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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 24, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. holiday weekend massacre. at least seven dead in a series of drive-by shootings in beautiful santa barbara, california. steps from a college campus. what set the gunman off? >> obviously, the work of a madman. >> did he act alone? foggy start. the first part of the holiday weekend, a wash-out, in spots across the country. violent storms dropped baseball-sized hail with lightning striking some of new york city's tallest buildings. what is in store for the rest of the weekend. up in flames. a huge fire tears through a chemical company. >> wow. >> explosion, one after another. family, schools, businesses, told to evacuate immediately.
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pope in the hornet's nest. one of the most beloved figures on earth venturing into a region torn by religious strife. massive security concerns as he insists on riding in an open car through the holyland. hey, good morning, everybody. we want to get straight to the terrifying and really mystifying story breaking overnight. police in santa barbara, california, dealing with four separate crime scenes right now in a bustling area filled with shops and restaurants. >> authorities are calling the bloody attacks a planned mass killing and now looking at a chilling video they believe could be connected to the investigation. abc's bazi kanani is in our los angeles bureau with the latest breaking developments. bazi. >> good morning, dan. good morning, bianna.
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details are still emerging at this time but investigators have told us what they know about this mass shooting. taking place late friday night in a neighborhood packed with students at the time. breaking overnight a deadly shooting near u.c. santa barbara, the santa barbara sheriff calling it a planned mass murder. the shooting rampage left seven people dead including the suspect and hospitalized seven more. >> the suspect is dead. >> reporter: the sheriff confirming this cryptic youtube video promising retribution and posted just hours before the attack, may provide clues to the motive. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge. >> that videotape includes the >> that videotape includes the video titled retribution? >> we're investigating to determine that at this time. it would appear that that is connected with this crime. >> reporter: police responded immediately to frantic calls to
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students who were trapped in their homes as shots rang out. >> from the time we got the first 911 calls until the time the suspect was determined to be dead at the scene was ten minutes. >> reporter: residents were advised to stay in their homes for hours as deputies worked to control the chaotic scene. students posted the horrific moments to twitter. the santa barbara sheriff's department says they're still piecing together the events from last night. >> i also want to let the families of the victims know that our hearts go out to them at this tragic time. >> reporter: the person speaking in that youtube video, which again sheriffs confirm is linked to the attack, mentioned in the video he wants revenge for girls rejecting him and for popular kids not accepting him. at this time we know seven people have been killed, including the suspect. another seven were hospitalized. we don't have an update on their conditions. we'll continue to learn more
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throughout the morning and throughout the day. >> dan, bianna. >> another senseless mass shooting near a school campus. bazi, thank you. we'll be following the latest developments on the massacre at usb throughout the day on abc we are now going to switch gears and turn to what is a kickoff to memorial day weekend. millions of americans taking to the roads, rail and sky to celebrate the start of summer but could nasty weather rain on their parade? abc's linzie janis is out on the road in new york city which saw quite the lightning storm overnight. linzie, good morning. >> good morning, dan and bianna. overnight storms made it difficult for travelers trying to start their memorial day weekend get-away. most people, nearly 32 million, are driving, some of them facing flooded roads. for those that flew, it was a lot of delays. turbulent weather from coast to coast, reeking havoc. slamming new york city's freedom tower and empire state building with lightning starts.
