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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> finding extra police as they return to campus this morning. messages leading to heightened security. president obama walks off air force one for a whirlwind swing through california. what he has plan medical the bay area just a few hours from now. a big day. glad you are with us at 6:00. >> when the president gets here, so will the rain. here is with the forecast. >> nice of him to bring us rain. wish we could have more hospitable weather for you. here is a look at live doppler. not rain rigt now. we have partly to mostly cloudy conditions across our neighborhoods. and our day planner shows it will be a few bright spots at 7:00 this morning around the bay. the showers will develop by moon and hang out. at least a chance all the way through the afternoon hours as we hang out in the mid to upper 60s. inland same thing. we have milder conditions this morning. little bit of sunshine by 7:00. showers are possible mid to upper 60s throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. coast not as breezy today. maybe a little color in the
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clouds this morning. sun comes up. we will be hanging around 50 with scattered light showers. >> good morning. if you are just waking up with us, we want to remind you it is bike-to-workday today. for 220th year in a row it is a good idea to pedal to work. we do have a little bit of news here if you are taking b.a.r.t. blackout times for bikes on b.a.r.t. today. and you can always rent a bike for $5 at the ride share. the bike share service. that's also great. if you don't have one, it might be fun. if you are taking to it the cars this is what we are looking at the altima pass. 40 minutes. quick live look outside now. bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are turned on. very heavy backup coming up away from the maze. we are coming to follow breaking news out of sunnyvale. two people are missing after an early morning fire at a mobile home park. matt keller is live at the scene with what he is learn being the family.
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>> i just spoke with fire fighters and they say had a so far their attempts to contact the elderly couple at phone have failed. neighbors fear the couple never made it out alive. the woman's adult son, believed in his early 50s, did escape and is being helped by the red cross. that fire ripped through the mobile home in the cape cod village in sunnyvale at around 2:00 this morning. neighbors reported seeing the flames reach the top of the trees and also heard a big explosion sending debris out to an adjacent roof. the man who escaped has communication issues. told firefighters the fire started because something was co cooking. firefighters may able to start looking inside the home when the sun comes up to see if there are any victims. >> we are all very sad about we haven't seen them. >> maybe they were on vacation? >> no. never leave joey alone. he is mentally challenged. he is never left alone. >> reporter: power and gas to the mobile home have been turned off. the woman did have mobility issues but the man was healthy
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and works as a crossing guard for a nearby school. fire fighters have yet to begin their investigation into the cause of the fire. they expect to be out here all day long. >> thank you. developing news, students in danville will see additional police today at their school in response to threatening graffiti missages. a message was found a week and a half ago near charlotte wood middle school threatening to harm students today, may 8. would similar spray pinterested messages were found near schools in the past week. police think they are work of a copycat but are not taking any chances. school officials say they are confident today will be a safe day. amy hollyfield will have a live report in the next half hour. president obama is waking up on the west coast today. he arrived in los angeles yesterday. this afternoon he will make his way to the bay area. katie mar zu llo has details on the trip. >> reporter: it will be a busy and lucrative two days for the
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president. president obama will be hobnobbing with the biggest names in tech while raising money more the democratic national party. the president arrives a little before 4:00 this afternoon. he will attend a private roundtable discuss at the home of the founder of 23 and me which is human genome research firm. 36 people will be there having paid more than $32,000 each. the big dmc fund-raiser is tonight. to the fair monday hotel in san jose to accommodate 250 people. tickets go from $1 though thousand to $32,400. the president is already in california. last night at a gala in l.a. the tone fairly somber it is a president talked about current international atrocities. >> every day when i wake up and i think about young girls in nigeria or children caught up in the conflicts in syria, when
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there are times in which i want to reach out and save those kids. >> the event was the 20th anniversary of steven spielbe spielberg's foundation. will are plenty of celebrities there you bring bruce springsteen, barbra streisand and conan o'brien. the president will talk about energy efficiency. this will be the president's 17th trip to the bay area. first lady michelle obama is adding her voice to the worldwide campaign to find nearly 300 kidnapped school girls in nigeria. the first lady tweeted this photo. you see her holding a sign with the hash tag save our girls. the kidnapping was the topic of talks between a group of u.s. lawmakers and including oakland representative barbara lee and officials at a nigerflnigerian in washington, d.c.
