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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking now, in the santa barbara shooting rampage, the disturbing manifesto and the video left behind by the college student who allegedly went on a bloody spree, killing six people. >> girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me. >> what we're learning this morning about his prior run-ins with the police. >> stop this madness. we don't have to live like this! >> and the witnesses who watched the rampage firsthand. >> i honestly thought that was my last moment. i thought i was going to die. the pope in the holy land. his visit to the birthplace of jesus, his politically sensitive statements raising eyebrows this morning and his rare outburst of papal anger.
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kimye's big day. kim kardashian and kanye west wed in an extravagant ceremony in florence, italy. we'll tell you about the celebrity friends who helped the world's most talked about couple celebrate their big day. and the french twist at the french open. ♪ two tennis stars, one dance-off going viral this morning. hey, good morning, everybody. as we come on the air this morning, we are getting a much fuller picture of the alleged gunman in the santa barbara shooting rampage. elliot rodger who lived a life of privilege but whose writings and videos reveal a mind that's
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disturbed, isolated grandiose and enraged over his lack of luck with women. >> some context this morning, take a look at this map. since 1996, there have been nine instances of deadly gunfire on or near a college campus resulting in a total of 62 deaths. the worse, of course, the massacre at virginia tech. 32 people died in 2007. in the santa barbara case, the gunman opened fire at ten locations, killing six people and then himself. >> ten crime scenes there. and we have team coverage this morning. abc's clayton sandell is at his home where the massacre started. but we begin with bazi kanani. at a deli where one student was shot and killed. bazi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. students have placed flowers inside the bullet holes inside the glass marking the moments of terror in this college town. and over here, makeshift memorials like these are growing in places where students were killed. the shock in this college town now turned to grief, as mourners
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learned about the victims of a premeditated killing spree and about how the suspect allegedly carried out a vicious plan for revenge. >> i thought i was going to die. i thought that was my last moment. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows the terrifying moment where startled students duck for cover as bullets ripped through the store's window. the gunman, right outside. >> he fired two shots in. he stopped for two seconds. before they started raining through. >> reporter: the deli was one of ten places friday night, right next to uc-santa barbara campus, where 22-year-old elliot rodger hurt or killed people during his mad drive around the town. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: before that, police say rodger killed three men inside his own apartment, all stabbed repeatedly. investigators say rodger then drove to a sorority house and shot at young women in the area. killing two members of another sorority.
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katie cooper and veronica weiss. his next stop, that deli, where a third uc-santa barbara student died from gunshot wounds. the distressed father of christopher michael martinez lashing out at the senseless violence. >> when will this insanity stop? when will enough people say stop this madness? we don't have to live like this! too many have died, we should say to ourselves "not one more." >> reporter: deputies chasing after rodger in his black bmw. exchanged gunfire with him twice. the rampage ended with a crash. rodger shot in the head. >> it would appear he took his own life. >> reporter: found in rodger's car, three semiautomatic handguns and more than 400 rounds of ammunition, all purchased legally. students gathered in silence saturday night to honor the victims after the traumatizing violence. the end of their school year.
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colleges near here have made counseling services available to students. again, a total of seven people, including the gunman, are dead. among the 13 who were injured, two are still in serious condition this morning. bianna. >> like that grieving father said, too many have died. bazi, thank you. our thoughts and prayers are with the families grieving this morning. meantime, a very disturbing portrait of the mass murderer is emerging. his parents were so concerned about him, they recently called police after watching a youtube video he posted. we're also learning about a detailed manifesto that he had written. called "my twisted world." abc's clayton sandell is outside of rodger's apartment with that side of the story. clayton? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. elliot rodger's life appeared to be complicated and troubled. he was the privileged son of a successful hollywood film director and also posted threatening videos on youtube. and perhaps most disturbingly,
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posting that long manifesto. filled with sexual obsession and murderous fantasy. >> elliot rodger here. >> reporter: this morning, a clearer picture of the alleged shooter is emerging. authorities say that the 22-year-old college student seen here in these youtube videos elliot rodger, left behind 141-page manifesto. >> it's very apparent how disturbed mr. rodger was. >> reporter: the bizarre autobiography seems to hint at why rodger may have allegedly killed 6 people and injured 13 others. writing, quote, all of my suffering on this world has been at the hands of humanity, particularly women. this youtube video, investigators say, was posted by rodger just hours before the attack, echoes those sentiments. >> girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men, but never to me. >> reporter: the document delves deep into is troubled life of the alleged killer. tracing back to sibling rivalry childhood bullying, even
