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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, fire in the sky. a hot air balloon erupts in flames and crashes at a festival in virginia. spectators shocked as the gondola plunges to earth. >> it's one of the worst things i've seen in my life. >> we have team coverage of this disaster, including the latest on the search for a cause. and possible survivors. baby snatched. an infant grabbed right in front of her mother's eyes. with police launching a huge hunt, how social media helped with a happy ending overnight. sterling speaks. as this story gets even weirder. another audiotape has surfaced, as the disgraced owner of the l.a. clippers, tries to explain his racist rant. >> i want her. so, i can't tell in private tell her, i don't want you to be with
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anybody else. >> plus, what he's saying now about selling his team. and baby talk. actress mila kunis speaking out for the first time about being pregnant. >> i did this to myself. i might as well do it right. >> her plans for childbirth, the food she's craving and what her future husband, ashton kutcher, is learning to do himself. good morning. we're going to start with a story that is still developing as we come on the air. it was supposed to be a fun mother's day weekend event. but this hot air balloon festival in virginia turned into a nightmare, with this balloon carrying, we believe, three people, catching fire. >> it was a horrific scene. eyewitnesses say after the balloon erupted in flames, there were screams for help and then explosions. so many questions right now. what exactly went wrong?
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and could there be survivors? we have team coverage this morning, starting with abc's david kerley in doswell, virginia. david? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it is no longer a rescue effort. it is a recovery effort. they expect everybody is dead. they found one body and expect to find the others soon. we learned this morning that two of those onboard either fell or jumped from the gondola. >> the whole basket is on fire. oh, my god. >> reporter: spectators watched in horror as the hot air balloon hit electrical wires while landing, burst into flames and then started climbing out of sight. >> one is still in the air, on fire. still traveling in the air. >> reporter: the basket engulfed in flames. >> it blazed up really high. and then, when it did a big blaze, it just -- it was gone. >> reporter: it was the third balloon on an evening flight, landing as part of the mid-atlantic balloon festival. onboard, a pilot and two passengers. >> the hot air balloon that crashed into the wire, that is on fire.
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subject has bailed out of the hot air balloon. >> reporter: a couple saw it all from their home and shot this video. >> we thought that the balloon was just going to just catch fire, and land in the field. but instead, it just kept rising. and we could see the two passengers inside of it. >> just standing there, hoping we could do something. >> reporter: hours later, officials unable to find the basket, the balloon or those onboard. here's what experts think may have happened. hitting the wires ignites the basket. that added heat from the fire immediately sends the balloon rocketing skyward. there's reports of explosions and the basket and balloon separating. all this over a wooded area as daylight is fading. >> it's a very rural area. because of the terrain, heavy woods, and also the darkness, it's working against us right now. >> reporter: the mid-atlantic balloon festival says, quote, it regrets there was a safety incident involving one of the balloons. it has cancelled the rest of this event. the faa has already been
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on-site. the national transportation safety board will investigate why this pilot drifted into the wires, leading to these three deaths. dan? >> still some hope that possibly somehow they could have survived. david kerley on the ground for us this morning. this whole scene was witnessed by a crowd of people who had come out for what they thought was going to be a fun event on a warm, spring evening. and just moments ago, i spoke to amanda patterson and ricky burch, who were right there. so, amanda and ricky, first, thank you very much for returning to the scene to talk to us this morning. amanda, let me start with you. how close were you? and what exactly did you see? >> we were at some of the vendors at the meadow event park, when we got wind of what was going on. we just saw some people that were part of the e.m.s. team, reacting. and with their -- on their walkie-talkies. when we saw that, that's when we noticed the balloon up in the sky. it was a fair distance away. all we saw at the time was the balloon and some smoke. so, i believe whatever happened
