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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. gateway to memorial day weekend. thanks for joining us. mike make is here with a look at the weather. two noonings to that i have a feeling? the radar and satellite shows we are look at at the love cloud cover and the possibility of drizzle for the morning commute. it is more widespread than yesterday and if you find some, tweet me so i can let everyone know what they will run into. >> high clouds and sunshine this afternoon at the bay and 70 to 78. warm if some spots inland and high clouds and sunshine and 78 to 87 and the coast and san francisco with limited sunshine and 60 to 66 degrees. the friday commute shows it is light.
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>> so far, so good, if you are leaving san francisco this morning for the holiday get away, remember, south 280 is closed. from 6 to 101. this will affect the giants' fans. the exit from the ballpark is going to be jammed. take 3rd to caesar chavez and get back to 280 southbound or get to 80 to 101 south. giants and twins tonight. the weekend home game with delays around the ball park. kristen and eric? morgan hill police are searching for a man who tried to problem a woman outside a target store and brandished a gun. matt, they caught the suspect on security camera? >> they got good footage of him and everyone knows the only target is here. now this map is wanted for armed robbery. check out this photo showing a man with a slim build and mohawk
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in his 20's with a tattoo on the outer left wrist and last seen wearing a black f shirt and green shirts and black and white shoes. a woman walked through target and the man drove up in this car, a white four-door sedan with black bra on the front and brand dibbed a shotgun and demanded her purse. she refused. he took off. in five minute he walked into a subway restaurant and threatened employees with a shotgun and demanded money the he got cash. police are helped with the surveillance video but they remind everyone who is a witness, watch out for your surroundings for the best description possible for police. police in salinas are bracing for another we angry protest this weekend after a man holding garden shears was shot and killed by officers.
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the police chief is calling in outside help to investigate what happened and katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> police chief is forwarding the two most recent officer shooting to the file my and the justice department for review. the reports will go to the district attorney which will decide if criminal charges should be filed against the officers. right now, the chief is defending his officers in the shooting say if 44-year-old had reached a crowded street it could be tragic. you can see the officers following him down the street, he is raising gooden -- garden shears. he is the third person shot by officers in recent weeks including may 9 and march 31. a city council member says the problem is systematic. >> we are looking at a citizen
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review board and hope they are open to that. i mentioned that to the mayor. >> seeing the amateur video has fouled citizen outrage. on wednesday someone was shot and killed by an unknown civilian and demonstrators threw bricks and bottles and rocks at police as they tried to get l give aid to the victim. a manner is planned for sunday? salinas and protesters expect thousands to turnout. the police chief are asking the public to keep it peaceful. 5:04. a woman accused of attacking a four-year-old girl with a tire iron in san jose wal-mart will be in court. she is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. charges have hate crime enhancements. she used a tire iron to attack the little girl and her father at the wal-mart because they are asian. if convicted she could spend her life in prison.
