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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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returning today. use look at properties door to the office you can see that the same no trespassing sign and eviction notice put up on monday this is video from bryman fact u taking personal items to the cars. the attorney for the landlord says bryman college owners were first served with eviction back in february and the sheriff carried out the eviction on monday and posting the "no stress piecing" signs. the back. pay had green to $80,000 and the president says the students were enoughed to return to class. the school offers courses for medical assistant, massage therapy and medical assistant. no word on how many students are taking classes but the latest records in 2012 show that there are 400 students enrolled.
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>> if san jose, the search is on for a pair of arsonist behind an attack against a south bay family. surveillance video caught the crime in progress yesterday and one of the arsonists douses this s.u.v. with gasoline and sets it on near and the flames spread to the other car. arson investigators spent several hours questioning the family who believe they are being targeted. >> they are heartless. cold flooded individuals and do not think of anyone else or what have you. >> he says the family has been attacked before. the tires were slashed and paint was thrown on the car this month. members of san jose vietnamese community fear it could be racial racially motivated. >> a man was found shot in the head in pore temporary neighborhood last night near the public housing area. the victim was taken to san
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francisco general where he died. additional officers certain called to the scene to contain a large crowd that gathered there. no arrests have been made. >> concord police are looking for a teen who assaulted three women in separate incidents on a popular walking trail. here is a sketch of the suspect: miss say he sneaked up behind the women on the green belt walking path, groped them and took off running. it happened first in many on the walking path and then twice again early this month. no one was physically injured but the teen is hispanic or asian with a thin build. >> four people are in custody in connection with a home invasion robbery in fremont. police believe these three men and a teen ransacked a home on monday. investigators say one of suspects held the woman down and
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the others story jewelry and electroners in front of the two young children. the suspect vehicle was spotted and arrested them. police think the same group is behind three other break-ins in fremont and redwood city. students and parents are joining the fight after a teacher was let go for challenging a controversial morality clause at a local catholic hospital. here is our reporter with the details. >> this contract would be a huge step backwards and would say we are stripping the employees of sifts. >> the bishop o'dowd after she follow the catholic church in teaching and their personal lives. >> you throw personal lives into the middle of all the disputes in the church including
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reproduction and gay and lesbian rights. >> the account says they must teach the principles of the roman catholic church which is not to be gay or lesbian. >> that is not at all what the roman catholic principles say. there is no denigrating of classes of people. >> now there is a ground swell of support for the teachers. students almost walked out but called it off after a plea from the principal on the intercom. >> it is wrong. they should not have control of our teachers' live. we are a community of diversity. >> some parents are threatening to withhold donations and created a facebook page calling for a protest. the diocese says the outcry is prompting the bishop to meet with the parents and students next week. happening tonight, a candlelight vigil is held for a san leandro teen killed when she
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was hit by an amtrak train. police say 18-year-old silva was wearing ear buds and did not hear or see the train on monday night at spring lake drive near an apartment complex where she lived with her family. investigators say silva was walking to couple down after an argument on the known. the vigil is held at 8:00 tonight at san lenadro high school where silva was a senior about to graduate. >> this morning, a.c. transit chief financial officer is scheduled to enter a plea on embezzlement charges after take 500,000 from the baptist church in east oakland. clinton was in charge of the financial accounts. he spent the money on luxury cars, kids tough tuition and a government club membership. the officials say they are confident that the agency's money is safe. richmond voters are asked to
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approve half a cent sales tax in november to fix the pothole covered streets. the tabs rate would rise from 9 percent to 9.5 percent and hope to bring in $7 million a year for repairing richmond's difficult listen dated pavement, a general tax that does not require two-thirds majority to pass and does not require the money be used on road repairs. voters will need to trust the city council to use the money at promised. >> santa clara county supervisors moving ahead with a historying wage proposal for the lowest paid workers and they have ordered staff to study the impact of imposing a living wage on most government contractors and certain other workers. the idea is to make it easier for low wage workers to avoid to live in the county. supervisors have not said the amount of increase, and that is not supposed to happen until they get the staff report. >> leaders will wait until next month to vote on new rules for
