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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> a very good bright and early saturday morning to you. i'm katie marzullo and it's 5:00 a.m. we will start off with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. we are looking at low fogginess and fog around the bay it morning and gusty winds. here's live doppler 7hd. we will have some clouds around today but those will clear and once they do there will be a lot of sunshine. looks like a nice day. temperatures in the 50s right now. winds are gusty at the coast. also by the delta with the southwest wind up to 25 miles an hour. the forecasted to calls for temperatures to be cool at the coast with upper 50s to the lower 60s. a few 80s, but there will below 80s around the delta and concord this morning.
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the cooling trend continues. low clouds and fog this morning. breezy afternoon winds. le will talk about it more this morning. kitty. >> a young girl was shot in the neck. she was playing in her yard after bullets started flying and another man was wounded. police don't know who was the target. it happened yesterday in oakland on 66th avenue near international boulevard. the girl was taken to children's hospital oakland. alan wang has details. >> police say bullets from half a block away pierced this wood fence and struck a young girl playing on the other side. >> i heard a young girl trying. >> juan said he heard 10 or 16 shots and ran to help the girl who was bleeding badly in her front yard. >> how bad was it? >> bad. >> another man halfway down the block was also shot several times but police aren't sure if
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was he the intended target or if he was caught in the line of fire. >> we don't have a good description on the gunman at all. >> happened on 66th avenue in this neighborhood east of international boulevard. sky seven was overhead as officers collected evidence. there was at least one driving vehicle driving southbound in the 1800 block of 66th avenue. at least two individuals exited the vehicle and fired several rounds. >> the witnesses they have are not fully cooperating. in oakland, abc7 news. >> police and fire crews are on alert in novato. they say an arsonist have started 13 fires there. near south novato boulevard and redwood boulevard. we have the details. >> fire crews are on watch. they are joined by five police officers on special patrol. they are all hoping to keep a series of fires from happening again.
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one of them kept tracy up all night. >> she came over and started screaming and banging on our door, trying to get me up and said grab the babies, we have to go. >> her neighbor is the one who broke them up. her husband shot the pictures of the fires burning just yards from their home. but it's their normally quiet gray-haired shauna that is the hero because she started barking. >> if it wasn't for her i think we would have been in trouble because it was spreading very, very quickly. >> the dog's early barking called a quick call to 911 and a forecast response from the fire department kept it the great grass fire from get together homes. one of the fires of the several fires singed the front door of this home. another burnt a car inside this garage. we're all bringing back terrible memories of a firebug on the loose two years ago in this neighborhood. this time she is spooked. >> if they were to do this
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again, our homesst first ones to go. it's too late. i don't want that. >> she decided her kids will not stay at home overnight for a while. >> four suspicions fires in a park they believe are all related, including this one. the fire is in the same spot as another fire two years ago and in the same area as three other fires in the past week. a fast response from cal fire crews in the south bay kept a brush fire from growing out of control. they dropped retardant on the 7-acre fire. it was reported between santa clara and santa cruz county in the hills. no structures were ever in harm's way. major progress to report this morning on efforts to put out the destructive wildfires that are burning in san diego county. officials say they are nearing full containment on all but two
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of the 11 fires that broke out this week. fires burning at camp pendleton and the community of san marcos are still raging right now. but in other parts of the county residents were allowed to return home. >> the fire just blew down through the hills. kind of jumped over, came up the back hillside and we managed to keep my mom's house and guard house next door. >> yesterday a 57-year-old man pleaded not guilty to arson charges after he was seen adding dead brush to a fire in ocean side. fire investigators also included sparks from faulty construction equipment accidentally touched off the 1200-acre rancho-bernard go fire. >> police in antioch are investigating the death of an 18-month-old boy who drown in a swimming pool. sky 7hd was over the pool shortly after he was found around 3:45 yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. there was a fence around the pool and adults were present at
