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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 9, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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i won't hunt you down ♪ xx. tonight, sterling speak. since the racist rant sent off a scandal, we are hearing from the notorious owner of the l.a. clippers, donald sterling >> you don't think that you. know i'm not a racist. >> isolated. heartbroken, angry and defiant. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. >> the celebrity custody battle, the teen heartthrob in "lost boys" a bitter offscreen battle. the child's mother and a judge say he has no rights as a dad. >> how far are you willing to take this? >> i will fight with everything i have to get my son back.
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♪ ♪ and wedding rescue right in the middle of taking pictures of the bride, the groomsmen strip down and dive into the ocean. who were they frying to save? and how those pictures finally turned out. but first, the "nightline" 5 -- >> what did geico say? we can save you a boat load. what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound. never mind. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle. oh, come off it captain. >> ge ico, 15 minutes could save you 15
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good evening. tonight we are finally hearing from donald sterling, the owner of the l.a. clippers and one of the richest men in hollywood. weeks after caught on tape making those racist comments, now comes another audio tape on which sterling defends himself. though what kind of defense can he offer? what does he say about the nba's plan to force him out of his own team? here is abc's ryan smith. >> you think i'm a race snis you think you think i have anything but love for everybody. >> reporter: that is donald sterling last week banned by the nba after a racist tirade went public and rocked the nation. >> no justice! >> you don't think that. you know i am not a racist. >> reporter: in a recorded phone call posted today by radaronline, sterling spekdz on
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racism allegations for the first time and explaining why he is tolerant. >> what about when i hear the tape, the tape i heard. >> i grew up in east l.a. east l.a. you die to got out of there the i got out of east l.a. i was the president of the high school there. i mean, and i am a jew. and 50% of the people there were black. and 40% were hispanic. >> reporter: in the call sterling is questioned by an unidentified friend. >> how can you be in business and be a racist? do you think i tell the coach to get white players? or get the best player he can get? >> reporter: some have said the conversation sound less than natural calling into question the validity of the recording. of course, sterling is much better known for this recording. >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast you are associating with black people. >> reporter: a taped conversation with his lady confidant, v. stiviano.
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>> do you know you have a whole team that is black that plays for you? >> do i know? i support them and give them food and clothes and cars and houses. >> reporter: the racist comments sparked widespread outrage and cost sterling what he loves most. >> i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. last friday in an abc news exclusive, barbara walters sat down with v. stiviano who adamantly defended mr. sterling amidst the uproar. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. >> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general? and blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you have heard him say derogatory things? >> yes. >> don't they sound racist to you? >> i think that things he says
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are not what he feels. anyone can say anything in the heat of the moment. i think mr. sterling is from a different generation than i am. i think he was brought up to believe those things. >> what things? >> segregation. whites and blacks. he was brought up to believe, believe in his own way. and they're ingrained him, and deep and rooted in his body and in his mind. but through his actions, he has shown that he is not a racist. through his actions, he has shown to be a very generous and kind man. >> reporter: the nba has not been as forgiving saying it is within their power to strip sterling of his clipper franchise by forcing a sale. >> mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices. he may not be present at any clippers facility. and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team.