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>> a memorial and walk will be held to milwaukee 20 years since the we castro valley teen was stabbed inside her own home. the service to rememberqq]@ jeny starts tone. she was only 40 when her body was found on may 27, 1994. $100,000 reward is still offered for information leading to the golden gate bridge officials announced a new date for the installing of a movable median barrier: next january. it will be assembled on the span so the span will be closed for january 10 for up to 52 hours. that weekend was picked because it has low we traffic counts. it will cost $30 million. the budget has increased nearly $4 million in the past few weeks as costs and work were
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recalculated. road, rail or air millions are planning on getting away for the long memorial day holiday and one place that could prove to be trouble for travelers is sanírñ francisco international airport. these are pictures from the airport right new, our spa camera. construction on a new safety project that will last all summer has closed two of the four runways at sfo cutting the number of flights that can depart and arrive. on the roads, aaa estimates 4.3 in california would drive 50 miles or more an increase of 2 percent over last year. >> temperatures are on the increase and meteorologist mike nicco has the planner. mike? >> we have a warming trend. we will look at the temperatures compared to where we should be. it looks like we will be spot on in redwood city at 75 degrees. same in san francisco, 66, and a few other areas could be a bit
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warmer with a very warm air mass above us that is getting undercut by the sea breeze and the marine layer. three degrees warmer in oakland and 72 and napa is six degrees warmer at 83 and san jose is 78, two degrees warmer and livermore is six degrees warmer at 84. tonight we have the meteor shower possible to the north from midnight to 1:30 and possibly as far back as 11:00. if you are in the north bay possibly in the east bay valley and the south bay you should be able to see it. the clouds are rolling in so you need to get above 1,500' to check it out. take a coat. temperatures back in the 50's by then. sue? we have root work out there on friday morning. northbound 680 up to 24, various lanes are blocked with not much slowing. the drive from antioch highway 4
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westbound to concord over to the antioch and hercules area or the hercules area, you are under 30 minutes so it is not bad. hopefully it will be friday lite but we have the weekend get away we later on. to the san mateo bridge, it is hazy, so be came of fog toward the coast. not a bad drive if you make your way from hayward to foster city at 14 minutes. abercromie & fitch is making big changes to win back teen customers. two passenger planes come 400' of each other at a major united states airport because of a simple mistake from a new air traffic controller. dallas maverick own earmark cuban is apologizing for the comments he made about race and prejudice. h.p. announces more major
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scary. this happened may nine. planned one to mexico city and the other to vancouver and a rookie air traffic controller told a secret to turn right into the path of the other plane. the controller was supposed to order a left turn and corrected himself immediately and the planes passed 400' beneath each other. both continued safely to their destination. >> 500,000 in campaign funds is missing after a suspended state senator yee was arrested in corruption bust. according to the "los angeles times" reports filed with the state show the san francisco democrat running for secretary of state sent more than 518,000 to a media agency in los angeles for campaign commercials but it is not disclosed what happened to the money after he aborted the campaign.
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$800,000 in accounts is making its way back to contributors. he was arrested on bribery and corruption. >> dallas mavericks owner is apologizing to the family of trayvon martin after an interview on race and theçjçz d sterling scandal creating a stir. if a discussion with a magazine he believes everyone is prejudice in one way or another but it is what he said later that. brothered him to apologize. >>? i see a black kid in a hoodie and it is late at night i am walking to the other side of the street. if on that side of the street there is a guy that has we tattoos all over his face, white guy, bald, tattoos, i'm walking back to the or side of the street. >> cuban tweeted i did not consider the thai -- trayvon
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martin family and i apologize. trayvon martin was shot to delegate by a volunteer neighborhood watchman. cuban tweeted he stands by what he said during the interview. >> the oakland a's face allegations of possible wage violations, the labor department is investigating how were the a's are paying clubhouse administration workers and interns and they may is received less than minimum wage and are not paid overnight. we learned about this from an investigative nonprofit organization. four clubs are under scrutiny including gianted who pays $765,000 in back pages and damages to employees. >> hewlett-packard is cutting more job say h.p. will eliminate up to 16,000[h.ç1 so that will be a total of 50,000 job cuts since restructuring in 2012. h.p. is trying to lower costs and become more nimble.