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islamic extremist group boca haram says it has the girls and is threatening to sell hem. >> we want the i am timdation, trafficking, murders, between want them stopped today. >> the girls were kidnapped from their school more than three weeks away. the u.s. is sending ten u.s. military to nigeria in the next few days to help. :06 now. will is a bay area connection to a nationwide drug sweep aimed at a ring accused of distributing a dangerous form of sin lettic marijuana. dea agents along with state and local police raided locations in 29 states and arrested 150 people. these officers are hitting locations in fresno. the main defendant, victor an hone natoley, of hillsboro is accused of processing and storing as a matter of fact sterls in a warehouse. the fake pot can cause sudden
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increases in blood pressure, pair now yeah, hallucinations, even death. state officials have adopt ad route for the second leg of california's planned high speed rail system. engineering work has begun on the first leg of the project. 30-mile stretch toes from know. the route approved yesterday faced two and extend the line by 114 miles from fresno to bakersfield. in press know yesterday officials adopted plans to address air quality during construction. adding green space to accommodate damage to wild habitat. the plan must be submitted to official miswashington for review. happening today, opening statements scheduled to begin in san mateo county superior court in the battle over access to a popular beach. at issue is a private road that leads to martins beach about five miles south half moon bay. that road is the only viable way to access the secluded beach. it was closed by the property
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owner silicon valley billionaire very towed coast law. the suit filed by the foundation claims the venture capitalist did not obtain the property permits to close the road. a violation of the california coastal act. a similar case was shot down last year. palo alto law that requires new single family homes to be rigged for electric vehicle chargers could soon be extended to other developments. it is reported next tuesday members of the palo alto city council are planning to review a similar ordinance that would apply to new hotel, multifamily and commercial developments. palo alto is one of the highest per capita densities of electric vehicles in the state and in the countries. the council approved the law last december and that requires builders of new homes to install conduits for electric car chargers. >> wouldn't it be coincidental if there was an electric car company based in palo alto? >> sandhill road in palo alto.
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time for a check on the forecast. here is mike. >> thanks very much. good morning, everybody. let's start by talking about temperatures. this is a big weather story so far this morning. that we are about one to five degrees warmer than yesterday. the clouds came in as we expected and kept temperatures up. low to mid 50s everywhere that you are going for a high. about 45 degrees. a little cooler will. we have a lot of low to mid 50s around the bay shore from 51 in san jose to 55 in oakland. we have 49, though los gatos. sherr a look at what's happening to the north. crescent city is the only city now reporting some late rain. you can see the doppler radar there out of eureka showing up north has the best chance. this is going to slide down towards us from about 9:00 today all the way through about mid might. scattered showers on the way. >> as we go to wood side, we have this accident p involving a car that hit a deer. right now we have two lanes that
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are blocked. you can see that we have a little bit of slow willing a as you approach sandhill road. if you are head something and out of san francisco along 101 towards northbound san mateo towards the city, things are moving along at top speeds. here is your drive coming away from sfo along 101. right into san francisco. looks like you will see a little bit after slowdown and you get to the bay bridge. going to take you nine minutes. >> thanks. coming up, the wife of the embattled nba owner donald sterling responds. what she is now demanding from the league. >> new details on the statewide manhunt for a cal fire battalion chief accused of killing his live-in girlfriend. is he hiding out near the bay area? >> about-face from police. what led everyone to think the hacker responsible for target's massive data breach had been taken into
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6:13 this thursday morning. a live look from our rooftop camera towards the east. see the sun getting ready the rise behind the hills and we
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also have some rain on the way. will it be much? or just a dud? we will check with mike and find out. >> the manhunt for cal fire battalion chief suspected of killing his girlfriend is now entering its second week. sacramento deputies say 5-year-old fleming stabbed to death 26-year-old sayerrah doug last week. the police released this new photo. the police believe the man can be in the santa cruz mountains oreo seem tee valley. they add he is an expert outdoorsman and has access to back roads not open to the public because of his cal fire position. the wife of disgraced l.a. clippers owner donald sterling says that she hopes to keep ownership of the team. the "los angeles times" reports that shelley sterling says she believes she is legally entitled to maintain ownership of the team and intends do so. she says the nba sanctions against donald sterl that includes a lifetime ban do not
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include her or her family. a texas police department is backtracking its claim this morning that it ae arrested the man linked to the target data breach. court documents showed texas police initially believed 40-year-old shin chen may have been involved in the swiping of customer records prosecutor the discount retailer. but last night authorities took a step back and investigators now say that there is no indication that chen is responsible for the target data breach. abc news reports that georgetown police department got way ahead of itself and chen is, quote, a street level user of stolen credit card info. 6:15 now. time for a check on the forecast. possibility of rain moving in later on today. >> is it umbrella needing rain? >> you may want to. i know how people are with their hair and clothes. yeah. you may want to have it just in case. is it going to be a soaker? not like that. take a look wrought side and show you what is going on.