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fantasies about killing the writer's father and stepmother. "all i would need to do is think all of the hurtful things that she said to me in that past. as i plunge my knife into her neck, but what if father is in the house to stop me? would i have to kill him, too?" an attorney of the family told abc news that rodger was in the care of multiple therapists. and a social worker. >> nobody would do the types of things that happened last night unless there was some form of mental illness. the child was diagnosed at an earlier age of being a highly functional asperger's syndrome child. >> reporter: sheriff bill brown said it was a call from rodger's family that brought deputies into contact with the 22-year-old for the third time less than a month before friday's deadly rampage. >> deputies contacted the suspect at the time, found him to be polite and courteous. he down played the concerns for his welfare. and the deputies cleared the call. >> reporter: according to the sheriff, rodger legally purchased the semiautomatic
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handguns he allegedly used in the killing spree. >> if a person has not been institutionalized or not taken against their will, that information is not entered into a data base and is not disqualifying information for someone purchasing a firearm legally. >> reporter: but before the shooting began, investigators say rodger killed three men in his apartment, closely following the plans laid out in the manifesto. the first people i would have to kill are my two housemates to secure the entire apartment for myself as my personal torture and killing chamber. so many chilling words and images that investigators will be poring over for a long time. dan? >> yes, they will. clayton, thank you. so, were key signs missed here? just moments ago, i spoke with santa barbara sheriff, bill brown, exclusively. >> you know, dan, i think we could take a look at this from a monday-morning quarterback standpoint, and this person, mr. rodger, presented himself in a
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manner that convinced them that he was not a danger to himself or other people. >> let me push you on this a little bit. given his history of mental health issues and your department, and given the types of things that he was saying on the internet, how high is the bar for something like involuntary commitment? >> well, it has -- someone has to exhibit they are a danger to themselves or other people. to be committed under california law on a whole to be evaluated. >> you have said that no laws were broken here in that sense, do we need to change the laws? >> i think, what we need to do is to do a better job as a society of identifying underlying mental illness. and it's obvious that mr. rodger had an extensive period of interactions with health care professionals. psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors and so forth. he was prescribed medication at one point that he didn't take. >> a delicate balance.
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one of the thorniest issues facing this country. finally, you have described what a gruesome crime scene you found at elliot rodger's apartment where he stabbed his roommates. that on top of the many other crime scenes that you and your team were dealing with, how are the members of your department holding up? >> you know, it's been difficult on some of my staff, it's been difficult really on all of us in terms of the tragic nature that has occurred here. but some deputies were obviously exposed to not only these really gruesome crime screens but heart-wrenching situations. one of which occurred at this location that i'm standing at right now where they saw young people in the prime of their life who had been gunned down, die in front of them. and that certainly was very, very difficult for them. there were other deputies who responded to this active shooter situation and engaged in gun
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battles with mr. rodger and the extreme stress that's involved in that is something that impacts all of them as well. but i'm very, very proud of the men and women of the santa barbara sheriff's office. the way they responded resolutely. and heroically. >> it could have been far worse, 400 rounds left over. our thanks to sheriff bill brown. of the santa barbara county sheriff's office. we appreciate your time during this anguished moment in your community. our thanks to santa barbara county sheriff, bill brown. coming up in our next half-hour -- we're going to talk to elliot rodger's friend who you see right here who gives us a disturbing look inside the mind of this troubled young man. >> as well as some early warning signs as well. we're going to turn now to the other developing story, we're covering this morning, taking place overseas, where the pope has left jordan for palestinian territories. and israel during his first papal trip to the holy land. he'll be spending most of today in a little town where jesus was born. and abc chief foreign
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correspondent terry moran is traveling with the pope and joins us from bethlehem. the pope at times showing some real anger and making some politically sensitive comments as well. >> reporter: no question, bianna. good morning to you and dan. it's a historic day today here in bethlehem. in what pope francis pointedly called the state of palestine. this is a pope who likes to shake things up. in sun-splashed manger square, packed with palestinian christians, pope francis said the mass in latin. and here, near the spot where christians believe jesus was born, francis spoke out for children in the middle east and around the world who are exploited and trafficked and brutalized by war and conflict. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: in acknowledging this, he said, we feel shame before god, before god who became a child. the pope rode through the streets of bethlehem in his open popemobile.
