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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 11th, mother's day. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. happy mother's day to everyone. we are starting out with live doppler 7hd. the skies are nice and clear. the winds at the upper elevation. calm at the surface. 58 san francisco. wind gusts over 30 miles an hour in the oakland hills. so we will still have a breezy day today. not as windy as yesterday, but the he is breeze will kick up, temperatures will warm, and we will see highs today 50s at the coast and mid-60s around the bay. low 70s to upper 70s oakland
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and inland. a few 80s for you. a near perfect day today for mothers. we bring on the heat in the days to come. i will explain in a few minutes. thank you. >> we have breaking news where officers are investigating an officer involved shooting. it happened in the area of story road and jackson avenue last night. officers spotted someone driving a vehicle that had been stolen. when officers tried to stop the driver, he rammed two patrol cars. investigators say one of the officers, fearing for her safety, then shot the man. he was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. a female passenger in the suspect's vehicle has been taken into custody. a police chase ended with a crash along a freeing in the east bay. it happened about 10:00 last night on northbound interstate 880 near marina boulevard in san
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leandro. the officers refused to stop after officers tried to stop the consider for speeding. deputies captured two people who ran away. one managed 20 escape. deputies also found few guns inside the car. a fund racer is underway for the family of a man killed last week in san jose and those responsible for organizing the fundraiser are the ones looking for the examplar. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the details. >> his family is all right broken. losing the 37-year-old father of two has been devastating. i spoke with his wife with the help of an interpreter. >> she's not angry, she's just sad that this happened to her and taking away the father of her child. >> lam was shot tuesday after an apparent case of road rage.
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he worked 17 hours other day, seven days a week as a bus driver so their wife could stay home and take care of their two sons. older son has severe autism. >> the soft core in my body when you see this. >> this officer has two kids of his own. after hearing about tuesday tragedy, he knew he had to help so he launched the online fundraising campaign and in less than 24 hours he's raised $20,000. >> they aren't living in luxury housing or anything like that. and special needs for the seven-year-old, especially him. he needs constant care. these days all that fills the house is sorrow. may is typically a month of celebrations. there's now a new plan for mother's day. >> we will gather around here at night and have mother's day with
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him. >> lam's funeral will take place may 16th. it would have been his 38th birthday. abc7 news. san francisco police want to find the person who drove away after hitting a man near city hall. it happened just before 8:00 last night at golden gate and vanness avenue. the victim was crosses against a red light. he is expected to survive. the driver of this nieca ultima drove into a construction zone, taking out a giant orange arrow sign and a porta-potty. the contents flowed down the street, creating a smelly health hazard in the neighborhood and three small cars were also hit. >> i am like, are you serious? we just fixed this month about a month ago. mother's day is coming up tomorrow and this is how we are
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going to celebrate it? >> the driver has been cited for not having a license or insurance, and could face reckless driving charges. president obama is offering his congratulations to michael sam, the first openly gay player in the nfl. the st. louis rams selected sam in the seventh round of the draft. abc7 news reporter nick smyth has more on the reaction. >> 6'2", 255-pound sam was considered a mid-to late-round pick, far from a sure thing to be drafted. the question is about whether or not he would make the cut and it was answered on the third and final day. >> michael sam, defensive end. >> the lose rams are the team right down the road from where sam played college ball at the university of missouri and where he came out to his team and coaches before his final college season and where he earned scc defensive player of the year.