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i was trying to paint a picture. glad it worked. live doppler visibilities running pritd write well even though the clouds are on the increase. most of it is unlimited to five miles at half moon bay. did want to mention the clouds have created some delays of an hour and seven 90s sfo. fastest fwhinds fairfield. 21 miles per hour. concord is around 14. okay land 12. everybody else is less than ten to even calm right now in half moon bay. how often did does that had? coastal sunrise as weigh will -- the clouds over the next 15 to minutes. capture some of had a and put it twitter. possibly facebook. same address. scattered light showers. that's the big story for the rest of the forecast today. clearing and breezy tomorrow. and then a warm mother's day weekend with record highs possible if the models hold true all of the way into next week. warm front promising a little drizzle. maybe a few sprinkles during the morning rush. most part it has been dry. i think it will be for the
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better part of the morning. cold front starts to come in the morning rush hour and that's when we get the better chance of seeing widespread spotty showers. all right. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s the rest of the bay or and low 70s in our inland valley tonight. not much in the way of micro climate because of the cloud cover today. tonight a little clearing up north. upper 40s. napa and santa rosa. rest of it mild again in the low to mid 50s. few sprinkles hanging around for tomorrow morning. here we are at 7:00. it is quiet. 9:00 that's with cloudy showers start to move in. all the way through the lunch hour. now for the evening commute, yeah, they will still be around and into the evening hours. by about midnight, 1:00 we will start to see a little bit of a drying trend but you know, there is still a few out there tomorrow morning at 5:00. once we get to 7:00 tomorrow morning, all bets are off. not even all wet weather. if you do, 100 to .1 of an inch. check out the warming trend for mother's day.
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60s, 07s and 80s. 70s 80s and 90s tuesday and wednesday next week. >> we take knew the east bay we have this accident involving a couple of vehicles. they are driving southbound along 880 to come up to windham avenue, lane blocked there. it is going to cause pressure coming out of castro valley along northbound 238 as you make that connection. southbound 880. to continue in the southbound direction towards fremont top speeds there are looking clear both in the more and southbound directions. the drive moving along smoothly. a live look wrought side. starting with this. bay bridge makes the push towards treasure island. have you traffic out will. albeit it is slowing. and then right now you can see very heavy traffic. it is going to take you 17 minutes into the city. >> 6:18. coming up at 6:30 caught on
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camera. police in the south bay searching for some doorbell bandits. the professional approach they are taking to target. mi
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. good morning. it is 6:21 this thursday. a live look here. lake tahoe resort. boy, what a difference in a few days. the snow just about gone there. you know. it has not been a very snowy winter and spring. there you have it. bay area, though, we might get a little more rain today. so we will talk to mike about that in a little bit. we will check in with amy robach now for a look at what's coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning. coming up, extreme weather. elevated risk of tornadoes in the northern plains and upper midwest. there are hail threats stretching from texas to oklahoma. tracking it all for us this morning next on "g.m.a." >> right now if your phone was stolen how far would you go to get it back? >> people will go to real extremes to get back their smartphone. a new study from lookout mobile security found people are willing to shell out a lot of cash and put themselves in danger to retrieve their stolen
6:23 am
smartphones. half of phone theft victims will pay $500 to get their phone back. one-third said they would pay $1,000. 70% said they would put themselves in harm's way. it is not the phone itself that people say is valuable. it is what they have stored in it like contacts, bank information, and music and pictures. you can't get back. >> yeah. 6:23 now. the future is here kind of. the -- new touch-screen computers you don't actually touch are now on the market. >> how do they work? should you get one? consumer reports exclusively with 7 on your side to find out. here is michael finney. >> good morning. interacting with your computer has come a long way. first will was the keyboard and mouse and the touch screen and now touch screens you don't touch. consumer reports took a look to see how well they work. in sci-fi movies report this is
