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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 11, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks four joining us on this sunday, mother's day, may 11th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning. happy mother's day. live doppler 7hd nice and clear 67 we have wind out there that's warming us up already. santa rosa c crews, it looks nice there. 75 but a gusty north wind, up to 30 miles an hour by the delta. 66 in livermore. it is 61 in santa rosa. hilltop winds up to 28 miles an hour. it will stay windy up in the hills and at the coast but the wind dials back a bit in the bay. we be into the 70ths by noon, 80
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by 4:00. mid-7050s around bit with 60s at the coast. today a modest warmup, still breezy, and tomorrow less wind and more heat. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. >> we have an officer involved shooting that is being investigated that happened last night. officers spotted someone driving a vehicle that had been stolen. when officers tried to stop the driver, he rammed two patrol cars. investigators say one of the officers, fearing for her safety, then shot the man. he was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. a female passenger in the suspect's vehicle has been taken into custody. >> developing news out of oakland where five people are hospitalized follow a roll over crash near mills college. it happened just after 2:00 this
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morning on seminary avenue near outlook avenue near the east side of the campus. the car hit several trees before rolling over and trapping four of the five people inside. the fifth person was able to get out and was found several blocks away. this accident is under investigation. a police chase ended with a crash along a freeway in the east bay. it happened about 10:00 last night on northbound interstate 880 near marina boulevard in san leandro. the alameda county sheriff's office said the driver refused to stop after officers tried to stop the car for speeding. deputies captured two people who ran away. one managed 20 escape. deputies also found two guns inside the car. a fundraiser is underway for the family of a man killed last week in san jose, and those responsible for organizing the fundraiser are the ones looking for the killer.
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lisa amin gulezian ga has the details. >> this family is heartbroken. losing the 37 year old father of two has been devastating. i spoke with the family through the help of an interpreter. >> she's not angry, she's just sad that this happened to her and taking away her husband and taking away the father of her child. >> lam was shot tuesday after an apparent case of road wage. -- be rage. he died at the hospital. lam worked 7 days a week, 17 hour days as a bus driver so his wife could stay home and take care of their two young sons. the oldest son has a severe case of autism. >> i have a soft core in my body when you see this. >> this officer has two kids of his own. after hearing about tuesday tragedy, he knew he had to help so he launched the online fundraising campaign and in less than 24 hours he's raised.
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$10,000. >> they aren't living in luxury housing or anything like that. and special needs for the seven-year-old, especially him. he needs constant care. these days all that fills the house is sorrow. may is typically a month of celebrations. there's now a new plan for mother's day. >> we will gather around here at night and eating dinner, mother's day with him. >> lam's funeral will take place may 16th. it would have been his 38th birthday. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. san francisco police want to find the person who drove away after hitting a man near city hall. it happened just before 8:00 last night at golden gate and vanness avenues. the victim was crossing against a red light. he is expected to survive. >> there was a chain reaction crash in san francisco's mission
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district yesterday morning. the driver of this nissan ultima drove right into a construction zone on folsom near 23rd street, taking out a giant orange arrow sign and a porta-potty. the contents flowed down the street, creating a smelly health hazard in the neighborhood and three parked cars were also hit. >> i am like, are you serious? we just fixed this month about a month ago. that just was the killer part about it, you know what i mean? i mean, mother's day is coming up tomorrow and this is how we are going to celebrate it? >> the driver has been cited for not having a license or insurance, and could face reckless driving charges. president obama is offering his congratulations to michael sam, the first openly gay player in the nfl. the st. louis rams selected sam in the seventh round of the draft. abc7 news reporter nick smyth has more on the reaction. >> 6'2", 255-pound sam was
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considered a mid-to late-round pick, far from a sure thing to be drafted. the question is about whether or not he would make the cut and it was answered on the third and final day. >> the st. louis rams select michael sam, defensive end. >> the st. louis rams are a team right down the road from where sam played college ball at the university of missouri and where he came out to his team and coaches before his final college season and where he earned sec defensive player of the year. >> thank you. >> the tears started as soon as sam got off of the phone. he gave his boyfriend a big kiss and a long hug. many see his entry into the nfl. as a huge step of integration of gay men into public sports. -- into professional sports. this man, who also came out as publicly game, spoke before his playoff game. >> it's a great day for the nfl
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and for michael and his family. >> football fans in san francisco's castro district believes this moment is long overdue. >> it's the last wall we have to break so everyone can realize i am myself and i love it. >> this is remarkable to me. i never thought i would see this. i cried when he got drafted. >> rams coach jeff fischer said the only thing that matters to him and to his team is the ability of the player. >> that's a football player with ability this you just can't pass up. >> the challenges for sam aren't over. many sports analysts believe the passion with which he plays the game is not enough to overcome his size, which some consider to be small for a defensive end in the nfl. in the newsroom, nick smyth, abc7 news. anywheres, workers and patients are working on a plan to keep a hospital from closing their doors. people who turned out yesterday said they would ask for help from the contra costa board of supervisors on tuesday.
