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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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efforts. in one hour the dedication ceremony for the new 9/11 memorial museum will get underway at ground zero in new york. the high profile guests attending and speaking at the event. we can see the sun rising in the east and it will bring high temperatures. mike? >> the high times are warmer than year. with our highs not so cold as yesterday possible no record like the widespread reports from yesterday but we are watching the winds and fairfield there is going of a sea breeze. we are off to a stuffy start with temperatures around 60's and upper 80's with high clouds and sunshine at 4:00 and breezy temperatures comfortable this evening at 74 and inland we have 40's in the north bay and most us in the 50's and 60's and warming to 88 by noon and 92 and
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hot at 4:00 and breezy this evening and much more comfortable the last couple of evening and notice what it does to the cost, you are stuck in the 70's and the 60's this evening. we have an accident involving a motorcycle at a street with two lanes blocked and stop-and-go traffic approaching 92. in petaluma a major accident blocking all lanes southbound along 101 at petaluma boulevard and it is involving multiple vehicles so it is bumper-to-bumper traffic away from the highway. we have another accident in san jose involving an overturned vehicle southbound on 17 coming up to highway 85 and one lane is blocked and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been turned on with a sea of highlights. kristen and eric? >> more on crash on market street. the big rig jackknifed at 12:30
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and hitting a funeral home bursting into flames. this video was posted on the fire, crews got it under control an hour later and not before it scorched the outside of sullivan funeral home on market street at 15th and no real damage to the building interior but the driver and passenger suffered minor injuries, and we will get more great amy at the scene at 6:30. >> more breaking news from los angeles where there is a big spill this morning. 50,000 gallons of crude oil leaked when a 20" pipeline ruptured after midnight. it happened in the neighborhood near the los angeles zoo and said to be knee deep in some places. nor a period, oil was shooting about 30' into the air before being shut off. two people were taken to the hospital complaining of nausea. in san diego conduct crews battle nine fires that have
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charred thousands of acres. the big it concern this morning is the very active 700-acre fire burning this san marcos that destroyed three homes and is zero containment. we at one point, 2 is,000 homes remain evacuated along with a naval weapons station at camp pendleton and many remain out of their homes this morning. katie marzullo has the latest in the next half hour. >> "good morning america" is on the fire lines in san marcos and saw this two hours ago at 4:00 a.m. you can see the hotspots in the ruined home behind me. we took this thermometer to get an idea of how hot it is, more than 1,000 degrees and prime conditions, again today. >> she tweeted this photo shot by her producer, last night in
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southern california. the firefighters are battling the flame and towering fire in the break ground. we will check with katie marzullo at 6:30 for an update on the nears and at 7:00, ginger will be on "good morning america" with much more from san diego county. a young woman is in custody after a stunning attack on a little girl at a wal-mart store. matt keller is at the san jose wal-mart with the latest. matt? kristen, police called this a parent's worst nightmare a four year old was brutally attacked by a woman in the wal-mart. >> for no reason she withdraw a crowbar and struck the child twice in the head causing serious injuries. >> the girl was shopping with her dad and the 18-year-old maria garate hit her with the
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crowbar and her dad was struck. he fate back and subdued the woman. a security official held her until the police arrive. maria garate is transient and booked into the santa clara jail for assault with a deadly weapon. the girl was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. an employee said the suspect yelled that the child deserved it. the family says that they did not know maria garate. you may recall this is the same wal-mart involved in the wild scene a year ago with surveillance video capturing a man drying his car through the front of the store in map of last year and he ran into a beer dislay and jumped from the car swinging a metal bar. an employee and three shoppers were injured before three was tackled by the shoppers and tied up. he charged with attempted murder. a police officer faces charges of physical -- felony
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distribution of child pornography and was arrested while on duty and booked into jail and posted bail yesterday afternoon. the detectives found porn on a laptop at his home. for step years he has been a patrol officer and sketch artist. today in less than an hour, president obama will help on the national september 11th memorial museum at ground zero in new york city. this is a live picture of the museum and president obama will be dedicating it along with 9/11 survivors, first responders and families of the victims. we are joined from ground zero with an inside look at the new tribute to the fallen. good morning, kristen. it is behind the reflecting pool, 10,000 artifacts and more than 500 hours of video, a remarkable way to remember the day that changed everything.
