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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 14, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news starts now with breaking news. a street fight escalates into a shooting near an east bay school sending a student running to campus for safety. good morning, i am kristen sze. >> i am cheryl jennings. it took place across the city from kennedy high school in richmond leaving a student wounded. >> now an update at the 14-year-old's condition. >> the injuries are not life threatening. the 14-year-old was wounded in the leg. the lockdown at the school has
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been lifted. students will finish the school day. the shooting happened before school after 8:00 this morning at a park at 41st across the street from kennedy high. the school resource officer was headed to check out reports of a fight involving four or five people at park. before he got there, shots were fired. someone drew a gun and opened fire. a 14-year-old kennedy student was hit in the leg. that student ran across street for help. >> the student shot, 14-year-old, was shot at off the campus and he ran on to the campus to get assistance. >> we are alarmed. we are reassured, now, there was no one who had a live-threat being injury. >> i understand it took place over there but i believe they will come back after school and spray the crowd. that is what i think. >> we hope she is wrong. she is taking her grandson out
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school until monday while she waits to see if anything, any sort of retaliation happens. no one else was hurt. police do not have a suspect in custody. they are looking for the shooter. they have been interviewing witnesses. in the meantime, security has been pretty heavy. police officers are back-and-forth in cans making sure that nothing else happens. there was a total of 1,200 students coming to school here in the morning and school was only a few minutes away. it is very fortunate that no one was hurt. thank you. the heat is on today with temperatures in some areas expected to reach triple digits. here the santa cruz beach is a nice calm cool spot to spend the day. you can see a lot people are doing just that. there are beach hazards. meteorologist mike nicco is outside with more. mike? >> beyond the 50-degree temperature in the water there is seriousness to be had.
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that is not a south bay scene beach and it is hidden in the bay but if you are along the coast i will show you the hazards that will last today all the way through tomorrow, the south-facing beaches with southern swells and the risk of rip currents and large shore breaks from the north bay coast to big sur. the other big story is san francisco is at 75 right now. 70 at half moon bay. already 88 in livermore. 85 in san jose. los gatos. 83 in concord. the temperatures are running the same to six degrees warmer than yesterday. year was one of the hottest days with ten record highs and today everyone is going to set a record high away from the coast so we have to be concerned with the heat until 8:00 tonight. when that rolls around i will show you what is coming your way in the seven-day forecast. how are you going to beat the heat today?
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amy hollyfield is in one city that could hit trip me digits. amy? >> it is cooking out here in antioch but some figured out where to be. the marina is a good spot. we have a couple of boats launching here. are they playing hooky from work? or school? we will never tell. today is all about doing what it takes to stay cool. >> the seniors have the right idea: cooling off in the pool and doing so in the morning. >> it is easier to be out in this weather than in the afternoon when it is really hot. >> you will not fine them out and about when it is supposed to be 102 in antioch. >> i don't like it at 102. >> the shame is the timing. antioch has a fun water park perfect for today but it doesn't open for another week. it is, after all, only may 14.
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>> it would be nice to have shorter hours or something or evening time. around 5:00. >> crews are hoping they will not be busy and people will drink a lot of water and seek shade or air conditioning in the heat of the day. they point out this is happening early in the season. we are not used to the heat yet. antioch residents say they are used to going with the flow. >> i live here my whole life and i am used to this temperature. >> a cool down is coming tomorrow. it will not be quite so hot. we have to get through today. don't forget to drink the water. do what you can to stay cool. numerous cities have opened swimming centers and pools to beat the heat. we will list them on the screen for the newscast. you can get the full list online at i see the scroll.
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terrific. new this morning, a law enforcement officer is under arrest this morning on child pornography charges. abc7 news matt keller is at san jose police headquarters. how are the san jose police involved? it was the task force as the san jose police department that made the arrest. the officer works for the mountain view police department. he was on duty when san jose officers raided his home. here is the picture of the suspect: 36-year-old kevin nguyen a seven-year veteran of the mountain view police department. san jose police officers received a tip of the child pornography and served a search warrant yesterday. the officer kevin nguyen was arrested in mountain view. a man who is called a roommate was arrested. >> the importantgraphy was on computers one belonging to kevin nguyen and the other to the other resident of the resolution -- residence.
