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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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next at 5:00, hugh young man's parents tried to precipitation him from carrying out a murderous plan. details emerging about the deadly rampage and the victims. the local men among the victims. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. three of those killed in a deadly rampage near uc santa barbara are from the bay year, and we're learning more about what happened just before the killings began. we begin with the latest developments in the deadly rampage. three of the victims justified are from the south bay. 20-year-old cheng hong, 19-year-old george chen, from san jose, the third victim, weihan wang was from fremont.
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they were stabbed to death. we know as the rampage was taking place eliot rodger's parents were trying find him after receive egg the manifest from their son. he i'm emed to several people, including his therapist, not long before the shootings began. tonight six of his victims remain in the hospital. three in good condition, two serious, and one in fair. sergio quintana is live at rodger's apartment with more on the victims. reporter: this is where those three young men from the bay area lived. this is where they're bodies were found. we understand from neighbors in this complex that two of those young men were roommates of eliot rodger, the other young man one of their friends. from here, after authorities say he stabbed them, rodger then drove to a sew -- sorority
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house. >> today this collection of flowers and memorials to have gown. some people didn't know the young women but wanted to pair the respects to katherine cooper and very ran nick -- very ron nick california weiss. this is surveillance video from inside the deli as it all happened. martinez was a ucsb student and an employee of the deli. a uc santa barbara student from sausolito described how the rampage ended. >> there was a biker that i have seen pretty much get hit right about here, and his body landed 20 yards up where that red vw is injuries elliott rodger's black bmw came to a crashing stop against the cars. investigators now say the 22-year-old died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. at rodger's apartment complex, a
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neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, talked about the three victims who were stabbed to death here before the shooting rampage began. >> they're really good kids. so quiet. they were extremely smart. reporter: we talked to that neighbor at length. both about eliot rodger and his three victims. we'll have more details on that coming up at 6:00. reporting live in isla vista, abc7 news. thank you. one of the victims who survived is from the bay area. san ramon high school graduate, he spoke to cnn saturday while recovering in the hospital with two broken legs. >> you don't really expect stuff like this will ever happen to you. you just can't really comprehends that whole event, and everything leading up to it. occurring to you. but it's just one of those thing
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that happens, wrong place, wrong time. he told cnn he was hanging out on the campus with a group of friends when rodger gunned his bmw, aimed it at the group and then slammed into them. he is expected to come home in the next few days. investigators today visited the southern california home of eliot rodger's mother. tonight "the los angeles times" reports the mother got a call from eliot's therapist, 14 minutes before he opened fire. rodger's parents called authorities that night after learning about videos their son posted on the internet, threatening suicide and violence because girls were not interested in him. law enforcement was not aware of the videos until after the deadly rampage. santa barbara county sheriff's deputies conducted a welfare check on rodger in april
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at his parent's request. he convinced the police officers he was not a danger to himself or anyone else. >> they found him to be rather shy and timid, polite, welsh spoken. explained to the deputies it was misunderstanding and although he was have something social problems, it was unlikely he would continue to be a student here and was probably going to go home. eliot rod gentlemen wrote about the incident in a manifesto, saying about his plan, quote, if they had demanded to search my room that would have ended everything. for a few seconds i thought it was all over. eliot rodger's online video pledging revenge on all women has launched new hash tag campaign. twitter users are responding with their own thoughts on sexual vie excellence double standard. using the hash tag all women.
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>> and stay with abc7 news for the latest on the deadly rampage. sergio quintana will have another line update at 6:00. our coverage continues now on twitter@abc7 news bay area and oakland police tonight are investigating a shooting death outside an apartment. investigators say it happened around 1:30 this morning on nicole avenue when an argument broke out among a group of people who knew each other. a man in his 30s was shot and killed. police say the man had just returned home from a nightclub when they shooting happened. a weekend warmup today got people outside in the sun. let's take a live look outside at a popular spot this memorial day weekend. check out the beaches. santa cruz, pretty packed. cornell bernard is live in san francisco. a lot of people out enjoying the weather as marina greens.