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marijuana clubs including saying a minimum distance to schools and requiring that all pot used by dispensaries be grown in san jose. right now, there are more than 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. the city wants to cut that to 20 after a lengthy hearing, the city council decided to delay a vote on the new regulations until june 3rd meeting. >> time for a check on the weather forecast and traffic. here is mike. >> good morning, everyone. well look at the live doppler 7 hd winds with a lost marin layer clouds developing. when concord is up to fairfield, that is a wind and same for sfo pointing to oakland and we have calm conditions around santa rosa and novato and we are going to watch your neighborhood, the whole 101 corridor for possible fog formation. if you are taking bart most our temperatures are in the mid-to-upper per 50's and daly
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city is coolest at 5 and sfo is 57. most temperatures are the same or a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday but novato and that will spring board us to warmer weather this afternoon. milder this morning and temperatures will not change much and we will see the increase in sun as the clouds rollback to the coast and 58 at noon and 64 around the bay and inland and holes break in the cloud cover along the coast pushing you in the low-to-mid 60's by 4:00 and mid-70's and the bay and 80 inland and you need a light jacket away from the inland neighborhood in the 60's elsewhere, and 70's there. have a good one. >> we have a construction project in the east bay shutting down the entire stretch of highway 84 in the northbound and southbound direction gene buchanan and stanley and it will re-open at 5:00 this morning so if you do want to hang out a little bit, if you can, you can always have the extra cup of coffee and you can skip this but it lookings like they will pick
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up cones shotly. administration we take a wider tkmé0 in the westbound directio, it is clear so far from tracy to dublin and this is how long it will take from tracy to dublin, westbound 580, 24 minutes and from antioch to concord, it is 14 minutes and 101 is clear through marin. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is clear and you can see not too many cars as you come in from the maze but when you make it past the tolls we have another construction project up ahead and that is wrapping up at 5:00. kristen and eric? >> 4:39. the nba makes a new accusation against l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling and what the league says he tried to getly companion, v. stiviano, to do. >> a sharks fan collapses during a game and a lucky coincidence saved his life. remember the hero cat?
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the pay area this is abc7 news. good morning, at 4:42 on wednesday. a look at embarcadero and ferry building in san francisco. it is lovely. it is not raining but it could be damp with drizzle. we have cloud cover driving past sfo and we notice that so we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about impact on the weather. >> bart has settle add lawsuit brought by five people who are with oscar grant when he was shot and skilled by a bart police officer at the fruitvale station in 2009. russia shoot was caught on video. the friends claimed they were detained for no reason and. handcuffed and interrogated and will share the $175,000 settlement in a civil rights case. bart paid $2.8 million to his
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mother and daughter for the fatal shooting. >> a 30-page document from the nba shows that l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling tries to cover up the scandal. the league is trying to remove him as a teen own are accusing him of trying to speaker wade v. stiviano to legal the investigator that she altered an audio recording and to say it wasn't donald sterling make the statements. it accused l.a. clippers of destroying evidence, providing false information during the commissioner's investigation. the nba has given donald sterling until tuesday to respond. a hearing is june 3rd when the other owners work on whether to force donald sterling out. >> a san francisco artist is selling a t-shirt celebrating commissioner silver's decision to ban donald sterling from the nba if life. it features silver's face on a sterling silver chain and costs $25 with proceeds benefiting the magic johnson foundation. last week, donald sterling criticized the legend's contributions to the black
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community. a dodgers prospect had his ear partly bitten off by teammate during a fight in a dug out. an argument started between the infielder and a catcher after a tag was missed on a throw and the disagreement continued in the dugout after the inning. at some point he chomped on his ear and he was taken to a salt lake city hospital to have plastic surgery. police say he did not want to file a police report. he was signed in october bit dodgers to a four-year $28 million contract. hockey season could be over but a fan is asking people at the shark tank for saving his life. he suffered a heart attack and he was surrounded by people who knew exactly what to do.
