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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. happy saturday. glad you are with us. i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, katie. we are looking at a nice, calm start, although that won't be the case this afternoon. the brisk north winds are going to return. right now we looking at numbers cooler than yesterday. 49 hayward, and 51 out toward the delta and 49 up in santa rosa. 24 hours ago we were milder, but this morning 13 degrees colder in napa and 4 degrees colderter san carlos airport and san jose. with a look from the east bay from the east bay hills camera, it looks pretty good. the winds are calm now but by the afternoon it will feel chilly, 50s along the
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shoreline and low 60s. around the bay mid-60s to 70. and inland it will climb into the mid-70s. it's an improvement from yesterday. tomorrow the winds turn offshore for mothers someday and that brings big time warmth our way with the winds backing up. i'll detail that forecast coming up. >> thank you. we have breaking news in the east bay where two suspects are in custody after an armed robbery led into a high-speed ia high-speed chase and a police shooting. at one point one of the suspects was shot by an officer who responded to the scene. the other suspect took off in a vehicle leading police on a high-speed chase. it ended when they crashed off highway 92 in hayward. both suspects are now in custody and have been taken to the hospital. a small plane crashed shortly after landing at minuteet two-san jose international airport.
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the front landing career collapsed while taxiing. none of the three people were hurt and the airport was later reopen. commercial flights were not affected. a cal football player is facing some very seriousal gigs this is morning and he has already been suspended in the team. damariay drew is accused of attacking a man and his dog. abc7 news anchor ama daetz has the story from berkeley. >> i'm shocked to find out niece jail. that's crazy. >> track athlete is talking about her good friend on the football team, 20-year-old damariay drew from livermore. he was abriefed berkeley police after an incident tuesday. if happened on bancroft way in the south campus area. >> it was reported that the incident occurred during a fundraising event so there were students in the area for the event. >> the victim told police he got into an altercation and the
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suspect, drew, kicked his dog and punched him in the face repeatedly. she said that's not the person she knows, sag he is a great person. but the police say they are tracking the case and he's been cooperating. he has been suspended indefinitely from the team pending further investigation. >> we have to be careful with the athletes and what we do because we are under a microscope all the time. >> the cal football problem -- team has had problems before. a year ago two players got in a fight that sent one to the hospital. abc7 news. >> the attorney's said the focus is getting drew out of jail. dominic artist graduated from richmond. artist and two other players have not been charged with a crime yet but the head coach of
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the team in portland said the decision to suspend all three is in the best interest of the school. a woman said several players forced her to have sexton during a house party. >> an 11-year-old stop and go which was severely abused has died. the foster parent is being held at san joaquin county jail on felony charges and now may be charged with home opener sigh. he was arrested in belmont on april 17th after being on the run for more than two years. the baby girl was airlifted from stockton to the hospital. she suffered 13 broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a brain injury. a subcontractor has been find for its role in the massive fire construction site in san francisco in march. the san francisco fire department report said sparks from welding work near the roof likely started the fire that destroyed a six-story apartment building that was being built in mission bay. subcontractor is not named, but the fine is $1,000. damage to the building is
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estimated to be $40 million. abc7 news has uncovered more about a woman accused of an elaborate rental rip off scheme. we learn the woman has an extensive arrest record. we have the latest on the story you will only see on abc7 news. >> i want to see your license number and make sure we have all of this. >> no problem. >> and do you have an i.d.? >> ms. sanchez caught this other woman trying to rent out her oakland home illegally. a suspecting renter contacted her after the woman asked for a deposit in the form of a blank money order. >> do you recognize this woman? >> yes. >> how do you know her. >> she was trying to scam me for money on a rental in oakland. >> this is another potential victim who said the woman tried to rent her house. it didn't work but there's more to worry about. >> this lead, whoever she is, has all of my paperwork, the
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copies of my social, my brother's i. d., pay stubs. >> she know where i live, where i work, so that's pretty scary. >> what makes it more scary and police identify the woman as 22-year-old has been committing fraud all over the bay area. she was arrested in 2012 and got caught returning stolen goods to stores in the form of gift funds that she later sold. >> she was able to con them making them believe she was an original customer with a return. >> they said in two years she swindled marshall's, home goods, t.j. maxx out of $120,000 and they had her arrested in four bay area counties. >> the investigators actually in