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thursdays say the closer will have a devastating impact on their patients. >> for poor people who do not have transportation, they stick around. and unfortunately life will be lost. >> last week voters rejected a partial tax measure to fund the hospital. the hospital is currently losing more than $1 million a month. >> organizers are hoping bay area residents will turn out in force again today to save the life of a 7-year-old boy battling leukemia. list name is baylor fredrickson, and his fight is especially challenging because he's multi-ethnic. his parents are japanese and german. so for a search for a mixed-race bone marrow match has come up empty. yesterday people from all over went to the bone marrow drive to see if they are a match for the young boy. >> anybody and everybody should come out and be a part of the program. just because you never know.
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you never know what's going to happen down the road. you never know -- yeah. we never expected this to happen to us. >> baylor endured chemotherapy two years ago. they thought it eradicated the leukemia, but it returned and now a bone marrow transplant is the only other option. another drive will be held today at the gardens, heather farm and walnut creek, during the mother's day stroll from 11 to 4. >> strong winds blew across the bay area yesterday. you see just how gusty it was in san francisco. it was so bad part of the great highway was shut down yesterday afternoon because all of that sand was blowing across the road. no word on when it will reopen. the wind caused some scary moments a few miles away at harding park golf course. a tree branch fell on to a minivan just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. everyone in the car got out okay. and an entire tree fell on east
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17th street in oakland. part of that tree knocked out a power line near the san antonio recreation center, but electricity has since been restored. >> windy again today but not quite so? >> right. windsurfers like it, mothers probably don't like it. this shot showing what a beautiful start it is out there. still breezy but the winds are coming out of the north. that aids our warmup and enjoy today because it's going to get quite hot around here. your forecast is coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a chihuahua recovering after an unusual rescue on interstate 680. we will hear from the man who saved the day. and the special day planned for more than 500 courageous kids battling cancer.
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>> welcome back, 9:14. happy mother's day. this is a live look from our santa cruz cam. what are you waiting for? this is a great beach day. the highs should be around 78 degrees and then ready, set, go for super-heated temperatures later on this week. lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. >> this morning rescue efforts are set to resume in hopes of finding three men missing after a speedboat capsized at folsom lake in sacramento county.
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dive teams searched until daylight faded last night but were unsuccessful. the men were believed to be aboard when they were thrown into the water just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. >> the judge in the case over access to a san mateo county beach has ordered a silicon valley billionaire, neno, to testify when trial resumes in redwood city tomorrow. at issue, a private road that leads to martin's beach, just south of half moon bay. that road is the only way to access the secluded beach by land. it was closed by him, who owns the property. the suit filed by the foundation claims the venture capitalist did not obtain the proper permits to close the road and argues that's a violation of the california coastal act. two dogs that got loose in an east bay neighborhood and bit man and woman earlier this month will be euthanized. the attacks happened on may 1st in brentwood on hudson drive and nunn street. our media partner, "the contra costa times" reports the
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dogs, a pit bull and a labrador retriever, have been held in quarantine since the attacks. they will be put down tomorrow. authorities say it was the owner's decision to have the dogs euthanized. new details are emerging about a tiny chihuahua rescued friday from the median of a bay area freeway. the dog is now in the custody of the the contra costa animal care shelter in martinez. highway patrol officers found her on the concrete median of interstate 680. that was in walnut creek on friday. the man said he tried everything to keep her from running into traffic from using a bag of trail mix to calm her down. >> to try to keep her calm so it wouldn't attempt to run from us and be afraid of us, which is why i went to food to see if i could get him on my side. >> edmunds and a fellow officer were successful.