6:24 am
the promise of gesture control. already in today's living room will are games you can control by moving your hands. tvs that work with a way and some smartphones you can answer by swiping the air. a consumer report layout the hb envy. gesture controlled computer with an infrasaid -- infrared sensor built in. >> the technology senses your happened motion to control the screen. >> one game lets you tilt your hand over the motion sensor to move sea seattle sxurs another lets you shoot at bought williams a flick of your finger. some of the gesture controlled programs come already loaded and the air space shore you can download over 200 more. >> if you want to use gesture control on programs you already have there are apps available that will allow you to use leap motion to scroll through pages or push buttons. the consumer report says that will are problems. >> we found the controls can get
6:25 am
frustrating. >> answer different gestures for each program there is a lot to learn. another issue, you can let your hand -- can't let your hand stray too far from the sensor or it won't work. short of the risk can get achy. consumer report says that gesture control may be the wave of the future but for now, it is easier just to tap and type. >> if you are looking for a new laptop, consumer reports says that they have -- a number of best buys. three a accident book, thin and light. laptop. a 13-inch screen. hp's split x-2 has a screen that detaches and becomes a fully functional window camera. mitt at 11:00, how much do you tip? how much should you tip? why tip at all? tonight i have a tip for you.
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i'm michael finney, 7b on your side. >> we don't have to type michael for the tips. that's a good thing. >> yes. >> 6:26 now. >> abc 7 morning news continues at 6:30 with the day's top stories. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from the south bay. mobile home goes up in flames. the reason the fire investigators are searching the scene right now. high alert at charlotte wood middle school in danville. tracking showers to our north. live doppler 7. timetable on when they get here and how much they are going to leave behind. a big-time warmth for mother's day coming up in your 7-day forecast. >> all this tuck about gesture control. hopefully the commuters aren't u -- are use gesture control. con toward into walnut creek. and you can't leave -- wave your hand in front of this traffic to make it disappear but i will tell you where the clear spots are.
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thursday morning. we look live at the sun rising in tease. what a gorgeous shot that is. later on, we are going to have a change in the weather. mike will tell us about that coming up. thanks for being with us. >> how about post-wednesday? >> no, we don't call it post wednesday because that would be regretting. >> yes. go towards the weekend. a quick lack at today's weather. maybe a few days ahead. >> pre-friday forecast. absolutely have a little bit of sunshine out will this morning. probably the most we are going to get. live doppler 7. it is pretty quiet right now. i expect it to get more active after the 9:00 hour and through about midnight tonight with spotty light showers. all right. temperatures right now are milder this morning. low to mid 50s when you hang outside. we will be near 60 for the better part of the afternoon. low 60s along the coast. we will be in the mid 60s around the bay. mid to upper 60s inland. >> all right. we have this accident in the east bay.
6:31 am
we had a few vehicles tangled up. sounds like everything is over to the shoulder. traveling southbound along 880, slowing that's for sure. now that everything is off the shoulder we will start to see the speeds picking up and traffic dissipating as continues away from 238. right now 32 miles per hour is going to be your top speed. right now we take a look at your drive overing the altima pass. 43 minutes. highway 4. 101 building. quick look right now at the san mateo bridge. once we get to 292, see traffic there running smooth loifr to the nimitz. >> leyla, thank you. 6:31 now. back to our breaking news. we first brought you at 4:30 this morning. flames have destroyed a sunnyvale mobile home and now the search is on for two people that lived there. matt keller is live at the scene with this update. >> reporter: in the last half hour we watched as firefighters started going through the rubble of the fire fighter. a couple in their 70s are unaccounted right now.