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the present time of the drawing. they are interviewing everyone present to determine how the child drown. the family of one of the two bug track inspectors who was killed hit and killed by a train is suing the agency. his daughter is suing bart for being negligent when they sent him and the other man to check the tracks. they were both veteran bart employees. the train was being operated by a trainee and three bart managers. this morning a san jose company is warning whoever stole a piece of equipment from one of its work trucks, that what they have is reactive. the device is used to measure soil density and moisture content. the silicon valley soil engineering company tells our media partner, the san jose news, the radioactive terms is about the size of a tick tack and is surrounded by steal but can cause health problems if someone is directly exposed to
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it. people are being warned not to be alarmed by gunshots at a school. it's at walnut creek intermediate school. they are telling people ahead of time so they don't panic and assume the worst today during the training. this is the time of year when students are celebrating prom. last night it was enjoyed by students of all ages at lucille pack already children's hospital. ama daetz takes us to their prom. >> boys and girls, step up to the tenth annual hospital school prom at stanford lucille children's hospital. >> basically it's kind of a cross between a cirque du soleil and a kid friendly festival. >> it surpasses the traditional festivities by leaps and bounds thanks to the gymnastic teams
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from stanford and cooler air. kids can get their face planted and even play games where they can win prizes. >> i love this and good good times for the little ones. >> super nice. you get to hang out with all of your friends and you have fun and you can be yourself after being in the hospital. >> this 14-year-old was born with a congenital birth defect. she's had four major surgeries and several other procedures. >> i wear tennis shoes for three-year now i can wear flats. it's really nice. >> her family is so tank full for the hospital staff. >> they are beautiful people and they love our kids. they want them to be there. it's just amazing and they truly love these children. >> and they love them enough to give them a night they will never forget. ama daetz, abc7 news. >> so great to see. coming up on 5:09, a cereal
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weekend on tap. >> finally. it's really taking its time even though the winds have been kicking up the shoreline. it's still warm inland. here's a look at the exploratorium cam way. west wind at 17. finally more cooling in the east bay valleys. we will talk about the coolest day of the week and a look ahead, that's all come up. >> thank you. also next, graduation day at u. c. berkeley. the message nancy pelosi is expected to deliver during her commencement teach. and the secret tell marketers don't want you to know. michael finney tells us how we can get the phone to stop
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that's a man interviewino.for a job. not that one. that one. the one who seems like he's already got the job 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go. and that's an accountant, a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient, who used our unique --scratch that-- awesome career-planning tool. and that's a student, working late, with a day job, taking courses aligned with the industry he's aiming to be in.
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ready to build an education around the career that you want? let's get to work.
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>> welcome back. glad you are with us this morning. here's the view from sutro tower cam. you see wispy clouds in the sky. le 50s. it's going to be breezy today but it will get into the mid-60s in san francisco. enjoy that. the heat wave certainly has broken. good samaritans, take a look at this. a woman was rescued in boston after she fell on train tracks and it was caught on camera. she moved to the edge of the platform and falls hard. this happens tuesday night. people rushed to get her up and out of the way. luckily there was not a train coming. transit officials say she is sore, but otherwise okay. sonoma county's district attorney said she's still reviewing the shooting death of a 13-year-old santa rosa death last october by a deputy. according to "the press
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democrat" her officer is still determining whether the deputy should face criminal charges in the death of andy lopez. lopez was killed october 122nd as he walked along the avenue carrying an air soft bb gun resembling an ak-47. the officer testified he thought the boy was carrying a real assault rifle. an officer was found guilty of misusing thousands in public funds has been released from jail. george was released after 7 years of his long sentence. he pleaded guilty to twelve charges, including corruption and gambling with public funds. he faces three years of probation, where he is not allowed to gamble and must attend counseling. it's probably one of the most annoying people things people experience at home, calls from tell marketers. it can happen even if you are on the federal "do not call" list.
