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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 11, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight. at least 14 reported tornadoes tear across the country. ripping off a roof at a storage center, damaging a school and pelting areas with golf-ball sized hail. and another round of strong storms on the way for mother's day. who is in line to get hit next? panic at one of the biggest malls in america -- where a gunman terrorized shoppers last november. >> people said they heard loud noises, possibly shots. >> what sent people running for cover this time? tears of joy. michael sam getting the history-making call he's been waiting for. to become the first openly gay player to be drafted in the nfl. what his new teammates are saying this morning.
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and live from new york, living legend and one of our own, barbara walters makes a surprise appearance on "saturday night live." >> i'm baba wawa. >> -- where she was famously spoofed for years. >> hello, i'm barbara wawa. >> highlights from her hilarious visit anchor desk just days before she retires. hey, good morning. we want to start off by wishing all the moms out there a happy mother's day, including our own bianna golodryga, mother of little jake. >> aw, thank you. happy mother's day to your mom, sara. dan, your mom, ron, your mom and my mom, of course. >> i want you to know i spent all night buying these flowers and decorating this set just for you. >> you are such a liar. >> i did, too. >> don't horn in on this, claiborne. it was me.
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>> they are beautiful flowers. our staff worked all night bringing them in. >> you're welcome. >> you're welcome. >> happy mother's day to all the moms across the country. and of course this special edition of "gma mom testers" one of our favorite segments. on this mother's day. these mothers try out three as-seen-on-tv products. including the wow cup. hey, i think this wow cup will change people's lives. it is incredible. we'll see what gets their seal of approval. we'll "spill" the details. an operative word here. >> a pun. i'm prepared to be amazed. we're going to start with the mother's day mess. a weather mess. nasty storm bringing what one of our abc news meteorologists said was meatball sized hail. he actually specified this is swedish meatball sized hail. and more seriously reports of twisters, one from right outside kansas city here. we happen to have with us this weekend, erin little, from our kansas city station, kmbc.
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erin, good morning to you. that one looked very serious. >> i was busy here in new york keeping an eye across the country for weather, but right over kansas city last night as well. as expected very active right over the nation's midsection yesterday and hardest hit, kansas and missouri. we had nearly a dozen reported tornados across these two states and one of them hitting very hard just to the east of my hometown, kansas city. >> large debris. we have a large tornado on the ground causing -- >> reporter: watch, as this tornado rips through this small town 30 miles northeast of kansas city. the panic and devastation is all that's left in this small town of 800 residents. there are no reported injuries, but the images of dramatic rescues of people trapped in their homes are stunning. this shot from a helicopter from our abc affiliate kmbc in kansas city shows the sheer strength and speed this twister had. widespread damage to the entire city. including a school with its roof ripped off. >> i'm over by the high school.
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it looks like it took a pretty good hit from the storm. some of the roof is torn off of it. >> reporter: with flipped over vehicles, downed power lines, and debris blocking the roads, across this community, authorities have shut off access to this town in ray county. it will be another busy weather day for today. much of the country under a risk of severe weather again. an enhanced risk from salina, omaha, des moines. for tornadic weather. we'll have more on this and the other extreme weather going on across the country in just minutes. bianna? >> a rough mother's day for a large part of the country. erin, thank you. we turn now to chaos at a huge new jersey mall saturday. evacuated after a car fire and explosion sparked panic with shoppers. this just months after a gunman marched into this same mall and opened fire. abc's marci gonzalez live at the garden stat mall in paramus. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. just hours before mother's day, this mall was packed with last-minute shoppers. when they heard a loud noise and
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smelled smoke so many of them panicked. chaos at the mall. overnight, reports of gunshots sending shoppers at garden state plaza running, hiding in bathrooms. unsure what to do. >> i wasn't too sure. it sounded like a small explosion. >> reporter: police armed with a assault rifles evacuated the crowded mall and searching, realizing the noise and spark that sparked the scare was not from gunshots but instead from this -- a car engulfed in flames, abandoned by its driver in the mall parking lot. >> there was all this smoke, we ran out of the car. we, like, just left it right by macy's. >> due to the car fire, smoke started entering the mall there. at some point, we received a call, people said they heard a loud noise, possibly shots in that area of the mall. nobody saw any gunman. >> reporter: panicked shoppers
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knocking over at least one metal display case. the startling sound mistaken for gunfire. >> then i see hundreds of people running and screaming. >> reporter: a sign so many are still on edge. just six months after 20-year-old richard shoup walked through the same plaza firing a semi-automatic weapon before turning it on himself. >> people were running. crazy, you know, because we heard like, three, four shootings. >> reporter: overnight, police still taking no chances. combing through shops and department stores before giving the all clear. and police say nothing suspicious was found. we're told a few people were hurt, though, while running out. those injuries are not serious. dan? >> justifiably jumpy. thank you, marci, appreciate it. new evidence in the hot air balloon disaster in virginia. the pictures are horrifying. the balloon catching fire after hitting a power line. all three people on board killed. this morning, the search is on for one of the remaining victims and for answers.
