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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 9, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is video taken moments ago of the president leaving moffitt field as he wraps autopsy two day visit to silicon valley. >> the president arrived at wal-mart in mountain view this morning to highlight the retailer as a shining example of green energy. critics are casting the big box door in a different light. we have coverage from katie marzullo in a minute and the protest but matt keller is at wal-mart. matt?
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>> president obama just left in the past 45 minutes and the clean up inside begins. the president picked this location to announce the latest energy plan because this wal-mart in mountain view uses solar for 14.5 percent of its energy. we want to show you video of the motorcade leaving the wal-mart at 9:45 this morning. it avoided the protesters. inside, the president announced the latest plan to advance solar power and energy efficiency and creating jobs and cutting carbon pollution. he says 300 new private and public sector commitments represent 850 mega watts of solar enough to power 130,000 homes and energy efficiency investments and lowering bills for a billion square feet of build education. >> it will be good for the economy long term. if we don't, that is bad for the economy. rising sea levels, drought, more wildfires, more severe storms, those are bad for the economy.
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>> the president also announced some of the money will go to start training programs at community colleges across the country to help 50,000 workers enter the solar industry by 2020. he has been criticized for the failure of the bay area solar power company that received a loan guarantee from the energy department and despite that, the white house touts the rapid growth of solar market in the united states since president obama took office including a record-breaking year last year for new solar installation. another announcement today, the completion of installation of solar panels at thous. that roth is expected to pay for itself in eight years. a large group of protesters gathered to greet president obama over minimum wage and the way the retail giants treats its employees. katie marzullo is outside the store. >> 250 protesters gathered here and then marched to this location.
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only a few left down there at the barricades now. they were plenty loud during the protest and they never garnered the attention of the president because the motorcade slipped in and out a back route both coming and going this morning. >> wal-mart workers are under attack. what do we do? >> stand up. >> with bull mondays, they matched through the parking lot as close as they could get. >> i was homeless. and i want to say, we need you, president obama. >> group outraged he would come to town and praise wall mar for the energy efficiency that they say is hurting employees with low wages and too few benefits. >> he is only here because of solar panels on the roof. he don't care about the people. he has shown that in the past since we have put him in office and he hasn't been for the working families. >> she came from illinois where she has worked at wal-mart for nine years. >> i need president obama to
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tell wal-mart to respect their associates, give us a living wage. we are asking for $25,000 a year. >> people who don't work at wal-mart joined the group in solidarity. a man who works at safeway says wal-mart is ruining the grocery industry. >> i'm someone that,ed would hard to get president obama elected and i am upset he would betray us like this. he needs to stand up for people who are fighting for better wages in our industry. wal-mart has done more than any other force to lower our wages, benefits, our hope of retirement security. >> robert rice is a firm secretary of labor and professor at uc berkeley says whoever with the obama administration picked this is a "numskull" and agrees with the president saying the president should condemn the retailer for irresponsible labor practices. the president's schedule has been packed since arriving in silicon valley yesterday.