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>> thank you. >> the tears started as soon as sam got off of the phone. he gave his boyfriend a big kiss and a long hug. many see his entry into the nfl towards the integration of men into public sports. >> it's a great day for the nfl and for michael and his family. >> football fans in san francisco's castro district believes this moment is long overdue. >> it's the last wall we have to break so everyone can realize i am myself and i love it. >> this is remarkable to me. i never thought i would see this. i cried when he got drafted. >> the rams coach said the only thing that matters to him and his team is the ability of the player. >> that's a football player with ability this you just can't pass up. >> the challenges for sam aren't
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over. many believes the packs with which he plays the game about may not be enough to overcome his size which some consider to be small as a defensive end in the nfl. abc7 news. workers, patience -- patience and doctors are working on a plan to keep the hospital from closing their doors. people who turned out yesterday said they would ask for help from the contra costa board of supervisors on tuesday. they say the closer will have devastating effects on their patience. >> some people don't have patients. fortunately life will be lost. >> last week voters rejected a parcel tax measure to fund the hospital. they are currently losing more than a $1 million a month. >> organizers are opening bay area residents will turn out in force again today to save the
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life of a 7-year-old boy battling leukemia. baylor fredrickson's fight is especially challenging because he's multi-ethnic. his parents are japanese and german. so far a bone marrow match has come up empty. many people went to the drive yesterday to see if they are a match. >> anybody and everybody should come out and be a part of the program. just because you never know. you never know what's going to happen down the road. you never know -- yeah. we never expected this to happen to us. >> baylor entered chemotherapy two years ago they it they thought eradicated the leukemia and now a bone mare oh transplant is the only option. another drive will be held today in walnut creek and it's at the mother's day stroll from 11 to
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4. residents are cleaning up after a tornado touched down, cussing widespread damage. so far no reports of injuries. here's abc news reporter michael bar. >> tornadoes tore through the midwest on saturday, twist their way through alabama and missouri like the one you see here in missouri city. one of the twisters struck the town of oregon, missouri and northwest kansas city. dan is in the town of about 800 people. >> we are by the high school now, which look like it took a pretty good hit. some of the roots are tore off. >> damage is widespread. >> both the roads here are blocked with tons of trees and debris, scattered across. all the residents i've been talking to tell me it's been quite an ordeal. there was a couple wood-frame buildings that did get toppled over. >> the region's residents are bracing for more severe weather on sunday. a new weather system that's
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likely to spark severe storms from central cans up to iowa. >> there could be a tornado outbreak in the red zone and the orange area strong winds are likely. >> abc news, new york. strong winds blew across the bay area yesterday. you can see just how gusty it was in san francisco. he is bad the great highway was shut down yesterday afternoon because of sand blowing across the road. that happens frequently. no word on whether it will reopen. the wind caused some scary moments a few miles away at harding park golf course. a tree branch fell on a minivan just before 4:00 p.m. yesterday. everyone inside that car got out okay. and an entire tree fell on east 17th street in oakland. part of the tree knocking out a power line during the san antonio recreation center. but it has been restored. will we get more of the
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breezy weather today? >> breezy, not windy. fur right at the coast it will be windy, but certainly less than yesterday bus things have changed overnight. here's a look from our sutro camera. san francisco, 58 degrees. the winds are up in the upper elevations. i will have your mother's day forecast and a look at that warmup we've been talking about when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a tiny chihuahua recovering after an unusual rescue on i-680. we will hear from the man who saved the day. and a special day planned for more than 500 courageous kids battling cancer.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:13 on this sunday morning. happy mother's day to all the moms out there. the step moms, the foster moms, the grand moms doing it all over again. we salute you. here's a look from ourrov cam. beautiful out there. the warming trend is today. lisa argen is along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. this morning rescue efforts are set to resume in hopes of finding three men after a speedboat capsized at fullsome lake in sacramento county. divers searched until day light left yesterday but were unsuccessful. three men were believed to be aboard before they were thrown into the lake before 2:00 yesterday. two men are arrested with a murder in south carolina. 22-year-old justin butler and 26-year-old terry mcclure, both of fairfield, are being
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charged with an april 26th murder outside of columbia, south carolina. the judge in the battle over access to a san mateo county beach has ordered silicon valley billionaire, neno, to testify when trial resumes in redwood city tomorrow. at issue a private road that leads to martin's beach, just south of half moon bay. that road is the only way to access the secluded beachly land. it was closed by him, who owns the property. the suit filed by the foundation claims the venture capitalist did not obtain the proper permits to close the road and argues that's a violation of the california coastal act. two dogs that got loose in an east bay neighborhood and bit man and woman earlier this month will be euthanized. the attacks happened on may 1st in brentwood on hudson drive and nunn street.