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>> last week an array of big name celebrities were mentioned as possible buyers. >> any chance you will buy the clippers? >> no, i will not be buying the clippers. i heard magic johnson might be. did you hear that? >> do we want to buy the clippers, yes, we are very interested. >> reporter: donald's wife, shelley sterling is the co-owner and making a case to keep the team. her lawyer explained her position. >> she wants to retain her ownership. she is entitled to retain her ownership. nobody can force her to give up her ownership. she doesn't want to go to court. let me tell you if anybody fries to take await her ownership without her consent she will do everything in her power and i will too, to protect her valuable property right. >> mrs. sterling is considering divorcing her husband and that she doesn't share his racist views. saying "i do not condone those statements that you heard. i do not believe in them. i am not a racist." the nba has left the door open for her to take ownership of the
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team. >> this ruling applies specifically to donald sterling and donald sterling's conduct only. >> coach doc rivers told espn not everyone would welcome mrs. sterling in such a role. >> i think it would be a very hard situation. i will say that much. i think it would be very difficult. i guarantee you every person would be on board with that. whether i would or not, i'm not going to say. >> reporter: court documents reveal mrs. sterling may not be as unlike her huh band as she claims to be. some former sterling tenants have accused her of blatant racism including one who said, quote, i asked her would you reduce the rent. and she said, quote, who do you think you are you black ex-play tichlt in a statement, shelley's lawyer said, quote, these claims are based on allegations lifted from legal proceedings none of which resulted in a finding of discrimination against mr. sterling or the sterlings' companies. mrs. sterling said the allegation was, quote, completely false and very hurtful. she has denied discriminating
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against tenants. >> there have been lawsuits in which she has been involved in. obviously once shelley sterling says, you know, i am not a part of whatever my husband did and discovery is open. we are going to find out. it is going to be visited, revisited. what shelley sterling might have said years ago in various cases. so she is going to be subject to the same scrutiny. >> reporter: if today's recording reveals anything when it comes to his team, donald sterling isn't going down without a fight. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. i'm a lawyer. that's my opinion. >> reporter: ryan smith for "nightline" in new york. next on "nightline," former teen heartthrob, jason patrick of "lost boy" fame is fighting to make sure his little boy is not lost to him. why the boy's mother and a judge says patrick has no parental rights. es.
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any body of a certain age, my age, will remember jason patrick, vampire fighting mullet sporting matinee idol from "lost boys." patrick is embroiled in a real life drama, an ex-girlfriend, a little boy and potentially a precedent setting court case about what it means to be a father in modern america. here is abc's cecelia vega. >> reporter: a hollywood custody battle royale. when was the last time you saw your son? >> 63 weeks ago. >> you were there one day? >> he said i'm missing you dad. i have never seen him again.
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>> reporter: those words must be haunting for you? >> yes, because i lied to him. i said i would see you again i never showed up again. >> reporter: actor jason patrick in a bitter fight playing out in an los angeles courtroom being closely watched around the country. on one side -- that 80s teen heartthrob with the big hair who rose to fame as the the brooding older vampire brother in "the lost boys." >> i didn't invite you this time. and later in "speed 2" and "my sister's keeper." >> she doesn't want to do it. >> reporter: on the other his ex-girlfriend, danielle shriver, the woman he met at the massage practice she runs. and in the middle -- the son they conceived through in vitro fertilization. so far the courts have sided with shriver who said patrick offered to donate his sperm after they broke up. that she says makes him nothing more than a sperm donor entitled
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to zero parental rights. fwut da but today, patrick aappealed. hoping to be recognized as gus' dad. celebrity fodder, sure, what's at stake here? this little buy's future. and potentially, what it means to bea family in america. what it means to be a father. it is a case that weighs into what has been called the wild west of reproductive rights. sperm donation where the man's identity is not a secret. >> the child's right should be at the heart of the matter. that's what many of the experts in the field have been saying. is that, for too long, fertility industry really doesn't seem to be taking into account the interest of the children. the interest of the children are being left out of this mix. >> i have to when this, you know. i have to win this for my son. i have to win this for -- for fathers and mothers all over the country. >> reporter: the question -- did patrick really plan on being a