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the palo alto-based company announced earnings on track with estimates but revenue was 1 percent lower-than-expected. >> gas prices have a familiar look a as the summer travel season is underway. here is america's money. >> good news for the holiday. stable gas stations, the price of gasoline is same as memorial day weekend last year but you may find the roads crowded. an better and more sizes abercromie abercromie & fitch and the gang of heroes hopes to take over the movie theaters with the 7th in a series with weekend grow projected to be
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$100 million for that movie. a new video simulation captures the scale of the delta tunnel project. look at this, the water diversion tunnel that governor brown wants to build in the sacramento and saw joaquin delta so large that many policymakers and citizens have had difficulty grasping the project. the commission set out to change that releasing this video simulation of the three intakes on the sacramento river that feed the twotiîz proposed tunne. >> if you are at the beach on the holiday there you new rules to put a kink in your plans. bonfires at ocean peach are band after 9:00 at night. the agency is installing several new fire pits at ocean beach to cut down open problems including public drunkenness leaving fires unattended and litering in
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affect through at least labor day. on this holiday friday before the holiday, barbecues and that stuff it will be cloudy at the beaches but it will be brighter and that is where it is cool. can go there. 2.5 miles is the visibility at half moon bay where we have the thickest clouds and drizzle, but not much in the way of fog anywhere else. the drizzle is patchy so don't be surprised if you run into some and don't be surprised if you don't. if you take bart all stakes are in the low-to-mid 50's from 51 at daly city and pittsburg at 50. san francisco is 54. the destination at sfo if you are taking off is 56. we will have some flight arrival delays because of the runway construction but the clouds on mount tamalpais. you can see the main layer is
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the same depth as yesterday so we will see the sunshine the same timeframe. that will help the summer spread so it will be 60's at the coast and 80's inland. weekend warming away from the coast. mild are highs are coming at us next week. here is a look at the cloud cover that hasçó not developed into the santa clara valley witholds in it and in the east bay valley. by noon, there could be a little bit punching through the golden gate bridge and haziness along the east bay shore but otherwise the clouds are thickest on the cloud up to 80's inland and 70's and 80's to the south with 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's. 75 at redwood city and cooler and only 66 at millbrae and low 60's along the coast today and mid-60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 67 and up to bodega bay you drop to 64 and 62 and we
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will be 78 in petaluma and 83 in napa is the spread and 83 in santa rosa and low-to-mid soviets along the east bay shore and low-to-mid 80's through most of the east bay valley. the highway four corridor is warmer around pittsburg and antioch and those areas. temperatures tonight are back in the low-to-mid 50's with cloud cover and not so much drizzle. the area of low-to-upper still is hanging around but it is down to the south and kicks up thunderstorms and if you are headed that way they are less likely it will keep them cooler than us and the high pressure is showing temperatures inland in the 90's and 80's around the bay and slightly cooler for the holiday monday but i don't anticipate any weather worries and temperatures remain above average for most of tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the recommended and san rafael bridge, not seeing any delays and it is reverse commute. so far so good.
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the central valley through livermore, you are look at under 30 minutes so it is light. at walnut creek, as you make roar way from pleasant hill area through walnut creek and on to the turn a few brake lights at the 24 junction but no delays when you are beyond that junction to the tunnel or south on 680 toward the dublin/pleasanton that is the limit. no delays. >> seven things to snow use start your day. >> the new york diner that is cleaning up a huge message this morning. >> robert gates puts his military training to good use in a new job he is
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here are seven things to know: morgan hill police are looking for an armed robbery suspect involved in two separate incidents including a parking lot incident last night at a target parking lot and then he walked into a subway restaurant and threatened employees with a shotgun and robbed the place. >> salinas police chief will failure the results of the department investigation to the d.a. following tuesday's deadly police shooting of a man holding garden shears all caught on video. it sparked protests and anger in the community. officers say they fear the man would go into a bakery. hayward police are investigating what led to a shooting that left a man dead and another man wounded. it happened yesterday evening. the shooter opened fire on a car containing the victims causing a crash. scientists hope to look at the young female humpback whale who walked ashore, dead.