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>> at ground zero, below the new world trade center, the largest memorial museums in the world will open its doors, the 9/11 memorial museum, a journey back to a day that america will never forget. clocks and wants frozen in time, a mangled fire truck and uniforms worn by the heroes, the first responders. >> it is emotional. >> the museum does not just house artifacts it is an artifact the bed rome of the world trade center, the steel becames and the survivor stairs used by hundreds during the attack. >> running down the stairs to safety was a lifelong. >> plaques and screens show how 9/11 unfolded minute by minute and a sacred place filled with tributes to those killed in new york, the pentagon, and pennsylvania. >> this is a place where you can come to understand 9/11 for the lives of those who were killed and the lives of those who were
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rush here to help. >> before the public begins seeing it on wednesday, the survivors, the families of victims and first responders will take tours. >> folks who are so deeply part of the history that now seem shares will be our first guests. construction projects, arguments over the $700 million budget and the best way to honor the victims. president obama just arrived here for the dedication later this morning in an hour from now. stay with abc7 news for live coverage of the 9/11 museum dedication and we will have a special report when president obama speaks at the dedication ceremony that is expected to happen some time between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. 6:05.
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>> we will heat up quickly again but our advisories gone but the beach hazard which hangs around through this evening with a southern flow that will create large shore breaks and rip currents so be careful. and it will be breezy this afternoon. we have temperatures in upper 50's to low 60's throughout most of the south bay and milpitas at 65 and los altos at 69 and stuffy but danville is at 52 and half moon bay at 46. the temperatures are close to where we were yesterday. headed into the afternoons check out our temperature change: mountain view doesn't have one, you are 91 and not a record. san jose is one degree cooler and oakland and san francisco are 89. we do have a sig-alert in the north bay but i want to update you on some re-openings in san francisco because of a big crash involving a big rig that jackknifed and veered into a funeral home on market street.
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the eastbound lanes have now been re-opened and if you are traveling from west to east those lanes are open but westbound traffic is shut down between sanchez and here so use the alternate detours. headed into petaluma sig-alert and southbound side of petaluma boulevard has all lanes blocked because of the multi-vehicle crash and a sig-alert is if place until first notice getting you back on the freeway just in time to make it in the southbound direction. new this morning, adultery admission from donald sterling? i made mistakes. i thought that woman really cared for me. >> l.a. clippers makes an emotional revelation in the new tell-all interview and the republican -- reason he thought it was okay.
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>> college students fine $40,000 stuffed in a sofa and the tough decision they faced and a lesson in honesty. prince harry reaps a social media milestone just a few hours ago across the pond.
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, at 6:14. embattled l.a. clippers owner donald sterling is confirming he is getting a divorce after a clip in an interview with anderson cooper. he has been married for more than 50 years. in an interview donald sterling admitted an affair with another woman. people say, how do you commit adultery? you testify and you say, well every man has a mystery. it may make you smile but when you are so old you don't think it is wrong anymore if you have a little bit fund. donald sterling went on to say that his wife had wonderful attorneys and they will protect her. he added that she should be allowed to keep her ownership in
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the clippers even if he is forced out by the nab so the divorce may or may not give her more legal standing in the argument. >> three college students could have spent $40,000 windfall on a road trip but they didn't. this started when they bought this couch from the salvation army north of new york city. the couple had a few lumps in it so they tried to get rid of them and that is when they stumbled on the windfall. >> a zip we on the bottom and he pulls out a plastic bag of a box shape and we immediately were, it is drugs or money and we freaked out and we opened it and it was a stack of hundreds and 50's. >> we treated out. we were shaking. i swear, the first thing we saudi, lock the doors. >> they were freaking out. "like" freak out. >> it was $40,000 and a deposit
