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good morning. a quiet but very visible protest is under way right now at sacred heart cathedral preparatory school because a student's picture was banned from the year book. jessica wore a tuxedo and the school didn't like it.
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matt keller joins us. >> reporter: the principal says he'll be talking in classes today about the controversial photo. many of the teens are wearing ties supporting their fellow student. >> class today at sacred heart had a formal touch, wearing ties around their necks for a fashion protest. >> we're wearing a tie to support jessica and her decision about taking that picture. >> reporter: here is that picture. jessica wore a tuxedo for senior graduation photo she took in september. that is against the sacred heart cathedral dress code. girls traditionally wear what is called the drape, boys wear the tux. the year book will be handed out without jessica's photo. >> every wants to support her because we're supposed to be learning about equality. we're in san francisco. we're the most diverse city i'm sure. so the fact that they're not
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letting her, you know, have this memory of being in the year book or graduation ceremony is not cool. >> reporter: the principal says there has been and ongoing conversation about the photo since it was aen last year. he said some sort of miscommunication is causing this to become an issue now with a week to go to graduation. jessica's girlfriend spoke to us about what she would like to see come from this conversation. >> i support my girlfriend. i love my school. and i want to make it as good as it can be for people like us. >> straight, guy, bi, transgender, all that are all welcome. at the same time, we'll be clear in terms of being a catholic institution. how do we live out the faith in a meaningful way with all of our students. >> the school says it is always regretful when a portrait is omitted for any reason. we want on assure the community all are represented in the
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commencement program. matt keller, abc 7. new concerns about the eastern span of the bay bridge. there are flaws in the rods. so what does it mean if there is an earthquake? amy. >> yeah, we came here to check in and ask them what they're thinking about all of this. they say dissafe and they say they are weathering the storm. they are not receiving a large amount of public out-i cry on the issue. and they insist the bridge is safe. this model that they have shows the rods in question. they should be going through the center of a hole 205 of them are too far off center. they're misaligned. a uc berkeley professor has spoken out, he says it could cause problems in an earthquake. caltrans t caltrans says it hasn't heard from anybody he else and they
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believe the their reputation is still in fact. >> i do feel the public still trusts us. the bridge is still safe. is this a one of a kind bridge and to my knowledge, to our knowledge here at the department, we feel that the public still believes in caltrans and that the public still believes in the new suspension span. >> reporter: you you may see workers on the bridge today and put two and two together and think they're dealing with this issue. they're painting the bridge. this rod issue exists underneath the roadway. you won't even see them when toe do the work and we don't know when that will be or how much it will cost.thoe do the work and know when that will be or how much it will cost.eyoe do the w know when that will be or how much it will cost.e do the work know when that will be or how much it will cost. do the work know when that will be or how much it will cost. caltrans says this is tinkering to be expected. they point out they did open early, but they still have issues to work out.
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a aim. novato police are looking for an arsonist. fires all started within a short distance of each other around south novato boulevard. you can see the damage caused by one the fires. it broke out inside a garage on trinity drive just before 2:00. a man had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. ten other fires have burned mostly grass and other vegetation. the novato fire department kept those fires from reaching meneay homes. wildfires can spread quickly. investigators believe somebody set another grass fire this walnut creek. flames burned about half an acre last night. this marks at least four suspicious fires in in the same area in just over a week. none of those fires have caused any serious damage. fortunately firefighters and neighbors are worried that any fires will spread toward nearby
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homes. one person reported seeing youngsters near one fire that started on wednesday. and the wildfires burning in san diego county, the number of acres has taken a big jump but firefighters including some teams from the bay area are hoping today's weather will help them make progress. >> the ten fires have burned 20,000 acres, but you thousands are being allowed to return to their homes early this morning. police are moving forward with their investigation after arresting two suspected arsonists. this is one of two young men suspected of trying to start fire, 19-year-old isaiah silva. police also took into custody a 17-year-old not being identified p police say the arrests came after an a call from an alert citizen. >> he reported jen descriptions of two people setting fires in the area of kit carson park. he went in foot pursuit.