5:24 am
the whale is still floating too far for republicanners -- researchers to reach. it is drewing the attention of onlookers. traveling looking to get away for memorial day are asked to pack patience especially if they fly out of sfo with two of four runways being closed so it could be hectic travel weekend. some 4.3 million in california will travel 50 miles or more this weekend. good travel weather outside of the morning where we still have drizzle and fog along the coast on live doppler 7 hd. i will show you how much warmer it will be to adjust the plans accordingly for the holiday. a shot at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is friday light and we will check in on the afternoon commute and the holiday get away in a little bit. the chief of the boy scouts has experience running uniformed
5:25 am
military-style organizations, the defense secretary and c.i.a. director robert gates has been confirmed as the new president of the boy scouts of america at the organization's meeting in nashville. he will serve two years. he oversaw the end of the pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the under pressure to reverse their ban. he is an eagle scout. you may have to wait to send a salami to boys in the army. katz d eli is closed because of a water main break damaged katz and four other businesses causing a sinkhole at the deli creating muddy river and workers hope to re-open the restaurant when it is cleaned up. >> a father and daughter are
5:26 am
showing off their skills. ♪ pick it up ♪ high heels ♪ take it >> that is "fancy." dad host as radio show and features his daughter in on-line videos ask segments on the show. the video has racked up a million views on youtube. we continue at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including the indecision for board leaders athey put a new tram to oakland airport into service. >> a beach battle access reaching the halls of the state
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this is abc7 news. tgif at 5:28 on this holiday weekend. the gateway. we will see what the holiday weekend forecast looks like. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. want to make sure we get it right. we have drizzle in the morning. that is it. cloud cover, drizzle, and the afternoon we see the clouds return to the coast where they will be stubborn and stay there. downtown you can see the clouds year. hopefully we can get rid of them for maybe an hour quicker. 78 to 80 inland and high clouds. at the bay, high clouds and 70 to 78 and the coast interest san francisco, 60 to 66 for the cool spot. we have road closure southbound 280 the extension in
5:30 am
san francisco and it will affect the afternoon get away, the holiday get away and we have giants in town for the next three days and carnivale in the mission so make plans to get around this at 3rd to caesar chavez to get back to 280 or make your way to 80 to the 101 split with the delays to be expected. on monday, everyone is on a sunday or holiday schedule. this will affect the monday holiday commute. morgan hill police are looking for this man, a suspect in two remain ad robbery. the for was at target store parking lot at 9:00 when a woman was walking through the parking lot and a man demanded her purse. she refused. the suspect drove off. then the same man walked into a
5:31 am
subway vaunt and threatened employees and robbed the place. matt keller is getting new information on the scene. memorial day is the unofficial kickoff to the busy travel season whether you are by car or plane there are a few key things to know. amy hollyfield is at sfo. the summer travel season is here and it will be busy. sfo shows this is what it is looking like at american airlines terminal kicking off the memorial day weekend. the roads are going to be congested, as well. aaa is predicting a record summer on the roads, the second highest since 2005. in california they think there will be an increase of 1.8 percent in the number of cars compared to last memorial day weekend and this just the beginning at sfo. people say they have big plans
5:32 am
for the summer. >> excited to stay home this weekend. i love taking trips in the summer. we have a trip with a bunch of our friends. love going on vacation. all you flying in and out of sfo this morning, remember our gloom, our fog can impact the flights so do not forget to check on the flights before you head out for the airport but this is a new component this summer, look at this picture of the runways, they have shut down two of the four runways at sfo and that because of maintenance work. officials do not think this has a huge impact and they worked with the airlines on the issue so plan accordingly but they do emphasize that you hud check with your airline because our fog could cause problems but this runway issue could cause problems, as well. this summer, lots of fun on tap but don't for get to fold in planning and patience.
5:33 am
thank you, amy hollyfield. a key section of interstate 280 in san francisco is now closed through memorial day week. southbound 280 is shut down from downtown king street to caesar chavez including the on-ramp at king, 6 and mariposa avenue. this is video from 9:00 last night when the closing began. crews remove a your hinge holding two pieces of concrete together and they have to demolish new of the condition crete to get to the damaged hinge and replace it with a hinge four times larger. the roadway will re-open by 5:00 a.m. and this will be 280 closures on july 4 and labor day weekend. we have to wait to find out what bart plans to charge for the new rail service from the coliseum station to oakland airport. members are considering whether
5:34 am
to charge $4 or $5 or $6 to ride the new tram that is supposed to be more reliable than the $3 shuttle bus ride. no matter what the charge, the tram will be rating at a loss. if they start off lower it shifts the costs of the operation of the system back on to the rest of our riders. >> why do i subsidize someone to take this to go on an airplane? those are people that have more money. >> the board will set the fare june 12. the oakland airport connection is expected to open this fall. >> another protest is planned if sunday in salinas after a deadly police shooting of a man holding garden shears. this is video of the shooting posted on youtube. the video showed officers responding to a disturb abc -- disturbance. the officers followed the man holding the garden shears and he
5:35 am
would not put the shears down. they feared he would go into a bakery the third officer involved shooting in salinas this year. all three of the people shot were latinos, the latest confrontation has sparked protests and katie marzullo will have a report coming up at 6:00. the son california man accuses of kidnapping a woman and holding her captive for 10 years says he is innocent. the 41-year-old a gas -- garcia is in jail awaiting born. the victim said he said her family didn't want her. they married and they had a child together. she was taken when she was 15. the lawyer seas the -- says the accusations are false.
