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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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officers are at the gunman's paper where they removed three bodies. the victims were stabbed to death. they will continue investigating through the night. an abc news reporter has the latest. reporter: a small college town shattered be violence overnight. a lone gunman on a ten-minute shooting spree, killing six people, sending students scrambling for safety. >> people started running in and getting down and huddling in corners. >> i got on the ground and then looked over and saw the victim, he was barely breathing and bleeding. >> police call it a planned mass murder. >> he lifted up a little black pistol. he shot and i felt -- i felt the wind passing by my face. >> the driver of the black muslim methodically gunning down pedestrians as officers returned fire. >> multiple officers in the first engagement and one in the second engagement. >> the alleged shooter, 22-year-old eliot rodger, found
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shot in the head in the driver's seat. the student at santa barbara community college left behind this video. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge. >> the video posted on youtube just hours before the attack. rodger's family attorney says the alleged suspect had a hard time making friends, but never had a history with guns. he was being treated by multiple professionals. >> this country, this world needs to address mental illness. and the ramifications for not recognizing these illnesses. >> this is one of nine crime scenes here in isla vista. you can see mourners have started to bring flowers here. so far three of the six shooting victims have been positively identified. they are all ucsb students.
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veronika weiss. katy cooper, and 20-year-old christopher michael martinez, a second-year student at santa barbara. the other three names have not been released pending notification of next of kin. christopher martinez's father blasted politicians and gun rights advocates for his son's murder. >> when will enough people say, stop this madness? we don't have to live like this. too many have died. we should say to ourselves, not one more. the moments after the shooting were chaotic as first responders tried to help people search for the gunman. listen to the frantic dispatch calls between officers last night.
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here's what we know about the gunman, eliot rodger, 22-year-old student at santa barbara city college. his father is a commercial director who worked as an assistant director on "the hung are games" movie. the family says he has diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. about a year and a half ago rodger fell from a balcony at a party. the attorney believes he may have been thrown as he was a victim of bullying for his entire life. rodger also posted a manifesto in which he says i realized long
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ago there's no way i could possibly rise to such a level of power in my lifetime. if you give me something to fan ties about as i burned with hatred towards all women for rejecting me. this whole viewpoint and ideology of abolishing section is stems from being deprived of it my life. if i can't have it i will do everything i can to destroy it. that community has seen violence before. in 2004, a man drove into a crowd of people, killing four. he got out and shouted, i am the angel of death. he spent ten years in a mental hospital. last month, a riot broke out in isla vista during a spring break event. more than 100 people were arrested as partiers clashed with police officer. five officers and hundreds of people were injured. abc7 news reporter sergio
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quintana is live in isla vista and well have a live report at 11:00. we do have a warm start to the memorial day weekend, though it could get hotter. this is a live look outside, and you can bet the beaches will be packed tomorrow. frances dinglasan tells us why with the hot weather and live doppler 7 hd. >> tomorrow will probably be the best day for heading to the beef. live doppler 7hd picking up blue skies except along the peninsula coast where we had fog that lingered throughout most of the day. here's the high temperatures today as we look towards the west. morgan hill, 87. san jose, 76. concord, 8 5. oakland, 68. san francisco, 63. sonoma, 80. to give you on idea, tomorrow in oakland, we expect it to hit 78 degrees. everywhere will be warmer and that means relative humidity will drop which will make it
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tougher for fire-fighting conditions. firefighters in oakland are busy this holiday weekend, warning home owners about the risk of fire. they hope to reach thousands of property owners who live in high fire danger zones. cornell bernard is live in the oakland hills with this story. cornell? reporter: hot weather and can drought conditions bringing urgency to fire inspections here in the oakland hills. take a look at this. this is something inspector does not want to see, a lot of tall, drygrass, when it so dangerously close to homes. >> that could be a hire hazard. >> tina tran and her family are getting a house call from the oakland fire department. the same visit 26,000 other home owners in the oakland hills will get. it's all about fire danger. tina's house passes inspection. >> i'm in compliance. >> other home owners don't have a 30-foot defensible space. lots of tall weeds and dry
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grass. could mean a $300 fine if not cleared in 30 days. >> we're facing conditions that have us concerned. >> fire inspector says hot, windy weather, with the severe drought has firefighters on edge. california fire season as only begun. >> you have conditions like this, one careless act and you have a fire storm. >> here we are 24 years later, and we could have another event like that. >> tony diaz's home was rebuilt after the fire. he has his own fire drill ready. >> i have a lot of different escape rouths out there the house. we're close to the freeway in clays anything happens. >> goat herds are on duty, chowing down on fire fuels, reducing danger and making neighborhoods safer.