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had already occurred when we got wind of what happened. >> and, ricky, what happened next? how close were you able to get? >> the balloon was still over the meadows event park. it was adrift a mile -- a mile away from the park. you could physically see smoke and fire coming from the balloon in the sky, which was very, very hard to see when you're on the ground. it was a very helpless feeling. >> do you have a sense, ricky, from seeing what you saw, that it was survivable? >> i didn't see the initial event that caused the fire. when the balloon was up in the air and it was on fire, from where it was, it looked like it was going to be the worst case scenario. it definitely looked like it was not survivable. >> and to be clear, you could actually see it going down? >> it was going up at the time. it was on fire. it was drifting up and away. it wasn't going down at that point in time. you could see the smoke rise up through the air. and you could see the balloon drifting up in the air. i believe the fire caused the balloon, possibly, to ascend,
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because the heat is what makes the balloon go up. >> this was an evening for people and families to come out and enjoy themselves in the spring in the area of richmond. and i would imagine it was a huge shock to see something like this. could you describe the atmosphere afterwards? >> we got here. and all of the balloons were taking off when we got here. it was a great, relaxed atmosphere. everyone was having fun. and you could just feel the mood change very quickly, very fast, right when we saw the e.m.s. people reacting. and you kind of saw it go through the crowd. it was like a tidal wave almost. once everyone saw what was going on. >> i spent a lot of time in richmond. it's a beautiful place. we send our best to everybody there this morning. ricky burch and amanda patterson, thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> as ricky said, such a helpless feeling in the crowd, as they watched the balloon
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burn. >> and as david said, the ntsb will be investigating this crash. and the tragedy in virginia is just a reminder of while a trip in a hot air balloon is exhilarating and romantic. but it can also be dangerous. and linzie janis continuing our coverage this morning with that angle of the story. >> reporter: it's been called man's first form of flight and one of the safest. the french invented them in the late 1700s. pilots say they can even be landed if they run out of the fuel that heats the air. but when one hits power lines, the result is almost always tragic. hot air balloon rides are thrilling and beautiful. but not without risk. >> oh, no. >> reporter: last year, a san diego couple lifted off for their wedding. only to come crashing down through a fence and into a nearby neighborhood. >> i got a little worried when we hit the fence. and i thought, if the fence doesn't stop us, we're going down this hill. >> reporter: former faa
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inspector dominick chemello, told abc's cecilia vega, the picturesque tours can be dangerous. >> what's the biggest risk in flying a balloon? >> power lines, by far. >> reporter: one of the most tragic hot air balloon crashes in recent history was in january 2012. a scenic flight in new zealand, collided with a high-voltage power line while attempting to land. the fire caused the balloon to disintegrate, killing all 11 people onboard. and just over a year ago, former nfl wide receiver donte stallworth had a brush with death, leaving him and a friend badly burned when their south florida balloon trip went terribly wrong. >> i began to become concerned when i was looking back behind me and i saw that we were getting really close to the power lines. and by the time i realized that we were going to hit the power line, it was too late.
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>> reporter: there have been about half a dozen serious hot air balloon accidents in the last five years globally. the deadliest among them was last year in egypt when a balloon caught fire killing 19 of 21 passengers onboard. 19 is the number that have been killed in u.s. hot air balloon crashes since 2001. have you ever been in one? >> i haven't. i never had a desire to go in one. i wasn't afraid to. but now, it's a reminder. >> reporter: i was in one. it's an incredible experience. it's kind of floating. yeah. it has risks. >> it does. linzie, thank you. that wraps up our coverage of this developing story this morning. much more online all day long. we're going to move on, now, to the bizarre, new twist in the evolving drama of donald sterling, the now-notorious owner of the l.a. clippers. yet another audio tape comes to light, in which sterling provides a strange, new explanation for the racist comments that landed him in hot water in the first place. were they motivated by jealousy and lust? abc's ryan smith has been covering this story from the
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jump. just when you thought it couldn't get more strange. >> reporter: that's right. the saga of donald sterling continues. good morning, dan. it's been two weeks since his first racist rant -- since his racist rant got him banned from the nba. now, the embattled clippers owner is speaking out, sort of. he's confiding in yet another friend, in yet another recorded conversation. and sterling reveals what he says were his true intentions. and he offers a mea culpa. in a newly-released tape, donald sterling said racism wasn't the reason for the comments with v. stiviano, it was jealousy. >> i want her. so, what the hell, can't i in private tell her, you know, i don't want you to be with anybody? >> reporter: friday, radar online releasing a new recorded conversation, between sterling and a friend, with at last, a stunning admission. >> i know i'm wrong. what i said was wrong. but i never thought the private conversation would go anywhere. out to the public. >> reporter: in that fateful conversation with stiviano,