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our media partner reports the dogs, a pit bull and a labrador retriever, have been held in quarantine since the attacks. they will be put down tomorrow. authorities say it was the owner's decision to have the dogs euthanized. new details are emerging about our tiny through would you would you rescued friday from the median of a bay area freeway. the dog is now in the custody of the the contra costa animal care shelter in martinez. highway patrol officers found her on the concrete median of interstate 680. the man said he tried everything to keep her from running into traffic from using a bag of trail mix to calm her down. >> keep her calm so it wouldn't attempt to run from us and be afraid of us, which is why i went to food to see if i could get him on my side. >> edmunds and a fellow officer were successful. they stayed with the dog until
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animal control arrived. chihuahua is still fighting, but otherwise in good health. already people are calling with adoption offers. >> animals being rescued in situations like this, they garner a lot of attention, they garner, i call them, overnight celebrity status. this animal, she's certainly a celebrity at this point. >> we are wait to go see if the dog's owner comes forward before putting her up for adoption. investigators say they still don't know how the dog got on the median. an 11-year-old south bay boy born with a rare heart condition is on a quest to beat the odds again by getting a black belt. he has been studying mixed martial arts since he was 7 years old. this, despite being born with half a heart and having undergone three open heart surgeries. according to our media partner, the contra costa times, he took the test yesterday to see if he qualifies for a first degree
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black belt. and he will find out the results in about a week. happening today, more than 500 children battling cancer will take a special trip to california's great america for the 25th annual courageous kids day. the kids will take rides at the mark, have a pick tech lunch and visit with snoop by and other mascots. the event is organized by the american cancer society for children ages 18 and under who have undergone cancer treatment in northern california. today's event runs from eleven to two and should be pretty decent weather for them today, lisa? >> yeah, not upper 70s. temperatures warming everywhere. the winds will still be up in the hills but certainly a difference from yesterday. it was quite gusty and numbers were below normal. this morning it is clear. sun is up at 6:05, setting at 8:09. here's live doppler 7hd. you cap see the sweep here down in the south bay. we are reporting clear
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conditions with the atmosphere beginning to warm in the upper elevations. here's a look right now from our roof camera where, yeah, it looks calm out there at the surface. 48 redwood city, 59 san francisco. the warm spot gilroy, 59. half moon bay 50 degrees. it's been a windy week. yes, the wind is shaking the camera here. this morning we will look for the winds to continue to be with us in the upper elevations. by the afternoon it will be breezy around here but much less in the form of wind. it will be windy at the coast. 5 by the delta, and 48 concord. 49 livermore and santa rosa sits at 48 this morning. the forecast highlights clear and cool with a breeze in the upper elevations. warmer today for mother's day and very warm to hot tomorrow and wednesday. looks like the sea breeze is coming back by thursday at the coast. we are going to have to wait another day until we cool it off around the bay. so friday it looks like the more
5:20 am
comfortable day. low pressure pulling out and high pressure building in off store. that allows for the breeze to stay up. the northwest winds in the hills today. really a nice afternoon, though. yesterday was quite gusty. here we go through the next couple of hours with a wind profile. by 9:00 it is still breezy around the bay with winds around 25 miles an hour san francisco, 20 mile-an-hour winds in livermore. look what happens by 8:00. the winds continue to be quite gusty along the coast. but we are out of the 40, 45 mile-an-hour range. you can see out by the delta a little bit lighter. but as we go into monday, look what happens. not only do the winds back off, they shift. we are getting a light offshore flow. so this is going to aid in our warmup, particularly into tuesday, as well as an offshore flow stays with us, the onshore flow is really capped. so we will look for the onshore flow to come back by late in the week. 84 fresno. nice day in few show.