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they were arrested on charges. >> officer kevin nguyen was booked into jail along with the other man for felony possession of child pornography. the police department says that the officer is on paid administration leave until the investigation is over. the san francisco police gang task force was out early this morning in the dog patch neighborhood serving a search warrant at the hells angels on tennessee street. we were over the scene where one was taken into custody. we have learned police are investigating an aggravated assault that happened at a different election but allegedly involved the hells angels member and they are looking for evidence at the clubhouse. no word whether the person taken into today is considered a suspect. police want to know if street racing led to a crash that killed a woman. the victim died after a ford mustang smashed into a pole on richmond parkway. ones say this were at least two
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other cars at the scene but the drivers took off. a neighbor saw the tragic aftermath at 9:30 and talked with us off camera. >> we came over here and we saw the car had crashed with the passenger inside and the driver came out of the camaro screaming "i kill her, i killed her." >> police are working to find the other drivers. the crash knocked out electricity to the 745 customers. pg&e has fixed the problem. uc berkeley police are looking for a registered sex offender for battering a female student on monday night. the 50-year-old roger lopez was detained after a 25-year-old student say a man grabbed her on dwight way. the police released lopez when the victim could not positively identify him but it turns out he is a registered sex offender.
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this is a sketch of a man to be questioned for loitering around a school and offering a child a ride on friday. he asked a girl whether she want add ride and encouraged her to get in the van but the girl was able to run away. you can see he is described as having a black beard and said to have a ponytail. surveillance video pop up in a peninsula city raising eyebrows and serious privacy questions from neighbors. video of a man who went on a pad assault against an east coast television station stopping at nothing to get inside. new details on why a scuba diver may have gone on an underwater attack off the coast of hawaii
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>> neighbors in palo alto are questioning new cameras that have popped up near their home including pointed at their home part of a safety project from the city. katie marzullo is in the news room. palo alto transportation official say they are committing data on cars and bicycles so they can upgrade the busy roads and make them safer. a few are wondering, why does that mean the cameras are aim at their drives and they want them gone. now. >> it is recorded, and who owns the data? the third party? the city? what happens after? >> wolfgang lives on stanford in
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palo alto and he says the new city camera trained on his driveway is a violation of privacy. >> we are law-abiding citizens. we work. we come home we want to be ourselves and not be monitored. >> he asked the i to move or re-position the camera but the camera and others are already scheduled to be taken down next week. they part of a project to improve road conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians. the chief transportation official tells us that the cameras are a supplement to the roadway tubes or cables you see on the roads. they counsel the number of cars and how fast they are going but are not sensitive enough to collect data on bicyclists and pedestrians who could go over or around them. another neighbor says she is giving the city the benefit the doubt. >> it is a dangerous street. my first reaction was assuming it is monitoring in a way that will help us in the future.
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the city says it is for data purposes only and will be thrown away. >> they say using data crews can create new bicycle lanes and install additional bicycle and pedestrian signs. from southern california a major fire right now burning right next to the highway. we do not know if that is a vehicle on fire. you have been monitoring the twitter. in carlsbad they have 95-degree heat and high wind pushing the smoke from the fire from san diego through carlsbad and there are reports there is a brushfire at camp pendleton and lots of houses are near. it is a busy area. the wind is blowing straight toward people. we will follow this for you on twitter@abcnews.
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a man was caught screaming to get if a tv station say he was god. a security officer refused to let him in and our sister station. cameras showed what happened moments later. police say the same man rammed a stolen landscaping struck into the lobby and barricaded himself inside the building which forced employees to evacuate. he was watching news reports about break in, nbc, from inside the station and officers arrested the man finally and he could face attempted murder. >> amazing pictures. school behalf diver was attacked by another diver off the big island in hawaii. she captured the assault on a cram taking individual coe to document the fishing of exotic sea life and a fishermen ripped her equipment away from her mouth cutting off her air supply 50' below the ocean.