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of course, we see them there. they stayed with the dog until animal control arrived. frightened, but otherwise in the chihuahua is still frightened, but otherwise in good health. already people are calling with adoption offers. >> animals being rescued in situations like this, they garner a lot of attention, they garner, i call them, overnight celebrity status. this animal, she's certainly a celebrity at this point. >> she is a celebrity. they are waiting to see if the dog's owner comes forward before they put her up for adoption. investigators say they still don't know how the dog got on that freeway median. an 11-year-old south bay boy born with a rare heart condition is on a quest to beat the odds again by getting a black belt. he has been studying mixed martial arts since he was 7 years old. this, despite being born with half a heart and having undergone three open heart surgeries. according to our media partner, the contra costa times, he took
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the test yesterday to see if he qualifies for a first degree black belt. and he will find out the results in about a week. happening today, more than 500 children battling cancer will take a special trip to california's great america for the 25th annual courageous kids day. the kids will take rides at the park, have a picnic lunch and visit with snoopy and other mascots. the event is organized by the american cancer society for children ages 18 and under who have undergone cancer treatment in northern california. today's event runs from eleven. to two. they will probably have a very nice day out there. >> yes, climbing to the 70s in vallejo. getting warmer around the bay, but compared to yesterday it was pretty cool. winds gusty and the temperatures below average. today it's all about the north wind. you are feeling it already. it is warming us up. it has mixed out the atmosphere and the warmer weather from the
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upper levels is pushing down into the lower levels today. we call that subsidence and high pressure. as it builds off sore it continues to warm up and gets going tomorrow into the middle of the week. the sutro tower camera, beautiful start. well into the 630s. half moon bay, good morning. 64. san francisco, we are looking at a nice day today, although your winds out of the northwest. up to 20 to 25 miles an hour. will keep it just at about 70 degrees. here as much as ate or nine degrees warmer in santa cruz. it is 66 in livermore. north winds gusting to 35 miles an hour in fairfield. allowing for your temperature to be in the 60s, but it is getting quite breezy in the valley. we will look for our winds to continue, as well, at the coast. it will be nice around the bay. boy, we are going to be wishing for that wind come tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday. look how much warmer we are compared to yesterday. 2 to 11 degrees of warming.
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that's all due to the wind shift. here's a look at san jose. clear and breezing. this morning another warm day on tap today. we will call it warmer than yesterday for mother's day. should be the nicest day of the week because after today it is going to get quite warm around here. unless you are at the coast tomorrow and into tuesday. we are talking 80s and 90s for everyone. hilltop winds over 28 miles an hour from mount cam to our east bay hills out of the north. that's the key. but today notice the yellow. now that's the very gusty winds. they will be from the san mateo coast southward and then they continue to build along the coast this afternoon. so still 30 to 35 mile-an-hour winds here but the rest of the bay about 15 to 25 miles an hour. then look what happens. they pretty much go away. and by tomorrow with the offshore flow we've got a light breeze out there. no red flag warnings here but in southern california, due to low relative humidity and the winds gusting to 50 miles an hour, they have the red flag warnings
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going. should be 80 loss got, to 78 in san jose on the peninsula. here's where we have the breezy winds. mid-60s half moon bay n the sunset all the way through the upper 60s. 71 downtown. still pretty windy for the afternoon at our beaches. 9 in sonoma. look for upper 70s calistoga and out over the hills mid-#* 70 he is in oakland today. should be nice. you see the orange moving into this area and that means a warmer day with 82 concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows today with 70s and 80s around the bay, above average. tomorrow we bring you about 90 inland. tuesday and wednesday maybe some heat advisories and perhaps some record. it's not until thursday the coast cools. everyone else won't cool until friday. we will let you know how warm it will take my bicycle your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live
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doppler 7hd. things could change. we could get a red flag warning. but we are drying out quickly. >> no matter what, there is high fire danger throughout so people beware. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. the abc7 news eye i-team is preparing an unpress deportationed look inside the dark net. you can't get there by google. it's an enormous challenge for law enforcement. one dark net user who buys psychedelic drugs there told the i-team he's not even concerned about getting caught. >> do you have to worry that it's police who are setting up an account? >> not really. honestly it's never crossed by mind because i don't think the police have the knowledge -- enough knowledge to do this kind of stuff. >> dan noyes takes you to a law enforcement center on the dark net as they struggle to learn this new technology. he has the first interview with the navy researcher who wrote
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the program that makes it all possible. that's tomorrow on abc7 news. next on the abc7 sunday morning news, giving thanks to mom. the unusual things these kids are thankful for on mother's day.