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smiling and waving. then suddenly a striking tear down this wall moment. francis making a surprise stop at the grim graffiti divider dividing israelis and palestinians. in the guard tower behind him the faint fingers of figures. could be seen. yesterday, in jordan, he went off script and shaking his fist in anger, he railed against those selling weapons fueling the war in syria. criminals, he called them. pope francis had said that this was going to be a strictly religious trip. but for him it's clear that religion isn't just a matter of the next world but of this one, too, with all its struggles and crises. dan and bianna. >> terry, as you said, this is a pope who likes to shake things up. thank you for your coverage. you'll continue to cover the papal visit in the holy land. a lot of other news, let's get it over to ron. for a look at the morning headlines. >> hi there, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin overseas in ukraine, where voters are heading to the polls.
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in that country's critical presidential election. many ukrainians have been unable to cast ballots because of widespread closures of polling stations. especially in the eastern part of that country. also reports that pro-russian militants trying to interfere with voting. by patrolling outside polling stations and even stealing ballot boxes. sunday's vote comes three months after the pro-russian president was ousted. followed by weeks of tension and battles between ukrainian authorities and pro-russian insurgents. and bloodshed in belgium a gunman opened fire inside a jewish museum in brussels, in broad daylight, killing three people. critically injuring a fourth person. officials say the suspect parked his car in front of the building on saturday, walked in, quickly opened fire and then fled. belgian officials now say they are looking for one suspect who likely acted alone. officials have not yet said whether to consider this armed attack to be a hate crime. and a truly remarkable story out of detroit, 20 people lucky to be alive after a huge fire at
7:15 am
their adult care facility, thanks to one quick-thinking woman. the sole care giver spotted the fire of the facility and managed to get every single person safely out of that building. when fire officials arrived at the facility, it was quickly and completely burned down. she said she had to save 20 live before saving her own life. and here's one for the, what were you thinking file? rather va lum voluminous file here. a man in washington state, the latest entry, crashed into a traffic pole with the surveillance camera, he takes the entire pole, instead of sticking around for the police, loads it into a pickup truck. a passer-by snapped this photo. as the suspect pumed over two miles from the crash site to adjust the camera on the pole. police found the camera at a nearby city maintenance yard. he was arrested. he was charged with hitting the pole and running. why did he do this? he allegedly told police officers he took off because he
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was late for work. i know that feeling. and finally, serving up the dance moves on clay at the french open. on tuesday at the french open, fellow frenchman, gael monfils and laurent stole the show in a dueling dance-off. they were showing off their swagger. even though it was raining. monfils seemed to have won over the crowd with that one-handed cartwheel. the french open opened today. as dan and i were talking about this earlier -- [ speaking french ] we were discussing the latest translation of -- >> he said it was very well done. very well done. >> very well done. >> very well done yourself, ron. >> thank you. our martha raddatz is hosting abc's "this week" this morning from washington. a busy memorial day. what are you covering?
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>> bianna, we'll be covering the latest on the shooting and the pope's visit, but also, this morning, we talk to a former nfl player and christine brennan about painkillers in the nfl. after that class action suit was filed this week. and i have a personal story on this memorial day, a ten-year reunion with soldiers that i have known since they fought in one of the deadliest battles in the war in iraq. quite remarkable to see where they all are today, bianna. >> a poignant story. i know it's dear to your heart. martha, thank you. martha will have much more this morning on abc's "this week." >> a big show for martha. i'm looking forward to that story. she wrote a whole book about that. we'll see that much later this morning on abc. coming up this morning, always a huge highlight of this holiday weekend, the indy 500, and today, abc is proud to mark a milestone, a half century of covering this famous race and abc's sara haines is at the indianapolis motor speedway in the middle of action.
