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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 17, 2014 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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caught in the line of fire. right now a young girl is in the hospital after being shot in the neck. she was playing in her yard when the bullets started >> another man was wounded and police don't know who the target was. >> this happened around 6:30 in oakland on 66th avenue near international boulevard. >> the girl was taken to children's hospital oakland. that's where alan wang is live with the latest. alan? >> dan and carolyn, we believe the girl was here with her mother and we believe she is about 7 years old. the male victim is at highland hospital and both are in critical condition. police say they were shot after two men who are still on the loose tonight got out of their car and drew their handgun and fired as many as 16 shots. they say the bullet pierced
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the fence and struck the girl on the other side. juan garcia heard 10 to 16 shots and thenhe gi help the girl bleeding badly in the front yard. >> how bad was it some. >> it was right here. >> another man was shot and the police are not sure if he was the intended target or if he was caught in the line of fire. >> it happened on 66th avenue in this neighborhood east of international boulevard. sky 7 was overhead as officers collected evidence. >> there was at least one vehicle driving southbound near 66th avenue they fired multiple rounds striking our victims. >> police say the few witnesses they have are not fully cooperating. >> in oakland, alan wang,abc news. an arsonist set 13 fires.
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most were grass fires, but two were set at homes near novato boulevard. abc7 news reporter sergio is live tonight. sergio? >> dan, this is where one of the fierce was set. you can see it is still taped off and you can see that the hills in this neighborhood covered in tall, dry grass. that's potential fuel should a fire starter strike again. that's the reason why fire crews and police officers are trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. fire crews are joined by police officers on special patrol. they are hoping to keep a series of fires from happening again. one kept tracy barber up all night. >> she came over and started screaming and banging on the door and trying to get me up and saying grab the babies. >> her neighbor is the one who
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woke her up. he shot these pictures as the fire was burning near their home. >> pretty much if it wasn't for her i think we would have been in trouble because it was spreading very, very quickly. >> the dog's early warning propertied a -- prompted a quick call and they kept the grassfire on the hill from getting closer to homes. this is one of a nearly dozen fires burning at the same time one of them singed the home and another burned a car in the garage. they are all bringing back memories of a fire buck on the loose, but this time tracy is spooked jie. if they were to do this again, their rooms would be the first to go. >> reporter: she decided her kids will not stay at home for uh -- for awhile. >> investigators in walnut
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creek say four suspicious fires in a park including this one. last night's fire is in the same spot as one set two years ago and the same area as three others in the past week. a fast response by cal fire crews in the south bay kept this fire from burning out of control. helicopters and planes dropped retar ghent on a -- retardant on a fire that was four acres in size. it was near morgan hill. fire crews say no structures were ever in harm's way. major progress to report on efforts to put out those destructive wildfires burning in san diego county. officials say they are nearing on all butt two of the 11 fires to break out this week. fires burning at camp pendleton and san marcos are still raging right now. in other parts of the county residents were allowed to return home. >> the fire just blew down through the hills.
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it came down the hillside. we kept my mom's house and the house next door. >> late today a 57-year-old man pleaded not guilty to arson charges. he was seen adding dead brush to a fire in oceanside. fire investigators concluded that sparks from faulty construction equipment accidently touched off the 1200 acre rancho bernardo fire. the family of two are suing the agency. they say bart was negligent when they sent them out to check for a dip in the tracks. they were veteran bart employees and the train was being operated by a trainee and three othermanagers. managers. a san jose company is warning who ever stole a piece of equipment from the work trucks that what they have is radio active. it used to measure soil density and moisture content.
