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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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hidden cash. lucky people all over the bay area are finding money left by a mysterious ben gnaw factor. >> an unexpected high-tech treasure hunt that is still going on right now. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the stashes of cash have been found all over san francisco and oakland. here is a map showing some of the spots. >> abc7 news anchor ama dates is live in san francisco. someone found some of the money tonight. ama? >> hidden cash is the profile on twitter and the person behind it say it is a social experiment for good. they told a local on-line magazine that they made a lot of money in the real estate business here in the bay area. they wanted to pay it forward because they were concerned about wealth inequality. the money was less here at
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yes, sir bough by yen gnaw gardens -- here at yerba buena gardens. hidden cash is the twitter handle that has people talking. the mystery person behind the twitter account is leaving cash on the streets of san francisco and oakland. a reward to anyone who can figure out the location of the money from a tweeted clue. he saw one of the clues. it showed class at the lake lake merritt bart stations. >> the bill was gone. i saw the container and that looks familiar. i looked over there. >> he already had plans for the money if he found it. >> i donated to aids life cycle. it is one of my favorites. it benefits the san francisco aids foundation. >> specifically to samantha ames benefit. she is biking, but her bike was stolen recently and i told
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her about estrada's generousity. >> that's incredible. i had no idea it happened. i am so honored he contributed with the money he found. it is a wonderful thing to do that restores a little of my faith in humanity. >> maybe one day they will reveal their identity. abc7 news. we should be out there hunting for cash. if you are trying to get out of san francisco right now, good luck. the traffic is crawling thanks to a perfect storm of events. >> it has been rough all day. there was a giants game and a crucial part of 280 is closed and people are hitting the roads for the long holiday weekend. here is a live look at the sky way and you can see the back up. >> this has been going on for hours. a software glitch uh -- affecting the metering lights and things never improved. it just got worse. this is video and the news crew took it while sitting in the back up approaching the mcarthur maze. >> the long line of cars
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trying to get into the city backed up interstate 80. it showed the slow going through berkeley and emeryville. a big part of the problem is the closure of 280. it is an important route. >> abc7 news reporter sergio quintana is live with some very frustrated drivers. sergio? >> one of the big concerns tonight was a lot of the giants' fans heading out of the game. i understand that there was an announcement made making sure that those fans knew the routes to get out heading south. they would drive here on third street and then hop on to 280 southbound. those are options that are not available tonight. >> with 280 southbound shutdown this holiday weekend, giants' fans were met with a change in options to head south after the game. >> worried about getting out of here? >> no. just take our time.
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it will be fine. a long route home. no big deal. >> the southbound 280 on rams are closed until tuesday morning. all drivers heading toward the peninsula and out of downtown will have to navigate to the highway 101 on-ramp at harrison and fourth street and harrison and seventh street, but the 10th street on-ramp and cesar chavez. it crept along as the drivers had no other option other than to squeeze on to the packed 101 south. >> traffic is horrible right now. i am trying to deliver my client to where she needs to go and she is not doing well jie. how is traffic? >> very bad. i work on second and harrison and been in the car for 45 minutes. >> you can see construction on a section of 280 south as cal trans performs seismic retrofits. at sunset, a rare view of the 280 freeway with only one direction of traffic flowing. that will continue through the
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extended weekend through 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. abc7 news. >> take a look at our drive time traffic map live for you. the traffic on interstate 80 is green. in fact, it is green pretty much all over the bay area except the area around the ballpark. this is a complete turn around from what it was like most of the day. it was a nightmare for most travelers. from you heading to a giants game here is a good alternative route. take third street to harrison and get on harrison and fourth. that turns into highway 1 and it reconnects with 280 farther south. developing news out of the east bay after a police pursuit ended with a car crashing into the building leaving one person dead. it happened just before 9:00. a witness told us she was driving down san leandro street when a car was speeding around a corner. it swerved to miss her and it hit is a building. two people were thrown from
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the car and taken to the hospital. police showed up a short time later to gather evidence. >> a man is being connected to another violent crime. stan leer sherman -- stanley sherman, junior is accused of break ins that happened between fremont and redwood city. sherman and three others tied up a mother in front of her two young children before ransacking the house. today police said sherman is suspected of another home invasion robbery in which the gun went off during a struggle. fremont police want to go high-tech. the department will ask the department for community-based license readers. they want a dozen installed at key entry and exit points on the city's border. residents can comment through the city's website. >> a 62-year-old woman who repeatedly tried to sneak on to flights at sfo was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder.