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and in the northeast, severe storms that brought major flooding, shutting down streets and highways. >> it's like the "titanic" when the boat flooded and water starts coming in as people were running. that's exactly what it was like. >> reporter: this man was excited to get summer started but was shocked to see floodwaters at his boat dock. >> it's going to be interesting. >> water all of the way to the boat dock. >> reporter: in albuquerque, new mexico, hail and rain fell on rush hour traffic sending people running for cover. midwest hit hard as well. in st. louis, missouri, drivers maneuvering through water so high, it made it almost impossible to see. and even in south carolina, hail the size of baseballs. the severe weather getting the best of travelers both driving and flying for a weekend get-away. in the air, more than 3,700 domestic and international flights delayed today, with more than 300 outright canceled. there's no let-up in sight with
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even more rain, hail, and storms on the way for the middle of the country. memorial day weekend is already one of the deadliest to be on the road. the severe weather is making it extra important that people take care. dan and bianna, one of the reasons so many people are on the road this year because of that long winter. we're all ready for a break. the weather just doesn't seem to want to give us one. >> linzie on the record, thank you. what else is coming up weather wise this holiday weekend? let's check in with meteorologist jason nicholas from our cleveland station, wews. jason, good morning. welcome back. >> great to be here. good morning. yeah, a lot of wet weather. memorial day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. and it is starting stormy. take a look at this video out of loveland, colorado. that's just north of denver, outside of ft. collins. three straight days of flooding, severe weather for colorado. more than four inches of rain fell through the overnight. big travel troubles.
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this wet weather will continue. heavy rain and flooding. take a look here around interstate 40. from albuquerque, oklahoma city, also abilene, over towards midland. some areas, 2 to 4 inches of rain. the most rain some areas of texas have seen all year here in texas in the next 24 to 48 hours. more rain across the middle part of our country. meanwhile we warm things up across the east. a few showers lingering across new england. as we head into monday, things shift a little closer into the great lakes, in the mississippi and ohio river valley with rain in the forecast there. a complete look at your nation's weather coming up in just a few moments. >> jason, not the forecast millions of americans want to hear this weekend. jason, thank you. we'll turn overseas now. pope francis has arrived in the middle east to begin a historic visit, his first as head of the roman catholic church. the three-day journey to jordan, and the west bank, is sure to test his diplomatic skills. abc's terry moran is covering the papal trip and joins us from jerusalem. terry? >> good morning. pope francis plunged into the
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brief but intense 55-hour trip to the holyland. he's already bringing that openness and naturalness that made him something of a rock star pope. he left rome this morning and tweeted from the plane, asking people to pray for him on this trip. he told reporters my heart beats and is looking for love on this trip. the arrival in amman, a quiet scene, greeted by dignitaries and a couple of small children. and then, by his own request, and undoubtedly giving his security team nightmare, pope francis traveled in an open car through the streets of the city of amman to the royal palace. security in jordan, which is always pretty tight has been toughened even more. jordanian officials, in fact all of the officials in these countries that he's going to be visiting, determined that nothing untoward is going happen to him. pope francis will meet with the king and queen of jordan then say a mass at the stadium. about 25,000 people expected. and later today meet with syrian refugees, the cause of
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humanitarian catastrophe in syria, very close to pope francis' heart. he will try to spur international action to stop the war, relieve the suffering. what's happening in syria, just one of the conflicts ravaging this, the holyland. it's a challenging trip for him he heads to the palestinian territories and here to israel on monday. dan and bianna? >> thank you. and that decision to ride in an open vehicle is one making a lot of people very nervous this morning. >> that's true. we'll continue to cover the papal visit throughout the weekend. let's check the other morning headlines with ron. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a huge warehouse explosion at a chemical factory in georgia. dozens of people evacuated as fire crews worked through the night in an effort to put out a raging inferno. abc's michelle franzen has the story. >> i can feel that. you feel that? wow. >> reporter: overnight a massive fire breaking out at a chemical company inside an industrial park in marietta, just 20 miles
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outside of atlanta, forcing the evacuations of nearby school, homes, and businesses. >> it was scary. i thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: firefighters working throughout the night to contain the billowing dark smoke and flames that could be seen for miles but police say considered nontoxic. >> it is incredibly tense situation over there for the firefighters. they are battling not only the large structure fire but the possibility of whatever chemicals inside. >> reporter: police say the fire started after 8:30 friday night at a company that specializes in cleaning products, including in aerosol forms. >> there it is. >> explosion after explosion. some of them were so big the flames were shooting up 300, 400 feet in the sky. you could actually feel the percussion from the explosions and the heat. >> reporter: for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. breaking news over seas, the militants in somalia carried out a double suicide bomb attack in the capital of mogadishu.ç
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the six people involved in the attack are dead. a somali officer is also dead trying to prevent a suicide bomber from entering the building. al shabab a terrorist group linked to al qaeda carried out similar attacks in the past but there's no word yet if that group was behind this attack. and in arizona, a wildfire burning in a scenic canyon, and that's expected to nearly triple in size, as firefighters scramble to contain it. the fire is burning between sedona and flagstaff. business owners worried the blaze will keep customers away from the premiere tourist destination over this holiday weekend. since it began on tuesday, the slide fire is said to be able to scorch more than 11 square miles in and around oak creek canyon. without rain, it could burn 3600 acres of land. hundreds of residents have been evacuated. they do believe someone set that blaze. and in portland, oregon, residents are being told to boil their drinking water this holiday weekend because of e. coli bacteria.