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sterling made his thoughts clear about her associations with black people, like magic johnson. >> it bothers me a lot if you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> reporter: in a new tape, confirmed to abc news as authentic by a friend, sterling says he simply wanted to woo stiviano. >> you may say anything in the world. what difference does it make? then if the girl tapes it and releases it, my god. it's awful. >> reporter: stiviano told barbara walters her relationship with sterling was many things. but not romantic. >> i'm mr. sterling's everything. i'm his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit. >> reporter: sterling, banned for life by the nba, and under pressure to sell his team, remains defiant in another clip released by radar online on thursday. >> you can't force someone to tell property in america. >> reporter: but overnight, the team met with this man, former citigroup and time warner chief,
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dick parsons. installed by the nba as their new ceo. so, where is his wife of 57 years, shelly, in all of this? she's staking her claim as owner of the team. her lawyer telling abc, she's a 50% owner. she's blameless in this controversy. and it's her husband that has the problem. the clippers lost last night against the oklahoma city thunder. they hope to get back on track on sunday. shelly looks like she wants to keep that team. >> for the fans, they want less silly rabbit, less drama and more basketball. >> exactly. >> that's why they have dick parsons there. well-respected in the business community. hopefully he can restore some order there. >> reporter: get the team back online. get the focus back on basketball, not on controversy. >> what they're supposed to be doing. great to have you back. there's other stories developing overnight. for that, we're going to turn over to ron. >> good morning, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with the worldwide effort to rescue the 276 nigerian schoolgirls abducted by local terrorists. in her first ever solo weekly address this morning, first lady
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michelle obama says she is outraged and heartbroken about the kidnappings. >> in these girls, barack and i see our own daughters. we see their hopes and their dreams. and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now. >> and this comes as an investigation by amnesty international found nigerian security was warned repeatedly, just hours before the girls were taken that armed militants were targeting the school. british security experts have now joined nigerians and a small group of americans looking for the girls who were snatched from their school by extremist militants from boko haram, more than three weeks ago. and the search resumes for the missing malaysian airliner. the blue-fin unmanned sub will scour the expanded seafloor patch off of western australia. the search for surface debris was alled off after officials determined that any wreckage has likely sunk by now. it's been over two months since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared en route from
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malaysia to china. and the faa is investigating what may be a first of its kind. a near-miss in florida. a u.s. airways regional jet nearly collided with an unmanned drone approaching the tallahassee airport. the incident back in march, was revealed by the faa on friday at a drone expo in san francisco, california. no one was injured. officials are still working to try to identify the drone's operator. and a new jersey school had a delay opening on friday after neighbors spotted a bear cub nestled in a tree next to the school grounds. fire officials were able to tranquilize the bear. she fell safely to ground with netting below. officials say the 95-pound club was likely forced into the wild by her mother and was looking for a new home. animal biologists have tagged the cub bear to keep track of her once they release her into the wild.
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and a new highway sign in massachusetts. you read it correctly. it says, use yah blinkah, in true massachusetts style. it's gone viral. it's an effort to bring attention to the law that requires drivers to signal when changing lanes. in california english, that means use your blinker. kanye, an 8-year-old boy in texas that was upset, angry and outraged that his favorite team, the dallas cowboys, did not pick texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel, in this week's football draft. check this out. >> because romo sucks and he gets injured too much. >> maybe next time we'll get him. >> there's not going to be no next time. >> he was saying that the current quarterback, tony romo, quote/unquote, sucks and is injured all the time. i don't want to feel the wrath of romo fans. so, i won't say if he has a point or not. i talked to his mom last night.
