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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> these are some of the solutions that exist to prevent another case like a stowaway teen at minuta san jose airport. a 15-year-old hopped a fence and hid in a jetliner wheel well on a flight to hawaii. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> abc7 news reporter david louie looked at six examples of new technologies and is live in san jose right now with more for us. david? >> well, no one is arguing against tighter security. but how much will it cost?
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congressman eric swalwell wants to find out. >> congressman swalwell found six companies, five american, one canadian with airport security solutions. he wasn't endorsing them, but would like to create a pilot program to see if any one, or combination might close vulnerabilities the 15-year-old that hopped the fence and stowed away on a jet was latest wake up call there are gaps in security. >> once we put these technologies out in the field at these airports can we learn if their effectiveness is going to be affordable. >> a southern california company demonstrated how to detect by sound. >> vibration picked up and transferred here. that converts it into electronic signal. >> an algo rhythm can dial in,
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reducing false alarms but projected costs to outfit mineta san jose, under $800,000 this, is a ground level radar system. when an intruder is detected the camera can 0 in and alert a human monitor. >> that gives you early warnings, allowing the people to have time to rerespond respond. it's critical. you would like to prevent an incident from happening. not just for forensics and say now we know who did it. but not being able to take an active response. >> officials say police are still waiting for a chance to question the stowaway. he remains in child protective custody. he can should light on how he breeched airport security. >> formal cal fire ba tallin chief is under arrest. deputies captured him today and he has been on the run since may
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one when investigators say fleming stabbed to death his 26-year-old girlfriend in their home. today's capture marks the end of what was a state wide manhunt. a quiet but visible protest in san francisco. this student wore a tuxedo for her senior photo and the school banned her picture from the year book. class today at sacred heart cathedral prep had a formal touch. students wore ties around their necks for a protest. >> we'ring this tie to support jessica and her decision about taking that picture. >> here is that picture, the senior wore a tuxedo for her photo in september, against sacred heart dress code. girls traditionally wear what is cause called a drape. boys wear a tux. eight months later the year book
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was printed without her photo. that sparked a protest. >> everyone just wants to support her. we're supposed to be learning about equality. we're in san francisco. we're the most diverse city, i'm sure. the fact that they're not letting her, you know have this memory of being in the year book is just not cool. >> the principal girlfriend spoke to us about what she would like to see. . >> i support my girlfriend. i love my school. i want to make it as good it can be for people like us. >> straight, guy. bi, transgender. that, they're all welcome in sacred heart cathedral. but we're going to be clear in terms of a catholic institution. how do we live out that faith?
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in a meaningful way with our students? >> the school released a statement saying it's always regretful when a student portrait is omitted we want to reassure the community all graduating seniors are represented in the commencement program. >> police in novato looking for an arsonist responsible for setting a dozen fires since midnight. a man tried to put out the burning car inside had to be treated for smoke inhalation. >> when you start burning personal property, or endangering an inhabited dwelling then different crimes apply. >> police say he tried to set another home on fire, other incidents burned grass and venl
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tags. fires started within a short distance around south novato boulevard. >> in walnut creek, investigators say four fires are all connected including this one from last night. officials believe these fires may be related to the ones two years ago. a tip line has been set up for people to call. >> now to destructive wildfires in southern california. cruise are making progress we're learning the first of ten major fires started with an accident five wildfires have been contained and some evacuation orders lifted. we are live now with the latest. devin? >> good afternoon the firefighters are making some
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significant progress, as you said they're pleased with that today. they've protected thousands of homes and dozens like this one here could not be saved. fires still burning in a pack of rubble. this is just, we loved it here. >> the cost here is enormous chlts homes each around half a million dollars. >> take a look at remnants still here. there is a refrigerator back there. >> hours afterwards, crews still mopping up hot pots. . they've saved thousands of homes near san diego but around two
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dozen lost. this carlsbad fire ignites. a spark coming out of nowhere. investigators search for the cause of the fire, helicopters and crews are making progress. 2600 have been on front lines >> some have been out here 26 hours great going from fire to fire. >> there are police have arrested three teenagers suspected of lighting three smaller fires in the area. they're still hunting for the cause of the blazes. officials say one is caused by a spark from a construction project. abc7 news. >> thank you. >> good news here in the bay
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area is that there are big changes. >> yes. temperatures have come down, which, of course is good for hot spots just baking last couple days it's sunny out here, it's nice around the bay area. live doppler 7 hd showing clear skies compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures down everywhere except half moon bay. so from our mount tamalpais camera, sea breeze with hazy skies. blue skies from our sfo camera. santa rosa 83 right now. concord is out of the 90s.