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t's the pete in today's economy?r kidse woman: a well-rounded education that focuses on science, math, and career training for students who don't choose college. man: and that's exactly what superintendent of public education tom torlakson has been working on. woman: because every student needs the real world skills for the jobs of tomorrow.
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man: torlakson's career readiness initiative is helping schools expand job and technical training across the state because it makes a difference. woman: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for the career and technical training our students need.
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>> one of oracle team usa's catamaran that helped them win the cup last year has a new home. the sky crane helicopter lifted that yacht from its base along i80 into a pond at oracle headquarters at redwood shores. this is video provided to base viewer showing the massive airlift in progress. by yesterday evening the yacht gas moored to its new home on the oracle campus. team usa came from behind to win the last eight races to beat team new zealand on the races held in san francisco bay. today mothers all over the world are being honored by their children. >> thanks, mom. >> thanks, mom. >> for claiming to have a
9:27 am
stomach ache to get a few minutes alone in the bathroom >> for using me as an excuse to get out of social obligations >> for telling me to clean my room even though your room looks like a garbage dump. >> for all the lies you tell me, like disneyland was closed this year, the tv is broken! [laughter] >> that video was posted on by comedian joanna stein, who is known for her mom humor. >> up next on the abc7 sunday morning news, residents in eastern ukraine cast ballots on whether to declare sovereignty. why the much anticipated referendum is not considered legitimate by some. >> also from the intersection of medicine and technology. researchers who are learning how to print out a new organ.
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>> welcome back. happy mothers day!
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we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. san francisco up in the 60s already and oakland at 68. we are in the low 60s. the winds are quite gusty in the higher elevations. that's where the gusts will stay. also developing along the coast today. we will just keep it breezy along the bay, allowing for temperatures to warm up. anywhere from 2 to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. we will have 60s on the coast. the winds will be up to 30 and 35 miles an hour here. but only 15 to 25 miles an hour around the bay. so that brings back more upper 70s and low 80s today. nearly perfect for mother's day. but tomorrow and the week ahead, well above average. we will talk about this in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa. thank you. there are new details this morning. a family member has identified the pilot of that hot-air balloon that crashed in virginia on friday. the father said his son, daniel t kirk, was the pilot.
9:31 am
two beloved members of the university of richmond women's basketball program have been identified as the other two casualties. assistant coach jenne doyle and director of basketball operations nationally lewis were aboard the balloon when it struck a power line and caught fire. this morning federal investigators are digging into the balloon's maintenance record and into pilot kirk's history as they continue combing the wooded area looking for him. investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane it crash in northern arizona, killing one person and injuring five others. that plane carrying french tourists and it crashed while trying to land at an airport in page near the utah border. in all seven people were on board when it hit the ground and flipped over in windy conditions. united airlines says a boeing 757 will undergo a thorough inspection after a flight from los angeles to hawaii had to turn back and make an emergency landing.
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it happened yesterday. united flight 1296 was about 70 minutes into it's journey when the crew reported smoke in the cabin. the plane returned to l.a.x. and passengers were told to put on their oxygen masks and life jackets just in case. two fighter planes escorted the plane back to california. passengers were rebooked on another united flight. >> some debs moments during a little league play in san antonio texas, a a small plane appears to head right toward the playing field, accepting terrified players for cover. we have more. >> this morning parents and little league players in san antonio, texas are breathing a big sigh of relief of a a small plane came within 40 feet of crashing into a baseball field during a game. >> i thought it was going to hit me. >> the chilly, near miss shocked the players and coaches, who
9:33 am
watched as the troubled plane headed their way. >> we looked and saw the plane come down sideways and land in the parking lot. >> looked at the coaches and they were like lookout! >> officers say the pilot was coming in for a landing at the nearby airport when the plane's engine lost power, forcing the pilot to go down. >> it made a couple divots in the gravel, spun quickly to the left and hit a fence. >> the pilot was alert and talking and parents are calling him a hero. >> the pilot did an excellent job in being able to get the plane down without injuring the kids. >> the ntsb will investigate the exact cause of the crash. michelle franson, abc news, new york. >> the pilot who gained game for safely landing a plane on the hudson river was the commencement speaker of a graduation ceremony at a south research university.