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bay area and the corporate investigators did the extensive investigation. >> the detective said san mateo county will likely revoke her probation and issue an arrest warrant. meanwhile the almeda county d. a. is looking to see if she committed rental fraud and how many people she may have victimized. alan wang, abc7 news. >> to watch out for in rent ago home a lot and for deposit or first months rent in form of money order or cashier's check and they may ask you to write it out to someone else. another warning sign is if you are told to mail it to an address you are not familiar with and a lot of times the market is below -- the rent is below market anchor too good to be true. a man is the target of hate speech on several properties he owned. it's not the first time the anger is focused on him saying he is responsible for the
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problems in the neighborhood. we have both sides of the story. >> this is some of the graffiti recovering the new front window of local mission market and grocery. the word "die" was also painted. and two other businesses were also tagged with hate speech, all owned by this man. >> they have to start their day by cleaning hate full speech off the window and it's a tough way to start your day. >> he doesn't know who is business but he has been protested before. >> when a fancy restaurant like his come to neighborhoods, it means not only do they drive up rent, people get displaced. >> but the alliance of california community of empowerment said the graffiti is not there. >> that kind of violent graffiti does not help the situation. >> the group does accuse him of discrimination, turning away large groups. people in color twice in the past. >> last week i was part of a group of six white people who were very easily accommodated in
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the restaurant. >> he denies the claim. said he employs a diverse staff. >> every day we open the doors to everybody. we don't discriminate. >> the group said they planned he take sensitivity training or face more protests. abc7 news. happening today, hospital workers and community members will come together in an effort to save an east bay hospital. a public meet willing be held this morning at doctors medical center in san pablo. workers, hospital workers and members of the community will discuss the next step they plan to take to keep the hospital and its emergency department open. the hospital is set to closed after voters rejected a tax to fund the hospital. today's meeting gets underweight 10:00. a had had up for drivers. the last month the last san francisco exit before the golden gate bridge will be moved, which means if you miss it, you will be forced to cross the bridge and pay a follow coming back. early tomorrow morning caltrans
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crews will be shifting traffic to a temporary roadway as they work on the presidio parkway project. drivers will then face the exit 1,000 feet sooner than right now. be aware of that. >> and also work is closing south bound lanes between downtown san francisco and pennsylvania avenue. it begins next thursday at 9:00 p.m. and should be finished by 5:00 a.m. the following tuesday. northbound lanes will remain open. additional closers will take place over the 4th of july and labor day weekend. a lot of traffic things to remember. we need to remember it's a little windy out there today weather-wise. >> yeah, that hasn't changed. it's been a windy week with local gusts up to 40 miles. we look at the hills camera, it's breezy in the hills and once again we won't get rid of the wind until tomorrow but then more changes come your way. low 50s in the east bay
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valleys and i'll be back with the full forecast in a minute. >> little next, on fire and falling from the sky. the desperate search for survivors after a hot-air balloons crashes on electrical lines. >> and work is halted in the things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. it's built to be as fast o as it is strongadvil. and fights pain at the site of inflammation. and made for people like paul, who believe nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. not doubt.
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not fear. and definitely not back and shoulder pain. advil has the strength and speed to help you move past pain and make today yours. advil. make today yours.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. >> in virginia police have not said if they found the wreckage of a hot-air balloon that crashed and caught fire last night. a pilot and two passengers were in the gongola and they are missing. witnesses heard screams for help and saw the balloon rapidly
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rise, heard an explosion and the basket fell from the balloon. it was part of the mid-atlantic balloon festival at the meadow that was scheduled for this weekend. the unidentified remains of 9/11 victims have returned to the world trade center this morning. here you see the procession of police, firefighters and emergency vehicles and then a flag-draped casket is lifted from the back of a police truck. there are nearly 8,000 pouches containing bones and bone fragments that are being moved from the city's medical examiner's office to the trade center site. they will be kept in a repository 70 feet underground in the new miew sigh i am that opens may 121st. [gunshots] >> faulty guns force the san joaquin county sheriff's office to pull all their deputies off the streets for hours thursday afternoon. the problem started when new guns were being tested at the range and two wouldn't fire.