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she was sentenced to probation and ordered to undergo supervised psychiatric treatment. prosecutors said hartman was trying to sneak on to flights on three separate occasions. she actually made it on to the plane once, but was discovered ?ie. a newborn seal is -- a newborn seal is safe after a high speed chase to rescue it. this is a harbor seal stolen off a beach. a visiting family snatched it and took off in their rv, believe it or not. volunteers from the marine mammal center chased down the rv and eventually getting the family to give them the seal. that family drove off, but could face charges for taking the animal off the beach illegally. it is now in sausalito where it is doing well. >> bizarre. >> it is. a celeste yell surprise in the night sky. the best time to see the shower that caught astronomers off guard. >> and a face for facebook.
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how they are now protecting your privacy. >> and when red tape threatens to end your wedding, who better to call than your congressman? how a local lawmaker stepped in to save the day. >> sphek tack lar -- spectacular tonight. we have weather to match it. >> here is a sample of what we have in store for tonight. >> at one point you were thinking of playing with the clippers. did you meet with donald sterling? seems like a good guy, ya? 0 to 60?performance? or 60 to 0? how a car performs in a quarter-mile?
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praising a change made by facebook. new users will have their privacy settings default to friends which hides posts from the public. facebook also added a privacy checkup feature. when you make a post public a dinosaur at a computer pops up asking if you really want to do that. privacy advocates have been openly critical over how it handles user data. goats have returned to oakland to eat brush that is dried out in the drought. the dry hillside is making people nervous over fires especially after what we saw in southern california. a thousand goats are grazing north of highway 24 in the oakland hills. the herders tell us the cities are desperate to get them grazing and clearing out the brush that the big mowers cannot drive on. >> a local congress map saved the day. she tells the contra costa times that she e-mailed the
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office when her wedding dress was stuck in customs in new york. it was her dream dress she had specially designed and made by a seem stress in poland. staffers found the dress and had it shipped overnight uh criefg the -- arriving the day before the wedding. the rings ordered on-line showed up a day late. >> better to have the dress. it looks like the skies are clear enough to see a meteor shower passing through earth's atmosphere for the first time. right now it is actually the best time to see it. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the space and science center in oakland. alan? >> carolyn, we have about a hundred people out here on the hillside. you can see the meteor shower -- we will turn off the lights. they are getting bept -- bent out of shape. let's see if we can see a falling star or not. astronomers say the meteors are moving about 12 miles per hour which is relatively slow. they will look like bright stars falling as opposed to shooting stars.
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we still don't know how spectacular this one will be, but early indications tell us it may be a good one. >> even before the sun went down radio waves were picking up 22 meteors per minute falling from the sky. midnight is the peak time to watch. >> if it is 100, 200 that would be a typical meteor shower. if it is a thousand we will call it a meteor storm and that will be spectacular. >> a new meteor shower can now be seen from earth because its comet, the smaller red orbit passed too close to june per's -- jupiter's orbit. it tugged at the comet and changed its course. >> now the comet's orbit takes it around and it crosses the plane of the earth's orbit and we will pass through the stream of part calls that is left behind. >> north america is the best place on earth to watch it.
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and the best place to watch it is in california. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> a lovely night for stargazing. >> sandhya patel is here with more. >> don't forget to make a wish on a shooting star. if you do see one, tonight we are expecting the meteor shower to peak between now and 1:00 a.m. we do have high clouds coming through right now, but they should pass within the next hour . you will want to look north. you can see the high clouds. they will be pushing through here in the next hour. we will see some return of the fog. it is not here from this view. still clear in the financial district. 57 in san francisco and the low 60s. oakland and san jose and san carlos and mid50s morgan hill and half moon bay. san francisco is just sparkling tonight. 63 in santa rosa. still mild in fairfield, 64. 61 in livermore.
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and one last live look from the emeryville camera as we look out toward emeryville. we are looking back toward the bay here. no visibility restrictions. coastal fog overnight, a summer spread expected this weekend and it will be slightly cooler for memorial day. still don't worry about firing up the grill because the weather is looking great for memorial day if you are barbecuing. this area of low pressure will push out of here. the temperature is going control the weather out west. temperatures will peak. we will see mid90s and then we will slip into monday. torque morning the fog will be limited. it is getting compressed and the high clouds are passing through. it will take a you while. temperatures in the low to upper 50s to start off your morning plans. make sure you grab an extra layer for the start of the day. for the afternoon you can pretty much go with the short sleeve weather. it will be a warm u.n. 78 san jose and 82 los gatos.