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they say the radio active material is as much as a tic-tac and strong as steel, but can cause problems if someone is exposed. walnut creek is warning people not to be alarmed if they hear gunshots and screaming coming from the school. it will be a part of the training exercise at walnut creek inter median. they are telling people ahead of time so they don't assume the worse tomorrow. and a safety project could be delayed at sfo. the four runways will be closed through september. the airport is pouring crushable concrete to prevent planes from over shooting the runways. sfo says a summer closure is the fastest option for finishing the federally mandated project. this is the time of year when students across the bay area are celebrating prom. the right of passage was enjoyed by students of all ages. their school is different than most others. but tonight they have to be
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like other kids. abc7 news anchor ama dates takes us to the prom. >> boys and girls. step up to the school prom at the children's hospital. >> tonight's theme is cirque de school. it is a cross between a cirque de soleil and a kid friendly moulin rouge. >> it has surpassed them by leaps and bounds thanks to the gymnastics teams from stanford and cal. it is the perfect way for kids to forget their i will -- illnesses if only at prom. >> they can get their face painted where they can win prizes. >> good times for the little ones while the big kids dance to their favorite copings. songs. >> it is super nice you hang out with your friends. you can be yores after being in the hospital.
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>> she was born with a con jenna tall defect. >> i wore tennis shoes for three years and now i can wear flats. it is really nice. >> her family is so thankful for the hospital staff. >> they are beautiful people and they love our kids. they want them to be there and it is amazing. they truly love these children. >> and they love them enough to give them a night they will never forget. >> abc7 news. does this sound familiar. getting ready to sit down for dinner and the phone rings. it is a tele marketer trying to sell you something. >> michael finney with how you can get the phone to stop ringing once and for all. >> we have the truth this time. i went straight to the source. i uncovered the tricks to getting them to stop calling. the secrets sell law marketers -- tele marketers don't want you to know. >> and a daring rescue caught on camera. a devastating fall and the
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strangers who jumped into action. >> and what is going on here? why the commander in chief is up on this counter? >> and first -- >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. as you will notice from our sutro tower camera the fog is taking over. i will have the full forecast, but first, shear jimmy kimmle. >> here is the nonsense we have in store for you tonight jie. this is my first time. >> have you been gentle so far so thank you. things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this.
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woman after she fell on the train tracks. the whole thing was caught on camera. the woman is unoblivious to the edge of the platform and she fell hard. this happened on tuesday night. people rushed to get her out of the way. transit officials say she was sore, but otherwise she is okay. >> and look at this. it is the commander in chief sliding over the counter of the shake shack in washington, d.c. to pose with employees of the burger joint. today was a visit to satisfy their fast-food craving. >> that's not a picture you see too often. >> it doesn't look presidential. >> a chapter in broadcast historys the doo closes the dooa member of the abc news family.
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>> that's barbara walters on the set of "the view" for the fennel time. for the final time. she said it is "the view" she will miss being a part of the most. >> she sat down with diane sawyer and talks about what kept her going. >> i am not sure if it is ambition or curiosity or just loving what i do. i have loved what i have done. >> and we loved what she has done. >> barbara has broken stories from all over the world and paved the way for generations of women. and she has had quite an impact for all of us at abc7. >> barbara walters in spired me with her grit. she doesn't stop me from chasing dreams and stories. she made it easier for female journalists to follow. now it is our turn to leave the door even wider open for girls who follow. >> a short time ago barbara
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tweeted what an amazing career. thank you for sharing it with me. abiento, barbara, # special. >> it was so fascinating. i remembered so many of those interviews when they happened. she did an amazing body of work. >> it was interesting to hear her inside -- her insight. >> and we didn't hear the first time. >> it is one of the most annoying things that most people experience at home. we are talking about the calls from tele marketers and it can happen even if you are on the federal do-not-call list. >> how do you get the calls to stop once and for all? michael finney has the inside scoop on how to make it happen. i am taking notes. >> tele marketing calls are one of the biggest complaints we get in the office. i talked to someone on the inside. it is someone who makes the calls for a leafing. for a living. it could end the calls to your home.