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instead of that risking that happening in the field, they had deputies turn in all the guns, 300 of them. old guns were handed out and other law enforcement agencies, including stockton police, provided protection during the changeover. take a look at this. this picture was post bid the highway patrol in contra costa county. you see a little chihuahua somehow ended up on the interstate 680 median, on the wall, and needed some help to safety. we don't know how the dog got there, but certainly looks terrified at the time. law enforcement to the rescue. san mateo county judge has stopped the building of a new school on the peninsula saying increased traffic may actually put children at risk. it's a big victory for neighbors who sued to stop the school in burlingame. vic lee reports. hour worries from the beginning have been the safety of the kids being dropped off.
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>> joe haggerty is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. he and the others point to the dangerous narrow streets that front the school, like summit drive with its blind curves. chris fitzgerald is another neighbor and plaintiff. you can see in the neighborhood there's no sidewalks and there's winedy roads here. >> hoover elementary school was built in the 1930s, then shut down in the late 70s because of declining enrollment. but now the district is bulging at the seams. they thought reopening the old school would accommodate much of the influx. hoover is on a hillside. expensive homes on the hillsboro sideline the street across from the school. neighborhoods sued the district last spring, sighting the risk to children, the traffic impact of hundreds of cars and the overall effect on the neighborhood. the district said their own traffic study showed no safety
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risk. as the case wound its way through the courts, construction continued t included a big new building. the judge ordered the district to stop all construction, saying there needed to be an environmental impact report. the decision surprised school officials. >> how can a handful of people prevent a school from opening? these residents bought their how ace cross the street from the school, it was always intended to be a school. >> the superintendent, maggie, said all construction will be stopped but there's been no decision on what the district's next move will be. vick lyrics abc7 news. >> san francisco will hold a fair to help young people find jobs. it will give young job seekers, ages 16 to 24, access to workshops and one-on-one coaching. volunteers from local businesses will be on hand to provide resume advice, practice interview skills and discuss job opportunities t runs from ten to
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four today and on pier34 on the embarcadero. happening today the postal service doing a lot more than just delivering mail. they will also be picking up donated food. it's part of the stamp out hunger food drive. you are encouraged to leave nonperishable food donation by your mailbox and mail carriers will pick it up as they make their rounds. it will be delivered to local charities and provided to people in need. >> we hope you join us today on our walk to prevent violence. it is to vee vent violence in the bay area. hundreds of grieving members and family members will participate. 1,000 mothers was founded by a woman who lost her twin son to gun violence in a drive-by shooting. registration begins at the park on monarch drive in san san leao and the park gets underway at 10:00. cheryl jennings will m. c. the
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event. hopefully we will have some decent weather out there. >> right. can't seem to get rid of the wind yet. it will be another day before things turn around with warmer temperatures. but we are getting used to it because it's been a pretty breezy week. >> this morning the winds are up in the higher elevations. that's keeping temperatures in the 40s and 50s. just a few passes of cloud cover around the coast, but otherwise we are clear. it will be a pretty calm start to the day. east bay hills camera, look agent a nice clear view in san francisco. 55 oakland. good morning. looking at low 50s for san jose and 50 half moon bay. about 6-mile visibility. looking good out there. the exploratorium camera, a nice-looking shot where temperatures this morning are pretty cool for the most part. but we are on our way to a slightly warmer day, if you can shelter yourself from the wind. good morning livermore, 50 for
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you. santa rosa 49. the cool spot in napa at 41 degrees. one of the warmer spots this afternoon will be napa in the mid-70s. nice and clear from our sutro camera. sunny and windy today and warmer weather tomorrow as the winds switch around. it will heat up significantly, starting on monday. taking us through most of the upcoming work week, not cooling until perhaps on friday. here's why. low pressure is passing us to the north. high pressure sits offshore. as the high begins to build, we get that tight pressure gradient like a vacuum between the high and the low. and the wind forecast for today. so notice already up to 27 mile-an-hour winds at the coast the next couple of hours. but as we go through the day they will just pick up. point reyes, 44 mile-an-hour wind gusts with 34 mile-an-hour wind gusts san francisco. this is 3:00 this afternoon. it's still an on shore component. as we go around to tomorrow afternoon, the winds will turn offshore. still a little bit breezy. but coming from a different
5:21 am
direction. looking at 24 mile-an-hour wind gusts for san jose and oakland into tomorrow afternoon. highs today in the sierra nevada, mid-60s for yosemite with 77 in sacramento. really pleasant from north to south. los angeles it will be windy for those folks as well. 72. 91 palm springs and a look around the bay today and south bay, numbers mainly in the low 70s. breezy winds, 71 in san jose, cools cupertino and santa clara. peninsula numbers upper 50s. gusty winds, 69 redwood city. san francisco 64. sunset 59. upper 60s from petaluma. 72 vallejo, 69 oakland, union city 68. you head inland we see highs here low to mid-70s. nice average for san ramon, 74 pittsburgh. and the afternoon seven-day forecast shows the temperatures going way up with as much as 10 degrees of warming inland tomorrow. look at the coast, mid-60s
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monday, tuesday, and wednesday we are he will well above average and not any significant cooling until next friday. i hope you like it hot. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community and you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter@livedoppler 7hd. are you a big heat fan? >> i didn't enjoy it last time. >> but it will be warm but shorter, a three day event. >> okay. thank you. ticket go on sale today for football fans who want one final chance to cheer on some of 49er all-time greats at candlestick park. they will team up for one final game at the stick. led by ex-dolphins great moreno on a flag football game. tickets go on sale at ticket master and cost between 30 dallas and 50 dallas.