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dad to gus when he donated his sperm? shriver told abc news today that she and patrick had a written agreement that his sperm donation would remain a secret to the public and that he would not be a father to or have any obligations rights or responsibilities for my child. she says he demanded his name not be on the birth certificate. but patrick's ammunition in court -- this form he signed at the sperm clinic. identifying himself as an intended parent. he and his lawyers say he planned on being a dad from day one. >> he is absolutely not a sperm donor in the most remote sense of the word. the evidence consists of money that he pro vided to her, expenses he paid to her, it consists of him being with gus. ♪ hey you've got to hide ♪ ♪ >> reporter: but those cherished moments like patrick teaching gus to sing beatles' longs. seen through two different
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lenses. >> where is dada? that's right. patrick says home videos like these, where gus and shriver know him as dad show he was present in the picture. shriver says they don't snow what really happened. that patrick never assumed the responsibilities of a parent. >> tell me about the phrase, term, sperm donor. you don't like it. you don't feel it aplayplied to your case at all. >> never amrid to pplied to me. i am not a dennor more than she is. they took the sperm, egg put it in a test-tube. why, i am a man. does that make me a donor? >> definitely an area where technology is outpacing the law. and the law is trying, it is struggling, it is grappling to figure out a way to deal with these changing technologies. >> reporter: it might sound lkek a he said/she said. the gray area the law. in california a man who goes to a doctor to donate his sperm has
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no parental rights unless there is a written agreement before conception. patrick and shriver did not have that. but the law also says the man who essentially acts like a parent towards his child can be recognized as a parent. and that's how patrick sees himself. >> i will fight with everything i have to get my son back. >> reporter: after court today shriver would not talk to us. but she did send a written statement saying "i chose to use a known donor over a stranger based on jason's expressed commitment he would not seek parental rights to my child. and the reason she no longer wants patrick in gus' life. i discontinued jason's can tact with my son when his behavior became increasingly threatening, menacing and harassing to us. the battle turned this member of hollywood royalty, the grandson of jackie gleason to a champion in the fight against parental alienation. >> as a father i wanted to leave a path for gus to see the truth. i also want to teach him how to
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fight a noble fight. how to stand up for things that matter. >> he testified before california lawmakers, done the talk show circuit, and created an organization stand up for gus that has drawn the support of a who's who of celebrities like matt damon, sarah silverman, and keifer sutherland. >> this is what you dream about at night? >> i dream about seeing hip. scared seeing him. his mother pulls him away. he looks different. i've don't know what, 63 weeks is a long time for a 4-year-old. what his voice is like? what his hair looks like? just your deep fears? your bond and memories start to fade. >> reporter: patrick says his son's room remains untouched. he doesn't go inside. >> i haven't gotten rid of his crib. i want him to see it and go pick a bed out. >> reporter: what do you foresee in five years out. ten years out. when he is 18. >> god, i mean, i am going to get him back the i am going to win this appeal. and so i see him as a 4-year-old
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in my arms. i see reintroducing him to, to his dog, to his house, to his other little friends, to everything that was ripped away from his life. and then, trying to heal. i can't understand how any person would not want their child to have a loving father, especially, the father that for years and years and years, she wanted to have a child with. >> reporter: two parents who both say they will fight for their son and in this changing landscape, a warning for other modern families. if you could go back and do it all over again, what would you do differently? >> for $100 i could have had a piece of paper written up that said i will be the father. you are going to be the mother. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. signed. coming up here on "nightline," the emergency that forces two groomsmen to strip off their clothes in the middle of a photo shoot with the wedding party. the rescue and the bride's reaction next.
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usually it is bad foreign minister to steal the spot light from the bride on her wedding day, the groomsmen you are about to meet had a pretty good emergency excuse. check it out. it all started during a photo shoot at the wedding of joanne and aaron easterbrook in palm cove, australia. a picture perfect scene until they realized that fishermen was in severe distress out in the surf floating alongside his boat which capsized. >> are you okay, mate? >> just like that turned into a different photo shoot. two of the groomsmen stripping down into their underwear diving into the water to rescue the fisherman. >> run down. and running down the beach. as they're running down. they're stripping off their clothes. and jumped in the water. didn't hesitate. >> if they were trying to impress the bride maid, we are pretty sure it worked. >> these things don't normally happen. >> after rescuing the fishermen, the groomsmen carried on with the photo shoot this time in their underwear. how did the bride feel about all
1:05 am
the drama on her big day? >> it was a bit of, took camera pressure off me and aaron. yeah, it was a lot of joke as but it at the recementionption boys in their underwear. >> sound look a happy ending all the way around. thank you for watching abc news. tunen to "good morning america." as always on line 24/17 at good night.
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