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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 13, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings >> see you again at 6:00. tonight health alert for every major airport in america about the dangerous virus overseas. and the search is on for hundreds of people who may be exposed. magic johnson firing back at donald sterling after his random rant about his battle with hiv. real money. the family that owes more than $100,000 and the expert who gives them a trick to cut that debt way down. and cinderella story, a young girl with her emotional song touches millions of people today. a good evening to you on this tuesday night as the united states is trying to stop an invisible enemy from spreading into american cities.
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it is the new and powerful virus called mers. the letters stand for middle east respiratory syndrome and the search is on for hundreds of people who may have been exposed by the two patients in the hospital. tonight the cdc sending this warning to airports around the country telling passengers to wash their hands, not to touch their face. abc's steve osunsami now on this new alert tonight. >> reporter: tonight, health officials are trying to track down more than 500 passengers from at least 20 states. anyone, including crew members, who shared a may 1st flight with that florida patient diagnosed with mers. a new and potentially deadly respiratory disease imported from the middle east. they're posting warnings tonight, at 22 of the nations busiest airports. the infected passenger from saudi arabia, flew into boston, atlanta, and into orlando. where state health departments are warning travelers to look out for flu-like symptoms. >> we travel a lot, so it's very concerning. especially we're going overseas next month.
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>> reporter: at two hospitals in orlando, where the 44-year-old saudi medical worker went for treatment. two healthcare workers who treated him are already showing symptoms. one is hospitalized with what looks like pneumonia. to be safe, the hospitals sent 20 other health care workers home for two weeks. >> i would think we're not going to see the last of this. we're going to see other cases from around the world. >> reporter: so far, two confirmed cases in the u.s. the cdc tells us today that doctors can only treat the symptoms, giving oxygen to help breathing and drugs to break the fever. >> so there's no cure? no treatment really? >> right. there's no treatment. and there's no vaccine we can see for this virus. >> reporter: it's spread to long lasting exposure to someone who is sick. believe it might be the cough that spreads the virus. doctors aren't taking chances wearing special masks, goggles and gloves when they walk into the sick patient's room. when they leave, they take the gear off and throw it away.
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>> steve, what's the condition of the two concerned patients? >> both of those patients are recovering tonight. the first patient from indiana has been sent home. this is still very serious business. 1/3 of the people who have gotten sick have died. >> steve osunsami on the story. thank you, steve. now we head out west to california. nearly 60 million americans under a red flag warning about the drought, low humidity and the wind and a choking heatwave. people told to clear the streets so fire trucks can move in. in texas a sign that says it all. pray for rain. here's abc. cecilia vega. >> reporter: this brush fire burning on a steep hillside near san diego tonight -- dangerously close to homes. firefighters battle it on the ground as homeowners use garden hoses to keep it at bay. with extremely dry conditions, triple digit temperature and heavy winds, california is bracing for danger.
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>> it's going to be 95, 97 degrees today. it's going to be hot. >> reporter: san francisco, los angeles and long beach all in the midst of a heatwave that could shatter records. it's the wind that can be a firefighter's worst enemy. and that wind not cooperating. this gauge telling me these numbers quickly climbing reaching up to 50 miles an hour in some places. red flag warnings in effect for more than 15 million people. the potential for fire so high, firefighters in south california closing some roads to traffic to make way for trucks. it's just not california, hundreds of people in texas are still evacuated after a wildfire burned more than 90 homes. these crews called in from hundreds of miles away. ready to jump into action at a moment's notice. what they need most here and around the west, diane, is rain. >> and we will be hoping for that rain, too. thank you. now next we turn to a kind of public dual tonight between
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the nba's most controversial owner and one of its greatest stars. donald sterling compounded his racist comments with a random assault on magic johnson. and johnson is firing back. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: magic johnson, firing back late today to donald sterling's deeply personal attack, speaking out to cnn. >> he's reaching, he's reaching. he's trying to find something he can grab on to to help him save his team and it's not gonna happen. >> reporter: johnson was one of the first to call for the nba to ban sterling after his racist rant. and monday, sterling was on cnn lashing out at the basketball legend. >> what kind of guy goes over to every city and has sex with every girl and catches hiv? is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: it went on. >> what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson. what has he done? he's got aids.