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susan saulny is on the ground. good morning to you susan. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we learned that the passengers on this ride were taking a break from a nearby university where they were beloved members of the athletic staff. overnight, new details emerging about the passengers aboard this ill-fated hot air balloon, sweeping into live utility wires before being engulfed in flames. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the passengers on board, two friends. both members of the athletic staff at university of richmond. ginny doyle, associate head women's basketball coach. and natalie lewis, the director of basketball operations. >> we have now located two of the occupants from the hot air balloon. >> reporter: in a statement, to abc news, university officials confirming that doyle and lewis took flight together at the mid-atlantic ballooning festival on friday evening. adding words can not begin to express our sorrow. >> we could see the two passengers inside of it.
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>> reporter: this morning, federal investigators are digging into the balloon's maintenance records and the pilot's history. as search teams resume combing the densely wooded area for the third victim. lewis' parents not giving up hope. the search continues for our beloved daughter. we remain hopeful. and ask for your continued prayers. family members identified the pilot as daniel kirk. according to kirk's website, he had more than two decades of experience. even owned his own tour company. eyewitnesses said after the balloon smashed into the power lines, kirk made several last-ditch efforts to save the craft. one festivalgoer said the fire seemed to burn too quickly out of control. >> it took me a minute to realize what it was. about that time, it burst into flames. >> reporter: while the search continues for the third body, the festival has announced it's setting up a memorial fund for all the victims' families. >> a community certainly grieving this morning. susan, thank you.
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now to a powerful voice being added to the huge chorus to free the nigerian schoolgirls. kidnapped by terrorists. pope francis tweeting let us all join in prayer for the immediate release of the schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria. #bringbackourgirls. let's get the latest from abc news chief legal correspondent martha raddatz who is hosting "this week" from washington. good morning to you, martha. we know the u.s. is sending experts to help in the search. how big of a setback is it that nigeria waited three weeks to publicly acknowledge that the kidnappings happened? >> it's really a huge setback, bianna. they were not looking for the girls. there was nothing up in the sky. no eyes in the skies. no human intelligence. meanwhile, the groups of girls have probably broken up. some crossed the border. it's really, really a set back. it makes it much, much more difficult. >> what kind of help can we expect the u.s. to provide? and in the end, martha, what are the odds the girls will be found? >> we have learned a defense official has told me that we are
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sending eyes in the skies, the surveillance-type aircraft towards nigeria as soon as nigeria asks for that, the u.s. will be willing to help. we do have the support teams on in the ground. no real boots on the ground. the odds that they'll be found get more difficult every day. but no one is giving up hope. >> so sad to hear. of course the kidnappings have enraged the global community. martha, thank you. and happy mother's day to you, by the way. >> you, too. >> you should join martha later on abc's "this week." her guests today include chuck hagel, secretary of defense and florida's, marco rubio. big show for her this morning. >> really hope the new american assets help in that search. moving on now, we have rare and exclusive insight into the mind of the man who runs the cia. jorge ramos from our sister network, fusion, sitting down with cia director john brennan. take a look. >> you have said also that al al qaeda has been tough to find. can you rule out another 9/11?