5:36 am
>> a man was left dead and another wounded yesterday evening and police say the shooter opened fire on a car containing the victims causing a crash. a 22-year-old man died at the seen and a second man was dropped off at a hospital with the gunshot wound a short time later. the search for the gunman led police to a home with officers searching the property with weapons drawn. a man who was inside was detained and police have not said if he is a suspect. police are searching for a man who assault add jogger in livermore last friday. victim was running on a bicycle path and she was grabbed from behind and groped. she was able to break free and escape and police say there have been eight similar attacks in the area in the last several years. the fight to become san jose's next mayor is proving to be pricey a new campaign fundraising report shows how much each candidate has raised for the june 3 primary. leading the pact is a city council man.
5:37 am
he has raised 785,000. santa clara county supervisor is not far behind and he raised $567,000 the most money of all the candidates since many. the vice mayor and a city councilwoman rounded out the group. all candidates agreed to an expenditure cap of shy $800,000. a state committee will hold a key vote in the battle over public access to a san mateo county beach. a senate appropriations committee takes up a bill sponsored by peninsula lawmaker jerry hill to force billionaire venture capitalist into a settlement. he owns a massive track that includes a small access road that is the only land access to more tip's beach. he said an old spanish land grant gives him the right to cut off access. the bill has the state seize part of the land under eminent domain to regain public access.
5:38 am
separately, a judge will rule on a lawsuit in a couple of weeks. now we will find out what the memorial day weekend will be like. >> good morning, everyone, the day planner as we breakdown the friday, spotty drizzle under gray sky with breaks in the south bay inland east bay neighborhoods and we will hang out in the mid-to-upper 50's through 7:00 and drizzle will taper like it did yesterday around 9:00 and we will become brighter at noon so it is warmest at 76 and low-to-mid 60's so, city, light jacket weather around the bay and the coast for lunch time activity. as wex$ám head to the afternoon hours we will day in the low 60's and we will warm to the mid-70's around the bay and mid-80's inland with high clouds and sunshine. grab a coat in the evening, 60 to 66 from the coast to the bay but a mild 78 inland and speaking of we evening festivities, if you stay up later, meteor shower tonight and look to the north, best between midnight and 1:30 and could
5:39 am
start by 11:00 and the marine layer will rollback in with the clouds so try to bet above 1,500 '. also, sunday and monday in san ramon we have the art andza wid festival that will be comfortable and 71 at 10:00 and low-to-mid 80's with a lot sunshine in the afternoon. friday lite so far, so good, to get away, it will be quite a different story. from the central valley, speeds in the 40 to 50 miles per hour and green picks up again at livermore to the dublin entrepreneur. under 30 miles per hours from tracy to dublin and antioch and concord not bad and slowing from san rafael to san francisco and fog up and over the waldo grid so be careful out of tunnel. it is flowing nicely from san rafael, with no fog and it is light, and the traffic is moving at the limit all the way to the golden gate bridge.