9:34 am
sully sullen burger spoke to the students. he is known for safely guide ago u.s. airways flights on to the waters of the hudson back in 2009 after a flock of geese disabled the plane's engines. among those in attendance, a university alum who was a passenger on that plane. developing news, at least 18 people have died after a wall collapsed at a recycling plant in eastern china. three others were hurt. preliminary reports suggest heavy rains may have caused the wall to crush a house for workers where 40 people were gathered. china's eastern coastal and southern regions have been drenched my heavy rains in recent days. voters have gone to the polls in -- voters have gone to the polls in two regions of eastern ukraine to decide on
9:35 am
referendums declaring sovereignty. the ref republican budget proposal dumps are conduct bid pro russian insurgents and they are not regarded as legitimate by the west. the vote comes as both germany and france are refreshing the russian president, vladimir putin, to do more to calm the situation. in the bay area there was a unity rally and a march across golden gate bridge. the group called to an end to violence in the country and in their words urged people to stand up against putin. happening today a group of homeless mothers in the bay area are getting the royal treatment in san francisco. it's all part of the 20th annual mother's day brunch hosted by the hamilton family shelter. moms will receive makeovers and hairstyling before getting on a cable car and heading to the sir francis drake hotel for brunch and a drag queen show. today's event gets underway at 8:30. 5,000 women are gathering in
9:36 am
san francisco this week for the annual professional business women of california conference. pbwc was founded by congresswoman jackie spear. morning news anchor eric thomas spoke with her for the "beyond the headlines" show. congresswoman spear wants women and girls push past personal, economic and social boundaries to achieve 50-50 representation across all industries. anchor cheryl jennings talking by satellite with keynote speaker huffington, whose new book has important lessons for all of us, starting with our health. >> the more we take care of our own humans, the more effective we will be in our work, the more creative and the more able to get the opportunities we may otherwise miss. >> abc7 is proud to be a sponsor.
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the professional business women of california conference is tuesday at moscone center west. for more information you can go to the science of helping people regrow body parts is becoming more real than ever. it was the subject of a conference last week in berkeley. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, it's not all about biology. in fact, there's a team of engineers working on a way to literally print out new organs. >> dog in this video from the north carolina state vet school has something new. >> the bone goes on the inside, and then the skin gets wrapped around the outside. >> a titanium implant this connects an artificial leg directly to the dog's bone. professors are here showing it off at a conference in berkeley. they didn't go out and buy this, they made it on a 3d printer. >> actually purchased one of the first 3d printners the world that's called an electronic beam
9:38 am
melding machine. >> they are using the machine to print out bones and giants for our furry friends. >> you need a total knee replacement and that and not exist for cats. so we designed this unique implant. >> each implant is one-of-a-kind made for the patient and 3d printing lets them make it out. of light, flexible mesh. >> the ben will grow into these measures and fill it in completely and now you have a repair. this will become one with the bone. >> more than just a melding of metal with bone, it's a melding of disciplines. these are engineers attending a conference full of doctors. something that could become a lot more common. >> as engineers we are trained as problem solvers. so we are doctors, but we are trained in very different ways. >> they are tackling a new problem, regrowing soft tissue. yes, that's a human ear or will
9:39 am
be. it's printed out of a rubbery material that stem cells love to grow on with a special 3d printer called a biofilter. >> what you end up after a few months is this organ which is made out of your own cells which is live and functioning. >> it could work for internal organs to fix a damaged windpipe. >> and it can be custom made through the trachea. >> it's already being tested on animals. in berkeley, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> amazing. >> still ahead on the abc7 news, a music collaboration you do not want to miss. how bay area ballet dancers are getting their swag on. and we have a live look in our emeryville cam. a heat wave is coming all over the bay area. today you can just enjoy a very pleasant mother's day. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few. >> the season finale of marvel's agent of shield is tuesday burks you can get a sneak-peek right now on your computer or mobile
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device. to use "watch" go to or download the abc app from your app store.