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>> still ahead at 6:00, why dozens of deceased veterans' bodies were never buried and instate left decomposing in a southern california morgue. >> a look how devastating california's drought could be on citrus crops, which would mean big price increases for oranges, limes, and lemons. >> and road racer gets on the track as california chrome practices for the triple crown.
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a story of veterans forgotten on this memorial day weekend. the bodies in an los angeles county morgue for more than a year. bodies were removed from the mortgage to an office to process them. the bodies will be transferred to the va and if no one claimed them they will be cream mated and buried at national cemetery. >> dna and identification technology has advanced so much it's not people we don't know who they are, it's people no one ever claims them, that have no one at the end of their life. >> the mortgage says the during
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the morgue says the office of veteran affairs is to blame for not providing them a proper burial. the va says they were never told of the bodies. california chrome's opener and trainer says he one fazed when a possess so many crossed his path while he was training. the possum waddled in front of him. california chrome will race for the triple crown on june 7th. up next at 6:00, it's about to heat up in the bay area. frances dinglasan is up next with your forecast. >> the a's have hit a couple of speed bumps on the road. and u.s. soccer star landon donovan speaks at for the first
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time since not making the
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we learned a bay area student was among those who survived last night's attacker in santa barbara. he was in isla vista and was hit be rodger's bmw and suffered two broken legs. he attended san ramon valley high. much more at 11:00. fly. some citrus farmers in the central valley are chopping down trees because of the drought. local water districts believe farmers will clear 4,000-acres of mature citrus trees they can't afford to water. a report released by uc davis estimates water restrictions will cause a 1.7 bill loss to california agriculture industries. >> canada -- california represents 77 of the nation are fresh citrus industry, and if we lose thousands of acres of citrus trees that can affect
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availability and consumer prices. >> the coalition says other fruit and vegetable farmers in california are not planting crops because they're worried they won't be able to get enough water for them. for a look at the forecast and if there's even a drop in the future, let's get to meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> good evening, everyone. no drops in the near future. live doppler 7hd picking up clear skies around the bay area, with the exception of the peninsula. there was some stubborn fog this afternoon but that has cleared out. temperatures right now, starting to come down a little bit. they were quite warm, san francisco, 60. oakland, 64. san jose, 70. half moon bay, a hard time warming up so only 57. looking from the east bay temperatures the west and the bay and san francisco in the distance, still finding 70s
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and 80s. santa rosa, 78. fairfield, 82. concord, 81. livermore, 77. quite warm today and here's a beautiful view of this santa cruz beach area and the wharf. tomorrow will be a perfect beach day in santa cruz as temperatures come up a few more degrees, it will still be cloudy along the coast, especially overnight, clouds and fog will move in. mainly clear inland. then tomorrow the warmest day before we see slightly cooler numbers to end the memorial holiday weekend. here's the radar satellite image. this area of high pressure is building, and that's going to bring us the warmer temperatures and clearer skies. in fact, it will peak tomorrow. the low pressure will start to move in and influence us the rest of the week. the forecast model, a little fog, low clouds at the coast, even tomorrow morning, 7:00, clear inland, and then with clear sky we of -- we'll see