7:18 am
we miss you back here in new york. you look great out there. >> i miss you guys so much. this much-anticipated race day is finally here, the 98th running of the indy 500. so many of the fans here grew up coming with their parents what's unique about indy, the loyalties lie not only with the drivers but the event itself. the indy 500 is a race like no other. a true celebration of the greatest spectacle in racing. with top-notch celebs. >> it's like a small city out there. so, it's pretty impressive. >> reporter: turning drivers into racing legends, like 1969 winner mario andretti. 29-time indy racer. >> this place means so much to us. >> reporter: who keeps his passion on the track. do you ever get road rage because people are going so slow? come on, speed it up. >> you feel like you should. hold back. >> reporter: overnight, the
7:19 am
place was bumping with andretti's annual indy 500 party. >> this race in my view lives most on its legacy. it's almost impossible to drink it all in. >> reporter: a tradition that has accelerated because of veterans like jim mckay. >> a.j. foyt will win the indianapolis 500. >> reporter: the late host of abc's wide world of sports who called the year for 18 years. >> good afternoon. i'm jim mckay. >> reporter: three-time winner dario franchitti is confident that one of his teammates will be savoring the sweet taste of victory and butter milk. >> who will we see cross the finish line first? >> as long as it's one of our tart target cars, i don't care. >> reporter: no matter who wins, the race is a special day for loyal fans, racers and the abc family for producing 50 years of magic. okay, one really cool thing is, i'm here right now with the car that first won the race for the first time ever, and the first winner is kind of here, kind of,
7:20 am
on this trophy, his name is ray lejuene, he was going a whopping 74.95 miles per hour now. in 1911. we all drive that now on the interstates. that won the race back in 1911. >> you look great out there, sara. >> thank you, sara. >> i know. this is crazy. thank you. and much more from sarah in the next half-hour on "gma." don't miss the indy 500 starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern. only here on abc. >> a big morning here. time now for a check of the weather, and we want to say good morning to meteorologist jason nicholas. from our cleveland affiliate wews. jason, i'm sure you'll be watching the race as well. >> no doubt about that. of course the weather looks great. we'll get to more on that. good morning to you. here on a sunday, we're going to start out west, severe weather, really, all weekend long, take a look at this picture out of roswell, new mexico, more than 4 inches of rain fell there in roswell. more than tripled of rain.
7:21 am
they've had all year long, one storm. take a look and listen at this video out of colorado. denver yesterday. tornado sirens. no tornado. still, wild weather, could be the fifth-straight day of severe weather for portions of colorado. more heavy rain and flooding, though, areas that have already been getting hammered with rain, we're talking about interstate 40, interstate 20 as well. keep in mind that the panhandles of oklahoma and texas do need the rain. extreme drought conditions there. it's about time weather for much of the great lakes, and the northeast, temperatures back to near-averages, above averages for many folks. in fact, the 86 in chicago, if that happens, one of the warmer memorial days for folks in chicago land on record. notice the storms move farther east as you head through memorial day itself.
7:22 am
another look at the nation's weather coming up in the next half-hour. >> here's a nonweather stat, 475 gallons of ketchup at the indy 500 today will be eaten and consumed today. that's ten bathtubs full. >> where did you get that stat? >> he made it up. >> i have that image in my mind now, a bathtub. >> he got it from claiborne most likely, in french. there was a problem with the translation. all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- we're learning more about the mind of a mass murderer, a friend of elliot rodger speaking out this morning, were there early signs that could have prevented this trouble tragedy? plus, on a much, much, much lighter note --
7:23 am
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good morning, america. >> that's a nice shoutout. indy 500 drivers in great spirits this morning ahead of today's marathon race. of course, you can catch the action of the race on abc at 11:00 a.m. sara will have "pop news" from the indianapolis speedway. i told you yesterday i think that's historic, probably the first time "pop news" has been delivered from the indy 500. >> we're make sure this is a big deal. also coming up -- speaking of history, kim and kanye's wedding spectacular, the couple saying their i dos in a sunset ceremony in florence, italy. a live report on all of the bells and whistles and the celebrity guest lists and one surprising no-show to tell you about. but, first this half-hour, on a much more serious note, a guided tour of the mind of an alleged mass murderer by somebody who knew him very well. >> this morning, a close friend of elliot rodger, the young man suspected in the santa barbara
7:31 am
shootings are talking about the warning signs. here he is in his own words. >> we wanted to get him into a group and trying to help him. he was really, really upset about why the world is so unfair to him and, oh, "i'm a good-looking guy and why girls are falling for those ugly, fat guys." >> i don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me. but i will punish you all for it. >> sometimes don't want to hang out with him because he's so depressing. >> you denied me a happy life. and in turn, i will deny all of you life. >> he never made me feel there's a -- >> i am going to enter the hottest sorority house of ucsb and i will slaughter every
7:32 am