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>> young people in san francisco net withmer expectative employers during the annual youth resource fair yesterday. the event at pier35 gave people ages 16 through 24 the opportunity to meet with companies that could be hiring. >> i like to work every summer and i'm about to graduate. i like to work extra jobs. >> the 800 here, we hope to get experience for all of them, but this is just the start and the tip of the iceberg. we will be going all summer. >> the fair is part of the
9:43 am
city's program called s. f. summer jobs plus, and the goal is to get 7,000 youth jobs and internships this summer. >> we hope they meet that goal. here's lisa argen with the preview of a warmup. >> feels pretty good out there right now. temperatures in the 60s. a light north wind. here's a look from mt. tam. i imagine lots of bikers here. temperatures will be pretty guys here, barely of 80 degrees. we do have 80s in the forecast today. 90s tomorrow. beach weather for much of the week. we will have the forecast coming up. >> also ahead, the a's now have a three-game winning streak but it took some clutch hit to go beat the nationals. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> if you go to the ballet next weekend in oakland, you will see something quite different. the new season celebrates the
9:46 am
city's diversity, including a dance form created in oakland. ♪ >> it originated in oakland back in the '90s. this dance style known as turfin. it's now moving from the streets to the stage. we are showing the people that it's relevant. turfin has a point in the whole dancing genre. >> they are collaborating with the oakland ballet as part of the ballet's spring season called oaklandesque. >> people get to see the classy side of turfin and the hood side of ballet. >> they have the same coordination and balance that we do as ballet dancers, but they use it in a different way. >> they work a lot with improvising and free styling, so stretched and pulled out of our shells a little bit. >> they are good, man. they have always been good. they just don't know their untapped potential.
9:47 am
♪ >> the unique pairing of sneakers and slippers was the mayor jean quan's idea. she saw this dancing in the rain video that's gone viral on youtube and suggested the collaboration with the oakland ballet. >> i'm hoping it will bring a younger audience to the ballet and put an definite oakland mark, not your grandmother's ballet. >> the idea of bringing them into the studio, learning their style, sharing some of our ballet style with them, it has been a joy. ♪ >> we teasing each other about who knows how to turf dance or not. they are ready for their closeups on may 16th and 17th. show your stuff, lisa. >> it looked fun. i'm sure you were showing your stuff there. i talk to your cameraman about that. good morning. we are looking at a beautiful
9:48 am
day. feeling good. a little breezy. the warm winds will be with us today and they will be gusty again along the coast. tomorrow the winds back off and high pressure continues to build, bringing another heat wave our way almost all week long. here's a look at lake tahoe where the winds are blowing. it's 40 degrees at the tahoe valley airport. itit will be windy today. yesterday they broke a record for trace amounts of snow and today up to 57 degrees. they will see 70s by the middle of the week there. well into the 60s here in oakland. 63 in san jose with mid-60s for gilroy and half moon bay. but the winds are going to be up again, upper 70s later on this afternoon in santa cruz. nice start down there with 57 right now. we're looking at 66 in livermore. napa 64. so everyone really feeling that warmer air this morning. it's in the upper elevations and that's where we have the gusty winds. we will also have gusty winds at the coast. this morning, wow, what a warmup.
9:49 am
2 to 11 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. it had a definite chill to the air yesterday. san jose you will be climbing today, as well. one more day of comfortable weather. record heat is possible tuesday and wednesday. warm and breezy around the bay today. we will look for the winds to continue to back off throughout the afternoon today. but right any in the upper elevations above 1,000 feet, 20 to 25, even 30 mile-an-hour wind gusts. but it won't be until the afternoon when the winds get going along the coast. you can see we still will be looking at some very breezy winds. here is a wind profile that shows that there will be over 30 miles an hour from san francisco to point reyes. but elsewhere around the bay 25 mile-an-hour winds. remember these are warmer winds. they are bringing the warmer air down from the upper elevations down to the surface and by tomorrow things really back off and we have a weak offshore flow. that means low relative humidity, high fire danger. red flag warnings are up in the mountains of southern
9:50 am
california. 80 today for a high there as well as yosemite. 83 in chico and a few 80ths working into our neighborhood. in san jose you will see 80s as soon as tomorrow. how about upper 80s with mid-and upper 90s tuesday, wednesday, even thursday? the sea breeze hits late thursday but you won't feel it. it won't cool off until friday and into next weekend. high temperatures today, we be in the 60s half moon bay, it will be window in san francisco. breezy elsewhere. it will feel pretty good out there. a much more pleasant afternoon for you on mother's day. 81 in livermore. 78 in san jose. you are headed over to oakland this afternoon, mid-and upper 70s for the game today. and the look ahead, the accuweather seven-day forecast with temperatures warming another five to eight degrees tomorrow. it will be a warm one, guy getting hot tuesday. wednesday maybe dangerously hot as the heat works its way to the coastline. we will look for the sea breeze