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>> they are. this is why we love the bay area, right? gorgeous weather. folks are still enjoying the day here on the marina green. traffic has really been heavy all day. earlier the destination was car carnival. >> the parade hit the streets of the commission did not disappoint. thousands of spectators. maybe the biggest surprise this year, the weather. it was actually warm, almost hot. which helps when you're wearing outfits like these. >> it's really nice today so you can afford to be in this and not freeze. pretty fabulous. every other festival seems to happen at a time when you're freezing cold. >> a very good vibe. it's a lot of fun. >> good thing christin brought here parasol. >> i hate to be in the son but -- in the sun but i like to be hot in the shade. >> check out this giant swing dance lesson which had folks moving in golden gate park.
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>> it's not super hot but sun and a breeze. >> ocean beach was cooler but no fog and little wind had lots of people flocking here. this surfer had his sun screen on and hit the waves. >> didn't see any sharks. so it's good. not too crowded. actually can't ask for more. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> that dog looked like it was enjoying itself. let's get an update on the temperatures from abc7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan with live doppler 7hd. >> good evening everyone. live doppler 7hd can't find a cloud in the sky. it is clear out there. and here are -- is a beautiful view looking north from san francisco. these are preliminary highs today. so we get official highs in the next 20 minutes. santa rosa, 9 5. livermore, 92. concord, 90. san jose, 81.
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oakland, 74. san francisco, so far, 65. doesn't stop the people from enjoying enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach. there's a stronger sea breeze in store for us tomorrow but i'll let you know what memorial day temperatures will be coming up. >> also ahead, man pulled over by the chp in the north bay ends up rescuing the officer. the unexpected turn of events. dangerous driving. north carolina the east bay get more than they expect when they arrive on the scene of an accident. those stories when abc7 news
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a driver pulled over bay chp officer rushed to the officer's aid after a passing sports utility vehicle slammed into this patrol car. chp says the officer was stopped on northbound 101 at todd road in santa rosa this merge when the sports utility vehicle drifted on to the shoulder and struck the officer's cruiser. >> he couldn't get out, so i saw the gas and freaked out, and i asked if he was okay. he was stuck. i had to kick the door open. i got him unstuck, took him out of the car, told him we needed to get him away because the gas was leaking. >> look at that wreckage. the officer was seriously injured. investigators say the driver who hit him may have been impaired by drugs or alcohol. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a man faces dui and possible child endangerment charges after officers say he went on a destructive drive this morning with children inside his truck. the chp says the pickup driver
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lost control, slamming into two telephone poles, a fire hydrant and a sign before stopping the wrong way on mission boulevard. no one was hurt. a second driver faces dui charges for making a u turn while approaching the scene and nearly hitting a patrol cars. >> president obama promised u.s. forces in afghanistan that america's longest war will come to a close at the end of the year. the commander in chief surprisees u.s. troops at bagram air field to celebrate the memorial holiday weekend help says afghan forces will take over primary responsibility for the security of their own country and the u.s. will likely maintain a limited role. the president is now headed to germany to visit hospitalized troops. certainly enjoyed a nice warmup today. question is, will ill last through the holiday weekend? taking a live look outside at sunny and mild conditions but changes are coming our way. the forecast is after the break.