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slip led them to a 91-year-old widow who stuffed it in the coach because she didn't trust the banks and the children donated the couch while she was in the hospital. prince harry has become the highest ranking member of the royal family ever to tweet. the 4th in line sent the first tweet today officially taking over the account for the games can he launched for wounded and injured service men and women with tickets for the competition in september on sale tomorrow. prince harry does future have his own account yet but he used the account of the games tweet "hope everyone gets behind the games, great opportunity to support and thank the men and women who is given so much." prince harry does not have a twitter account but the queen and prince charles do but neither of them actually personally tweet. they have guest getterors something. >> william don't have an account, either, but this is
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times plenty of time. >> still behind the times, the royal family. >> they have things to do. fair enough. good morning, everyone, we will show you what is going on live doppler 7 hd bone dry this morning: notice the clouds that are encroaching from the west are the high clouds that will dance through our sky with the sunshine and help cool us a little bit but the breeze this afternoon will start dropping our temperatures. high clouds today, almost as hot as yesterday, and no record highs today, with the sea breeze kicking in this afternoon means better sleeping tonight and it will keep churning out cooler weather all the way through the weekend as temperatures drop nearly 20 to 30 degrees in some areas. low-to-mid 90's to the south and a lack of aster
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mid-70's along the coast and nearly 80 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-to-upper 80's through the 101 corridor and warmer off to the east and 91 at sonoma. mid-to-upper 80's along the east bay shore. sometime, low-to-mid 90's throughout most of the east bay valleys where the air conditioning is probably running, again. tonight, notice the clouds against the coast at 51 at half moon bay and the breeze bringing us back into the 50's during the overnight hours. high pressure last night started to platen a little bit because of area low pressure because it is flattening, it is allowing the sea breeze to return and the bowl of cooler air comes in to weekend and brings us temperatures back and the 60's and 70 and maybe 50's at the coast this week. we will see a slight warming trend tuesday and wednesday of next week but nothing like now.
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>> 50 bart trains are on time but ace train one is delayed by 11 minutes in fremont because of a signal problem. all ferries are traveling fine. we have an update sig-alert in petaluma southbound 101 all lanes shut down at petaluma boulevard and it hooks like we have all lanes but one now open. one lane remains closed and completely backed up before the highway and 19 miles per hour is the top speed. so make sure you keep that in mind and give yourself extra time. there is really not a good way to get around this. you can use petaluma boulevard and that swing you around to 101 but highway 116 is the only way. you need to wait it out or give yourself extra time. fast food workers going on strike but not just in the bay area, ahead at 6:30, today's protest is going worldwide and
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good morning, a live picture from san diego county one of nine wildfire burning out control with a state emergency declared by the governor overnight. today, 22 military aircraft land to attack the flames. katie marzullo will have a report with the latest at 6:30. on a light are note, ladies, if you are looking for the 10 lop look without the salon price, the next story is for you and we are talking about --. >> nails. >> "consumer reports" partnered with fence fence to reveal the best deals for polish. >> here is michael finney. good morning. the nail color industry has enjoyed stellar growth the past few years as women head to salons for specialty services such as gel manicures and pedicure but for a simple change women prefer to do it themselves. "consumer reports" tested polish
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for the shop smart magazine to find the long of the lasting nail polish. >> a beautiful manicure is great finishing touch for your look but it loses a glamour when it chips. "consumer reports" tested seven polishes including several that claim to last a long time. all were applied with a base and top coat if the brand had one. ten panelists tried them at home and ten others received professional manicures with different polishes on different nails. those were checked at seven, ten, and 14 days. the chanel is the most expensive at $27 for the color plus another $52 for the base and top coat. it chips so quickly that met of home panelists removed it early. >> it chipped the next day with the top and base coat. >> which are the favorites? surprisingly, a $2 poll --
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polish sinful colors. the polish looked good a 15 days but it did take longer to dry than the others. another winning polish $10 cnd weekly polish looking good after a week. it doesn't need a base coat and top coat is $10. also, this $6revlon promised to last 11 days. >> it was smooth, i felt like a real manicure. base and top? $13. to keep the nails looking best pick a polish that lasts. >> for a quick manicure and do not have time for the whole routine "consumer reports" found one-step polish that look good, sally hanson and cover girl for