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that was detected in the city's water supply. the citywide boil notice which went out on friday, affects 700,000 residents of portland and several suburbs. it will remain in effect until the water supply is deemed safe. no word yet how that water became contaminated. and take a look at this video from oklahoma. a car plowing into a convenience store. we've seen that before. barreling through the entire store. but what make this story unusual, is that the woman has done it before, the exact same thing, in the exact same store, last summer. police say it was an accident both times and she will not face any charges in connection with that. luckily no one was injured this time. lucky to hear from her insurance company. finally an incredible selfie that's literally out of this world. on earth day, nasa asked people across the world to snap a selfie to show where they were at that moment on earth. more than 50,000 people from 150 companies responded and the result is a zoomable image right there. more than 30,000 selfies right there.
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elmo checked in, of course, from sesame street, pharrell snapped his from the desert, and robin roberts and diane sawyer snapped this selfie. >> it's a little late. but can i get one with you guys? >> want to wait until the show finishes? >> thanks. >> capture your soul in that photo. >> thank you, ron. we'll post that on twitter later in the day. now to the disgraced owner of the l.a. clippers. seemingly, caving under pressure from the nba, donald sterling banned for life after that caught-on-tape racist rant now says he will fight the sale of his team instead wants his wife to find a bier. and some big names have expressed interest. so here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: los angeles clippers owner, donald sistterl, making is bold move. according to espn, sterling is signing over the control of the franchise to his estranged wife, shelly, who is now in talks with
7:14 am
the nba, about selling the team. a bizarre about-face from the embattled owner who weeks ago said this. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. >> reporter: even his lawyers vowed to fight the nba, one week ago, refusing to pay the league's $2.5 million fine and promising to fight attempts to force a sale, saying in a letter to the nba, quote, no punishment is warranted. sterling's latest move has players and pundits talking. >> the quicker it gets done, the quicker we can move on. . i think at this point it's about winning in a court of public opinion and trying to salvage his reputation. >> reporter: in an interview with abc's barbara walters shelly sterling said she won't give up her share. >> i think half the team is mine and i'll fight for it. >> reporter: so why seek to sell now? >> i think the sterlings are realizing they're out of options. they're not going to win a lawsuit that they file against the nba, and they might as well try to get out now at an enormous profit. >> reporter: the nba responded
7:15 am
to the ownership change, saying, quote, we continue to follow the process and are proceeding to a hearing on this matter on june 3rd. but speaking at a press conference tuesday, commissioner adam silver made his preference clear. >> i prefer he sell it than we go through this process. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan smith abc news new york. we'll say that team is worth well over $1 billion. so, we shall see what happens there. thanks to ryan. >> we'll move to the arms race at america's theme parks. as we head into the summer, rides are becoming more of a spine-tingling, hair-raising experience more than ever. and abc's daring susan salny has been checking them out in maryland. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'm on a mission to fine the king of the coasters, best of the new rides. dan and bianna, all i can say is the competition is making me down-right dizzy. soaring speeds, dramatic inclines. there's no taming these towering
7:16 am
titans of steel. this summer, thrill-seekers set to stomach the most extreme twists and turns in history. as american theme parks take adrenaline junkies up to new heights and down steeper slopes. >> theme parks today are benefitting from new technology each year. ten years from now, who knows what they'll have. we have pushed our limits. >> reporter: the newest, biggest and baddest rides taking over the nation? the drop of doom coming to six flags great adventure in new jersey this june, rising to an unprecedented 415 feet, only to rocket back to earth at 90 miles per hour. and in kansas city, the world's tallest water slide is set to shoot four fearless raft riders down 17 stories at highway speeds. a drop taller than niagara falls.