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from our exploratorium camera, we're seeing nice weather out on the bay. tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies cooling continue was low 60s to low 80s it's going to be another breezy one. >> still ahead caught on video. local students accused of abusing rats. what is being done to prevent it from happening again. >> celebrating barbara waters >> a teacher punished for doing this to a 6-year-old boy. parents say it does not go far enough. >> and taking a look at traffic now in berkeley. you can see it's jam packed as
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people head home or out of town on this friday. abc7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. so i got dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles. ired.ll d they absorb the shock of working on my feet all day.
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little black holes. never. ever. stick even your pinky finger into one of them. yay! tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better. there is a call to close the school's wildlife museum after students are suspected of abusing animals there. >> nick smith joins us live with the story. >> good afternoon the wildlife museum is part of the extracurricular program.
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we're learning is that the way animals are treated, those used to feed reptiles matters to many. warning this, video can be hard to watch. >> not the way to treat animals. >> paul is talking about this video. where high school students are recorded abusing rats. the video is disturbing to watch and went vier yam. >> this isn't a way to treat an animal. >> they're used to feed some of the reptile population the video showing kids killing rats if brutal ways was taken by a student and turned over in february. the story has taken on a life of its own. a petition started on has 1300 signatures calling for governor brown to shut down the wildlife museum and the classes connected to it.
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a move many believe unnecessary. >> it's sad to see the few ruin it. >> she says she's seen the video many times and like most, news of the existence spread across campus like wildfire. but like a nasty rumor, he says it doesn't give the museum it's due. >> they're upset it's been a negative light and gotten so much publicity. >> officials released this statement to abc7 news as soon as teachers and were made aware students were identifyed and disciplined. they point out dozens have earned scholarships to college because of the ties and say behavior on video is the exception, not the rule. in petaluma, abc7 news >> he the federal government fined general motors for delays in recalling small cars the fine is the maximum aloud
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but only a fraction of the $4 billion last year the auto maker ak knollinged knowing about the problem for a decade, but it did not recall the cars until this year. at least 13 people have died in the crashes. >> they had information and they told no one. they didn't tell them and they tell their customers. in the meantime, customers were driving cars with dangerous safety defect. crashes and people died. >> gm is recalling 8200 mid sized cars to fix a brake problem. gm says rear brake rotors were installed on the front causing break failure. dealers will inspect brakes and replace rotors and pads.
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this is the sixth recall just this week. >> it was a star-studded send off for barbara walters today she co-hosted the view for the last time. >> they talked to her about her retirement. >> after 18 years on this show, more than 50 years in the business, today, barbara walters officially retired taking a seat as co-host of the view for the last time. this show was filled with surprises. but as she celebrates, walters can't help but owe do what she does best. ask big questions. >> i want to ask, if you're going to run. >> i am running around the park. >> if hillary runs, i think you'd be a great vice president. >> that may not happen, but she
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will continue works as co-executive producer and isn't ruling out taking on some assignments in the future, but for now, focusing on the present after five decades of ground breaking interviews she's ready for quiet time. . >> i look forward to not having a schedule, to traveling. it's a new chapter in my life. and i hope i'm not going to do could have, should have, would have. which is what i have done in the past. >> a past so celebrated, her career paving the way are many women, including the icon who's came out to honor her during this final taping. >> thank you. who knows what the future brings. >> she now enjoys the view of a remarkable career and a memorable sendoff.