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are you worried about that? in other words, what keeps you awake at night? >> if you asked americans on 9/11 could we keep this from happening again in the next ten years? they would have said no. this agency has done remarkable work since 9/11 to stop al qaeda in its tracks, from being able to repeat what happened on 9/11. we worked with the fbi, the department of defense, others, state and local officials. to prevent that from happening. >> it has been tested you say? >> it has. al qaeda is still a threat. terrorist organizations that are associated with al qaeda and some that are not are still trying to do harm to americans overseas as well as here. >> you can see jorge's full interview with the cia director this tuesday night at 10:00 on "america" with jorge ramos on our sister network, fusion. >> we rarely see the cia director speaking so candidly. meanwhile, to ron with the other headlines this morning. hey, ron. >> happy mother's day, bianna golodryga.
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>> thank you. >> dan, hi, good morning to you. sara. >> i have a chihuahua. >> well, happy mother's day to you, too, sara. good morning. we begin in ukraine. they're voting on an independent referendum. the voting is under way. in the eastern part of that country in the area at the center of the recent violent pro russian insurgency. the vote on autonomy. in two regions with large ethnic russian populations. that vote is going forward. despite calls from ukraine and russia not to hold the vote. meanwhile, president putin took time off from politics for a friendly game of hockey. putin's team, imagine this, they crushed their opponents, 21-4. putin scored six of those points. i'm guessing he was never cross checked in that match. >> can you imagine being the goalie? >> exactly. >> oops, he scored again. tense moments in a little league game in san antonio, texas. as a small plane appeared to be headed right at the playing field, sending terrified players running for cover.
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abc's correspondent michelle franzen has more on the story. >> reporter: this morning, parents and little league players in san antonio, texas, are breathing a big sigh of relief after a small plane came within 40 feet of crashing on a baseball field during a game. >> it was scary. i was thinking it was going to hit me. >> reporter: the chilling near miss shocked the players and coaches who watched as the troubled plane headed their way. >> we saw the plane come down sideways and land in the parking lot. >> looked at the coaches. they were like, look out. >> reporter: the pilot was coming in for a landing at a nearby airport when the plane's engine lost power. forcing the pilot to go down. >> it made a couple divots in the gravel, spun quickly to the left and hit a fence. >> reporter: police say the pilot was alert and talking. and parents are calling him a hero. >> the pilot did an excellent job of getting the plane down without injuring the kids playing.
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>> reporter: the ntsb will investigate the exact cause of the crash. for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news. new york. >> thanks, michelle. and the final unidentified human remains from the 9/11 attacks in new york city were transported to the world trade center site on saturday. in a quiet procession. they will be placed in an underground repository at the memorial museum. a move that has outraged some family members of victims. protesters say it's disrespectful to place the underground resting place at a tourist destination. check this one out. a routine traffic stop took a bizarre and dangerous turn in iowa. the officer pulled over a driver wednesday night when -- timber, check this out. a tree came crashing down on the vehicle and the officer. another officer in the patrol call called for help. officer jeremy beech said just bad weather had nothing to do with it, maybe some bad luck, or maybe good luck since he only
7:15 am
suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt in that intriguing incident there. and finally. what a night for a texas teenager. mike ramirez asked houston texans football team cheerleader caitlin rasmussen to the prom on twitter. the proposal went viral. when she said it would go if it got 10,000 retweets. it did. she made good on her promise. the prom couple went to the crosby high school prom. wearing matching red. and sartorial trip du jour, when you take a cheerleader on a date or in the prom, always bring out the red jacket. >> he looked very dapper. ron would know. >> yet another installment of life lessons from uncle ron. >> wear the red jacket when you take the cheerleader. >> writing that down. red jacket. thank you, ron. moving on. well now to a pro football first. an openly gay player drafted by an nfl team. the st. louis rams making history picking michael sam in