7:17 am
but not all that's tall is terrifying. take the new capital wheel in washington, d.c., capturing a never before seen panorama of washington. >> the view from up here really is amazing. you can see the washington monument even the smithsonian. but don't look down if you're afraid of heights, because it's a glass floor. >> reporter: and if you want to ride in style make sure to get the vip car with leather seats, an hdtv and even a champagne chiller. all of them nice touches, take a little bit of the edge off, dan an bianna, if you happen to be aspade of heights, as i was. >> i would need an iv drip. >> dan was turning green just watching you out there. >> the odds of getting on the drop of doom, zero. >> and paying for it. >> absolutely. ron, would you do that? >> absolutely not. no way. no, no, no, no. he will take a global selfie, we but he will not take the drop of
7:18 am
doom. >> we did take a selfie, we'll post it later. >> it will be seen. >> they call it a greatest spectacle in racing. the indianapolis 500. it is a memorial day tradition. this year something brand-new. fans can camp out instyle right there on the infield. it's called glamourous camping or glamping. and it is, we thought, the perfect assignment for abc's sarah haines. sarah, good morning. anything that involves s'mores, i knew you'd get in on. >> they had me at chocolate glamping is not a new idea. we've seen it on fancy safaris and at music festivals like coachella, but for the first time ever, glamping has come to the indy 500. the indy 500 has been around for over 100 years. but there's a knew way to enjoy the greatest spectacle in racing, by glamping in the infield. that's glamourous camping. think life styles of the rich and famous, camp edition. here your champagne wishes come
7:19 am
true in the comfort of a weather-proof tent and have your caviar dreams in a queen-sized bed and the roar of the indianapolis motor speedway at your door. >> it's a magical feeling here and they'll experience amenities you can't get anywhere else. >> reporter: the camp site boasts a lounge with fire pit, a movie screen, and general admission tick es to weekend events. >> i think this is me. look. i've got flowers, i've got a table. all i need is a couple friends. i could do this. this is definitely camping for sarah. >> reporter: some glampers they spoke to are here for the vip exclusivity. >> technically, i think, glampers are the only people that get to sleep in here. >> no one else is allowed in. i felt really privileged. >> reporter: for others it's all about basic comforts. >> i would almost say the bathrooms are probably one of the biggest things for me. >> reporter: meet three indy 500 racing elite. simon, josef and james took a
7:20 am
break from the pre-race prep to stroll with me around glamp town and check out the fancy digs, surprising a few unsuspecting fans along the way. >> no, no. >> pizza delivery. don't get excited. >> reporter: the pros also taking a much-needed moment to unwind. >> this is very relaxing. >> this is really nice. >> reporter: and as night falls at the site, a perfect ending to a perfect day. its residents prove they're not too crafty for one rather messy camping tradition. >> i'm glad i'm not the only one making a mess here. it's totally not camping without s'mores, would you agree? okay. so it was glamourous camping, but anything without pluming, i don't know if i can participate. >> at least you lucked out in the weather department. it looks pretty out there. >> you know, i did some research and i heard that sarah actually went to a hotel. so, she did not glamp overnight. >> that tent did look like a hotel, though, with that bed. >> yeah. it was not bad.