single spoiled, stuck up blonde. >> i watched a movie with a group of friends called "chronicle." after the movie, he said i want to dominate the world. >> i will be a god exacting my retribution and all those who deserve it. >> while the shooting was going on, i was in a bar with my friend. i saw a picture of his car. i was really shocked, i'm like, dude, this is elliot's car. i started to see newsfeed on facebook, i was shocked and disappointed. >> all you girls who rejected me and looked down upon me and treated me like scum, well -- you give yourself sweater men. and all of you men for living a better life than me, i hate all of you sexually active men. i hate all of you. i can't wait to give you exactly what you deserve. >> i think he's a really lonely
7:33 am
guy. i mean, if he had received more love, then i don't think it would get that bad. >> some chilling insight into the mind of a very disturbed young man. >> we have covered way too many stories about young men with psychological problems. who get their hands on firearms and inflict damage. that's our coverage for this story this morning. we'll continue to cover this shooting in santa barbara all day long on abc and on there are other headlines this morning and for that, as always, we get it over to ron. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the historic day overseas as pope francis makes waives during his visit to the holly land. the pontiff arrived in bethlehem calling for peace between israel and the quote state of palestine. a term israel rejects and a term that united states doesn't recognize. this comes as the presidents agree to meet pope francis at a vatican next month. he then made a surprising stop
7:34 am
to pray at the graffitis barrier dividing israelis and palestinians. and voting is under way in ukraine, many residents have been unable to cast ballots because of widespread closures. of polling stations in the eastern part of that country. and also reports of pro-russian militants by patrolling outside of polling stations and trying to interfere. and even stealing ballot boxes. russian president vladimir putin promises to respect the outcome of that vote. and in the uk prince william may not be able to give up his wings, well not quite yet. according to the sunday times, the heir to the british thrown may take a job as an air ambulance pilot a year after stepping down as a rescue pilot. the prince reportedly consulted with the queen. and the entire royal family is supportive of his plans. and finally, a play that gives a new meaning to team effort. check this out. top of the third inning on saturday, razorback player hit a pop fly, it hit this guy, the third baseman for lsu, in the
7:35 am
head, he apparently lost the the ball in the sun. bops him on the head. and then right into the glove of, i believe, the shortstop there. the lsu tigers ended upbeating arkansas razorbacks. 11-1 to win a spot in the ncaa title game. we believe that he is okay. despite the hit on the noggin. rough. did you see how high it bounced off his forehand there? >> it looked painful. ron, thanks. time now for a check of the weather and back over to jason nicholas from our cleveland station, wews. that looked like that must have hurt that guy. >> yeah, we should try that oaf here. throw a ball off my head. better weather forecast for you. >> good morning to you here on a sunday. we are tracking more severe weather, we're talking about west texas. amarillo, lubbock. midland. take a look at this video. outside of sanderson, texas. that's vivid lightning from severe weather yesterday, heavy rains, hail and the possibility throughout this afternoon of isolated tornado. more storms across the south and east. none of these i expect to be
7:36 am
severe. still be smart. keep in touch with your local abc stations to make sure. great beach weather from destin to panama city. of course wear the sunscreen if you'll be out enjoying the hot holiday weekend. across southern california a few clouds. otherwise temperatures in the low 70s. the heat is on, phoenix to vegas. a new storm system bringing rain from seattle to portland. and we have a strong hurricane, we're talking about the second strongest hurricane in the pacific in the month of may on record. this is amanda, and she is continuing to sit and spin. good news is, at this point, no threat to land. that's a check of your nation's >> and that weather report brought to you by mazda. guys? >> so no threat from amanda? >> no threat from amanda but she may bring rain to the desert southwest. they need.
7:37 am
which they'll need because they have been dealing with those fires. but overall will weaken. second strongest in the pacific in may. did you get that? >> you made that one up, too. >> i didn't listen to you on that one. all right, something that we're not making up, coming up on "good morning america" -- the i dos are finally done. kim and kanye's super exclusive wedding. from the dress to the flowers. their exclusive wedding. details of their extravagant affair. and a big surprise for the indy 500 driver who had to miss a big day of his own, this is a great story. sara has it coming up in "pop". keep it here. keep it here. sara has it coming up in "pop". keep it here. keep it here.
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it's all over but the honeymoon. kim and kanye's extravagant wedding unfolded yesterday in side a fortress in florence, italy. >> those are the star-studded guests treated to a whirlwind weekend that started in france, pampered every step of the way. not such a bad wedding, france, italy. >> they had personal security in paris. >> are you surprised? >> no. abc's lama hasan has all of details. hey, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. well, yes, it's official, you can start calling them mr. and mrs. kanye west after tying the
7:42 am
knot at a 16th-century fortress overlooking florence, of course. there was a 20 foot wall of flowers and a lot of fireworks. let me tell you, this was quite the wedding. meet, mrs. west. first cover of vogue and now the real thing. kim kardashian and kanye west tied the knot saturday in a wedding fit for royalty. the world's most talked about couple keeping it intimate. on an italian hillside. marrying in front of 150 of their closest friends. who included common, rachel roy. john legend. kim reportedly donning a givenchy gown. moved people to tears. >> andrea bocelli allegedly sung while she walked down the aisle, her mom started tearing up watching her get married. ♪ >> reporter: her better half, a surplus of confidence. also getting emotional.