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$5. >> topic which michael is an expert. >> he "nailed" it. stay tuned. >> we have continuing coverage of the southern california wildfires firefighters across the state con vermonting on san diego county to prevent more scenes like this. ahead an update on containment efforts and evacuations and what crews are facing. a bigwig crashed and caught fire if san francisco and we will tell you what happened and how it is impacting traffic. another tough night of sleeping but it will change this afternoon. i will tell you when the winds bring the cooler weather to your neighborhood. a sig-alert in petaluma and the bay bridge toll plaza is busy but busier making the drive southbound along 101.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. on this thursday morning, a picture from the castro where
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the big-rig truck runs into a funeral home sparking a big fire. we have the latest with amy hollyfield if less than two minutes. >> we will feature another top story. the heat wave has been with us a few days. machine -- meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. the temperatures will not be so hot. i would not say "cooler," but not so hot. fairfield has onshore wind but around the pay area we have light and variable winds with the wind in the day planner late in the afternoon into the evening. we will hit the low-to-mid 70's and only 70 at 4:00 and low 90's elsewhere and the cooler breezes take over the rest of the neighborhoods in the evening. >> because of the crash in san francisco we have eastbound
6:31 am
lanes on market street now re-opened but westbound traffic is blocked also the muni line is blocked on market at sanchez. >> in petaluma we have a sig-alert at 15 miles per hour approaching the backup at petaluma boulevard multiple vehicle crash with one lane blocked and stop-and-go traffic it is looking clear on 101 headed up to 580. eric and kristen? >> >> breaking overnight, we talked about a big rig crash and then flames erupt. the big rig crashed into a funeral hole in the castro. amy hollyfield is on the scene with the damage left behind. what a mess, amy hollyfield. >> the truck cab is barely
6:32 am
recognizable. the fire was so intense firefighters expected to pull bodies out offed truck. they were pleasantly surprised. the driver and the passenger fived -- survived. >> this video was posted taken from across the street. the truck was headed west on market street and the driver lost criminal and hit the median and crashed into sullivan's funeral home and burst into flames. this happened at 12:30 at sanchez. a woman lives above the funeral home and says when she saw the fire she knew she was going to lose her home. i didn't realize how the damage affected everything, but i thought half of room was gone. i thought, time to get out.
6:33 am
>> look at building, it is fine. a live picture scorched on the outside and that is it. the stucco saved the building. i want to show you market street, this is the outbound side still shut down and even the f line is not going through here and i will run a shuttle between was tremendous and 11th and they don't want cars because of the diesel on the ground. they opened eastbound at 30 minutes ago. the problem is they have to get this big truck out of here and they want to drain all of the diesel out of the truck before they move it. i checked with officers before the report and i said, what is your estimated time to get this open and they said "we have in idea."
6:34 am
>> at 6:33 in san diego county, this is what firefighters are facing, fire nados kept crews busy as nine fires burned across the country. homes are in danger and evacuations are in place. katie is in the newsroom. >> in the past hour on a destructive fire burning in san diego, we are talking about carlsbad the fire chief said 22 homes have been lot of breaking down to four single family homes and a condo come hex with 18 units. your news, though, crews hell the fire at 400 acres and now it is 60 percent contained and some evacuations have been lifted and some roads re-opened but the city certainly is not out of the woods because of weather. >> if we have a wind event anything from the interior of the fire getting blown into a green pressurey area those areas that are still green have a high probability of emission.
6:35 am
new video from san marcos the fire burned 700 acres and destroyed three homes and 21,000 evacuation orders are in effect including cal state san marcos and the website says campus is closed and commencement ceremonies are canceled. there are nine wildfires burning in san diego county and they have burned 9,000 acres and 6,000 of the acres are charred by the fire at camp pendleton marine base. the mayor of carlsbad has hinted at possible arson saying the timing of the fires is teach of a coincidence and the police chief this morning saying they will be working with arson investigators. "good morning america" will have much more on the southern california wildfires and we are san diego county and will be live at 7:00 a.m. after the abc7 morning news. >> in the bay area, high temperatures caused extreme fire conditions as a precaution, the
6:36 am
city of san jose has closed alum rock park to the public. officials are concerned about he humidity, dry conditions, and the impact on fire-fighting resources. it is hoped the closure will reduce the chance of a fire at popular 740 help acre park. keep track of the we record temperatures using our weather app which is free to download at san francisco police are investigating the latest pedestrian accident in the city on the great highway near ocean beach after 9:00 last night. a pedestrian was hit by a car trying to cross the great highway. they were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. police say they were not in a crosswalk. the driver pulled over and has been questioned. animal control officers in contra costa county are wanting people to look out for two mountain lions spotted tuesday