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here's michael finney with the inside scoop on how to make them stop. [ringing] [ringing] [rings] >> it happens all too often. you just sat down for den we're your family and the phone rings. on the other end of the line, the tell marketer. >> it just became annoying. >> she lives in petaluma. she had her fill of tell he marketing calls because she often gets more than 10 a day. >> i was like i have to do something. >> she was so aggravated she stopped answering the phone and left the message on her answering machine. >> we will call you back promptly. this is our effort to stop tell he marketing calls. thanks. >> some are more persistent and they say this is good, you should here this. no. please put us on your "do not call" list. sometimes it works. >> one of the most common questions we receive in our
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office is how do i get the telemarketers to stop calling me? meet erica. she's worked as a telemarketer this southern california for years and she has a few insider tips to get telemarketers to stop calling. number one, answer the phone. >> one mistake that people commonly make is they let telemarketers call them over and over without picking up the phone. >> she said that's one of the worst things you can do. >> we will assume you are just not home or we can call another time. >> number two, don't hang up. >> definitely do not hang up the phone as soon as the telemarketer has identified themselves because we will assume you got disconnected and we will call you back. >> number three, after answering insist to be put on the "do not call" list. early in her career her boss k taught her about the rule. >> you don't want to let someone off the phone until they have given you three clear indications they are not interested. >> number four, don't explain the reason you are not
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interested. >> you just want to clearly state the same thing. repeat you want to be put on the "do not call" list. >> number five, she said keep your anger in check. >> when you get anger, they will take it personally and as a retaliate you will get thrown back into the pool and you will get called by a different person. >> six, never give a telemarketer a reason to call you back. >> we will keep calling until you tell us not to. >> despite the fact that phyllis gets calls so often she rarely gets upset. well, kind of. >> never vile. just a little bit rude. >> our producers who worked on the story tried the tips and they worked. if you aren't yet on the do not call list go to i have all the information there. it's easy to get on the list. one final note, even if you are put on the list. political organizations, charities and survey companies can legally still call you. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side.
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happening today hundreds of local children will release more than 2,000 chinook salmon into the san francisco bay. it's part of the kiss and release salmon event. the salmon have released the stage they must be released into the bay for preparation for life into the ocean. event is men to be a fun experience for children, while also teaching them to learn about their role in salmon conservation. today's event runs from noon to four at black east pasture in tiberon. good news for san jose state students who will be returning next year. they increased plans to increase fees for the small some of ther and is actually cutting them by $100. students have protested the fee which would have been the highest in the cal state system. administrators were going to charge almost $800 a year. instead they will pay $600. it goes towards courses, electronics and technology.
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nancy pelosi will deliver the graduation commencement address today at the u.c. berkeley. she's encouraging students to stay involved in public service and to be ready to challenge the status quo. today's commencement ceremony begins at 10:00 this morning at memorial stadium in berkeley. sounds like the weather is going to cooperate with that? >> yeah, it should be nice. low 70s, a little breezy. the cool down continues. the sea breeze bringing the moist air across the bay finally. we still managed plenty of 80s yesterday, and the cool down has been slow across the bay. it's been certainly more noticeable in the city and along the shoreline. but we are looking at a cooler weekend. in fact right now live doppler 7hd there's a few clouds. 5:58 the official sunrise. you see day light already from the east bay hills camera. this is on top of vollmer peak. 55 in san carlos. 55 half moon bay. wind gusts up to 29 miles an