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did he do any business? did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> reporter: johnson has hiv but not aids. and today he seemed outraged at sterling's claim he's done nothing to help people. >> my whole life is dedicated to urban america, so i just wish he knew the facts when he's talking. >> reporter: the magic johnson foundation has community centers throughout the country and he works tirelessly getting kids to go to college. and adam silver apologized that johnson was "dragged into this situation and degraded by such a malicious and personal attack." >> am i upset? of course, but at the same time i'm a god-fearing man. i'm gonna pray for him and hope things work out for him. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news, new york. now we want to show you a day-long drama for abc friends in baltimore. the frightening moments caught on camera. new video shows a man described as mentally ill ramming a truck
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through the front of wmar tv. witnesses say he claimed to be god. he barricaded himself inside the station for hours. all the employees escaped unharmed. police moved in with an armored vehicle and used a robot to help search the building. the man was arrested in an edit room watching tv coverage of the scene. overseas u.s. surveillance aircraft are finally in the skies joining the hunt for the hundreds of missing school girls peer ing down on a stretch of land the size of new england. abc's hamish macdonald is back on the story tonight. >> reporter: u.s. forces are peering down tonight from surveillance craft, like this. scouring a remote and rugged area the size of new england, in search of the missing girls. the plane is equipped with powerful cameras that give real time images of the ground as far away as 35,000 feet, with this kind of detail.
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crucially, it can also monitor phone calls below. tonight, abc news has learned a long-range u.s. drone has also joined the search. this is urgent work for parents of the missing, who have now positively identified at least 50 of the girls in this latest video. >> for all the attention they've generated, it's only now, a month after the abduction that they have what they want. the support of the international community, and the full attention of their own government. >> reporter: one of america's top commanders, here of a scheduled trip, has reviewed the search efforts, led by a team of experts. the next step is talks. and nigeria's government is in contact with boko haram, the violent extremist group behind the kidnapping. but for all the effort, all the support, and all the worry, these tiny faces are still in grave danger. hamish macdonald, abc news, nigeria.
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there was a terrifying event in upstate new york reaching into american back yards. parents looking on. children playing inside an inflatable bounce house when a gust of wind sends the bounce house hurdling high into the air. the children still inside. abc's national correspondent jim avila with what happened. >> reporter: no, that is not a kite. it's an inflatable playhouse flying through air, one minute, staked to earth in this front yard, but the next, swept off the ground with three children inside. the wind blowing upwards of 25 miles per hour, lifting the entire house more than two stories high and carrying it over a stretch of woods. finally landing in a two-story school building. >> it was out of a horror movie. >> reporter: a 10-year-old girl suffered scrapes. but two boys ages 5 and 6 were hurt more seriously. one suffering two broken arms and the other landing on a car and has a serious head injury. >> he was somewhere around here and his little arms and legs were going.
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>> oh, my god! >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission estimates 5,000 injuries occur like this one two years ago. little tikes, the manufacturer, tells abc news today we are looking into what happened. our thoughts and prayers are with the children and their families. jim avila, abc news, washington. one of the most mysterious and celebrated women in history seems to be speaking to us again. it turns out that deeply private jacquelyn kennedy had an unlikely confidante. she wrote personal thoughts about ambition, the husband she loved. infidelity, the anguish of his death. abc's david wright has the secret thoughts of this woman we studied in all the pictures. >> reporter: she was, 'til her dying day, a public figure. but also, a very private soul. never did jacqueline bouvler-kennedy reveal her true feelings. even when the whole country wept for her.
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but she bared her soul to an irish priest she met only twice. father joseph leonard. her pen pal of 14 years. now dozens of her newly discovered letters are being auctioned off in ireland -- she was young but far from naive about her husband who was, as she put it, consumed by ambition. like "macbeth." he's like my father, she wrote. loves the chase and is bored with the conquest, and once married, needs proof he's still attractive. so he flirts with other women and resents you. but she later confided there was something in it for her. maybe i'm just dazzled and picture myself in a glittery world of crowned heads and men of destiny and not just a sad little housewife. only years later in an audio interview released by her daughter did she discuss the strain of it all. >> i wish that there was one thing merciful about the white house which made up for the gold fish bowl and the secret service and all that. >> reporter: after the assassination, she confessed to
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father leonard, i am so bitter against god but added only he and you and i know that. now we all do. these letters a treasure trove but also a violation. david wright, abc news, los angeles. today at the white house, the medal of honor, the highest military honor was awarded to former army sergeant kyle white. he served in afghanistan where he risked his life during an ambush by taliban fighters. his platoon outnumbered. he dodged enemy fire. dragging as many of his fellow troops to safety as he could. on his wrist, a bracelet etched with the names of his six brothers who lost their lives. up next, real money. the trick that helped the family dig out of $120,000 of debt and how you can do it, too. the girl of the hour, a cinderella story, why did this young singer rocket to instant fame across america today?
