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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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it is happening in mountain view where police have a mountain lion cornered in a crowded apartment complex. >> officers with guns drawning it people to stay indoors. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. officers cornered it in an apartment cold complex a block away. >> alan wang is live for us. alan, is it still trapped? >> i am just told the game warden has gone into the apartment garage with a tranquilizer gun, and they are trying to capture this mountain lion as we speak. i have also been warned if things go bad we could hear ar-15 gunfire. so far police say they have been lucky because this mountain lion ran across the
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street and down the driveway and into the apartment garage parking lot where they quickly shut the gate on it. so now the mountain lion is trapped inside this parking garage. the last time we checked it was lying under a car resting. and it looks like a full grown cougar with a radio collar around its neck. it is the same lion a puma tracking group has been following for several months. it started around 6:30 when people spotted the mountain lion while soccer teams were holding practice out there. the field was immediately evacuated and suddenly residents off california street spotted the cat. >> they said hey, grab your son. my son was walking toward the building and was 50 feet away. they said there is a pew ma right -- puma right here. i walked around and sure enough there was a lion between me and that car. i was too busy grabbing my son.
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>> how big was he? >> when he was sitting down about this tall. >> police say the plan is for the game warden to drive inside the garage and use the dart gun to tranquilize the cat. there have been mountain lion citings, -- sightings, but that is five miles uh way. right now there is a shelter in place, most people are not following it and the electricity has gone out in the apartment complex where this is all talking place. i am told the game warden is in there and we will keep you up up-to-date during this newscast. alan wang abc7 news. new details we are seeing video from hawaii moments after the boy who stowed away on a high high -- hawaiian airlines flight jumped out of the wheel well and on to the tarmac. lisa amigo gulezian -- lisa
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amin gulezian says he did in fact defy a death defying journey. >> this security video proved the 15-year-old survived the unthinkable. you can see the boy's legs dangling from the wheel well before he jumps on the tarmac. he stands there for 10 seconds and then goes to the front of the plane. he finds an airport worker while standing upright for another three minutes. >> there was certainly a period of time where i thought and a lot of us did thought it was a hoax because it was supposed to be phiz logically impossible. >> he said he jumped the fence at san jose international and hid in the wheel well flight bound for mow we. maui. he passed out and suffered hypothermia during the flight which actually helped according the stanford professor of human biology.
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>> once you are unconscious you are not making an effort to regulate your body temperature. his body temperature probably dropped, and that would have lowered his brain temperature. >> he is not home with his family. she with child protective services while a slew of investigations continues including one lead by san jose police. >> essentially what we are looking for -- what we do have is trespassing. anytime you have a trespass you have to have a victim. in this case it is the airport or the city of san jose. >> officials hope to speak with him in the coming days. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, disr's medical -- doctor's medical center is a step closer to shutting down after passing 5* partial tax measure. it is losing a million dollars a month. hospital employees will continue to urge county lawmakers to take action. developing news san francisco fire crews rush to help after a passenger in a
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car was shot right in front of their fire station. it happened around 6:00 at the station on evans avenue and man man -- mandell street. somebody in this audi was shot in the head. >> the fire department was right on the scene. matter of fact, the call came from the fire department. hopefully -- unfortunately it had to happen, but thankfully the paramedics were there on the scene and they could get treatment right away. >> so far no arrests have been made in the case. new details about an apparent road rage case in san jose. the victim has now died. the car nearly collided with another car. the driver stopped, got out and they argued. a passenger in the car that pulled out of the mobile home park opened fire. tonight police are still looking for the gunman. a criminal charge against a transgender high school student from hercules has been
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dropped. jewels gutierrez was charged with misdemeanor battery after a fight. she said she was bullied and simply fought back. as part of the deal she will attend a tine con -- a teen conflict program. police are asking for your help finding a missing 70-year-old woman. she was last seen on mcarthur boulevard. she has health problems and 5 foot 10 and 240 pounds with gray hair and green eyes. the president is sending a specialized military and law enforcement force to. nigeria tn 300 kidnapped girls. they were taken three weeks ago. last night 11 more were kidnapped from a village. the. jeer yen government does -- the nigerian government does not know where they are and accepted help from the united states. we talked to an expert and said the girls will probably be scared for life even if
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they are rescued. >> the stories are horrific. they are beaten if they complain at all. they are brutalized. there are rapes often even in forced labor. after their rescue they carry this with them. >> a french news agency reports that some of the girls were sold as brides to militants in neighboring countries for about $12. president obama will be in the bay area this week and speaking at two silicon valley fundraisers on thursday. and then on friday in mountain view the president plans to praise that company's goal to receive 100% of its energy from renewable sources. an albany boy is in desperate need of a life saving bone marrow match. he was diagnosed with leukemia, but finding a match will be a challenge. nobody in his family is a match and because he is half japanese and half german will be difficult. they are work wght family and anyone who wants to help can
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register at a local mary row drive. marrow drive. we have more information at talk about beating the odds. an 11-year-old south bay boy continues to amaze doctors as he manages a rare heart condition. what he is about to do is nothing short of remark aable. cornell bernard has his story. >> this 11-year-old is a fierce warrior. he has been studying mixed martial arts since he was 7. but the real battle has been with his own heart. >> my right ventricle in my heart is not there. >> he was born with half a a heart, a defect so rare only 1 in 10,000 kids have it. he has had three open heart surgeries at lucille packard children's hospital and now going for his black belt. >> has anybody else done this before? >> not in my record, but i feel extraordinary right now. >> believe it or not the intense mixed martial arts is helping get better.