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>> we're celebrating tonight starting at 9:00 right here on abc7 with a special barbara walters her story. >> walters had quite an impact on many here on abc7. >> oh, yes. barbara walters inspired me in college. people asked me what was i going to do? i said i want to be barbara walters no need to elaborate. here i am. >> cute. it's an incredible career. 50 years >> think about it. she's had to sit down anyone and everybody. >> yes. it's spectacular. >> spencer christian is off. but sandhya patel is here tracking the accu-weather forecast. >> the accu-weather forecast is the breeze that brought temperatures down. we'll talk about what is coming up for the weekend plans.
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and clear skies, no fog. taking a look at wind gusts, it's out of the west at sfo. 28 miles per hour. we're getting a sea breeze. from our golden gate bridge cam, beautiful sky. low clouds by morning. a breezy afternoon for saturday. cooling trend continues into sunday. so sunny, cooler today the trend going to continue throughout monday as there is an area of low pressure that is working towards the coastline. it's going to pass north of us but just reenforce the cooling trend tomorrow morning upper 40s to mid-50s, cloudy conditions at the coast. high clouds for the bay area.
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cloud cover will be moving out of the picture by afternoon. just filtered sunshine, 60s to 80s another 4 to 8 degrees cooler tomorrow, mainly away from the coastline. we'll drop you a few more degrees just in case you still think it's too warm. and breezy on the coast. 63 half moon bay the sunset district, 67, south san francisco, mid-60s, north bay, 81 in santa rosa. nice day to go to wine country. 83 napa. high clouds and sunshine. 70s in hayward. breezy there as well. low 80s in fairfield. looking at the accu-weather forecast, a cooling trend
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continues throughout monday. and temperatures bottoming out there mid-70s, low 60s coast side. then, by the time we head into middle to latter part of the week, temperatures mid week. >> up next, pitching in to help the community. giants pitcher matt cane did off of the field today. >> a virtual michael jackson? legal battle over the weekend's bill board music awards. >> checking out traffic now at bay bridge toll plaza you can see it's pretty smooth for everybody with fast frak but those are folks backed up in the cash lines. coming in for the giants game. stay with us more still to come on abc7 news at 4:00.
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thooking at footage of former president roosevelt
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walking. he is wearing braces on his legs during the 1937 major league all star game. experts say the video is one of only two extended clips showing him walking. >> interesting. we're just seeing these pictures now for the first time. >> fresh off a big win, san francisco giants pitcher matt cane pitched in to help renovate a local hospital. >> yes. he helped paint a silhouette on the wall. >> for someone to step up to bring light to situations that are kind of dark right now, for them, is awesome. and it's just a cool project. >> after cane this is more than just a gesture of goodwill, his mother and family friends battled cancer. this injection clinic treats
4:26 pm
3,000 patients per year the majority receiving chemotherapy treatments. >> nice. >> just head at 4:00 a decade after the tragic death of his children a man will get his chance to change state law. also... >> i would love to rip her apart. >> a father's outrage after his 6-year-old is assaulted by a teacher. we'll talk about the punishment that is not enough for the people. >> they're gearing up for beta breakers. the bad habit officials are work
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it's a major victory this afternoon for a couple that lost two children after an impaired driver ran them over. >> the father just succeeded in
4:29 pm
qualifying a measure dedicated to his children voters will now decide. >> the patient safety act would raise the current $250,000 cap on damages in medical malpractices cases. >> laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> well, hi, carolyn this, is the stretch of roadway where the children were killed the woman who hit them is in prison the doctors who prescribed the drugs she was high on have not faced serious penalties. it's something they want voters to change. >> over the last ten year i've been working through legislation for patient safety. >> for bob pack it brings measure of satisfaction after a decade of mourning and healing. is it's a ballot measure in memory of his late son and daughter going before california voters in november. >> they need to be held accountable. so people can understand what