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yesterday snow, 58 with lots of sunshine, 65 in monterey. as we look at the south bay looks nice. 78 in sunnyvale. 77 redwood city. san francisco coming in in the lower 70s. a little breezy in the afternoon. winds out of the northwest. 76 santa rosa. mid-70s for oakland with union city warming lou the upper 70s, as well as fremont. and you head over the hills, low 80s here for pleasanton. a nice day for mother's day. as we look at tomorrow notice 70 to 90. tuesday and wednesday the warmest days with the sea breeze kicking in on thursday and by friday and saturday closer to average. still looking how warm it's going to be in your community, you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. it was tough yesterday to shield yourself from the wind. >> very, very gusty. happy mother's day. >> thank you. you too. >> the abc7 news i-team is preparing an unprecedented look inside the dark net.
5:22 am
you cannot get there by google. the secret marketplace for guns, drugs and so much more are an enormous challenge for law enforcement. one dark net user who guys drugs there said he is not concerned about getting caught. >> you have to worry that it's police who are setting up an account? >> not really. honestly it's never crossed my mind because i don't think the police have the knowledge -- have the knowledge to do this kind of stuff. >> dan tis you to a law enforcement seminar on the dark net as they struggle to learn this new technology. he has the first tv interview with a they have researcher who wrote the program that makes it all possible. that's tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. on abc7 news. up next, giving thanks to mom. the unusual things these kids are thank full for on mother's day.
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>> a michigan mother took a stand after she said her son was humiliatedy the line at the high school. school officials took away his lunch because he owed money on his account. it was less than five dollars. his mom was furious and said all kids should get lunch no matter what so she went to the school and paid the outstanding balances of every student. >> it was really embarrassing, especially in front of the whole lunch room. >> i realized i don't have to do that, but i don't want to know a kid going through what my son went through. >> the total to pay off all the students' outstanding balances ended up being just under $100. the principal later said they do their best to let parents know about the balances on their kids' accounts, but says dominic
5:26 am
should not have been sent home hungry. one of oracle team's usa sailing catamarans who helped to defend the cup last year has a new home. a sky crane helicopter lifted the yacht from its base along pier80 san francisco into a pond at oracle headquarters in redwood shores. this is video provided to business a viewer showing the massive airlift in progress. by yesterday evening the yacht was moored to its new home on the campus. team oracle came back to win eight races to beat team new zealand on san francisco bay. today children are honoring children children all over. >> thanks, mom. >> thanks, mom. >> for use meg as an excuse to get out of social obligations. >> for telling me to clean my
5:27 am
room even though your room looks like a garbage dump. >> and disneyland was closed this year, the tv broken. [laughter] >> well, that video was posted on youtube last year. the woman is known for her mom humor. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news, residents in eastern ukraine cast ballots on whether to declare sovereignty. why the much anticipated referendum is not considered legitimate by some. >> also from the intersections of medicine and technology. researchers who are learning how to printout a new organ.
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>> welcome back. happy mothers at the same time we are starting this hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. happy mother's day. big transition today with the atmosphere warming in the upper elevations. you seat wind 20 to 25 miles an hour. but we are looking at temperatures already in the 60s in some areas. the cool spot upper 40s. so not doing too bad from novato to santa rosa. you will notice the warming temperatures a little bit in the way of less wind. we still have a northwest component but it won't be as strong as yesterday. so unless you are right at the
5:31 am
coast, you will get that gusts from time to time, but overall look at the temperature profile. we are getting more of the reds and oranges closer to the bay. not quite in the bay yesterday but we will have lower 80s in the east bay valleys. 60s along the coast. it will be windy but 80s toward the valley. so today a beautiful day and tomorrow we bring on the heat. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash in northern arizona, killing one person and injuring five others. that plane carrying french tourists crashed while trying to land at an airport in page near the utah border. in all seven people were on board when it hit the ground and flipped over in windy conditions. united airlines says a boeing 757 will undergo a thorough inspection after a flight from los angeles to hawaii had to turn back and make an emergency landing.