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what kind of team would you like? >> the couple are celebrating the little things in life after a brush with death which nearly took this 57-year-old out of the game. on april 3rd, he went to this sharks game at tank and asked his boast friend, a san jose firefighter to come along. >> i tempted last minute and said my wife couldn't go without like to go and he said can't make it i have to work but he ended up at the arena anyway. >> after the first few minutes, that is all he remembered. i stood up and i fell right back into the chair. >> he was having a massive heart attack. a paramedic and a nurse from monterey were nearby and starting c.p.r. until the paramedics arrived. the first medic through the door was sergio. >> i didn't have any idea it was him but i had a bad feeling. >> he has a successful japdruple
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bypass and later learned about all the life savers around him. >> angels on my shoulders...the firefighter behind me and the r.n. a few years down and especially his friend. he towns 58 in a few weeks and will celebrate his bodying anniversary on wednesday. >> will you go back to a sharks game? >> of course! >> sharky visited him in the hospital. >> that is the picture. how cute is that. >> after the quadruple bypass. >> nice. >> it is ice season? ice skating rink? >> a way to stay cool. absolutely. we will show you how we get there as we kickoff summer. right now we are tracking the clouds and drizzle along the
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coast but it is dry for the commute and the threat of showers have vanished overnight. from our roof camera, the winds are blowing the clouds around on the ferry building, and they will work out the marine layer to where we get sunshine and let the warming trend begin. the clouds and drizzle return mostly along the coast. this weekend the high pressure dominates our weather and brings us a summer spread from 60's at the coast to possibly 90's inland. today we will hit the mid-to-upper 70's and back to average, and we could hit 88 in los gatos and morgan hill. mid-to-upper 70's and most peninsula but millbrae is behind at 69 and we will have low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 68 with 63 and mid-70's around petaluma and possibly 80 in santa rosa and napa and 68 in berkeley, 67 in richmond, and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore and east bay valley is not air
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conditioning weather but you will notice it is warmer, upper 70's to lower 80's. tonight, you can see the cloud cover rolling back over our neighborhoods and temperatures exactly like we are this morning, 40's inland and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's. while you were sleeping the low is slowly moving to the east and it has a little bit of an influence on our weather. we are on the back side of that fill not quite let the high pressure completely come in yet. notice the clouds have been at the coast and well see sunshine break out in the afternoon and it will be stubborn along the peninsula chest. overnight, you can see drizzle along the coast and the clouds come back and then tomorrow afternoon temperatures jump up again as the high pressure settles more to the neighbors and by the weekend we are trying to get to 70 at the coat and 80's around the bay and nearly 90 inland. >> we have 29 bart trays running on time and ace train one is
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early and caltrain has no delays. pretty clear across the bay area and we have construction projects that could get in your way but everything is wrapping up at 5:00 and copes are -- cones picked up. you can see green conditions as we take you into san jose and that drive is moving along fine and i saw a little bit of red as you push away from mountain view you could find slowing and i will find out what that is. 101 beyond san jose airport is looking clear. 280 has in delays and 85 is 73 miles per hour, too fast headed into cupertino. walnut creek, southbound 680, you can see moving along without a hitch from highway 4 to the 24 junction is only going to take you nine minutes. >> you will love this, the hero cat save as boy from a dog attack is back in the spotlight. you remember tara, the cat, in defense of germany after a neighbor's dog attacked the boy. the youtube video has 21
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million views. last night, tara and jeremy threw out the first pitch at the bakersfield minor league baseball game. this was an attempt to have tar amount throw it out but she needed help. he is asked the drop the puck at hockey game. >> she did not have her fur balls down yet. >> a little more work is need on that. >> she has the curve ball. she will be here all week. >> 50 will - of talent. >> for get delays, there is worse to worry about when flying, potentially deadly passengers you did not know are