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hour. breezy winds in the city and we are looking for the gusty winds to continue along the coast all day long. here we go again with some of the sand blasting if you are headed anywhere near the shoreline. so be advised of this. 50 novato. small crest advisories up. we will continue with the theme. here's emeryville. 56 livermore. southwest winds up to 24 miles an hour, gusting to 30 miles an hour in fairfield. giving you an indication of the cool air is spreading across the bay of. it will be in our east bay valleys and also the santa clara valleys. the high lights, sunny this afternoon but it will take time. we have the low clouds and fog, the marine layer at about 1,000 feet deep. then by the afternoon 20 to 30 miles an hour winds close to the shore. otherwise it will just be breezy and we look for the cool town to continue into the weekend with the coolestdy coming our way on monday. high pressure is weakening. a trough of low pressure in
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the pacific which is allowing for a healthy sea breeze. a few high clouds around today. mostly sunny but another system drops out of the gulf of alaska. monday should be the coolest day if you are headed to the mountains, maybe a few showers on monday and tuesday. here's a look at the wind profile. you notice 5:00 this morning from point reyes through the city we have the breeze. by the afternoon still it will be breezy into the east bay and the west winds keep it rather windy from point reyes. half moon bay right now the winds are over 20 miles an hour. but we will look for the low clouds and fog to continue to spread inland to the overnight hours. high temperatures today in the south bay, 75 santa clara. lack for 79 in morgan hill. 82 gilroy. the peninsula numbers low 60s with the wind. 74 in redwood city. san francisco coming in at 67 today. 66 in south city. up in the north bay look for highs ranging in the mid-70s in ran rafael. 82 in calistoga. near east bay plenty of low
5:21 am
70s from union city to premont. hayward 70. you head inland with low 80s today. should feel good around pittsburgh. a big change in pleasanton at 77 in the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the cooling trend continuing with mainly 60s and 70s. a few low 850s out in the valleys. and for sunday and monday still breezy. the coolest day on monday and then we rebound again on tuesday with low to mid-80s. and the end of the work week leads into the long holiday, memorial day. looking pretty good but cool at the coast. we will let you know how farm it's going to be in your community and keeping track of that is easy with twitter on live -- at live doppler 7hd. you know all this. >> very good. i just tweeted you a good morning, in fact. >> thank you. >> i await your response. >> okay. >> a chapter in blog casting history has closed for a television icon and member of the abc news family. that is barbara walters on the
5:22 am
set of "the view" yesterday for the final time. she retired after 50 years in broadcasting. she said, "the view" is the show she will miss being a part of the most. yesterday she is the down with abc news anchor diane sawyer, who asked her what kept her going all this year? >> i'm not sure whether it's ambition or curiosity or just loving what i do. i have loved what i have done. >> barbara was broken stories around the world, interviewed celebrities and paved the way for generations of women. last night barbara tweeted what a wonderful journey and amazing career. thank you all for sharing it with me. next, why giants pitcher matt
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> a paramedic has taken singing in the car to a whole new level. ♪ >> the singer herself has seen the video and she sent out a tweet saying this paramedic guy just reminded why god sent me here. i can't stop now. not now, not ever. san francisco giants pitcher in the cain is known for pinching the corners when he's on the mound but yesterday he had a lot more traditional kind of painting. he helped decorate the injection clinic at the st. mary's medical center. they were adding more color to brighten up the place for cancer
5:26 am
patients undergoing chemotherapy. he painted the silhouette of batter. he said his mother has battled cancer and he's glad to pitch in. >> it's surprising being able to go through the situations and meeting some of the people they are part of that and meeting some of the people going through chemo, how much they can touch our hearts more than we think we touch theirs. >> the injection clinic treats about 3,000 patients a year. the oakland zoo's oldest giraffe celebrated their 25th birthday yesterday. it's the equivalent of 85 in human years. this is provided by the zoo. zookeepers treated him to banana cupcakes and they were served on a platter you see with a garnish of let us and edible flowers. tiki was born at the zoo and has given birth to three cavs. three still live there. due to her age she gets
5:27 am
acupuncture, message and chiropractic care. giraffe in captivity live about 28 years. there was a delayed flight at the airport yesterday but a garter snake. the delta pilot allowanced it was on the run which and a worker was being sent to retrieve it. passengers live tweeted the incident. one folks state the pilot said, folks, slight delay due to a snake on the runway. it was captured and taken to a sanctuary. the flight may have been delayed a few minutes or less. up next, a crackdown by police that could drive up the price of getting to the airport. they are targeting one group in particular. and we will show you some new technology solution that is my help solve a major security issue at airports around the country.