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next, she's an interstate cat star that you can shake paws with little bug today. >> standing together, risings above. join abc7 and inspiring women at the professional business women of california conference tuesday may 14th in san francisco.
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>> taiwanese media said apple will unveil their next i-phone
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in august. that's a month earlier than industry watchers were expecting. they cite unidentified supply chain sources for the report. it will feature a 4.7-inch screen. a mock-up of the phone has appeared on the internet from an italian blog. another larger version could be released in september. apple has not been reached for comment. this is caught tilt, and it will test your nerves. the glass enclosure is 1,000 feet up in the air on the 94th floor and then it slowly tilts out wards at an angle over the city skyline. five dollars gets you the ride that lasts a little over a minute. not for me. fans of county video wants to held to oakland for a special treat. funniest cat videos will be shown and you can meet internet
5:27 am
sensation little bug. she was prowling around yesterday getting ready to meet her fans. she has more than 650,000 facebook likes. all of this from the runt of the litter that was born with rare genetic mutations. her owner said she's a superhero. >> i think it's her looks people are first attracted to but i think her amazing story is what people stick around for. she's very inspirational. most of it is people posting me for posting pictures of her because it gets them through their day. >> the video will be shown on oakland's great wall on west grand avenue and broadway at 8:30 tonight. up next, why michelle obama is delivering this week's white house address. and also of all the pictures taken with president obama in the south bay yesterday, only one woman got the photo of a lifetime. and a break for giants fans who take the ferries to the ballpark on game days. we will be right back.
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from the big screen to small screens near and far twizzlerize your entertainment every day with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:30 and we are starting with a quick check of the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, katie. nice and clear out there but the winds are up in the higher elevations. numbers in the low 50s. it's a cooler start with 50 half moon bay, 53 redwood city. nice shot and clear from you are exploratorium camera with temperatures in the north bay are cooler. 49 santa rosa, 51 fairfield and concord. here's a look at the rest of your day today. plenty of sunshine but some of the warmth will be offset by the breezy winds. still in the upper 50s at the coast and 70s return for the north bay. stockton in the 80s. we will see a key advisory this week in san francisco as 90s head their way to the shoreline. details on that in a few
5:31 am
minutes. katie. >> thank you, lisa. first lady michelle obama said her thoughts, prayers and supports are in the families of more than 200 nigerian school girls that were kidnapped. she found it an unconcentrationennable act designed to knockout the aspirations of young girls. >> i want you to know that barack has directed the any jereian government to do everything possible to find the girls and bring them home. in the girls barack and i see our own daughters. we see their hopes and dreams, and we can only manage the anguish their parents are feeling right now. meanwhile a report by amnesty international said nigeria's military did not respond to warnings the local rebels were about to attack the town where the girls were
5:32 am
abducted. the first lady also honoring mothers for mother's day, which, of course, is tomorrow. >> one lead took the visit of president obama's visit to the bay area very serious yesterday in mountain view. the president said what's going on, man? and the baby asked him something, and he with gestured with his hands. we never quite know what he wanted but he appeared to be satisfied with the answer. then there's the small story within the larger one. not just everyone gets to see a president speak. those in the first few words are usually specially selected. president's staff doesn't like surprises but as wayne freedman reports, president obama got a surprise. >> i was -- i don't know. there is the rose bowl. >> this preoccupation with self first has become an epidemic.