5:32 am
it happened yesterday. united flight 1296 about 70 minutes into it's journey when the crew reported smoke in the cabin. the plane returned to lax and passengers were told to put on their oxygen masks and life jackets just in case. two military planes escorted them back to california. >> the crew was very professional, they took care of everyone and we got back safe and sound. >> well, passengers were then rebooked on another united flight. two of the members of the university of richmond women basketball programs have been identified as the casualties from friday's hot-air balloon in virginia. they were aboard the balloon when it struck a power line and caught fire. the search for a third person believed to be the pilot will resume this morning. developing news, at least 18
5:33 am
people have died after a wall collapsed at a recycling plant in eastern china. preliminary reports suggest heavy rains may have caused the walls to rush a house for workers in which 40 people were gathered. chinese state media reports three other people were hurt. china's eastern coastal and southern regions have been drenched by heavy rains in recent days. voters have gone to the policy in two regions in eastern ukraine to decide on a referendum declaring sovereignty. it was conducted by pro russian insurgents and are not regarded legitimate by the west. it comes as both germany and transare pressuring vladimir putin to to more to calm the situation. in the bay area yesterday supporters of peace in ukraine held a unnatural hi in march across golden gate bridge. it called for an end to violence in the country and in their words stand up against putin.
5:34 am
the pentagon said chuck hagel will talk to lawmakers about another round of military cuts despite rejection business congress. coming up on this week we will hear to more from the defense secretary after the house had a bill last year that rejected a proposal that would include retiring aging aircraft and closing old bases. you can catch it right here this morning. happening today a group of homeless mothers in the bay area will get the royal treatment in san francisco. it's all part of the 20th annual mother's day brunch hosted by the hamilton family shelter. moms will receive makeovers and hairstyling before getting on a cable car and heading to the sir francis drake hotel for brunch when a drag queen show. today's event gets underway at 8:30. 5,000 women are gathering in san francisco this week for the annual professional business
5:35 am
women of california conference. pbwc was find congresswoman jackie spear. news anchor eric thomas spoke with her for the "beyond the headlines" show. congresswoman spear wants women and girls push back personal, economic and social boundaries to achieve 50-50 representation across all industries. there you see news anchor cheryl jennings talking about satellite with keynote speakerrer hug con whose new book has born lessons for all of us, starting with our health. >> the more we take care of our own humans, the more effective we will be in our work, the more creative and the more able to get the opportunities we may otherwise miss. >> abc7 is proud to be a sponsor. the professional women of california conference is tuesday
5:36 am
at moscone center west. for more information you can go to the science of helping people regrow body parts is becoming more real than ever. it's the sub of a conference in berkeley. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, it's not all about biology. in fact, there's a team engineers working on a way to literally printout knew organs. >> the dog in this individual row from north carolina state vet school has something new. >> the bone goes on the inside, and then the skin gets wrapped around the outside. >> a titanium implant this connects an artificial leg directly to the dog's bone. professors are here showing it off at a conference in berkeley. they didn't go out and buy this, they made it on a 3d printer. >> actually purchased one of the first metal free printers in the world that's called on electronic beam melting machine. >> they are using the machine to printout bones and giants for
5:37 am
our furry friends. >> you need a total knee replacement and that and not exist for cats. so we designed this unique implant. >> each implant is one-of-a-kind made for the patient and 3d printing makes them make it out of mesh. >> the mesh will fill it in completely and now you have a repair and this will become one with the bone. >> more than just a melding of metal with bone, it's a melding of disciplines. these are engineers attending a conference full of doctors. it could become more doctors. we are problem solvers so we are doctors but we are trained in very different ways. >> they are tackling a new problem, regrowing tissue. yes, that's a human ear or will be. it's a rubbery easterly stem cells love to grow on with a special 3d printer. >> what you end up after a few months is this organ which is
5:38 am
made out of your own cells which is live and functioning. >> it could work for internal organs to fix a damaged windpipe. >> and it can be custom made through the craig yeah. >> it's already being tested on animals. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 news, a music collaboration you do not want to miss. how bay area ballet dancers are getting their swag on. and here's a live look from our tam cam. not nearly as windy today. in fact a beautiful forecast for mother's day. lisa argen will have all that in just a few. watch abc is now available to bay area dish customers who want to watch abc7 news online or on smartphones and tablets. just go to and click on the watch abc logo to find out how to access it. you can also search watch abc in your app store to download the app and watch all your favorite
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>> young people in san francisco met with perspective employers during the annual youth resource fair yesterday. the event at pier35 give people ages 16 through 24 the opportunity to meet with hiring companies. >> i like to work every summer and i'm about to graduate. i like to work extra jobs. >> the 100 here, we hope to get experiences for all of them but this is the tip of the iceberg. we are going to be going all summer. >> the fair is part of the city's program called s. f. summer jobs plus, and the goal is to get 7,000 youth jobs and
5:42 am
internships this summer. we hope that they meet that goal. one of my favorite mothers, lisa argen, is here now with your mother's day forecast. >> it should be a beautiful mother's day. thank you. the wind is backing up just a little built. here's a look at all of the sunshine from our exploratorium camera. already 62 degrees in the city. warmer air is working into the bay area. i'll explain and tell you how hot it's going to get coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the a's now have a three-game winning streak but it took some clutch hit to go beat the nationals. mike shumann has the highlights coming
5:43 am
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>> if you go to the ballet next weekend in oakland, you will see something quite different. the new season celebrates the city's diversity, including a dance created in oakland.