7:16 am
she said he is still upset, going on three days about this. >> on strike. going to tell jerry jones. tells it like it is. ron, thanks. we're going to turn, now, to a happy ending to a brazen baby abduction, thanks to social media. a baby girl is safe and sound this morning after being taken in broad daylight in front of her mother, outside the family's home. abc's michelle franzen has the story. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: the baby just 2 months old, was in her car seat when the stranger grabbed her and ran. word of the kidnapping spread. and police say, it led to the tip they needed to find her. overnight, a desperate search launched in texas after police say a stranger snatched 2-month-old addalie christensen, right in front of her mother's eyes. the child in a car seat. the mother, just feet away, helpless. >> there's no way to describe that. just the way, there's no way to describe the way it felt when i got the call. >> reporter: letonya suzette mclain allegedly approached
7:17 am
addalie's mother in the driveway. demanding $5,000. when she didn't get the money, police say mclain grabbed the child and ran. >> she took the baby and the carrier and fled on foot. >> reporter: all in a matter of mere seconds. >> it's not every day you see a child abduction where the abductor asks for money. that tells me she had a different motivation other than wanting the child. this maybe was all about money. >> reporter: but almost immediately tips from social media and the community poured in to help to find the missing 2-month-old girl. one of those tips led searchers right to addalie, at the nearby home of mclain's parents. >> i'm pleased to report that addalie grace christensen has been found. >> reporter: there inside, police found the missing baby with her alleged abductor. mclain is now facing felony aggravated kidnapping charges. police say the tip came from someone who knew the suspect and
7:18 am
spotted her with the baby. addalie's mom and dad are grateful she is safe and healthy and back home. >> out of their arms, i'm sure, this morning. >> reporter: watching over her. >> thanks, michelle. >> thanks, michelle. now, to the big headline of the business world. apple possibly poised to make the biggest deal in its history. and in the process, create what could be hip-hop's first billionaire. this is all about dr. dre's popular company, beats, which does headphones and much more. and abc's sara haines is on the story for us. you're not wearing the headphones. i kind of expected that. >> wait for it. billions are on the line in this deal. the beats headphones that we see on celebrities, are the buzz about cool factor in the deal. but it isn't how we're listening to the music but how we're getting our music that's at the center of this megamerger. an unprecedented title after a megadeal. >> the first billionaire in hip-hop. >> reporter: hip-hop mogul and headphone tycoon, dr. dre, boasting in a video on facebook
7:19 am
with friend, tyrese gibson. and seeming to confirm the reported deal the beats co-founder made with apple. the selling price, rumored to be a whopping $3.2 billion. >> they need to update the "forbes" list. >> apple is buying into the brand, the cool, the cache of beats. you can't write this off to services and technology and users and all the other metrics of an acquisition. they're buying some cool here. >> reporter: this is the largest purchase for apple ever. experts say the company is looking to take a bite out of more than the sales of the high-end headphones, worn by stars like robin thicke, and lebron james. but beats music, their all-you-can-stream music service. a model that apple's late founder steve jobs saying, people want to own their music. >> download to streaming is growing. you want to get into the growing business. >> reporter: while it's unclear if this merger will actually move dr. dre to billionaire status, it proves that the way we listen to music is once again changing. >> we are all moving away from
7:20 am
files and towards streaming. towards services that can kind of guess and predict what we want to hear. it's basically intelligent robotic radio. >> pretty much the jams i'm getting are better than anything we've got here. >> it's hot over here. >> there's a weird echo in here. >> this is great for dr. dre. >> it's amazing. it's also weird that you realize that itunes and -- downloading music is over ten years old already. >> that's another way of saying we're all getting old. he could overtake my friend 50 cent, who made a half-billion in the vitamin water deal. now, dr. dre becomes the first billionaire. >> don't be an athlete. be a rapper. >> jay z will be calling him for some money. >> needs to borrow a few. time, now, for a check of the weather. let's get over to erin little from kmbc in kansas city. good morning, erin. >> good morning, bianna. waking up to cloud cover over new york city. and a lot of severe weather over the last 24 hours. upwards of 100 reports of
7:21 am
damaging wind, and large hail, across 12 states. look at some of the video coming in overnight from evansville. substantial wind gusts, 60 to 70 miles per hour. speaking of wind, listen to this. >> whoa. >> wow. coming in from corpus christi, overnight. you can see those winds howling as the storms are moving through. and now, the focus for today will be right over the nation's midsection. from oklahoma city, st. louis to the good folks in kansas city, missouri. watching out for the threat of severe weather for today. just off to the east, not severe weather but heavy rainfall potential. we're talking one to three inches of rain. potential from the deep south all the way up through areas of the northeast. we're watching all across the country. right in the middle part of the nation. that's where things could get active as we're heading towards later today.