5:33 am
kristina, who is about to graduate from college; typical of her generation but a little more famous than most of them now. >> that's president obama. >> that's not real? >> yeah, it is. >> indeed. when the president spoke in mountain view, she was on the v. i. pitting baseball list. >> she got the invite a few days ago. >> gosh, she debs it. >> she's a poster child for presidential policy. >> eighteen the doctor looks at us and said she has a brain tumor and it has to come out. the second thing they told us is she is now deemed uninsurable. >> due to a lifetime insurance cap that disappeared with the affordable care act. pam had written a thank you note to the president. it touched him enough that he wanted to meet and thank the family. >> we had seats with our name on them. >> which should be enough for most people but not kristina. look carefully. after the speech she waited
5:34 am
carefully. she got the president's attention and then she took the picture. now spreading around the world. >> everyone was liking it, sharing it, sending it. >> you know how we used to say we get 15 minutes of game. now we get it in clicks. >> she's not afraid to ask for what she wants. >> i give him a hug too. he gave me a hug. >> nicest guy in the world. >> i got a hug too. >> and a lifetime memory for a girl who is about to graduate from college with no worries. >> i'm still in shock that i got to meet him. >> maybe the feeling is mutual. in san in theio, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> happening today, demonstrators will march across the golden gate bridge to protest the ungoing crisis in ukraine. the protests come after clashes between government forces and rebels in eastern ukraine yesterday. in a few days pro russian rebels plan to hold a retch republican budget proposal dump to breakaway from ukraine. today's protests begins at 1:15
5:35 am
and begins at the national historic site. there will be a 2:30 really at for fort baker, the fishing pier. new details on the collision over san pablo bay this happened a few weeks ago. the two planes were flying after an airshow when they collided, killing the pilot of the cessna. another pilot said he thought he had enough room to pass below the cessna and heard a thump and then realized they collided. his plane's tail fin was crushed. he had a show plane and had just complete add photo shoot over the golden gate bridge. after the crash he continued on his home base in amador county he said to avoid populated areas in his damaged plane. >> firefighters who responded to the
5:36 am
a 16-year-old girl was run over by his fire rig. the lawsuit alleges another rug run over the teenager twice before his truck. she said her name was the only one released to the media, claiming sole responsibility. she's seeking unspecified damages. a teach remains on leave because police cannot to take another look at allegations he slapped a student in the face. fredrikburg is accused of slapping a 9-year-old and squeezing the boy's face because he did not know the answer to a math problem. berg has been cleared of the charges and was set to return to the classroom yesterday morning. protesters decided to greet him and then they decided to reopen the case. then they hold berg to stay home. >> when that happens we place
5:37 am
the teacher on administrative leave. since he's already on administrative leave, we just continue it. >> it's not respectable and right and i will do everything i have to to make sure he doesn't come back. >> berg admits to patting the boy's face but not slapping him. they wouldn't say what prompted the police to reopen the police. the ferries used to get to baseball games, passengers will catch a break on the fares. according to our media partner, ferry rates were set to rise 50 cents in july as part of a price hike but now they say they don't want to increase fares midseason. they have suspended the price hike until february, 2015. district officials say they are also suspending the price increase for those who ride golden gate transit buses within marin county. still ahead on the saturday morning news, a bay area boy's
5:38 am
desperate need for a bone marrow transplant. why finding a match is much harder for him and how you may be able to help. this is the look from our roof cam. not a bad picture. a pretty picture as the sun starts to rise but it will be another windy day. lisa argen will fill you in on your forecast in just a few minutes. watch abc is now available to bay area dish customers who want to watch abc7 news online or on smartphones and tablets. go to. and click on the "watch abc" logo to find out how to access it. you can also go to the app store to download it and watch all your favorite
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>> 5,000 women are gathering in san francisco next week for the annual professional business women of california conference. pdwc was found by congressman jackie spear. eric thomas had a chance to talk with her for our "beyond the headlines" show. she wanted to help women and girls push past personal, economic and personal boundaries to achieve 50-50 representation across all described. cheryl jennings talked to spear and the keynote speaker by satellite. huffington's new book "thrive" has important lessons for all people, starting with help. >> take care of our own humans. the more effective we will be in our work, the more creative and the more able.