4:30 pm
happened. and then, secondly, they need to change whatever went wrong. right now, if you don't go to court, you hold them accountable. they feel there is no need to change. >> the 10-year-old troy and 7-year-old alana pack died in october, 2003. struck by a driver high on alcohol and drugs, just a few blocks from their home. they were narcotics prescribed by six doctors at the same hospital. if voter as prove it, the patient safety act would require drug testing for doctors. and raise $250,000 cap on damages and malpractice cases. it would also require doctors to consult a government data base before prescribing painkillers the california medical association insurance and hospital groups have raised $33 million to oppose pack measure. >> an increase is the going to be passed on to consumers and ratepayers and taxpayers as
4:31 pm
well. >> the patient safety act must pass by a simple majority. if it does, their father says it will be part of his children's legacy. in danville, abc7 news. >> a former teacher at sarah high school is suing the school and archdiocese saying students and other teachers harassed her and boys competed to get upskirt videos of the teachers the school says it suspended students and is cooperating with police. >> parents of an ohio kindergartener pursuing criminal charges against a teacher caught on video mistreating their son. a surveillance captured the incident. watch as the 6-year-old is confronted by his teacher, barb williams, she grabs the boy, pinches his face. it doesn't end there.
4:32 pm
she picks him up and his head flops back, hitting against the wall his son had not told him what happened >> i wasn't expecting an adult to be treated like that let alone a 6-year-old child i went to the school and wanted to do to her what she did to him, i would be in jail. >> the school district suspended the teacher ten day was out pay and promised to fire her if there is future misconduct. the sheriff's department is now investigating. >> now, to turkey. police used water canons and tear gas on protestors outraged over a mining disaster. 1500 marched through the town complaining of conditions and demanding the turkish prime minister and his government step down. a coal mine fire killed nearly 300 people. 0 are still missing. the operator has denied negligence saying the mine needs
4:33 pm
safety standards. >> you're looking at a ship in the south china sea. it's latest in a series of ship rammings reported by both countries the hose stilts stem from deployment of an oil rig. it's part of rising tensions between china and vietnam, some have turned violent. >> a police commissioner in new hampshire is under growing pressure to resign because he used the "n" word to describe president obama. >> i want to say there is no room for this in public office. thank you. >> residents of the small town voiced anger about the racial slur made by robert copeland he said it and it was overheard by several people. the 82-year-old refuse apologize
4:34 pm
he did address people when confronted afterward. >> i admit it, when i did it. i made no bones about it. if you want to talk further when this individual >> i know what you are. you're a skunk. >> the police commission would not tell the audience where the meeting will be or when it will be held. >> the producers of this sunday's bill board music awards being sued over plans to have a holo gram of the late michael jackson perform on stage you might recall a hologram of tupac shakur created a the defendants say blocking it
4:35 pm
would cause them harm. will michael jackson perform on stage one more time? the bill board awards airs sunday at 8:00 right here on abc7 >> a big milestone for one resident of the oakland zoo. >> how a cat tries to catch something here. >> i'm sandhya patel. mount diablo, blue skies inland spots getting a break from the heat today. i'll let you know if the cooling trend will continue heading into weekend coming up. >> and not far from mount diablo, traffic in walnut creek. traffic is northbound. it's heavier on this friday afternoon. stay with us, more still to come at 4:00.