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>> coming up is a quick check of the weather. mears meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. the sun comes up at 5:58 and from vollmer peak take a look. looks nice as we look out toward mt. diablo. clouds around and the low clouds and fog will be working their way across the bay. compliments of gusty winds. sea breeze allowing for temperatures to cool down today. right now 56 in san hosted class, 53 morgan hill. winds are gusty at the coast, also out by the delta. another 4 to 8 degrees of cooling today. instead of the upper 80s by livermore, into the lower 80s and gusty winds here. low 70s oakland and mid-60s through the santa clara valley. we will detail the forecast and talk about the further cooling for the weekend coming up. katie. >> thank you. new this morning, president obama said he's heading to the baseball hall of fame to show
5:31 am
how tourism can lead to good paying american jobs. he will visit there thursday. he said tourism is an export that can grow the economy. he's pitching the congress to spend more to modernize bridges, roads and ports. first class infrastructure attract first glass jobs. >> we know manufactures don't set up shops with crumbling roads them set up sobs with the newest transportation networks let them invent and sell gauze made in america as fast as possible. here's the problem. if congress doesn't act by the end of this summer, federal funding for transportation projects will run out. >> the president warns almost 700,000 jobs are at risk if congress doesn't authorize more transportation dollars by the end of the summer. a strong showing of police officers averted what was promised to be another afternoon of violence in downtown berkeley yesterday. for the past three fridays students from area high schools
5:32 am
have been fighting in the downtown area. this is video posted on the local news website berkeley side showing what happened last friday. about 50 officers flooded downtown streets yesterday hoping to keep the piece. >> there's been a lot of concern from the business community, our parent community. their kids are going to school and moving around. the city has contacted us. we've been in discussions all week with the police department. berkeley reports two berkeley high school students were arrested last week. one student from an oakland charter school was also i revved when he pepper sprayed a crowd of even tajer. violence stems from an off-campus dispute from berkeley and oakland high-schoolers. happening today the family of a missing 19 year old with a traumatic brain injury will hold a walk in golden gate park to mark the first anniversary of his disappearance. he was last seen may 21st, 2013 during a visit to his former high school on oak street. he later called his father
5:33 am
before he disappeared. that phone call was trace today golden gate park. today's walk will follow his presume path from the school to the park. today's walk for shawn event gets underway at 12:30. bay area congressman said technology and private contractors may improve security around airports, but airports want passengers to pay for it. he sits on the homeland security committee. yesterday he featured but did not endorse six companies which make perimeter security systems. this comes after 15-year-old yayaabdi hopped a fence and stowed away on an international flight. they want passengers to pay for the increased security to 4 1/2 dollars to eight dollars. >> passengers pay for what they use and that money is kept locally and is reinvested back
5:34 am
in our airport. >> the congressman wants to create a pilot program to find a way to close gaps in security. a major runway safety project that could lead to flight delays could begin today at sfo. two of the four runways will be closed through september. air part is pouring crushable concrete at the end to prevent planes from overshooting the runways a summer closer is the fastest option for finishing the federally mandated project. >> a heads-up for drivers in the santa rosa area. highway 101 at airport boulevard will be closed tonight for bridge maintenance and clean up. it will close at 10:00 and not reopen until at least 6:00 a.m. also the eastbound airport boulevard on ramp will be closed from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. the off-ramp will be closed from 10 to nine. and the westbound airport boulevard on ramp will be closed from 10:00 until 8:00.