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doctors say as long as he takes breaks in between he can go for that black belt. >> they watch nervously from the side -- sidelines, but he keeps going. west coast martial arts store owner calls him a true inspiration. >> to be able to have that warrior spirit takes people a lifetime. it amazes me of how such a young boy at 11 years old can have it. >> i have gone to so many things. i am lucky to have survived this. >> this young warrior will take the test for his black built. after all, many feel he already earned it. cornell bernard, abc7 news. bouncing back from back pain. next on abc7, a special report on how doctors are treating a problem affecting millions of
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people and perhaps even you. >> plus, body image backlash. why a healthy living blogger is taking a popular fitness magazine to task. >> and new allegations and h time to the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. an amazing view of coit tower under clear skies. it is not going to stay that way very long. i am tracking a chance of showers. i will let you know when. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> take a gander of what is next. >> you went to the prom. i did not. >> that is the beginnings of a mullet i feel. i don't know what is going on in the back.
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big controversy. authorities are investigating vstivia a nno for recording conversations to extort money from sterling. investigators want to know if she asked for money to keep the comments private and if the recordings were made illegally. also tonight her attorney announced she has been approved to adopt two foster children ages 12 and 13. she has known the boys for several years. sterling has been supportive of her relationship with them. toronto mayor rob ford has disappeared on his way to rehab. >> the canadian counsel said he withdrew his application to
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enter the u.s. he was not denied entry per say. he flew back to canada on a private jet. his brother said not to worry. rob is in rehab, but the location will remain a secret. toronto city councilors are not happy. they want proof he is getting treatment. a blogger is taking a popular fitness magazine to task. she used to weigh 327 pounds. in just four years she literally cut her weight in half with no surgery and no fad diets. when "shape" magazine heard about her accomplishments they wanted to run a story. they asked for a before and after picture. when brooke sent in this picture showing the excess skin a person has when they lose that much weight, the magazine asked for a new photo and asked her to wear a shirt this time. brooke refused and posted the e-mail she got from the article's a writer on her blog. she says she is proud of the way her body looks now. "shape" says it is a misunderstanding. you have probably had it or most likely will.
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it is back pain. treatments vary from bedrest to surgery and different rehabilitations may require different strategies as well. tonight, tips for coping. growing up in hawaii scott davenport was an of avid surfer. he has been hitting the water again, and this time to help recover from surgery. >> in order to swim you need to twist your head. retaining the motion of twisting my head is important to me. >> here you can see one of the bone spurs pressing on the spinal cord. >> san francisco spine surgeon performed a multi level disk replacement on scott weeks ago. he says regaining range of motion after a back procedure or even a simple episode of back pain can require specific , but very different types of rehab beginning with classic lower back stretches. >> you are lying on your back and pulling one knee into your chest and then pulling the second knee up and then pulling both knees into your
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chest. what it does is it rounds out your back. it causes the joints to unlock. >> in the case of surgery, the goal is to avoid the formation of scar tissue after the procedure. in scott's case, the disk replacement left him with enough neck movement to stretch the upper spine and neck region. >> usually we have them touch their chin to their chest and rotate their head in each direction as much as possible. >> but rehabbing from spinal fuse can require a slower start typically after several months of rest. that's because of the knee -- of the need to allow the reconstructed bone to set. >> if you are too vigorous in the rehab in the beginning, the plates and the screws will loosen which will lead to incomplete healing or lack of fusion. some type of isometric training is good for the neck and back. abdominal crunches are good for the neck and back. anything that doesn't require
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repetitive bending and lifting that will pull the screws out of the bone. >> the best low impact exercises are swimming, walking and bike riding and in certain casesy lip tau cal --y lip tau cal training. they will speed up an already smooth recovery. >> i didn't swim a smile. i have full range of motion. >> research shows cases resolves itself with rest and anti-inflammatory. if the pain lasts for six months, the odds of spontaneous recovery goes down to 50%, and then down to just 25% after a year. >> the weather forecast will heat up. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at that. >> it will warm up in time for mother's day weekend. for the time being let's look at this time lapse from our east bay hills camera. sun down at 8:05 and it was pretty clear as we watched the sunset. it was a very pretty view.