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the president attended two fundraisers for the democratic national committee first at a private home and the second at the fairmont hotel co-hosted by yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer. rebound spoke and was interrupted by a heckler shouldering "tree -- freedom from ethiopia." >> i want to hear from you. i love you back. you kind of screwed up my ending but that's okay. that's okay. >> and we've got free speech in this country. >> the two events took in 500,000. president obama promised to return to silicon valley before november. our coverage of the president's trip continues right now on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. 18 people went to the hospital after a school bus hit
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a big jump when he tried to make a u-turn at 8:45. the bus hit a median. some students ran off the bus after the mishap. 16 of the injuries are considered minor and two are a little bit more serious. >> parents and police were at a fremont school this morning over the expected return of a teacher. one family accused of slapping their child over a math problem. there is a new twist and plans changed. nick is at patterson elementary school. >> good morning, the demonstrators were passionate but peaceful. fremont police kept a watchful eye. the teacher that the demonstrators are speaking out against was a no-show. family friends and parents of the boy swarmed the elementary school with the planned protest in response to the nine-year-old being slapped in the face bit teacher, frederick berg, who
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slapped him for not knowing the answer to a problem. >> grabbed my face like this, at my deck, and slapped me two times in the face. >> i will not let some man beat up my son. >> an investigation was launched and frederick berg was placed on leave the officials say that he admitted to touching the child in the face but not slapping him. >> he described it as a tap to the face. >> he was cleared of the charge and was set to return to the classroom today. until school officials go the a call from investigators saying the teacher needed to stay home. >> the police have contacted us. they are going to re-open the case. >> officials would not say what new information prompted police to re-open their case but those gathered here today asking the teacher not be readmitted to the school saw this as a minor victory. >> he should have handled this differently. if there was a problem. >> the suspension doesn't go far
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enough. >> i will do everything i have to make sure he does not come back. that is my son. i will protect him. >> frederick berg is on paid leave while police continue their investigation. if frederick berg is allowed to return to the school, the demonstrators say they will be here to greet him. in fremont for use 7 -- for abc7 news. >> construction has been ordered to stop at an elementary school because of the traffic near the school. a judge sided with the neighbors living near the school who are concerned about traffic when the school opens on summit drive. according to the san mateo daily journal the judge's original order only stopped construction at a student drop off area. neighbors are concerned about an overall parking shortage and other traffic problems. the district has been working to re-open hoover since 20 continue to -- since 2010.
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>> a card did big damage at apple store in berkeley. someone deliberately drove a car through the glass front to steal high-tech merchandise. this has happened at apple stores in southern california, chicago, and germany. the high resale value makes them attackive to thieves and the glass door fronds make them vulnerable. a table is set up outside to help customers while the car was being removed. >> cameras were rolling when a landlord confronted a woman showing her oakland land rental home without her knowledge. >> the woman says that her real agent said someone changed the looks on the house and was showing it. sanchez met the woman at her house hosing as a renter and the woman did not have keys or any i.d. >> interesting to me it is a
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coincidence before the open house you are here with no key. >> the woman got in her car and took off. sanchez says the oakland police said they could not investigate until she was caught in the act and now she hopes she has enough for police to investigate. we have a follow-up, san mateo who works in alameda county d.a. defeat medicine after seeing our story this morning and says he has asked the d.a. real estate fraud unit to investigate. >> do you have a tendency to argue a lot? you may want to hold your tongue the next time. >> apple looks to bite into other businesses. >> a look outside right now at a gorgeous day on this friday with mike nicco up next with the
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re ia and a congress standing in the country ready way.ove forward... their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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the military team joined others in coordinate efforts to find 276 girls kidnapped by islamic militants. the pentagon says that the troops will not help in the physical search for the victims who were taken from the school. nigerian officials have identified 53 of the girls. the move has generated controversy because they could face stigma later if life. a protest is taking place in nigeria urging the government to do more. we hope you will join us in a walk tomorrow to prevent
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violence the 5th annual hosted by a thousand mothers to prevent violence in the bay area, hundreds of greering mothers, family and friend participate in the three-mile walk. a thousand mothers was founded by a woman who lost her twin sons in the same day in drive-by shooting. registration starts at 8:30 at the park in the morning in san lenadro and is underway at 10:00. hope to see you there. apple has not commented on a deal to by a headphone company. a musician-actor posted about it on face book. the company makes pricey headphones and has a music production and streaming service. the $3.2 billion deal would be
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apple's biggest acquisition ever. ♪ just never felt so good >> a soon-to-be released music from the king of pop "love never felt so good." it plays throughout it. he cowrote it in 1983 and paul anka plays by an -- plays piano this weekend and you know why. >> mmmmmmother's day. >> as if i didn't know. >> a few left over clouds. an update on the warm weather for mother's day and we will set records next week. >> the chance to see the 49ers great make one last play at
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. tickets are on sale for fans who want a final chance to cheer on the all final 49ers great at candlestick park including our own mike shumann teaming up for a final game facing a team led by ex dolphin great, dan marino. >> look at that form. look at that play. wish we knew him!