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the seventh round, close to the end of the draft last night. and abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> the st. louis rams select michael sam, defensive end, missouri. >> reporter: this is the moment michael sam, the first openly gay player in nfl history, got the news he would now be a st. louis ram. kissing his boyfriend on national television, as sam learned he was picked in the seventh round of the nfl draft. >> this is a first. it's the first in the nfl. >> reporter: sam, shortly after, tweeting his excitement. donning a rams cap and thanking the team and the city. thank you to the rams and the whole city of st. louis. i'm using every ounce of this to achieve greatness. sam telling robin roberts he wasn't worried about his place in the draft. despite the controversy on his publicly coming out in february. >> i came out to my team in august during camp. and, they didn't have a problem with it. >> reporter: at the time, commentators speculating he may not be drafted at all. >> there's going to be teams
7:17 am
that are not going to draft this player. >> reporter: one team that is not worried, sam's now fellow st. louis rams. cornerback, jenkins tweeting, welcome to the squad. rams nation accepts you for who you are. >> in one of the most powerful conferences in college football, he was the best defensive player. he clearly deserved to be drafted. there were going to be questions as to why he wasn't. >> reporter: while many fixated on his face this weekend. >> listen to the crowd. >> reporter: now that the nfl draft is complete, for the players, it's time to focus on the field. where championships are won. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> such a great story. we spend so much time talking about bullying. in schools and across the nation. when you see his teammates embrace him the way they have. >> it was great. that tweet from his teammate was great. >> we may see this in hindsight as a big moment in america. overnight, a huge and hilarious sendoff for one of our own, barbara walters making a surprise appearance on "snl," "saturday night live" a show
7:18 am
that's spoofed her for decades. as she prepares to step down after 50 years of award-winning reporting, she is now demonstrating that she's also got a sense of humor. sara haines is all over the story. good morning. >> good morning. for all the fun we have had watching them play barbara over the years, there is nothing quite as funny as when the real deal makes a cameo. grabbing the last laugh. "snl's" very special guest. >> i'm barbara wawa. >> reporter: no, not gilda radner. >> it's barbara. >> reporter: or rachel dratch. >> the sangria was flowing -- >> reporter: or cheri oteri. >> and now, please welcome, barbara walters. >> reporter: in the flesh. barbara walters on "weekend update" to turn the tables on the show. that has poked fun at the legendary journalist and made it an art form. >> i'm a serious person. i'm not like some fake anchor like -- you or colin. >> reporter: revealing that
7:19 am
often imitated delivery is not her real voice at all. >> this is my real voice. hello, i'm baba wawa. >> reporter: and her signature soft focus, the secret is out. >> an interview with the president. an interview with the kardashians. yes. president. kardashian. are you ready? >> reporter: and the key to all the great interviews? great questions. >> do not be afraid to ask the tough questions. like -- if you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be? or, your place or mine, brokaw? >> reporter: and what about her most famous skill? >> shoot. i wasn't going to cry here. >> reporter: faucet-flowing tears. >> nothing brings in the viewers like seeing a celebrity reduced to tears. you may think, oh, i'm really feeling bad for them. but all i'm thinking is,
7:20 am
ka-ching. >> there it is. barbara walters. >> the best way to end that sketch, ka-ching. nothing better than a person who can poke fun at themselves. >> absolutely. she's making fun of herself. but there's nobody that grows up wanting to be a journalist in this country who doesn't look up to her no matter your gender. >> what a legend. >> so wonderful that this building is going to be named after her. >> that's coming up. one of in the great parts of making it here, you get to say barbara walters is our colleague. >> there is no better feeling than getting an e-mail from her. you see her name in your inbox. what? oh, my goodness. >> as long as she likes you. >> i love that ka-ching. thanks, sara. let's get back to erin little from our station in kansas city with a look at the weather across the nation. erin? good morning to you, bianna. >> the same storm system that gives us the threat of severe weather today bringing snowfall and plenty of it across areas of the rockies where they could
7:21 am
easily pick up a foot or two. denver metro, under winter storm warnings. talking about upwards of 5 to 10 inches of snow on the way for this mother's day. this storm system is so massive, stretching all the way out to the west coast. warm, windy conditions fueling the fire danger again for today. now, let me leave you on a good note. let's talk about some warm air working its way through areas of the southeast for today. toward the northeast. we were dodging thunderstorms yesterday. it's going to be dry, ideal for mother's day. if you don't have plans outside with mom yet, you better make some toward the northeast. 79 in new york city. 81 for d.c. areas toward orlando and miami, upper 80s today. isolated storms. a potential toward the southeast. as we're heading towards this afternoon. that's a look at the nation's forecast.