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72 cupertino. on the peninsula, low to mid70s. 74 redwood city and pacifica will hang on to the fog which means a cool, 59 degrees. 67 in downtown san francisco and 65 south san francisco. north bay communities, the 60s near the coast here. you will see plenty of 70s and 80s elsewhere. 85 napa and 82 santa rosa. mild with a mix of sun and a few high, thin whispy clouds. 75 hercules and inland spots, 83 in walnut creek the giants pulled it off tonight against the twins. let's hope they can do it again tomorrow night. if they are going to the game a temperature of 60 degrees dropping down to the mid50s toward the end of the game. it will be on the breezy side. just take a light jacket. the accu-weather seven-day forecast will feature hot conditions ifn land. sunday and monday low to
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mid-nineties. mid60s coast side. the temperatures will start to fall and will go back down to the 80s on tuesday through friday. weather looks terrific. >> it is nice for the weekend. >> let's turn our attention to sports now. >> larry beil is here. we have the giants in town. >> she just said what happened. >> all of this time i do the traffic and the weather and now it is pay back. tim lincecum with a walk on the wild side. pablo sandoval, don't say it, do it. >> they won. >> sports is next. thank you.
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the giants returned home to find an unfamiliar foe waiting for them. the minnesota twins. even with brandon belt hurt the giants have the best record in the national league with assistance from another brandon. tim lincecum without the mustache these days. 64 and cloudy, sandhya. two can play at this game. i am not mad at her. i don't want anyone to think i am mad. it is a joke. it is 3-0 giants. timmy six innings and struck out four and walked six. people think sometimes i get frustrated. it is a joke. i'm showing up and showing up angry. there is an error and it allows another run. i am so far behind in the highlights. no doubt about it, the eighth of the year.
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brandons have hit 24 homers for the giants this year. giants win it 6-2. a's and bluejays and. ♪ o cab -- o canada watch him go up and he is okay. tollison takes him to downtown toronto. 2-0 jays. he gets a run back and the a's close to within three-1. the a's threatening. he pops to shallow right. over the shoulder. last chance for oakland in the night. coco crisp for third and that's your ballgame. the a's have dropped their last two 3-2. the 49ers are getting their first look at the rookies this weekend and jerry rice has to be there. jr, junior, that is.
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greatest of all time and you play the same position he did it is impossible to live up to the name. but jerry rice, junior is knot run -- is not running from the challenge. jerry junior is working out at mini camp. he played college bought at ucla and unlv. he is wearing 83 and not 80. when the name is rice he knows there will be questions about pops. >> i am my own person and i am my own individual. obviously i have his dna, but i am rice junior and i am not rice senior. it is time to make my own name. >> he did good with the assignments in the first glimpse and excited to watch him and all of the guys compete. >> the shock after landon donovan was cut. donovan may have lost out, but
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many are wondering p a possible personality clash. the decision leaves team usa with 5 of 23 players with world cup experience. >> we have a great mixture of guys. some have a learning curve ahead of them. no doubt about it. they are ready for the learning curve and they may surprise some people out there. >> we will see if
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up weather for your memorial day weekend.
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we are looking at fog at the coast and clear inland. 50s eventually to the 60s. lisa argen is here. carolyn and dan? >> thanks. before we go we want to share with you a fopped farewell. one of the -- a fond farewell. one of the realities is change is constant and tonight we have a big one. this is my big friend and long-time co anchor's last day. carolyn is leaving us for a terrific opportunity to an a customer the news in -- to anchor the news in los angeles. the woman you see on the air is exactly who she is in real life, kind, dedicated and as professional as she is, beautiful. we will embarrass her. no one works harder than reporting accurately and no one does it with more grace. carolyn, have you been a. >> for all of us to work with in every way, and we will miss you dearly. but we are so happy for you and so proud of your success. >> dan, thank you so much. it really has been a genuine pleasure for me to be part of this incredible team and work with people i love and
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respect. it is such a privilege. it has been hardly a metoric rise. i started in college as an assistant and a producer in the programming department. when i left for san luis abyss stow seven years later for my first on camera job i had no idea i would make it back to san francisco, but i am so fortunate i did. i have made friends who will last a lifetime. this team is so important to me. and your viewer ship has meant so much. thank you for trusting me to tell the stories that matter to you. >> you are the best, world class. so happy for you. remember the little people. >> please. >> that's all we are saying. >> bye-bye, dan. >> you know that we love you. are you going to wear the dodger blue? you are already gone mentally, aren't you? >> when in rome. >> we are going to miss you, carol a lynn. >> thank you, sandhya.
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