7:21 am
it was not bad. sarah, thank you very much. let's check the weather. welcome back jason nicholas from cleveland station wews. good morning, jason. >> good morning. good weather there for sarah and much of the great lakes of the midwest. a warming trend more like memorial day weekend. chicago in the mid 70s. low 80s. same deal, atlantic city. only in the upper 60s for the beaches along the jersey shore, but eventually for monday, good beach weather. lower 80s and warm across the south and east. how about the severe weather threat. there is potential again for severe weather. we're talking eastern new mexico and texas, hail. talk about hail. look at this video. this isn't snow. this is hail. six inches deep out of ft. davis in west texas here. hail reported to be the size of baseballs across some spots. and how about this? our weather potpourri continues. a little bit of everything. how about winter storm watch in effect, 2 to 6 inches of snow from vail all of the way down to durango.
7:22 am
just a little bit of everything. we've got snow, severe weather, hail. you name it, we got it this weekend. >> baseball-sized. >> you were skeptical earlier, but now you're convinced. >> i believed it when you said it. when you said it, i wondered. >> it came out wrong. >> appreciate that. >> a skeptical journalist. thank you for the weather potpourri. we appreciate it. we'll get more from you in the next half hour. coming up, on "gma." one mother's emotional plea for her missing son. a young man caught on surveillance video hours before he vanished.
7:23 am
she is now offering a major reward. the latest after the break. plus, straight ahead -- swimming with sharks. is the bad rap they got from the movie "jaws" just not fair? why one man who treats great whites like pets, tweets they are just misunderstood. >> the video is extraordinary. we'll show you that. and this magic moment. a bride surprised on the best day of her life. we'll tell you what happened. coming up on "pop news" live. with sarah haines live from indy on "good morning america" this morning. we'll see you then. beans video game? i think i'm getting the hang of it. okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame!
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your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at ♪ check that out. london zoo's newest and cutest edition. it's first ever baby sloth. ñi >> somehow playing disco music -- >> a unique way to tell this story. >> it can take up to ten years for sloets to warm up to each other. but mom and dad apparently were on a mission to make things happen. six months after they met. not to be outdone, if merecats are cute. five mini merecats making their outing. i'm all about the animals this morning. >> they have a lot of animal husbandry in the uk this week. >> anyway, coming up on this holiday weekend, animals of a more menacing nature, or are they? there's a guy who swims with sharks.
7:31 am
he claims, check this out, he claims they are as tame as dogs or cats. our matt gutman went for a swim and came back with incredible video. i promise you, i've seen this. this is incredible stuff. we'll show you that in just a little bit later. but we want to start here. with a new plea for help for a missing college student. a young man who vanished almost a week ago. >> his family is hoping reward money will help them find their son. the biggest clue thus far, surveillance video, showing him on a street in cincinnati, apparently looking for something. abc's reena ninan has the latest. good morning, reena. >> good morning, his credit card and cell phone have not been touched. this morning, police are surprised why no one has spotted brogan dulle. >> brogan, we love you and miss you terribly. >> reporter: a mother's public plea to her son. >> we're worried sick about you. dad and i, your brother, and
7:32 am
your sister, we need you home. >> reporter: surveillance video capturing the last seen images of 21-year-old brogan dulle, seen with a flashlight six days ago on this cincinnati street, retracing his steps, looking for his cell phone. >> we've exhausted leads that we find. it's unusual we don't get a phone call, somebody saw something. >> reporter: brogan's family and police are still looking for answers. >> you can reach out to anyone. people know who you are. they want to help you. they want to get you home. >> i don't know any more about where he is today than i did when i first found out about this on monday evening. when this was first reported to us. >> reporter: brogan's family knew something was wrong when he didn't show up for work monday at a swim club. 600 volunteers and 60 search teams combed area where he was last season. an online community of
7:33 am
supporters, now 17,000 followers and growing for the missing university of cincinnati student. >> i think having as many people working on this, and helping us find brogan is extremely helpful. >> reporter: a community and family desperate to bring back their home town boy. >> there's now 25,000 reward donated by members of the community, eager to see him return home. dan and bianna. >> heartbreaking for the parents. let's hope the reward money actually helped. reena, thank you. let's get an update of the morning's other stop stories with dan harris. >> good morning. everyone. the breaking story in california. seven people dead and several wounded. in a drive buy shooting on a street near the university of santa barbara. as shots rang out, the suspected gunman is among the dead. and history in the middle east as pope francis begins the first leg of his three-day trip after landing in jordan saturday after meeting with king abdullah and queen rania at the royal palace.