6:32 am
the first call to firefighters came in at around 2:00 this morning. mobile home is in the cape cod village in sunnyvale which requires at least one person living in the home to be 55 or older. the firefighters arrived to find it engulfed in flames. a second alarm was called and firefighters sprayed watt other the flames from the outside. a loud explosion was heard and a car in the driveway caught on fire. neighbors say the adult son of the woman who lived in the home escaped and is being helped out by the red cross. the woman and man are unaccounted for right now. >> we will look to see if they have cell phones and see if we can get in contact with them. then we will start going through the fire scene and looking for evidence that somebody is in the house. >> reporter: neighbors told me it is unlikely the couple stayed elsewhere last night. the man in his 40s told firefighters cooking was taking place when the fire started but no cause has been determined. firefighters are expected to be
6:33 am
out here all morning long. they con to go through the mobile home here and we see a little bit of smoke coming out and we know there are hotspots inside so they are being extra careful. the stuck structure is unable. they are taking their time as they go through the house. >> thanks, matt. the family of the man who was shot to death after walking into the wrong apartment wants to know why his killer is walking free. 26-year-old stefan giermo was drunk when he accidentally entered someone's apartment in san francisco early saturday morning. his family went before the police commission last night demanding answers. the d.a.'s office says it that release ed the 68-year-old becae the police pleaded more evidence which they hope to provide before the end of the week. >> how is it okay to let the man go with no consequences while my brother is dead? >> reporter: according to state law he may have been justified. it lets a person use deadly force to defend against any
6:34 am
intruder. police are trying to track down a couple of professional burglars undeterred by security cameras. surveillance video from a home shows the two men rang the doorbell to make sure nobody was there and broke in, took valuables and stole a car in less than 12 minutes. the homeowner remembers hearing someone at the door a few days earlier. she is pretty sure the same guys were going door-to-door looking for homes to steal from. >> you don't have a neighborhood watch here? >> no, we do not. >> do you wish did you? >> i wish i did. i mean, i would think my security cameras would be a deterrent but it is not. >> police say that the best deterrent is a tightly knit neighborhood that communicates the victim posted photos of these burglars on our website hoping you may help. if you have a story for us go a bill will be reintroduced
6:35 am
that requires kill switches on all cell phones. proposal lost by would votes several weeks back. amendments will give manufacturers more time to comply with the new rules and clarify the rules would not apply to tablets. law enforcement officials say that more than half of all robberies in san francisco involve cell phone snatching and in oakland that figure is as high as 75%. leyla has been talking about this all morning. the 20th annual bike-to-workday in the bay area. thousands are expected to ditch their cars and take their bike to work instead and including the mayors of several cities. organizers have set up hundreds of energizer stations handing out water and providing information on bicycling. to find a stay in your community, go to our website. developing now if danville parents will be dropping their children off at school this morning and they will notice extra police patrol. that's because of threats found near campus for today.
6:36 am
amy hollyfield is live with details on the precaution. >> e. >> reporter: we just met with a dad that told us they have been talking about this all week so he is feeling pretty good about today. someone wrote or spray paint order rocks mere campus that some students would die today. the principal of charlotte wood middle school in danville tells us he is working closely with police to make sure today is safe. the principal briefed parents on what is happening. postpone ad school dance and said he did that to make sure students and parents peel comfortable so they can have a good time. the dad we spoke with today says that he is letting his kids decide. one is going to school today. one is staying home. >> the district is doing a great job. they are doing -- security here all week. the kids are well -- have been -- discussed this all day long or all week long. i think it is up to the families. i'm going to send my son.
6:37 am
leaving it up to the kids. >> reporter: the principal says that even though this is likely a hoax, they are taking it very seriously and will have security on campus today. >> thanks, amy. 6:37 now. president obama is just hours away from arriving here in the bay area. we will break down his whirlwind trip. >> a young woman battling cancer has a wish. complete strangers come together to make it happen. >> a live look wrought side in the north bay. we are looking at highway 101 here. those cars heading away from you going southbound, traffic is moderately heavy and moving. lay is tracking trouble spots out there. she will tell us more coming up.
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we are back at 6:40. best chance of showers will be probably from 80 north wards. dipping downing to monterey at 64. 57 in tahoe. 81 in fresno. it will be cooler around san diego. 66 and 70. want show you what the models are picking up next week as we take a look at the week ahead from san jose. below average today. tomorrow and saturday. then possibly the mid to upper 90s next week. and we could go from spring to
6:41 am
summer just like that. >> good and bad news hayward. everyone who is trying to travel into hayward over to the san mateo bridge is going to find this heavy slowdown. southbound along 808 lincoln avenue. four-car crash there. over to shoulder, 20 miles per hour will be your top speed. four interests minutes to your commute. causing pressure along 238 as you leave castro valley and approach the nimitz. let's take a look at a live picture of our drive southbound along 101. . >> thank you. investors are closely watching tesla this morning. how the palo alto car maker is doing in early trading. >> wearable tech deeply discounted. speculation this morning about what is next for nike. coming up, first the boss and president obama in california. what's next for the commander in chief as he gets ready to head north to the bay area.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at welcome back. 6:44. president obama will travel from southern california to the bay area.