7:22 am
>> and bianna, we'll have more on the nation's weather coming up in our next half hour. back over to you. >> erin, thank you. happy mother's day to you, as well. i'm sorry i didn't say it earlier. >> sara felt badly she's never gotten an e-mail from barbara walters. can we arrange that? >> i'm waiting by my computer, barbara. >> she responded to an e-mail i sent. let's just clarify. she didn't initiate it. i haven't reached that level yet. >> thank you for feeling sorry for me. >> there's a few days left. coming up on "good morning america," a hero mom speaks out. how she made a death-defying jump with her baby in her arms. to escape a raging apartment fire. and this feels like a good day to bring back our mom testers.
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happy mother's day. i love you, mommy. >> happy mother's day to my best friend and biggest role model. i love you so much, mom. >> happy mother's day, mom. >> happy mother's day. we love you. >> we love you, mom. >> we love you, mom. >> there's no greater joy than hearing kids like that express their love. and appreciate you. >> does jake say that to you? >> almost. happy mother's day. i should have brought in a picture of what he made for me. at school, the footprints made into a butterfly. it said happy mother's day. it was very cute. >> that must have been great tracking the paint all over in the house. >> that was at school. the paint stayed at school, not at home. moving on, coming up on this mother's day, a special edition of our series, "mom testers." we recruited three moms to try out some of those as-seen-on-tv products. including something called -- the veggetti.
7:31 am
there's also a product to make footprints into paintings but we'll show you that as well. the big reveal coming up. first, the mom who quite literally took a leap of faith to save her baby. she jumped out of three stories out of her burning apartment building, cradling her kid in her arms. >> and now, on this mother's day, she's talking about her heroic life or death split decision to abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: this morning, a boston area mother is thankful to be alive after having to jump to safety with her 18-month-old son from her burning apartment. >> i just knew we were going to die or get out of there. >> reporter: from her hospital bed, christina simoes is speaking out for the first time. recounting the terrifying moments her third floor apartment overcome by a raging fire and having to make the split-second decision between life and death. >> once i got to the window,
7:32 am
looked down, i knew what i had to do. i just did it. >> reporter: her son cameron's safety was her number one priority. >> there's no way my life would be more valuable than his. he's my number one. >> reporter: after making the more than 30-foot leap, unable to get up, she told cameron to go look for help. >> i kept telling him to run. >> reporter: the fall shattered her vertebrae, leaving her paralyzed. after enduring hours of surgery, family members said late last night, they may have seen her toes wiggle. cameron's father, tyler, says he's grateful both mother and child are alive. >> now i get to be with our son and her for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: she says faced with the choice again, she would jump in a heartbeat. >> all of this, all in the pain, everything i have to go through is worth it to see him be able to run around and to play. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york.
7:33 am
>> really hope she makes a full recovery. >> incredible story. now let's get an update of the morning's other top headlines with ron. hey, ron. hi, again, bianna and dan. >> good morning, everyone. panic at a crowded mall in new jersey. shoppers at new jersey's garden state plaza scrambling for cover on saturday after reports of gunfire. police armed with assault rifle evacuated the crowded mall. smoke from a car fire in the parking lot sent shoppers running. in the chaos, people knocked over displays. which some people thought were gunshots. new details about passengers on this ill-fated hot air balloon that hit a live utility wire before becoming engulfed in flames. ginny doyle and natalie lewis were members of the staff at the university of richmond. the balloon was piloted by daniel kirk. virginia state police recovered two bodies of victims so far. and what a sight at the vatican. 300,000, 300,000 schoolchildren packed st. peter's square to see pope francis, the pontiff riding in the pope mobile. as you see there.