7:43 am
♪ i am god even though i'm a man of god ♪ >> reporter: a bundled of nerves before saying i do. >> according to source, kanye was kind of shaky and a little bit stressed out and didn't not necessarily have cold feet but he was nervous as grooms tend to be on their wedding day. >> reporter: after keeping up with a kimye wedding.jf we know it's bound to be a celebration for ages. ♪ ♪ close your eyes and let the world paint a thousands pictures ♪ >> reporter: the party started in paris. kim hitting the city of lights for her bachelorette party. all playing out on instagram. the next day, a family brunch. kim and kanye smoldering next to the world renowned designer. then a rehearsal dinner at versailles. complete with costumes and a performance by lana delray. ♪ >> reporter: all to ship out
7:44 am
their friends on saturday morning to italy for their ceremony. and the party went on into the wee hours of the morning, but notably absent was jay-z who was rumored to be kanye's best man. and of course, beyonce, his wife, both were a no-show. beyonce taking to twitter saying quote wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. god bless your beautiful family. dan and bianna, still quite a sweet message. >> beyonce and jay-z deserve a pass. they're kind of busy people, preparing for their summer tour. >> bianna is a forgiving source. fair enough. >> really. best man didn't show up. >> i'm busy. >> trying to make peace here, ron. trying to make peace. coming up on "good morning america" -- a special "pop news" edition, sara haines live from the indy 500, where the green flag is just a few hours away. and i'm learning a lot of useful skills like how to change a tire in less than ten seconds.
7:45 am
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♪ for our special indy 500 edition of "pop news," let's get over the sara haines who's at the speedway. starting to dance and groove already, sara. >> this assignment has been quite the assignment. it's educational covering the indy 500. it turned into an experience where i got to learn from tony kanaan, last year's winner, how to change a tire in just a few seconds -- well, it took me a little longer than that. okay. that is really loud when it does that. wait. don't point it back at me. point it that way. okay.
7:50 am
w. you did great. it's off. >> we're ready. >> we did it. >> we're ready. >> that was like only two minutes. our racer, tony, would have won. >> okay, it took me just slightly a lot more than that, so i'm not going to quit my day job. but also, the indy 500 weekend is full of traditions, one of the most beloved is the parade spectacular, floats, marching bands and giant balloons marched up the downtown streets of indianapolis. the 33 starting drivers of today's race served as honorary grand marshals. the event attracts over 300,000 spectators. i was actually at that event which was pretty cool. and let's not forget the big legends day celebrations. mario andretti leading the honors this year. taking a lap around the track. it was 45 years ago that he won the indy 500. he is only 74 years old. but he came to the u.s. when he was only 15 years old. his grandson marco is actually
7:51 am
racing in the indy 500 today. andretti and indy are kind of synonymous i've learned. another great moment, sage karam made a big sacrifice to race in the indy 500, only 19 years old and in high school, he missed his senior prom back in pennsylvania, but his racing team came to the rescue, they brought in his girlfriend to create a special promlike moment. karam admitted that it was his first slow dance ever from the looks of this, i think the prom king killed it. those crews come in handy whether throwing a prom or changing a tire, they never dropped the ball. >> you did a good job. i know you were just being modest, sara. >> oh, i did get pretty good. i'm not normally a bragger. our best time was six seconds. >> oh, wow. >> not bad at all. >> i have never changed any tire let alone a racing tire. i'm going to brag. i'm kind of a big deal. >> we'll be right back. >> keep it coming. >> keep it coming. beans video game? baked
7:52 am
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great to have you as always jason. and great weather for a lot of people in this country, who finally need it tomorrow. happy memorial day. have a wonderful day, guys. finally need it tomorrow. happy memorial day. have a wonderful day, guys.
7:57 am
7:58 am
heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm?
7:59 am
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. a picture-perfect day has dawned in america's heartland. over this, the most famous track in the world. indianapolis motor speedway. today, for the 98th time, the greatest drivers in the world's fastest cars will risk everything to compete for the most coveted title in racing. winner of the indianapolis 500. this has long been much more than a car race, this is where


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