7:34 am
pope francis is due to celebrate mass in amman's international stadium. the pope will meet with the leader of the orthodox church in bethlehem. that is on sunday. and according to espn, donald sterling, the disgraced billionaire owner of the l.a. clippers is signing over the control of the team to his wife, shelly. she is now talking with the nba about selling the team. and finally, ever feeling a little bit old? i know, happens to me sometimes. take a look at what 115 years young looks like. geraldine tally from michigan, she is now the oldest person in america, born in 1899. she lives with her daughter in the same home since the 1960s. she walks on her own. she even went on a fishing trip last year. miss tally is the second oldest person in the world. the oldest is a woman in japan, she is 116 years young. >> that could be your great great great great -- >> 115 and doing well. >> miss tally. >> yeah, she looks like she's doing great. i like to know what the secret
7:35 am
is. >> yeah. >> thanks, ron. >> thanks, ron. >> well, time for the check of the weather. back over to jason nicholas, from our cleveland station, wews. jason. >> hey, bianna, good morning. beach goers, big beach weekend, of course, memorial day weekend. let's start in south florida. temperatures in the 90s. in fact, from daytona beach, to jacksonville, down to west palm. we'll have record highs. myrtle beach, lower 80s. how about a live look. let's take it to the grand strand ocean boulevard. beautiful start. they had severe weather. that is out of there. great weather if you're going to hit the beach. don't forget that sunscreen if you're out and about. as far as the western part of our country, nice weather from southern california. still a storm system across the rockies that could bring snow to the mountains and valley rain from denver all of the way down to albuquerque. notice the wet weather across the middle of the country. that, again, could cause some flooding issues. warmer across the great lakes from indianapolis to cleveland, to pittsburgh and cincinnati and chicago. monday this storm system shifts further east. talking about rain for the great
7:36 am
lakes. mississippi valley and ohio river valleys as well. dry out west and a little and this weathor and this weather report brought to you by famous footwear. dan, bianna? >> thank you, jason. coming up, even more dangerous than baseball-sized hail -- swimming with sharks. can they really be as playful as pets? what our matt gutman found when he went diving with the man known as the shark wiser. >> she is fearless. >> also ahead. epic fail. "gma" out their pets when it comes to hide and seek. these photos straight ahead in "pop news." nd seek. these photos straight ahead in "pop news."
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when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp" find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at ♪ the celloist who ruined the
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reputation of sharks everywhere. ever since "jaws" they've had a huge pr problem, these sharks. >> one man who appears to be a shark whisperer is trying to change that. he regularly dives right into the middle of a sharknado and claims the serious creatures just looking for some love. abc's matt gutman put on his wet suit to get a closer look. >> reporter: we head out to the shark mecca of the bahamas for a rendezvous with jim abernathy who thinks they can be friends not foes. minutes later, bait packed in these crates, is tossed overboard to entice abernathy's friends to begin to circle. abernathy has an unusual theory about these predators of the deep. they are docile and can even be trained. he calls them his pets. >> sharks like affection, because they come back for it like a dog, or a cat. >> in particular, there's a 14-foot wild tiger shark, he's named emma. >> do you think you have a relationship with emma?
7:42 am
>> i think so, but i don't expect other people to think that. >> for nine years, abernathy has been lovingly saving sharks from hooks, parasite, and occasionally ropes. but abernathy isn't naive about the animals. >> if a big shark makes a mistake and bites you. chances are you'll bleed to death on the boat. >> reporter: the probability you can become shark bait yourself is 1 in 264 million. statistically, you're more likely to die from a falling coconut. 40 feet down it's a whirlwind of sharks. abernathy swims to the center with me in tow. >> turn around, matt. turn around. >> wow. >> suddenly we're surrounded by giant tiger sharks and there, as if on cue -- >> hello, emma. >> emma, the big one there spots an old friend. >> notice how quick emma turns around and comes right back?