5:35 am
san francisco international airport is fed up with ride sharing companies. they shea drivers for companies like uber, lyft and sidecar are operating at the airplane illegally and they are turning to city officials for help. >> driving travelers to and from sfo is big business. so much drivers for ride sharing companies are doing it general way without the proper permit. he got a stern warning from an airport officer. >> he said are you a commercial driver? i said no, i work uber. he said that's commercial. you are restricted and told me to leave. >> most have taken off the trade dress, the pink mustache, for example. they are still catching a number of drivers in violation. in a three-week period they have given warnings to 110 drivers. 101 were from uber, 7 from lyft,
5:36 am
one from sidecar and one from wings. in a letter to the public utility commission that regulates the companies, they said the disturbing lack of compliance with requirements raised serious public safety concerns at the airport. >> we are finding drivers that have expired licenses, finding drivers with no insurance, finding drivers that don't even own the car that they are using. >> sfo said a permit would solve these problems. departments would pay a $1,000 deposit and $3.75 per ride. but uber said it's concerned with the tracking devices required for all of their vehicles, which they said violates the privacy of their drivers and passengers. it's the same technology required for taxis and limos. >> do you think they should have permits like you guys? >> definitely, yes. >> he said everyone should be held to the same standard >> we're required to have insurance. we pay money and they don't pay anything. it's completely different. >> changes may be on the way. the cpuc will be meeting with airport officials about the
5:37 am
issue next month. at sfo, abc7 news. >> the legislature wouldn't do it so a danville dad is bringing a measure in memory of his children straight to the voters. troy and elana were killed by a driver on prescription drugs and the patients safety act bearing their name would change the state's medical malpractice law. something that hasn't been done in nearly 40 years. we have the story from danville. >> what we want is for other families to be safe. >> for danville's bob, it brings some measure of satisfaction after a decade of mourning and healing. it's the ballot measure pat created in memory of his late son and daughter this will go before california voters in november. >> if a doctor harms someone, they need to be held accountable so people can understand what happened, and secondly, they need to change whatever went wrong. right now if you don't go to court and hold them accountable, they feel there's no need to change. >> the 10-year-old troy and
5:38 am
7-year-old elana died in october, 2003. struck by a driver high on alcohol and drugs just a few blocks from their home. the gold mercedes jumped the curb and struck and killed the children as they walked with their mother and friends on the sidewalk. the driver had been abusing vicodin and other painkillers in the minutes and months before the incident. they were narcotics prescribed by six different doctors at the same walnut creek hospital. if approved, the patient safety with act would require training for doctors and raise the $250,000 cap for damages in medical malpractice kays and the doctors would have to consult a federal dug database before prescribing to patience. >> if it will increase the costs, they will be passed on to
5:39 am
the consume speakers rate payers and passed on to taxpayers, as well. >> the current $250,000 cap on damages was put into place nearly 40 years ago in 1957. if the pack measure passes. it would go up to well over $1 million. in danville, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 is the day morning news, safety is the theme of tomorrow's bay to breakers race. we will show you what's being done along the course for your protection. and at 5:39. starting to see some light out there. sunrise at 5:58. this is a live look from our kgo roof cam. lisa argen will have your lisa argen will have your forecast in a few m ♪ ♪ get 5% cash back at lowe's this quarter so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can.