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>> dramatic moment captured on camera, a school bus if flames in minneapolis rolling to the fire truck that bags up just in time. no students were on the bus. the driver get out safely. look at that, no word on what sparked the fire. >> in delaware, things buzzing along on an interstate in newark after a big rig carrying millions of bees overturned and the bees got out. officials say the big rig was hauling nearly 20 million honey bees from florida when the accident happened. the driver and two passengers get out but they were stung 50 to 100 times. each. they were treated at a hospital. >> happening today, 50 talented kids from across the united states are spending the day at google campus in mountain view. the giant is hosting the students who were finalists in the google doodle contest. the theme is, if i could invent
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one thing to make the world a better place. one lucky student walks arm with a $30,000 college scholarship and $50,000 technology grant for his or her school. the winning art work will be displayed on google's home page next month. >> we saw pictures of the past winninged to els. creative stuff. >> good morning, everyone. we will probably have flight arrival delay at sfo. i will let you snow on twitter if you have to step away from the tv. a degree warmer in san francisco and oakland is two degrees warmer. five degrees warmer in san jose and antioch from 74 to 82. the sierra nevada will be wet today with 59 at lake tahoe. 87 in sacramento, 71 in los angeles and 67 in san diego. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> i know what the culprit is to the slowing along 101 through palo alto.
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northbound side at 37 miles per hour because we have some off-ramps shut down in the area and that construction is wrapping up shortly there but 101 is looking at clear conditions and 280, no delays, continuing along the peninsula, beyond sfo moving along fine, and 280. leader is a look at the drive frominto family and you have the hospital curve and it is moving along fine and you get to the bay bridge only going to take you nine minutes. eric and kristen? >> you may think twice when flying. auburn university researchers found deadly germs can live in the plane environment for a week or longer. worst is tray tables and window shapes and seat pockets and arm roasts. use alcohol-based cloth to wipe down areas and sanitize your hand when flying. >> today, the national 9/11 memorial museum opens 10 years after ground was evening
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brotherren. the underground museum pays tribute to the 3,000 people killed in the 9/11 attacks and in an early 1993 attempt to bring down the world trade center with a truck bomb. volunteers will stand by today to help those who could be emotionally overwhelmed. tickets are sold out for today despite the $24 cost which has been publicly criticized. >> in iran police have arrested six young people for singing and dancing to "happy," and posting it on youtube. ♪ it might be crazy ♪ what i'm about to say >> this video was originally posted on youtube last month and received 30,000 hits in four days before being taken down with three men and three unveiled women dancing to the song on the streets of tehran. iran news media reports that the dancers were arrested and forced to repent on state television after the police chief called the clip vulgar.
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>> an east bay neighborhood is on alert this morning after three groping attacks. next at 5:00 a.m., we have the sketch police want you to see. >> the battle shaping up over a high-rise building in oakland and neighbors say it is too much. >> a grandmother discovers her three young great daughters dead in a southern california home
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hello, hello, hello, heap hump day. thanks for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. good morning, everyone,
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tracking the marine layer and the reduced visibility at seven miles per hour in santa rosa and four in half moon bay, down a little bit. it will continue to decrease through the morning hours. we probably will not see much in the way of sun until we get into the her part of the morning hours. it will be mostly sunny around the bay and mild to warm at 69 to 77 and same inland, mild to warm and sunny and 76 to 82 and clouds are more stubborn look the coast and san francisco and 61 to 65. leyla gulen? >> we have a big closing for the memorial day weekend holiday, 280 if san francisco leading king street up to pennsylvania we will have a full closure for a big problem and it will start tomorrow night at 9:00 and run through tuesday at 5:00 a.m. right now we are looking at slowing but it is not closes this morning, northbound traffic is moving along. and northbound 101,


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