6:37 am
night around 8:00 p.m. in brentwood. no additional sightings have been reported. if you see the mountain lions call 9-1-1. do not be surprised to see fast food worker protesting rather than working on this global day of roast over wages. organizers will demonstrate in oakland in front of the mcdonald's and they will be at burger king and taco bell as part of a landed strike around the world in 80 cities and 33 countries and are asking for $15 an hour wage. >> a little girl is attacked by a woman with a crowbar and we are at the bay area wal-mart where it happened. >> who's who list journalists and politics who town out to honor barbara walters, the big apple party for the legendary journalist as she signs off from abc. at 6:37, a beautiful shot from our sutro tower camera, it
6:38 am
will be another warm day in the bay area but not so warm as yesterday but we will find out what the trend looks like for mike
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the giants are hot but the tells are not, at 71 and breezy by the end of the game. marlins are in town. san jose is hot but temperatures are 93 but no records. livermore is 95 and san rafael and oakland and san francisco are at seven to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. the closer to the coast the more cooling you had. nearly 100 in the central valley and 104 in palm springs and a record 76 in lake tahoe today. >> in concord a crash is blocking the concord overramp on 242 causing slowing making the merge with 680 and we have this sig-alert in place, southbound we oh at petaluma boulevard a lane is blocked because of the injury accident involving several vehicles and now we have word of a brand new accident at petaluma boulevard involving a motorcycle. six miles per hour is the top speed with all the traffic being held back and this is what the drive further ahead along 101 looks like as you make the commute up to 580 traffic is moving smoothly up to san
6:42 am
francisco. coming up, the delay facing apple's purchase of beat music and a little girl is attacked by a random woman with a crowbar at a wal-mart and what we know of the suspect. >> we watching the 9/11 museum in new york city. the governor cuomo is in the picture and president obama will be there for the dedication of the memorial. we will have a special report if a little
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a young woman is if custody this morning after an attack on a little girl at a south bay wal-mart store. matt keller has the latest on this. matt? >> the four-year-old is recovering from the brutal attack that took place inside the wal-mart. she was shopping with her dad when an 18-year-old woman allegedly hit her with a crow because. this is the suspect, maria garate. she is a transient. for no reason, she carried a
6:46 am
crowbar into the store to east san jose and hit the girl in the head. the child's father fought back when the suspect tried to hit his daughter again. >> this is any parents' worst nightmare, the father jumped in and tries to stop it. he is struck but stops the attack. a store employee told us that the suspect yelled that the child deserved it while being arrested. the family did not know maria garate. she was arrested and booked into the jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. thanks, matt, happening now, the dedication for the new 9/11 memorial museum is about get underway in new york city and these are live pictures from ground zero a lot of dignitaries, past and present, and president obama arrived in the last 45 minutes.
6:47 am
>> with the first lady taking a tour before the president speaks and the museum extends underground to the foundation of the world trade center and honors the nearly 3,000 people killed in new york, washington and the pennsylvania countryside by terrorists september 11th in 2001. we will have a special report when the president starts to speak and that is expected to happen between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning. citizen mores is adding five more recalls to the growing list pushing the total number of recalled vehicles to 1 11 millin this year over brake lights and head latches and power bricks. the majority, 2.5 million include the chevrolet and pontiac and saturn for tail light problems. other recalls are for sierra trucks for rod issues.
6:48 am
the mall mall corvettes for losw beam headlights and cadillacs for windshield wiper failures. we have more information at trading is underway on wall street and the dow is down 77 points to 16536. apple is in the spot light with the acquisition of the beats electronics is spended to be finalized net week according to a longer timetable than expected but it doesn't mean the deal is in jeopardy. beats is known for the headphones but apple reportedly became interested in the company after being impressed by the streaming music service. television legend barbara walters will retire from her on air role on "the view" this morning. last night the biggest names had journalism and entertainment toasted barbara walters during a cocktail party in new york city.