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next tonight our real money team is back with help on the way. the average american family owes $109,000 if you include mortgage car loans student loans and credit cards. all piling up. imagine being able to climb out of that credit hole for good. abc's linzie janis shows us. how to cut your family's debt and put money in your pocket. >> reporter: amber and eddy mase are drowning in debt. a regular family. he's a lawyer. she's a physician's assistant. they owe just over $120,000 in bills. >> when we got married we came into the marriage with debt. then we had kids. >> all out the window. >> reporter: but there is a way out. step one is stop the bleeding. americans wrack up over $22
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billion a year in late fees and penalties. to help with this, tip number one, try a free bill tracking service like check and never pay a late fee again. they monitor your bills, know when they're due and allow you to schedule automatic payments. and to tackle the existing amount of debt, we brought them for a one on one interview. >> it's the dave ramsey show. >> reporter: with power house finance guru dave ramsey. tip number two, cut out those credit cards. >> we're going to do the famous dave ramsey placectomy. you can do it. all right. >> reporter: tip number three, make a written family budget. only one in three americans have one. >> when you agree on your spending, you spit shake, this is a contract between the two of you. >> what are the kind of sacrifices that eddy and amber are going to have to make? >> you probably won't see an inside of a restaurant for a
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long time unless you're working there. >> reporter: finally tip number four, dave's magic rule, pay off debt using what he calls the snowball method. >> list our debts smallest to largest. attack that little one with a vengeance. i say pay off the smallest first because you have got to have a light at the end of the tunnel that's not an oncoming train. >> reporter: if they stick to the plan, ramsey says they can pay off that $120,000 in debt in just 36 months. >> if you live like no one else, later you can live and give like no one else. so you pay a price and it sets you free. >> reporter: linzie janis abc news, nashville. >> 36 months. when we come back, can you name the ship that sank? did we just find it in our "instant index." "instant index."
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our "instant index" begins with a first look at the new caped crusader. here he is. the new batman. ben affleck taking over the world with a new set of wheels, too. bat mobile 2.0. this one is the classic. even that suit got a make-over. stubbier ears, a new symbol on the chest and more pumped than the original. shooting gets underway next week. a possible answer to a 500-year-old mystery everybody sings about. what happened to the santa maria? the flag ship of christopher columbus on his main voyage to america. explorers now believe it is right there, in shallow waters off the coast of haiti. where it may have hit a reef during a storm christmas 1492. clues from the diary helped locate the wreckage and excavation underway. by the way, here's why you always take three ships with
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and finally tonight, a star is born. a video we watched all of you sharing all day. six million views for a teen-age girl and a song played on an out of tune piano. her video shot on a cracked iphone. abc's paula faris with the cinderella still many the middle
5:56 pm
of her dance ♪ everything is going to be all right ♪ >> reporter: it is a voice capturing the world. ♪ >> reporter: unfiltered and unexpected. >> welcome to new york. how are you? >> reporter: a minnesota high school senior. the big voice behind that big youtube hit titled "his daughter." since posting the song sunday, over six million views from over 178 countries. >> did you expect this kind of response? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: molly kate only began playing the piano last year. she's written over a dozen songs.
5:57 pm
writing of her friends and family along the way. but this one she wrote in 15 minutes. recorded it on the iphone and played it on her great grandmothers out of tune piano. >> next day i had all these messages and 100 friend requests. i was like, mom, what the heck is happening? >> reporter: reactions pouring in. you have the voice of an angel and move over taylor swift. >> what opportunities are being thrown at you. you're meeting with a record label. you have a agent. >> no. >> a lawyer. dad. mom. >> reporter: with her parents supporting her taking it one note at a time. paula faris abc news, new york. and we thank you for watching. we're always here at "nightline" later. and i'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night.
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tonight a growing bike race in scorching conditions. surviving the amgen tour of california >> speaking of heat wave, it's arrived here in santa cruz beach. a nice place to go to try to beat the heat. >> and 75 local soldier arriving home tonight. their mission in afghanistan. their home coming in the east bay. >> also here tonight an innovative new meth yofd keeping your water flowing in the event of a major bay area
5:59 pm
>> you're looking live at mount diablo. temperatures from spring heat wave as we showed you this picture. thanks for joining us. >> one more day with higher temperatures. and tonight there is a key for the bay area except immediate coastline. here is a shot from near berkeley marinea. it got into upper 80s this afternoon and term ters broke 80 into the bay. we have team coverage tonight. >> that is right, dan. sunny skies, across the bay area right now. still warm. a reminder there is a heat advisory until tomorrow night. at 8:00 for virtually all of the bay area except for place as
6:00 pm
long the coastline. high temperatures ranging between 96 and 102 degrees inland numerous high 90s around the bay, warm nights can be expected in the hills and risk of heat related illness is considerable. now, a live view of santa cruz beach again, looking at today's record breaking high temperatures. richmond, oakland, san francisco, sfo. moffett field. monterey, all record high temperatures for this date. and most of them back in 1976. and as you can see from our mount tam cam, tomorrow will be our third consecutive spare the air day. temperatures have been rising. our air quality has been declining. poorest air quality inland east bay and santa clara valley. a further look at this heat wave later. >> thank you we'll see you later on.