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katie marzullo. >> president obama arrives a little before 4:00 this afternoon. first up, he will be at the home of the founder of 23 and me, a human genome research firm. that's for a private round table of 30 people. tickets are more than $32,000. second stop fairmont hotel in san jose. big dmc fund-raiser. co-hosted by yahoo's ceo ma risk meyer. tickets for that cost between $1 how how and $32,400. last stop mountain view on friday morning, president obama will talk about the importance of energy efficiency at a walmart store. the president is already in california. last night he 'intended a gala in los angeles surrounded by celebritying includes bruce springsteen, steven spielberg, barbra streisand, samuel l. jackson, conan o'brien. this is the president's 17th trip to the bay zpaer last here in november at the jazz center
6:46 am
in san francisco. >> katie, thank you. san ramon woman who is used to helping women with cancer each year is now in unfamiliar territory. she is battling the disease herself. doctors have given her 6 to 8 months to live. there is only one thing cherise really wants now. to marry her fiance. the wedding was moved up with little time to get the money together to make it happen. they hit the goal with floorist and videographer are still up in the air. >> i just love him so much. i always wanted to get married. i want to have kids with him. a family. >> cherise is working on strengthening her legs so she can walk down the aisle. if you would like to help we have information on our website. a big thank you for those of you
6:47 am
who already have. >> if you would like to help cherise with the wedding we have information on our website. >> definitely worth repeating. if you would like to get -- what's going on wall street right now we have that for you as business is under way there on wall street. you can see the dow is up 30 points right now. tesla motor stock is up. the drop comes after the electric car company reported a first quarter loss of more than $49 million. tesla says higher development costs led to the loss. meantime the company says california is now in the running with p four other states for a $5 billion battery factory it plans to build. tesla is scheduled to begin producing lithium ion batteries for the car factory in 2017. nike is popular fuel band fitness tracking device is now showing up online for sale at a huge discount. it is selling the nike fuel band at 47% the retail price. this sale comes after nike
6:48 am
announced last month that there would be layoffs in the department that makes fuel band devices. nike is not commenting on future plans for the fuel band device even as wearable tech comes a high i trend in tech. in case you are wondering gilt today it is a little rain. >> yeah. >> in our forecast. >> that's a big story. so far we are doing okay. good morning, everybody. let's take a look and show you what is going on. breezes we have had the last couple of days will go away today. they will be locally windy and in a few areas. 12 miles per hour. that's not bad. 14 in concord. 21 in fairfield. that gets your attention. it should be a quiet ferry ride this morning. looking at the bay and it looks pretty quiet right now. let's talk about temperatures down south. we have 45 for the cool spot. 48 in santa clara. saratoga. everybody else is in the low to mid 50s with san jose.
6:49 am
lot of low to mid 50s around the bay shore. half moon bay, lafayette, 51. good morning san pba row, 53. brent wood, warmer. 56. then we are near 50 around novato. you can see the different layers of clouds out will. none of them with enough moisture to bring us anything to worry about this morning. but it is after the morning rush hour through the evening hours that we will have a chance of scattered light showers today. clearing tomorrow. becoming breezy but those breezes, that chases away our chance of rain. and it brings sunshine back into the forecast and warming trend where we could possibly models hold out and 7 days away, set record highs and maybe get our first 100 of the year. maybe something to look forward to. upper 60s in milpitas. we will have mid to upper 60s milbrae. near 70 for the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast and downtown.