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and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. oakland zoo's oldest giraffe celebrated her birthday today, equivalent of 85 in human years. zoo keepers treated tiki to carrots and banana cupcakes. you can see them on a platter. tiki has given birth to five calfs three still live there. because of her age she receives special foot care, massage care, acupuncture and chiero prak tick as
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>> this paramedic has taken singing in the car to a new level. getting his groove on to "pour it up". the singer saiding this paramedic guy reminded me why god sent me here. i can't stop thousand. not now. not ever. >> i prefer to see a hand on the wheel at some point. he is driving. >> you know, i was wondering about that. >> oh, my. >> this is a kitty cat, there is something there. i can feel it. i don't know what to do with it or grab it. some say it looked like the paws
4:40 pm
were moving like a dj. >> very, very cute. >> temperatures hit record highs this week. people in mid west are packing on layers. a rare late spring mixture of rain, ice and snow fell on the northern suburbs this morning. weather slowed the commute caught a lot of people unprepared they were off guard. some had to run back home to put on more clothing. >> i feel like i should have worn boots. it's raining out i'm tired of the weather. >> the weather is supposed to last throughout the weekend the national weather service says snow has fallen after may 16th just seven times in recorded history going back to 1884. >> breaking news we want to pass along here. and we have a plume of smoke. this is from santa cruz
4:41 pm
mountains. appearing to be a wildfire. that is concern we've seen in san diego county because of the warm conditions we've had and lack of rainfall. >> we're looking at video from sky 7 hd live right now. right here at 4:00 and ak. you can follow us on twitter. >> weather is going to be a factor in these situations. >> you notice smoke going this way it doesn't like there is much wind at that location right now. no fog now. we're keeping things on the clear side. we're expecting showers and thunderstorms on the east coast.
4:42 pm
60s around st. louis. we're going to see showers around portland. state wide heat confined to deserts. breezy along the coast. san diego getting more relief with cooler weather and fog. 75 degrees. high temperatures will fall more, low 60s to low eight #s, sunshine, high clouds and beautiful weather for plans on saturday. i'll be back with the rest of the weekend forecast with the accu-weather forecast coming up at 5:00 p.m . >> we'll see you then, thank you. >> still ahead. special connection five strangers share after 24 hours. >> plus, doctors in one hospital make a special delivery for the second time in a week. >> i'm michael finney. if you're not using promo codes,
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coupon codes, you're missing out. i'll tell you how to track down those codes, saving big bucks. >> we're celebrating barbara walters 50-year career here at abc7. tonight the special "barbara walters, her story" starts at 9:00 p.m . she had quite an impact here on many of us. >> i was watching barbara walters oscar special more than i enjoy watching the oscars. barbara walters was
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>> this is wild.
4:46 pm
a police officer jumping at a chance to save the day the officer, tim walker leapt into the bed of a pickup truck. took him tries to get into the bed of the thing he finally made it in, busted out the window stopping the pick up, turns out the owner, an 84-year-old was trying to get the vehicle started from under the hood. he succeeded but forgot he left the vehicle in reverse it hit him and knocked him unconscious. you now plans to sell the truck. >> wise. >> yes. >> five people on the mend in illinois after each received a lung transplant in the same day at the same hospital. the operations took place thursday of last week over a 25-hour period at loi yoeta university medical center. the lungs came from three
4:47 pm
different donors. >> we're blessed. >> i look forward to those >> i have grandchildren. i can't wait to run with them again. push them on a swing. >> i can go back and forth. and to watch it. >> spectacular. it's unclear if it set a record but here about 1800 lung transplants are performed in the u.s. every year. >> one week after a set of twins born holding hands a ohio hospital delivered another set of the babies. >> she gave birth to the babies yesterday the girls were mono am knee
4:48 pm
-- amniotic. they were delivered at 32 weeks to avoid complications. >> just blessed. they're so little. >> it's great. i'm so happy now. i just want to see my babies up close a little bit. >> now, last week this photo of the twins went viral. one doctor says a chance of twins like this s.probably one in 10 million. >> so tiny. >> yes. >> a study shows when shopping online, fewer than a third of us use forms of coupon codes. >> it's something money all of us could use. now, a way you can locate and use these codes. >> this is unbelievable to me. there is a box for code i don't have one, a piece of me
4:49 pm
dies. >> do you guys know what a coupon code is? what is it? >> a little number you put in and receive a discount. >> exactly. you've seen boxes on the check out page of shopping sites. sometimes they're welcome, sometimes, not. >> you're getting a great deal. and then, you get to check out screen. you see a box asking for a code. suddenly this refrains the experience. >> we've been there. good feelings going bad because of a tiny box. >> it can be frustrating to arrive when without a code. >> we see those boxes everywhere. >> when shopping online, you
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should search for the code because if you're not filling it in, you're leaving money on the table. >> this savings expert for promotional says if you don't have one, search for one on promotional or look for codes before you see a box. >> before you start your shopping, go to sites, check out what promotional codes are available, then, start your shopping because often, you can compare those prices and services online. and find something that is less expensive if you're not committed to a certain brand. >> if there isn't a code available, she says wait until the next three day weekend. there is a good chance there will be one then, then, finally... >> if you have a merchant that you're shopping from frequently, follow them on social media.