5:42 am
and the red flags and opportunities we may otherwise miss. >> abc7 is proud to be a sponsor. the professional business women of california conference is tuesday at months zone any center west. for more information go to 5:42, bright and early on your saturday morning. how should we prepare to head outdoors? >> it looks to be nice and clear and it will be a warmer day. although the warm temperatures offset by the breezy winds. you see from mt. tam the camera is shaking. we are still looking at 20 to 30 miles an hour winds in the upper elevations. i'll tell you how strong and how warm when we return. >> also next,. giants get a big win in l.a. but suffer a bad break. larry beil has the details of brendon belt's i
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> welcome back. a bay area boy needs your help. 7-year-old baylor fredrickson
5:45 am
needs a bone marrow donor and it's a challenge because he's multi ethnic. caroline tyler has baylor's story. >> baylor loves math, greek mythology and sports but right now his focus is on getting well. the seven-year-old is battling leukemia. this video shared by the asian-american donor program is one of the way the family is asking for help. >> please donate. >> baylor needs argonne marrow transplant and his sister is not a match. his parents are japanese and german so a mixed-race donor would be ideal. but no far no one. >> 10 million on on registry, lot less mixed-race. >> the number one thing to add
5:46 am
doesn't pertain to me. i don't have a family member, i'm not affected. it doesn't hit you until it hits close to home and that's the sad part. >> it's definitely turned our world upside down as a family. >> this is baylor's dad. his son endured chemotherapy two years ago that they thought had eradicated the leukemia. now only a bone marrow transplant will do, and he knows finding a don't are in is a challenge. >> he has spoken to us about the possibility that he may pass away. he's well aware. he's fully aware of his own situation. >> but at the same time, the family is not giving up hope. there are two drives scheduled this weekend. >> and if it's not baylor's life, it might be another patient. >> carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> a bone marrow drive will be held today in albany at albany high school outside gymnasium on thousand oaks boulevard from two to six.
5:47 am
another drive will be held tomorrow at the gardens at heather farms in wall nut creek from eleven to four. we hope we will share his story with your facebook friends to help him find a match. the more people who know, the better. that's how these things get done. wishing he and his family the best, of course. >> it is nice and clear but we are looking at a stiff wind today. we really feel the warmth around here. a lot things going on this weekend and we will look for the warmup to really be felt tomorrow for mother's day. as the winds switch around. still a little breezy but today down right windy and brisk once again. the upper elevations continue to gust into the 25 mile-an-hour range. the eve bay hills camera already nice and light with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. oakland 55. good morning san jose, 52. 45 in gilroy with half moon bay,
5:48 am
six mile visibility at 60. exploratorium camera, a beautiful shot. 49 santa rosa. 41 in napa. we will see another 30 to 32 degrees of warming today up in the napa valley. so if you are headed that way, it should be a nice afternoon. breezy, 51 concord and 50 for friends in the livermore valley. so from our sutro tower camera, nice and calm to start. sunshine, windy today. warmer weather was the winds switch around to offshore component tomorrow 678 we will look forasmuch as 7 degrees warming for mother's day. 15 to 20 degrees above normal and 90s headed to the coast. near 90 in san francisco as soon as tuesday. radar and satellite come positive shows low pressure to the north of us and bringing showers to the county. maybe a thunderstorm. high pressure building in, allowing for the winds to kick up once again today. they will be on shore. so we are looking at 25 to 30 miles an hour winds at 9:00 point reyes.