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now we will look at live doppler 7hd and we don't have much in the way of cloud cover. just a few patches down around the san mateo and the santa cruz coastline. other than that the skies are clear right now. we did get snow in the sierra. get a load of this. in the central sierra 14 inches in some areas. around the tahoe area it was a couple of inches. from our exploratorium camera looking toward the financial district it is clear. temperatures 53 in san francisco and 58 in oakland and mid50s redwood city. it is getting cool. our sutro tower camera, a beautiful view of san francisco. santa rosa is in the mid50s with novato. upper 50s for concord and 54 in livermore. here is the port of oakland from our emeryville camera and also seeing the stars. mostly sunny tomorrow and a slight chance of showers on thursday. it is turning warmer this weekend. you will see how much warmer
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for the outdoor plans for moms. here is the area of low pressure that brought the snow showers to the sierra. a few showers in the inland east bay. the cold low is moving out. tomorrow will be much like today. by thursday this system here could possibly bring us some showers. is it enough to can can -- cancel your plans? not really. as we head toward the early afternoon we will see spotty, light showers developing at 2:00 p.m. and then continuing into the evening hours up to the north and down to the south at 7:00 p.m. on thursday. so generally a 10th of an inch or less if we get anything. tomorrow morning on the cool side you will definitely need to grab a jacket or coat. low 40s around napa and mid40s around santa rosa. most areas in the 40s to low 50s with the cloud cover more so to the south and not so much to the north. as you look at the highs for your wednesday, close to today's levels, mid70s fairfield, antioch. 72 in san rafael and 76 santa
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rosa and 70 in oakland. it will be a pretty mild day on the peninsula. 66 san francisco and 62 half moon bay. a few clouds lingering. still will be a breezy one for your wednesday afternoon. this is pretty typical. accu-weather seven-day forecast, a slight chance of showers on thursday. temperatures will come up. rising into the 80s for mother's day weekend. 60s coast side. by early next week, 90s. dan and carolyn? >> big change, sandhya, thanks. want to update the break breaking news. the mountain lion corners -- cornered and alan wang is there live. >> you have to look at these pictures. let's go right to them. he was in an apartment and looking at the window as it happened. he says he saw them drive in with the suv. they brought in a cage and shortly after he heard a roar of a mountain lion. he heard an air gun which was the dart and then 10 minutes
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later they had the animal in the cage and bringing it out. what started out at 6:30 with this mountain lion running around the streets of mountain view has ended tonight. back to you. >> alan, thanks very much. larry beil is here now and a lot going on with sports. >> stay with us.
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you get the time you need to enjoy it all. there's no end in sight! i'm going to need more time. sense. but it was the only move possible. the goal is wining a title. he just didn't think jackson could take the warriors there. this one video clip says it all. game one and warrior hfs clippers and an -- warriors and clippers. there were a number of other issues and assistant coaches and a growing lack of trust in
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both directions. they created attention that could only end with jackson exiting. they know that they are going to take a pr hit. >> we expect that and we embrace that. i grew up a fan of this organization, so fans are entitled to their opinion and i would tell them we love them and we are committed to building a relationship. that's all we think about. >> who replaces jackson? the knicks want him too. he never coached, but he is a special friend of mine. he took memphis from horrible to the post season, but he may beat jackson 2.0. he couldn't get along with their owner.
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pirates win it 2-1. a's and mariners and dad catches a foul ball and son's reaction? that's my daddy. a wild pitch and james jones scores and three runs in the first. look out. the a's are alive, but lose it 8-3. >> that was a good grab. >> wild. >> we will be right back.
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i'm dan ashley and thank you for watching. >> abc7 news continues now on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. the next newscast is tomorrow morning. >> stay tuned on jimmy kimmle,
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jon hamm. >> from "mad men. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jon hamm, emma roberts, and music from kid ink featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones. and now, once and for all, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ "jimmy kimmel live" >> jimmy: thank you very much. it's tuesday to end all tuesdays.


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