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>> organizers were hoping bay area residents will turn out to force today to help save the life of a 7-year-old boy battling leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplant. his parents are of japanese and german heritage. a search so far has come up empty. there is a drive from 11 to 4. it's at the asian street in san francisco. >> an english teacher has been named teacher of the year by the san jose unified school district. she competed against 38 of to win the title. this is her standing beside district officials and holding her award. she's been called an advocate for students and devoted to classroom achievements. >> that's great to see and great
5:43 am
to see things cooler outside. >> it's taking its time. the breeze has been confined in the shoreline. right now the marine layer. a live look from the tower camera. you see the layering of the clouds. high clouds and low clouds. getting an obscured view. we really scour out the cloud cover. this is ahead. the forecast next. >> also next. jar has th
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>> the iconic beta breakers race kicks off tomorrow morning but much of the race prep is already underway. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson has the details. >> people strayed from the start line for many reasons. and we heard a handful as runners waited outside. >> eight years ago. >> as a survivor he hopes to
5:46 am
show others anything is possible. these girls are celebrating a friend's engagement. >> we're going to a vineyard it get our nutritional fill and then we will be nice and energized. >> as his sneakers suggest, he is a serious runners. >> i hope for under 50 minutes, about 7 minutes a mile and go as fast as i can. >> while the rationale for runner and spectator varies wide by, officials share a serious concern. >> we want people to have fun but we want people to be safe. this has a ton of history. ite been going on since 1912. we you want to honor that history and tradition, but we want it to be a very safe environment. we will have officers all over the race route itself. alcohol is banned. if we see alcohol we will take enforcement action, as we see those violations occur. >> after neighborhood complaints about unwanted partyers, crews installed temporary fences around the park. there was a 20% increase in
5:47 am
private security will also help with crowd control. she's girls are just hoping for help with their costume. >> maybe we will get wigs, we'll see. we will figure it out. >> we haven't really figured it out yet. >> whether you are run of 40,000 registered runners or one of the fans, beta breakers on sunday is sure to be a colorful collection of san francisco's finest. in san francisco. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> let's all be safe out will tomorrow. if you are planning to come into the city for the race, bart will be running earlier than usual tomorrow and they will have extra cars. the larkspur ferry will make four early morning trips to the san francisco ferry terminal which is just a few blocks from the start. and lisa argen here. what's it going to be like for bait breakers? >> the weather should be ideal. in fact, temperatures continue to cool today. we have been slowly shaving off about 5 degrees each day. >> for running, you mean?
5:48 am
>> yeah. live doppler 7hd right now. low clouds visiting us as well with the 1,000-foot marine layer and the gusty winds toward the delta and along the coast. we will look for the winds to continue throughout the day today. so we will keep it breezy. here's a look from vollmer peak. with the sun coming up at 5:58 it's already looking pretty nice out there. 55 san carlos, san jose 56. breezy winds at half moon bay, 55 for you. in the city 53 downtown to 57 at sfo. sutro on securing the view here and we will look for a mostly sunny afternoon. the high clouds will stay with us. 55 novato, 56 concord and the east bay. just in the low 80s today. a nice change. it was 88 yesterday in livermore. down to 48 in santa rosa. from the north bay, mt. tam, you can see the camera shaking. here's the wind up above 1500 feet. already a wind advisory for the
5:49 am
airport today. we will have those gusty winds along the shoreline. so some clouds around and fog with sun and high clouds. breezy afternoon today. the cooling trend continues tomorrow. the coolest day of the week will be monday. another system is on the way. perhaps bringing some showers to the sierra nevada, extreme northern california for monday and tuesday. but for the weekend we still have high pressure, although it's drift to go the east. the sunshine and the higher clouds. this is what we will continue our cool down into monday and tuesday. so extra clouds from sonoma county and points north could see maybe a sprinkle or two. here's a look at the wind profile. once again, from point reyes to half moon bay and even out toward the delta. livermore, the breezy winds out of the west. so that will allow for temperatures to come way down for you and from the valleys yesterday. it was really warm. it will still be warm from sacramento to press no. 89 here. 94 with 105 in palm springs and finally that nice cooling sea
5:50 am
breeze for southern california, son taking helping out with the firefighters there. 75 for extreme southwestern california. highs today from 63 half moon by with the wind. 76 in san rafael. low 70s for oakland. san jose should see a high of about 76. you head toward morgan hill, 79. antioch and concord in the low 80s. another look outside with temperatures pretty comfortable for the game tonight. it will be breezy, though. the sun setting at 8:15. the game is at 6:00, giants with 60s and then dropping to about 60 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures will continue to cool right through monday and very nice warming trend as we go through the week and the long holiday weekend into next weekend. so finally it will feel good in the valleys. it's still been warm. >> i used to like the term warming trend but now it scares me. >> you never know, right? >> yeah.