7:22 am
>> dan and bianna, we'll have more for you on the nation's weather in the next half hour. back over to you. >> thanks, erin. great to have you. coming up on "gma," the massive manhunt for an armed and dangerous fire chief, wanted for killing his fiancee. but cops think he might be getting help while on the run. and a fresh controversy in the reality tv world. hgtv canceled a show called "flip it forward" starring these brothers. the eyebrow-raising comments that provoked the network to pull the plug. and crazy for coffee.
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sauerkraut. i've gone through all of them. >> you know your sauerkraut. and you just eat it raw like that? >> yeah. >> wow. >> is that weird? >> how do you eat yours? >> i don't, really. >> that's mila kunis telling ellen all about her cravings while she's pregnant. and what she's saying about the idea of natural childbirth. she and i are from the same part of the world. i get it. sauerkraut -- >> did you eat it? >> no. i ate apples. that's what i was craving. but i do eat sauerkraut now and i'm not pregnant. >> are you telling us something? >> no. i'm not pregnant. it's tasty. >> all right. we're learning all about bianna golodryga this morning. also coming up, another collision between reality tv and the culture wars. first, "duck dynasty." now, a real estate show starring these guys, called "flip it
7:31 am
forward." did the religious beliefs of the stars provoke the network to pull the plug? we'll talk about that coming up. first, it's the all-out manhunt, intensifying for a suspected killer. >> a fire battalion chief being called armed and dangerous on the run for a week and a half now, after his fiancee was found dead. and word this morning, he may have gotten help hiding in the california wilderness. abc's bazi kanani is in our los angeles bureau with more. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: investigators have few clues about where the fugitive firefighter may have fled. but he knows the california mountains well. so, that's where they're focusing the search. and warning the public he has access to guns. for the fire chief that once demonstrated how to save lives. then disappeared after his fiancee was stabbed to death in their sacramento home. this is now day ten of the statewide manhunt to find him. investigators are searching the vast california wildlands, where 55-year-old orville moe fleming
7:32 am
has decades of experience, and special access. the keys to gated roads and trails. >> we know that he's educated man. he is -- people have characterized him as intelligent. >> reporter: fleming might also have help. investigators allege he was in contact with many escorts through a website and may have called one after abandoning his work truck. >> the most likely scenario is that somebody picked him up in a vehicle. >> reporter: chilling details are emerging about the night that 26-year-old sarah douglas was stabbed and strangled. stephanie douglas recalls the final phone conversation with her sister, which ended like a scream. >> she said the house smelt like gas fumes. she was crying because he wasn't home. >> reporter: douglas' family says they disapproved of sarah's much older fiance. and fleming's estranged wife told our affiliate, he sent text
7:33 am
messages begging to reunite two days before the murder. >> he was saying i want my family back. come get me. >> reporter: megan fleming says the last text was the most disturbing. sent at 2:31 a.m., just hours after douglas' death. you should have come and picked me up. the family of sarah douglas is holding her funeral today. they say they won't sleep until fleming is found. investigators are posting fliers with his picture on them, hoping that someone might spot him. he might try to change his appearance by shaving his head and mustache. dan? bianna? >> doubly difficult day for that family. bazi, thank you. a lot of other news overnight. let's get a look at the morning headlines with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the hot air balloon nightmare in virginia. it happened during a balloon festival. spectators watching in horror while a hot air balloon hit electrical wires while attempting to land. officials have not been able to locate the basket with three people onboard.