6:49 am
the 84-year-old pa behalf created "the view" 17 years ago. she is considered a pioneer among women subsequent lists especially on tv and will continue to make occasional appearances on abc7 news so you can see the final appearance on "the view," at 10:00 this morning. you still have to make the appearances. >> before we give you the weather forecast, we go to san diego county where nine separate fires are burning and these pictures are from carlsbad. the fire is threatening the marine corps base and other areas with two dozen helicopters battling the fire including the firefighting airplanes and the huge jumbo jet. >> i read one firefighter's quote he has never seen it this
6:50 am
hot, this dry, in may. not even the end of may. >> record warmth. breezy conditions. exceptionally dry winter. that is what you have. a lot of fires. for us, the cooling trend begins. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet other than the left side of the screen are we have high clouds. they are coming in as we head through the afternoon hours dimming our sunshine a little bit and we are if the low 50's around san ramon and mid-50's to nearly 60 through most of the san ramon valley out highway five in the low pressure -- low-to-upper 60's. upper 50's along the east bay coast and 49 in napa and santa rosa. 46 at half moon bay is the cool spot. we still have beach hazards and strong surf from the south and dangerous rip currents today. high clouds and sun not so hot and see breeze is better sleeping and back to normal and
6:51 am
cooler through the week. this morning we starting with light and variable wind but after the noon hour the sea breeze kicks in and the closer you are to the coat the more likely you will to be not so hot. san jose is 93 and the lack of at asterisks and nearly 80 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and manipulate -- and mid-to-upper 80's through sonoma and air conditioning weather into the east bay valley and low-to-mid 90's. check out tonight: low-to-upper 50's for sleeping weather. cold air is lush off the coast and that comes in and notice the temperatures by saturday, none, mop, tuesday, close to average with a warm friend next week but nothing like this. it has been a tough day on the road this morning. we have a brand new accident in san jose involving a vehicle that swerved across all lanes,
6:52 am
spun out, and flipped over several times, southbound 280 at 880 we have lanes blocks and we have a slow down northbound but we see some ramps blocked off in the area. back into petaluma the sig-alert is in effect and we down to 4 miles per hour and six miles of backup approaching the early accident and another accident beyond that involving a motorcycle. a look outside right now, this is a picture of the golden gate bridge so when you start making it into mill valley and toward san francisco it is clear. ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns in 90 seconds.
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it is 6:54, whether you are just joining us or headed out the door. number one, breaking overnight a big mess on market street in san francisco, a big-rig truck jackknifed and you can see things burst into flames after crashing into the sullivan funeral home. two men in the truck suffered minor injuries and market street remained closed westbound. san jose police believe this woman, maria garate, beat a four year old girl with a crowbar inside the wal-mart recover. three firefighters battle
6:55 am
nine fires that scorched 9,000 acres near san diego. the biggest concern this morning is a 700 acre fire burning in san marcos that destroyed three homes with no containment. crews have downgraded the oil spill in los angeles this morning and now say that 10,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from a pipe near glendale down from an estimated 50,000 gallons estimate earlier. >> the national september 11th museum if new york city is about to open and people are outside if lower manhattan honoring the 3,000 people killed by terrorists in the 9/11 attack. president obama will speak and abc will have a special report on the dedication ceremony after 7:00 a.m. six, we are off to a stuffy start with a lack of wind on live doppler 7 hd. if you are headed to the beach, the southern swells are going to
6:56 am
be dangerous as we look at santa cruz this morning and forecast is not so hot as yesterday at 86 to 96 inland and 84 to 94 away the bay and 44 and 80 and breezy at the coast and san francisco this afternoon. >> traffic is down right painful and the bay bridge toll plaza shows heavy traffic coming from emeryville and we have a couple problems with a sig-alert in petaluma but, first, in san jose, this spinout and rollover southbound 280 at 880 is blocking the off-ramp and as we take you to petaluma, six mills and maybe more, now, of backup headed up to petaluma boulevard where a sig-alert is in place because of an injury crash. >> we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices and back here in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. we leave you with a live picture of san francisco's outer richmond district. enjoy the day.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, fire emergency. those massive fires across southern california, and record heat. firefighters battling around the clock from the ground and the air. walls of flames engulfing homes. powerful winds forming firenados. tens of thousands forced from their home as new tornadoes pop up across the midwest, all caught on tape. breaking overnight. casey kasem found. the radio legend, located safe just outside seattle, just hours after his children filed a missing persons report. the mystery taking a whole, new turn in this family feud. and take a look at this. this semi truck driver losing control, almost careening off the highway at top speed. his dramatic recovery caught on camera. how he brought the big rig back from the brink of disaster. and boy's best friend.


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