7:34 am
he veered away from his route to personally greet as many of those kids as possible. finally an out of this world commencement speech. nasa astronaut and uconn alumnus rick mastracchio addressed the engineering school's graduates. from the international space station. he got in some flip in the commencement speech. he'll be headed back to earth later this week. >> he didn't bother to wear shoes for the speech. >> he took his shoes off. >> you don't have to dress up there. >> can i say happy mother's day to my mother? it's too late. i just did. now i'm giving her a shoutout. talk to you later. >> hi, mom. >> that is your prerogative as the news anchor. we also say happy mother's day to your mom. >> thanks very much. and erin little is here from our station in kansas city. back to the national forecast. good morning, once again. >> ron's giving a shoutout to his mom. i'm giving a shoutout to my dad this morning. we got lots of reports of those severe weather issues across
7:35 am
kansas and missouri. one of the first pictures i saw yesterday afternoon, from my own dad. look at this. in buckner, missouri. can you believe this? areas east of kansas city. the beginning of the storm that did lots of destruction. dad, way to go. so proud of you. and that was just the beginning of active weather across the area's midsection yesterday. you can hear the hail. upwards of grapefruit-sized hail across areas of missouri yesterday afternoon. some of the folks navigating the way yesterday. we'll watch out for the threat of widespread severe weather again for today. we had the elevated risk. a higher alert for areas of the country. kansas, through omaha, down through des moines. specifically, they're watching out for risk of tornadic weather. from that to warmth over the west. look at these temperatures. 95 in l.a. this week. that's a look at your nation's forecast.
7:36 am
>> and this weather report brought to you by milo's kitchen. dan and bianna, back to you. >> thank you. coming up here on "gma." you've seen it on tv. the perfecter fusion styler. can it do everything it claims? i've been using this product for years. check out what our mom testers are saying this morning. >> and maybe dan will test it on bianna. and spring's newest edition. the babies making their debut. another way to celebrate mother's day in "pop news." i'm their mom at the playground and i'm his mom at the dog park. the kids get trail mix, and here's what you get after a full day of chasing that cute little poodle from down the street. mm hmm delicious milo's kitchen chicken meatballs. they look homemade, which he likes almost as much as making new friends
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healthy meal, or trying to look your best, those as-seen-on-tv products make huge promises, but the question is, do they deliver? becky worley has more. from the mom testers. >> reporter: breakfast in bed. a bouquet of roses. introducing the veggetti. or oddly-named infomercial product. >> good morning, america. >> reporter: our unique mother's day tradition is back. >> are you ready for that? >> yes. >> reporter: we have given moms three as-seen-on-tv products. will these products make them go -- >> wow. >> reporter: or leave them -- >> mom disappointed. >> reporter: our moms are new york's jessica smith, mom of three. texas' carrie hamilton with two girls and l.a.'s tisha greene. mom of one. first up -- >> it's the wow cup. >> kids can roll, jump or spin and the drink always stays in. >> maybe it will wow us. >> pour a little bit of liquid in. >> close the lid. >> reporter: our moms put the wow cup to work. >> turn it over. nothing happens.
7:42 am
>> up and down. good. >> reporter: the kids took it for a spin. literally. >> no spill. >> definitely mom approved. >> reporter: the wow cup lived up to its name. earning a unanimous mom approved. next up this mother's day, we decided to give our moms the gift of glam. >> the incredible perfecter fusion styler. if you can brush your hair, you can perfect it. ♪ >> i need something to do with my hair. >> reporter: the perfecter styler tamed jessica's mane. >> it's working well. >> reporter: for tisha, it created curls. >> it's got a finished curl. >> reporter: it paled in comparison to their usual tool. >> it doesn't grip your hair as much as i would like it. >> i don't prefer this small rolling brush. >> it does leave some curl. >> reporter: for carrie and her girls, the curls came easy. >> ow, ow, ow. >> reporter: but so did the tangles. the manufacture says that it is sorry for this negative experience. they quote pride ourselves on
7:43 am
doing our best to help customers how to effectively use our products and will gladly assist them to have more positive interactions in the future. for our moms, the perfecter fusion styler was not perfect. it earned three moms disappointed. finally, a nice healthy mother's day dinner. >> it's veggetti time. >> reporter: it's what? >> veggetti. the fast easy way to turn veggies into spaghetti in seconds. >> push and twist. literally, like a pencil sharpener. >> reporter: it was a superslicer. >> it makes it look pretty. >> reporter: after a little cooking time. >> that's what it looks like. >> reporter: would the kids reject the veggies in disguise? >> you like it? >> i like it. >> fuhgeddaboutit. >> a thumb's up. from this mom and her daughter. >> reporter: the veggetti earns our second unanimous mom approved.