7:34 am
a new recording has surfaced, reportedly of sterling, donald sterling, saying that racism wasn't the reason for the remarks to v. stiviano that got him banned by the nba for life. it was, he said, jealousy. this comes as the l.a. clippers met with their new boss, former citigroup and time warner chief dick parsons, who the nba installed as the new ceo. and the u.s. postal service delivered more bad news. the agency ended the second quarter with a net loss of $1.9 billion. congress remains deadlocked on proposed postal reforms including whether to eliminate saturday service. and finally, quite a discovery inside that abandoned volkswagen. you see it there. a mechanic at a car repair shop in new jersey found three kittens cuddled in the backseat. that's one of them there. the repair shop's owner is now taking care of those kittens. even taking turns with the office manager, bottle feeding them. people are lining up to adopt them. but the owner says he wants to
7:35 am
find someone to take all three so they can stay together. >> i really hope my wife is not watching. we might have three more cats. that would make -- >> a lot. too many. >> a high number. >> blame it on bianca, dan. you almost made the phone call. >> yes. well, that's true. >> i almost made the phone call and i'm allergic, they're so cute. back, now, for a check of the weather. and over to erin little from kmbc in kansas city. >> we talked about the weather in the middle of the country. now, let's talk about the threat for fire danger towards the south and the west. all of the ingredients coming together for things like this happening today. look at this video coming in overnight. this is just in the last 24 hours, in southern california, where they dealt with areas of fire concern. that, not terribly damaging across that area. but just an indication of these ingredients that will be pulling together here, as we're heading through this afternoon. we have warm and windy
7:36 am
conditions. we're talking about wind gusts near 60 to 70 miles per hour. from that, to this. are you ready? we're talking about snowfall across areas of the rockies. and not just a little. denver, 6 to 12 inches of potential, as we are moving through today and through tomorrow. for areas in the northeast, here in new york city, it's a foggy, drizzly start. it's going to be warmer to begin your weekend plans. we're talking about temperatures, 70s and 80s. the bad news, dealing with a little bit of rainfall as we are working through today. >> this weather report has been brought to you by jared, the gallery of jewelry. back over to you. >> thanks. we'll be watching that weather
7:37 am
in the midsection all day long here at abc news and coming up on "gma," did the twin brothers ready to star in the reality tv show "flip it forward," lose their gig because of their religious beliefs? that's what they're saying this morning. and call it the "house of cards" effect. what netflix is telling its new customers. up ahead in "pop news." don't move. and her son plays baseball. you psychic? no. i speak pandora. he went to jared. celebrate life's unforgettable moments with a fabulous selection of pandora charms and bracelets - including these charms, exclusively at jared the galleria of jewelry. telling her life's story with just a turn of the wrist. you're good. i know. that's why he went to jared. i began losing my sight to an eye disease when i was 10. but i learned to live with my blindness a long time ago.
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twin brothers, former professional baseball players turned reality stars. and now, caught in the center of a media firestorm. this morning, they're speaking out about it. hgtv asking "flip it forward" brothers, david and jason benham, even before their first episode, after some anti-gay remarks came to light. juju chang has the story. >> reporter: this morning, telegenic twins, jason and david benham, real estate entrepreneurs, are rebuilding. not homes. but their own reputations. >> we're only three days of filming away from finishing our very first house. >> reporter: the announcement to cancel the benham brothers' hgtv reality show, "flip it forward," coming after the blog,, brought to light anti-gay comments and
7:42 am
other controversial remarks made by david benham, like this one, shared on the radio show, "the line of fire," with dr. michael brown, in 2012. >> the homosexual agenda is next. tolerance towards radical islam is next. >> reporter: but the conservative christian brothers from north carolina are speaking out. saying they do not hate homosexuals or muslims. >> if we had a gay person or a muslim on our show, we would warmly welcome them. >> reporter: the brothers say their beliefs caused hgtv to hit the pause button. the cable network tweeting this simple statement, saying they decided not to go forward with the series. >> by not airing the show, hgtv was explicitly clear in exactly what their message was. >> reporter: the controversy seems to resemble "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson's suspension in late 2013 for anti-gay remarks. >> women with women. men with men.