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>> now investigators are working to figure out if they have anything to do with any of the ten fires burning in san diego county since tuesday. more than two dozen homes and condos have been destroyed and one person is dead. firefighters found a badly burned body it in a homeless encampment. a dramatic moment caught on camera in san diego just one example of how intense and aer radio these fires are. here is another, a roach flape flames. >> those fire tornados is an expel e example of the growth. >> reporter: 125,000 evacuations have been onned. >> we grabbed all of our kids and our dog and hopped in the car. >> reporter: she was fleeing the fired in is san marcos. at least 3,000 acres have been charred there.
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but the biggest is still on camp pendleton holding steady at 6,000 acres. >> on the local teams, second team that left early this morning camp pendleton. there are 2600 firefighters on the job in san diego county. live in the newsroom. gianting manager bruce bochy says the san marcos fire is within a mile and a half of his home according to our media partner the mercury news. bow which i w bochy is keeping an eye on the house. visitors cannot barbecue or have any kind of fires. but you can hike. the park was closed yesterday as
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a precaution because of the higher temperatures and low humidity. our mini heat wave seems to have cooled down. abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco outside with a look at the range of temperatures. >> good morning from the top of the abc 7 news broadcast center. just 24 hours ago, we were talking about that flag not moving. now it is. cool air has taken over. f check out the wind. half moon ban, san francisco all the way to far field, you can see the a shore flow is back. this is the way it looks from channel 5. clouds lock the coast are now starting to break up a bit so you'll get sunshine. but the brooes off the 50 degree water, wednesday all of us set record highs.
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today we'll be about 10 to 20 degrees cooler. we'll see how much cooler temperature get this weekend coming up. police are looking for a pair of potential kidnappers. a 10-year-old girl says she was approached by a couple in a red car wednesday on laurel grove avenue. a man asked her if she wanted a ride. the girl did it the right thing and ran to a friend's house. she says the man appeared to be in his early 50s with brownish gray hair and a woman with shoulder length brown and gray hair. a stormer teacher at sarah high school is suing the school. according to our media partner, kimberly bonnard says students harassed her and other female teachers for years and the school does nothing to stop it. the boys even competed to get up the skirt videos of their teachers. the school says it has exabout spelled the six students and
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suspended six others and is cooperating with police. the jobless rate has hit will the lowest level in nearly six years. the april unemployment rate was 7.8%. hasn't been that low since september 2008. they headed 56,000 nonfarm jocks in april ledded by health care and education. experts say that is a sign the state's economy has rebounded. still to come, from an apology to defiance. donald sterling is now telling the nba he'll see them in court. >> and the recent heat wave is
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punishing donald sterling has turned out to be not such a slam dunk. the organization fined and banned sterling for life after recordings of him making racist
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statements went public. but he has no intention of paying up or stepping down. >> reporter: clippers battled through the nba playoffs with the controversy hanging over their heads. they lost last night to the thunder, but the team did not go down without a fight. and now it appears embattled other than do doaner donald sterling is not going down without a fight, either. he refuses to pay the fine he received for racist comments caught on tape and in a letter to the nba, sterling's letter claims his client had done nothing wrong and no punishment from the league is warmed. warranted. ryan smith has been covering the case. >> he can argue in the courts, hey, thirp arbitrary and capricious in the way they assessed this fine. >> reporter: but the nba will argue when sterling bought the
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franchise, he agreed to follow the nba justice. while the clippers lost to thunder, the players set the drama surrounding that you are owner was no distraction. >> i don't think about that. like that is the least of our worries right now. >> reporter: some prominent players have said if sterling is not ousted, they will boycott next season. well, it happens to all of us. we're home getting dinner started and the phone rings. a telemarketer. tonight at 11:00, a telemarketer shares her secrets with michael finney. she gives insider information on how to get the dreaded calls to stop. >> if you're really not interested in something, here's how to get rid of someone effectively and i use the tips myself. >> the rules you need to follow to end all that aggravation.
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we tried it and it worked. join us tonight at 11:00. >> after the break, we'll talk about the heat wave and now we have a cool picture at the boardwalk. and what is ahead for the weekend. also the week long retirement party for barbara walters continues. today details on her final signoff tonight. plus the driver that dances behind the wheel to one of rihanna's songs. this viral video even got the singer's response.