6:50 am
upper 60s and low 70s to the north bay valley. upper 60s to low 70s into our east bay valley. here we are. 7:00 this morning. pretty quiet outside. by 9:00 scattered showers developing through the lunch hour. they will be hanging around in the scattered nature through the evening rush. even all the way up until about midnight, maybe 2:00 in the morning. you can see by 5:00 when the morning rush begins, higher elevations down to the south a little bit of shower activity. that's it. if you get something, it will be less than a tenth of an inch. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow. look at mother's day. looking great. picnic, beach weather. and the 70s. 90s and 90s by next wednesday. leyla? >> sounds wonderful. a look at what's happening. what turned out to be a stalled vehicle may be an accident. 580 at eastbound 80, one lane blocked. everyone converges on the maze. now we take a look at dublin.
6:51 am
just past 580, we have another accident there. this vehicle is leak something fuel. caltrans may have to come up and clean that up. as we take knew san jose northbound 101, another accident there. over the to the shoulder. wide picture seeing slowing there. northbound along 85. 101 northbound you will see an ebb and employee in traffic. all in all from 85 to 237, 23-minute commute. >> thanks. there are no strict rules about tipping but should you always show your appreciation for good service with extra cash? if you are happy with your service, most i pertsz tell you to tip 20%. but what p the service was average or simply not good? what should you do then? >> what do you tip? >> what do i tip? 20% to 25%. >> what goes around comes around. >> everything you need to know about tipping. tonight with 7 on your side's michael finney. 6:51.
6:52 am
seven things to know before you go. >> we return in 90 seconds. stay with us.
6:53 am
good morning. it is 6:53. a live look outside. live from santa cruz at the beach. very nice shot there. it does not look terribly overcast there. things could change. we have clouds around. some of them may carry rain for us. we will talk to mike about that in a second. >> hand things off to "good morning america." here are 7 things to know before
6:54 am
you go. number one, breaking news. a woman and her boyfriend are missing this morning after a fire gutted their mobile home in sunnyvale. the woman's adult son managed to get out in time. crews are searching for that couple. number two, danville schools are add extra police today in response to threatening graffiti messages. three messages have been found in less than two weeks threatening to harm students today, may 8. school officials say they are confident today will be a safe day. number lee, president obama arrives in the bay area today. he will attend a pricey dinner at the fairmont in san jose. on provide he will talk energy efficiency at a mountain view walmart. number four, the wife of disgraced l.a. clippers owner donald sterling has the she believes she is legally entitled to maintain ownership of the team and will attempt to do so. shelley sterling says the lifetime ban from the nba on her husband and multimillion dollar
6:55 am
fine do not include her or her family. >> the nfl draft kicks off tonight. first round of the lee -- day seven-round draft will begin in new york with the houston texans having the first pick. the raiders will select fifth, 49ers 30th barring barring my trades. number six, racking some clouds right now on live doppler 7. radar returns on the coast. i think our better chance of spotty life rain to showers will be from 9:00 through about midnight tonight. now because of the cloud cover and you can see it streaming in here, our temperatures are going to be cooler than yesterday. 68, 72 inland. 72 around the bay. coast and san francisco, 61 to 64. once we get to this time tomorrow morning, the threat is over. >> number seven, we will have a presidential traffic crunch. right now a we take a look at the toll plaza, it is a busy one right now. 20 minutes will get from you the maze into san francisco. we have a report of an accident
6:56 am
will. eastbound 580, eastbound 80. look out for that. one lane is blocked. a look at walnut creek now. southbound along 680. it is sluggish. slow going. you make it -- down to highway 24. once you get on highway 24, though, it is nice and clear. through lafayette. talking about presidential traffic crunch. we have president obama that will be landing at moffett air base. do look out for road closures and delays on the freeway. >> thank you, leyla. abc 7 news continues online. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. >> it is going to probably rain on your parade a little bit today. keep the umbrella handy. we will see you later. >> parade? there is a parade? >> yes. >> right behind the bikes. >> have a good day.
6:57 am
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because change starts with us. good morning, america. breaking overnight, severe weather erupting across the middle of the country. nine planes struck by lightning. at least five reported tornadoes. powerful winds knocked 30 train cars off the track in kansas. hail piling up on the highway. and churn in colorado. 50 million americans in the path of the storms right now. it's cruel. it's an act of terrorism. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton speaks out in an abc news exclusive about the frantic search for the nigerian schoolgirls. the u.s., now sending in a military team to help. a big reward being offered for anyone who can help bring back our girls. >> the house just exploded. breaking, new details on a mysterious fire that ripped through th


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