7:43 am
they committed indecent acts with one another. >> reporter: unlike the benhams, robertson was reinstated by a&e, owned in part by abc television. >> you are free to say whatever you want in this country. that also means that you will be held responsible for what you say. >> reporter: the brothers still plan to move forward and finish the homes they started. >> jason and i are going to finish the project, with or without the cameras. in fact, without the cameras. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to juju. coming up on "good morning america," singer turned stunt man country star, hunter hayes and his attempt to break a world record. the results just ahead in "pop news." keep it here. >> breaking "pop news." >> don't go anywhere. veractive s that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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the segment we've been waiting for all morning, as we do every weekend. >> yes. >> "pop news," with sara haines. >> if you could only see the dance dan was just doing. but we'll save that for later. mila kunis has spoken for the first time about her engagement to ashton kutcher and their baby bump. she opened to ellen degeneres about her cravings for pickles and sauerkraut. and why she wants a natural birth. >> will you do an epidural? >> no. >> really? >> i know. i'm crazy. i did this to myself. >> i might as well do it right. >> well, first of all -- >> i wanted this. it's not like -- no one made me do this. >> you didn't do it to yourself. i know that much. >> almost turned into a whole different conversation. the star revealed ashton is learning her native language so they can speak to the baby in russian. and if that doesn't work, bianna tutors on the side in russian. you can hire her as your nanny. >> i'm impressed every time by that. 100% of the time. >> i know.
7:49 am
languages are exciting. she's going to do the newscast next week in russian. major buzz for hunter hayes. he's officially a world record holder. the country star kicked things off right here on "gma" yesterday morning. embarking on a challenge to play the most concerts in multiple cities in 24 hours. the old record was eight shows in one day. hunter played ten. here's the moment he officially made history, just hours ago, in asbury park, new jersey. >> thank you, everyone. i have to say, you have just set a world record. >> a big congratulations to hunter. a phenomenal awareness for child hunger. i love there was a message there. he did it for a great cause. i give concerts all night long. next up and getting plenty of chatter online, netflix is announcing it is raising its prices to pay for shows like "house of cards." apparently frank underwood's treacherous ways don't come cheap. with each episode said to cost $4.5 million to make. as for what that means for binge
7:50 am
watchers, $1 extra a month. not bad. new subscribers will pay that price now. if you're an existing customer, that price change will happen in 2016. i think it's worth it if you've seen "house of cards," or "orange is the new black." take my dollar if it means better programming. >> fair enough. >> we will. we'll take your dollar. >> call dr. dre, too, for some money. now that he's hit it big. >> he can afford to loan it out. also, percolating this morning with caffeine. the top-five coffee obsessed cities. "men's health" has ranked america's biggest coffee drinkers. the top spot goes to portland, maine, followed by manchester, new hampshire, burlington, vermont, portland, oregon, and albuquerque, new mexico. we've been asking for your morning mug photos on twitter and facebook. here's jamie from maryland. >> she looks angry. >> she hasn't drank the coffee yet. >> a bitter brew there. >> grumpy. >> and this one is from kristen.
7:51 am
there might be vodka in there. debbie likes a very large cup when she's watching "gma." and christine starts her day with wonder woman. >> i lived for a while in portland, maine. it's cold there. you need hot coffee. we have to take a break. i'm going to stop talking. we'll be right back. >> it all makes sense now. >> yeah. nope. what about funny business? no. bamboozling? what is "bamboozling"? it's like, uh, malarkey. nooo. good! come to "the world needs more straight talk event" at walmart. get america's largest and most dependable 4g lte networks for half the cost. and for a limited time, get a $25 gift card when you buy a samsung galaxy centura. straight talk wireless. only at walmart. ♪ it's written on my face ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ i found a happy place
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we have learned so much about coffee shops in portland, maine, during this last commercial break. >> i could keep going, for as long as you want. but unfortunately, we're out of time. we'll be back tomorrow morning. david muir is here later with "world news." thanks for watching. >> have a great day.
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again it's been a breezy week all day and today out of the northwest, today gusts to 23 miles per hour, half moon bay, elsewhere, it's calm in hayward and napa, the airport, anywhere from 12-15 miles per hour and it will be a windy day today at the beaches. with temperatures just in the upper 50s, that's the end of that. the heat comes in tomorrow. plenty of 70s north and south bay, 80s still far-reaching in the valley. they'll be with us tomorrow for


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