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better. time for a check on our weather with abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> just a great day to be outside. i live doppler 7hd just showing us clear skies all around the bay area, and as we look live from the east bay, west, you see more of the clear conditions. it really lets the temperatures warm up into the mid-90s in locations. ruth -- right now, 85 in morgan hill. half moon bay, 61. we're now looking for mt. tam towards the south. you see the sea breeze in the upper elevations. santa rosa, 92. napa, 83. novato, 86. fairfield, 90. concord and livermore in the upper 80s. so downtown san jose shows nothing but blue sky. it will be cloudy along the coast overnight. we will see similar temperatures for memorial day and then the
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cooldown kicks in on tuesday. here's what is going on with the radar satellite image. this area of high pressure just holds steady and that brings us another sunny and warm memorial day. then we have a trough moving in towards the middle of the week and that's when things start to change, but our forecast animation shows even as you wake up, it will be mainly clear inland and fog at the coast and then more sunshine again, but with a little bit of a sea breeze, we could see cooler conditions at the coast. warm temperatures once again inland, just maybe not quite as warm as today. 50s, the overnight lows. 50 in half moon bay, 56, san francisco and in oakland, and 55 in san jose. now, tomorrow will be another pleasant day if you're going outside in the south bay. you'll need sun screen again because it will warm up into the low 80s, san jose, near 90 in morgan hill. upper 70s to low 80s on the lower peninsula. downtown san francisco,
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70 degrees. and in the north bay, look for 80s. some upper 80s through calistoga, sonoma, napa, vallejo, and 70s in the east bay, from 76 in berkeley to 79 in fremont. plenty of sunshine. inland we saw mid-90s. tomorrow it will be still hot but maybe upper 80s for the most part and lower 90s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. pleasant day tomorrow. things change on tuesday where it will be cooler and breezier, and then we start to see a general cooling trend into next weekend. >> all right, sounds good. thank you so much. shu is here with sports. big day for racing fans. >> the indy 500, the 98th 98th running and the second closest finnish race history. would drivers, three passes in the final five lap. what a finish. we have it things on purpose? youe
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>> the greatest spectacle in sportses, indy 500, one of the best finishes. two-man race, four laps to go. one lap later, in-car cam, two laps remain. final lap. hunter rey makes one more pass and hangs on to become the first northern win the indy 500 since 2006, beating the three-time
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indy champ helio castroneves bay car length. second closest win in the indy 500. the tradition in the winner circle of drinking milk. >> a dream come true, man. i don't believe it. it has not sunk in yet. a dream has come true today and i'm a proud american boy, that's for sure. >> we had the first no-hitter in basketball this season, dodgers picker josh beckett. his first career no-no and the 21st in dodger franchise history. here's the call. >> the pitch from beckett. called strike three and a no-hitter. >> josh beckett gets chase itley looking. six strikeouts, three walks, the first dodger pitcher to pitch a no-no since 1996 and the first this season. l.a. wins 6-0. what a thrill for beckett. >> you're thinking about it the
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whole time. i dent know what unwritten rule is there about not talking about and it stuff like that. it was joking from the fourth inning on but consistent after waiting for them to get a hit. >> giants and twins. why drive to the game when you can take boat. giants dominate from the start. third inning, already 2-1, hunter pence's sixth home run of the year, and looks who gets the ball. madison bumgarner, seven instance, struck out ten. go to fifth. now 4 , bases juiced for michael morse, clears them with this double. three doubles, four rbi on the day. giants sweep the twins, now 32-18. >> a's trying to prevent a sweep in toronto. bottom five, jim johnson on the mound. jose bop fiesta singles to left. here comes jose reyes from
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second. cespedes guns him down. a's have now lost four in aee. >> senior pga. that china in michigan where tom watson almost shot his age, a 6-under 65. but colin montgomerie two strong. first win on this tour as a major, his first win in seven years, the first official win in the united states. french open underway in row- france. venus advances, and we'll have more of that at 6:00. >> thank you so mump. stay with us.
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coming up at 6:00 can, a another live report from isla vista on friday's deadly rampage. four people had to be rushed to the hospital during a concert in the east bay. you wouldn't consider a zoo a good place to get a massage but they're trying it out in the philippines. this zoo offers snake massages. it's a 15-minute massage by slithering on their bodies. the snakes are fed 10 or more chickens before the massages so they don't get hungry. don't want to squeeze the life out of you. >> never seen that. >> thank you for joining us at
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5:00. we're back at 6:00. world news is next. welcome to "world news." tonight, the deadly rampage in california. the santa barbara shootings. and this evening, new surveillance video from the night of terror. that discovery, bodies pulled from the alleged gunman's home. the faces of those killed. the heartbroken families tonight. and now, the chilling manifesto left behind. >> you girls have never been attracted to me. i don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me. but i will punish you all for it. >> team coverage from the scene. the surprise visit to afghanistan this sunday. president obama and his message to the troops. what he said about jobs when they come home. and the promise before he left. the image going global tonight. what the pope did this sunday, the moment at the wall. and getting answers. chasing down the man who authorities say duped so many


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