9:51 am
to come back thursday and allowing for cooler weather friday and saturday. >> a real scorcher this week. >> yes. >> let's check out sports. this afternoon the a's will go for the sweep against the nationals in their interleague series. first pitch at the coliseum 1:05. last night the a's needed some late inning heroics to win their third straight game. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. a little baseball top of the order. a's are in first place in the american league west and have a two-game win streak with the nationals in town. journey rocking the national anthem at the coliseum. a's and nets scoreless until top of the third. danny espinosa hammers this pitch. see ya. 1-0. same inning, former giant kevin frandsen, line drive. two runners score to put washington up 3-0. a's respond bottom of the third. john jayso, the hit to right
9:52 am
center. and same score bottom of nine. a's rally, jed loury double and knocked jayso. next batter, josh donaldson leans into the pitch, gets the hit. leury is waved home on this pitch. throw is cutoff, leury scores, tying up the games. we go extras. bottom of ten, one man on. he rips it all the way to the wall. the outfielder can't get a glove on it. nick punto scores the winning run. what's an a's win without a celebration. he had three hits, including the game winner. 4-3, the final. giants the two game win streak against the dodgers is over. dusty baker in the house on old-timers day in l.a. the top two, hunter pence with the sac fly on scott greinke. scores crawford. beats the throw at home. giants go up 1-0. same inning, buster posey slaps one to right field. the dodgers player dives to stop
9:53 am
it. he manages to keep posey from reaching extra bases but brandon hicks scored. now to the sixth. dodgers down 2-0. starts the comeback. adrian gonzalez hits into a double play. he knocks in gordon. he will reach later to tie the game at two. in the seventh. it was gordon again. a dagger past the leaping panda at third. drew scores. the dodgers first lead of the day. in the eighth, matt kim. a blast. beyond the outstretched arms of hunter pence and the dodgers go on to win it 6-2, your final. the players championship considered a fifth major in golf has the best field in golf this week. seems to be a two-horse race in round with martin and spieth. on the 17th. the shot of the day, stewart second on the par 4 seven. so high the camera loses it. one bounce and in for the eagle. he's six back. john senden in third. three back. 468. and chipped on the rough on nine. gets it to roll into the eagle
9:54 am
but they are chasing martin and jordan. but he bogey 18 and even on the day. spieth had one birdie. needed this long putt at 18 to stay in. is it 11-under. he and his co-leaders heading into today's final round. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day! >> may is asian pacific american heritage month. we are heighting the issues in the bay area's asian community. in today's "beyond the headlines" you will meet three trailblazers who are making a difference. lisa makes sure needy moms have diapers for their babies. marion fights human trafficking and domestic violence and david tells the stories of little-known chinese-american heroes. we hope you will join cheryl jennings and kristen ze for
9:55 am
beyond the headlines right after our newscast here on abc7. up next, the start of the amgen tour of california. when some of the world's best cyclists will be speeding through the bay area.
9:56 am
9:57 am
here the winning numbers from last night's $80 million power ball draw. no one got all six. you still have a chance. wednesday night's jackpot climbs to $90 million. america's most prestigious cycling event kicks off today in sacramento. the amgen tour of california will begin at the steps of the state capital. cyclists will eventually make their way here into the bay area for stage three. that's tuesday. they will start in san jose at lake cunningham regional park and will finish on top of mt. diablo. the tour wraps up may 18th in thousand oaks in southern california.
9:58 am
we talked earlier about just how hot it's going to be for them. >> yeah, timing is everything. tuesday and wednesday the heat really builds around the bay. today just pleasant with a breeze. mid-70s in oakland. it will be windy at the coast. low 70s san francisco. 64 half moon bay. the winds have shifted to a northerly component. and that will aid in a warmup. but tomorrow the wind backs off. a light offshore push. high fire danger and low relative humidity right through the week. sea breeze, it will come back on thursday. but before then we can see plenty of 80s around ocean beach, steinsen beach and heat advisory. it will be warm out there. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day and love to all the mommies in the house!
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>> welcome to "beyond the headlines." i'm cheryl jennings. we have a special roundtable in recognition of asian americans month. in may of


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