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>> i could be dead. >> in his right hand is a scoop net full of baby yellow tanks and that is what we were there to document and that is what he didn't want us to see. >> taking exotic fish is legal with a permit. police are looking at the video to see if anyone should face criminal charges. >> never expect that to happen. other than that being in the water seems like a good idea with the temperatures. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. the new bay bridge troll comes out hiding. you have to look
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. the new bay bridge troll has a permanent home on the new eastern span. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the troll was installed on friday the same location where the broken bolts were discovered. officials say this troll is not visible to drivers but you can see it somewhat from the bicycle path. officials were looking for a more permanent spot. the troll was the star of the oakland museum for four months but the whereabouts are unknown. he is rumored to be at caltran headquarters in oakland, sort of a riddle. and now, outside, something
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very cool from sky 7. we are looking at a dolphin -- there it is -- off of the beach cooling off in the heat. meteorologist mike nicco is out there. >> could be a sea lion. >> it is a critter. a critter. >> it has the right idea to be in the water. >> smarter than us standing outside in it. absolutely. good morning, again, from the top of the broadcast center, behind me you can see the air is fairly clean and hayward has the worst air quality and everything is slowly closing the game. you figure there is nothing out there to see on the radar. let me widen it out and look what senator the left side of your screen our marine layer and the clouds in the cooler weather, 150 miles off the
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coast, so let me show you what it has been doing the last couple of hours: it is starting to make headway toward us and that will come back tonight and break the heat wave for the coast and the rest of us have to wait until friday. winds are light and they will turn more offshore helping us warm to record levels custody there you go the worst air quality in the east bay and santa clara valley but on twitter, you can follow me at twitter@abc7newsbayarea unwe had hayward and redwood city and san rafael where the areas had poor air quality yesterday and we could see a repeat today. here we are in san jose, record high today at 97 degrees. most of us are going to mirror that and the national weather service recognizes 17 official reporting stations an the bay area in monterey bay and all of them are in play for record highs today. the heat brakes -- breaks on
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friday. 101 at gilroy, 96 at mountain view, mid-to-upper 80's along the coast to a record-setting 92 in downtown. that record goes back to 1922! san jose, the record goes back to 1904! the oldest records on the books. 95 in san rafael. 94 in oakland and richmond. 101 in livermore today is a record high temperature. if you headed to the game if oakland, 12 35 and 88 to 95, hot, with a high u.v. index and the sun will an the at&t quaterback at 12:45 and warming to potentially a high of 93 and hopefully a froze will kick in. tonight, mid-50's to low 60's so still stuffy but not as bad as it was this morning and tomorrow morning, light and variable and in the afternoon hours, in the evening, there is the stronger
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sea breeze. here is the cooling trend. look at coast: significantly cooler tomorrow and friday inland and we are back to average by saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. hang in there today, warmest day of the year, reports all over the place. spencer and sandy will have them on and i will on twitter later today. >> >> don't be fooled by this gem's color. wait until you hear how much this beauty is going
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>> coming up at 4:00, accusations against a san jose casino that has a city council member calling for it to be shut down. >> in the shadows, the san francisco tourist attraction more popular than the golden gate bridge. nothing says love quite like a diamond. especially 13 carat blue diamond up for auction. feast your eyes on something that looks fake: the largest flawless blue dime in the world will be told in geneva today and is estimated to be worth between $22 and $26 million. if this is out of the your price
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race there is a 5.5carad off worth $9 million. >> we are wondering what the critter is we saw swimming off the coast? what is it? seeking relief from the heat. san francisco, the coast, just a gorgeous days to be on the water.
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[dramatic music] >> hey! hey! [cheers and applause] how are you? how are you? hello. how are you? >> nice to see you. >> yeah. hello, and welcomeionaire. to millionaire. with me today is a home health aide who has devoted her life to caring for others, and we want to take care of her today. from trevose, pennsylvania, y'all give it up for yvette hickman! what's up? [cheers and applause] yvette, how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you? >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> now, i got to tell you, you were encouraged to come here with the person that you take care of. >> yes, my client encouraged me to come here today, 'cause we watch it every day, 12:30 in the philadelphia area. and he says, "you know, you're pretty good at this. you really should--should go


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