5:40 am
it is a happy chapter in a tragic story, a woman in a coma gives birth to a healthy baby boy and we will hear from thbok father who is dealing with pride and sorrow. >> pope francis prepares for a controversial trip to the middle east with concern that the trip could have on his health. >> if you are stressed at, would, this is another place
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:43. something extraordinary is about to happen. this video clip showing a man catching a baby falling from a second-story balcony in china. the one-year-old climbed to the window ledge during a thunderstorm. with the help of a second man he caught the precious cargo. the baby was not injured and has been reunited with his very grateful mom. a story we first told you about yesterday morning the pregnant fresno woman in a coma after suffering a seizure. doctors delivered the healthy baby boy yesterday of mess lisa at 5 pounds and nine ounces, "west" came into the world and
5:44 am
his father a santa cruz sheriff deputy held his son close yesterday, a bit are sweet moment he feared would never happen after melissa became ill. >> as heavy as i am to meet my son it is incredibly painful for melissa not to be awake. >> she will be transformed to undergo more therapy to try and wake her. he is getting help from retired san francisco police officer who donated an apartment so he can raise the baby close to melissa. >> three young hikers are recovering after the wild rescue played out in the south bay. the operation to rescue the strapped kids was dangerous from the start and you can see the rescuer and young woman be dragged across the rocks when they were stuck halfway up the face of reservoir dam. they needed a helicopter to lower this woman to safety.
5:45 am
the three were there on a school field trip from gilroy. the area is off limits to hikers protesters are expected to greet pope francis when he embarks on a three day visit to the holy land visiting yum yum and -- visiting jerusalem and a rest joe camp. he is making the trip after canceling other planned visits. thexmóñ observes fear the pope d be overtaxing himself considering that he only has one fully functioning lung. if northern arizona authorities say firefighters are starting to gain the upper hand on a wildfire burning near flagstaff. the fire has grown to 7,500 acres with some containment expected. hundreds of firefighters have been working to protect the communities on the edge ofvk- flagstaff with 3,200 residents under preevacuation warnd+cp
5:46 am
starting on tuesday at oak creek canyon. the area would normally be swarming with tourists during the memorial day weekend. officials believe the we fire was human caused but have not the question we have: is mike going to stay up to watch the meteor shower tonight? probably not. that is thence i expected. >> it is hard on fridays to stay up late. >> on knows? it will be interesting, the problem is it will not be so bright as the other meteor showers we are used to. give it a try. if you catch pictures tweet us or put them on facebook. we would love to see them, that would be 22 or 23 hours of staying up. >> the winds are at 23 miles per hour in fairfield.
5:47 am
so we still have a nation sea breeze blowing through our neighbors. low-to-mid 50's through the north bay. in calistoga or mill valley dress for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's. everyone else is around 50 to 52. we have mid-to-upper 50's around the bay shore and cupertino is at 57 the warm spot and mid-50's and upper 50's around san ramon and lafayette and brentwood at 59. the high pressure is starting to take a little bit more of a dominant role in our weather and compressing the marine layer which is why we see the clouds let go of the moisture in the form of drizzle. the clouds will pull back an hour quicker today from the coast. that will develop the summer spread in 60's at the coast to 80's inland and we will be warmer this weekend away from the coast and mild highs next week not so warm as this week. here is a look at the cloud cover, not making it into the santa clara develop or inland, so it will pull from there faster and he are the warmer
5:48 am
temperatures: hazy hazy along the bay shoreline and gray along the coast, that may gray. in the south, mid-to-upper 70's and los gatos is low 80's. the peninsula is mid-to-upper 70's but millbrae is only 66. mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 67 and upper 70's to mid-80's through the north bay valley and low-to-mid soviets along east bay shore and temperatures in the low-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. 60's at the coast and 80's around the bay and 90 inland and cooler and try and above average on monday and temperatures are still warmer-than-average next week. have a great week. sue is. if you are trying to get out of the city for the holiday or coming to the city for giants games or carnivale, remember, 280 extension is closed from 6 to 101. you have to go down third to get
5:49 am