7:44 am
so, in the age old tradition of moms tricking their kids into eating their vegetables, i'll be making veggetti for dinner tonight, too. so bianna, to you, our mom testers, my own peach of a mom. happy mother's day everyone out there. man, do we earn this holiday or what? >> we sure do. happy mother's day to you. and what kind of mother's day gift did we give you to wake up at 3:30 this morning? i'm obsessed with the wow cup. ron, not so much? >> it's like a lid, isn't it? >> ron couldn't get the lid off. on his own. it's child proof. >> ron's more interested in what's in the cup. >> whoa. >> and it flies, too. >> wow. >> all right. coming up on this edition of "good morning america" -- "gma" viewers showing their love this mother's day. so sweet. with much more to come. no more fighting, guys. no more fighting, guys. be our guest! be our guest! let our magic do the rest!
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♪ ♪ ♪ all right. time for "pop news." over to sara. >> first up, the music mogul who goes by p-diddy or puff daddy. now you can call him dr. combs. the music mogul has added the new moniker to his collection after receiving an honorary doctorate from howard university. diddy or dr. combs gave the commencement speech and has already immortalized several key moments from his speech on instagr instagram. don't be afraid to close your eyes and dream and then open your eyes and see. wise words to live by from dr. combs. the only way i'll ever be called doctor is with an honorary doctorate. >> you never know. >> maybe. >> when it happens, you'll always address me as dr. haines. we can all dream. next up, and just in time for mother's day. two adorable babies. the first one, a giraffe. called nasha at the cincinnati zoo.
7:50 am
just a week and half old, she made her debut after spending time bonding with her mom, tessa. so happy mother's day to tessa. and in providence, rhode island, the adorable tree kangaroo. the first to be born at the roger williams park zoo in 20 years. every baby, so adorable. >> that face. >> how cute is that? >> pretty cute. >> it's almost as cute as my chihuahua. ridiculously cute. and a big happy mother's day -- since ron did it, i'm doing it. happy mother's day to my mom. and all the moms watching. we've received so many wonderful photos and messages about your mom. first up, this beautiful photo sent in by brenda, of her mom, alma, and the grandkids. from weslaco, texas. next up, from east moline, illinois. her mom is graduating with her associate's degree next week end. so congratulations. here's rashad from pittsburgh with his mom, kimberly.
7:51 am
another one from summer who says she loves her mom with all her heart. cat says her mom is the hardest working person she knows. it's something that comes to mind when you think of moms. they're the hardest working people. >> so selfless. >> selfless and amazing. speaking of moms. >> bianna is going to keep on going. we are just awesome. so great. a big thank you to pro flowers for the beautiful mother's day flowers that dan and ron claimed they gave us earlier this morning. >> false. >> we called them up. >> you did. you didn't. and these delicious chocolate covered straw berries from shari's ber ris. how amazing do these look? >> check it out. >> i'm not a mom, but i'm going to have this. we'll give you a verdict after the break. keep it here for more "gma." "gma." always-puts-herself-last mom... don't-mess-with-my-mom mom... liking-everything-i-share- on-facebook mom...
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let's give a shoutout to erin for mentioning your dad.
7:56 am
we talked about moms all day. you gave a shoutout to your dad this morning. >> i know. >> that storm chaser. >> great to have you here this weekend. >> thank you. >> great job. thanks for watching. happy mother's day. david muir is here with the news later tonight. with the news.
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starting right now on abc's "this week" -- desperate search. the clock is ticking in the frantic hunt for hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls. did the nigerian government ignore the warnings? this morning, brand-new details. including the latest from the secretary of defense. rocky week. the benghazi fire storm reignites. and monica lewinsky reappears. will it take a toll on hillary's plans for 2016? plus, senator marco rubio. can the one-time tea party star still win over the gop? we're on the trail in new hampshire. >> do you think you're ready to be president? >> i do. from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now. good morning. i'm martha raddatz.


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