5:45 am
okay. we are trying to get that story up. ♪ >> it originated in oakland back in the '910s. this dance style known as turfin. it's now moving from the streets to the stage. we are showing the people that it's relevant. turfin has a point in the whole dancing genre. >> they are collaborating with the oakland ballet as part of their spring season called oaklandesque. >> people get to see the classy side of turfin and the hood side of ballet. >> they have the same coordination we do as ballet dancers but they use it in a different way. >> they work a lot with improvising and free styling so it's been fun kind of being stretched and pulled out of our shells a little bit. >> they are good, man.
5:46 am
they have always been good. they just don't know their untapped potential. >> the unique pairing of sneakers and slippers was the mayor's idea. she saw this dancing with the rain video that's gone viral on youtube and suggested the collaboration with the oakland ballet. >> i'm hoping it will bring a younger audience to the ballet and put an definite oakland mark, not your grandmother's ballet. >> the studio, sharing some of our ballet style with them, it has been a joy. ♪ >> the dancers have been rehearsing for weeks. they are ready for their closeups may 16th and 17th. we have more information on our website. that dance form has taken them all over the world. >> it's very neat. very talented. we are looking at a lot of sunshine. still a little bit of a wind but
5:47 am
they have switched around to the north and we are seeing a warmup already in san francisco and oakland. good morning, everyone. dryer air working its way in. we will get into that substancens warming especially tomorrow and into the middle of the week. that allows for big time heat to come our way. still afternoon winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. it will be windy at the coast, breezy around the bay but warmer. it should be a very nice day today. here's a look outside from our roof camera. notice the trees. nice and calm here in the city. temperatures have climbed into the 60s. so we're at 54 at gilroy. and within one hour the number has jumped four degrees in napa due to the wind. it's 50 in san jose. half moon bay looking at 50 as well. and emeryville notice the shaking camera. i understand up to 25 miles an hour in the upper elevations. it will stay windy here. this is the temperature that's climbed anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees in the napa valley.
5:48 am
it's all because of that wind shift. so we will look for a beautiful mother's day with plenty of sunshine. temperatures coming up above the average today. yesterday we were below average. emeryville clear and cool this morning for some. but we will look for the winds in the upper elevations throughout the afternoon. overall a warmer day today for mother's day. and very warm to hot coming into play tuesday and wednesday. so the temperatures steadily warm through wednesday and then the sea breeze kicks in on thursday. not cooling for everyone until possibly friday. so there's the high. the low you see moved out of town. and the ice -- iso bars still close together and that means the winds at the coast. we will let you know how windy as we go through the next couple of hours. by 9:00 this morning we still have 15 to 20 miles an hour winds along the coast from port raise, half moon bay, san francisco and even in the hills. look what happens as we go through the around. we still have the gusts up to
5:49 am
35 miles an hour. but it remains breezy over and around livermore valley, the delta. a nice afternoon. not as windy and with the temperatures coming up, the atmosphere drying out, it will be a warmer day today. look what happens tomorrow around. not only do the winds subside, the direction totally shifts to a weaker offshore component and that gets our heating underway. that sustenance heating. for the week ahead in oakland, we are lacking for temperatures in the 70s. but by tomorrow we are in the low 80s, peeking on wednesday. as we look through the livermore valley, notice the upper 90s still into play midweek. then we cool off and into san jose." same thing tuesday and wednesday, your hottest days of the week and then slowly cooling temperatures. so we have an end in site to the heat if you don't like it that warm. today nearly perfect with 60s on the coast, but it will be windy here. breezy in the hills with low 80s.