7:43 am
>> it's incredible. she comes back around. >> reporter: certainly, anybody with a dog or a cat, realizes that their dog or cat knows them without a doubt. these are my dogs and cats. >> matt gutman, abc news, the bahamas. >> that is quite the thing out there. >> i am not buying that those are his dogs and cats. >> it's an amazing story. there's much more tonight on "nightline prime." at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. it's a great show. be sure to tune in on this saturday night. >> i have chills just watching that. coming up on "good morning america," we're going back to sarah haines, who is exploring her need for speed, sarah. >> coming up on "good morning america," i'm live in speedway, indiana with all of the preps for the indy 500. and there's a lot going on here. plus, a crash course on how to become a race car driver and what i learned from this amazing simulator. ♪ amazing simulator.
7:44 am
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new tyson day starts -- the dawn of a delicious breakfast. ♪ ♪ and sarah haines is at the indy 500 on the infield, where people are glamping. glamourous camping. people are trying to sleep behind her but she doesn't care, she's going to power through some "pop news." hey, sarah. >> hey, dan. over the past 24 hours i'm soaking up all things indy. i even got behind of the wheel of a simulator to test the circuit. drivers in their teams use simulators to practice. this particular one was used by marco andretti and tony kanaan. cool factoid. i was the first non-race person to get behind the wheel and if you saw me drive i may be the last. next up a video blowing up online. just in time for memorial day, a deployed marine surprised her sister on her wedding day. he was given one day's leave at
7:49 am
the last minute, and her reaction says it all. >> you made it. >> reporter: that beautiful and emotional moment resonating with so many families. the video has received more than 400,000 views on youtube. you'll remember 17-year-old brett nickels the michael jackson impersonator who took the internet by storm this week after winning his high school talent show. well, it looks like michael jackson's estate also saw the viral video, and they loved it. in fact, they were so impressed, they invited the teenager and his family to las vegas for the michael jackson one show. and now high school talent shows across the country are going to have to top this. >> he's really good. >> reporter: we've been asking you to send photos of your pets playing hide and seek. on twitter and facebook. some are superstealth. others, not so much. check out these daschunds. from st. louis, missouri.
7:50 am
renee sent us this one of her cat, luol la here, blending in with the curtain. i think you'll see. and this is ivan the cat, sent in from natalie from colorado. and here is one from michelle, her dog blending into the closet, almost perfectly, but not at all. and mandy says her daughter is just as bad as her dog when it comes to hide and seek. we got a lot of cute ones. you got to check it out. >> it was really cute, actually. i like those a lot. >> hey, sarah -- >> it's like playing hide and seek with ron. >> i think this is the first time "pop news" was delivered at the indy 500. i'll put money on that. >> you think this is a historic day? historic day in the middle east and historic day -- >> go ahead. >> we're waking up all of these glampers, we might be using some fans today, fyi. >> they were probably up all night. >> sarah, thank you, come back. speaking of coming back, we'll be right back.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
ron just discovered the selfie. >> it's great. >> you got to get yourself in there. >> the other day, ron was telling me, there's this thing, i just discovered
7:56 am
something, youtube? it's awesome. >> and the internet? >> cordless phones, ron. >> it's amazing. >> the fax machine. >> and a beeper. >> so, thank you, ron. beep him later. thank you for joining us this week. thanks for joining, everybody, david muir is back with "world news" later today. see you again tomorrow morning.
7:57 am
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, i'm katie march zulo, it's 8:00 a.m. on your saturday. we start you off with a quick check of the weather, here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> we have a 50s and 60s, a mix of clouds and sunshine at the coast. half moon bay, visibility at a mile and more clouds along the central coast. that includes santa cruz this morning. but you'll break out into full sunshine today. right now it's in the mid 60s by the delta, it's a warmer morning out towards our east bay valleys in the low 60s. concord looking at 58 right now in san jose. so here's the plan for of the rest of the day. the low clouds and fog pushed back to the shoreline.


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