so much for making their day, the jesses and that one jesse in particular. >> i've never seen that many jesses altogether. it's kind of an interesting thing. guinness book of world records, i think. >> before we start talking about your book, what do you think it is after so many years that that song still vibrates for us? >> i don't know. i think it tells a familiar story in kind of a unique way and i think it's really taking on a life of its own once i wrote it and put it out there. it's taken on a life of its own that i have nothing to do with. i'm very proud of it and fortunate but -- >> still sounds so, so good. >> i don't know what happened. >> you've said that writing is a
8:52 am
passion that you've had since you were a very young man. tell us how you came to write this novel. >> well, actually it was recommended by my editor that i -- after i wrote my autobiography. >> which was a best-seller. >> yes, i was very proud of that and she encouraged me to write fiction. i had written fiction when i was writing things like "scabman" and "the thing under the stairs" and "pus boy" and horror stories. i've always wanted to get back to the writing prose so it was a good -- the autobiography was a good jumping off point. >> "magnificient vibration," what is magnificent vibration? >> an extreme novel. it's metaphysical and has to do with -- it's a dark comedy, first of all. so you have to have a sense of humor, a guy, 32, just gone through a brutal divorce, hates his job, thinks his life is over and takes a self-help book called -- >> "magnificient vibration." >> "magnificient vibration." discover your true purpose and on the inside cover, 1-800-call-god and he does and
8:53 am
god has an attitude. >> and this is pulled from your own life? >> i think every character has -- you start from a point of truth with every character and then once -- as the story evolves they take on their own life. but i think every character has a part of me in them. especially the crazy ones. >> well -- >> the one obsessed with his private parts. >> oh. okay. well, the critics are loving it. we want to thank you so much for being here for serenading our jesses. everybody, rick's book, "magnificient vibration," is available tomorrow and we will be right back here on "good morning america."
8:54 am
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♪ because i'm happy "good morning america" brought to you by disney's "maleficient" starring angelina jolie in theaters may 30th. >> so worth having to reapply our makeup for this morning. fabienne. maria. emeril, what a special moment and two special moms. >> great way to kick off mother's day week or any week. have a great day, everyone. ♪
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the oakland aisz welcome the seattle mariners to the coliseum for a three-game series beginning tonight. what will it be like, mike? >> definitely chilly, 59 but dropping to 55. the breeze will plague us all day, keep you cooler than that at the game. only 60-degree temperatures, maybe 70 in fairfield and antioch, upper 50s at the coast. accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy tomorrow, less wednesday, summer kwarmt and calmer conditions this weekend. leyla? b.r. trains are running on time so no delays are reported. but we have a car fire blocking one lane eastbound side of highway 24 at highway 13. look at that backup bumper to bumper as you reach highway 24.
9:00 am
kristen? >> see you on midday news at 11:00. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "neighbors," zac efron. and we kick off moms week with kelly and michael talking with kids about their moms. plus, a performance from "american idol" finalist sam wolf. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly:


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