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first sign of west nile virus as turned up. officials confirm they have collected positive mosquito samples in the area in it's partly blamed on the rise in average temperatures that speeds up the breezing process and allows the virus to spread more quickly. some are known to sipping in the car, but the next guy is taking to a whole new level. and it was all caught on video. ♪ >> it's quickly becoming an
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internet sensation this morning. >> rihanna apparently like what had she saw. she responded to him by tweeting this reminded me why god sent me here. >> he might be an internet sensation, but i have to say a.m. traffic reporter does not afternoon proof. he's taking off his hands on the wheel and he's distracted. >> i love his exexcitement, but wrong time, wrong place. >> that's right. >> but the weekend is here. right time to bring down the heat wave. good morning, everybody. love to see him in the club, but not behind the wheel. clouds are starting to dissipate. it will be brighter this
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afternoon. but that's not the story. this is. look at our temperatures. 50s along the coast. 60s around the bay, but 70s inland in the east bay and south bay about that 80 already in antioch. temperatures running up to 17 degrees cooler than yesterday about that in fact the breezes are out there. but they're so strong, they have mixed out the moisture and we with don't even have any clouds along the ridge. so heat wave over. temperatures keep dropping through monday. a we warming trend next week. mid to upper 70s for most of the peninsula neighborhoods. mid to upper 60s along the coast. 74 in south san francisco. low to mid-80s through the north bay valleys. 20 degrees cooler at the beaches. mid to supper 7 upper 70s along bay shore. 82 san ramon, 88 fairfield the
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warm spot. tonight a game at at&t park. bree breezy, and cool. also by sunday, look we'll have temperatures running in the mid-50s in the morning. becoming only low 60s by the afternoon hours. take a look at that being a you could you weather 7 d accuweather 7 day forecast, cold front rolls through monday. slight chance of a stray shower. tuesday warping back to average. wednesday and thursday we may be a little above average. but not oppressive highs we had earlier this an era ends today barbara walters. she got a sendoff to remember. cheers resonated for walters as she walked on the is the of "the
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view" for the very last time. she created the show nearly 18 years ago. join us as well celebrate her career with a special barbara walters, her special. >> she's at quite had quite an all of us. >> my first recollection is her co-hosting "20/20". her poise and professionalism made a big impact on me. >> we'll have more tributes throughout the day. but up next, get ready for noodles. the perfect pet is up next.
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student. why the parents say pher punishment isn't enough. and teens abusing rodents. shocking claims. and a little more loving. i'm in the mood for noodles. >> we're getting fast friends here. hello again. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. from the alameda animal shelter. tell us about noodles here. this handsome young man. >> he's about a year and a half old. he just makes everybody smile. he has a great little humor. he's very friendly. he's good with people. he might be a good dog for maybe older children. so this weekend, we have a special event going on. all of our adoption fees for just pit bulls are wavived this
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weekend. so we would love you to visit noodles and some of other our -- >> how many do you have? >> i don't know how many, but we also have small dogs that are available. >> so if you're interested in noodles, so gentle, so loving, i'm afraid he'll give me a big wet one. call the alameda animal shelter. if you're not a fan of the biggest dogs, you have some smaller ones. >> exactly. >> have a good weekend and find some forever homes for these guys. thank you very much. from all of us here, thanks for joining us. who p withwants to be a millions coming up next.
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[cheers and applause] >> hey! how are you? let's do it, baby. what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's happening? hey, hey, hey. good to see you. >> hi. [indistinct chatter] >> [laughs] >> yeah. ah, yeah. hello and welcome to millionaire. [cheers and applause] back on the show with me today is an aspiring musician from brooklyn, and she brought her ukulele to give us a little sample of what she's all about. y'all give it up for samantha gurewitz. what's up, samantha? [cheers and applause] >> thank you, guys. >> so you got the ukulele. you gonna rock a little something for us? >> a wrote a little something just for you, cedric. >> okay, here we go. >> okay. >> ♪ who wants to be ♪ a millionaire? ♪ everybody


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