5:49 am
as we go through the afternoon, look at the 44 mile-an-hour wind gusts from point reyes. 36 mile-an-hour wind gusts half moon bay. here's the wind shift. it will still be breezy but the winds coming out of the northeast and that will create a high fire danger. we had just a little bit of rain the past couple days. not enough to help us out. but here's a look at the temperatures for tomorrow in oakland and today look it, average today. mid-70s for sunday. how about 89 tuesday and wednesday in wednesday looks to be the warmest day. over in livermore starting out with high temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s. so that is 8 degrees warmer than where you should be. upper 90s. certainly 100 degrees heat is not out of the question. and for san jose we are looking at numbers in the mid-to upper 90s even by tuesday. so it is going to be a hot week. this heat is going to hold on right through thursday. high temperatures today upper 60s for fremont and oakland. so enjoy it if you like the
5:50 am
cool, spring-like feeling to the air. 72 in ran rafael, as well as livermore. if you are headed over to the a's game tonight what a treat with the fireworks and the local boys journey will be playing. mid-60s for the temperatures to start out and then dropping through the 50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, upper 50s to mid-70s with the winds today. turning around tomorrow and then the 90s as soon as monday. tuesday and wednesday it is going to be quite hot. i mentioned the possibility of a heat advisory and with 90s headed toward the coast line we shall don't see that too often but we stay into the 90ths by thursday inland. so maybe the breeze kicks up late thursday, certainly friday. >> okay. brace yourself. thank you, lisa. in sports this afternoon, matt cain returns from the disabled list to face the dodgers. his first start since cutting his finger while making a sandwich. last night the giants beat l.a. again but it came at a huge cost. here's the details and highlights in this morning's
5:51 am
sports. good morning, everybody. devastating loss for the giants last night. brandon belt, the leading home run hitter, suffered a broken left thumb against the dodgers. it happened in the second inning. paul came inside with the pitch, hit belt on the thumb. he did not leave immediately but ran the bays and then he came off. he will be out a month or longer. who will step up? brandon crawford, two-run blast in the fifth. 2-0 giants. in the sixth, erupts off madison bumgarner. he didn't like it. tossed his bat. almost had a confrontation. words spoken but nothing more than that. giants win 3-1. they have the best record in the national league at 23-13. a's. and nerd nation. oakland up 1-0. john jaso high and deep.
5:52 am
and aloha. solo bomb. 2-0 athletics. tomorrow malone, very strong outing. gets help from his defense. john donaldson, barehands. and rob. and back-to-back in the fifth. brandon moss and then cespedes with his seventh of the year. a's cruz to the victory. red sox and rangers, another chance at a no-hitter. 2-0. david ortiz who broke up the perfect game in the seventh on an error ends the no-hit bid in the ninth. second time he had a no-hitter. went 8 2/3 and got pulled after that. the rangers won. day two the nfl draft. the raiders are hoping they just pick their next quarterback of the next deck said. derek carr. he was the 36th overall pick. threw for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns.
5:53 am
he can throw with touch as well as velocity. some had him out as a first-rounder. may have been hurt by the fact his brother was an overall pick a few years ago and not successful with the texans. the 49ers, they made a deal to a i inquire wide receiver stevie johnson from buffalo. will give up a fourth-round pick next year. one of five trades they made friday going up and down the draft boards. johnson six years in buffalo. he was bothered by some injuries but he's a veteran and can help right now. he was born in san francisco, grew newspaper fairfield as a niners fan. it will be a nice homecoming for him. as for their selections the niners used their 52 overall pick to take carlos hyde. he described his running style as violent. a bruiser. 230 pounds. selection makes you wonder if marcus lattimore's knee is fully
5:54 am
healthy or if he will be a factor in the upcoming pick. wisconsin linebacker chris borland went 77th and with the final pick brandon thomas, a guard out of clemson. that's the wrap on morning sports. reminder we have nba action, followed by toyota after the game. enjoy your weekend. i'm larry beil. >> next the new san francisco zoo exhibit opening this morning that's sure to
5:55 am
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evening are the winning numbers from last night. >> the meganumber 13. nobody picked all six. tickets purchased at san leandro express liquor matched five numbers. that ticket worth more than $458,000. happening today at san francisco zoo, the new red panda will make his public abeau. the exhibit for the 11-month-old panda opens today. he was born in sacramento and arrived at the zoo about six weeks ago. they built a brand new home designed for the red panda species and that will be unveiled today. the exhibit opens to the public at 10:00 a.m.. next on abc7 saturday
5:58 am
morning news at six, we continue to follow breaking news in the east bay where an armed robbery led to a high-speed chase and a police shooting. and abc7 news uncovers more of a woman accused of a rental rip off team. details of her past arrests as another
5:59 am
afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance
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is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo, we are glad you are with us this saturday morning. we will start off with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning, katie. >> good morning. can't make out much in the way of cloud cover. we are experiencing mostly clear conditions but it is pretty windy in the higher elevations. as a result temperatures at the surface have cooled down significantly with w


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