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>> [phone ringing]. >> it happens all too often. you just sat down with your family and the phone rings. on the other end of the line a tele marketer. >> it just became annoying. >> phyllis lives in petaluma and she understands the problem of tele marketing calls. she says she often gets more than 10 a day. >> it is like i have to do something. >> phyllis was so aggravated she stopped answering the phone and left a message on her answering machine. >> leave as you message and we will call you back promptly. this is our little effort to stop tele marketing calls. thanks. >> some are persistent and they say this is good. you should hear this. no, please put us on your do-not-call list. sometimes it works. >> one of the most common questions we received on our 7 on your side office says how do i get the tele marketers to stop calling me? meet erika. she worked as a tele marketer
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in southern california for years. she has a few insider tips to get tele marketers to stop calling. number one, answer the phone. >> one mistake that people commonly make is that they let tele marketers call them over and over without pecking up the phone. >> she says that's one of the worst things you can do. >> we will assume you are not home or we can call you another time. >> number two, don't hang up. >> definitely do not hang up the phone when the tele marketer has identified themselves. we will assume you were disconnected and we will call you back. >> number three, after answering insist to be put on their do-not-call list. early in her career her boss taught her about the rule. >> you don't want to let someone off the phone until they have given you three clear indications that they are not interested. >> number four, don't explain the reason you are not interested. >> you just want to clearly state the same thing. you want to repeat that you
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want to be put on the do-not-call list. >> number five, keep your anger in check. >> when you get angry at them and take it personally and then as a way to retaliate they will throw you back into the pool and then you will get called by a different person. >> and number six, never give a tele marketer a reason to call you back. >> we will keep calling until you tell us not to. >> despite the fact that phyllis gets called so often she rarely gets upset. kind of. >> never vial, just a little rude. >> one of our producers who worked on the story tried the tips and they work. so if you aren't yet on the do-not-call list go to i have all of the information there. it is easy to get on the list. one final note, even if you are put on the lest, political organizations, cherry tees and survey -- charityies and surveys can still call you. let's focus on the weekend weather. >> meteorologist sandhya patel
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is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> carolyn and dan, we have seen a big change in the weather. temperatures have dropped 5 to 15 dries on average. your inland spots are cooking the last few days and they finally got a break. live doppler 7hd shows you bigger changes gting underway. getting underway. we have some high clouds moving in and that is going to reinforce the cooling trend. from the east bay hills camera, look back toward the west and you can see the fog developing there. 55 in san francisco and oakland 58 degrees. it is currently 60 in san jose and 55 in half moon bay. here is the view from emeryville and i will show you the gray skies showing up. this is the natural ac. it is working, back in business. mid50sin santa rosa and napa. 59 in livermore. one last view from the exploratorium camera financial district in san francisco a
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mostly cloudy morning and breezy afternoon for your saturday and our cooling trend continues on sunday and even beyond sunday. you will see in a moment the high pressure started to back away and it weakened a little bit. our cooling continues right on through monday. so the temperatures will continue to drop this weekend. it it will work itself toward the pacific northwest and we are expecting the coolest readings of the next seven days. that's when we will bottom out. starting out with the fog on the beachs and the high clouds overhead. it will be a gray start. upper 40s to mid50s. you will need a light jacket or sweater. as we look at the computer animation, taking you through the afternoon, the clouds do thin out. but it is going to be another four to 8 degrees cooler. the temperatures will be in the 60s to the 80s right about where you should be for this time of year in livermore tomorrow afternoon.
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79 degrees. 76 san jose and 72 oakland, retch moneyed, 81 santa rosa and 67 in san francisco. a nice day in half moon bay. what you are used to as well, 63 with some lingering fog. 73 in santa cruz. as you look at the seven-day forecast, our cooling trend takes us through monday. low 60s to mid70s. below average for this time of year, but we will recuff nicely. will recover nicely. inland mid60s coast side. dan and carolyn? >> perfect. >> nice beta breakers weather. >> let's talk baseball. >> larry beil is here. >> the careless whisper and josh red duck remains -- josh reddick remains hot. sports is next.
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