5:51 am
thanks, lisa. in sports this afternoon, kentucky derby winner california chrome goes for the second jewel in the triple crown. he is the 3-5 morning line favorite to win the 139th preakness stakes at the racecourse in baltimore, misdemeanor. he will face eight other colts and one philly in the race. he has northern california ties, as you might now. he was born at the harris farms and he's one of the co-owners is from yuba city. with a win he would head to the belmont stakes with the chance of becoming the first horse to win the triple down since affirm in 197-8678 posts time is at 3:18:00 p.m. tonight the giants will send tim lincecum to the mound against the marlins. first pitch 6:05. yesterday the giants tried it win their second straight over mime. here's abc7 news sports anchor with the highlights in this
5:52 am
morning's sports. >> good morning. tim hudson was scheduled to pitch lift night but a hip injury caused him to be skipped. metallica rocking the national anthem at a at&t park. leading off with a bomb and 1-0 marlins in a flash. bottom of the first it's tied up. the double to left. springs pegan. and this one high, deep and aloha. the five innings allowed five runs and the giants 5-4. blanco, the two-out single to right. now tied at five. in the ninth miami breaks through again. casey mcgehee against thier lopez. marlins go on to win by a count of 7-5. on monday josh reddick decided to make the slow dance heavy saxophone tune careless whisper.
5:53 am
his new walk-up song. he's been crushing the ball since then. fourth season on the road. reddick wrecking the indians last night. like a wiener that can take a hit. the catcher gets lit up in the hot dog races. nick swisher teeing off on sunny gray. third of the year, 1-0 cleveland. game changes here. bases led are to the careless whisperer himself. reddick grand slam. a's up 5-1. josh donaldson. this is a colossal blast. way out. his tenth. 8-1 a's. gray, six innings of 1-1 ball. the closer, nothing lake it. reddick again in the seventh. his second homer of the game. 2-1 blast. six rbis in the game for josh reddick. nice touch by the fan out there as well and the a's cruz home 11-1. raider rookies are at mini camp and a lost talk about the
5:54 am
quarterback david carr. look for a ton of yardage at fresno state. look to go back up matt shaw this year. his brother played in houston years ago and now he will be replaced by his younger brother. >> he said we are teammates, i'm here for you every day. whatever you mean, i'm here to help you. that meant a lot. >> day six, tour of california. 94 miles. wiggins started and finished thedy in the yellow jersey. up the canyon to the mountain high ski resort, esteban chavez won. wiggins still in front with two stages left. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next, inventors and the makers fair will return to san mateo this weekend.
5:55 am
what this year's event is
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions draw. nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot grows to $149 million. happening today, unventers get a chance to showcase their talent at the ninth annual maker fair in san mateo. it will feature in vagues and technology, engineering, food and arts and crafts. this year's event will celebrate makers and how far the maker movement has come. more than one hundred thousand visitors are expected to come out for the two-day event. the maker fair runs today and tomorrow at the san mateo expert center. doors open at 10:00 a.m. next on the abc7 saturday morning news at six. the latest on the hunt for a shooter after a child is hit by a stray bullet in oakland. and a serial arsonist targeting
5:58 am
a local community and homeowners there worry they could be next. coming up, we ride along with police patrolling the st
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. a new hour at 6:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. we will turn it over to meteorologist lisa argen with a check on the weather. >> hi, katie. low clouds and fog visiting us around the bay. the sea breeze picks up not only for the morning hours butt afternoon as we. hears a look at the east bay hills. you are look agent mt. diablo. numbers in the 50s. low 50s from morgan hill. and the winds are kicking up around the bay. so that will be the story again. in fact, pretty gusty in the higher elevations. that's about love 1500 feet in our east bay valleys. mt. tam gusting to 36 miles an hour. we will look for some sunshine today.


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