on caesar chavez or make your way over to 80 to the 101 southbound junction. guy yourself plenty of extra final and expect delays. right now, mass transit is looking good. on monday, bart sunday schedule, muni on sunday schedule and israel on sunday school so all mass transit on holiday or sunday schedule for memorial day. at the bay bridge toll plaza a few cars backed up on the right hand cash-paying sides but otherwise it is looking good and so far, friday lite. >> is the thought of going to work makes you stressed, listen to this. many people are more stressed at home. researchers at penn state found men and women are more relaxed at work but many were4@ba!p hapt home and women say they feel better at work. t$
5:50 am
>> the other surprise is that the study found both people with children and those without saw the same results. the researchers say it demonstrates that people who work outside the home have better health. i suspect it could be the social interaction that is important to good health, right? >> and the outcome is that we are stressed wherever we go. >> just at work. that is the point. >> less stressed at work. >> not stressed at work. straight ahead the best companies to work for and where big bay area employers rank on the new list. sharing the roads with robots? you could see driverless cars sooner than we first thought. more on executing death row inmates with the
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and a utility accuses of the city of san francisco of taking too much time to rule on permits for at&t. in 2011 supervisors approved the installation of more than 700 such boxes. this month the supervisors approved legislation giving the public more input on proposed sites. what is going on with the main layer, mike? >> more compressed than yesterday so hopefully in an hour we will get some sunshine and slightly warmer both especially inland. if you are headed to the game, it will be a typical night at at&t park other than the fact
5:54 am
the twins are taking on the giants and dropping down from 66 to 61. around the state, mid-90's through the central valley and cool down south at 68 in san diego and 71 in los angeles with scattered storms and lake tahoe had all the snow and it is gone with highs in the 70's, all the way through the holiday week. safe travels. we have friday light. we will look at the drive times fur headed out this morning address so dublin is 23 minutes. antioch to concord is 15 minutes and under 20 minutes from san rafael to san francisco you will find fog up and over the waldo grade. if you are headed to san jose, southbound -- rather, northbound 280 to cupertino, very light conditions. >> the state will issue licenses for driverless cars, and the
5:55 am
california department of motorcycles say they will take applications for aton miscellaneous vehicles in july. the listens will be for those testing cars. there are strict terms with droves have to sit close enough to be able to grab the wall. you can future have more than one point on the license and a suspended license from a d.u.i. is an automatic disqualification. the state will issue the first licenses in september. another construction milestone for levi stadium as they complete the 49ers stadium in santa clara, with the last seat being installed yesterday when five chairs were installed per manhour for over 15,000 manhours. the first seat was installed october 1 last year. the seats have hooks on the back so fans can hang their belongings and cup holders. the stadium will open august 2
5:56 am
under when the san jose earthquakes play the seattle sounders. >> the top companies to work for regards pay and perks include a popular wholesale retailer. tech dominates the list and google grabbed the top spot. costs coe is the only one to make the list at number two known for having better pay and benefit than competitors. and facebook ranked number three, and glass door evaluated we health care and retirement plans, flexible schedule and perks including free food, transportation, and inhouse lottery services. we want to update a story of the teen who has become pretty darned popular. >> a "thriller." he is wowing the world with his moves like michael jackson. >>6!=7e can't "beat it."
5:57 am
he danced to "billy jean," and showed off the perfect moon walk like joey smith did a moment ago. the video has 2 million hits on youtube and this morning 9 million hits. >> can we sign it up for a live appearance? that is just awesome. >> weeks into thing with of the sporting events in the world and this morning new outrage is marring the world cup. at home, a smash-and-grab burglary leaves a musician looking for the band belongings
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, robber with a mohawk. police want your help to find
6:00 am
this man. we have the stores he targeted and how a would-be victim responds. a near miss. two planes come 400' of each other at a major united states airport and the mistake from a rookie air traffic controller putting passengers in danger. tensions rising after officers open fire and kill a third man in only a month. an angry community is expressing outrage. this weekend is memorial 6:00. how is the weather, mike? good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd showing no organized area of rain but there is patchy drizzle as the many layer is back and it will be back for the next couple of mornings but it will peel away around the bay by noon with a few clouds lingering and mid-70's with high clouds and sunshine and grab a coat for the evening


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