5:50 am
78 fremont and san jose. this afternoon it's a day game in oakland with temperatures in the low 70s to start out. northwest winds up to 20 miles an hour. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s to low 80s and the low 90s for monday and mid-and upper 90s tuesday, wednesday, cooling at the coast thursday, and then finally we get back to morph a normal pattern friday and saturday. >> yeah, what's up with the 90s? >> i know. the wind all week long and now it's the heat. it's always something, right? >> deal with it. yes. let's check out sports. this afternoon the a's will go for the sweep against the nationals in their interleague series. first pitch at the coliseum 1:05. last night the a's needed some late inning heroics to win their third straight game. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. a little baseball top of the order. a's are in misplace in the american league west and have a two-game win streak with the nationals in town.
5:51 am
the national anthem at the coliseum. a's and nets scoreless until top of the third. danny espinosa hammers this pitch. see ya. kevin frandsen, line drive. two runners score to put washington up 3-0. a's respond bottom of the third. john jason, the hit to right searching an area. and same score bottom of nine. a's rally, jed leury double and knocked jayso. leury is waved home on this pitch. throw is cutoff, leury scores, tying up the games. bottom of ten, one man on. jaeso rips it to the call. the outfielder can't get a glove on it. nick punto scores the winning run. and they celebrate. he had three hits, including the game winner, 4, the final.
5:52 am
giants the two game win streak against the dodgers is over. the top two, hunter pence with the sac fly on scott greinke. scores crawford. giants go up 1-30. same inning, buster posey slaps one to right field. they dive to stop it. he manages to keep posey from reaching extra business bus brandon hicks scored. dodgers down 2-0. starts the comeback. aid gone goes into a double play. he reaches third. ties the game at two. in the seventh. it was gordon again. a dagger past the leaping panda at third. drew scores. and matt kim, a blast. beyond the outstretched arms of hunter pence and the dodgers go on to win it 6-2, your final. the players championship considered a fifth major in golf has the best field in golf this
5:53 am
week. seems to be a two-horse race in round three with spieth. the shot of the day, stewart second on the par 4 seven. so high the camera loses it. in for the eagle. six back. and chipped on the rough on nine. gets it to roll into the eagle but they are chasing martin and jordan. but he bogey 18 and even on the day. spieth had one birdie. needed this long putt at 18 to stay in. they are heading into today's final round. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> up next, the start of the amgen tour california. where some of the world's best
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
here the winning numbers from last nice's $80 million power ball draw. no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot climbs to $90 million. america's most prestigious cycling event kicks off today in sacramento. the amgen tour of california will begin at the steps of the state capital. cyclists will eventually make their way here into the bay area for stage three. that's tuesday. they will start in san jose at
5:57 am
lake cunningham regional park and will finish on top of mt. diablo. the tour wraps up may 18th in thousand oaks in southern california. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, we continue to follow breaking news out of san jose. why authorities say an officer was forced to open fire on a suspect. and making history. the emotional reaction of michael sam, becomes the first openly-gay man to be draft the by the nfl.
5:58 am
a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars.
5:59 am
let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks four joining us on this sunday, mother's day, may 11th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. happy mother's day to all of you. the sun coming up in about three minutes. we have clear skies. still breezy winds in the upper elevation bus they are shifting to the north. we are look at a warmer start in some areas. you can see the cameras shaking here from the east bay hills camera. we are looking at numbers


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