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sunshine and warmer numbers. 55 in san francisco. 55 in richmond, 56 in oakland. and look for 58 in antioch. one of the milder spots. tomorrow's highs will be a few degrees warmer compared to today because you saw how quickly the fog pull back. with more sunshine we'll get into the low 70s in san francisco, 78 oakland, warm inland. we'll see low 90s through concord, antioch, livermore, san jose also warming up to 83. if you're headed to the giants game, bring sun glasses and sun screen. temperatures will be near 70 at the end of the game. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. look for even warmer numbers tomorrow, especially inland. near 94. wide range of summerspread for memorial day monday, and then things cool down on tuesday, and notice the cooling trend into next weekend so enjoy the
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sunshine and all the weekend festivities people have planned, including carnival. >> thank you, frances. >> shu is here with sports. a's a little road we'reie. >> good way to put it. they were losers of the last two, things didn't get any easier against r. a. dickey, handing oakland their third straight loss. they opened the first time this year in rodgers centre. 1 or a's. blue jays answer in the third. crabbe singles to left off chavez. gentry boots it allowing goss to scoring. then gentry ant getting the one. 2-1 jays, lead the major with 69 home runs. later two men on, moss can't
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handle the bouncer to flip and then flips the ball away. both runners score. 4-1 jays. then callaspo, goes down swinging. a's have now dropped three in a row. >> atletico and real madrid meeting, 36 minutes, atletico gaudin gets his head on it. 93rd minute, injury time. ramos finds the goal with the header. tied at one. we head to extra time. 110th minute. demaria shoots. then the deflection. 2 -- real ma tried. 3 -- just before the final whistle. we have the same app. real madrid wins their tenth title, 4-1.
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next stop for 0 a lot of the playerses the world cup. >> former san holiday say player was cut and returned to this team, the l.a. galaxy. he has played on three world cup teams with 57 international goals and five world cup goals. he was noned -- stunned by the decision. he says he'll suit up if there is an injury butas not happy with the call. >> i felt i was one of the bet sore it stings a little. at the end of the day, like i said before camp, if i had gone in and didn't feel like i deserved it, then i can live with that. but that's not the case. >> let's tee it up on the pga tour. at the colonial in fort worth, texas, where several players have a shot at the title in the shadow of ben hogan's statue. moving day. out of the bunker, chappell.
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eagle. shot a 7-under 63, one off the lead. jason dufner, third shot on the par-3 4th to save par, 5-under, two back of four players, one of them to, 2012 colonial champ david toms. leads the up toy -- the turny at 7:00-under. a four-way tie for the lead going into sunday's final round. >> seniors in michigan for the pga championship. dawson knocks it down. the legend. tom watson. tied for sixth at 3-under. bernhard langer. long birdie on 11. nothing but net. all alone at 6-under and all chasing colin montgomery, on 11. sticks it, birdies the hole. in route to a 68. has the lead after three rounds at 7-under par.
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this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. nba and nhl playoffs and giants and twins tonight. why was that so funny, the same app? >> totally serious. thank you so much. coming up next at 6:00, why fast-food joint ashby's plans to set a record showing a commercial that it is, get this, 13 hours long. >> we have a brand new web site. check out the new it will now adjust automatically to fit your screen. more videos and stories where you live. it's
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join me tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv. a kid is caught smoking pot at school. maybe not shocking until you hear the child's age. then at 11:00, the very latest on the shooting near uc santa barbara. the bizarre ramblings of the shooter at 9:00 and 11:00. by the end of the day arby's could set a record for the longest commercial in tv history. right knew 13-hour commercial is
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airing on a tv station in duluth, minnesota. it will get arby's the guinness world record but they want to show how long its beef brisket cooks. the entire commercial is an oven door with the brisket cooking, and arbys will post the entire ad on its webs. thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 9:00 and 1
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