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food brands will often provide exclusives for new products they're launching. >> so to use this, look for codes, follow your favorite brands on social media. you can use coupon codes in stores, i've done it. now, on the list of coupon sites for you just go to and look for them. >> do you get calls from telemarketers though you're on the do not call list? >> it's not a doct doctor or bichls we don't pick it up.
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>> tonight at 11:00 i'll share the top five tips from a telemarketer. >> look forward to that. >> coming up preparing for a party known as beta breakers. >> coming up at 5:00 battle over the bolt of money in sab san francisco. a restaurant becoming a symbol of gentrificationz veterans and their fight at the dmv. that is coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah
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the beta breakers race is on sunday and prep is underway >> tiffany wilson is live right now where officials have roped off sections to prevent partying
4:56 pm
there. tiffany? >> that is right. a lot of folks are upset bit. last year, so this year, it's off limits. heart race for a party. people stream together start line for many reasons we've heard a handful of those as runners waited outside of the expo today. >> you know as a survivor he ho hopes >> and and brian kelly is a serious runner. >> i was going to try to do it under 50 minutes just goes as fast as we can. >> the officials share a concern. >> we want people to have fun, but to be safe. this race has a lot of history
4:57 pm
but want it to be a save environment. >> we're going to have officers around the route. alcohol is banned. if we do see alcohol we'll take action as we see those violations occurring. >> today, crews installed temporary chain link fences. police agencies and a 20% increase in private security will help with crowd control. these girls are just hoping for help with their costumes. >> whether you're one of the 40,000 or 100,000 expected fans sunday's beta breakers sure to be a selection of san francisco finest. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> there is always a huge party. thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins
4:58 pm
right now with dan and cheryl. >> it freaked me out. >> people in marin are nervous and should be. an arsonist is on the loose and may have been added for years. >> north bay students caught on camera killing rats. a shocking video. >> and a manhunt ends for a fire chief accused of killing his girl friend where he was caught after two weeks on the run. >> temperatures down today how much more they're going to drop for the weekend, coming up. >> some crews at the scene of a growing wildfire. >> cal fire is calling this the coy fire. cal fire says it's not too windy out there. >> we heard this is a half acre.
4:59 pm
and tankers and helicopters have dropped water on the place the fire is relative. they're by morgan hill. >> in the meantime a fire bug is on the loose tonight in marin county. thanks for joining us. >> this is happening, authorities believe because these fires are deliberately set, and this is despicable given the heightened danger because of the drought. if one patch of burned brush they might be able to call this an accident but 13 fires in one night, within a file of each other... >> this is unbelievable. >> nanso had been sleeping safe and sound until her dog began
5:00 pm
barking. >> if it wasn't for her, we would have been in trouble. waits spreading quickly >> steven morris took these photographs in the brush hin the house. >> this fire grew in just minute s. >> investigators looked for any clues. in 2012, novato suffered 60 arson fires remaining unsolved now, the police department and fire department are concerned that one or more people could be at it again. >> there is someone out there. whether related to 2012 fires we haven't been able to make that connection, yet. but location and duration of the fires and size of the fires are very consistent. >> this year there is one disturbing escalation. because three of the fires involved structures. one burned at this house, another burning a door of an apartment. a third burning tr


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