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we do. mike shumann. tickets are $30 to $50. >> if you love to argue, you could be putting your health at risk. a study says that constant arguing increases the risk of death two to three times the normal rate of middle age adults mostly affected men and those unemployed due to the added anxiety from arguments which can lead to high eric of heart disease and stroke. >> mike, you love to argue. >> back at you. >> no, no, back at. >> stop! stop! stop! happy mother's day. early. >> we argue about everything that is why we live so long. >> we need to study that, no anxiety over mother's day whether-wise? >> not weather-wise, trying to figure out the gifts. it is getting late in the game. now, i will promise you some nice weather and maybe you can
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take mom on a picnic or the beach and it will not be so breezy as it is today and brighter. our lowest visibility is half moon bay at six miles with fog and drizzle and the clouds from the morning gone chased away by faster wind and most of us in the 10 or 15 miles per hour range and we will stay there if not faster gusts along the shore and in the bay sure in the afternoon with small craft advisory. 55 at half moon bay. 58 in hayward. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 60's until you get to antioch at 68. and los gatos is at 70. from the golden gate bridge, it may not be a place to go on mother's day with almost total sunshine and a few high clouds and a light breeze with beautiful views that day. today and tomorrow, it will be brighter than it has been. but it will be breezy. it will hold the temperatures down a little bit as we hold toward the week, mother's day, we are going to have calmer and
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warmer weather and well have near record were warmth next week and it could be the warmest temperatures this westbound and maybe get to triple digits. from san jose, you can see how green the trees are and how bright blue the skies are, warming us to upper 60's to 70's and los gatos is at 73 and 74 and mostly in the mid-to-upper 60's and 62 in downtown and sauce least and south san francisco at 63 and the upper 60's to low 70's through the north bay valley and mid-60's to upper 60's along the east bay shore and in the east bay valleys, low-to-mid certificate and you will like that before it gets to nearly 100. tonight, nationals are here to take on the a's. it should be a 7:05 first patch at 62 degrees dropping down to 56. as we look at the temperatures tonight, it will be cooler in the mid-40's around napa and low 50's for the rest of us with a
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cloud or two. the last ten hours, the front swept through and behind it we have breezy conditions, a little clearing and the next trough comes through tomorrow and it doesn't have any moisture with it but it will keep us breezy through saturday evening and everything will then calm as we head to sunday and the same on lake tahoe. today, it will be partly cloudy, a little breezy saturday and sunday with temperatures warming to 61 degrees. now a look at what is going to happen as we look at we 90 degrees is how warm it could be around the bay by wednesday and getting there, tomorrow is the same as today and we will be five or ten degrees warmer with the calmer conditions on mother's day and the 90's everywhere but the coast which is 80's tuesday and wednesday. >> nice. thank you. >> mike, your job is not done yet you have perfect pet. >> this cute little guy is a chihuahua. >> on "katie" the stars of the
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new film "moms night o
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>> why these teens are wearing surgical masks to their prom. >> and bay area educators are being redefined. >> i am excited to see the perfect pet when i heard it is a dog named "cat" in spanish.
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>> i have seen cats bigger than gato but he is cute. >> obviously, he is happy. >> he is two. he is a wonderful dog. he knows the commands. he is loving and sweet. >> trying to get to the treats. >> debbie has treats off screen. >>the breeders have overbread the chihuahuas for years now so we have the wonderful special where there is no fee for adoption of chihuahua and a chihuahua milk. they can be mixed with terriers, anything, all different sizes. he will give you a lot of fun at no fee. >> what else do you have? >> we have a beautiful bassett
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hound, a couple of lambs and we have pit bulls, lovely and beautifully trained. >> we know you have trained them well. >> you have on your website all about our dog training classes. >> you can go do our facebook page or twitter and have anything on maybe making gato part of your family. call the humane society. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> mike, thank you. thanks for joining us.
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